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Women with breast implants are all around us. And many of these women have no health issues at all from these implants. However, Allergan voluntarily issued a worldwide recall of Biocell textured breast implants and tissue expanders that have been linked to a rare cancer. The uptick in media stories and the global recall have naturally inspired fear in women who have received textured implants, but the chance of developing BIA–ALCL remains low. Health Canada.

On July 24, the FDA recalled Allergan BIOCELL textured breast implants because of the increased risk of anaplastic large cell lymphoma, also called BIA-ALCL. Breast Implant Recall: What You Need to Know Written By:Stacy Simon July 25, 2019 The pharmaceutical company Allergan has recalled all BioCell textured breast implants at the request of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) because they have been linked to a rare type of lymphoma: breast implant associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma (BIA-ALCL). July 24, 2019 Pharmaceutical giant Allergan has ordered the recall of all of its BIOCELL textured breast implants after the FDA flagged a. MIAMI (CBSMiami) — Earlier this year, breast implant manufacturer Allergan voluntarily recalled its BIOCELL textured breast implants. However, what does that mean for the women who have those implants in their bodies right now?

While some doctors are removing more and more implants, others say, there is no need to rush in to surgery. Allergan voluntarily recalled its Biocell textured breast implants last week after the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) pushed for the company to take. After announcing earlier this year they would NOT issue a recall, the FDA is doing an about-face by announcing medical device maker Allergan has agreed to.

Something to note: While the administration requested the recall the affected Allergen textured implants and urged their removal from shelves and future procedures, the FDA doesn’t advise women to. No. It’s not a mandate like a recall of a car that will malfunction for sure if you drive it.

Currently, both the FDA and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons advise against removing textured breast implants in the absence of symptoms. Keep in mind that over 99.9% of women with Allergan implants will never get ALCL.

List of related literature:

Recently published studies have shown that women with silicone gel-filled breast implants do not have a greatly increased risk of some well-defined autoimmune diseases, which were among the serious health concerns surrounding the devices.

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In the 1980s, women with silicone implants reported certain patterns of illness, including severe joint and muscle pain, fatigue, and weight loss.

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Since 1992, the use of silicone gel breast implants has been restricted by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) based on concerns related to autoimmune and connective tissue disorders.

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Another study that demonstrated the importance of a longer follow-up period evaluated the impact of silicone-filled breast implants on the immune system in 32 patients attending a specialized autoimmunity clinic.

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Millions of women have undergone breast implant surgery since silicone gel–filled implants were introduced more than 40 years ago, and implantation surgery continues to be one of the most popular procedures in plastic surgery.

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Affected women may notice decreased breast size, pain, tingling, swelling,numbness,burning,or changes in sensation.With silicone implants, silicone gel may migrate away from the implant, causing hard knots in the breast and lumps (granulomas) in the chest wall,armpit,arm,or abdomen.

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More recently, there have been a number of large studies which have failed to confirm an association between the development of autoimmune diseases and silicone breast implants [233–235].

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  • My mom has the natrelle texture implants for 13 years and now she needs to replace them for new ones, because they are ruptured from inside..
    I have round smooth mentor implants, I think they are much safer than the texture ones. I’m also awared that I will need to earn money and put it on the bank for a decade or so, in case I’ll need to replace them.
    Luckily my mom has a good health insurance so next year she can get the surgery again (she is 45) but I believe when she turns 60 she will need to take them and have enough money earned to replace them or quit implants forever.
    I’m planning to quit implants when I get 50-60s I won’t need them anymore and really I don’t want to suffer any condition when I get older.

  • Dear Dr. Youn,..After watching your videos I realized that I have a pair of Allergans recalled implants:/…I called a great local surgeon, and I have filed a claim, and will be having them replaced.:).”Thank you” for your very educational videos. You literally are saving me from the risk of ALCL….
    Good thing I included #Graviola in my diet, for wellness….Let’s pray my replacement surgery goes well….
    Many thanks

  • Its to late
    the supplier will be sued for some time.

    Why is it that the other companies takes it time to recall while other companies already have issued an recall.
    Its a issue all over the world. ��

  • I respect your willingness & knowledge to address this issue
    Not a personal concern of mine, knowing in wisdom that everytime we enter into anything thats invasive…yes there are risks & thats ‘why’ people need a physician who is willing to educate & discuss honestly…..let Wisdom be our guide in “all” things
    Much respect,
    thank you Dr.Youn

  • Regyardless of what kind of implant is being used in the delicate human body’, Autoimmune problem’s are popping up more and more,!! We will be seeing the awakening of a wiser and more mindful woman when she takes her time to realize her ego and her self image was not healthy in the first place…My daughter is learning this lesson now and has a very important decision to make about what she’s done to her own body.

  • Thank you for this important information. Question, is the company responsible for the replacement of a different implant and medical expenses?

  • Very informative video! I think the FDA should recall all textured implants if they can cause cancer, not just Allergan. Why take the risk of developing cancer (and possibly dying!) when there are other options available��‍♀️

  • My wife and I have been researching breast implants. She wants to get breast augmentation. Can you tell me if there is any correlation between BII and smooth or textured implants as well? We have really enjoyed you videos and research. Very informative. Thank you!

  • Thank you Dr. Youn. I have followed your reviews on other websites for years. So glad you have this forum. Excellent presentation. Always so informative & helpful for our decisions. Many women do not understand the risks & treat getting implants as a right of passage at 16 years old. The parents are OK with that. This is great food for thought. Thanks

  • Company: what if we purposely made shitty implants at low cost, recall them and keep the profits.

    Company: good plan, we can do this a couple more times

  • Hi Doc!!! I love your videos pls keep updating us! Love the info. I’m from Mexico city and I’ve been visiting some doctors here they all offer motiva implants, do you know something about them? Are those safe? Thank you!

  • Thank you for the update on breast implants. Are Gummy Bear Implants textured and at risk? Look forward to your upcoming videos and appreciate you sharing your knowledge. So very kind of you.

  • Hi Dr Youn,
    I’m from the UK.
    Twenty three years ago I had silicone implants inserted on the NHS. I had no problems at all, until a year ago when my breasts became very uncomfortable. Then ALL the joints in my body became painful, and still are, and I also suffer from fatigue.
    I saw a consultant who was very blasé about my condition. She wrote reluctantly to the clinical commissioning group who said I didn’t fit the criteria to have them removed.
    I don’t know what’s going on, and don’t know what to do now? My Dr isn’t even concerned.
    What do you think?

  • You look exactly like the guy that was bending me over a few weeks ago. He was a big asshole…turns out he had a girlfriend for 8 years while he was bending me over.

  • I have the Mentor brand smooth shell and I have not any problems with them. I have had them for 33 years. Thank you Dr. Yong for keeping us informed.

  • what do you think about the relation between capsular contraction and different surfaces? I thought this was the reason for using of texture implants? Best regards

  • Had to have a double mastectomy a few years back and my doctor used the textured ones after the first ones did not look properly. Am I at higher risk of getting this cancer if I have a previous history of cancer?? Very scary because if it were not for the breast cancer I never would have gotten implants. Don’t have insurance now so I can’t even go to a Dr. to get checked. My Dr lives in another state. Is the company at least liable to the people who have the implants.?

  • I’m afraid of dealing with all these potential implant problems down the road. Plus the maintenance and checkups. Do you think a fat transfer is a good alternative if a small increase in size is wanted?

  • BIA-ALCL IS ON THE RISE; Of 457 confirmed cases of the condition caused by implants — called Breast Implant Associated-Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma or BIA-ALCL — nine patients have died. Based on existing research, the FDA says the frequency of the disease ranges anywhere from 1 in 3,000 women with implants to 1 in 30,000. Some 1.5 million women get breast implants every year.

  • Thank you for taking the time to explain. I had breast implants placed in 2009 due to a Bilateral Mastectomy for breast cancer. My wallet card says Natrelle Saline filled implants style 163 how do I know if these are textured implants or not?

  • I currently have these implants. According to the current literature the risk associated with removing them (ie: post op infection, anesthesia complications) is greater than the risk of developing the secondary lymphoma.
    I am an RN. I was diagnosed with BRCA 1 a hereditary genetic mutation that predisposed me to a substantially higher risk of developing breast and/or ovarian cancer in my lifetime. I underwent prophylactic surgeries to reduce my risk of both can cancers, only to expose myself to risk of a different cancer. Currently my surgeon is not recommending I remove them without having symptoms. I feel that each patient is different and should be treated on case by case basis.

  • What do you recommend after repeated capsular contracture? Had saline implants in for 14 years with no problems. Switched to silicone in 2016 and left breast got a capsular contracture. Had surgery on the same breast in 2017 and same thing happened but worse. Had a textured implant put in in 2018 and the breast was fine for 2 1/2 years. Recently had surgery to replace the implant because of the recall, to be safe. Is there anything I can do to try to avoid he capsular constracture?

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  • Plastic surgeons that how people get cancer has fake boobs and Botox and all places are just as much losers as the people going in for a self-obsessed and selfish and don’t care about anything but themselves. Resurgens make a ton of money doing it and that’s all we care about. They’re not even doctors don’t heal don’t save lives. Greed and evil and in hand

  • I have these implants and I had severe inflammation in my chest.. And shortness of breath..brain fog and I’m only 26… Now in the process of getting them out

  • I have the Allergan textured implants. For about 10yrs. I developed scar tissue on my left side after surgery. I went under the muscle & I’m aware you are at a higher risk for developing scar tissue when going under the muscle. That all being said, I do a thorough breast exam yearly (mammogram and ultrasound) I’m planning on getting them replaced w/a lift asap. And a tummy tuck w/ face too. Ohh that’s gonna hurt ��. Your video was very informative. Thank you!

  • Hi,I have had allergan MHP INAMED textured silicone implants for 12 years,I have been very ill for around 10 years.I’m trying to find out if these implants I have are biocell or microcell.allergan have replied to me but not told me what type they are but class them as natrelle textured and sent me an attachment on the email which is the natrelle brochure,would you know what ones they are,thanks.

  • How would you know if you have textured implants? I remember getting a little card stating the company name and product number of implant. Would it state on the card if they are textured?

  • I had the operation 4 months ago (Allergan). And now I’m so scare… don’t know what to do. Should I remove them? In my country all use texture implants usually, I don’t know why.