What Your Poop Might Be Suggesting


Your poop wants to tell you something!

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It may come as a shock when you see it, but a green poop every once in a while is OK. It may be because you eat a lot of green vegetables (which is good) or too much green food coloring (not so. If you see even a small amount of blood in your feces on a recurring basis, see a doctor. Blood can be a sign of hemorrhoids or anal fissures, pre-cancerous colon polyps, or an inflammatory bowel. The scale provides seven basic categories of bowel movements: For most people, types #3, #4 and #5 may be the healthiest types of bowel movements.

Types #1 and #2 may be too hard and may indicate constipation, while types #6 and #7 may be too soft and may indicate diarrhea. In short, an ideal #2 may not be a #2. Signs in your stool may be one of the major—and possibly the only—indications you have it. With celiac disease, your body is unable to tolerate gluten, a protein in wheat, rye, and barley. Eating.

The odor of your stool is highly dependent on a number of factors, including how long it’s been sitting in your colon, your diet, medications you may be taking and, in some cases, the presence of infection. Bacterial imbalance (dysbiosis) in the GI tract and undigested fat can also lead to a. “Stool may be indicative of a health problem if someone notices a change in their bowel habits with constipation or diarrhea, or notices a change in color of their stools. There may also be a problem if a person has signs or symptoms of not feeling well, which could include abdominal discomfort, nausea, change in appetite or change in weight.”. Paying attention to your poop with a poop chart can help you build a stronger gut, check your organ function and boost nutrient absorption from the foods you eat. The color, shape, texture, and consistency of your poop can tell you whether your diet needs adjusting. (Just take a glance in the toilet.

This is not a hands-on exercise.). There may be times when your poop looks more yellow than brown. This shade is also normal for many people.

It’s common for babies, especially those. Yellow poop can also occur when you eat a lot of carrots or ingested yellow-colored drinks. Black:You can get black poop when taking certain medication, like aspirin or ibuprofen, as well as iron supplements.

However, it can also indicate bleeding in your intestines so you want to get it checked right away. If your poop is light-colored, yellow, clay-colored, or very light brown, this may be a sign of: An infection or inflammation (swelling) in your gallbladder, liver, or pancreas Alcoholic hepatitis, which is inflammation in your liver caused by alcohol consumption.

List of related literature:

The color, quantity, and consistency of the fecal sample should be described in the record, as this may change according to the disease process present (e.g., green, mucoid diarrhea associated with green slime disease).

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Change in frequency and/or appearance of bowel movements (may have mucus in stool)

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They speculate that pressure inside the intestine may increase when a person’s diet contains very little fiber, leading to a slower transit time of stools down the intestine, less frequent bowel movements, and more straining with defecation.

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This form of poo sometimes comes as a precursor to, or a last stage of, some sort of intestinal disturbance.

“What's Your Poo Telling You?: (Funny Bathroom Books, Health Books, Humor Books, Funny Gift Books)” by Josh Richman, Anish Sheth
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bacterial breaking down hard faeces and extra mucus.

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Change in consistency of feces?

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It might reveal a suspicion for small left colon syndrome, meconium ileus, meconium plug syndrome, or Hirschsprung disease.

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Abnormalities of upper gut motility in patients with slow transit constipation.

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You will notice positive changes in your bowel consistency, bowel frequency, and bowel symptoms when you are getting adequate quantities and types of healthy microflora from your foods or dietary supplements.

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In Poop Culture, Dave Praeger reports, “Any particular poop represents a never-to-be repeated confluence of diet, metabolism, and environment” (20).

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  • Many dishes from Peru are done from organs and they are delicious: anticucho (cow’s heart), liver, lungs, stomach and intestines and taste great

  • does not talk about color if it comes out black, green or any where in between.
    if it ever comes out white, dont be alarmed just means you had a recent barium enema exam. LOL
    in the end, so long as it comes out, I’m good
    “better out than in”
    : )

  • 5:09 ahh thats waht it’s all about…
    he forgot to tell you what you need to eat to get this stuff instead of showing off his powder

  • Yes, you should always be mindful about your gut health. However, you don’t want to be checking your shit every time you go to the toilet because you’ll just end up becoming a hypochondriac. Its not healthy to be paranoid about your health. It is an unnecessary amount of stress added to your life. Be mindful, yes. Paranoid, no.

  • I must be in a LOT OF TROUBLE. I am so scared now:(. I rarely get the urge to pass a stool then I use a Suppository every 4 days or so. I know it’s not good but I can’t think it’s good to leave it in me. I do Miralax and water daily to try and prevent this. I eat fresh foods I make myself. Lots of garlic, dry nuts, eggs, baby spinach Olive Oils, Tumeric, Mixed Greens, Red Bell Pepper, Giant Meal Sized Dinner Salads with lots of fresh veggies. Is it because I don’t get enough Protien?????

  • Please, please respond..

    I’m young.

    There’s not a lot, and it does not always happen. Its rare, but not super rare. Sometimes when I while there’s a little. I’m really scared, I want to cry. I don’t want to get surgery. I really don’t. I haven’t told my mom yet, I’m scared

  • It’s either my first period or I have cancer..Idk which one I worse:( Help I don’t know and my siblings are asleep but the blood was bright red

  • i just pooped blood and i dont know what to do.. im a male btw. i didnt even eat something spicy or red colored food. need some advice or help.

  • Sir, I get paste type / loose or very loose stool three to four times a day short after eating anything.
    On getting up in the morning, I have to rush to toilet to clear my bowels. Sometimes I have to rush in early morning hours.

    It is mostly of yellow / light yellow colour.

    I am not able to make out anything from your video.

    Please suggest what should I do.


  • Just 5 chopped up fresh veggies wrapped in a warm burrito for breakfast with a cup of black coffee no sugar will take care of most poop and energy problems.

  • Am I gonna die….if so please tell dog I love him and tell him to stop chewing on slippers also tell my parents I love them and my brother too and tell the three of them to not open my google history……thats it peace��

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    good luck

  • I had poop followed by so much blood, agin poop with some blood, and then so much blood….
    I haven’t eaten anything unusual, spicy or anything like that, neither do my family has any history of any types of cancer. Should I be worried?
    But I used to have poop with some mucous once in a while

  • This video says natural color of poop is brown
    Every else color is either heat or dryness or gas or blaah blah blah

    And I’m 100% sure that no one is having brown poop…must be yellow

  • And when the poop is red I,e it has traces of blood in it and If in that is piles.
    You didn’t describe About it.
    From a week my cousin is having this issue and he can’t talk to his parents About it.
    Can you please share a remedy to cure this problem.

  • Well here’s the thing I think I ripped my butthole because I was constipated and really wanted the poop out and then a little bit of blood when I wiped and my butthole stings so I think I ripped it or something but I’m pooping right now.. or at least trying to EDIT: GUYS JUST PUSH SLOWLY AND DONT PUSH HARD ALSO DRINK WATER AND CALM DOWN I JUST GOT MY POOP OUT AND THERE WAS NO BLOOD THIS TIME!!!!

  • I just had a hard poop and I got a cut on my butt and I can see it if I look and try to so I don’t think I have any of this thankfully

  • funny how people have no issue picking up the droppings of their dogs, but get queasy at thought if even glancing at their own waste.

  • Can you post vedio related to plastic,
    Plastics are used to pack hot parcels from hotel, plastics even used to store rice, wheat for months, people even don’t unwrap the new bed for years while sleeping, I think plastic is playing a major role in our life when makes us unheathy

  • I have the ideal poop almost every time but the problem is that I don’t poop every day….

    Is it harmful…
    How do we cure it…

    Please tell…

    P.S-Me and my all family members are a huge fans

  • I want its hindi adapted video….I know it’s a informative video! But if it’s in hindi…..what you’ll say it
    Laterine or poty?
    P.s. ( No hate)