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Dealing with Memory Loss When Dad has memory loss, the most important thing is to be there for him. Be patient with him, and be patient with yourself. Your support and compassion will help him make the most of his golden years. Tracy Layden is a Certified Aging in Place Specialist. If you’re worried about a parent’s weight loss, depressed mood, memory loss, or other signs and symptoms, encourage your parent to schedule a doctor’s visit.

You might offer to schedule the visit or to accompany your parent to the doctor — or to find someone else to attend the visit. Ask about follow-up visits as well. Address safety issues. My father’s death made me realise how ill-equipped we are to deal with loss – and the grief that follows Sat 12 May 2018 01.00 EDT Last modified on.

Walking: An easy way to fight memory loss. New research indicates that walking six to nine miles every week can prevent brain shrinkage and memory loss. Learn more: Stages of Alzheimer’s, Age-related Memory Loss vs.

Alzheimer’s, Dealing with Memory Changes Causes The main underlying cause of memory loss and confusion is the progressive damage to brain cells caused by Alzheimer’s disease. Try to find tactful ways to give the person cues or reminders without mentioning the person’s memory loss (for example ‘Hasn’t our granddaughter grown?’). Using aids like a ‘memory book’, which includes pictures of family and friends, can act as a useful prompt. Forgetfulness and Short-Term Memory Loss The most common symptom of most types of dementia is memory loss. However, just because Dad cannot remember where he put his shoes or calls the grandkids by the wrong names does not mean he has Alzheimer’s.

Families Cope with Memory Loss in Different Ways. As with nearly everything in life, we all cope in our own way. Some people, while feeling deeply the sorrow of watching a loved one’s decline, can still feel they are communicating on some level.The relationship changes, to be sure, but the person with the disease is still “in there,” and we just keep working with the loved one in any way possible. Forgive yourself and take a brief time outto help you remain patient.) Advertisement. Why someone with Alzheimer’s is repeating the same thing over and over.

In addition to short-term memory loss, repetitive behaviors can be triggered by stress, anxiety, frustration, discomfort, or fear. Discuss Dad’s situation with all family members. Call a family meeting.

If Dad has memory problems now, everyone in the family will eventually be involved in the situation.

List of related literature:

Older adults often report memory loss (typically associated with names), misplacing items, and forgetting conversations and everyday events.

“Rehabilitation of the Hand and Upper Extremity, 2-Volume Set E-Book: Expert Consult” by Terri M. Skirven, A. Lee Osterman, Jane Fedorczyk, Peter C. Amadio
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Commonly, patients with memory loss truly do not remember the various instances in which they forget things, or patients may remember at least some of these instances, but are reluctant to share them with the clinician.

“Memory Loss, Alzheimer's Disease, and Dementia E-Book: A Practical Guide for Clinicians” by Andrew E. Budson, Paul R. Solomon
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In the early stages, simple memory aids such as writing reminders and making lists can help to overcome forgetfulness.

“Psychology for Nurses and the Caring Professions” by Jan Walker
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In addition to helping a patient with dementia remember to complete a future activity or task and to recall a previous day’s events, others have shown a less direct impact, such as a reduction of repeated questions after notebook training [35, 36].

“Handbook on the Neuropsychology of Aging and Dementia” by Lisa D. Ravdin, Heather L. Katzen
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He may need to use memory aids, such as writing down important information in a memory book, to help him recall this information.

“WAIS-IV Clinical Use and Interpretation: Scientist-Practitioner Perspectives” by Lawrence G. Weiss, Donald H. Saklofske, Diane Coalson, Susan Engi Raiford
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The remedy for parental memory loss: always bring a pen and paper to your doctor visits and jot down diagnoses, instructions and any other information you may want to refer to later.

“What To Expect The 1st Year [rev Edition]” by Heidi Murkoff, Sharon Mazel
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But how do you know it’s his memory that is causing the problem?

“Cognition: The Thinking Animal” by Daniel T. Willingham, Cedar Riener
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The memory loss associated with the dementias is much more severe than this normal forgetfulness, and it actually interferes with the ability to function normally.

“Brave New Brain: Conquering Mental Illness in the Era of the Genome” by Nancy C. Andreasen
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Secondary memory and very rapid forgetting.

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Although hysterical amnesia sometimes extends to forgetting school-based knowledge, such as reading, spelling, or arithmetic, this type of memory loss is most often related to dementia or organic conditions or injuries.

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  • I’m a victim of childhood trauma it haunts me down as an adult everyday now till the point it controlled me and now I’m trying to seek therapy

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    You can try this free app.

    Good luck…..

  • Shit… I’ve been depressed for so long… now I know why… I avoid people I like cause I don’t want to get hurt…. I probably need help…

  • Is it normal to question myself daily both making myself feel happy and sad no longer caring and caring too much at the same time then forgetting everything the next day cause…i really just want to know what i have done before i only remember bad things about me and good things about others then when my emotions take over i hate myself wondering why i act the way i do…why did i write this down?

  • I had a very good memory that I can remember plethora of info anything I read,see,listen..right now I am suffering from short term memory loss
    My personality also changed..I feel blank from mind and body..what shoud i do?

  • I am so grateful to you guys, Psych2Go… I have experienced a lot in my life & know many others who have. I have found myself & healing over time & have since started trying to help others out of their darkness. Your videos have been a huge support & help in this. Thank you! <3

  • Idk i just learned that literally almost everything has happened to me. I was physically hurt, i got sexually abused, i got rejected, bullied, idk I’m just tired of it all and I’m realizing that good isn’t good anymore lol i mean shit… that shit hurts. I got cheated on too. I mean i played a part that i hated it but i stayed. I just can’t trust or even trust myself cuz yeah. I thought i was a nan but i just act like a bitch like damn let me be free im tired of fucken suffering and struggling okay im just tired. I wanna live a lone now away and hopefully okay or something idk just….. just me be

    And i know me typing this is like “ooo woah bro you really just exposed yourself” but god damn man!!!! Fuck!!!!!!!! I’m just agitated man

  • Many thanks, I been tryin to find out about “forgetfulness at young age” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across Ranamilla Foundational Release (search on google )?

    It is a smashing one off product for discovering how to double your memory power without the headache. Ive heard some great things about it and my work buddy got excellent results with it.

  • I keyspam on one life then I got a warning it happened again cuz I forgot now I’m banned for a day I quit playing one life cu I will never remember not to do it ��

  • My parents: “I’m here for you” “Talk to me” “why don’t you every talk to me about your feelings”
    Me: talks about my feelings
    My parents: “you shouldn’t complain, my life is worse than yours” / invalidates my feelings
    Me: hahaha….how do I break my neck?

  • All of my childhood life I’ve been scared of my dad cause how abusive he was, I never saw him as a best friend, he’s just a parent who I have to respect.

  • my father would hit me untill i got bruises, i came here to know what was the reason why i cry for no reason, or why i would shake and be so nervous in front of others, or why i would shout for no reason, but nothing helps me, my mother doesn’t understand me, she was always dumb, sometimes i really want to shout at her, because she knows i was getting abused by my father, but she would refuse to tell my father to stop, even tho she always saw my terrible bruises under my sleeves, or on my back she would never say a word, then my grandmother would pull my hair and slap me very hard, my mother would always watch, and when i loose control everytime my sister jokes that i was abused by my father, i explode and shout everywhere, explaining that it wasn’t my fault that i was this way, it wasn’t my fault i swear it wasn’t, but they will never understand, and when i leave, my mother tells my sister.. ”Leave her alone, she is crazy.” and this still happens, and the fact that my own mother is the devil, makes me cry so hard, and brings me suicidal thoughts.. and everytime i lay on my bed and think about it, i burst into tears and don’t stop crying, still knowing that noone understands me, and i will be always alone, in my bubble.

  • I got several traumas like I’m scared when I sit under my parents������������that’s why I’m depressed and much more idk one evening I wasn’t happy and crying end I started getting depressed

  • I once ‘lost’ my very expensive watch. The whole house was turned upside down, there were tears and terrible accusations. Later I found the watch in my shoe ��!!!!!!! Am I in trouble??

  • My family used to make me feel guilty for everything, even things which were nit my fault. So I eventually developed the habit of apologizing too much and feeling guilty when the other person is at fault. I’m still trying to shake that feeling off.

  • I’m 19, I’ve always been obedient, I study hard and I’m very good at painting. I was verbally abused by both of my parents all the time to a point that my younger sister also verbally abuses me. I was never wanted, my dad always wanted a son and me being a hardworking daughter who tries everything to please them even by ignoring myself, I’m still not accepted, trusted or believed in. I’ve always tried to seem strong like a boy, dress more boyish just to be accepted. My mother like my father is emotionally unavailable and only takes time for my younger sister and ignores me all the time. I can’t hang out with friends as much and I have a curfew. My parents don’t want me to become independent and want to be in full control of my life. I’ve been suffering social anxiety, low self-esteem, lack of confidence, emotionally sensitive, feeling not good enough and scared of judgment. I hate everything about myself from head to toe. With all my achievements I still feel unworthy. I can’t seek help from a professional because my parents don’t believe in depression and will judge me for it. I feel I’m losing myself forever. Is there anything I can do on my own to overcome this? I need help.

  • My bf grew up in a abusive household. I see so much value in him and it has been so hard to make him see a little bit of the big shine he has. 4 years with him and there is progress and it is my ultimate goal to make him see that he is a stud not just a dud like his father told him.

  • I’m so grateful for this channel’s knowledge. It really helps, cause most of the time I feel like Idk why I’m doing this and then I see your channel and you explain everything so clearly. But it hurts still: ( Never knew that there would be this many ppl going through childhood trauma, stay strong, we’re in it together <3

  • When me and my sister is arguing then my mother ask us whats happening I always couldnt answer it cuz I always forget the reason why are we fighting in the first place.

    It’s suck I can’t defend myself cuz I can’t remember anything������

  • It’s crazy looking back on it how I remember vivid moments but really don’t remember much of middle school and high school because I wasn’t there mentally

  • I’ve recently been addressing the childhood trauma I experienced around the age of 7/8 and your videos have been really helpful and validating ❤️ I was abandoned, molested and grew up in a violent and angry household. I am realizing all these things really have affected me deeply and I’m only now starting to try and unpack them as I get closer to 30. It’s so heavy, but your videos help!

  • my memory is so bad when i played fortnite i was wearing the banner trooper and quickly switched to lynx then it took me 20 SECONDS TO REMEMBER WHAT I WAS JUST USING

  • I didn’t think anyone else grew up in the abusive type of home I did but I read from the comments that I’m not alone. So sorry �� some parents should be shot before they’re allowed to reproduce

  • Hello. I am 13 years old and I have a think I might be developing a memory problem and was hoping that someone might be able to help me understand whether I should be worried. I often forget little things for example. Today I was sitting at my school desk and drawing I set down my pencil, looked away and drifted off for a second. When I went back to drawing I couldn’t find my pencil anywhere near me. As if it had just evaporated. Also I often forget traveling, like I will go somewhere and not remember me walking over there at all, like I had teleported there. I feel like I remember things my family doesn’t, such as I KNOW that we used to put feta cheese on top of our lasagna but my parent deny ever doing that. And my parents will remember things that I don’t. I more often than not can’t recall what happened yesterday, but in surprisingly good at remembering my dreams. These occorances happen too often and a need to know if it will become a huge problem or if it’s normal.

  • I’m in middle school and sometimes I study for hours just so I can memorize everything I learnt but when I go to bed I forget, memorizing scripts are really hard for me too!! I used to have good memory when i was younger but now I can’t! I know it’s not dementia cuz I’m too young for it but idk why I have such a slow brain in general:((

  • I always forget when I ate and it annoys me because I think it happens when I stay up late and I go to sleep like around 4:00 am and when I wake up my mom brought me a torta and earlier in the day I forgot I didn’t eat the whole day.

  • It sucks to be struck in a chaotic family. The worst thing is that you can’t pretend forever that everything is okay. You trick yourself into believing that everything is fine and you won’t have to deal with all the fights and loneliness but just when you truly believe your lie, the world comes crashing down. Everyone is busy with their lives and when you tell people about what you go through, they don’t want to be around you. I’m not complaining, I get it they have their problems and they don’t want someone else making them sad than they already are. Still, I wish there was some way to make it all okay. I’m tired of these constant fights. I can’t do anything thing about them. I want peace. I’m just waiting for the day I don’t have to pretend that I’m happy. I actually want to be happy. That’s why I started my youtube because I know if I want to feel better only I can do it. I could relate to some these symptoms. I didn’t even know that it was a problem until this video. But I won’t give up. I will get my life in order. It’s really hard to put this stuff out there because I hate feeling vulnerable but I can’t help myself right now.

  • I saw my grandmother die like take her last breath and then 2weeks after my grandfather died and then my parents said your not the only one when I cried it doesn’t make it better and it doesn’t help I didn’t have a good relationship with my mother and I was going to move in with my grandparents ��I understand my story and situation is irelivent and unnecessary because it isn’t traumatic to see someone who raised you die Infront of you it happens to tons of people so I am very sorry for you ��

  • I was molested when I was 5 and it took me a long time to realize that I was molested when I was 5 when I did realize what happened to me I felt embarrassed dirty and sad I would cry myself to sleep thinking about what happened to me it took me a while but when I was 11 I finally told my mom what happened to me she was there for me and felt sad herself because she felt like she failed as a mother what the trauma has done to me is made me uncomfortable and afaird of all men even my father and brother I also know I could never get in a relationship because I would never feel comfortable enough to meet their sexual desires I also devolved a fear of being alone physically being alone in a room when I was little girl it was very bad I couldn’t even take showers without my mom being in the bathroom I wouldn’t even know what or why I was so scared I just knew I was scared this still effect me to this day but i can do things alone but i still feel very afirad when alone I haven’t seeked any therapy or treatment for this fear because i never reported what happen to me to the police because by the time I realized what happened to me years have already gone by I was told if I tell a therapist I was molested as a child it will be reported to the police I’ve told my friends some say I should stop letting this fear hold me back but it’s not easy I don’t even know how I’m going to recover or what to do all I do know is if I have to keep living in fear when I am very old I know I won’t be able to handle it anymore and probably will take my own life right now I am 14 about to turn 15 in 1 or 2 weeks and I am tired and just want to make it all go away

  • It feels like my brain just shuts off and goes auto pilot then turns back on when i have to socialize and due to this i cant really remember anything throughout the day and when i try its just blank

  • Our mother lost custody after I got burned I was the youngest. There where five more so we ended up in horrible foster home where trauma was a daily thing. I take meds for depression daily. My sister smoked till emphysema and died ten yrs later. I struggle daily I can let anyone in my heart due to mistrust. My kids are in my heart though.

  • This is glorious, I been tryin to find out about “disease forgetting things” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of Ranamilla Foundational Release (just google it )?

    It is an awesome exclusive guide for discovering how to double your memory power minus the headache. Ive heard some incredible things about it and my work buddy got great success with it.

  • God damn there’s a lot to blame for my downfalls as a human growing up

    Numbers 3 to 6 really hit home on how I’ve felt for years now.

  • It’s scary how I can relate to these signs. I wish I knew what caused my trauma. All I remembered was constantly getting scolded for being a naughty child.

  • I think I might have a problem. My memory keeps getting worse and I don’t know. I’ve always had a problem with memory ever since I can remember. I really hope it gets better but there’s nothing I can do about it right now. Does anyone have any tips or some wisdom? I can’t seem to think straight.

  • Literally hate my Childhood and Parent’s stupidity but now I am a adult and Working to Settle my life away from This Traumatic Situation And Toxic Environment

    Hypocrisy is the Parents Have no any Guilt and they acted like nothing wrong

  • I spent days doing prep for a exam but next day I forgot what I was doing! I sat for hours doing it and next day I forgot what I did

  • 1, 3, 5 are relatable. I’ve had a sheltered upbringing in my household and public school system. Was stuck in a few Special Education inclusion classes, I didn’t fit in with anyone. I had tough time grasping social rejection from peers, which is why I was always by myself at lunch. I had a best friend from 6th grade to 12th grade that boasted how smart he was because he was in the magnet program turned out be a traitor. I hardly talk to anyone from my high school. The greatest thing I’ve accomplished was getting a driver’s license and traveling to foreign countries.

    I’ve made friends with better and nicer people. But sometimes i still feel lonely and depressed because of childhood disappointments.

    I worry more about establishing a future. I still live with my parents and pay them rent. My long term goal is to get a master’s degree and purchase a house. I am 30 years old now but realistically I have a long way to go.

  • There’s nothing more infuriating than the fact that mothers molest their sons too but all you fucking hear about is a dad or creepy uncle. People don’t even fucking believe you and the mom is in denial. Now I walk around trying to control my hatred for women and I don’t do a good job of it. She caused me to have insane fucking issues. I try so hard to love a woman and the second she does something that I don’t like I lose my mind cause I just go into the dark memories of her beating me then forcing me to fucking do creepy shit. No psychologist or psychiatrist will even give you the light of fucking day if you have no insurance those fucking money hungry phonies. But at least she kept a roof over my head and kept me fed though right?

  • So i brushed my teeth and i used mouth wash then i spit it out then walked out and then I thought did i spit it out???? Then i freaked out and i thought I swallowed it and now im here ��

  • My God’s! That’s me!
    Any other 60’s Catholic school survivor’s out there?
    I’ve sent this to my siblings.
    I love �� psch2go! I wish you were here decades ago, but you are now, & I thank you so much! Every visit here is a revelation!��☯️��

  • Why do I forget things I learn in school or things people tell me in a day but I’ll end up remembering moths or years later I remember I lost 50 dollars or I should say I forgot where I put in in 2014 in 2018 I remembered I hid it under my mattress it’s like I forget right away but I remember months or years later when whatever happened when is irrelevant now

  • We keep slipping into mother/son role where I am 12 years old again and she thinks she’s 40 and she talks down to me like a little kid and tries to control me and keeps criticizing everything I do and I can feel the anger building up when I spend time with her until I yell at her “I’m a 40 year old grown man goddamit. Stop treating me like im 12” which results in a big fight where she constantly insults me, hitting below the belt and so I give it back to her until I’m practically throwing her out of my car at her house at the end of the visit. I don’t know what to do she is so belligerent

  • I can’t remember my happy memories but I only see my saddest memories because I have been sexual abuse by my brother since I was a child and now I’m afraid to stay near guys but I’m a boy though

  • Just wonderful, I been tryin to find out about “what are the 4 types of forgetting?” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about Ranamilla Foundational Release (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now )?

    It is a smashing exclusive product for discovering how to double your memory power without the headache. Ive heard some amazing things about it and my neighbour got great results with it.

  • Being adopted @7 yrs old and i still remember them telling me they only adopted for the money. I remember me telling him to go to hell & my ass was gounded while all the other kids left out of town with his wife.. And that day was my first thought about suicide after him telling me to come up stairs to eat. Only to find my food not on a plate but literally on the table like I’m gonna eat off the table. I felt so unwanted after that. & by the time they all came back from they trip. I had lost a lot of weight already. Everyone asked me if I felt fat or something.n I js stayed quiet..

  • I was abused when I was 12 years old. The loss of memory of some years, along with some passive aggressive behavior (jokes about self-hatred, for example), lack of engagement in a romantic relationship and, somtimes, emotional void were constant in my life and I didn’t know why. Only recently I remembered of that trauma, I did a very good job burying it. I want to tell EVERYONE what happened to me, but at the same time, I don’t find myself confident to do so. I’ll use this space as a first step.

  • My childhood has left me emotionless. I know how to love but don’t see the point. I know how to cry but other people’s pain doesn’t bother me. I just feel evil. My family say I am twisted but I know I am broken. I know I shouldn’t be glad there are more like me but I am

  • In my childhood I witnessed people being hurt by others and also me getting hurt by others as well at both home and at school I don’t remember much of others at home being abused but there was some I remember some are blocked out some I was just to young I only remember a little bit of the domestic violence to others but I remember way more of the violence happening to me of course I also do have some memory blocks or memory fog the abuse that I went through and witnessed as a kid has messed me up in alot of ways exspecially when it comes to mental health and independence I don’t know why people don’t recognize that witnessing domestic violence is just as bad as being the victim of it it’s almost like we’re just not supported to care if someone else gets hurt like really

  • When I was 7 my mom started seeing a man everything seemed to be great. Until they would go out and drink, they would come and the babysitter would leave and he would start physically abusing my mother and because they were loud it would wake me, I would have to run to the neighbor’s wake them up to call 911. This went on for years. There was an occasion where he threw me away I. The garbage and would tell me to watch my mother die. My mother and I and they had a baby boy left him to live in a woman shelter for abused women and children. He did many other bad things as well. I was so happy when we left. It made me very insecure and shy in my school age years. I dropped out in 10th grade, got bad into drugs, very promiscuous untill about 24. Then I got my life turned around. I stopped doing hard core drugs. And started a normal life, met a man we had a child who’s 17. However I still feel myself struggle with my past. I’ve seen many therapists and it helps for a while. I struggle all thetime, but i hide it to try to be a good role model for my child. I just wanted to share my story.

  • I got bullied because of my birthmark when i was 1st grade. That bullying didn’t stop, these days i sometimes felt like im judged. I even get whisper talks from students bellow my class just because of birth mark. I don’t want to remove this birthmark because my parents gave them to me. Im still on my early-teen but i struggled so much

  • Anyone who mom adandon them I’m in the same boat we probably think feel the same I’m still dealing with it. So if u relate add me on Facebook I need people to talk to or even express how I feel. My Facebook is (Jonathan mw) from grand rapids m.i or my Instagram is topfamilymember

  • actually it’s kinda strange that so many people had the similar situations to me. All of my life, i thought it was my fault that my parents were feeling bad or angry about me at many situation despite of loving me so much. I’m not gonna lie but most of the people’s parents love their kids so much and they are so kind them and want their good. But what hurts the most is You know they did it unintentionally but they damaged you so much and I was blaming myself all my life because of not being a good child. I have never involved in risky manners (like: Drugs, unprotected sex, etc.) and mostly stayed in home (since i’m an introvert) and yet my mom criticized me so many times and even showing extreme aggression. But the worst part is for the first, in my 1 year old relationship, I become Extremely angry on my GF while she was COMPLETELY INNOCENT and she had nothing to do with my anger. The anger that i didn’t know where it was coming from. She was afraid of me for 2 days after that:'(. I have tried so many behavior therapy for depression or anger or focusing. None were helpful. i thought i was ADHD. it wasn’t. i thought i was biPolar. it wasn’t. i tried so many methods and therapies for various disorders and none worked for me. But for the first time when i spoke about my childhood to my GF, she advised me that i should consult this matter with a professional. well, i will do it soon Because I’m tired of myself being like this. I’m of NOT being me.

    to be honest I guess the common things i have with all the people in here is that We mostly asked questions like these from ourselves:
    What did i do that i got so Punished from my most beloved ones?
    why i was getting criticized for being me?
    why i was always Not good enough for my parents?
    Why everyone around me can be happy but I can’t?
    Why No ones gives or cares what i want? (Because you gave up everything to granting your parents wishes: Like being a good student, being a top student, be a doctor, be this, be that)
    What did i do that made them so mad at me? Low Scores? Toxic relationship? Drug addiction? bullying others? (I did none and yet they were upset because i was not on the Top 5 Average score of the school but i was on Top 10)
    Why they always evaluated me and my friends base on scores?
    Why some of my [fake] friend sold me over their privileges while i defended them despite of the trouble i was getting into for them?

    and when these remains unanswered for a long time, it will tear you apart, bit by bit. (Specially when you see your best chances are passing and you are just watching or even rejecting them against your will. And you have no idea Where is the error inside you! and what;s the solution because previous solution were useless)

  • It’s crazy how I remember vivid moments but I don’t remember much of middle school and high school because I wasn’t there mentally

  • my father rarely showed approval or expressed his pride in me growing up, only focusing on the negative no matter how small, ignoring anything i accomplished. i feel like this left me in a state of constantly wanting peoples approval but never feeling like i am enough or worthy of peoples time; i know he didnt do this on purpose, as his father was as bad if not worse with him. but i wish i grew up with a father that made me feel comfortable to be myself and not constantly feel like i have to be either someone else or ashamed of being me. i looked for toxic relationships all throughout my 20s because of it. while my father did not abuse me he did neglect me which got me into relationships where i was abused. ive grown and learned and understand these things better now, and i hope others can relate.

  • The thing that hurts me the most is that my childhood was ripped away from me when I was 5 now I’m 31 having suicidal thoughts multiple times a month and thinking that he’s eventually gonna take my life too ��

  • i grew up in a abusive home, verbally and physically abused since i was a child till now that i was a teen (and maybe ill have to experience it till i’m living on this house), our house was full of fighting and shouting. sometimes i’ll go to school with bruises all over my body, even i tried to cover some of it the others was uncoverable so my friends sees it, they’ll ask me why and ill say “i just bump into something.” that’s the hardest for me because i can’t say it to anyone even my closest friends because i’m embarassed about it and they prolly think that i’m living perfectly. sometimes i wish was never born, or sometimes i wish i can live on a peaceful home even just for one day. i’ve never had a place that i could call a home in my life. everything that is happening to me make me swore to myself that if ever i could be a parent one day ill do my very best for them, to make them feel loved, and u should to.

    (sorry this is a little bit long, i have no one to talk to so i’ll just vent it here)

  • Some parents are crazy. I still remember my mom threatening to send me to a boarding school so that I “grow up”, but it really it left me a trauma because I was 3 at the time.

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  • i once forgot that i left the water pipe in my garden open, and began to do some other work, it emptied the whole damn water tank, then i switched on the motor ( the municipal water that released during specific times of the day) to fill the tank but an hour later still the tank was empty, we were in complete shock then my father found out what happened. he just told me to be careful next time. I felt so bad about my memory that i secretly cried. i think something’s wrong with me, i always leave things like this. ��this isn’t the first time, although evrytime its differnt things. can anyone help me?

  • 62, almost 63. This explains so much. Emotionally distant parents and lots of bullying in school definitely hurt. I had a marriage to an abusive man, then later married a sweet guy who unfortunately drank himself into failing health. These are the only two intimate relationships I ever had! My own health is not good, either physically or emotionally. I never succeeded at any actual career, mostly due to a painful neurological illness. I feel like this life has been a waste and a lost cause. Ask me what is my view on my life in one word, and the answer is rejection.

  • One of my friend goes into depression due to breakup and he has lost his memory..
    Even he is not able to recogonise his family…
    Will his memory will come back..
    Plzzz any one reply..

  • Although my parents weren’t so abusive to me directly, I grew up watching the family unit be destroyed between my parents and my older sister. I was constantly trying to cheer everyone up because their pain hurt me so fucking much. My father tried to kill himself once, something I don’t even remember but my mother and sister do. I don’t particularly remember anything in my life between the age of 5 and 12. Lightbulb memories, sure, but nothing vivid. I only remember being a teenager.

    Now in adulthood I always try to make others happy before myself. Especially emotionally and financially. Sometimes even sexually. Although it causes me pain to push myself aside, it hurts more to feel useless and unwanted. Since indentifying this and moving on with my life, I have lost my family (excluding my mother) and I’m slowly starting to loose my “friends” too, realising none of them give me the love and peace I deserve. One day I just woke up so damn angry at these people, I had enough!! No more toxic boyfriends, no more late nights thinking of how I wronged everyone, no more bullshit!!! I will find who I am one day, in the mean time people may see me as heartless now, or perhaps “crazy” because of my feelings that people are using me. Well….if the shoe fits. I just want to live MY life now. I’m almost 30, I’ve moved across the country, I don’t even call my father or my sister any more. When I speak to my mother and she vents about them I almost switch off. It’s not that I don’t care, I just can’t pour from an empty cup anymore. I was born into this family without any choice and I won’t be the glue any more.

  • i didn’t really see myself until i saw a picture of me and even then it was hard to grasp onto the fact it was really what i looked like in real life, even to this day it is very weird to see myself in pictures.

  • I had an abusive childhood, lost everything from my childhood to storage, and I dont know who I am bc I was forced to be and grow up perfect like my mom wanted me to. I grew up and my rose-colored world was destroyed right before my very eyes with trauma after trauma hit and no one in my family helping me cope or properly deal with my emotions. Now, I cry almost everyday because I hurt and Im at my breaking point

  • Hi I recently got a problem that is kind of wierd for me and makes me feel scare, when I get so tired and start communicate with others, after I said something, I immediatly forget about it, it seems like I didn’t say anything, or I’m not aware of my mouth that is working to say words, feeling kind of out of myself.

  • I’m not sure if this can be considered childhood abuse but my dad’s parenting and discipline stye was yelling, cussing and consistently calling me a pig. He still does it now that I’m an adult and he kicked me out of his house yesterday. It scares me that bec of the pandemic and that I am now on my own and homeless. But I guess Ijust have to endure it since I’m already an adult. Maybe it’s better this way. At least I won’t get yelled, cussed and be called a pig. I hate my dad to the core I can’t even find the energy to forgive him. My siblings always tell me to just understand him and that I’m just overreacting but I grew tired of it already. Maybe it is better now that I’m out ofbhis proprerty.

  • It’s amusing because I possess every ways mentioned buttttttt I can’t think of what particular event that happened in my childhood that made me what i am today

  • Witnessed a girl being raped by her dad. Not good. She was only 4-5. Told her grandma and my mom….. Now he’s in prison. More people need to be there

  • How’s everyone doing today? Any plans for Christmas? Also, watch our 6 types of childhood abuse if you haven’t: https://youtu.be/vRkKPMXXN8M

  • Sometimes when my dad asks me to go in the room and find something, i come back with nothing because i completely forgot what do to anyways.

  • My father has srs anger management issues. He says many bullshits about my mother everyone. Being a girl i don’t understand how should I react. I know things are so wrong but I fear him alot I must say. He is very overdramatic saying he will suicide he has cancer his heart is not working he will have heart attack. Like how is a child suppose to react to these things. Blaming my mom for killing him. Breaking stuffs at home. Cheating and saying he never did anything wrong to us. I don’t understand how to deal with all these bullshits. I don’t know anymore. What should I do? I’m so lost.

  • My blood pressure medication is making me lose my memory. I’ve been studying for an exam, I keep forgetting the next day what I memorized ��‍♀️

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  • I’m new here… How do I fix this?? I d lie to get off this ride. Always clown, never happy, don’t trust anyone, serial monogamy because I’ve ruined every single relationship. Unstable in important ways.. (move alot). What can one do to alleviate this since i can’t change my childhood?

  • Am I the only one lost everything in my mind for about 1-3 seconds after by staring to something blankly and after that Im in my consciousness again.

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  • i have horrible memories of my childhood, everything is a fog, i’m cutting myself just to feel the pain and forget the distress for a bit. i can’t think by myself, i need somebody to tell me the things so i can believe it. i have nobody to talk about it, i can’t open anymore. i honestly can’t even trust myself and believe they were abusive, even though it’s right in front of my face… damn

  • this is so interesting to me bc (as far as i remember) it wasnt my home life that was supremely terrible but my interactions with peers and others outside of my home. like i have trouble trusting people in interpersonal relationships not because of how my parents treated me but because i was abused by other kids. i never thought of that before lol!

  • #1 reason my wife and I fight, cause I can’t remember stuff she tells me through out the day. It is frustrating for both of us. Also who the hell gets 8 hrs of sleep?

  • i was attacked by a pedophile when i was younger who was a family friend i found it really hard to find love and always ended up in toxic dominating scenarios. When i met Geoffrey i thought i loved him but i feel now it was just my desire for someone to “control” me. Last year Geoffrey died of a brain hemorrhage and since then i have been lonely not knowing who i am and not particularly caring about the world around me.

  • I had a medical trauma in childhood and so I developed the iatrophobia, so I have not gone to the dentist for 13 years and now my teeth are all ruined, every now and then I have outbursts of anger and I have had several humiliating wounds because my parents told about my trauma which I experienced as sexual violence

  • im not sure but i think i might have slight short term memory loss but not bad short term memory loss because i can forget things really easy like say i just read a book ill forget what was on the page before and ill have to have some time to think or another thing is i feed my cat everyday at 5 but sometimes i forget to then when i remember i ask myself if i had done it because i cant remember i can even forget what i had for dinner the night before but im not 100% sure if i have it reason i think i might is because the things i mentioned have happened and also when i was younger i got a concussion and i feel on my forehead but like i said im not sure so please tell me what you think.

  • I hate it so much. My life would be so much less stressful if my short term memory wasn’t so bad. After a few seconds…BLANK! I’m constantly re-referring information I literally checked three times before. It can be traced back to my grandfather, he had really bad memory as well as my father. It’s so frustrating and I’m sick of dealing with it. It makes me seem stupid to others and then I have to deal with being “the dumb guy” at work or at social functions. Mind is always racing and it never stops.

  • I don’t know what to do, I have experienced these symptoms and I’m not an adult. I’m scared that I won’t heal and that things will only get worse.

  • I feel like i cant remember what i was doing and it’s affecting my work
    Edit: it’s also crucial for me to remember because i draw art.

  • Idk what kind of trauma I went trought
    Like, I was bullied trought most of my childhood but I barely remenber anything about my first 17 and im 18 rn, i just remenber small events that I know that happened but even those I sometimes barely remenber them

  • I’ve always told myself and everyone that I have a crap short term memory but after watching this I have no reason to have a bad memory.

    I feel hopeful ☀️

  • I m a prisoner of such atmosphere since childhood and know what my parents did to me. On the other side, the saddest thing is that I love my parents too deeply and can not keep myself seperate of them. At the same time, they still do not ready to accept that they had given me never ending suffering by their dominating nature and restrictions. I always find my lost years till now and want the normal life, in which I can get the unconditional love and emotional support of my parents as well as I also want to let them know that how much I care about them, even I know they can not give me.
    I always listen that the one to whom nobody accepts, God take care of him, but for me God is also not there. Don’t know when this life ends and I can get a deep peace

  • I’m 22 and have never been in my life, been able to remember routes. My memory of images and visual memories in general are very vague. I can only remember a few things at a time, but new memories soon take over.

  • I’m not risking to send my parents this video. I don’t wanna make them get angry at me and call me a ‘victim’ while guilt trippin’ me

  • I felt so relieved that yes i am not only one who is still paying for my childhood pains!!!!
    And it is giving me strength that i can go through it

    But most saddest part is ” i literally didn’t remember my childhood…it is totally blur”

  • Spot On! I am glad I finally looked this up. I have tried to overcome my thoughts, and move on from my demons by traveling and working. Been 21 years, and I still haven’t made 100% progress. Thinking I never will. I used to try to end my life on a regular basis as a kid, until I was 21. But I could never go through with it. Deep inside I wanted to see what it was going to be like to be an adult. I am now 38 & I have had many great jobs, and have been many different places. I rarely experience true happiness, as my demons stand in the way most of the time. I am a super loving person who likes just about everything, and is friendly to everyone. Still, I am a loner. I have also stayed single most of my life, with my last girlfriend being 4 years ago. I have tried to get ahead in this game, but end up falling more behind. Now, deep inside I know that my time is running out

  • They are being prepared to give all things of this world up’.
    We all will go the way of giving all things up, for they have no value in Heaven.
    I am only 56 but I have noticed many memory problems. You do not need to be over eighty for this to  start.