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Opioid Analgesics Proper Pain Managment, Prescription Drug Abuse and Alternatives

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The study found that the highest opioid prescribing rate was in Alabama’s 4th congressional district (166 prescriptions per 100 people), followed by districts in Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas, Virginia and Oklahoma. THURSDAY, July 19, 2018 (HealthDay News) A close look at U.S. congressional districts has yielded new information about the opioid crisis: The highest rates of prescriptions for opioid painkillers are in the Southeast, Appalachia and the rural West. THURSDAY, July 19, 2018 (HealthDay News) — A close look at U.S. congressional districts has yielded new information about the opioid crisis: The highest rates of prescriptions for opioid painkillers are in the Southeast, Appalachia and the rural West. Focusing on prescribing rates for opioids like Oxycontin in congressional districts could help improve efforts to. THURSDAY, July 19, 2018 (HealthDay News) — A close look at U.S. congressional districts has yielded new information about the opioid crisis: The highest rates of prescriptions for opioid painkillers are in the Southeast, Appalachia and the rural West.

Focusing on prescribing rates for opioids like Oxycontin in congressional districts could help improve efforts to. Delaware’s prescription rate for certain opiates is among the highest in the nation, according to the Centers for Disease Control, and we know what many users of heroin tell us: Their drug abuse can be traced back to a time when they were prescribed. Opioids prescription painkillers, while highly addictive with a dangerous potential for overdose, do have a legitimate purpose.

Opioid drugs are used for pain management. Opioids prescription medication is widely and effectively used for a variety of medical situations: opioids for chronic pain are used to treat and manage conditions that cause long-term suffering, while opioids. The opioids deal with specific opioid receptors in the body, which are mainly located in the brain and the spine.

Lots of oral opioids are used in the treatment of chronic pain. Integrating opioids with other painkillers such as paracetamol and NSAIDs involves assaulting the pain on various receptors. All opioids are chemically related and interact with opioid receptors on nerve cells in the body and brain. Opioid pain relievers are generally safe when taken for a short time and as prescribed by a doctor, but because they produce euphoria in addition to pain relief, they can be misused (taken in a different way or in a larger quantity than prescribed, or taken without a. Prescription opioids are used mostly to treat moderate to severe pain, though some opioids can be used to treat coughing and diarrhea.

People misuse prescription opioids by taking the medicine in a way other than prescribed, taking someone else’s prescription, or. Southern states had the most prescriptions per person for painkillers, especially Alabama, Tennessee, and West Virginia. The Northeast, especially Maine and New Hampshire, had the most prescriptions per person for long-acting and high-dose painkillers.

List of related literature:

The CDC found doctors in certain states, such as West Virginia, all of the Southern states and particularly Florida, had prescribed large amounts of opioid painkillers to their patients.58 In Florida, a huge number of pill mills sprung up, selling opioids without prescriptions.

“Milk of Paradise” by Lucy Inglis
from Milk of Paradise
by Lucy Inglis
Pegasus Books, 2019

The highest opioid prescription rates were in Alabama, Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Louisiana, while the states with the lowest opioid prescription rates were Minnesota, California, Hawaii, New York, and the District of Columbia.

“The Medical Marijuana Guide: Cannabis and Your Health” by Patricia C. Frye MD, Dave Smitherman
from The Medical Marijuana Guide: Cannabis and Your Health
by Patricia C. Frye MD, Dave Smitherman
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2018

In the places where opioid abuse is highest – in West Virginia.

“If Only They Didn't Speak English: Notes From Trump's America” by Jon Sopel
from If Only They Didn’t Speak English: Notes From Trump’s America
by Jon Sopel
Ebury Publishing, 2017

The document collects the total opioid overdose deaths from ten USA states in the months between July and December 2016 (Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Ohio, West Virginia, Wisconsin Missouri, Oklahoma, and Rhode Island).

“New Psychoactive Substances: Pharmacology, Clinical, Forensic and Analytical Toxicology” by Hans H. Maurer, Simon D. Brandt
from New Psychoactive Substances: Pharmacology, Clinical, Forensic and Analytical Toxicology
by Hans H. Maurer, Simon D. Brandt
Springer International Publishing, 2019

Opioid analgesics are the most commonly administered drugs for this purpose, including morphine, hydromorphone, meperidine, methadone, fentanyl, and sufentanil.

“Clinical Anesthesia” by Paul G. Barash
from Clinical Anesthesia
by Paul G. Barash
Wolters Kluwer/Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2009

By2005, medical examinershad reported increasedcasesof opioidrelated drug deaths inMaine,New Hampshire, Vermont, Maryland, Utah, and NewMexico, involving predominantly the prescription medications oxycodone, hydrocodone, and methadone (63).

“The ASAM Principles of Addiction Medicine” by Richard K. Ries, David A. Fiellin, Shannon C. Miller, Richard Saitz
from The ASAM Principles of Addiction Medicine
by Richard K. Ries, David A. Fiellin, et. al.
Wolters Kluwer Health, 2014

In 2015, 169 million prescriptions for some of the most common ER/ LA and immediate-release (IR) opioid analgesics were dispensed by U.S. outpatient retail pharmacies, down from a high of 206 million in 2011 (see Chapter 1, Figure 1-1).

“Pain Management and the Opioid Epidemic: Balancing Societal and Individual Benefits and Risks of Prescription Opioid Use” by National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, Health and Medicine Division, Board on Health Sciences Policy, Committee on Pain Management and Regulatory Strategies to Address Prescription Opioid Abuse, Jonathan K. Phillips, Morgan A. Ford, Richard J. Bonnie
from Pain Management and the Opioid Epidemic: Balancing Societal and Individual Benefits and Risks of Prescription Opioid Use
by National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, Health and Medicine Division, et. al.
National Academies Press, 2017

Data taken from 109 prescription drug abusers entering a treatment facility in central Kentucky showed that the most commonly abused opioids were hydrocodone (78%) and oxycodone-containing products (69%) [2].

“The Essence of Analgesia and Analgesics” by Raymond S. Sinatra, Jonathan S. Jahr, J. Michael Watkins-Pitchford
from The Essence of Analgesia and Analgesics
by Raymond S. Sinatra, Jonathan S. Jahr, J. Michael Watkins-Pitchford
Cambridge University Press, 2010

According to the California Department of Justice, doctors in Marin and other Bay Area counties wrote out 2.2 million prescriptions for opiate painkillers—OxyContin, Vicodin, Percocet, and the like—in 2013.

“The Education of a Coroner: Lessons in Investigating Death” by John Bateson
from The Education of a Coroner: Lessons in Investigating Death
by John Bateson
Scribner, 2017

Wherever possible they are preferred over opioid analgesics.

“Current Therapy of Trauma and Surgical Critical Care E-Book” by Juan A. Asensio, Donald D. Trunkey
from Current Therapy of Trauma and Surgical Critical Care E-Book
by Juan A. Asensio, Donald D. Trunkey
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2008

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  • 15:47 What about TRAMADOL widely used opioid. For example here in Thailand where OxyContin,Oxycodone only is only used palliative i.e cancer patients. Apart from that the content is informative. Bangkok Johnnie-CarSanook Media Thailand

  • Psychologists are not qualified to treat pain or taper a patient in pain. Further, 600 prescriptions in an 8 year period is NOT the common chronic pain patients’ experience and your doctor shouldn’t have been prescribing that much (if they actually ever did). A typical chronic pain patient gets one prescription every 30 days and these medications were highly regulated before all of this hysteria. Now they’re impossible for patients to obtain because of tripe like this.

    Some people can actually die from lack of treatment and have, all because a small minority abused their ability to get these medications while others simply abused street drugs which is more often the case and still is. All the while, we have psychologists running around pretending like they’re doctors that understand complex chronic disease and injury (and they don’t), telling patients they’re just not “perceiving” their pain “the right way”. They aren’t qualified for this and need to stay in their own lane. It’s one thing to help a patient cope if they want that help, it’s quite another to opine or treat things they aren’t trained to treat. They are not physicians and even if they were, there is a clear conflict of interest in how this field is encroaching on chronic disease and injury care.

  • Opioid abuse and overdose is worsening with the current COVID-19 pandemic. People need access to narcan and then the option to receive a medical detox and individualized mental healthcare.

  • That’s why trying to take care of my herniated lower back disc pain so I don’t depend on any pain medication. The effect will not work forever. I’m scared to see a chiropractor but that another one thing I want to do. I already tried physical therapy. Just the thought that was painful due to the stress of traffic and anxiety of getting there to place on time when pain & sleepiness is strong.

  • Maybe her pain got worse dumbasses… Doctors learn from a book the government wrote..cocaine and whores is the best pain killer.. Fuck government and doctors

  • I have major bone problems and severe jaw and facial bone problems and pain. Over the past 18 years I’ve been on various pain medicine. Unfortunately my pain has increased dramatically over the years and I’m getting nervous with the pain medicine the pain clinic has talked to me about. I’m 56 years old and right now I’m not really living life because my pain is so bad and I’d love to get my life back. I have mixed feelings about going on really strong pain medicine. I don’t know if I’m alone in feeling this way.

  • Thank you so very much for explaining the behavior of those that are addicted to painkiller! For a very long time I could not understand the drastic changes and behavior of that individual that I once loved and I thought that maybe I could help. You can’t help someone who’s addicted to prescription medicine when they don’t want help. Truly, I am grateful that I came out of this aggressive relationship before it became dangerous!

  • If these people continue to overdose, let it be their choice. Allocate that money for Narcan, to help people who are actually trying to make something of themselves.
    I’m sorry, but these drugs have to stop.
    If you keep giving them Narcan, they’ll continue to overdose.

  • I’ve been taking oxycodone, gabapentin, various muscle relaxers, and wear a fentanyl patch for over 11 years. I go to my pain therapy appointments every month. I get a drug screen done at every appointment to make sure I take everything they give me and nothing more. My pharmacist talked me into getting the nalaxone and I keep it on my nightstand, just in case something funky happens. Then, all of a sudden, to punish the people who take drugs illegally, all of my med doses had to be cut in half to satisfy some random number that someone came up with without concern for me or my condition. Will making me suffer more really stop recreational users from overdosing? Why are my doctors, who have been treating me for over a decade and literally know me inside and out, suddenly being told by random strangers, to cut my meds down and decrease my quality of life? People who use drugs, recreationally, are going to do it anyway. How is punishing me going to help anything?

  • Bullshit. I have done the research and in all 50 states, Heroin and Heroin mixed with Fentanyl causes more overdoses in each state than prescription pain pills alone. Polydrug use is the 2nd leading cause mixing opiates, benzos, & alcohol.
    If you are in pain, you should be in the care of a pain management specialist who sees you monthly and tests you for drugs that are not prescribed to you.
    These guys are bozos.

  • Thanks for your story. Ive been tapering 13 months from a high dose. I’m miserable. Dysfunctional.
    Not sure how I can make it to 0.

  • This is wrong lol. The years I was addicted to oxy, was the productive year of my life. I grew up with anxiety and those stupid pills made me feel anxiety free for the first time. I was able to do everything I never could and I was very confident and hard working. I was taking about 100mg throughout every day, but I was annoyed with how o could only be productive within my 1-2 hour limit the pills allowed me. Truth is most the time you’d never know the person next you was an addict. Reall addicts need them to just feel normal and don’t even get high anymore

  • Tintilated? Man… you guys are not the people those who have loved ones that are addicted should be listening to. It’s obvious you know very little about, well, even basic grammar; but also very little about the subject you are attempting to approach.

  • Wow, you guys sure “Peed Off” a lot of people in the comments…. not to mention your MILs! I would ask, “which is worse, constant debilitating pain or addition to medicine that makes life liveable?”

    My Dr doesn’t treat my joint pain. Gave me a script for acetaminophen. I took so much my belly button kept bleeding! I’m in a country setting where I tried growing poppy, learned to extract the opium and now I’m using 1/2 gram every day (for the past 3 years). It takes the edge off the pain and doesn’t cloud my head. I’m in my late 60’s and can see no reason to stop. When I do I get withdrawal symptoms and return of the pain and just stay in bed. Nah. I’ll ride this out… as an addict. I know everyone means well but I’ve been diagnosed with stage 4 “I don’t give a hoot” so just hope you don’t get what I’m blessed with. With a little luck I’ll croak before I get too sick to grow flowers

  • Thank God for this Narcan I was saved 3 time with it and have been clean for 8 years now. I have many friends who were not saved in time

  • How do these 2 fools even have the amount of followers they do? They are clearly uneducated about topics they assert themselves to be proficient in. Ridiculous.

  • To me, it remains mind blowing that opioids are prescribed after dental surgeries in the US. Over here (Switzerland), we get some anti-inflammatory pain killers (ibuprofen or others) and I’ve never felt any significant amount of pain after dental surgeries. And even if some stinging happens, that’s just my body recognizing it is hurt and working on repairing itself.
    For my arthritis (RA), I also get a NSAID (nisulid) which is incredibly effective. It can have some side effects (on kidneys), but I prefer that to interference with my brain/addiction risk.
    I’m not against opioid, but I feel like they should only be for major surgeries, and prescribed for chronic pain only after multiple other pain medications have failed.

  • As someone who works in retail pharmacy, a lot of good points are made in this video. One avenue that should be explored is more ready means of destruction, be it through programs the pharmacy sets up, or in-home systems. This way patients get what they need and curtail risk of diversion by destroying unused drugs.

  • These guys have a vested interest in getting people off of opioids as the more patients suffering from chronic pain as they age (from past injuries, surgeries, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis bone fractures to name just a couple) have to turn to more than NSAIDS to ambulate and not pass on from pain untreated. Pain can drag a person down. Their vested interest is more customers searching for better quality of life. Wisconsin is brutal in the fall, winter and what is thought of as spring. Any date after October first can bring freeze equaling increased pain. In addition; the statement of saying he loves his mother-in-law raises a flag re: honesty. The older woman obviously is suffering from depression caused by constant pain. Perhaps after the making of the video the poor woman was diagnosed with cancer or another lethal disease. I’m positive these PTs will respond defensively to my input. I look fwd to intellectually jousting with you “business men.”

  • I have been on hydrocodone compounds and they are very addictive but u never hear no one talk about those. I even snorted those which gave me infections

  • Why are you two physical therapists discussing opioid addictions? Just what is the CLINICAL difference between opioid addiction and dependency? How do you treat opioid addiction? What percentage of patients taking opioids for chronic pain become addicted? Do your boards have questions about analgesic agents at the cellular level? Are you recognized experts in managing all forms of pain? How long do YOU keep YOUR patients on opioids for pain? Are you credentialed in counseling patients about all aspects of opioid choices? Why is Demerol so effective in stopping postoperative shivering? What is the danger for patients taking say…Methadone and some antibiotics? What is the Gold Standard of all analgesic agents? Do you prescribe and/or dispense analgesics in your day to day practice? Do MDs, RN, CRNAs, NPs, and PAs post videos about how to do PT modalities? How about lab values that are impacted by analgesics, say Gabapentin, and Ibuprofen, Toradol? Pain management Docs say that patients taking meds for pain only have a low percentage of addictions, are you saying they are wrong?

  • It is the complete opposite for me. I have pain due severe lumbar scoliosis and was prescribed opioids for years in addition to a regimen of physical exercise which I followed religiously. I was extremely compliant and never ran out early and always took the smallest amount to relieve pain. I had an active life and got together regularly with friends. I even danced and went to ballet class at age 50! Then the opioid crisis hit and I was forced to taper off. That was 3 years ago. I stay in bed longer now, I avoid activities that hurt, and I’ve gone from 117lbs to 109lbs (I’m 5 ‘3″). Thats my quality of life now.

  • I would like to try an experiment where ppl are giving drugs to take recreational administered with pleasure reducing drug that something they makes they person violently but not life threateningly sick so ones body would view it as poison and have not desire to take again. Or maybe don’t even need the drug if it is just a powder.
    I’m sure many people have experiences with food that they will not touch because they were sick after eating their brain associated itas poison
    To me I see recreational drugs simplified as analogous to hacking a computer to be better by using wires touch to different points it might work but only temporary and will have effects do it too many times and you will break it. Certain drugs make you feel great artificially enacting the pleasure system love your brain which is activated when you doing something good so makes sense that a user would want to repeat using. So we need to stop lying to children and tell them the truth certain drugs make you feel awesome in short term but not long term.

  • My doctor wants to perform surgery for an electrical implants. I said I was not into that that I was good where I was. I have just got out of a toxic relationship and was doing good in my PhD program. I can’t afford to do any experimenting while I have so much on the line. He got emotional about not wanting to get an electrical machine and finished with I am taking away 2 of the 6 pills a day I give you. Obviously that has an impact on the length of daily activities I get to perform. I felt it as punishment, so now I wanna get off his meds all on my own. I just lost trust on my pain management doctor.

  • I got addicted to ultram or tramadol they said it was a strong aspirin but it’s worse than heroin it’s like taking Xanax a tranquilizer and heroin at the same time it made me have seizures when my back got fixed I had back surgery at 17 never touched anything before that I was in an insane amount of pain I almost couldn’t walk I had a herniated l5 and a bulging l4 I had to get surgery but they made me wait 10 months and fed me painkillers I had Vicodin and perkacet however it’s spelled my doctor is a good guy I mean I trust him had him all my life tramadol just became a narcotic 2 years ago well 6 years ago when I was crippled it was considered a strong anti inflamitory like strong aspirin well I was taking 4 a day starting out give or take I knew they made me feel weird at first like tired not hungry then after a few weeks I started to feel really good then one day I went to school felt ok that day didn’t take any I thought I had the flu or something by 10am and went home later that day in the evening my nerve started throbbing and burning and that sharp knife pain so I took 2 of them I figured I could take 2 at a time I didn’t take any that day I do the same with ibprophen well I got way too high I was literarily drooling on myself now all this being said I’m in recovery now clean but I went on to do heroin I went on to buy pills and be on suboxone which I’m getting off of now on my second week anyway the problem is people actually have pain even with the painkillers I was begging for surgery every week they just didn’t wanna do it and by the 6 month mark I was literarily playing out my own suicide on a daily basis and the opioids don’t help your mindset either so what do we do because I can 100 percent say if I had to go through that with nothing for pain I would have committed suicide so what do you do in that situation they had to give me something I was unable to walk sit or lay down I mean I had the worst type of herniation my surgeon said my disk was literarily jammed into my nerve and that if they would have made me wait another couple months I mean not have been able to walk ever again I just don’t see any clear answer for this unless we give people lie detector tests or something the problem today is people in actual pain can’t get pain medication because of all the pill seekers and they cut painkiller production to 25 percent which is wrong cancer patients and shit can’t get anything for pain the problem starts with the way they give people pills for example when you get your wisdom teeth pulled you don’t need Vicodin the shit only aches the 2-3 day a little it doesn’t hurt at all really didn’t for me I have a legit issue with my back and maybe once a year I lock up if I lay around too much this happens recently I went to the hospital wanted a shot in my back they were gonna give me perks even after I told them hey I can’t have any narcotics no opiates they still were gonna give it to me!!! I had to talk them out of it almost but on the same note at another hospital they weren’t gonna give me anything for pain and I was in severe pain anyone with back problems or neck problems knows what I mean I have a pretty high pain tolerance from dealing with it before for almost a year so when I breakdown and go to the hospital that means it’s to the point where I’m almost crying I’m not saying it’s right or wrong I wouldn’t have took any painkillers but the fact that they were t even gonna give me anything for pain is astounding that’s the problem some doctors give painkillers for everything and other doctors wouldn’t give you a Tylenol 3 if you have testicular cancer there needs to be a medium you can’t tell somebody they don’t have pain so what do you do?? Personally I feel painkillers should only be given to people in obvious pain back problems neck problems cancer diseases that cause severe pain not when somebody gets a tooth pulled not for even a broken hand or something that can be painful but broken bones don’t even seem painful enough to need painkillers joint and nerve pain are the most painful things to deal with you don’t need Vicodin if you have a headache

  • Quacks trying to cash-in on a fear based fashion trend spawned from primarily a political movement. There are medical diagnostic criteria for addiction published in the DSM 5 (available free online). The crap these idiots state are not those criteria…. just a few incompetent, sporadic and unsystematic observations of one mother-in-law. This presentation is so unethical they should be under professional charges.

  • I have been on norco, morphine, hydrocodone compound 20s, ( not at same time all the time) for going on 13 years now. It all started with a car wreck and a few loracete 10s. Now I have to buy some to have enough from month to month. Its getting me into it with family members and is making me physically sick. I’m 51 and already have to have IVIGs and iron and copd so I have enough problems. I do want to get of but I keep putting it of and putting it of. I do have some diagnosed mental issues also that probably contribute to it. And I was on ultram for 9 years and yes you can get addicted.

  • They seem like very nice guys. They say physical therapy may help. Oh no!
    Not at all did it help me. It made matters worse. It exasperated my pain. The people to ask about drug addiction are the people that have been drug dependent. As much as these guys might know about physical therapy, they have not walked one foot into the drug addict.

  • Why is it that everyone tries to control everything, if people have pain give it to them, if people lie, too bad. Not my problem. Population control ����‍♀️

  • Why is is that some people can do drug binges but never come out addicted but for other people they try something once and their addicted.

  • Ummm if there were only another medication that does no harm to your body and has no addictive side effects ( however some people do grow a dependency, yet there aren’t any withdrawals) like I don’t know medical cannabis??? But no lets have everyone fucked up on alcohol, cigarettes, and painkillers that are killing people as we speak, not to mention their legal. But we’re still wasting money on putting people in prison and jail over cannabis which is wasting government money that could be used to put Child molesters and rapists where they belong. I’m not saying cannabis is for everyone but it’s better than having your life ruined by drugs.

  • This is actually a lie. I have spent a long time investigating deaths bc of opiods and the deaths 9 times out of 10 were fake pills from the streets or from fentanyl based heroine. Y’all obviously dont know what your talking about with this and I’m tired of all the lies bc its a fact that the crack down on opiods has caused the death toll to rise so drastically since there has been a need to take this out of the hands of prescribers and into the hands of drug dealers! The one thing we know from history is we never learn from history!!!

  • Ibogaine is a new therapy for chemical dependence that eliminates physical withdrawal signs and interrupts drug craving behavior. It is both a therapeutic and psychoactive addiction-breaker. It helps in breaking both drug and alcohol addictions. We ship world wide without any problems. Treatment info and all help you need about our products are also provided We are potential producers of Iboga
    root barks and Ibogaine hcl. Ibogaine is the active chemical found in the African Tabernanthe iboga root. Its known for its modern use in treating opiate, other drug addiction. If you are interested in our products
    Iboga TA extract means Iboga “Total Alkaloid”
    extracts. TA Extracts contain all the active
    alkaloid compounds in Tabernanthe Iboga rootbark, but are highly concentrated — so a much smaller amount is required.

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  • Second to alcoholism, I think the severe opiate disorder is a tough one to work with and through. Besides the pathology part and brain changes, the person in recovery knows the physical pain they’ll have to go back to. I don’t think gabba can replace the opiates in terms of dulling and blocking. Thanks for the video and a shout out to fellow Dupuytrener!!

  • I love this video. I was addicted to oxycodone and my big this was isolation. I quit being involved.. if you see someone doing this be KIND and reach out. Everyone is always going through something..

  • There wouldn’t be such a big problem with opioids if doctors would properly ween people off them when the patient no longer needs them, instead most doctors tend to give people their last subscription and say “good luck” and shove them out the door. I think that is criminal negligence.

  • Well coming from an ex addict of benzodiazepines, opiates, and stimulants. Xanax was the best benzo, Oxycodone for best opiate, and adderall for best stimulant

  • Tramadol is the the worst pain killer ever. I was prescribed it for a broken ankle. A BROKEN ANKLE and it did nothing. Absolutely nothing. The pain was the exact same way.

  • Dependence and addiction are being used interchangeably, and they are not even remotely similar concepts. Dependence is the presence of withdrawal symptoms upon abrupt cessation, whereas addiction is compulsive use despite harm, and only occurs in people predisposed genetically and subjected to a stressor of sufficiently traumatic magnitude as to disrupt early caregiver attachments. Look at “Addiction as an Attachment Disorder” and the body of research on mu opioid receptor polymorphisms before you make a fool of yourself and spread propagandized lies such as these. Dependence occurs with many anti-depressants, caffeine, and the withdrawal from drugs like Pristiq is as severe if not more severe than most opioids. Dependence can make stopping a drug more difficult if a person suffers from addiction, but they are distinct concepts, as a chronic pain patient receiving long term opioid therapy will become more functional on these drugs, whereas those suffering from addiction will see their functionality decrease.

  • This was not even close to being accurate. There is a difference between tolerance, dependance and addiction….. and there is another term used called pseudoaddiction. The CDC came out with a very interesting number, for the amount of overdoses linked to opiates…… and only opiates. Less then 4% of all overdoses that occurred in the 2018 & 2019 were contributed to just opiates. People were mixing opiates with SSRI’s…. Benzodiazepines alone are dangerous medications, but when people swallow down 20 mgs of Percocet along with 4 mgs of diazepam…… it’s a great recipe for respiratory failure.

  • I do more now that I can walk without severe pain. People use opiods really use them to get high if they are acting very strange. I just loose severe pain and focus on life as usual. I am very health conscious juice etc. So maybe that replaces the damage that opiods DO cause. I want off but I want to be productive not in a wheelchair and in severe pain from botched surgery nerve entrapment.

  • Also, listing Tamadol as a serious opioids pain med? You are just blowing your accreditation (if any) out the window, Tramadol is barely a controlled substance and contains zero opiate characteristics chemically

  • Ketamine and Phoenix tears worked from getting off sabixone which is used to get offf opioids. 160ml methadone quit cold turkey 9 years of my life wasted. Now I moderated with chronic cannabis

  • Oh come on! Coming from an addict who has rode the ride 10 times. Most addicts, I can’t speak for all. But almost everyone I’ve spoken to about the abuse of drugs all has one thing in common-trauma. I wish everyone could live the cookie cutter life with the mom and dad who worked a 9-5 and went to your soccer practices. But in all reality, some of us weren’t raised that way. Finding anything to escape from your personal hell even for a few hours, even with the health risks, even with the hurting the people you love most. An addict is trapped in a spiral of lies, hiding, sadness, and confusion. Now you’re probably thinking “get over it and get clean” right? How do you when you’ve found the relief to your whole lives pain? That one I can’t answer. But for my personal success, it’s been something so beautiful, not only benefiting myself but the earth and other living creatures. Meditation, spiritual growth, education and love.

    The best thing you can do for a family member is be the love they need. Don’t focus on getting them clean. Focus on giving them a hand to solve the root of their pain. So they don’t feel alone.

    Much love ��

  • Prescription drug abuse was a huge issue in florida so we changed the laws to close a lot of the clinics and it made it very hard to almost impossible for many people (even legitimate pain patients) to find another clinic. So, NOW we have a huge Heroin problem with people dying left and right (twice the rate of prescription abuse deaths) because the cartels infuse their heroin with fentanyl AND violent crime has increased dramatically so thanks state of florida and soccer moms with too much time on their hards for that! Now random home invasions are a common occurrence and whats funny is the state admits it caused this problem because at least in clinics it could be monitored and controlled whereas now we don’t know what’s going on and the police can’t protect us. If you truly want to solve this “drug crisis” then do what countries like Switzerland are doing. Decriminalize it, focus on harm reduction like clean needle exchanges to stop the spread of HIV and AIDS and this is the BIG one, TREATMENT to those who want it instead of putting them in jail for 5 years where their abuse is likely to continue and when you get out of jail you can’t find a job because of your record. Let’s treat people and help them become productive, tax paying citizens again. I’ve often thought about opening chronic abuse clinics for addicts to give them extended release pain meds on a daily basis so they can get off heroin with fentanyl (likely to kill them eventually) and then they can find jobs because they don’t have to worry about finding their next hit and eventually offer them help getting off the drug when the person is ready to do it. Will some people abuse it and die? yep but that’s always going to happen but when you look at the cost of prisons compared to treatment then it’s an easy solution to this problem. Heroin laced with fentanyl IS the problem now.

  • 9..!?!why weren’t these more organized into actual points. You just blurted out some that I thought were related, I was waiting for #2 then the video ended… hmm.

  • Something I thought was kind of weird when I was staying at a facility following my total knee replacement. Not so much the first couple of days, but when the nurse was making rounds to hand out pain meds, she would ask if I wanted one or two. If I wasn’t in a great deal of pain, I would take one. I’m sure the same question was being asked of other patients. Once I got out of the facility, I was thinking of the possibility of how easy it would be for staff to fudge the pill count, since they asked the PATIENT how many they wanted. The doctor must have prescribed a dose of two. If the nurse was less than honest, I saw the potential for problems. This is not to say that’s what was happening, but when it comes to addiction or making money on the side, anyone could be caught up.

  • There’s nothing wrong with us addicts mentally or physically. It’s the drug that makes us act that way, someone not addicted looks at addicts and says why do u do the stuff u do my answear is it’s not us thinking about the consequences we think of the now if your sick your going to do anything to get better. Non addicts think of it this way u get the flu and food poisoning at the same time and if there was a that minute cure for it wat would u do take it or go sick you would take it if it stops the sickness that seconed. It’s the same with us when we get sick we know that if we do the dope we won’t be sick anymore

  • I have been on Percocet for 10 yrs. I tried oxycotin for 1 month and did not like the feeling it gave me so I asked my dr to lower me back to Percocet. She wanted to put me on fentanyl. I went to another dr who was treating me and we agreed I was fine in what I was taking. I do exactly what he tells me and I don’t have any problems. People need to understand not everyone on opioid abuses them.

  • Pathetically sad that there is too much focus on “Fear of Patients becoming addicted to pain medication” Instead of Focusing on “Properly treating legitimate Chronic Pain patients who have life long conditions and clean records!” Chronic Pain patients are being discriminated against and it’s Not Right!! The True Fact Is Not everyone prescribed opiates is Or will become an addict, unless addiction runs dominant in their family’s genetic code!

  • More Propaganda, ‘you cannot rely on your Dr to monitor this’ really? Oh the DEA can do much better at observing and treating patients. rediculous video.

  • 1:26 I wonder if she is related to joe exotics late husband Travis.. she got the same last name and I never heard it before tiger king

  • You guys are just like all the rest lump everybody into the same category. I don’t drink, smoke or take illegal drugs but due to Doctors under medicating severe pain he I am looking for the illegal way. Not to get high cause not everybody gets that euphoria you talk about but when we have exhausted all other avenues including physio and just absolutely every other non medical avenue we are left to figure out our own way to cope cause all I want to do it work and live in tolerable pain. So don’t put us all in the same boat and not every drug works the same on every person.

  • Are there any studies which minimize publication bias that compares opioids to CBD to acupuncture or other pain medication like acetaminophen and ASA? I found one source for acupuncture, but it seems they’re biased towards acupuncture, other sources are biased against it. And I could not find anything that compares acupuncture to other pain medication for conditions like knee osteoarthritis. I would like the emotions taken out (i.e. biases minimized) and to have better comparative research with high epistemological standards done on which pain reliving options are safer yet still effective for alleviating pain: https://www.evidencebasedacupuncture.org/present-research/acupuncture-scientific-evidence/

  • My friend and I used kratom to help ease physical withdrawal symptoms and now clean from the daily addiction of pain pills. Look up opiate addiction support channel on YouTube… lots of helpful vids there. The kratom was a miracle for me. Watch a leaf of faith on Netflix too.

  • In Az they give you free narcan in detox facilitys and i have even seen doctors give them to opiate useres just incase for you or someone that you might need it when i went into my MAT program they gave me two doses but not the nose one the one i got were an ijection in the thigh but yes they do have them you just need to ask my cuzin even got sum i have mine right on the counter were the car keys are at cuz were i lie their is a lot of useres one just passed away in the park a street up from my house my dad wakes up early drinks his cofee outside if he would have seen it he could have saved a life it just was not meant to be its sad snd we cant do anything cuz a user will quit if he ever decides too when he is ready sometimes death comes first than, that the thing that got me the most was my friend overdosing on me and not making it and just realizing how fast you lose everything and dont care about your self i was lucky to realize that and now going on 5 years sober im getting everythng little by little back i life the thing is hitting rockbottom and saying im done i tapped out and after many times of going to rehab and programs i did it and will continue to do it much luv to all in the struggle

  • Repeal the #Opps bill and pass #Bipartisan #Medical #Relief and #Medicine #Responsibility #Sharing Act aka #MR&MRS Act. Legalizing Marijuana, and small quantities of Opiods without prescription as relief from our radiation sickness. Overturn harsh drug sentences on Latinos, Blacks, Whites and other Americans victimized by the war on self medication called the war on drugs

  • We made a series a little while back about the opioid crisis in the US. You can check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4MIseokXcxY&list=PLkfBg8ML-gInnjfanZG6HD0H1m6Xpnfvh.

  • Quite a few other patients along with myself made enough complaints to get two crooked pain clinics shutdown. The 2nd clinic left fraudulent information on my record one month before they were shut down.

  • And why is it happening in CERTAIN states? States where the average education is LOW. States where there is income disparity. States that are Republican? (do your research this is accurate). Then find your answer to the problem. Otherwise you are HARMING the people who truly need them. And if you haven’t experienced severe DAILY pain then you have no right or knowledge to be judgmental. I… will decide what approach helps me with daily pain and aging… not YOU. (doctors, pharmacists, DEA, and joe blow on the street).

  • Now people are killing themselves due to not being able to go on in pain cause of people like this. Worry about people like me who also isolate myself from family and friends not because I’m addicted to pain medicine but because the doctors have cut my pain medicine down to where I’m in so much pain that I am very irritable and I don’t want to speak to anybody I just want to cry so how about you focus on your real patience. The people that need help that are in pain.

  • 2020 and they still forget Georgia uses narcan lol my uncle had to be revived 4 times using narcan but that 4th time he gave it up and now 3 years sober he almost died the 4th time they had to use 3 narcans just to get him up and a little bit of CPR shit is heartbreaking when you see your FAM on the street oding

  • I pray for all the lost souls who are hooked on this disease I was there and thank God I am clean now for about 6years I know the path it’s very hard but there always help just got to ask thank you for this video to share awareness I pray in Jesus name amen

  • the sackler family ran a racketeer that entailed deceptive fraudulent aggressive misleading marketing techniques of a painkiller called oxycontin, they lied about strength of the drug as well as its addictive properties then hid all the money in anticipation of future lawsuits. they kill hundreds of thousands of people yet small time drug dealers get decades behind bars.

  • Not being negative but I hate all the brand naming and price fixing in the USA, we in the UK just call it naloxone and they give it out to users and families of users for free and it costs the NHS about £1.50 ($2.00), I’ve got a vial of 400 micrograms in my hand now, there’s a few around my house with a 2ml barrel plus a blue and green syringe, also my mother has a kit in her bag. Why does the USA need to make dirt cheap medicine so expensive

  • Having a back injury that was either neglected, ignored or not diagnosed, and ONLY after getting quite angry with my then GP, did a catscsn reveal this, and ONLY after it had reached a point of my losing my business of 30 years, everything! I’d worked hard for. Then being told it’s inoperable. Hmm. I had used alternative and homeopathic remedies for years, which I can no longer afford. Finally I’m on opiate meds, which has taken away the pain but has stripped my life otherwise. I’m told not to do all of what I used to enjoy in terms of physical activity, and when I do on those rare good days, I pay with 2or3 days of bed/couch. I will not increase my dose for fear of…. just No. Frankly, I feel beaten up. My GP is worse than useless and has caused me so much trouble. Finding a GP who will prescribe is extremely diffucult. It’s another bout of my having to prove myself (though my records clearly speak for me). It’s been 10 years of this.

  • Part 2 Oh Also I would love to give you complimentary information, but don’t yet know by what mechanism or venue that can best be done. I will look into it and choose what I feel is the best way. I have 37 years of research and study in this arena and hold no recognized degrees. I have received most of my peer reviews from criminals, attorneys, and judges. While much of what I know is overlap, there may be some missing link information that will assist you. Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

  • WoW! sadly, I know friends/family… with these exact things “to look for”
    Yall discuss.
    Hope it pops up on their feed. I try to avoid conflict. especially on “this matter!”…��
    the irony is…”it always ends up “Susan’s fault!”��

  • In New Jersey, our new Governor, Murphy< put a tone of resources in to Naloxone. In our cities and any of the suburbs that want it, it is freely available of is a "must Cary" for medical and law enforcement personnel

  • And then there’s people who truly need opioids for their conditions who take them as prescribed, never share them, keep them in home prescription safes, and are not addicted. Does it matter that these people are responsible and truly need them to manage their pain?  NO
    Of course it doesn’t, because lawmakers see only one side and now the drugs are banned and “evil”. Seriously, have you ever wandered across an article about how much opiates help someone with a debilitating disease live a normal life?  

    Even with a specialist Dr who knows how necessary they opiates are, it doesn’t matter, because the laws paint all patients as addicts and all prescribing Dr’s as irresponsible, and as of last year, they’re not just pressured to reduce prescriptions, but their prescriptions are tracked and they are punished for writing too many opioid prescriptions or for too high a dosage. So unless you are dying from cancer (seriously, cancer hospice care is the one real exception) you’re screwed. There goes your functional medical treatment, and if you got as far as significant opiates I guarantee that you’ve tried literally everything else out there without any success, and now your only choice is to live in constant, excruciating pain.

    The worst part is that this isn’t a one person problem.
    It’s not a handful of people either. Hundreds and hundreds of thousands in just my condition are having this experience, and there’s millions of chronic pain sufferers in the USA, from a variety of diseases, all telling similar stories.
    You know what their healthcare is? Medicare. Because if you’re in constant pain and they take away the medicine that lets you work and function like a normal person, you can’t work anymore (I’m not even going to get into the issues of cost to society for medical and disability benefits,created by crippling a formerly functional person by taking away their medication). If you can’t work, the only healthcare option open to you is Medicare. The same Medicare that now limits opiate prescriptions to 7 days of pills at once.
    You know what IS dangerous, unlike appropriately medicating chronically ill people? Those same people having to make the trek to the pharmacy every 7 days, despite the pain from the new required lower dosages or change of medication.
    Nothing is more distracting than agonizing pain. It’s why we have ambulances, so that people don’t break their legs and then drive themselves to the Dr’s office. Nobody questions why that person wouldn’t be a safe driver, but pain patients have to go to the pharmacy every 7 days and nobody bats an eye. Nobody cares.

    Finally, can everyone please learn the difference between dependency and addiction? Chemical dependency  is where you feel bad if you don’t have a specific thing, such as coffee or the crappy feeling you get if you’ve ever stopped taking an antidepressant
    This is NOT the same as addiction, where the user is unable to control their desire for the substance, uses it at higher amounts or in very different ways(crushing and snorting, injecting etc) then prescribed to obtain a “high”
    Just about everyone seems to use these ideas interchangeably, due to some combination of ignorance and desire for sensationalism.
    “opiates cause addiction in just 5 days!”
    I’ve seen some version of this headline so many times.
    Chemical Dependency does not equal ⚠️�� Addiction!

  • I’m a PT. Stay in your lane. The same things you’re pointing out could also be the bah joe if someone in legitimate pain. You’re not a real doctor so how about you stop pretending like one.

  • This sounds like you’re talking about dependency and not addiction. Calling it addiction makes some chronic pain patients look bad. Also it does not sounds like your mother in law was addicted by just those signs, I’m sure there where more than mentioned but the big red flags she did not see to display.

  • Being addicted to opioid has been the worse experience in my life. I’ve lost all respect from people. My sex life is ruined. My family and work life is ruined. I need off this carousel of misery


  • Never been addicted to drugs, but I’m not such a selfless cunt that I have no self awareness that I’m blind to the fact that my path in life has been more blessed than people who are addicted.

    Stop being so damned selfish and ungrateful. Show compassion for people who’s life has been less blessed than yours.

    Grow up.

  • Ibogaine is a new therapy for chemical dependence that eliminates physical withdrawal signs and interrupts drug craving behavior. It is both a therapeutic and psychoactive addiction-breaker. It helps in breaking both drug and alcohol addictions. We ship world wide without any problems. Treatment info and all help you need about our products are also provided We are potential producers of Iboga
    root barks and Ibogaine hcl. Ibogaine is the active chemical found in the African Tabernanthe iboga root. Its known for its modern use in treating opiate, other drug addiction. If you are interested in our products
    Iboga TA extract means Iboga “Total Alkaloid”
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  • Withdrawal is one of the toughest challenges in life. The fog is very real, I was not the same, is it worth it, yes. Emotional and physically.

  • The guy on the left should focus more. He keeps getting distracted and detracting from the video’s seriousness. And his body language isn’t calm

  • I agree with you completely here. You described my now-deceased grandmother perfectly who spent the last decade and a half of her life habitually addicted to hydrocodone.

  • It’s so stupid I can’t get strong painkillers I need after a root canal because people abuse opiates. It’s more of a problem with the state of mind of the average american than overprescription anyway. Social media, bad family and friend structures and loss of purpose are turning people to drugs. People want to think if you take vicodin for a week or two your instantly an addict its a load of BS.

  • I’m addicted to pain pills, not because I want to be or anything recreational but because I need them for pain, I take them as prescribed and never take more than I should.

    I’ve been on painkillers for 10+ years and at first everything was fine but since then I’ve been suffering with depression, I have a very short attention span for things I used to enjoy and I just don’t care any more about most things, I’m not sure how much the painkillers have added to these things but I’m sure they are absolutely a contributing factor.

    I’m not looking forward to coming off them having been on them for so long it’s going to be hell and my doctor isn’t really supportive of me stopping them.

    How would you guys recommend reducing and eventually stopping taking painkillers after such a long time?

  • Maybe if we didn’t have a large portion of the population defending the elicit drug trade in this country we wouldn’t have so many dangerous drugs available to people who weren’t being prescribed them. The reason we are loosing the war on drugs is because of all of the people fighting on the drugs’ side. Stop making users of “harmless non-addictive” drugs into victims because they support the same dealer networks that distribute heroin.

  • Tramadol is not a joke and it is exactly like all the other opiate medications out there it will fuck your life up I know because I had somebody addicted to Tramadol fuck my life up and fuck his life up and his daughters lives up

  • Perhaps She stopped Gardening is Because She’s in Pain…?

    Taking Away Ones Medicine Without Replacing it with Something as Effective to Control Pain Will Start a New Even Bigger “Epidemic”


  • I had a terrible ankle break last year with an external fixator and two additional surgeries. My experience trying to get my prescribed hydrocodone was AWFUL. I often didn’t get it covered by my insurance because of their opioid coverage policies.

  • There isn’t really a way to sense euphoria, as it can be hidden well but seeing as I’ve been on these drugs and know the feeling, one thing you can probably notice is if someone who’s really to themselves and quiet all of a sudden becomes talkative and engaging. This can sometimes just mean someone enjoys a certain thing but it can also mean possible euphoria. Idk does anyone else agree??

  • Didn’t see Georgia on your map. We’ve had Naloxone since 2016 I believe. We give out loads of it at our syringe exchange, paid for by the state.

  • Well as a veteran in the 50, I tried pot a month ago and it cured me of all my conditions. The VA gave me a UA next day and I came up hot for pot. They said I if smoke pot they will take away all my medications? WTF!

  • That tie isn’t for videos, it causes artifacts.
    Opioids for tooth extraction?! Even wisdom teeth? Didn’t Opioids for that (even for the surgical extractions)

  • You know what pisses me off.. the prescription drug overdoses are oxycodone and higher.
    Not heard of anyone OD on norco.

    Thanks to the dumbass junkies.. prople like me who actually follow the rules to the T is being punished jumping through hoops TO GET MY MEDS.

    I have tried years of physical therapy, holistic medicine, and alternative medicine. YET the pain still is do horrible on some days I literally can have a small stroke from the fatigue the pain put me in and I have had 2 already!

    SO what do I do…. I stuck with the pills. So having to deal with yhe BS from the Opioid Addiction thats out there is such crap.

  • If cops have narcan for overdoses, then why are they giving some ketamine? That shit is way too powerful to put in the hands of a cop who’s never tried it before.

  • Before anyone here even opens up their mouths to say “I’ve been on prescription opiates for 75 years and I’ve never had any issues blah blah blah” Congratulations for being within 85% of the population who doesn’t actually feel high on opiates. As for the 15% of folks who are genetically predisposed to this disease? Well, as one of those people, my heart goes out to you guys, I am with you guys 100% and love all of you. As for the rest of you “superior race” people, you morally strong holier than thou’s!������������maybe you could ask the former what it actually feels like to be high. ORRRR, go learn what feeling high on opiates actually means?

    Congratulations for not regularly wanting to feel tired, irate, antisocial, nauseated or groggy when you take opiates, you’re such a strong person! Lol

    To be clear, The great GREAT majority (85%) of people who take opiates do not actually get high on them. Getting high does not just mean an altered state of mind, it ONLY means feeling super, feeling like a million, perhaps extra confident, highly social, like you can conquer the world! Anything different or less than that is not a “high”

    I’ve taken probably 2% of the tramadol that’s been prescribed to me and pissed on the rest, take that suckers������ I’m better than all of you!! right??
    No, dummies, it’s because tramadol makes me sleepy and nauseated, and irate, it doesn’t make me feel high.
    (By the way, I am well aware that tramadol isn’t necessarily the best example because it’s really just a pseudo-opiate, BUT I know people who have struggled with that stuff like crazy! because it made them feel just as good as vicodin made me feel, for example)

    No one is better than anyone else, it’s like watching a video of people who have Blue eyes and then bragging that your eyes are green! do I congratulate you? (although green eyes are pretty freaking awesome, only 2% of the population have them, including me☺️, but that’s besides the point)

    PLEASE LEARN: It’s all about genetic predisposition people! You’re not morally superior or have a stronger character then your friend or sibling who got hooked on drugs. Clearly, you may lack the ability to learn a thing or two��but you’re definitely not better just because you didn’t have THAT particular disease����‍♂️

    I only wish you all the best and I hope y’all have a great weekend. Just remember to educate yourselves and let’s always try to be part of the solution and not the problem. Cheers!

  • I wonder if perhaps ketorolac could make a comeback? My understanding is that it used to be a pretty popular pain med due to being a non-addictive but still strong alternative to opioids. It’s less used now because it’s limited to five day courses in order to avoid kidney damage. But maybe it could be used for some of these acute pain situations? For a lot of acute pain, you’re only going to use opioids for a week, and often not even that. Why not prescribe people five days of ketorolac instead (assuming they have no contraindications)? Then you don’t even run the risk of someone accidentally getting hooked.

  • Exactly why would decreasing prescriptions again not kill more people? We’ve decreased opioid prescriptions greatly and deaths have spiked. It’s not a trade off, it’s a lose-lose.

  • I am in a horrible cycle of hell. I’m trapped. I can’t come off now because I’m relied upon to care for my mother. I cannot except help cause we are very private people and then there is the shame of it. I can’t get out of bed without it now. Nevermind clean the house go to doc spots and generally manage household. Is there a way to get off in which the overwhelming fatigue is not a problem. I think at this point I can handle the pain given this alternative of pure hell.

  • Saying prescription drugs is really irresponsible considering that most aren’t able to get these prescription drugs and the deaths aren’t tracked by illicit opiates vs prescription. The pain community is being marked as villains selling these prescriptions and they AREN’T! Check out the Alliance for the Treatment of Intractable Pain for actual numbers and make better choices for your content.

  • As someone with a chronic pain condition, I am absolutely maddened that doctors or anyone thinks it’s ok that I have to suffer horribly so that we can save the lives of junkies. I know the risks of taking an opioid, and I accept them. That’s my personal decision. Just because drug addicts exist doesn’t mean people with actual diseases should have to suffer

  • Physical Therapy PT=pain and torture…ya, try that first…look there’s people hurt that are REALLY hurt, and PT for injuries is INSANE! I’ve been through it ALL and here 23years after my injuries I’m STILL going to PT roughly half of every year. I could NOT go to PT, or anywhere else for that matter, without pain meds. My pain is so intense, I would end it all if pain meds weren’t available. Doctors NEED to get their heads out of their asses with this whole thing! First, suing the makers of oxycontin because thousands were able to freely take advantage of dirty docz won’t solve NOTHING. The Rx drugs people are dying from is bunk ass fentanyl from China in 12 different forms, one of which is carfentanyl that’s 10,000x the strength of morphine. People drop dead bcuz they don’t know what’s in their dope, bottom line. A pain patient NEEDS to be cared for and NOT discriminated against in ANY way, and when their bodies get physically dependant, doses MUST be titrated and people MUST be treated with dignity and NOT left to damn near die bcuz some douchebag doc listens to lying statistics. The numbers of this “crisis” aren’t what you think they are. There’s less than 75,000 total opioid “related” deaths since 1999-2019. “Related” deaths include people who died from MANY different factors that happened to have opioids in their system upon death. If someone died from a heart attack, stroke, even AIDS, with the slightest trace, even from poppy seed bagels, it would be currently classified an opiate “related” death, unfairly categorizing the real causes to paint a bad picture against opiates. Less than 300/week, 15,600 a year, die with some trace of opioids in their system. These numbers drastically rose to a bit less than 27,000 in 2017 that propelled it into the spotlight as a “crisis”, and it’s NOT from valid pain patients prescribed Rx opiates, it’s predominantly from fentanyl laced heroin. For docs to say they didn’t know how these opiates affected people, BULLSHIT!! The effects of opiates have been well know for over a hundred years when women went to the only store in town and bought heroin over the counter and gave it to our grandparents and parents for many reasons…I have an empty pack of heroin for “the winds” from 1897. Heroin for farting, cocaine for crying, our past has cemented this drug culture in America PERMANENTLY. The POTUS held the first ever Rx drug and Heroin summit and they spoke more of their big cocaine bust and other drugs more than they did about any opiate, and the story from the DEA agent father who kicked his son out for smoking weed @18 who then hurt himself badly at work getting prescribed Vicodin then being homeless on the street a year later escalated to heroin and the DEA Dad would see his son homeless on the street and leave him out there, knowing full well the consequences of street heroin, is a tragedy in MANY other ways. Look, if someone goes from Vicodin to Heroin, they like to get high! People say heroin was cheaper than their prescription, and that too isn’t true. I’ve lost MANY people I loved in Detroit due to carfentanyl and other fentanyl laced heroin and they didn’t have to die. Many couldn’t get ANY help and had no choice but to take more to stave of withdrawals and got a “hot pack” and lost their lives. More Rx drugs should be utilized to help people not play Russian roulette with street dope. The doctors knew then, and they know now that when they started forcing people off their meds cold turkey, left to suffer agonizing pain and withdrawal, many turned to the streets, and the statistics prove it! Alcohol kills at least 6x more people than opiates do yearly. The REAL agenda was clear when the POTUS said Mexican drug cartels are getting all the money! Our caring government won’t tell you the REAL facts, but they’ll certainly be glad to put you on Methadone and Suboxone, which are both extremely powerful opiates, so they get the money and not the drug dealers. If they REALLY cared for people physically dependant or addicted, they’d give the good stuff they make already and provide people REAL relief from it ALL. This “crisis” is a catastrophic event because millions of people who validly required help with extreme pain were left to fend for themselves in full withdrawals when they met heroin. REAL measures MUST be taken if lives are to be saved. Hospitals MUST provide help for patients in withdrawal using controlled opiate medications and should provide EVERYONE clean, predictable opiates instead of leaving people to search for their own means to “fix” the issues. This current wave of crackdowns limiting amounts to 90mg morphine equivalency for everyone, despite individual tolerances and cross tolerances, or nature of pain such as limiting pain meds to 1 week after even major surgery, WILL cause astronomical numbers of deaths when the suicide levels among pain patients soar! Suicides are on the rise, steadily climbing hand in hand with the crackdowns! Docs NEED to care for people MORE despite government interference! There’s so much to say about this, I could type for days, but I’ll leave it up to you to research the truth and see this “crisis” for what it is….

  • Tramadol is a “strong” painkiller?? You should do your research. You really should have addressed the fact that there is a difference between addiction and dependency. There are many people out there that need these opioid painkillers to be able to have any quality of life. If they become dependent on them it’s not something evil as many people like to portray. Not everyone taking them are drug addicts. There are millions of people who take them EXACTLY as they are prescribed but society looks down on them. This whole opioid epidemic hysteria has gotten out of control and the unintended consequences are hurting those that are in need of these medications. There is no “epidemic”!! Look at the #’s and you’ll see that it’s being overblown. Less than.01% of the population are abusing opioids. How in Gods name is that an epidemic???

  • Oh please,those junkies just say no plull yourself up by your bootstraps,oh that’s right that’s just for people of color,I hope everyone gets cured,drugs no joke

  • U must live under a rock or j be young. Regardless opiate users will get the drug someway or another. A dealer replaces a dealer, there will always be one. A lot of the time these dealers are addicts themselves and need to supply their addiction through selling drugs or they would be forced to rob places and people. And u may ask why don’t they j leave it. Withdrawals are actually so painful that they can kill people. The force of gravity actually hurts people withdrawing from opiates. People withdrawing compare it to have a flu times 10 (no exaggeration). Regardless tho, it’s a vicious cycle and addicts will always find a dealer. A lot of dealers obviously don’t like selling drugs that are killing people but it’s their only way of income and they justify it by saying they’re basically giving people medicine and preventing them from being sick/withdrawing

  • We should hear from Dr. Gabor mate on the subject which could help so many people with his info. yet the Canadian government refuses to do so…

  • Quit talking garbage and dumping drug addicts with chronic pain patients! People like you are what’s causing people in pain to hit the streets, commit suicide, and have a low quality life level all cause of people like you all, let me ask you? Do you have a medical condition?alignment problems, etc etc?Not someone with just an addictive behavior to any drug! Why don’t you turn around and help out people with chronic pain? Interview someone who has to endure debilitating pain 24/7 please! Not an addict, why don’t you

  • What are pain patients supposed to do?! There are legitimate pain patients, like cancer and spinal, nerve damage etc. that require relief. Assuming what causes someone to require opioids is rude. Do you know what leukemia bone pain feels like? Do you know what severe nerve pain feels like? When you take away their options to relieve the pain, either street drugs or suicide are the alternatives! It is 2020 and this crap is the absolute BEST they can do with all the power, money and control?! All just so a select few can remain disproportionately wealthier than the rest…
    Who is covering the other side to the opioids? The pain patients struggle just to get medication and relief is becoming an absolute nightmare and causing severe stress disorders just to get pain medication for relief!

  • Oh yeah
    A bad back from working
    Is how it all started from tramadol 2008. 2015 I have been very strict
    The rest of the story fir me to no

  • I first heard Kirk during an interview he had on White Coat/Black Art with CBC about a year and a half ago. After listening to his experience I tracked him down via Facebook and he became my go-to man for support and information on what to expect through my own opioid tapering process. He was an inspiration to me and I honestly think he gave me more advice and better support than all doctors I went to. From his home in Ontario he made the time to always respond to my messages and to check in throughout the process. I regularly received random texts of encouragement from this man I have never met and I am so thankful for that.

  • It’s very strange, Dr.s and our Government…. YOU know the people who depend upon opioids are NOT the abusers of opioids. When the Mayo Clinic/hospital tell you that you’ll be on opioids for the rest of your life and our Government tells you that you can no longer have the only Drug that passes the blood/brain barrier to stop the horrific pain caused by nerve root damage…… what happens is this: People like me suffer to death.

    A Dr. in Tulsa Oklahoma damaged me for life in a nerve block out patient procedure. I was in horrific pain and only survived because I’ve meditated over 30 years and when the pain hit, I meditated to bring down my blood pressure and heart rate. When I went to another Dr. in Stillwater, he told me I needed surgery and it would happen the next week.

    But then his appointment Desk workers refused to let me talk to the Dr or find out when the surgery would be…. they ignored me, refused to talk to me. I was left…in horrific pain in complete confusion. Why would the Dr tell me I needed surgery and it would be the next week… and then refuse to talk to me? I didn’t understand and I was in horrific pain.

    I didn’t know that he’d written a letter to Dr. Hackl in Tulsa and my GP Dr Adams in Ponca City. If not for a compassionate and caring RN, I wouldn’t know to this day…. what was wrong with me. After her Dr. ran out of the exam room screaming, after he opened my medical file… she was as confused as I was. She secretly copied a letter that the Dr. in Stillwater wrote to Dr. Hackl and my GP Dr. Adams. She gave me the letter while I waited for my ride…

    The letter said all the discs in my neck were herniated AND I had nerve root damage at C 5C6. The letter also said I had chronic intractable pain.

    This letter helped me to understand what was going on. I learned about chronic intractable pain and Nerve Root damage. By the way, without explanation Dr. Hackl fired me as his patient. Since then, every GP Dr. I’ve tried to get help from… has quit and moved out of Ponca City. I’ve seen about 25 Dr.s here in Oklahoma and not one of them did anything to help me. I’ve been treated horribly by every Dr. here in Oklahoma.

    I asked a PA why no Dr. would tell me what was wrong and they all told me not to come back, without explanation.

    MY GOD… I’m in horrific pain and I’m slowly suffering to death!!! I’ve contacted Oklahoma Senators and Congressmen, I’ve contacted the Attorney General of Oklahoma, I’ve written to President Obama AND President Trump… and not one of these people will help me.

    Dr. Adams had a friend, a Pain Management Dr. in Enid, Dr. Mackey. He was doing her a favor by taking me as his patient when Dr. Adams moved. He would never answer any questions… just gave me opioids every month. At first I was on 200 mcg/ph fentanyl patches and as much breakthrough opioid pills as I needed. I bought a very expensive electrical stimulation machine from him and used it at full power for three months…constantly. This helped to change the horror pain in my neck from the nerve root damage. This device helped change the pin point horror and spread the horror all over my body.  

    Over the 6 years Dr. Mackey saw me as his patient I brought down the amount of pain medication to 75 mcg/ph fentanyl and seldom used breakthrough pills. I was trying as hard as I could to have some sort of life… and understood that I’d always have this horror pain… but I was still alive and I so wanted to have some sort of life. I believed in neurogenesis

    The Dr.s at the Mayo Clinic told me I was on enough opioids to put down a horse. The opioids didn’t take all the pain away, but at least I could sleep. The years I was bringing down the opioid amount… The Dr. never gave me even a hint of how to do it. I’m living proof that when you are on opioids you can bring down the amount of opioids!

    When the law in Oklahoma changed, Dr. Mackey did everything cruel that he could to get me to stop coming to him.

    So…we’ve had this big lawsuit in Oklahoma…. The State against a manufacturer of opioids in Oklahoma…… IS THIS WHY NO ONE WILL HELP ME? The State of Oklahoma has made a whole lot of money from the lawsuit. Isn’t that nice. Yet, people like me are slowly suffering to death.

    I asked a PA why No Dr. would help me…. she said they were all afraid of being involved in litigation. Some of the 25 Dr.s I’ve gone to for help… actually looked at me with guilt on their faces when they told me they couldn’t help me.

    I’m left to suffer to death without any medical assistance. When the Dr. Damaged me for LIFE….. I was an Artist and a Musician. But, I couldn’t move my arms for several years and could barely walk… the pain was so horrific there is no way to even describe it. I’m not the only one in Oklahoma Suffering to death… alone, without any help… ignored. I was supposed to die…. Nerve Root Damage doesn’t heal, it just keeps sending horror pain messages to the brain. Opioids are the only drug that could allow me to have some sort of life.

    Now, I can no longer walk. I’m very weak, I’m suffering to death and no one…. NO ONE will help me. I don’t want to sue anyone… I’ve just desperately needed help.

    Oklahoma State… ALL of you are murdering me. You want me to die so the Dr. who did this to me will be out of danger and NO Dr. will help me because they are afraid.

    Well, I am dying. Suffering to death… I’m ignored by ALL of you. I am dying now, dying of horrific, every moment, every second… pain. The horror is that I don’t have to die, I don’t have to suffer to death but…. You are all killing me…. every one of you who are supposed to be working for Health.

    I’ve tried to kill myself several times but I’ve been unsuccessful. No, opioids did not kill me… I tried. I’ve also taken sleeping pills and put a bag over my head…. but in my sleep I pulled it off. I’ve slit my arms…. I want to die. Slowly suffering to death while every Dr., every elected Law maker…… looks away….. You want me to die. I’ve stopped meditating and I’m on the edge of a heart attack or stroke because the Pain is horrible and never stops.

    YOU are ALL responsible for my slow suffering to death because not one of you wants to help a suffering Oklahoman. I’m not alone…. there are others who’ve suffered to death and had heart attacks and strokes since Jan. 1 2018. Go on… pretend that I’m not real. What does this horrible behavior toward me…..tell YOU about yourselves??

    I can’t believe this is Oklahoma… the United States. At least the Mayo Clinic/Hospital Dr.s told me the truth….. opioids are the only drug that passes the blood brain barrier to stop the pain messages in the brain. SHAME on all of you for murdering me… and those like me who are suffering to death….. suffering to death!! But…by golly, you are helping those who don’t have nerve root damage… isn’t that…. special.

  • Doctor’s have no incentive to get patients off of pain meds. Besides Indifference, they lose a guaranteed return visit. Taking them as prescribed still causes extreme physical dependence; a term I much prefer over addiction. The term addiction is used to make it personal, and to divert attention away from Doctors and Big Pharma. They always blame the patient, which is ludicrous. There are compounded pain lotions that actually work, and I mean lightyears beyond oral meds. And, no dependence to boot.

  • And to the users there will be that one time narcan won’t work and there going to die it’s not a if it’s a when. I’ve lost alot of ppl to heroin and most of them were administrated narcan more then once they overdosed again and narcan did not work

  • Part 1 Thank you Paul Merritt. You are a very smart guy especially if you were able to say all that based on study and research of the experience of others and none of your own personal experience. Your understanding goes much deeper than merely reciting information you have had imparted to you. The best part is that you present this info rapidly and say things to hold one’s attention even with enthusiastic interest…at least for me. I say all of this not so much to compliment you, but more to encourage you because too often people don’t get the proper feedback they need in order to realize just how important, even critical to the greater good their personal efforts are. I’m going to look for more videos by Paul Merritt because I found that the lights are no longer on the lowest setting of the dimmer switch so to speak while listening. Best Regards! Factoid: I was born in Anderson Indiana 1956, never heard Anderson cited for anything until now(lol).