What U.S. States Can Study from COVID-19 Transition Planning in Europe


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What U.S. States Can Learn From COVID-19 Transition Planning in Europe Europe’s method of reopening is markedly different from the U.S. plan. Europe’s method of reopening is markedly different from the U.S. plan. Getty Images / Valery Hache What US states can learn from COVID-19 transition planning in Europe. What US states can learn from COVID-19 transition planning in Europe Holly Jarman, John G. Searle Assistant Professor, University of Michigan, Scott L. Greer, Professor, Global Health Management and Policy and Political Science, University of Michigan, and Sarah Rozenblum, Doctoral candidate, public health, University of Michigan.

What US states can learn from COVID-19 transition planning in Europe. as in some U.S. states, the science behind their reopening decisions is less clear. to. What US states can learn from COVID-19 transition planning in Europe. By Holly Jarman, Sarah Rozenblum, Scott L. Greer; May 14, 2020; After a rapid rise in coronavirus cases throughout Europe particularly Italy and Spain tough public health measures “flattened the curve.” That is, the spread of the virus slowed enough so fewer people would need treatment at the same time.

What U.S. States Can Learn from COVID-19 Transition Planning in Europe What can we learn from Europe’s example? The three of us – two professors at the University of Michigan and a Ph.D. student, all specializing in health policy and politics – are trying to answer that question. The impact of Covid-19 on the energy system was discussed in an online climate change workshop that also considered how machine learning can help electricity planning in Africa.

7 countries we can all learn from to fight future pandemics, according to the WHO. Future pandemics will happen, so we have to learn the lessons from COVID-19, says Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, World Health Organization Director-General. On Mar.

6, a U.S. Navy sailor stationed at Naval Support Activity Naples tested positive for the coronavirus (COVID-19), marking the first positive case of a U.S. service member in Europe. The member is currently restricted to their residence, receiving supportive and medical care in accordance with the Centers for Disease Control and.

The Department of State advises all U.S. citizens to read the country-specific Travel Advisories and U.S. Embassy COVID pages for updates on the impact of COVID-19 worldwide.. The COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect countries differently.

List of related literature:

Since 1990, a major shift has occurred, and the new major destinations include Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Massachusetts, Virginia, and Maryland.

“Immigrants in American History: Arrival, Adaptation, and Integration [4 volumes]: Arrival, Adaptation, and Integration” by Elliott Robert Barkan
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At least 25% of the states adopted planning laws that have legitimized and increased such usage within state governments, and also often in local governments, such as Georgia, Maine, New Jersey, Vermont, Rhode Island, and Washington.

“Manual of Geospatial Science and Technology” by John D. Bossler, James B. Campbell, Robert B. McMaster, Chris Rizos
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As of November 2004, the following states are active in NAAMP: Delaware, Florida, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, and West Virginia.

“Amphibian Declines: The Conservation Status of United States Species” by Michael J. Lannoo
from Amphibian Declines: The Conservation Status of United States Species
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Looking back at the state diagram in Figure 2.5, we see that most of the states have only one possible transition.

“Effective LabVIEW Programming: (*new file uploaded 02/19/15)” by Thomas Bress
from Effective LabVIEW Programming: (*new file uploaded 02/19/15)
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Party conventions in Connecticut, Maryland, Indiana, Minnesota, and Iowa quickly followed New Hampshire’s lead, and legislators in New Jersey, California, Maryland, Michigan, Wisconsin, Kansas, Maine, and Rhode Island emulated their counterparts in Pennsylvania.

“Abraham Lincoln: A Life” by Michael Burlingame
from Abraham Lincoln: A Life
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Still, Florida,4 Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, and Wisconsin are placing the greatest emphasis on entrepreneurial approaches (see Figure 16-2).

“Politics In The American States: A Comparative Analysis” by Virginia Gray, Russell L. Hanson, Thad Kousser
from Politics In The American States: A Comparative Analysis
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61In2012 thirty states with both conservative and liberal legislatorswere moving forward withsuch proposals,with major headway being made in Ohio, Virginia,Florida, Texas,and Kansas.

“Doing Christian Ethics from the Margins” by Miguel A. De La Torre, American Council of Learned Societies
from Doing Christian Ethics from the Margins
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Individual states also started organizing at this time to begin regulating nursing; North Carolina was the first state to do so, along with New York, New Jersey, and Virginia.

“Health Policy and Advanced Practice Nursing: Impact and Implications” by Kelly A. Goudreau, PhD, RN, ACNS-BC, FAAN, Mary C. Smolenski, EdD, MS, FNP, FAANP
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Together with the District of Columbia, the top ten Humphrey states—Hawaii, Washington, Minnesota, Michigan, West Virginia, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Maine—should prove to be the core of national Democratic strength.

“The Emerging Republican Majority: Updated Edition” by Kevin P. Phillips, Sean Wilentz
from The Emerging Republican Majority: Updated Edition
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To learn how American civic life and politics have been upended and remade in recent times, these researchers unpack nationally consequential changes in pivotal states ranging from Florida to Wisconsin, North Carolina to Pennsylvania, Michigan to Texas.

“Upending American Politics: Polarizing Parties, Ideological Elites, and Citizen Activists from the Tea Party to the Anti-Trump Resistance” by Theda Skocpol, Caroline Tervo
from Upending American Politics: Polarizing Parties, Ideological Elites, and Citizen Activists from the Tea Party to the Anti-Trump Resistance
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  • IDIOTS!!!!!Yugoslavia doesn’t exist for more than 30 years, same with Czechoslovakia, Slovenia is part of the EU for more than 16 years and Croatia for 6!!!!!

  • “Europe’s Coronavirus Strategy’ Only US media can be so ignorant to believe that Europe has 1 single strategy, as if they’re a single country just like the US. Spain, Italy, France, Uk, Germany etc all have different strategies.

  • England: So…..our country can’t really do anything else to further prevent the virus….so……..let’s go tell other countries what to do!

  • Why carnt us from UK and Europe put same laws in same systems like a AHS aka NHS then they wouldn’t get this problem the laws in America are stupid hense the issue change the laws change the system look after your people its as easy as that trump is not fit for this hes a okish man but change is needed but I see America if America gets hit with second wave it will be bad

  • The US are putting other countries (that actually did what’s right and sacrified a lot) at risk with their selfish stupid behavior! Why do they always consider they’re not concerned and they’re better than the rest of the world? It’s so f***ing exhausting for us to make huge efforts (for our planet as well) and to see that these idiots never make any, turning the efforts we make almost useless because they won’t follow… WHEN WILL YOU LEARN?!

  • Trump would have had much better chances, then for example Obama, to convince conservative Americans to stick to the rules. Only Nixon could go to China

  • I’m pretty sure this is illegal, or at least this cannot be legally binding. I wouldn’t borrow a sent to the EU clowns, and the citizens of european countries should not ever pay a cent to this corruption!

  • The only difference is Trump. He’s killed loads of you. I’m sure he meant the best, being a stable genius, but you’ve gotta be judged on the results. Get rid.

  • The Leaders Pride is the cause of the skyrocketing COVID-19…They should have closed the borders when received the first warnings from WHO and Health officials…May God bless us all, May He comforted the Families of the victims-may their souls rest in eternal peace!!!!

  • Where old USA? The one who won ww2, the cold war… Sent the man to the moon…Who created the premise of modern computers…At the moment = USA loser!
    Greetings from Europe

  • Most intelligent Americans recognize that our federal government has handled this terribly. And all the people who follow DT and his politicizing of the pandemic refuse to wear masks, socially distance and stay home. Reopening was premature and now we are suffering the consequences. There hasn’t been a unified effort at the national level to contain and reduce infections and then there has been inconceivable questioning of infectious disease experts. The level of stupidity is mind numbing, maddening and frustrating for so many of us. It truly makes me wish I was living in Canada, Australia or somewhere in the EU.

  • With all the underlying long term effects the virus has on survivors (supposedly)
    Just looking at deaths is a little short term. If the virus leaves millions with long term health issues it will impact on healthcare and the economy for many years to come. Sow the seeds for the future people.

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  • This is the narrative we need to keep sticking toone that shows there’s a pathway out of this, because others have already done it. It must become impossible for people to keep shrugging their shoulders and insisting our current problem was inevitable.

  • Are you serious ����, Europe is struggling to contain outbreaks, within 2 weeks of opening cases are creeping back up, area lockdowns are back, it’s a disaster zone. No one has any idea what to do. President Trump is doing his best, blm out in USA streets are causing your surges

  • “Learn? Since when do Americans have to learn from anyone? We’re supposed to be #1, remember?” * looks for his little red hat *

  • Haha, is it so hard to mention China. Yes… CHINA.Vietnam too. They handle the pandemic well, but I know the west, esp US pride is hard to swallow. Among all the Caucasian ctries, only New Zealand handle this pandemic well.

  • What’s up, I recommend you to buy a face masks pack. Because face masks help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Because it’s possible to have coronavirus around you without showing symptoms, it is best to wear a face covering even if you think you are healthy. A mask helps contain small droplets that come out of your mouth and/or nose when you talk, sneeze or cough. If you have COVID-19 and are not showing symptoms, a face mask reduces your chance of spreading the infection to others. If you are healthy, a mask may protect you from larger droplets from people. So buy now, here is a quick review of face masks.

    • This is a general use face mask.

    • This mask is not intended for medical use, and not proven to reduce the transmission of disease.

    • Pack of 50 masks. These masks should be disposed of after each use.

    • Keep the blue-side outside and the nose clip on the upper side.

    • 3-ply, with a melt-blown polypropylene filtration layer.

    • Made in China.


  • Europe has a bad history on this, despite what liberals and socialists will try to mislead you with. Most US libs are completely unaware of the Swedish model. That’s because they were educated in substandard schools. Sweden decided not to listen to Neil Ferguson or Gerry Fauci. They kept their economy open, and made relatively minor changes in social practices, and are closing in on herd immunity. Testing is up, asymptomatic cases are up, deaths are down. NBC is lying to you when they insist that lockdowns will defeat a virus.

  • the worst is yet to come specialty now that its mutating faster than anybody expected and going after younger healthier this time and doing more damage than last time very disturbing it just shows we have no idea what we’re dealing with think about it this virus is never been on the planet before so we really dont know how to stop it or even contain it long enough to find a weakness to it to defeat it or arrest it like his with strong medicine in the early stages before aids and its to late know one knows truly how powerful and long lasting effects it will have onbour species or the worst outcome the second wave will team up with the first wave and wipe us out on 2 fronts with overwhelming our medical infrastructure and not enough hospitals left to stop it from exploding everywhere and become our extinction level event.
    No one really knows whats going to happen and how much more this pandemic has up its sleeve in-store for us but not wearing mask and not social distancing the right way and a leader who rather save the stock market and economy over the survival ofbour species I got to say ifbthats not a bad start were off to already then were in serous trouble on epic proportions and we really never had a chance to begin with anyway maybe this is our extinction event im mean its not meant for a species to survive forever just look at history it always seems to repeat itself again and again and we never learn from our past mistakes until earth says ivevhad enough with a catastrophic event that changes everything forever and restarts the game over again with us not it but something else this time

  • Learn from Europe…really? Look at the number of cases and death per capita. Europe also has failed miserably, just not as disastrous as the US.
    Why not look at Asia or Oceania? Pick almost any country, the number of cases per capita is easily less than 10% of what Europe or US have.
    Africa is also doing better than Europe and US. Look at Uganda, Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Zambia… < 100 cases per million people (US > 10,000, Europe > 2,000), death per capita < 3 per million (US > 400, Europe > 100), and positive rate < 3% (US still > 8%).

  • It’s 3 minutes to midnight and Angela Merkel job is near completed, she couldn’t care or give a rats arse if she looses at the next election, the destruction of Europe from within is near done and dusted, and her life ambition is 97% completed… the real guilty it’s not her, it’s the German people that have elected her for the past 12 years… perpetrated actions in election rigging have led to the end of the E.U.

  • It is too late. People here never learn from others. Stupidity is everywhere, look at our president, look at our cdc experts, look at our governors, even we have one smart guy, things will not go this bad. Stupidity costs lives and more people will dye for sure.

  • The big difference is TRAVEL RESTRICTIONS. This was a part of European covid strategies, and is even more important than social distancing or mask-wearing. In Ireland, people were asked to stay home, only come out for essentials, and not travel more than 5km from their home (unless they’re frontline workers). That 5km was later relaxed to 20km, and then finally unrestricted. Travel restrictions localized the clusters of infections and helped to stem the spread. Our curve is flat, but half of us are still in our homes in full lockdown (because we know it’s not over yet). We’re not allowed travel outside of the country yet, but our stupid new government has opened the airports to international travel. Please, stay home, stay safe.

  • When the world finds out the truth, they are literally going to lose their minds. People love lies the world tells them and refuse any and all truth from shattering their false sense of security. Reminding the world daily and perpetuating new fears is the what continues to hold those that have been taken captive by evil. Wake up people! The coronavirus is not real. COVID 19 is a psychological operation: MK Ultra, Cointelpro… Nothing new. For many, it will take the gilloutines coming out before they become willing to listen and accept the truth. Wake up! Phase 2 of the New World Order is underway! WAKE UP!

  • To Whom It May Concern:

    I am writing to share with you an Idea about possible prevention of the spread of the CoronaVirus.

    I strongly believe that spraying salty water can prevent the spread of the Virus. By this I mean, to spray it on walls, ceilings, floors, furniture, cloth, hairs etc. The salty solution can also be spread on air to breath it. It can be done by continuously dropping the solution in front of a fan by a mechanical machine to spread it in the air of the rooms of hospitals, dental clinics, offices, school’s hallways, classrooms and more. It can also be beneficial to the lungs while breathing that salty air. The salts residue on the solid material remains active for weeks and months to come. The matter of fact is that it cost pennies to implement it but its benefits can bring back the crippling economy and save lives. For God’s sake, please give it a try.

    It is due to the concentrated salt in the water of oceans and seas that the growth of Bacteria and Viruses are prevented. This is indeed a Heavenly Blessing (Rahmat of Allah).

    There is a lake in northern Iran having a high concentration of salt. One cannot find a single living matter in that lake, not even a single bacteria.

    For God’s Sake Please give it a try. There is nothing to lose but gain everything. Thank you


    Ali Umar Jamily

  • In order to learn from Europe, Canada and Taiwan’s methods….
    Americans have to be willing to learn……..which they never will because America is the “greatest country in the world.”

  • Coronavirus is not over yet. Not in Europe, not in New Zealand, nowhere. We shouldn’t celebrate early victory. It is still going on.

  • Italy did autopsies. Coronavirus is a Bacteria not a virus that is amplified by G5. We have been lied too! Causes blood clots, so you can’t breathe.

  • If, and a very big if, the worldometer numbers are not edited, go check total deaths, by country and month a year from now. You will see no change in death rate. When will people wake up to the bull coming from the media????

  • 0:50 Actually, in Germany the 16 federal states are responsible for infectous disease containment. However, they all did what was necessary, with slight variations. The federal government only made recommendations.

  • I would suggest you shut up about Europe and stop fabricating and lying since it’s terrorism activity that’s unacceptable and banal!

  • In the Netherlands, 13,000 medici, homedoctors, specialists and surgeons
    have issued a burn letter against the measures related to the corona
    virus. They find the measures poorly substantiated and demand how and
    where the information was formulated. There are many questions about the
    pandemic, that should not actually be called a pandemic. The Dutch
    government has made every effort to impose strict measures, but doctors
    and citizens and many scientists are not convinced of the motivation.
    Finally the truth will come to the table. So Trump was also right that
    there are questions about the WHO. So the basis to sell vaccines to
    billions of people is the motivation to scare people and are based on
    baked air. More and more scientist are making the same conclusion, covid
    19 shall been reveiled as the hoax of the century. Selling dangerous
    vaccins should be worth a kapital punishment.

  • Universal health care is one major reason why the European countries were able to follow the pandemic-response plans which have existed in print since 1996, but especially since 2017.

  • Americans don’t need a lesson from Europe. What they need is to learn that many of their fellow citizens are selfish and/or stupid to support a president who thinks 128K deaths is doing a good job on the logic that it’s not 2 Mil deaths.

  • It’s funny how Americans think that one person is to blame for everything including mass stupidity, rather than be cautious, put on a mask and follow basic social distancing rules. There is such thing called common sense and seemingly it doesn’t make part of their vocabulary.

  • It will come back in Europe again. Too soon to make conclusion about Covid19 in any country. Real story is not even started. It will be a time probably everyday 100 million people get Covid19 in daily basis worldwide.

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  • Please take your body seriously, think about your habits, dont worry
    about virus, virus is information, please be happy.
    https://youtu.be/7BUHPC1vr5s maybe you get english subs

  • The REAL difference is that the US is testing more people, thus finding all the asymptomatic peoplen whereas in Europe (where I live) no one is testing, which is why the number of cases has dropped. It’s all a political game to make Trump look bad.

  • Other countries don’t go through the political blame game the way we do. Of course if our numbers are even accurate (whether higher or lower)

  • It’s a bit pointless as this pandemic is far from over so comparing nations is futile as we will be witnessing wave after wave of infections and deaths. Unfortunately theres not many ways out of this now so we will have to hope that a vaccine will be found as if not we will have to either contract the virus or work together to achieve a synchronised global lockdown where we are all boarded up in our homes for a couple of months and that ain’t gonna happen. Having had covid-19 myself I can tell you it’s not a pleasent experience.

  • But almost every european country admitted that closing schools was a mistake. Schools arent an motor for covid 19. Sweden had high death per capita (okay you cant messure deaths by capita but for an example in this case) and they didnt have a single death of young children so far and they never closed the schools and pre schools for kids 0-15 years old.

  • Makes me smile. Ireland ���� carried out a bloody war for sovereignty from Uk for 300 Years and won. Unbelievably discards it like a dirty dishcloth to the slums of Naples, Belgrade and wannabe impoverished nations in line to join.

  • If you listened to everyone telling you this was going to be a huge problem maybe we would not be in the sinking boat we are all in due to your ignorance! We are not listening to your asinine suggestions any longer Rump! You have never been in front of this, “Making America Great” the death toll as of this morning 136,671. My wife is Thai they are next to China, they have a King that cares, death toll there 58. Now you tell me he is in front of this? btw Thailand has been taking this very seriously they were on total lockdown and have already been receiving money from the government free electricity, water, and their mortgages are being taken care of. I have always thought I was living in the greatest country on earth! When this blows over, I’m moving to Thailand I can not stand where our country is going! have you received any assistance? me neither!
    IF YOU ARE WONDERING, See how we are doing compared to the rest of the world, it’s sickening if you are from the U.S. The
    rest of the world is serious!

  • European countries had adult leadership for one, and their populations didn’t behave like spoiled children when unpleasant things had to be done, they (mostly, there are always idiots) pulled together like adults.

  • This is pure propaganda from NBC. Looks at deaths per million. USA: 413, Spain: 607, UK: 658, Italy: 578, France: 460. Europe flattened because they already killed the most vulnerable! And NBC’s explanation for the spike is pure fabrication. How does politicization effect a virus? LOL! Notice how NBC never gives a source for their explanation. Because it’s a POLITICAL explanation! NBC is trying to blame Trump for a friggin’ virus!

  • What is the difference between the U.S and Europe? EU teachers at schools says to young kids “science is above religions” while they say “everyone is free to trust science or not regarless its religion”. That’s explain why some americans still think it’s a hoak and are hidden super spreaders.

  • US should learn from Asia, not Europe. Western world sucked in handling this pandemic. Western government lack empathy. Yes economy will fall, it doesn’t mean it can be rise up again. Only need discipline, care and sacrifice for a time being. But western world failed that because of being on the top for so long make you guys being arrogant, spoiled and entitled. Western education teach the “I am” instead of “We are” attitude. The virus don’t care about your skin color, your religion, your nationality, your politic and your ideology. Work together, that’s all you need.

  • In a pandemic scenario, the LEADERS should be the front-line doctors and clinical researchers who develop and prove safe, effective treatment protocols that keep a person out of the ICU. Not politicians. And especially not the main stream media talking heads. The higher echelons of the medical establishment have let our nation down by refusing to promote and support a national standard of care that works.

  • Used old map of Europe, wasn’t aware Czech Slovakia and Yugoslavia were still around. America can’t even learn geography let alone deal with a pandemic ��

  • March on the White House, demand Trump’s removal. Remember the most scared he was, hiding in the bunker? People need to stay surrounding the White House until he resigns or he tries to get the military to clear out the people, forcing the military to decide what side it’s on. Top military leaders already hate Trump so as soon as they have a valid reason they will move on the White House to arrest Trump and take over. Then an effective national plan can be implemented to actually slow down the virus before tens of thousands more lives are lost.

  • Children will learn more from observing your action during these times than they would ever have learned had they spent this time in school

  • Errr… Singapore is gold standard no more ya. Cases is rising like crazy due to the people in charge missing the obvious elephant in the room. Cases reaching more than 9000 as of 20 Apr.

  • Thanks for this important information from around the world. I feel less isolated while I’m in self-isolation…lol Here’s hoping other countries are learning from Singapore’s positive example.

  • I think this is an interesting debate. What is needed here is tranparency. The recovery fund has been decided upon. There is not much we can do in order to prevent it. Will the money be spoilt?? What we need here is transparency. The commission should publish a report on it in a year and/ or in regular intervals. The report should be written in a way so that regular people are able to understand it. It should be detailed. Will a certain amount of the money be spent for ventilators in hospitals? That’s fine. Everybody will say: Yes, that’s the purpose of that money. It’s well spent. Or will the money be spent for buildings such as the “Elbphilharmony” (a modern concert hall here in Germany which cost 800 million Euro)? People will say: This is mismanagement. Will the money be given to the automobile industry in order to build electric cars? Well…. if these cars are eco-efficient, there’s nothing wrong with this. However, if the cars are even more destructive to the environment, it’s a bad thing. And so on. What we need here is a report on how the money is used. In the end, I’m afraid, we will witness a situation similar to the situation well-known from development policy: Big amounts of money are spent. Nobody knows where it went. It’s experts and bureaucrats who get rich by that money. Apart from that, it doesn’t have any real effect.

  • Im not against the EU but we swedes pay the highest taxes in all of europe so that we can handle crisis like this. Everyone else banned us specifically, from traveling to their countries and said we were doing a bad job at containing the spread and now you all want our money?

  • In the history of Europe, never has so much been given by so many, to so few. (with apologies to Sir Winston Churchill, as he turns in his grave).

  • It seems strange that all entities choosing the word “united” in their title names, consist of several very different factions that constantly display “ununited” behaviour.

  • EU has been on crises in the last decays. If the EU project shoould have a chance to survive, it would have to reorganise and regroup. Take all the politics out. Keep it back to the basics. working together with free trade amongst suverain nations in Europe. And do not block any country to make good trade deals outside Europe.

  • This will eventually result in the rapacious consumption of your middle and lower classes, as it grows and evolves, just as it has here in the US… More importantly, how can one get a date with the handsome gentleman from Brussels?

  • Pandemic, it goes to show how easy it is to fool and control the public, mental and the funny thing is I think they put the antiseptic wash in there eyes either that or just blind

  • I Germany, if you had a contact with a covid patient, you’re not getting tested. Probably that is why the curve is flattened. They don’t do tests.

  • Now the EU shoud get back all the factories from China,we have here in Europe jobless people for production,stoping emigration from Africa via Italy.

  • 15:00 “In favour of free-trade but it doesn’t mean you give people
    money to buy your products”
    Actually that is exactly what Maynard Keynes suggested at Breton Woods.
    Countries running a huge surplus should have 3 years to spend it or take a huge fine.

  • @ 17:54 speaker says, no one whats to paye more. But the north got forced to pays more and guaranteed loans for the south, lets guess where he’s is from.
    We need a Eu wide referendum on continue membership to EU.

  • main question from me is… are we going to have to have a referendum in each and every member state to change EU constitution? i sure hope so. no one have voted on integrated project like that. my country joined purely economical union back in 2003. my opinion is that if you change a contract you also need to have a new signatures underneath it. and dee only legit signature in democratic societies should be referendum. my thoughts. not joint agreement in EU institutions.

    if federation is pushed on populations by EU deals, then whole hell will get lose. be careful! you can’t solve populism by signing new contract. you have to address main three issuesborder, cultural and economical securities. people are legitimately afraid to lose sovereign control over those three main pillars of each society. thy don’t want Brussels to decide for them. this is a culture war. populous against elites. patriotism against globalism. my view… and i’m not a Russian bot.

  • You’re right Europe really killed it. Only Belgium, uk, Spain, Italy, Sweden, and France have higher deaths per capita than US. �� https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jh76roU8x2mWMSH6XTDAP0H6Ic7QYvxy/view?usp=drivesdk

  • Seems to be contradicting statements to say that they take the money out of the EU budget and then to say they aren’t asking for more money from member countries. Who is paying for the new holes in the budget?
    Aren’t these people educated in economy at all?

  • the fault is NOT in the decision makers. Covid cases in USA soared because of confusing MEDIA output. Some medias, such as Fox News, kept telling people that this is just regular seasonal flu, while other medias took things more seriously. This contradictory media coverage on the issue made the people of USA unsure as what to do, and what to think. And still does so.
    Here in Europe, national medias have worked together to stress the seriousness of the virus, and the importance of hygiene and social distancing. And this has been huge help keeping things and people under control.
    Free Press is admirable thing, but in times of crisis, you should have tighter control over your national medias. So as to stop them from talking bull.

  • The debt can and must be cancelled in the future. The “no free lunch exists” and deficit watch dogs are a scourge of humankind. Too many people have too much and they must pay. This is a very good step for europe. The only step that can be done. We go on the good diraction

  • A news viral in nepal many european country like:italy,and other country doesn’t follow the world health oraganization rule,regulation its true or not plz sure me

  • Still trying to keep to keep the bullshit going. Politicians are trying to save their asses and “control” the population. Death rate converges on 1/1500, similar to annual flu death rate (see world stats, main data table), after that the disease dies out. Death rates have been tailing off for the last 2 months, and have been unaffected by the surge of “new cases”, which are not new, they are people who caught it previously and didn’t get sick.
    Their only defence now is poor educational standards and inability to read charts or understand numbers.

  • 0:45 Well, so you have no idea how Europe looks like in 21st century. It’s 30 year old map that you’re using. Let me tell you something: Yugoslavia doesnt exist since 1992 and Czechoslovakia doesnt exist since 1993. Instead of Yugoslavia there are 7 new states (for example Slovenia, Croatia or North Makedonia…) and Czechoslovakia was divided into the Czech Republic and Slovakia. You should learn more about Europe and then talk about it.

  • Please U.K. remove Portugal from the list. People in Portugal need to be safe again and change part of the economy from tourism to agriculture.

  • In my country people didn’t wear masks, but we did have an effective lock down. The government has faith in the scientists and told people to stay home. And the social security system helped some of the people that lost their jobs during the lockdown.

  • “Follow the data” says one of the biggest sewer dwelling lying fake news channels that ever smeared the airwaves: why anybody even listen to these blood soaked ghouls after the Iraq WMD lie is beyond me: they will squeeze this narrative for as long as they can until the next lie comes into fashion.

  • Why don’t just stop all flights coming in and out? This could be very frustrating for those who goes on holidays and find out that they have to quarantine when they come back. Most travel agents won’t give a refund without the government announcement.

  • The last map shows Switzerland as grey. Ok it’s not in the EU but in the need to isolate list showed Switzerland as being blue. Hence the last map should’ve shown Switzerland as being blue not grey. Come on Sky show us properly counted news, not a mishmash of rubbish.

  • Do not take ANY vaccine or rfid microchip implant, quantum dot ID with vaccines recorded in, biometric electronic tattoo mark of the beast system: Rev 13:16-18

  • “Follow the data” okay. 94% of US coronavirus deaths had two or more causes of death listed including “deliberate and accidental injury” according to the CDC.

    There’s your data. Continue telling me your fantasies about locking European people in their homes “Asian” man.

  • Only the most bovine of idiots pay attention to this laughable charade anymore, presented here with all the authority of David Brent.