When Tax Reform Becomes Law, ACA’s Individual Mandate Becomes History


How a case gets to the US Supreme Court

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ACA’s Individual Mandate Nullified

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What happens after tax reform becomes law?

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How repealing the individual mandate impacts tax reform

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Court rules ACA’s individual mandate is unlawful

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�� Why is US health care system so expensive? | Why are medical bills so high?

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When Tax Reform Becomes Law, ACA’s Individual Mandate Becomes History. TUESDAY, Dec. 19, 2017 With the Republican-led Congress preparing to hand President Donald Trump his first major legislative victory a massive overhaul of the U.S. tax code it will mean the end of the Affordable Care Act’s controversial individual mandate. The joint Senate-House measure calls for repeal.

If Tax Reform Becomes Law, ACA’s Individual Mandate Becomes History Piedmont HealthCare. TUESDAY, Dec. 19, 2017 (HealthDay News) — With the Republican-led Congress preparing to hand President Donald Trump his first major legislative victory — a massive overhaul of the U.S. tax code — it will mean the end of the Affordable Care Act’s controversial individual mandate. TUESDAY, Dec.

19, 2017 (HealthDay News) With the Republican-led Congress preparing to hand President Donald Trump his first major legislative victory a massive overhaul of the U.S. tax code it will mean the end of the Affordable Care Act’s controversial individual mandate. When Tax Reform Becomes Law, ACA’s Individual Mandate Becomes History With the Republican-led Congress preparing to hand President Donald Trump his first major legislative victory—a massive overhaul of the U.S. tax code—it will mean the end of the Affordable Care Act’s controversial individual mandate. When Tax Reform Becomes Law ACAs Individual Mandate Becomes History TUESDAY, Dec. 19, 2017 (HealthDay News) With the Republican-led Congress preparing to hand President Donald Trump his first major legislative victory a massive overhaul of the U.S. tax code it will mean the end of the Affordable Care Act’s controversial individual mandate. When tax reform becomes law, ACA’s individual mandate becomes history. (HealthDay)—With the Republican-led Congress preparing to hand President Donald Trump his first major legislative victory.

The new GOP tax bill repeals Obamacare’s individual mandate. But just what is the individual mandate—and what does it mean for you? Expect health insurance coverage losses and higher Obamacare.

Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010, Public Law 111–148, and Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010, Public Law 111–152. Starting in 2019, TCJA set the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA’s) individual mandate penalty tax to zero. Previously, households without qualifying health insurance were required to pay a penalty equal to the lesser of 2.5 percent of household income or $695 per adult and $347.50 per child, up to a maximum of $2,085.

When Tax Reform Becomes Law, ACA’s Individual Mandate Becomes History TUESDAY, Dec. 19, 2017 (HealthDay News) With the Republican-led Congress preparing to hand President Donald Trump his first major legislative victory a massive overhaul of the U.S. tax code it will mean the end of the Affordable Care Act’s controversial individual mandate.

List of related literature:

Whether the ACA will remain in effect is a question that only history will reveal.

“Nursing Today E-Book: Transition and Trends” by JoAnn Zerwekh, Ashley Garneau
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This outcome is described more fully later, when we provide an overview of the Supreme Court’s June 2012 ruling on the constitutionality of the ACA.

“Essentials of Health Policy and Law” by Joel B. Teitelbaum, Sara E. Wilensky
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Hence, full replacement of the ACA will be a daunting task.

“Delivering Health Care in America” by Shi, Douglas A. Singh
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Since full implementation was not slated to occur until 2018, and the Democrats lost federal political control with the November 2016 election, Republican control under the direction of President Trump will allow new opportunities to modify, amend, or repeal all or parts of the ACA.

“Health Promotion Throughout the Life Span E-Book” by Carole Lium Edelman, Carol Lynn Mandle, Elizabeth C. Kudzma
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While the repealandreplace legislative strategy largely failed to repeal the ACA in its entirety, the Trump administration and the Republicancontrolled Congress eliminated the individual mandate in their taxreform legislation.

“The Political Determinants of Health” by Daniel E. Dawes, David R. Williams
from The Political Determinants of Health
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Changes enacted in 2017 and 2018 by Congress and the Trump administration appear to be the first steps in returning control of the health-care system to the insurance industry.

“Nursing Now: Today's Issues, Tomorrows Trends” by Joseph T Catalano
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After the ACA expanded the

“Population Health: Creating a Culture of Wellness” by David B. Nash, Alexis Skoufalos, Raymond J. Fabius, Willie H. Oglesby
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Major challenges and changes in the implementation of the ACA are also summarized.

“Health Systems Science E-Book” by Susan E. Skochelak
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This partnership between government regulating health insurance policies and the private insurance marketplace began to unravel after the 2016 presidential election with the President and Congress vowing to “repeal and replace” the ACA.

“Public Health Nursing E-Book: Population-Centered Health Care in the Community” by Marcia Stanhope, Jeanette Lancaster
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Like all statutes, the ACA has and will continue to change.

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  • One of the best pieces of research done on the US healthcare market. Recently watched a Vox video on why healthcare is so expensive in the US. The conclusion was that it is expensive because companies can make it expensive and that we should regulate prices to make it illegal for them to make it expensive. Such intellectual laziness

  • This video is too confusing all you have to do is when you get your bill ask or see who gets paid what and where that money goes and for what. And you will see.

  • Non of what they state are facts… CBO came out stating Trump would cut back on Health care cost and only 11 Million were under Obama care.

  • So let me get this straight we pay them to rule on case’s that have issues in the lower court’s and they pick and choose which case they wish to hear? WTH How is that justice! We need to rethink our court system if their hearing about 1% then I feel they’re not doing the job. You mean to tell me that’s all they can handle, but yet lower court’s are jammed pack! BS!

  • Isn’t there also a precedent that if a case includes issues that are deemed “traditional” or “customary”, the Supreme Court will refuse to hear the case?

    Such as if the pledge of allegiance is mandatory to be recites in schools or if Christmas violates the separation of church and state?

  • I am only one in this Country that can override US Supreme Court I am God creation humankind human nature laws cause effect balance Universe elements. Master Three beat all and will challenge anybody body on truth if you have the balls bring it. yes our no?

  • If you don’t mind, may we “THE PEOPLE” be treated by the same medical service provided to Congressman Steve Scalise and Senator John McCain? I mean, our Federal Taxes paid for their insurance and they “DO” basically work for us! WHY NOT?????????

  • When you go without insurance for more than 63 days, does the 30% penalty for the year still apply if you just never get insurance after the 63 days are up? Would you have more freedom to choose a cheaper plan if you wanted to have some sort of insurance? There are a lot of people who pay hundreds maybe thousands of dollars. Many of them don’t like it one bit either.

  • American healthcare one of the biggest scams in the US, private companies out to make every dollar they can, bumping prices every year. Bernie 2020

  • Friedman arrived at a truly bizarre conclusion in suggesting that licensure decreased the standards of medical care. Sure, it flows beautifully from his argument. However, occasionally we academics arrive at these moments where we have to look at the conclusions we draw from our arguments and, if they are blatantly absurd, go back and reevaluate which postulates and assumptions laid out on the way to that conclusion are flawed.

    Of course licensure increased medical standards! Medicine is a practice built on the advancement of scientific knowledge and its application to a very particular situation patient care. Scientific knowledge does NOT work on economic principles. It advances as a body of knowledge which requires consensus amongst those qualified and trained to understand both how that knowledge is produced, how to test its veracity and how to advance it. This is where his model went wrong (and where some economists still go wrong.) The quality of medical care is dependent on expertise and ensuring that those who practice it are capable of that expertise. It can therefore be improved through regulation in this case, in the form of credentialing and licensure.

  • YOU CANT TALK ABOUT THE GOOD WITHOUT THE BAD> THIS KNOWN AS BIAS> If I was the Mayor of New York and I made major tax cuts and added hundreds of jobs then I am a great Mayor right>? What if I told you that same mayor swindled thousands of other people out of money buy scamming them illegally and left those same people hopeless and helpless through sheer greed? Great mayor right?

  • I never thought forcing people to buy health insurance was ever a good idea. It may have increased the number of people insured by 20 million but a lot of those people who were essentially forced to can not get things paid for despite it. There are millions more who would rather pay the tax penalty instead of being robbed by the insurance companies, instead they let the IRS rob them because it is less expensive that way.

  • The top comment says this video is ridiculously biased. The video, at the time I watched it, had 205 likes and 86 dislikes. I need no other information to come to the conclusion that this is biased towards the left/liberals.

  • This explains a history of the problem, but some of the more tangible variables seem to have been left out. Like, the cost of facilities, equipment, employee pay. How about loss due to incompetence and corruption? I find it hard to believe that it all comes down to a broken system. There is a human element that is being ignored here. There is a snow ball effect, of course. I think day to day corruption and monopoly were intentionally ignored here. The money can’t just disappearing into a mist of legal and administrative failures. These figures and changes of regulation and systematic structure, they don’t explain where all the money goes after it changes hands.

  • This whole thing was a cop out to bash Obamacare. It’s titled about why our system is expensive and why bills are so high, and then goes i to why Obamacare sucks.

    Medical care and health insurance are not the same thing. This was just a lazy video of some history and then dunking on ACA when it’s no longer relevant.

    Try actually talking to people who pay the bills are major health systems and see how greedy docs are. How gouged patients are on prices of basic drugs and devices and procedures. They touch on the ER and care, except an ER decent cost more to staff than a clinic. Docs rotate around between clinic and ER a lot unless they’re specialists. A floor nurse on float is the same as ER. If we applied the same logic, you’d have to pay 10x at Taco Bell at 2am because it’s WAAAAAAAAAY past dinner time and that taco stuffer is far more specialized because it’s dark outside.

    Drug costs can be reduced by offering 2 vial sizes of some of the most popular drugs, but then Big Pharma would have to take less. Docs could take less but then how would they let us know they’re better than us outside this hospital???

    Medical school could charge less, and those faculty could take less for their lazy schedules.

    Device companies could take less, but same as Big Pharma and the corporate world, corp profits MUST go UP! Health insurance could take less, but again, corps gotta profit more. And finally, prevention is worth more than treatment, but hospitals, devices manufacturers and pharma don’t make money from cures, they make money from treatment. It’s far better for the medical system to treat diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, and obesity, than to cure or prevent it with a $40k/yr nutritionist.

    No hospital system merger has ever reduced patient costs, they still ALWAYS go up, because it’s all a corporation. It’s all about profits.

  • A educational, yet biased take, on the US health system.
    You use the “fundamental way of egoism, inherent in capitalism” to justify that health care should be paid by the one using it because of incentives to “cheat or exploid” the payer.
    That is a claim you haven’t backed up. Healthcare systems in other parts of the world are in clear contrast to your claim. A healthy person won’t try to take advantage of the sys em to become healthier.. An unhealthy person given the opportunity to get healthier will often take the help, lowering the sum of the total cost.
    Free your mind and think outside the box ��

  • Government should not be in the business of charity. Yes those of us who are responsible and work hard should help those to lazy or stupid to be able to afford to pay their own way but it should never be by force.

  • I would like to see counter points and your response to those points. If that was done in the making of the video, I would like to hear them. I don’t like it when videos have only “here are facts that support my POV.” Surely there’s some points not addressed here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Healthcare_reform_debate_in_the_United_States

    Thank you for the in-depth look. Now make a 5 minute video with lots of quirky exaggerated animations to get those million+views lol

  • Really now? Then why am I paying MUCH higher premiums than I did before Obama care? ACA allows insurance companies to do what they do best which is to get rich at the expense of the middle class. People benefiting from Obama care are the impoverished…which is fine, but…. much like welfare, there are people on it that are capable of working and yet are too lazy to go out and get a job that provides insurance to them, meaning….. I HAVE TO PAY MORE FOR THEIR LAZY ASSES. #Time for another American revolution.

  • The USA does not have a health care system. It has a health insurance industry. To say that the health insurance industry is a health care system is akin to saying that your auto insurance is your car care system.

  • Laughable. I would love to see how the incentivisation of the old to become young again, the blind to see, the lame to walk, would work in the pure market system. It would not, of course, and would institutionalize discrimination. Speaking of which, if that had happened in the 30s and staid the same until now you can bet your pants on the fact that blacks would get a higher premium, and the racist insurance companies would be defending themselves by saying “look, black males have much higher chance of getting killed at a younger age and be addicts!” I get the arguments and I do believe they are correct in that if the medical profession was deregulated from licencing and if the insurances would work on market basis, the normal person would have it a bit cheaper than what they have now. The minorities would however still suffer. The real solution is use our European system. You just cut the middle men and you give everyone healthcare from taxpayer money. Quality is supreme, waiting times are at least in my country basically zero.

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  • It sucks donkey balls, from the no guns sign outside of emergency room (which any maniac would obey) to the money grubbing bureaucratic psychopathic attitude instide which makes a patient even feel sicker after the experience, and financially drained to the extreme. A sick monopoly of slime!

  • I didn’t sign up for obamacare in a timely manner so I was charged $550.00 in which they took out of my checks every week and I still had no coverage.. fuk obama and obama care..

  • I don’t understand how people can get this issue so catastrophically wrong. If you levy price controls, you don’t have a choice but to pay that price, and we allow the government to just do this. They Decry vague ideas of “Greed” and “Profit” but they don’t even bat an eyelash when the government steps in with its power of monopoly to regulate these sectors of the Economy. If people knew even for a second the true nature of the relationship that our government has to healthcare, they would never allow it to invade our ability to choose a better system for ourselves.

    Great piece of research you’ve done here. Bravo.

  • Want cheep quality readily available healthcare to the most number of people? Get rid of about 80% of government regulation ban the fda put a 500% tax on any healthcare mass tort lawyers and their families receive and ban all med mal lawsuits and mass tort (class action). Most do not know but about 15-50% of medical bills are due to junk lawsuits and draconian regulations. Why do we have lawyers making medical decisions? Why is it that a drug company can spend a billion dollars and 10 years getting a new drug approved by the fda and 7 years later have to settle a class action lawsuit because to settle is cheeper than 3-15 years of litigation? Lastly since the fascist democratic party think commie care us great they should have to go to Venezuela for any and all their and their families healthcare needs.

  • “It is a sad day for America to see Senator McConnell humiliate the Chief Justice of the United States into presiding over a vote which rejected our nation’s judicial norms, precedents and institutions which uphold the Constitution and the rule of law,” Speaker Pelosi wrote. That’s all she wrote. That’s all she needed to say. Chief Justice John Roberts is going to come out of this thing looking like a tool and a fool because of McConnell’s machinations.

  • Maybe we should pull the greedy CEO’s out of their insurance company offices and beat them, string them from a pole and set their greedy asses on fire. that should lower the costs when those rich bastards are made an example of.

  • So isn’t Trumps judges farther right on the Spectrum because the parallels that’s defined left or right has moved? In one instance the left used to support a more secure boarder and regulated immigration

  • Political aside…..it’s pretty obvious this was a Liberal Oriented Video. Regardless of the Bias to the Left……the video fails to address the looming problem that will end Obama care. You can mandate the population to have health insurance. You can set up a program like the ACA and apply rules that participating Health insurers must live by as they participate. HOW-EVER…….what you can’t do? You cn’t force a private insurance company to sustain losses. One by one health insurance companies are dropping out of the ACA. Nobody should be surprised. The program requires that even those with pre-existing conditions must be covered……and it applies an extraordinarily WEAK and completely ineffective penalty on those healthy people who chose to NOT participate. The risk pool is so very tilted to participation of the most expensive patients…..Premiums are destined to explode to the upside within the plan. When rates hit that point when patients can’t or won’t pay…..insurers have no real choice left beyond just throwing in the towel and leaving the program. This is how obama-care ends. There will not be a “trump care”………the idea of repeal alone doesn’t have enough political support……the idea of a repeal and replace even less.

  • Personally in my opinion, i think every case should b mandatory. It stops the favoritism, and we could get better understanding of justice on cases even if none of the justices want to hear it..

  • Sorry but I am just too stupid to understand why does an “insured” person has to pay about 20% of his /her final medical bill.So for example: a patient has a hospital stay, has surgery and ends up with a $400,000 hospital bill.Assuming he/she is “insured” he/she will still need to pay about $80,000 after the “insurance” kicks in.That’s FUCKED UP! (100% BULLSHIT and a JOKE ) Coming from a “third world country” my concept of insurance is way different.Insurance means a coverage of 100% of the total bill or almost the whole bill. I understand if with this example you end up with a $2000$3000 bill (fully understandable and fair) The overcharge of hospital services, extreme and evil greed of pharmaceutical companies,doctors and many involved in the health care industry is at fault!

  • I’m done dealing with American healthcare. All these robots, waiting on the phone for hours… wasting my life. The government, insurance, and healthcare providers keep juggling you between them like you’re some kind of a circus ball. All these representatives who make it sound like it’s your fault. Weird surcharges and backed up taxes… Just what the hell?! It’s a broken system within a broken system. It has caused me so much stress and burned up so much of my time and focus. I’M DONE!

  • Thanks for your help and support Acts 3Amen in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ’s Name.Amen Isaiah 58:6Amen Matt.11 28Amen 1Tim 2 Thess.3 Amen Prayers may God bless

  • =_= Why do people insist on making videos I have to read?! Why bother make a video at all? And, no, the music doesn’t help with comprehension. Ugh. Sorry to take the frustration out on you, but there are just way too many videos like this.

  • I have a question. Why is this video not viewed more? It’s been around 9 months now and it has great facts and analyses. What is holding it back?

  • thank you for this video. The cnbc and vox videos are done by lazy 20 year olds. They never discuss taxes, regulations and restrictions on the industry from the govt. This applies to all businesses. Prices go up with licenses, tax hikes, fees, regulations etc.

  • America has the best Healthcare in the world that’s why.
    It’s sad that places like UK have to wait for Months if not years to see a Doctor.

  • We with health care insurance end up paying for the people that don’t or won’t carry insurance in the long run. Someone has to pay, there is no such thing as free anything. Like all of this talk about free education, if you have a student loan that it takes you ten years to pay off. After ten years your going to be able to put that money for your loan payment in your pocket. If you get a free government education, your going to end up paying for it the rest of your life until death you do part. Same way with health care, nothing is free. If our health care system is so bad and expensive, answer this. How much is your life worth to you? Would you like to have a large bank account and die with big numbers on your back statement or would you spend your money to live?

  • Direct appeal of a Three-Judge District Court is also to the Supreme Court by appeal and not certiorari. So reapportionment cases or any law that requires review by a Three-Judge District Court is a pretty fast way to get judicial review without a ton of work.

  • The “New Insurance Model” is one of the longer roots of the healthcare issue, but as you state in the video, these insurance companies came about by the will of the physicians, not by the will of the government. Is this new model made standard by the government in some way? Because as you demonstrate, most problems with the healthcare market are due to government action, I’m just struggling to see where the government’s place is in keeping the new insurance model standard.

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  • Everyone is missing the point here.. Why should Government be Involved in health care? How constitutional Is this law? This should be the question!

  • Obamacare has been doomed to fail because it doesn’t go far enough. Its Not medicare for all, single payer universal health care, etc.

  • Yet, european social democracies manage to do it all at half the price. At 200 to 3000 dollars per stitch in the US, it’s a total scam.

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  • Illuminated people kept in power for there hole life’s hmmmm don’t try tell me it’s all corruption layers upon layers of corruption if you have money you have power!!!

  • Here is the fix. The middle where everyone can compromise.
    Free education to anyone who truly wants to become a doctor to help people. 100% free education to 10,000 people who want nothing more but to serve people. This will be a charity type of doctor. People who want to become doctors to make money do not qualify.

  • Reagan was 100% wrong in mandatory care from hospitals. This is called theft or slavery. You get what you can pay for or what others voluntarily choose to pay.

  • I get that the healthcare market is heavily regulated, corporatist, and monopolized, but even if we had a free-market in HC, isn’t healthcare a unique commodity in that, if something were to happen to someone, and they needed to go to the ER, they can’t consumer shop an ER, they go to the nearest one, and that there is asymmetric information in healthcare, where providers have more knowledge than consumers?

  • The COOLEST things in the SCOTUS in the moment have to do with allowing peaceful protests & guaranteeing that state electors give their votes to the winner of the popular votes in their respective states. Otherwise there will be NO legitimate democratic election. Trump & the so-called Republican Party have other plans & fear they will lose their election (hopefully in the Senate as well) otherwise. By attempting to manipulate the Presidential election, it is perfectly clear that the Republican Party (at this point in American history) is NO PARTY for our nation.

  • Do a comparison from 2009 to 2019. Basically the Obamacare era. Compare the increase in costs from 1960-2009, then the increase from 2009-2019. You will see where the problem is ( Obamacare). I’ve worked since 1995. Healthcare was ok until Obamacare. IMO it’s the requirement for insurance plans to cover pre-existing conditions.

    Think about it. It’s like not having fire insurance, your not paying into the system, then your house burns down and you go to an insurance company and they HAVE TO cover your house fire costs of $100,000 or more. It makes no sense. All of us pay for this. It’s absurd.

  • goverment regulations create problems so more regulations are put in place to solve this problems and than more regulations are created to solve problems of previous one and so on until you end up whit socialism

  • Cos simply they don’t care and greedy bastards and would never want to live there…millions should do same…leave that shit hole

  • You coulda looked a little less biased if you atleast admitted ONE problem with Obama ( there is way more than one).. but Democrats and Liberals just refuse to see the negatives of Obamacare… Yes it did good, but also hurt alot as well and that doesn’t work…

  • there is a reason why alot of people dont have dental insurance, its bc not alot of people need it. Should be the same for health insurance but thanks to obamacare millions of HEALTHY people throw thousands of dollars away

  • It is so expensive because we have the best doctors, and best survival rates in hospitals…… go look at the long lines and weather the doctors can actually do their job as well in other countries. Most countries with free health care are total shit

  • The authors are correct in pinpointing that healthcare is not a good topic for real insurance, but they don’t then take the further step to accept that it has to be treated as a positive right which the government fully guarantees and mandates all subjects to pay for all subjects via taxation.

  • Now that there’s gonna be 6 conservative justices and only 3 progressives, it’s less like supreme and more like S U P R E M A C I S T court.

  • ThingsToKnowIf you are reading this then you know you are horrible at explaining things are by omitting things you are a liar! This is consistent with the mentality of Obama when he LIED TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE BY SAYING IT ISNT A TAX. LIES LIES LIES. It’s also called FAKE NEWS. Let me tell you something you DIDNT KNOW. Social Security was meant to help legal working Americans help save for retirement by essentialy forcing them to take their own money out of each paycheck and allow them to take THEIR OWN HARD EARNED MONEY out later for retirement. Guess what? It turned out to be a SCAM. Same idea as a PONZI SCHEME> Social Security only pays out LESS THAN 50% of what you made!!! Even if you lived to 200 you would only get back some 60%!!!! And if your married and your spouse dies you think you get dual social security right? WRONG. The Government takes the lower of the 2 and pockets the rest! NOW THAT IS HOW YOU EXPLAIN SOMETHING

  • Government healthcare is by far most expensive. People compare the 3rd world care that us gotten in single payer/ government paid healthcare systems with the wide variety and services healthcare in the US. If we were to compare inner city crapoy long wait care with the crap care offered in marxist healthcare mandated in canada and Europe you would find the welfare dr in the US is still exponentially better and cheaper than the antifreedom daddy government healthcare in Europe

  • I do not use my insurance, but it keeps going up, and now my old employer of 33 years, BC/BS is charging me also at age 78.
    They lied about free insurance for life. Medicare takes all or most of the COLAs. Retirement income can not keep up with these greedy increase from rent, utilities, insurance, and food.

  • Studying german-french law forces ‘me to educate myself about the American system. Hence the Constitution, impeachment, voting system, senate and House of representatives, judical system, bi-partisan system and the presidential system but I’m glad to learn about it! These videos are great help!!
    Link me any videos concerning American state system thanks

  • Health insurance cost is now my most largest living expense and this will be true for just about everyone as time passes. And now some jack ass is telling me this is a good thing.

  • I’m not an expert on this but to me it seems like the US wanted to have only good parts of both systems but ended up making an unholy bastard child of a capitalist and socialist healthcare systems. This bastard seems to have only the bad sides of each.

  • At least Obama care was a serious attempt to manage health insurance better. The GOP has never made any attempts except proclaim they will give tax credits which makes it seem like they are thinking about it but they are just putting on a show.
    The health care and insurance industry is extremely mismanaged and broken yet we do not have strong enough leaders to do anything about it.

  • Obamacare might of made it to where pre-existing conditions couldn’t be rejected but it sure in the heck raised my handicapped son’s insurance cost. I used to get insurance for the whole family for around 600 but now I am paying 1,100 just for my handicapped son alone. If I was to get Medicaid on him, the spin down cost more than the insurance each month. Then I am fined out of my taxes for not affording insurance on the rest of the family.

  • It’s ridiculous. So the USAs argument against a reasonable ensurance is, that it would motivate people to get sick and die earlier on purpose. I guess you have to be high on Fentanil or what ever the currrent most popular healthcare measure is in the USA today to come up with that argument.
    And citing Milton Friedman every 30 seconds as if he is a health expert…wtf. He is just a neo classical guy. Outside of the USA no one in his sane mind thinks he delivers a usable economic paradigm. This guy invented planned obsolescence. He propsed the idea to have laws instated that make it illegal to own a good longer than a certain amount of time, as solution of the economic crisis! Nothing smart comes from Friedman, it’s all lofty theories that only work on paper and never survived contact with reality. Even Adam Smiths ideas worked better and he predates Friedman by far.
    Everywhere in the world healthcare ensurance works and is more cost effective than in the USA. Even the weird UK staterun healthcare, is able to produce better results dispite all the shortages.
    You can not take Friedman as a source to argument on health care. There was never a healthcare system built that followed friedmans economic paradigm and worked.
    Yet we have a healthcare system in Germany since 1868 that was established utilizing the logic of a Leibnitzian economic paradigm and it still works today!
    And we have a lot of other health care systems following other economic paradigms in other countries and they also work way better than the USAs system!
    The big problem of the US perspective is that it has no healthcare system it has a healthcare business.

    It’s impossible to demand a business to decrease it’s profits and increase it’s output!

  • Stop arguing and look at the statistics about healthcare around the world.  Obamacare is just trying to catch us up to the rest of the world.  Most modernized countries see healthcare as a right and guess what, they are able to insure their people on our backs!!  That’s right!! Their government negotiates a set low price for health care and prescription medications and the pharmaceutical companies agree because they make up the money here in the states.  Check out this documentary. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ebqzq_-usNE

  • I quit watching when Milton Friedman showed up. He wasn’t as goofy as some libertarian crackpots for example, Ayn Rand but he was just as much of a sociopath. Healthcare is like any other business it must be regulated in order to keep the greedy from cheating the public. The USA has the crappiest, most expensive healthcare in the developed world. Why? Because the wealthy control the Republicans and the Republicans have convinced half of America to bend over and spread their wallets.

    Most of the commenters here are arrogant, uncaring and hateful. They think caring about friends and neighbors is a sign of weakness. They think they want a world without rules, never considering that they, themselves, might need help someday.

  • In Australia everyone pays 1.5% taken from salary for the medicare system, and it’s very good service, you americans are getting ripped off.

  • Great work… a true example of when communism takes over….. Remember the idiot Roosevelt… ” I have nothing to offer but fear itself “

  • They need to fix citizen united. They set up Americans to be ruled by corporations that have money as their bottom line, not humans.

  • Bullshit video. Obama care is a total disgrace. Good for people who do not contribute to society terrible for those who work and pay taxes

  • If healthcare provider fraud/theft were eliminated from the system and if individuals would practice preventative medicine, we’d have no problems paying for it. And if Docs would work to solve the alcoholic problem in US, we’d have far-fewer medical and societal problems, save a trillion dollars every 2-3 years. Not everyone can go on unemployment, neither can everyone become lazy and morbidly obese. Won’t work. And think about it…Judges, police, social workers, businesses, first-responders, medical providers, insurance companies, employment attrition/training, lawyers-all groups that are affected by Drunk Guy. I used to be one, only listed tip of iceberg here. Ask a judge, ER nurse, women’s shelter or HR person. It’s a big number.

  • The biggest problem with the healthcare debate is the confusion of “US healthcare” with “the ultimate private system without flaw.”

    People claim to debate “public vs. private” when they’re ACTUALLY debating “public vs American.” These are not the same.

  • This has been nothing but a scam tax/junk insurance corporate welfare scheme, forcing people under penalty to buy useless junk ‘skinny’ plans that somehow meet ‘minimum requirements’ while providing no real coverage. (If you want that, you have to step up to higher plans that cost more than a car payment). Many people couldn’t afford the more expensive plans that actually provided coverage and then had to turn around and pay the Individual Mandate penalty if they didn’t pay for the useless ‘skinny’. Pretty slick little scheme don’t you think?
    Corporations using our Government as a collection agency for junk.. how convenient.

    At any rate, good riddance.

  • You should create a sister video to this one showcasing what a free market healthcare model could look like. You could base this around Dr. Josh Umbehr’s free market medical practice and how affordable it is while simultaneously providing higher quality care (he spends an average of 45 mins with each patient and does free technology visits with them). I think a combination of free market healthcare and mutual aid societies are the antidote to the current government leviathan everyone hates. I’ll provide some links below to Dr. Umbehr describing his practice and to David Beito discussing his book about mutual aid societies.

  • Good. The UN-affordable care act stinks. Medicare for all is the only way to go. Under the ACA we have over half a million people claiming medical bankruptcy every year. 530,000 for this year to be exact. And over 35,000 people dying annually because they cannot afford their prescription costs. Obamacare is unacceptable. Aren’t we tired of all the corruption in the medical and pharmaceutical industry yet?

  • People on both the right and left want the repeal of the individual mandate. We can’t afford it and Obama didn’t institute any price controls when he passed it. The only one it benefits are the insurance companies.

  • Why isn’t the European health care system as expensive though? The cost is socialized and yet it is cheaper and more often than not, of higher quality.

  • Because it is extremely corrupted.
    The hospitals can put in surgery room a healthy person if it has full coverage.
    Many people get surgery when they don’t need one.
    Never trust hospitals.

  • Innovation on HEALTHCARE: I learnt in a Stanford Conference on Health May/15 that:

    Singapore has better Health outcomes (life expectancy) with 4% of GDP invested in Health which is 50% od Brazil, 25% of what the USA spends on Health (17% of the GDP = 4x the Defense Budget).

    They did it precisely applying innovation from Engineering to healthcare, documented on this free kindle Book:

    “Affordable Excellence: The Singapore Health System” by William A. Haseltine, available for free @ http://amzn.to/2erq9aQ

    Source of Health spending on % of GDP:
    https://www.gapminder.org/tools/#[email protected]$country=usa&trailStartTime=2010;&$country=sgp&trailStartTime=2010;&$country=bra&trailStartTime=2010;;&axis_x$which=total_health_spending_percent_of_gdp&domainMin:null&domainMax:null&zoomedMin:1.12&zoomedMax:22.85&scaleType=linear&spaceRef:null;&axis_y$zoomedMin:0&zoomedMax:100;;;&chart-type=bubbles

  • It’s pretty interesting to me how simple many of the general rules in America are.
    You guys have 1 Supreme Court and that only decides about federal laws.

    We have like 5 different Supreme courts all dealing with special law branches like constitution, worker rights etc. and there is not really one that is higher than another

  • This video is trash. Obamacare was a huge failure to the healthcare industry and to the economy. Do not let people fool you with these kind of

  • So disciplined healthy people are forced to pay for the heart surgeries of people that gorge themselves at golden corral. Another example of govt taking individual responsibility from everyone, screwing them over and claiming govt is the only resolution.

  • The first health care system was in the UK. It was state run, costs half of the USA system and is better. The USA lies currently in 42 position on the world care system.
    but you in the USA pay double for it!! WHAAAT!!!!

  • Obamacare has saved lives but it’s also killed people due to other healthcare companies being forced to raise premiums to the point that people just can’t afford health insurance. And btw this is a capitalist Society not a communist society. The government shouldn’t be paying for everything and tax the shit out of you.

  • Will the case of the killing of six million Jews during WW II get to the Supreme Court? Here is my case against the United States and Queen Elizabeth II the co-conspirator who hates Jews:

    This horror was perpetrated by the United States Government by the CIA. It was the work of Dr. John Gunnell born in Canada, who became a US Citizen in order to become the general in charge of the Battle of the Bulge. Dr. John Gunnell is the son of Dr. Joseph Merrick the Elephant Man. No reflection of the Elephant Man who was a Catholic. The Merricks were a Catholic family. In fact, I was baptized a Catholic (even though I was already baptized as a Presbyterian as a baby, so I didn’t need to be baptized again. I was already a Christian; but since it meant that I could go to the US, albeit via Canada and Regiopolis College, another Jesuit high school, I agreed. However, John Carey Merrick when he became a young man, he went to Brigham Young University and became a Mormon. He graduated with a BA. He also fought as a boxer by the name of Harry Greb the Pittsburgh Windmill. Obviously he didn’t die. Harry Greb has a boxing website. Dr. John Gunnell decided to discard his US Citizenship in order not to stand trial when the US Supreme Court would ask him to come to Washington DC and if found guilty of making the US responsible for the murder of the six million Jews and then blaming it on Germany (and Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel has already planned the trial and execution of Dr. John Gunnell to make him pay for the total destruction of Germany by the US and Queen Elizabeth’s as the British Monarch who approved the death of the six million Jews and the method of how they were murdered, and later tried to prevent the State of Israel from being formed when as a Queen of Great Britain sent British troops to kill the returning freedom fighters who took back their homeland, the Land of Israel, and flew the Star of David as their flag and they choose the color blue as a sing that Israel was going to be a peacefull nation. Therefore Dr. John Gunnell and Elizabeth II are my target to make sure that the UN Tribunals for Justice should be able to have them both tried and executed by the firing squad. As Dr. John Gunnell has already been sentenced to be executed in Israel by the firing squad, but President Donald Trump is harboring him for financial reasons, and as he is also Canadian born and a traitor, he might also be tried by the same UN Tribunals in order to be executed eventually, also for harboring the two criminals former President Barrack Hussein Obama and his FBI Director James Comey who made multiple attempts and succeeded in assassinating and killing Dr. Barrack Hussein Obama Sr; and since President Donald Trump is also harboring them, and since he has also had the Muslim President Obama raping his wife Melania the First Lady in order ‘to teach her a lesson’, I am seeking the charging and sentencing all these men who are US Traitors (together with their allies in the US, whomever they may be; I am going to charge them through the US Supreme Court and the UN Tribunals until they are all executed by the firing squad. In the meanwhile if I fail, I shall continue to deny the US and Great Britain the signature under which my father who formed the CIA in 1906 put me in charge of rewarding the US Troops that won the US all wars against their enemies after I bring to Justice the US Traitors mentioned and implied in the US Victor Nimrud Alexander

  • You guys should remake this clip with some more examples to make it easier for a layman to understand. I got to the DRG portion of the video and had to start researching elsewhere to understand the what you meant by price fixation and shortages. An example would have been very helpful there. Great video though.

  • Hm… seems very fact based at first glance, but watch further and it´s very biased towards “all regulation is bad and here are the facts to prove it”. Sadly it supports only one point of view and that one very well (dangerously misleading well I can see why people can be outraged after watching this, especially when people cannot compare it to different concepts other countries have, due to a lack of unbiased information) without looking at both the pros and cons of a given system. I`d call it ommitting in a very crafty way without lying. What a shame there was lots of potential for a highly informative and balanced view.

  • The U.S. Supreme court is an outdated branch of govt. It does far more more harm than good in most cases they rarely if ever get it right.

  • We do not have a free narket here in the US. We have millions of pages of regulation for healthcare. We do however have examples of a free market here. Laser eye treatment is considered cosmetic so insurance does not cover it. These procedures used to be a couple thousand dollars per eye now the technology has gotten better and most times a patient can get the service for a couple hundred per eye, until recently the same applied for dental cate as dental insurance did not used to be common. If we got the government out of healthcare and banned medical malpractice lawsuits we would see costs cut by 20% a year for about 3to 5 years then they would stabilize

  • Obama care couldn’t be funded by the government after 5 years so this video is absolute nonsense.
    Obama knew it would be someone else’s issue.
    Compare facts not feelings. ����‍♂️

  • The American health care system (AHCS ) is the MOST expensive and the WORST one in comparison to Europe!!!
    The American health care system is the Very Sophisticated System of CORRUPTION and FRAUD!!!

    And Who Cares…, because the US Government is the same like American health care system!!!

  • There are really 4 levels, at the appealete level there are two levels, the first is a 3 judge panel, the losing party then can ask the case to be heard Enbloc where the whole district judges hear the case.

  • I had an opportunity.But i mist the first class mail and it was teturned.i wonder how to i can receive that mail or if i can smh

  • This video is suggesting that one way to lower health care costs is to get rid of the requirement of doctors to be trained and licensed? Are you f*cking kidding me?

  • I can’t believe we’ll no longer be able to round up misinformed liberals to vote on election day. Everyone knows minorities can’t read and liberals only watch fake news. And it’s those raciest conservatives who give a forwarding address when they move and register to vote just so they can be called for jury duty. And I’m appalled that anyone would think giving thought to voting 5-7 weeks in advance is necessary or that valid identification is required. It won’t be long before they start wanting people to have a job to vote for who will spend the tax dollars of the employed.