Who Counts as Immunocompromised Helpful Information for top-Risk Individuals


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Age is also a factor: Those over the age of 65 have a weakened immune system, and those 80 and older are immunocompromised by definition. Lifestyle factors such as stress and lack of sleep can also weaken the immune system. It’s difficult to get reliable numbers on how many people are immunocompromised.

Meningococcal serogroup B vaccines are licensed for persons 10-25 years of age and are recommended for persons 10 years of age or older for persons with high-risk conditions like functional or anatomic asplenia or persistent complement component deficiency. There are presently no recommendations for booster doses of either MenB vaccine (9,10). People who are immunocompromised have a higher risk of coronavirus, as well as other contagious illnesses. Find out what the term means and how to know if you are immunocompromised. Skip to content.

Revisions were made on July 17, 2020 to reflect recent data supporting increased risk of severe COVID-19 among individuals with cancer. The listed underlying medical conditions in children were also revised to indicate that these conditions might increase risk to better reflect the quality of available data currently. We are learning more about COVID-19 every day, and as new. In addition, STIKO also recommends its use for immunocompromised individuals ≥ 6 months, for those with occupational and non‐occupational exposure, residents of nursing homes, pregnant women from the 2 nd trimester onwards, and for those who are in close contact with high‐risk individuals (e.g., in the same household). The vaccine is administered annually in the.

Severely immunocompromised people include those who have active leukemia or lymphoma, generalized malignancy, aplastic anemia, graft-versus-host disease, or congenital immunodeficiency; others in this category include people who have received recent radiation therapy or checkpoint inhibitor treatment (therapy of autoimmune complications of treatment is. As more information, research, studies, and statistics are made available in regards to COVID-19, the group of individuals deemed “high risk” by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention continues to expand. On Thursday, the CDC released an updated and expanded list of who is at increased risk for getting severely ill from COVID-19.

According to the American Thyroid Foundation, “The U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) advises that people who are immunocompromised are at higher-risk of severe illness from COVID-19. Immunocompromised people have a weaker immune. Individuals may be immunocompromised as a result of a congenital condition, an illness or medications that suppress immune function.

In general, immunocompromised persons are more susceptible to vaccine-preventable infections and may have severe infections. Who Counts as Immunocompromised? A Guide for High-Risk Individuals With the CDC warning that people with “weakened immune systems” are more likely to suffer severe illness from coronavirus, many are wondering: Who falls in this category?

An oncology nurse practitioner and.

List of related literature:

The World Health Organization (WHO) considers certain groups to be at high risk for severe MERS, including people with diabetes, kidney failure, chronic lung disease, or immunocompromised people.

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Finally, it is important to note the disabling nature of chronic, long-term infectious syndromes such as AIDS, hepatitis C, tuberculosis, and certain parasitic diseases such as filariasis or malaria, which clearly have negative impacts on quality of life and impair sufferers’ ability to perform daily activities.

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Predisposing factors or conditions among nonpregnant adult patients placed 98% in a higher risk category for infection due to immunosuppression, and included cancer, chronic illness such as diabetes, acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS), taking steroids, and being over 65 years of age.

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recommended for individuals 6 months of age and older and those at increased risk for influenza-related complications, such as people with chronic medical conditions or those who are immunocompromised, residents of long-term care facilities, health care workers, and providers of care to at-risk persons.

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Recommendations vary from country to country, but they usually include patients in chronic care facilities (especially the elderly), those with chronic cardiopulmonary, lung, or renal diseases, diabetes mellitus, haemoglobinopathies, and the immunocompromised.

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The guidelines for minimum virus and other pathogen reduction in Australia are based on a study of quantitative microbial risk assessment (QMRA).

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These include communicable disease such as TB, HIV, STIs, hepatitis B and C, and parasitic diseases, all compounded by incomplete immunization.

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Risk factors for Legionnaires disease in adults include chronic diseases of the lung (smoking, bronchitis), older age, diabetes and renal failure, immunosuppression associated with organ transplantation, corticosteroid therapy, and episodes of aspiration.

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Aliens who present at a port of entry to the U.S. with an inadmissible condition or who have been exposed to such a condition (e.g., severe acute respiratory syndrome [SARS]) may be placed in isolation or quarantine at the discretion of the U.S. Surgeon General (CDC, 2011b).

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  • Take vitamin c,magnesium,elderberry,and multivitamins. They will help your immune system to fight off viruses. Also exercise and a lot of walking in the sun,sun helps with vitamin d.

  • Or there just skinny people like me that they mistaken for a junkie just because they have no car and there walking to work. People assume immediately thats a prostitute even if there not they deal with harrassment all the time so they just shield themselves from legal trouble immediately and do what they need to do to survive and go to their actual job, if there still working.

  • Huh…no one with any types of Primary Immunodeficency? People with autoimmune conditions have an overactive immune system and are compromised by the medication they take. My own mother has psotiatic arthritis and stopped her meds due to this. It would be nice to also show people with immune deficiency who cannot stop meds to restore their immune system. Maybe contact the Immune Deficency Founfation about these rare illnesses (P.I.) as they’ve been working a lot to help immunocompromised people. Otherwise good video showing compromised people and nice to show its people of all ages not just the elderly.

  • I also have ankylosing spondilitis and had to stop taking my meds as i work in the medical field and due to the outbreak, talk to your doctor and stay safe.

  • If you’re reading the comment section looking for medical advice during a pandemic, call your psychologist. You need a different kind of help.

  • I’ve been quarantined most of my life everything must be scrubbed cleaned with 91 percent alcohol
    Three baths a day two of them are bleach baths
    No shoes in house inside shoes only if you are sick in any way I can’t see you only through a computer screen
    If I catch it I’m gone but my doctor called me and quarantined me immediately with extra measures no one no matter what can come now
    Gates are locked with chains
    All groceries are wiped down with alcohol rags no mail at all at this time
    It’s hard but I’m alive I plan on staying that way
    Some of you have been home maybe three weeks isolated
    you have to find a hobby quick things you can do it can mess with your brain after time
    All the elderly
    All the compromised
    Keep people away if they are in and out you must tell them no
    If you need help that person must quarantine with you at this time no mistakes whatsoever
    Until this is finished
    My doctor said don’t listen to the government I said yes sir
    And don’t get sick ok ��

  • Why would you hold a JAK inhibitor if it is potentially helpful fighting a cytokine storm?
    If IL-6 is elevated in covid, is that not activating TH17 cells?
    So wouldn’t an IL-17 inhibitor help stop activation of neutrophils that leads to lung damage?? I really think the cytokine storm is pointing to TH17 & IL-17

  • I’m on prednisone for 4 more weeks and just found out i should have been in isolation all this time. I have to self for potentially 6-12 weeks. I’m happy to be safe inside.

  • I found articles back in the end of November about a unknow virus I can not believe I found this and our government did not know. So why with all are government security intelligence did not set a red alert to the White House. And Close all boards. Why did they wait for last minutes? Why? Why? They just drag the virus across our US

  • woah so informative fuckin idiots… lol captain obvious alert.. every second grader knows what the immune system is and what it means to be compromised, the background music is so gay and has an air of “this is revolutionary stuff were teaching here, were basically nikola tesla with this info right here”

  • P.s that antimalaria drug left me w a cane 5 yrs,worse seizures,neuropathy in left leg and behind my eyes.behind eyes is clear but other still not ok after 10 yrs

  • Doctor Fauci,  He really knows how this virus is spreading.  Testing people coming into the United States has to been done until forever. Not after the fact. That is where we went wrong. Not everyone got tested so they are all over the US. So we are going to see so much suffering. Is this true?  Government news report of how the Heath Care was not Prepared.  Since 2009. Report suggests government knew pandemic preparedness was inadequate. Would the government send our soldiers without ammunition? I hope you all don’t pull another Vietnam. Concerned USMC Veteran. I am proud of my daughter working in the frontline to get supplies for three hospitals to protect Doctors and nurses. I know a lot of families that have many family members in the frontline. Make are voices be heard for our Sons, and daughters, fathers, mothers in the frontline

  • Thank you for this video. I have two autoimmune diseases and asthma. I am hunkering down per Dr orders, Hubby’s working from home. Also… thanks for mentioning the lack of fever. I have NEVER had a fever…ever… Including when I had an ulcer rupture with peritonitis in my abdomen. I had to have emergency, life saving surgery, which was very risky. Yet, even then I never had a fever. ❤️

  • I’m confused….Plaquenil is an immune modulating drug, not an immunosuppressant. My rheum just explained the difference to me again. So����‍♀️

  • im on prednisolone, i have been for a year. im also on Azathioprine for the same length of time. does this put me at a higher risk for Covid-19?

  • Ditto and mass cell epilepsy,eds etc hydroxychloroquin was a horrible drug left me need sunglasses 24 hrs day and extreme light allergy and made my lupus,sjogrens,Rheumatoid arthritas,fibro etc eye junk etc. I already am homebound but im not scared to die anymore. Some cruel life turns changed it. I dont want to give it. Nothing has changed for me im alone except spouse. My child helps my mom. I just dont want to leave enourmous debt. Not all of us are important to alor of people im maybe important to 5. But i love them. I cant stop it from coming. I already have a fever one week if it comes God is in control. I will do my best not to share germs with others. Prayers for you all! Wishes of better health better days

  • Very disappointed in you as a doctor to come on here and make FALSE calims and put lives at risk. It’s a known fact any medication like this makes it harder to fight actue illness. You will put people at risk. my people and that’s not okay. I live with rare disease and many auttomine daily. People want to calm fear but we have a reason to fear

  • 4 years ago I had an organ transplant and am on immune suppressant drugs. This changed my life forever and now COVID-19 is doing it again. I worry about all the people in this video as well as myself. The choices we make now affect the entire human population. The day we realize few things in life are ALL about us, the better off our species will be.

  • Yes! You don’t have to look sick to be sick, exactly
    Like as a kid I had over a 100 fever but I was still jumping on the couch even tho I was burning up

  • From a peer reviewed scholarly article on the internet:

    As the outbreak grew to a pandemic, many centres worldwide raised the concern that immunocompromised patients may be at high risk of developing a severe respiratory disease called COVID-19. Unlike common viral agents (such as Adenovirus, Rhinovirus, Norovirus, Influenza, Respiratory Syncytial Virus), Coronaviruses have not shown to cause a more severe disease in immunosuppressed patients. For this family of viruses the host innate immune response appears the main driver of lung tissue damage during infection.

  • I am a kidney transplant recipient, so I am immunocompromised. My own mother thinks I am being overly dramatic and told me “If you’re going to get it, you’re going to get it.”

  • I’m on cellcept, plaquenil, a nsaid called diclofenac and 45mg of prednisolone as well for my lupus and have been on immunesuppressants for 2 years since I got diagnosed when I was 14 but I haven’t had any contact from my rheumatoligists I’ve been self isolating but I feel like my doctors don’t actually care what happens to me if they haven’t taken the time to make sure I’m taking precautions it’s really frustrating

  • Covid-19 uses the immune system to attack your lung tissue though, so immune suppressed people might get sick, but not be in a life threatening situation.

  • Ty, this is extremely important info to explain to people who don’t understand the importance of protecting and respecting those of us who are at higher risk of complications or death with covid19

  • Lovely people, awesome video I have A.I.H totally understand were you are coming from. Everybody around the world follow all the Health guidelines, keep others and yourselves safe! Be safe to all x

  • Biggest problem I see. A lot of people cannot distinguish the difference between a viral infection or a bacterial infection. Too many people in the US are over prescribed. This lowers your immune system in case you didn’t know. Also, overcrowding of cities. If you hadn’t noticed, this is the where the hotspots are. That’s why nursing homes are so hard hit. They are already high risk for secondary infection, plus older people lose control of there swallow function. This allows for foreign substances to enter into the lungs. You know, knowledge goes along way. I have no fear of this, but I also will avoid it as I would the flu. We get so caught up in the now and allow ourselves to be manipulated. Stop watching the mainstream media. All real information and research is widely available. The media’s main purpose is to sell advertising, that’s it. It’s a show. That’s why they call it programming.

  • I take enbril for AS
    I also get flu vaccine every year
    and October 2018 got pneumonia vaccine which lasts 5 years. Am I more at risk if I get the coronavirus?
    Thank you and keep safe

  • 0_o I wonder if a traditional **America Indian Sweat Lodge** would help these “immune deficient” patients some? American Indians have used them for countless centuries as a way to help ward off evil spirits like COVID-19. In theory, I believe the sweat lodge artificially raises the patient’s temperature to a level similar to that of a cold or Flu, thus triggering a powerful immune response. I’m unsure of the suggested treatment requirements, as far as length & number of treatments & how that applies to various differing situations, but I think it’s something worth looking into. The patient will always have a guide/caretaker who closely monitor the patient inside for any signs of distress. You’ll still see sauna rooms her & there at pools, and higher end gyms. I’m a firm believer in them for working your immune system out like it was a muscle, thus keeping it functioning at peek performance & helping to keep you the healthiest version of you possible. I bet you viruses can’t survive in a sauna. Just fire it up & I bet it’ll sterilize it’s self within an hour, making the inside room safe for the next person to use.

  • This is so scary. I have TWO auto immune diseases. On top of that, I no longer have a bladder. I had to have it removed due to one of my diseases in the hopes it would prolong my life and cure my bladder and kidney problems. Sadly, this did not work. I feel worse than before I had it removed. Now with this whole virus thing going on, I’m very at risk. I’m only 37. It is terrifying. Just to get out of bed is already a battle, but now with this going on. It’s just scary. Please, work together as a community. Maybe if you see two packages of tp only buy one so the next person has a chance. If you are sick, stay home. We need to work together to survive together. United we stand with America.

  • Immune compromised people aren’t always older folks, but also kids fighting against cancer….think about them. Please, everyone, be safe and healthy!

  • This is what I’m trying to explain to my job that require me to work. My job I considered essential but being immuno compromised I can’t take that time off

  • The same people who deny tax reform because “it’s not the rich responsibility to take care of the poor” will go outside proudly because they are smarter and more important.