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Three trends defining the future of healthcare

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What’s the future for healthcare in the COVID-19 era?

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Top Healthcare Policy Options for 2020 Candidates | Differential NOW

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Is Telemedicine The Future Of Health Care?

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Expert Opinion A look ahead: What the 2020 election could mean for health care Let’s explore two remaining presidential candidates’ positions on and visions for health care reform. And as we approach the November 2020 election, we will hear a lot of debate about the right path forward to fix what ails our current system. It is encouraging to hear so many people—candidates, policymakers, opinion leaders and others—asking how our nation can provide the highest-quality and most affordable health care for patients. In the wake of the 2018 mid-terms and leading up to the high-stakes 2020 elections, much about the fate of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and U.S. health reform is known and much remains unknown.

Under the Trump administration and a divided U.S. Congress, the only certainty in health policy is continuing change—small, medium, and large. The Trump and Republican 2020 Health Care Plan.

Republicans saw moving the design and administration of health insurance reform to the states as. Health care policy is front and center in our current political debate. Join local health care advocates as we invite the presidential campaigns to discuss their health care platform and answer questions from co-sponsoring organizations. Co-Sponsored by: Citizen Action of Wisconsin Doctors for America Physicians for Social Responsibility Wisconsin Wisconsin Faith Voices for. Moving Toward High-Value Health Care: Integrating Delivery System Reform into 2020 Policy Proposals Delivery system reform has been a focus of regulatory and legislative policy to date.

Policymakers should integrate delivery system reform into their 2020 plans to continue driving value in the health care system. Photo Credit: SEIU on Flickr via Creative Commons. This is the first of a three-part blog series by strategic policy director, Michael Miller. With Democrats recently installed as the majority in the House of Representatives, a favorite story line of health care reporters has become the presumed fault line between different parts of the caucus.

These stories often depict two camps: supporters. In 2020, the Affordable Care Act will turn 10 years old. Since it became law and ushered in sizable reforms across our industry, some aspects of health care. Trump and Republican Health Care Reform: The Republicans’ Irrational Opposition to Medicaid “What’s Ahead” Nine million people being pushed out of Medicaid by 2020 growing to 14. Cost-sharing subsidies continue to be available for 2020, despite the fact that the federal government stopped reimbursing insurers for that cost in late 2017.

5  Insurers in most states have incorporated the cost of providing cost-sharing subsidies into the premiums they charge.

List of related literature:

Healthcare reform in the United States is happening now, and it is moving at an unprecedented speed.

“Principles of Coding and Reimbursement for Surgeons” by Mark Savarise, Christopher Senkowski
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Changes enacted in 2017 and 2018 by Congress and the Trump administration appear to be the first steps in returning control of the health-care system to the insurance industry.

“Nursing Now: Today's Issues, Tomorrows Trends” by Joseph T Catalano
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The most momentous change occurred with the passage of the Medicaid and Medicare programs in 1965, but smaller more incremental reforms also set the stage for passage of the ACA in 2010.

“Health Systems Science E-Book” by Richard E. Hawkins, Luan E Lawson, Stephanie R Starr, Jeffrey Borkan, Jed D Gonzalo, Susan E. Skochelak
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Realizing the full potential of health information technology to improve healthcare for Americans: the path forward.

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health care system and will continue to be with health care reform.

“Public Health Nursing E-Book: Population-Centered Health Care in the Community” by Marcia Stanhope, Jeanette Lancaster
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In 2010, Congress passed two large bills, signed into law by President Barack Obama, to enact comprehensive health care reform.

“Investing For Dummies” by Eric Tyson
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In 2010, comprehensive health care reform legislation was passed and is now being incrementally implemented.

“Social Policy for Effective Practice: A Strengths Approach” by Rosemary Chapin
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While the need to deal with rising health insurance costs and rising overall healthcare costs will likely return, major reform may have to wait for a new presidential administration after 2008.

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Health spending projections through 2015: Changes on the horizon.

“Delivering Superior Health and Wellness Management with IoT and Analytics” by Nilmini Wickramasinghe, Freimut Bodendorf
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United States health care reform: progress to date

“Core Curriculum for Oncology Nursing E-Book” by ONS, Jeannine Brant, Francisco Conde, Marlon Saria
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  • Telemedicine is a powerful tool that makes healthcare accessible, cost-effective, and significantly enhances patient engagement. The debut of telemedicine dates back to late 1950s and has constantly evolved over the years with advancements in the field of tele-communication technology.
    Read more insight https://bisresearch.com/industry-report/telemedicine-market.html

  • Is telemedicine the future of health care? YES!!! Once two things happen: 
    First, The use (not the improvement, they’re already good enough,) of biomedical sensors in watches and cell phones. 
    Second, the training of doctors in the use of the equipment.
    When doctors realize the time savings of not having to commute from their home to a clinic, its game over.

  • We have had corporate socialism for over 3 years now!!! The rich get richer and poor get poorer with this administration!!! It’s a fact!!!

  • Telehealth: an innovation that should increase access and reduce cost. Instead this show highlights it is simply seen as an opportunity to make more revenue with greater margins. Few studies on quality of outcomes, inequality due to device access (already seen this with my own patients) and cases that are most appropriate for the service.

  • Trump..a story was told of.a flushing of body heat in embarassment when a stna had to witness an erection from a patient receiving stna services..a patient admitted to saving poop to be changed in a diaper to show off an erection and a patient wanted to invoke a blushing inducing a flushing of color….was a simulation reverse suppression oppositisim against nurse and stna going on eh?.Have a psychiatrist be contacted again to bother Jennifer texting comment and see what happens measly earthling science experiments…..Depopulate

  • We are forced to buy health insurance, so if this new medical practice is the norm, then reduce our health insurance cost. Charge patients per diagnostic

  • Since when the American lawmakers and cabinet secretaries need to stand up and cheer for their president or party leader? I thought this is America not president Xi or Assad something.

  • Insurance companies are always the assholes stopping everything so they can make sure to find a way to close and explode the system to continue stealing money from people

  • Universal Healthcare Now!
    Fund it by nationalizing our fossil fuel resources, like Norway did.
    Our nation can not continue to survive with this insanely broke, corrupt and greed driven system where the vast majority of Americans have absolutely no access to healthcare whatsoever without being bankrupted.

  • Healthcare is a mess in this country. These are the reasons.
    1. Big pharma
    2. Medical supply companies
    3. People who don’t have insurance and pass off the expense to insured people.
    4. People going to the doctor (even worse the ER) for too many basic illnesses that would go away with some rest (cold, flu, ect).
    5. Medical community that sells fear. Then follows up with implied miracles but can’t guarantee them.
    6. The desperation of people to live longer when death is inevitable (terminal cancer), and doctors willing to bill then for an extra 2 years of living in hell.

  • There are a wide range of telemedicine products out there. CoMediCard is exceptional. We make it affordable by offering a unique $0 copay Teladoc with $0 enrollment fee with unlimited visits. It provides peace of mind during the COVID pandemic. It is not a substitute for true health insurance but it does help provide that first line access 24/7 to a licensed physician. It is not for every issue but can provide peace of mind and direct qualified access to a doctor from the comfort of your home or office. As technology evolves, the information available to be shared with doctors online will increase. All visits can also be shared with a primary care physician.

  • Everyone on here pointing out the negative are being way too critical. Doctors are notorious for being laggers in technology. I used to have to still fax or mail in hard copies of papers doctors offices. This concept has a lot of value once we learn our way around it. It’s 2020, we have Alexa and smart houses now, telemedicine a great tool. It won’t replace the value of in-person care and evaluations, it never will. Yet, this is a game changer. Get on board.

  • Propagating telemedicine is just like talking good about e-leaning modules. The end user experience is down and would only benefit if there is a financial incentive for the customer. Remember boeing crashes due to bad I-pad based learning that resulted in countless deaths. This will also impact as even face to face doctor visits are not reliable unless the doctor has a reputation & experience and not a new one in the field.

  • After watching old Bernie speeches from 30 years ago on the same subject I’m thoroughly convinced that nothing will change for any reason short of violence.

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  • None of these health “experts” are talking about boosting immune function to minimize disease risks (vitamin D, vitamin C, NAC, boosting NAD+, lowering IGF-1, regular fasting, etc). That would make hospitals even less viable, and there would be a drop in Big Pharma profits too. What a sick system.

  • Seeing doctors talking about sustainability of an hospital based solely on money is pretty frightening. And what’s about the doctor complaining about having to prioritize the sickest of the sicks ;isn’t it what hospitals are made for?

  • What happens when doctors are replaced by computers who can run the same test based on the same set of outcomes? Are doctors really needed or do we need more nurses?

  • Tele health is a super fraud.
    If Tele health is applicable y we pay or insurance pay the same price. It’s like outsourcing
    Call center in China for chase n xfinity are paid 37cents per hour when giving service to American people. That is Tele call what’s the difference. Doctors gave symptomatic medicine on Tele health they don’t do surgery.
    This should be regulated by much less cost per patient r just terminate telehealth

  • Of course Trump is pushing his drug. It’s in his stock portfolio.
    Trump LAB RATS Americans For Profit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nMoQNl4RaX8

  • Think about this, American people. The orange rat bastard might have gotten off, but at least now he can’t use the “Biden investigation at the last minute” scheme to his advantage in November to swing undecided voters. That plan is out the window. ����

  • Article: “Coronavirus: US intelligence warned Trump that pandemic was likely back in January: President failed to take threat seriously despite repeated warnings” by Shane Harris Independent March 21, 2020

  • Opioid epidemic. Hypocracy. People have a responsibility here. I understand that some will not have the discipline but I have seen so many people in pain over the past 3 years. It is sickening.

  • I hope not. The only time I had to use one was in late January, was extremely sick and they refused to give me anything but cough medicine. They were sure quick to take my copay though.

  • Healthcare shouldn’t be an area where profitability should be given such a high priority that doctors are churning out a lot of consultations per day at the expense of quality. Hope a balance is reached and that patients aren’t sacrificed for profits!!

  • Sir, I’ve been your supporter since day 1 and still your supporter. You said that you will not allowing socialism destroy our healthcare. The problem is, capitalism destroy our healthcare.

  • oh great so I’ll just go to web md next time I need to see the doctor I suppose. Wow we really have the best healthcare system in the world in america. This is a joke right?

  • “Despite the increase in revenue, Americans have been slow to adopt the practice.”

    Maybe because they can’t afford it. The number one reason for personal bankruptcy in America is healthcare costs.

  • Sounds good,,but the reality is Florida minimum wage $8.46 /heathcare $200 with deductibles/rent cost $900 a monthly,,
    normally the Democrat states are raising the minimum wage
    1, Seattle, New York California, Washington,,
    I vote for Bernie ��

  • “…wiping out the private health insurance plans of 180 million very happy Americans.”
    No applause for that one because Americans don’t love their health insurance. Trump is an idiot!

  • He said Obamacare works! This is a clean evidence how GOP is deceiving and they think we are stupids. These people literally fought to repeal Obamacare

  • Many people are afraid to go to the E.R. for anything because of the virus. Where is the curve in people not seeking medical help because of the virus threat? We already have to monitor ourselves with the basics. A lot of people are saying to me personally oh it’s just this or that which can feel like that or this. There is a lot of confusion running rampant! Which is correct?

  • very useful information i am so glad you have provided the information
    Other relevant articles to get inspiration https://axisbits.com/blog/Telemedicine-the-Future-of-Healthcare

  • Telemedicine is huge in the Nordics. It’s seen as an addition to the regular healthcare and is covered, or subsidized by the government. It has been around as apps like KRY or E-doktor for 10yrs. Undoubtedly the US mess of a healthcare system and digital divide creates a huge problem for this. For example. In Sweden over 98% of all people have access to high-speed fiber and 9/10 households have a computer. Most schools provides students with a computer or pad, so despite income almost everyone have access, same goes for most workplaces. Libraries also have public/pvt rooms free to rent for 20mins to an hour if you’re homeless or else.

  • Hello, I have been watching your channel in my country for a very long time. I noticed from last week that your channel disappeared from my TV in SD quality. Does this mean that your channel disappears from Poland? Regards

  • My wife has been seeing her patients using telemedicine from our basement for the past month. Hope it continues, or else, she’s living down there too (I’m high risk). Not in the US btw.

  • He says never let socialism destroy American Healthcare,…. and yet private healthcare is already doing that, because it’s private companies. I know this guy is full of it but I guess it’s not his fault. If you think about it it’s the fault of the Masters pulling all the strings behind the silk curtain,… private businessman. Dare To Speak

  • Trump we don’t love our private insurance that doesn’t even cover the full costs. Why don’t you mention what did to us vets insurance huh?

  • Donald Trump is a pathological liar an narcissist, sociopath, ConMan..period. Why did Donald Trump lied about pre-existing condition?

  • Telehealth should be adopted more. A big % of patient cconsultations is to go through labs and prescribe meds, you don’t need to be present for those.

  • in the end you still need a doctor or a specialist to feel that bump on the neck, or that hernia, or check that mole that needs to be removed to see if it is cancerous. You can’t do that all from telecommunication. We hate waiting in the doctor’s office, but for some crap like that you have to go to the doctor.

  • Im English and the global stats shows our NHS Nurses & Doctors are hero’s and public health services free at point of entry has saved more people here in the UK

  • Lets hope not because that would cost a lot more of this $$$ and could possibly be dangerous because of conditions or viruses such as bladder infection which need an in clinic visit. I personally do not trust it

  • Gee maybe universal healthcare might help? Maybe voting for Bernie might have helped and not pushing an old man with obvious cognitive issues, probably early stage Alzheimer’s? Maybe having Bernie finally drop out will be the ultimate downfall of America cause Trump really could win again? Great job establishment and establishment media! You really got what you wanted this time!

  • Could be change?…Will the American public think about this?..Watch the diverence: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RHxJeq8Md4o&t=15s

  • Former American TV star have shoulder surgery in Norway: I cried when the doctor told me what it cost me.
    According to Rick Kirkham, 60, the operation would cost him $ 40,000 in the United States. In Norway he paid $ 53. Now he is paying tribute to the Norwegian health care system. https://www.nrk.no/nordland/amerikaner-hyller-norsk-helsevesen-etter-operasjon-1.14500303

  • MSNBCannibals are mad about this virus!! They cant nab people so easily and then turn them into MSNBCannibalBurger #JustSayNoToMSNBCannibalBurger Even though MSNBCannibals wanted this VIRUS to happen, Andrea CHAINSAW Greenspan has ripped into the MSNBCannibalBurger canned rations.. Yes, MSNBCannibals had lots of MSNBCannibalBurger canned for this specific time period.. Now is it possible to can BURGERS?? YES, Look it UP

  • It will become the new standard if CMS continues to pay at least 100% of current visit charges! The benefit to patients is very low as the comprehension, most of the time from both sides will be poor.

  • Your segment on MGH’s use of telemedicine featured the aerial view of Brigham and Women’s Hospital NOT the Massachusetts General Hospital.

  • Here’s why people need to avoid hospitals
    1. Place of antibiotic resistance
    2. Time Energy wastage
    3. No value added in actual visit to doctor
    4. You can see doctors ratings (unless the website is not manipulating it)

  • Now I understand their differences on healthcare. GOP wants the private companies took over healthcare, while Dems wants the Fed Gove took control of healthcare.

  • The last thing I want is to pay some doctor to get an antibiotic I already know I need without their opinion just to have them say I have to come in, then charge me anyway.

  • So Yummerikunz how’s the promised best health care plan working for you right now? The best in the world? If you believe that…………….then you believe trump is god. Your fate is sealed. You have the best god in the world. Yayyyyy

  • These people in the comments calling Trump a liar when his stem ends are backed by statistics and can’t think of a specific example of lying ��. Salt.

  • Another Trump pack of bald face lies and con’s for his hapless Trump Snake Oil consumers to ignorantly gulp down. https://www.bls.gov/web/empsit/cps_charts.pdf Study carefully today’s economy is the now 11 year continuation of the Obama recovery economy Trump inherited. The only thing Trump and Republicans have raised is our annual debt to over $1trillion a year. $1trillion created by their massive tax cuts for the wealthy for average Joe and Jane to repay. $1trillion of stimulating deficit spending necessary to prop up their economy to almost maintain the Obama pace. And Trump and Republicans are in court this second trying to destroy healthcare and pre-existing conditions. FACTS not lies.

  • I don’t know about you guys but I have helth insurance I can’t afford to use. The only good thing about my health plan is teladoc other then that I can’t afford anything on it and it cost me 250.00 a month. Just to say I have it. I have an issue with my elbow and can’t afford an MRI.

  • Again why universal health care > than private system. In Canada ���� we have Telehealth that is 100% covered by our universal healthcare system. No insurance scared patients might use it too much here

  • such a shame and disrespect of the dems sit there when everyone else stands in support of the president, they are bums and an embarrsement to the house

  • He is such a lier.Look it up,He spoke abroad with a speech saying when he gets elected 2020 he’s gutting SS,n the courts here are waiting also to go to court to get rid of Pre exsisting condition cover.Ibsay look it up

  • One would expect a serious journalistic enterprise to crunch the data. However the media with it’s biased view on universal healthcare it may not dare! I suggest the comparison of two similar jurisdictions one with American Healthcare the other with Universal health-care. My suggestion would be Washington State compared to British Columbia. Both have populations of six to seven million, with high density and rural areas. Both had almost identical community outbreaks.
    Things I would see:
    The social demographics of Corvid 19 infection and deaths?
    The social demographics of transmission?
    Cost person for hospital per day inclusive of all costs? Covid19 compared to non pandemic.
    Responses and coordination thereof.
    Through these challenging times, a comprehensive look could we learn things we need implemented to mitigate the cost to humanity, the economy, and development of the most effective way to defend against Pandemic threats, for this won’t be the last.

  • Recently Trump said that he did not learn of two memos written in January and February by his own economic adviser warning that a COVID-19 pandemic could result in the deaths of as many as 2 million Americans until “maybe a day ago.”��

    “I heard he wrote some memos talking about pandemic,” Trump said.  “I didn’t see them. I didn’t look for them, either.” �� The horror….

    On Jan. 29, Peter Navarro warned the White House that if the administration did not mount an aggressive containment strategy for the coronavirus, it could lead to more than half a million American deaths, and cost the country nearly $6 trillion.

    Nearly a month later, on Feb. 23, Navarro distributed an even more dire second memo in which he said as many as 100 million Americans could be infected with COVID-19, which might lead to upwards of 2 million deaths.

    Apparently Trump is incapable of reading anything that won’t fit onto a yellow post-it note.

    “When you have 15 people, and the 15 within a couple of days is going to be close to zero, that’s a pretty good job we’ve done,” Trump said on Feb 27.

    “I asked him about it just a little while ago, because I read something about a memo,” Trump recalled. “I said, ‘Did you do a memo?’ I didn’t look for, I didn’t see it, I didn’t ask for him to show it to me.”

    “Nobody knew there would be a pandemic or epidemic of this proportion,” Trump said on March 19.

    Trump also said he had still not read Navarro’s memos.��

    Trump:“I basically did what the memo said, which was a pretty good memo from the standpoint that he talked about, I guess, I didn’t see it yet.”

    Ignorance is basically a religion to Trump and his cult followers. Trump has lived his entire adult life by one rule, which is, ignorance is strength. You don’t have to be intellectually curious, or informed, you just have to be loud, boisterous, and assertive. It also helps if you can lie with confidence. You have to be able to overwhelm the masses with so many lies,  that by the time they’ve debunked  just one of your lies,  you’ve already told 20 more new lies.

    Every American should be outraged and horrified by the fact that we have a president with the  cognitive capacity of a toddler, and the intellectual curiosity of a dungbeetle.

  • But NOBODY, NOBODY knew that HealthCare was so complicated!
    Donald, EVERYBODY knows that Health Care is fiendishly COMPLEX.
    EVERYBODY knows that EXCEPT YOU.
    I wouldn’t mind if we had elected him as Chief Dog Catcher for Mara Largo.
    But UNFORTUNATELY he was elected as the POTUS.

  • Right now a capitalist company called Novavax is working on a vaccine for the corona virus. Their CEO said they should have one ready by April 2020. Government does NOTHING efficiently. If we were to put healthcare under government bureaucracy they would MAYBE have something usable by April 2024. Psst… buy Novavax (NVAX) I believe they are going to have a good year.

  • https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://cis.org/Report/63-NonCitizen-Households-Access-Welfare-Programs&ved=2ahUKEwjN2o-Bx7vnAhVXVc0KHSkJC6kQFjABegQIARAB&usg=AOvVaw3H-y8e28jUfXUi1oWTehsH
    Illegals get free stuff.

  • One specialty not mentioned in the comments is psychiatry. Telehealth has allowed me to see all my patients remotely without exposing them or me to risk of infection. A few patients choose telephone contact for various reasons but the vast majority can use a video link. It gets fairly close to the in-office experience. After the crisis I may continue to offer it as an option to established patients who drive an hour in each direction for one hour of psychotherapy. It may also become an instant alternative for the patient who has to be home with a sick child or whose car will not start, etc. The coronavirus crisis has introduced me (and a large number of my colleagues) to a new modality that can offer more flexibility.

  • Democrats are overlooking medicine for this over a political hate of one person. Ignoring medical experts and scientists all because they hate the President

  • This would be much more widely adopted if the American healthcare system was run with compassion instead of just focusing on profit.

  • “Mr President, don’t you think we should re-open access to the ACA given the current crisis?”
    “Go get me a Big Mac.”
    “But, we could help save hundreds of American lives.”

  • I think it was a comedian who said, “Universal health care is so complicated, that only 38 out of the 39 most developed countries have been able to figure it out.”

  • This man says he going to protect health care while at same time has appointed judges in Texas. Then send his lawyers there to throw it out. The judges he appointed did said it was illegal. He waiting on you morons to vote for him again so by the middle of next year it will sent the Supreme Court where he appointed two more judges and they will rule in his favor to do away with Obama care or any kind of care and you people with pre existing condition and Obama care can kiss that health care good bye. can kiss your I’m mean really it’s been proven that this man lies all the time. But you idiots keep believing what he says. Now what says about you. Fact check this fool. Every time he breath threw his nose a lie spills out.

  • “Social distancing bends the curve and relieves some pressure on our heroic medical professionals. But in order to shift off current policies, the key will be a robust system of testing and monitoring — something we have yet to put in place nationwide,”
    President Obama tweet, April 8

    The World Health Organization has also said that social distancing is “buying time” but must be paired with widespread testing in order to defeat the pandemic. 

    On March 6, for Trump told an egregious lie when he said “anybody” who needs a test could get one. That was a lie then, and it remains a lie today.

    OnTuesday Trump lied again when said the US is outpacing other countries in terms of testing.

    “We’ve performed 1.87 million tests to date. So that’s 1 million, 870 thousand — million tests. Think of that: 1,870,000 tests to date. And now we’re performing them at a level that nobody has ever seen before,” Trump said at the daily White House press briefing on coronavirus.

    But with a population of roughly 327 million people, and less than 2 million tests conducted, this places the US far behind other countries in terms of testing per capita.  

    During our darkest hour, our so called president, went on national tv, and told the American people that he’s not responsible for anything, and that many of them are going to die. He told Governors, doctors, and nurses, that they were on their own. Let that sink in for a moment.

    Trump has failed as a president, as a leader, and as a human being, in every way,  on every level, and at every turn imaginable..

  • Everything that Trump said in this video was a lie except price transparency and abolishing private healthcare insurance companies.

  • I’m a physician in a rural area, I saw that most of tele health services overload thier physicians with more patient numbers than regular practices on the expense of the quality, if there is a choice for a regular visit I would take it any day, I don’t see real winners other than CEOs and administrators

  • I have over 10 different health conditions and I’ve been in love with this telehealth system, I’m so in love with it. I can talk to my doctor anywhere and I don’t have to drive so far away to talk to my multiple doctors; I support this system of health!

  • In Australia private hospitals are now under the control of the public system.That means there are more resources available in the COVID-19 fight. EVERYBODY has a chance not just the rich.This is the terrible socialized healthcare in action You won’t suffer from that in America

  • “We will always protect patients with pre-existing conditions.” LIAR! His lawyers are trying to remove that in court now.
    “We will always protect your Medicare and your Social Security.” LIAR! He said a couple of weeks ago that he’ll be looking into cuts in both later this year. LIAR! LIAR! LIAR! LIAR! LIAR! LIAR! LIAR! LIAR! LIAR!

  • We have a great President who has handled this situation wonderfully. Americans have confidence in him. He have to get Congress out of the hands of petty Pelosi that never thinks of the well being of the American people.

  • It seems that the communities with fewer children seem to pass the most lethal form of the virus and suffer higher death tolls. Maybe children’s immune systems mutate the virus and pass a less lethal form to adults and elderly. If that’s true, maybe permitting children to attend classes and spread the less lethal form of the virus will serve as the best natural vaccine for adults and elderly.

  • If. IF that charlatan obama had actually done any healthcare reform we would have been a lot better shape.
    But obama did nothing.

  • Plain and simple, say it “reduce costly medical costs” and, let us see it. Don’t say that if insurance premium goes UP this year again.

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  • Stop charging me my full premium and copayment if I can’t see my doctor physically. And are doctors still going to make the same amount of pay?

  • ​ To Dan G, So shame to the Dem Politicians always wasted our taxes. Dem be called Damn the stupid, dumb or sick in their mind. Dems kiss a.. to gain self benefits like animals not human. Gods bless America and help Trump or some one keep USA safe and great.

  • All this lying, as he is literally asking the supreme court to wait on striking down the ACA until AFTER the election. And cutting medicaid, and took almost a million off food stamps this month. This speech is full of lies, and every person who believes it deserves the shit storm he will inflict on you if you re-elect him. I hope theres no pre-existing conditions out there!������
    This feels like what a speech kim jong un would give. And his trumptards are eating it up! He is lying through his teeth and taking credit for things he had nothing to do with. Fact check people.

  • But do you know why every person on EARTH CANNOT GET healthcare? Because of CAPITALISM! Healthcare insurance ETC should NOT exist! It was a bandaid on the CANCER of capitalism, work for a wage or STARVE! Government employees still all get healthcare but CORPORATIONS have stopped giving any benefits by hiring only TEMP WORKERS! USA has thought only of Americans, and care nothing about the rest of humanity…so we left billions to starve and never see a doctor. See how in “Rogue State” by Wm Blum, but briefly starting over 50 wars, teaching torture, assassinations of world leaders if they wanted a different SYSTEM that would HELP THE POOR! Read the WORDS: Communists wanted to help the poor and have equality, but capitalists care ONLY ABOUT PROFITS! USA made choosing LIFE impossible in most countries worldwide, and then it forces many people worldwide to sneak into USA illegally! So don’t blame the illegal immigrants! Blame the CAPITALISTS!

  • Thats assuming our leader will learn from his mistakes. List all the mistakes that he admitted. I doubt screwing up health care is gonna be one that he admits.

  • 12:40 is the real reason telemedicine is an issue for doctors. less $$$ is the problem. all this other crap about not being able to take care of patients is b.s. they only spend 10-15 minutes with their patients while in the office anyway.

  • best move biden can make now is pivot right,pick up disenfranchised trump voters,sanders already proved he can’t deliver his supporters to the ballot box.

  • 180 million “Very happy Americans”? Very few people are happy with the healthcare they have to pay for. Everyone has a horror story.

  • I wish he would do something about gun control though and ban the CCW to 50 states only police and military should have guns, not people that can go nut so qukoo

  • An Iowa Democratic caucus voter who agreed to back Pete Buttigieg on Monday night dramatically rescinded her support after being stunned to learn what millions of people already knew about the former South Bend, Indiana, mayor — he’s gay and married to another man.

  • Republicans controlled house and Senate 2011 to 2019 You said New health care VERY SOON in 2016 Very Good Plan just BS and Lies every time you open your mouth.Gop has had years to come up with something better and nothing yet.Trump administration is full of BS and Lies

  • My sister is a medical intern and she says all the senior doctors stay at home and refuse to come see coronavirus patients.. only the juniors and nurses are treating this!

  • So how many people ate carreirs of this virus?Your seing the action of it models studys so plasma from a carrier or should i say immuned?? I dont know but i would donated to my fellow american.dem or rebublican of any creed any color.

  • The big lie how is this gonna affect Americans with coronavirus preexisting conditions without a good health care system Corona virus is gonna bite him where the sun don’t shine health care should be first in this country why Corona virus is wrecking havoc with economy and the health of Americans won’t take a back seat to nothing on his agenda look at stock market as proof he shoulda left Obama care alone


  • Big pharma has no interest in cures for virus-related illness cuz they make 100s of billions of $$$$ every year on OTC drugs that ‘manage’ flu and cold symptoms. There is no cure for the cold, as they say, cuz they don’t want one. Given this crisis will cost the economy 6 or 7 TRILLION maybe it’s time to put the full weight of science on this & put these bugs away like smallpox.

  • About time something tackles down the corporate Mafia of the medical field in the United States. How is it that an IV with just water in the United States cost $750 but in Spain only cost is about $8. In Europe operation 10 to cost on average 60% to 70% less than in the US.

    If you have an expensive health condition, and you don’t know much about President Trump’s record on health care, then his Tuesday night State of the Union address was reassuring. 

    “I have also made an ironclad pledge to American families,” Trump claimed. “We will always protect patients with preexisting conditions.”

    The bad news for people with preexisting conditions is that this “ironclad pledge” is a LIE. Trump and his administration have fought hard — in all three branches of government — to strip people with preexisting health conditions of the protections they enjoy under the Affordable Care Act. Indeed, if Trump has his way, those protections will cease to exist.

    In an ongoing court case now, the Trump administration is supporting a total repeal of the Affordable Care Act including its guarantee that patients can’t be denied coverage for pre-existing conditions.

  • Thank God women don’t have to worry about pushing the button on their dishwashers twelve times any more! Whew! The Great Cheerleader spared us that catastrophe!

  • Ehm are you all blind. On this same news channel, it was reported that republicans and president DUMB are dismantle what is left of the health care. Please vote for more republicans. Maybe the white will be in majority if we have 2 or 3 more pandemics.

  • As much as I hate to have to use a virtual doctor I can now see the benefits. I live in a poor rural county in California. Yes, poor does exist in California. But thats because rent is so high and jobs pay poorly. We don’t have enough doctors. Why would they come here to live/practice. I only live here because I’m poor. Id really rather live anywhere else. You can’t get in to see a docter for weeks (unless you’re dying). Even then they blow you off because everyone is on state/federal health care that doesn’t pay much. Tele doctors can despense medicine from the comfort of their own home (with no pants on). I get to have prying eyes see the dump I get to live in. A problem may arise when patients don’t have a phone, car, computer or the smarts to use said computer. So making tele doctors a good idea is your opinion. If doctors would doctor instead of running a patient mill would be nice. Once upon a time. Now everything is upside down.

  • We already know the future now that Bernie dropped out. There will be no improvements of any significance. We are going back to2016, then after Biden we will get a new tRump. And so on, forever, or as long as liberals morally compromise out of fear of the other side appointing supreme court judges.

  • I feel like Nancy literally lost her mind at this event…lol…did you see her in the background talking to herself… LMFAO….bye bye nancy

  • Hydroxyclroquin is saving lives!!!!Trump was right again!!! WE see right through the fake MSM and the Democrats, it’s not going to happen, we will not let y’all ruin this country…The Democrats would rather watch people die than Trump be right!!!

  • As a physician, I would say telemedicine, in the way it is currently implemented, is inferior to face to face visits for evaluation of some conditions due to limited physical examination capabilities and the lack of “presence” with the patient. However, we currently have the ability to make telemedicine evaluations as good as or superior to current face to face standards. With a medical technician, point of care ultrasound, and Microsoft Teams or other video conferencing solution… high quality healthcare can be accessible and delivered independent of geography. As 5G cellular rolls out and AR telepresence develops, holographic telemedicine could be widespread. See overview video here, https://youtu.be/kl3LYj3FVrA or more detailed document here, https://img1.wsimg.com/blobby/go/ed487967-72d4-409f-bd75-3331a2c3abac/downloads/HOCUSPOCUSCOVID.pdf?ver=1589759058526

  • I just watched a female local news television journalist, who shall remain nameless, who I was embarrassed for, as well as she should be of herself. At the opening of the program her dyed hair and make-up was offensive enough, but became even more so after she reported on a family that had just lost the head of their household to the virus, that was when her hair and make-up became even more grotesque, which may have seemed appropriate at a ‘party’, now with this report of a death in a room full of mourners, just seemed so out of place. Note to television journalist, kindly tone down the eye make-up and greasy red lips, at least until this virus crisis has been arrested…I’m going to be doing my part by just not watching you…

  • Follow the money https://eraoflight.com/2020/04/05/fauci-and-birx-both-have-big-money-bill-gates-conflicts-of-interest/ they would love you to think it is Trump that has some sort of investment in Chloroquine but quite the opposite is true. Chloroquine has been around for a few decades and is generic, treatment usually cost around a mere $20. it is extremely safe and FDA approved. Why is it democrats are threatening doctors who prescribe it or use it?? Seems to work very, very well, maybe this treatment should be reserved strictly for conservatives and democrats can use the crap bill gates will be giving out https://21stcenturywire.com/2019/12/23/bill-gates-develops-new-id-tattoo-to-check-for-vaccinations/ I would bet, the dems would be begging for thei Chloroquine if their lives were on the line.

  • Rachel, the graphic “we’ll be probably be seeing.” is incorrect.��.
    Me, “a. we’ll be probably seeing many, b. we’ll probably be seeing many, c. we’ll be seeing many, d. we’ll be seeing probably, many, many more.” is correct.��.

  • Wait tell hospitals and the American people find out this is another criminal democrat sham it is allrady started to come out on the news everywhere this is about 90 percent cnn msn propaganda new york fakeing deaths on msn cnn AMERICA pepole who have lost there jobs and business are going to be looking for the ones responsible for this turmp useing this to get red of the miserable Democratic party and msn cnn watch whot happens next turmp luring them in with corona vires houx thay created brilliant baiting democrats in turmp 2020 you ignorant donkeys

  • most money in the health system goes to hospital and corp CEO’S, pharma companies and health insurance companies.

    physicians and nurses are treated like expendable slaves.

    Few days ago a hospital CEO in Texas fired a doctor because the doctor insisted on wearing a mask while in the hospital!

    The reality is the health care system here in the US has become pure business and the last thing corporations care about is human life.

    I am a doctor and considering quitting after this pandemic comes to an end.

  • Trump will get our economy back to where it was, and probably make it better. People will go back to work and enjoy their lives. States will end up introducing new regulations and hire people to form an agency that will overlook the entire system…and guess what? It’s going to cost the taxpayers a ton.

  • THIS IS NOT MEDICINE! THIS IS A PROFIT MAKING SCHEME!! Also it’s only a matter of time before an A.I. will be on the other end and human contact will finally be 100% eliminated….COMMUNIST AGENDA COMPLETE!

  • Healthcare systems are broken across the board. Check out the DME industry billing practices: