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5 Things You Should Do With Your Child Everyday Posted on January 17, 2019 by Karen Carlton — 56 Comments ↓ As a young mom, I remember being somewhat overwhelmed by all the responsibility of being a mom and trying to navigate all the things that needed to be done to protect, love, and care for my girlies. Have them share “roses and thorns” every day “Each day have your child share one success or positive thing from the day (the rose) and one mistake or. Strike a balance between what your child should be eating and what he’s actually eating. Our take-your-pick menu planner gives you plenty of wiggle room.

Letting your kids have a say in the day’s activities will do a lot to keep them feeling satisfied and valued for more than just a few hours. 30. You make a difference in life, in the family, at school. When kids hear they’re important, they feel empowered and happier. —Leah R. Singer. Self-respect and self-confidence grow when your child’s efforts and performance are rewarded.

Whenever possible, give your child lots of praise. Be sure your praise is honest and specific. Focus on your child’s efforts and progress, and help her identify her strengths. 12 simple things you should say or do to your child everyday; 12 simple things you should say or do to your child everyday. by Aruna Kamath Being a working mom, I’m always busy in my head or lost in thought – most of the time, ticking off to-do lists or worrying about something else to do.

You need to counsel him every day in order to encourage him and help him fight against all the worries. There are number of ways in which we can express our love to. With this in mind, here are 100 (!) positive things to say to your child: You are cared for and loved. I will always be here when you need me.

I’m grateful for you. You are important. Your words matter to me. You should be so proud of yourself.

I know you will do great things. Follow your heart. Whoever said parenting is easy must not be doing a very good job. Not only are children completely dependent on you, but there’s also more to being a good parent than just feeding them and housing them.

You also have to maintain a relationship with them where there’s discipline, friendship, trust, and tons of love and encouragement. Because sometimes there are empowering things moms need to hear every day too. Hershenson said telling kids that you are grateful for them is just as important as telling them you love them.

Gratitude shows another level of love and appreciation for them and their value as people.

List of related literature:

Much of our time with our children is spent in the usual routine daily of meals, playtime, reading together, supervising homework, driving to and from school or the market, dealing with chores, teaching values, discussing the day, and handling necessary discipline.

“Mom's House, Dad's House” by Isolina Ricci
from Mom’s House, Dad’s House
by Isolina Ricci
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Following regular daily routines (as much as possible) helps let children know that despite the illness, there is stability and thus security.

“Massachusetts General Hospital Handbook of General Hospital Psychiatry E-Book” by Theodore A. Stern, Gregory L. Fricchione, Jerrold F. Rosenbaum
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• Maintain am intellectual life at home by modeling a love of learning and showing interest in what your child is studying.

“Hope in the Age of Anxiety” by Anthony Scioli, Henry Biller
from Hope in the Age of Anxiety
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daily activities—preschool, play dates, homework, and so on—but often maintains a strong bond and active role as the child grows older, shepherding his child from school to after-school social and sports activities.

“Parenthood in America: An Encyclopedia” by Lawrence Balter, Robert B. McCall
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The child’s normal routine and discipline – mealtimes, bathing, bedtimes, etc. – should be maintained as far as possible, while they are in hospital, to help them feel secure.

“Ophthalmic Care” by Janet Marsden
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You help your child learn and develop every day.

“Introduction to Special Education' 2007 Ed.” by Inciong, Et Al
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I settled into a routine of doing two or three readings every morning while our daughters were in preschool and kindergarten, followed by afternoons running errands, going to the park with the girls, or occasionally visiting friends.

“Diary of a Psychic” by Sonia Choquette, Ph.D.
from Diary of a Psychic
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Plan with the Child the routine to follow when arriving home; plan something special each day.

“Broadribb's Introductory Pediatric Nursing” by Nancy T. Hatfield
from Broadribb’s Introductory Pediatric Nursing
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helping the child complete assigned homework in the home environment.

“Skillstreaming in Early Childhood: New Strategies and Perspectives for Teaching Prosocial Skills” by Ellen McGinnis, Arnold P. Goldstein
from Skillstreaming in Early Childhood: New Strategies and Perspectives for Teaching Prosocial Skills
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You already spend time doing these things, and adding communication games and child expectations to those routines makes them richer learning experiences for your child.

“An Early Start for Your Child with Autism: Using Everyday Activities to Help Kids Connect, Communicate, and Learn” by Sally J. Rogers, Geraldine Dawson, Laurie A. Vismara
from An Early Start for Your Child with Autism: Using Everyday Activities to Help Kids Connect, Communicate, and Learn
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  • 1. I love you –
    I’ve never heard that EVER

    2. if you have questions ask me –
    My Mom: Why do keep asking me
    I’m afraid of your future
    You will grow up dependent on us you won’t be able to decide for your own
    but when I made mistakes My Mom Be Like: Why didn’t you ask me earlier. you should ask me if you don’t know it.

    3.Goodluck –
    Controlling my whole life Every single day
    I’ve never been able to decide on my own

  • They tell us: you can tell me anything!

    But it’s a different story when were ‘snitching’ seriously? My parents did every one of these

  • I really liked the lessons. The fact that you say what shouldnt be done, then you give the bright side.
    I have felt so guilty because to be honest, i have fallen short in like 6 of them. Thanks a lot.
    Only that seeing real people may have been more effective

  • I am a Kid and I can relate so much to this video! I have a lot of bottled up emotions that I sometimes go and cry in my room. I know I can tell my parents but then instead of just being there to help and comfort me they turn it into some teach moment you did this or this is also bad and at some points I feel like shouting out at them about how I feel but I know I am just going to get in trouble. Which this video is teaching me alot.

  • I always say to my kids i love you no matter what, and good luck, i will try to add the 3rd one to it, thank you very much appreciated

  • My son is a 4 yearold, he is very smart but he doesnt speak yet…
    He understand the simple things i say or tell him to do but its hard to have a conversation with him. Do you have advice for me what to do when for example he gets angry because most of the time i dont even know why he is upset… I comfort him untill he calms down but i have no idea what to do more since he can’t tell me…

  • My baby is 6 months old. 182 days for exact. But he is not rolling on his own. And he is not sitting too yet. Rest of things are good.

  • Exactly what I always say to my princess whenever she is on holiday. Even this morning I used I love you always as her first morning messages

  • I can’t stand it when people say “Being a parent doesn’t come with a manual” I get so angry. I studied development psychology and early Childhood development and I can promise you this: PARENTING DOES COME WITH A MANUAL.

  • Really appreciate this video doctor Paul, im always frustrated with myself when it comes to parenting my 2 kids, I think they’re already mirroring my grumpiness. Hope we can still turn thing around, I’ll start tomorrow. Merry Christmas! Thanks! Learned so much from you! Now I’m a subscriber and will share your channel! Thanks again!

  • Hey guys, if you & your kids are watching this, I’d like to tell you about my little kids book(I’m an at-home senior grandparent)called 365 KNOCK-KNOCK JOKES(by R. Myers). I think it’s funny & kinda cute. I think kids(& some grownups as well) might like it. In any case, thanks for reading, best regards & please STAY SAFE!!!

  • I tell my son I love him so much, occasionally, he takes me for granted. I tell him that I am not a piece of coal to be kicked around, I am a diamond or a ruby. ��

  • Been in a long distance situation with my husband and definitely doing the parenting alone in a foreign country. Your positive parenting pl is such a great help to me as I parent them alone most of the time. God bless you more Dr. Paul.��

  • Omg your damned if you do and damned if you don’t. If you listen to everything you guys tell us how to talk to our kids. They will all be locked up. I have raised two very successful children on my own. And there well balanced and I have used all those phrases. Every child is different with alternative needs. My motto as a mother. Speak and talk to your child how you think fits there understanding and interests

    Bad Lesson #1: Snitching is wrong. 1:02
    Bad Lesson #2: Children shouldn’t express their negative emotions. 2:27
    Bad Lesson #3: You should try to make people like you. 4:38
    Bad Lesson #4: Get good grades or you’ll never get a good job. 6:14
    Bad Lesson #5: “Always the best for my baby!” 8:03
    Bad Lesson #6: Making a mistake means losing something. 10:13
    Bad Lesson #7: Children should never be idle. 12:44
    Bad Lesson #8: Children must always share their toys. 14:09

  • This is such good information. It would have made a world of difference in my life to have heard these things. I’m 64 and still hear my parents every day screaming ‘ you rotten good for nothing’. ‘You can’t do anything right’. ‘ Who do you think you are? ‘ ‘ You’re nothing, you’re nobody’ and on and on and threats of death and physical violence on a nearly daily basis. I was a quiet, shy, very inhibited kid who they managed to beat down even further. Amusingly they thought that I would be the kid in the family to take care of them in old age.

  • Is this normal?my baby’s 1st lower tooth appeared at four months exactly and the second lower tooth appeared at four months 1week

  • I just realized that never heard any of these things growing up. I appear confident and achieved, but I’m a little girl on the inside and have physical issues.

  • Hello sir, it’s awesome, i say the same, but sometimes my 10 year old son will be asking questions continuously which may not have answer and which are meaningless….
    And they even disturb our schedule,what should i do

  • Im here because my baby is 6 months, Crawls and trying to get up!!!!!! He literally moves so much go fucking everywhere and he’s 6 months. I don’t remember my first son being like that

  • Toddlers are good and fast learners. My 3 years old son shouts exactly the way I shout on him because sometime I cant hold my self after trying several times politely to make him understand to not to do something… Such a looser I’m:(

  • I was at cam and had had a nosebleed and the camp staff pinched my nose. Then the blood came out my eye! Because it is the closest poor to your nose.

  • My brother kid age three is out of control. When she demand something n if u try to take it away or stop them from doing. They scream n make life unbearable. She stop house work or some normal daily stuff. We have to give her attention n everything or she will make huge mess.
    How to teach this needy kid to stop this behaviour

  • Love your channel!:) my son is 19 months so this is perfect for the future bc he doesn’t understand everything yet. Lol I’m a nagging girlfriend so maybe I can try to not be with him.

  • My mom has always yelled or argued with me when i would cry or get angry at her for something she did, but would just say im wrong or scream at me about it. she has always cared about her emotions over mine and never cares or asks about it. i really want to tell her shes a bad parent but im scared she would disown me.

  • Did not recall hearing these things that I have hard time soft hearted and caring to my kids although I always try hard and remind myself to say for example “I love you”.Thank you do much for these videos and tips.

  • I’ve had 5 kids they are all married now and every single day I tell them I love them.
    I tell them I’m so proud of you of what you’ve become
    We had a great communication.
    Parents needs to listen to there children and when they ask a question.
    Then there ready for an answer not long winded just simple answer.
    But never lie to your children.
    . Being a parent is a way way communication conversation yes my children have had hard times but I’m head for them together.

  • I think my mother doesn’t believe me when I say I hate myself, because if I say that I hate myself or I say I feel so depressed, she will just say “Good!” Or “we all are!” It makes me feel alone and like I shouldn’t tell anyone because they’d say the same thing.. It also makes me more depressed than ever..

  • 1. Saying what you should say comes first. 2. If you have any questions ask indeed, because proactivity is best. Nagging is reactive. Breathing room is crucial.

  • Wow wow yes we have to do that everyday parents.i never hear that from my mom.she s in her 70 s and sick and still she s has no bond with me.but i am trying everyday����

  • Whenever I try to talk with my parents they end up yelling at me…… I never had a complete talk with them….. they always compare me with others…. as if I’m not a person but someone’s shadow��

  • Tell Noah these words everyday
    1) I love you no matter WHAT and even if.
    2) if you have any questions, ask? I’m always here to help you figuring this out.
    3) good luck:-)
    I’m confident he has what it takes to get through something because Jesus is on your side

  • Please post more videos like this. This video was very helpful and I appreciate it. Mom of an almost 8 year old. The hardest part is getting him to sit down, focus and understand and do his homework.

  • I dont agree with this. I’m not a word kind of parent. I like to have long conversations with my kids and break stuff down and show them all aspects to life..You can say practice makes perfect to strive your kid to do their best. as long as you get out their and practice with them. Are kids mean the world to us, we want the BEST for them. should I not say I want the BEST for them, should I say I want the mediocre for them because more than likely they will just be mediocre.You out of your kids what you put into them.

  • My parents won’t let me get less than a Bbecause they want me to be their miniature brain man. That means: NO play station, NO YouTube, (I’m a mega rule breaker), and no border movies because my mom thinks I’m a little kid and the Hunger games is too “violenr” when she lets me watch iron man and the avengers. I’m glad I got that off my chest☺

  • I was waiting to hear where this guy lives…on the corner of marshmallow Rd and bubble gum trail…. baby your kids like this guy says and your in for trouble.

  • I love listening to Dr Paul’s method of presenting his ideas. Why would you want to cut him short and “save time”. You can’t save it anyway, you can only spend it, as Dr Paul points out. I choose to spend at least 30minutes each day listening to Dr Paul and Dr. Vickie sharing their love for family life and for kids.

  • I just want to have a kid to show my parents that u can raise a kid with out constantly yelling at them and degrading them! This totally ruins the relation!

  • Loving this video it give me an idea to give more time of my kids and yes i always tell them i love them although sometimes i get angry but its only a minute it take more patient to handle them but they understand me for bieng thier mother

  • I really love your parenting tips. I feel like a better mother each time and I aim to have a better relationship with my 10 year old

  • Absolutely love your advices! You and your wife are such caring people:) Wishing all mom’s and dad’s an amazing time���������� Learning how to deal with the most important people in our lives feels like heaven! Keep up your amazing work ��

  • dude samething happen to me bad lesson 3 my friend was blackmailing me he said that if you don,t give me a 1 ringgit i will not be your friend but isaid fine do not be

  • When I was young, my mom told me not to talk to strangers. Then one day I was talking to a man that we both didn’t know. Later she told me “I told you not to talk to strangers.” I replied with “he’s not a stranger, he’s just a man.” Lol

    Thanks for the tips. I could definitely use improvement!

  • Hey, great job on this video. Let me help you with this advice: For your next video, just remember that to make it better, practice makes perfect. But don’t worry. You’re okay. Just be careful when you talk to strangers.

  • haha I was always conscious of saying “be careful” I always felt like it was a little overprotective, I’ll definitely do the spotting next time and keep quiet:) thanks doc.

  • This baby is huge compared to todlers his age. Plus he can sit on his own. Good on u son. World is a dangerous place have to grow up quickly. Evolution of the next generation

  • I really get tired of people that beat up on their parents, my parents weren’t perfect, but they taught me to think for myself, work hard and be independent, and my dad taught me to trust my instincts, thanks mom and dad ♥️

  • Hello, I want to teach my daughter mindful eating, I am having difficulties because she sneaks food without me noticing. Also, how can I teach my two kids not to lie and do things behind my back. I have a 7 year old girl and a 4 year old boy. I read social stories and talk to them about the importance of honesty. They are just unmotivated sometimes and they get excited at the moment for their reward then get bored or unmotivated again. I just have some expectations that are not met, I try to give them choices and be as flexible as possible, but I just feel like I failed. I still have hope to be a better mom. I go to school, cook, clean and take the kids to school, pick them up and do everything, sometimes it feels impossible to have patience. I want to work on myself to improve my relationship with my kids and help them become responsible, honest, hardworking and kind adults.

  • When I was raising my daughter as a single parent “I know you can do it!”
    I’ve had a similar experience. maybe you can learn from both my experience AND yours!
    OK we both know life isn’t fair. So what! we all live it anyway.

  • My number was 6 when I was in nursery my parents said work harder and I worked hard and then I got 5 medals and my number will never be less than 3 means I roll number will 1 or 2 only.

  • “We can’t afford that” I Always hear that.

    I needed $16 to repair my phone We can’t afford that
    I needed A PC for online school We can’t afford that
    I needed $1 to live We can’t afford that just die OK
    (edit I forgot to mention they tell me to save money but they steal it ALL THE TIMES to the point where I just spend every money that I have just so they won’t be able to steal it

  • OMG that “dont talk to strangers” approach was the best one.You see thats my constant anxiety the moment i became a father,what happens if my kid gets lost, what am i supposed to teach him if she finds herself in a situation like this!!!Thanks Mr Jenkins

  • A few things I’ve been trying to say each day when appropriate are
    It’s OK to make a mistake. / Nobody is perfect.
    I believe in you. / You can do it.
    It’s okay to feel that feeling. (It’s OK to be mad.)
    The things in life that are hard are usually the ones worth working for. This one is a big one in our house right now with our 6 year old.

  • Dr Paul. Ive always took it upon myself to say I love you to my son every night when I tuck him in.I worry it will lose its meaning but it’s heartfelt everytime I say it. It reassures me now that you advise it.i feel this video is about getting on the good side with your child. Your videos are teaching me to be diplomatic with my son. I thank you

  • My baby started to stand at 3m and started to show interest eating solids not to be boasting Alhamdurillah n at 4m he had solids, and started to crawl. His started blabbering at 1m. He started to smile the night he was born n smiles throughout the day such a happy child MashAllah. His 5m 2wks n I make my own food pouches for him. He feels emotions n expression n he would cry, smile, kiss n hug. The trick is to eat clean before conceiving n exercise, invest in supplements, listen to music whilst pregnant, sleep, reduce stress, eat nutritional meals with 2-3 snacks. This is a human ur growing and he/she will live till 80+ so give them a good start in life n don’t be selfish. It’s an investment. Omg I can tell you the dietary things I had daily, n supplements was expensive but well worth it and the result are amazing Alhamdurillah. Don’t forget my boy was 3 weeks premature and he excelled. Thank god for gods blessing������

  • I love my mom so much that iam tired of seeing her poor…she has done so much for me…I wanna lay mylife down..i know it will never fullfill her but if i die she is the beneficiary of my investments…i just want her to enjoy some little wealth before she dies first..i hate to see her suffer…are this bad thoughts?

  • My number 1 would be I love you but I would change the wording cause it’s over used that it lost it’s meaning.
    How about: because I care! There is always an argument during the day where we can say that.
    If I didn’t care I would not be the way I am and only because I care about you I am saying or asking or being so.

    My number 2 would be: It’s okay, you’re only a kid!
    Mine, teen and Preteen, are always loosing their temper and they are choosing poorly. They end up feeling guilty and bad about themselves
    I need to remind them that they are good and right on track. And when they are feeling good about themselves they can act upon it!

    My number 3 would be:
    It’s your choice!
    Depending on the age they have always control over somethings.
    It helps reduce the power-struggle, pushes the stubborn child to think and builds self confidence.

    Not sure though if there is room for all 3 in a day… Yours are easier, thank you Dr Paul!

  • Gsus! I bet this guy has no children or never spends time with them. Somebody defined a business consultant like this: ”99 ways of making love but no woman.”

  • This has me worried my baby turned 6 months the 7th of may and can’t roll over, can’t sit unsupportive, she babbles but doesn’t make any of those sounds, she does smile at you if you get her attention I feel like I’m failing as a mom cause she’s not doing some things.

  • Wow, everyday. My parents never said these to me. Ever. They lived a long time and died when I was 47.
    I try to say these things to my kids. I say these thing occasionally. They are adults….is it too late?

  • Thank you!!! Very helpful!! My son ( 7 years)will do his homework when I ask him but I don’t see him doing it all by himself. Sometimes he just starts crying if I ask him to

  • Be careful-You actually need to back up that “I love you” with your actions. I think I’m one of the poster children for the paranoia and self-hatred that comes with when a child is constantly told they are “loved” but are treated otherwise.

    I know most parents mean well and all that, but I’d like to note that kids ARE aware of and can point out hypocrisy, even if they don’t speak up about it. And if you don’t explain, they might come up with their own, sometimes self-destructive, explanations.

  • I think my parents wouldn’t care at all if I showed them these steps, either bc some of them, they don’t thinks its right, or they think a kid is using a voice changer to manipulate others

  • #2 I got to tell my mom to stop doing this to the kids. I’ve argued with her about my sons tantrums bothering her and her being selfish about how it makes HER FEEL

  • I have two teenager kids they don’t take their online classes don’t give time to studies they don’t listen to me at all how do I persuade them for studying

  • I love your videos Dr. Paul and Vicky. I do love your well designed sarcastic but educational tone, it really works sometimes. I thought that, one of the “three things to say to your kids” was going to be “I’m proud of you”. That and “I love you” are the ones I tell them every day. My mom used to said to me every day “success, because luck it’s just a justification”. Do you have any advice for ADD moms dealing with ADHD kids. Tips on controlling ourselves on situations where they are not obedient, or not listening. It happens to me, and it’s hard when you know and understand why they act how they act, and you have the knowledge of what to do, what it’s positive and what’s negative, and should never been said or done. But still you just can’t make it happen. Thanks in advance.

  • PLEASE never EVER call your child stupid, worthless or good for nothing or anything insulting like that!!

    I grew up constantly being berated by a very strict Father who was cruel. Our Dad had a very strict father who didn’t show him any love or affection. So our Dad was an total emotional cripple.
    He didn’t know how to love, communicate or be affectionate or loving. He did learn eventually, but it was when he was an old man & it was too late by then.

    Our Father had desperately wanted sons, but he ended up with 3 daughters instead. Well, we were never allowed to forget what a bitter & huge disappointment we all were. Our whole childhood, all we heard from him was
    • You’re just useless girls.
    • You’re lazy.
    • You’re stupid.
    • You’re good for nothing.
    • You girls are stupid & worthless.
    • Why weren’t you boys.

    Hearing this my whole life was soul destroying.
    I grew up with no self esteem, no self worth, no confidence. I truly believed I was stupid, I believed everything he shouted at us girls. We learnt to apologise constantly and for everything. “Sorry Dad for being a girl, sorry Dad for disappointing you, sorry for not doing it properly, sorry for everything”.
    Until this day, I still over apologise for absolutely everything in life. I even apologise for things that are completely not my fault. Then I apologise for apologising.

    So when I had a child A Son, (who naturally finally pleased my Dad!!)
    I praised my Son for everything. The closest I ever came to saying the dreaded word “stupid”, was when my Son did something a bit dangerous one day & I accidentally said to him ” that was a stupid thing to do” & I immediately saw the hurt in his eyes that I had caused & obviously I profusely apologised. The hurt on my son’s face killed me that day & I wondered how on earth MY father could ever continuously say those horrible things to us.

  • These are some great points. What we say can simply shift our children’s whole mindset. I touch base on this topic as well. Check it Out!

  • 14:09 ���� correct! my cousin has 5 year old son who goes to school so she taught him to share every thing and one day for school snacks she gave him many grapes ( notice ‘grapes’ is plural ) and when he came back home she asked:
    cousin: have you eaten the grapes?
    her son: yes mommy have eaten a grape!
    cousin: wait what? but I gave you many grapes and you are saying eat one grape
    son: mommy you told me to share, so I shared grapes to all my friends and then the remaining grape I ate.
    cousin: ��������

  • Oh for me
    Is take 5to 7 minutes in the morning when I drop them to school
    I have to squeeze them to hug them to kiss them and to see right to their eyes and to say I ADORE them
    Like I will miss them so much
    And I can’t wait to see again their eyes when go to pic up them
    Every single day yep rain or not rain 5 minutes
    Oh I love them so much
    My boys are my miracle ��

  • I have 3 teenagers (son, 17yrs old and, twin girls, 15). I know I am really trying to help them and they know I am because I Love them sooo much but you r absolutely right. I am too much. I do do 2 out of the 3 things every day I am a good mom. My son is in 11th grade and I keep pushing him to look at colleges. My way is definitely not working. In fact it is doing the opposite. I don’t know how to do this. I am either all or nothing. I am either shoving it down his throat or I say nothing. I don’t want to be this way. They r good kids. Thank GOD! I think I have done something right. So Thank you Very much. If u read this I hope u can do more videos on dealing with teenagers. Or if anyone else has suggestions I will gladly take any help. They don’t come with directions. Lol ��

  • Hi Doc, I’m at my breaking point and just googled or youtubed how to get your child to obey and came across your channel and after watching half way through this video I confirm I was raised all screwed up and I feel damaged and there’s just so much frustration and I don’t want to carry that cycle onto my kids, any chance you may help, I can’t take it another day more.

  • A comet for a children for getting a good grade on the report card like an a my comment would be I see you got an A on your report card I’m very proud of you I always get a response on that they’re very happy!

  • I definitely had to subscribe, you speak so much sense. Especially reading through the comments, they got me laughing really hard particularly the ones watching to know how to treat their husbands, lol

  • My mama never cared about me�� so I know no�� one cares about me, I’ve been depressed sense my best friend moved�� from school�� and my mama was happy about that happening, and she thinks that I’m depressed because of looking at screens,that isint the reason, the reason is cuz my best friend moved from school�� and I miss her, I’ve always been neglected�� and whenever I try say something like�� “You like�� my sister more than me” she just says I’m lying�� when I’m not at all I’m just trying to say how I feel��. I also think if anyone sees his comments no one will care it’s not like anyone cares about me in real life������

  • I’m wondering if it is the same in weight for a mom always feeling too skinny and weak looking? I’m always fighting to eat more and to add things in that will gain for me and I am constantly sad or whatever if I see myself because of how small I have gotten! I am wondering if that is why my girls are eating so much and getting big? I see here that the I’m in a dirt thing isnt great to do so I assume the same with being upset about being too skinny! I always corrected everyone growing up and as a young adult saying practice makes better! They would say what so I’d say it again and explain it keep pray ticking and you get better at it every time you try! Also the be careful I’m a broken record with my kids be careful be careful and no dont do that! Although I am already at them trying to protect them from getting hurt as I say it I dont just tell them from across the yard if I’m worried about something bad then I’m in top of my kid to save or protect them or at the very least to help them if they do almost get hurt! Thank you for these videos they have already been of help for our home I am grateful

  • Were I come from, only the third is said to children esp when they are about to take an exam or getting married��
    My dad never told me the first two, but I know deep down in me he loves me because of the way he use to beat me up������
    Proud african dad lol

  • Ok, I’m Russian, we are more taft on our kids. Here is my 3 things to tell to my kids:
    1. ‘ You are lucky your mama loves you!’……. just think about all the kids without that love!

    2. ‘ How did I get so lucky, God has given me the best children in the Universe ‘

    3. ‘ Good luck in that zombie world you are going to be living in’…..

  • That baby is not 6 months old. You can compare it to a advanced 6 month old and this baby is still a little bit ahead of the milestones.

  • Wow Im doing a lot of things wrong!! Thank you for this video. I’ve been so saddened lately, I want to be a better Mom and make my kids feels secure. I will be watching more! Thank you for this:)

  • Why do I act like a dog that’s angry when I’m angry etc. BTW I’m a kid
    Who else is a kid seeing this? |

  • I disagree with the part of don’t talk to strangers people may have a degree in a certain area but it doesn’t mean that they are right. Because there are cases where a person who may seem like a police officer or a store clerk, that turn out to be a kidnapper that is just one example so I disagree with the part of telling children don’t speak to strangers. However I don’t use that particular phrase but what I do tell him is that not everyone is nice so becareful with who you speak to. Now behavioral things on this Earth for a lot of studies in institutions are based on science but we need to mostly focus on God and the fact that when we connect with his spirit we get that instinct within us to know if someone’s spirit is good or bad.

  • My baby is standing like that at 2 months I play with her a lot. My first baby I played with her a lot too she crawled at 5 months and walked at the beginning of 7 months.

  • My mom, aunt and uncles whenever i wasn’t in the honor roll they always said ‘what did you do at school this semester that you weren’t able to be one of the honor students?’ And they said that they weren’t dragging me down by saying it instead they were motivating me but i feel so bad whenever they said that to the point i always blame myself even i already did my best. I feel sad for myself.

  • :bot So high so high so high so high so high so high so high so high so high so high so high so high so high so high so high so high so high so high so high so high so high so high so high so high so high so high so high so high so high so high so high so high so high so high so high so high so high so high so high so high so high so high so high so high so high so high so high so high so high so high so high so high so high so high so high so high so high so high so high so high so high so high so high
    :me what happens
    :my mom sleep now
    :my dad now Eat
    :my sister let play roblox
    :me what is roblox
    :me l wanna to play piano
    :my sister ok

  • I’m a grown ass woman and this legit worked for me today. I’m sick and tired of being stuck in the cubicle for 30 mins waiting for my nose to stop bleeding. Thank you so much! ����

  • Cheers for the video content! Excuse me for the intrusion, I would appreciate your opinion. Have you heard the talk about Trentvorty Kids Science Theorem (search on google)? It is a great one of a kind product for training your child for success minus the hard work. Ive heard some decent things about it and my cooworker after many years got great success with it.

  • My Mom:
    You don’t want THAT! Her favorite when she doesn’t want me to have something!
    Practice makes perfect
    Hurry up
    We can’t afford that
    If you want that you better work hard! You will have to make your own money!
    Oh, that’s just a STORY! She loved to use that one when I learned it from someone she didn’t know well.
    Well, some people may do that but WE don’t!

  • Loving this and your channel a lot! One thing I also try to say every day to my Child is I’M SORRY. Only if needed of course �� but I do find we as adults don’t say I’m sorry enough to our children for things we did or say throughout the day that was not fair. As if our kids wouldn’t care. But they do so deeply! And it makes a huge difference for parent and child.

  • I had an extremely hard upbringing and my mother along with me now realizes how important educated parenting is to prevent mental issues and raise a happy well rounded child. I am planning to become a mother myself in the next year or so, (I am 27) so I am researching as much as I can to make sure I know how to handle situations and make my child feel loved, trusted and accepted. These videos are very helpful and I thank you for making them.

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    via address below..? Or text +1 (626)8724813.\

  • My child is abt to 8 yrs nose bleeding starts when eats some heat food like chicken egg fish can u suggest a remedy or an paracetamol to her

  • This is only for people who are mature and already know the basics of never saying “you are…”, comparing them w people, etc etc.. I hope everyone can get those basics down then grow and work on these too!!! Thanks for your awesome videos!!

  • I never said to my kids kids good job and all this even when they were little I always felt the risk of making them dependent on me. However now that they are 11&14 they tell me I am not a very encouraging person. I think deep inside of them they want to be our heroes. I am sure there is a balance more towards being excited for their achievements but I am not there yet.

  • I really need this afternoon advice! I’ll use it for my 3 year old great grandson, my 29 year old granddaughter and my 50 year old sons. I’m 70 but sometimes they act like I nag and roll their eyes in the air so I can’t wait to do it differently!!! Lol. Always said I love you tho! Even tho I never heard it as a child I have always said it daily to mine. My father told me he loved me on his deathbed. I knew he did been the he meet said it but I knew I was going to say it to my loved ones and how important it is to hear it. It’s still hard for my 94 year old mother to say it to me now….but she tries. Bless her heart…it’s just uncomfortable for her I guess..but I tell her

  • Omg this is a little ridiculous… We are going to raise a bunch of entitled brats. If I asked my parents to talk to me like this when I was a kid, they would have said.. You need to grow up and stop whining!!!

  • I wish my parents said that to me my father micro managed and compared me to my siblings till up to this day. He keeps score of all the wrong. He still true to micro manage all of us if you don’t obey you kicked out. The way he done a lot of things played a hug part of my life and most of it never helped me till today.
    I have my own son I am breaking the cycle in a lot of ways. I do tell him I love his every day with lots hugs and kisses. Lol his only two. Thanks for sharing a positive way to deal with teens.I will definitely remember that when his a teen. Keep making amazing videos

  • I love this. How about saying it the very first thing in the morning as they wake up and before bed.. This could easily slip into their system as well..

  • Very nice video, and very helpful. Although it might be wise, for the reasons mentioned in the interesting video, to find a possible, alternative expression instead of saying to a child “great job” after he/she comes back home with a good grade (Btw… how old is the child? that makes a difference) still emphasizing with the child’s feelings might be very important. There is a way to emphasize with the child WITHOUT making her/him dependent on the parents’ approval or affirmation. This, because although it is very true children should not depend on parents’ approval/affirmation, still they need parents to share their own feelings, specifically when they come back home with a good grade. It is very wise to help children to explore their own feelings, asking them “how do you feel about that?”. Still, ending with a “wonderful”, after the child’s response/exploration of his/her own feelings, might be a valid addition to what the speaker wisely mentioned. That means emphasizing the (hopefully positive) feelings of the child regarding the good grade, creating a SHARED emotional, positive space between the parent and the child, WITHOUT stressing approval/affirmation, implicit instead in that more common and too simplistic “great job”.

  • my mom would always talk about how fat she thought she was and how she always needed to lose weight. she was probably in the 140s-150s not even that bad.. but i remember being so afraid of being fat all my life and i became anorexic in highschool.. im recovered now but being overweight is still a big fear of mine. i dont mean to put all the blame on her but i know its had an impact to some degree

  • nice video, is # 6 reminds from Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad, Poor Dad… “How can we afford that” instead of “We can’t afford that”/

  • My son is 3 and I tell him I love you every day. I get tons of love in return. Sometimes I step on his toys by accident and hurt my feet he would come to me to ask me if I am ok and to hug me and kiss me.
    At playground if kids are mean to him he would just go away and never react aggressively to their aggressive behavior In resume he is very affectionate and loving little guy

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  • Yep I have a 3 year old and these are all great to put into practice, I’ve used all these phrases and I would love to use this advice and change things up. It’s all about perspective, I don’t think it would make kids too soft, in fact, if anything it will help them to be more independent, think for themselves, be treated with more respect, and teach them important life skills, thanks for the reminder that our words can be more constructive and less passive ��

  • This reminds me of how lucky I am to have had a patient, devoted, compassionate, highly intelligent woman bring me into the world and raise me. She cared enough to independently study parenting best practices and infant development, saving for her kids’ college before she was even married. As a single mother later on, she persevered against debilitating circumstances where many would have truly given up. She was not perfect, but she was extraordinary, and the most brilliant human being I ever knew, to this day. God love and help us all to be the best we can for our children. ��

  • U ever notice how kids are incredibly worst than ever?its because of people like this guy I watched the first minute of this and realized the problem with the kids around me,are parents like this.

  • You employ people like this https://www.google.ca/amp/s/www.king5.com/amp/article/news/investigations/mary-bridge-elizabeth-woods-child-abuse-pediatrics/281-d4fc8654-1acb-4906-b900-2034190ef2a9 you should be ashamed!!!! And compensate all the parents and children affected!

  • I love how you make absolutely relevant videos. Thank you. You have inspired me to start my own channel too. I am a teacher and a mother to a three year old. I would love some support and love from people like you and other mothers here. Thank you for making videos and helping us out! We love you.

  • I would’ve KILLED for a “great job” on my report card. Instead I’d get “You need to do better. You’re supposed to get all A’s. Pay attention to the teacher.”

    Keep in mind I DID get all A’s…except in math, because even if the answers were all correct, not finishing a timed test was worse than filling in all random answers. Curse my desire to actually do the tests, I suppose. -_-

  • My baby girl just turned 6 months and she crawls like a professional all over and sits up. It’s amazing what babies are capable of now a days.

  • On number 6. How do I explain finances to a 4 year old, I’ve always tried to engage him in grocery shopping but is now starting to fuss and demand extra toys and/or candy we can’t afford. How do I make him understand?

  • That why taste this. Morning i wake up Had my first Nosebleed don’t use vaseline my mom sed pack it Next Time I’m not use it this good min was like River thick really long finely stop

  • Yes I think beating repetition into your kids can exhaust the parents as well as the children. I like to keep things simple and calm and read their energy. Great job Dr Paul

  • 1 I love you unconditionally no matter what and there’s nothing you need to do to qualify for my love.

    2 If you have any questions ask, (about anything)

    3. Good Luck. (about anything) basically let them learn on their own sometimes

    saved you 6 minutes, keep youtubing

  • Short video with simple remedies… unlike other videos featuring doctors pontificating on and on about a myriad of remedies that MIGHT be helpful. Also, Dr. Wei’s delivery is professional, relaxed, and pleasant to watch.