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Menopause Symptoms Nobody Tells You About!

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Menopause What No One Talks About

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Five Things No One Tells You About Menopause Feeling the burn. Think back to your teen years and those seemingly unexplainable mood swings that would take you from Getting stuck in self-reflection mode. Menopause also forced Brunner to. You may not lose your sex drive.

For some people, a decreased sex drive is associated with menopause. But for many people, their libido is better than ever. In fact, you may actually want more sex. You aren’t on hormonal birth control and your hormones are shifting. That’s why you may feel in the mood more often.

You may endure bone loss. What No One Tells You About Going Through Menopause Irregular Periods. One of the first symptoms that the Big M is already around the corner is having irregular periods. Erratic Mood Swings.

Similar to having your monthly period approaching, crazy mood swings are also to be expected. You Increase. 2. You may forget things. Remembering where you put your car keys or recalling the name of that ’80s one-hit wonder may not be so easy after menopause.

Hot flashes may be the funny butt of all menopause jokes – until they happen to you. “Of course I had heard about hot flashes,” says Jen, 57. “But no one told me the kind of sweating that could come with it. I was in a meeting once and literally, it was like buckets of sweat just suddenly started pouring down my face. There is no one answer. The correct answer always is what your body tells you it needs. Hormones are not the magic solution to these symptoms.

They are only a crutch to lean on while working on lifestyle modifications. Stop comparing. Don’t compare yourself to your past self. Menopause is a beautiful opportunity for growth and experience.

10 Things No One Ever Tells You about Menopause 1. Hot Flashes Continue for Years. Hot flashes are one of the most common symptoms of menopause. Though flash means 2. Extreme Tiredness. Whether it’s due to hot flashes or poor sleep, the perimenopausal and menopausal stages can take a 3. Weight.

As if the hot flashes weren’t vanity-wrecking enough, thinning hair (or even hair loss) is one symptom of menopause, says Bank. “Hair can also become dry and brittle due to those fluctuating. You officially enter menopause when it’s been a full year since your last period, per the NIH, but the symptoms start well before then, during a time known as. Menopause is defined as having no menstrual period for one year. The age you experience it can vary, but it typically occurs in your late 40s or early 50s.

Menopause can cause many changes in.

List of related literature:

Other symptoms frequently attributed to the menopause include depression, anxiety, tearfulness, lack of confidence, headaches, changes in skin texture, loss of sexual interest, urinary difficulties and sleeplessness.

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They fear having hot flashes and other symptoms of menopause, such as vaginal dryness, depression, and dry skin.

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During the perimenopausal period, questions should be directed about vasomotor symptoms, menstrual irregularities, sexual dysfunction, prevention of osteoporosis, increased risk of cardiovascular events after menopause, and the exclusion of pregnancy to confirm menopause.

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The attitudes that women have about menopause vary.

“Parenthood in America: An Encyclopedia” by Lawrence Balter, Robert B. McCall
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In addition to loss of fertility, symptoms of menopause include hot flashes, sleep disturbances, weight gain, and loss of bone mineralization.

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Symptoms of menopause include hot flashes, night sweats, amenorrhea, and mood swings.

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Up to several years before menopause, referred to as perimenopause, women may experience irregular menstrual cycles and often report symptoms of irritability, depression, headaches, and hot flashes.

“Gender Roles: A Sociological Perspective” by Linda L. Lindsey
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In truth, most moms tell us what they know about menopause, but they may not have been accurately informed, either.

“The Secret Female Hormone: How Testosterone Replacement Can Change Your Life” by Kathy C. Maupin, M.D.
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Both perimenopause and menopause have an endless array of difficult and disruptive symptoms—such as weight gain, insomnia, acne, depression, low libido, forgetfulness, sore breasts, mood swings, anxiety, facial hair, bloating, and vaginal dryness, to name just a few—and various ways to treat them.

“What's Age Got to Do with It?: Living Your Healthiest and Happiest Life” by Robin McGraw
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The symptoms of menopause are caused by the loss of the ovarian source of estrogen and include thinning of the vaginal epithelium, decreased vaginal secretions, decreased breast mass, accelerated bone loss, vascular instability (“hot flashes”), and emotional lability.

“Physiology, E-Book” by Linda S. Costanzo
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  • I want to stay on HRT forever. I need to keep my quality of life. I changed the way I eat, exercise daily including strength training. I have borderline traits and I’m scared of what will come out of my mouth!?!? I’m 61 just starting perimenopause because my HRT was reduced. I have to get a hip replacement due to OA and can’t sleep from pain and nightmares (they don’t mention that issue!!!). Can’t take anymore meds/supplements I’m on them all. I’m having ‘microflashes’ 24/7. I hate my life.

  • guys my advice is this don’t go to your PCPs or to your gynecologists. they are a total waste of time. try some herbal remedies like turmeric, parsley, thyme, sage, rosemary, black pepper, cumin seeds, eat lots of fresh fruits and veggies, tofu, and soy products, and cut out meat products and processed food and packaged cookies, cakes, pies and snacks from you diet. your body especially your uterus, ovaries, liver, bladder, kidneys, brain, etc. will thank you later on. believe me. and you can avoid going to the doctor.

  • How do you determine if it is perimenopause? I have gone to the doctor for my symptoms, I am 41 and started to feel a lot of anxiety, chest pain, heart palpitations, hair loss, and body burning sensation mainly. Are these perimenopause symptoms? I had never experienced anything like this. Thank you

  • I am 40 and going through this. A year ago I was waking at 4.20am with my heart racing so much and felt like I was going to s*** myself. I could not get to the toilet sometimes I could not even get out of bed…I could hardly stand my legs were weak and I felt frozen to the spot… like I was going to collapse I was ready to call an ambulance on a few occassions..I did make it to the toilet and when I did everything came out and more which made my heart race and feel faint even more. I was boiling boiling hot. I was throwing glasses of water over myself to try and cool down and found it helped stop my heart racing (discovered the dive reflex). Then after 15 minutes of feeling like I was dying seriously dying every night once my heart rate dropped I would get huge body tremors and eventually exhausted and terrified would fall asleep after about 2 hours of hell. It went on for four months. I went to the doctor, ‘blood tests’ normal, I had counselling they said it was stress, but actually I didn’t feel that stressed! I was scared to go to bed and would go very late hoping I wouldn’t wake up in the middle of the night. One day it stopped. It was actually a day I started meditating again. I only had 2 more periods in the following 6 months after having regular 24 day cycles for 2 years… they used to be 31 days about 5 years before so I think it IS a sign if your periods get shorter at a young-ish age early menopause could be coming. I thought I was pregnant because of those missing periods. But in my pregnancy testing blood tests my high FSH levels and very low AMH levels showed me as menopausal. I felt so angry that no doctor or counsellor never thought to say that it could be that. I thought I had something seriously wrong with me and I hated myself for thinking that my counsellor told me I had health anxiety… OMG. Everyone thought I had health anxiety! Someone may as well just said it is all in your head! It was all in my body! Those months that followed where I had no periods I felt better than I had ever felt in my life. Then… 6 regular as clockwork cycles…eh? Then…they stopped. Then this is where I can totally relate to this video I felt utterly depressed and sad bordering on psychosis. Suicidal. Unbearable mental torture. 20-30 hot flushes a day. My poor husband. (Tetraplegic). Sooooo I ask for HRT at docs that or die. Seriously. I take a quarter of the dose and its like I have had a huge dangerous dose of caffeine. Couldn’t think, talk, drink barely walk much like my migraine prodromes. THEN.. after that one dose of gel…the following days hot flushes go, feel better…sometimes euphoric and definitely happy, v discharge is back after a one off tiny dose. I didn’t continue with the gel because it made me mad but I did want to because it helped… so i needed expert not GP advice. Then I find menopause Barbie on YouTube… hard going at first but she is just amazing with her knowledge its a crime us women do not know what is coming… and men too… So now I am looking for an HRT specialist who can help me with starting HRT for me the benefits 100 percent outweigh the risks esp as I’m only 40 and prone to suicidal (yes I said it out loud) periods. Please look up menopause Barbie. You will realise so much and feel totally empowered! She is a strict teacher but worth it. Listen girls. You aren’t alone. We are not. Don’t give up looking for help, it is out there in many ways and menopause Barbie gives you ALL the options in a completely unbiased way… it take ages to go through the videos but there are options to pay for quicker info but I found the FREE outline notes and worksheet that helps you weigh up risks and benefits of HRT natural and bio-identical sooo helpful. PLus it explains menopause in general you will feel an expert after delving in to her knowledge. She went through early meno. She is an MD gynaecologist (retired), she really knows her stuff. Hormones and neurotransmitters I feel are definitely an area to be researched for depression they are soooooo underrated I swear they have given me a life of hell. I just cant wait to learn more about them because I know I am a good person inside and it is my HORMONES that make me DIFFERENT and like a anxious depressed super sensitive freak ��and then periods of being totally fine! Anyway…

  • DHEA totally worked for my vaginal dryness. None of what the Dr was giving me was working.
    Taking a supplement every morning worked without any other HRT.

  • Thank you Doctor, very informative. Thank God I am feeling very well and normal, no hot flashes, sleeping well, feeling good in general.

  • I’m 47. I have missed my period for 2 months now. Negative pregnancy test. Sore chest,light headed at times. I have no idea. Advice

  • I honestly feel so bad for woman that go through this. Like everything is off balance and as a person that’s experienced a parent going through this, it just makes your mood so off.

  • To me moving on and finding Happiness has somewhat always been difficult for me! I Hope I get Happiness when I go through Menopause!

  • So… we have to go through puberty, which is hard, AND menopause, which is also hard? Aw, man. I’m going through puberty right now and do not want to have to deal with my body changing a lot again.

  • I have been in Peri menopause for 2 years now I’m 39. My quality of life is awful I have gained 65 pounds am constantly bloated tired brain fog night sweats and during the day. I feel like I’m 80 I barely sleep at night. Does anyone have any suggestions? I just want to feel like myself again. I had a hysterectomy 5 years ago but kept my right ovary due to stage 4 endometriosis. My ovary failed and put me in peri menopause. I have tried estrogen patches but the don’t react well with me. Was thinking about doing testosterone cream? Can anyone please help?

  • Does Clegenatur Methods really work? I see many people keep on speaking about Clegenatur Methods. But Im uncertain if it’s good enough to have bigger and firmer breast naturally.

  • I was 35 when I was first told I was going through premature menopause, I’m now 45, and all of a sudden I am extreamly exhausted all the time, hot flashes day and night and wake up wet through in the morning. I wouldn’t say I’m moody but I am less patient than before. I was put on oral contraception when I was 35 as my GP said I was too young to go on HRT, thus help initially but now the exhaustion is debilitating I can’t stop sleeping. My hair as thinned so much and comes out when I brush it. Brain for is rediculas and doesn’t help with my psychology degree �� I feel like the menopause is ruining my life. Go advice me to go into HRT which I refused as I don’t do prescription medication but I can’t say I wasn’t tempted I’ve researched natural alternatives and have started on those 2 days ago. What I do notice is they help me sleep, so hopefully I’ll be feeling more rested in a few weeks time

  • Keep in mind, it’s not all doom and gloom. I went through menopause already and sailed through without ONE symptom. If your mom is still around, ask her what her experiences were, as these symptoms are highly hereditary from what I understand. Anyway, don’t just assume it’s going to be terribly difficult because it may not be! And by the way, not having your period is the best thing EVER! lol

  • Symptoms I have or had:
    Hot flashes and Night sweatsat times so bad I had to stop working and sit for a minute at my job. Night timehaving the window open in 26F weather cause I can’t cool off.
    Periodsdon’t have one for months then have one for days. Spotting for weeks.
    Anxeitynever had attacks before. At times so bad you feel your heart is going to come out of your chest.
    Jointssore as hell in the morning. I sometimes take pain relievers when it is really bad.
    Weight GainHard to get the lbs off and I gained over 15 lbs. I weight lift heavy and do cardio 5 to 6 days a week1 1/2 to 2 hrs in the gym.
    I even eat less now. It still is hard to lose. I have exercised my entire life.
    She says exercise more? I can’t do more than I do plus work a physically demanding job for 9 to 12 hrs.
    I know exercise does help and no caffeine. I quit caffeine 3 years ago.
    My joints still hurt but not as bad. Still have my messed up periods. Hot flashes are mostly in the summer and when it’s too hot.
    Still working on the weight.

  • My doctor told me I was too young! I go from mad to depressed so quickly. I believe this is what is going on. I’m 40. I started night sweats and hot flashes and my period was 3 weeks late. I bleed after sex and sometimes spot between periods for no reason. It has not been a joy at all.

  • I see my hormone doctor next week. I’m going to go on bioidentical hormones. My mom finally did and hasn’t looked back. I’m going to be 40 in a few months. My mom’s last period was at 42.. my grandma at 39. I feel like a basket case. I can’t trust my emotions or thoughts for anything. I feel suicidal a lot and like you I’m a Christian. Let us know what you ended up taking and how it’s working.

  • Once you’re menopausal, you’re menopausal for the rest of your life. My goals to make the rest of your life the best of your life. I’m passionate about this topic, and. I started my treatment with Planet Ayurveda. I took “Menopause Care Pack” for an ayurvedic and natural solution to face problems in menopause.

  • My doctor basically said I just need to deal with it. Not cool. Peri menopause is miserable. I feel like I’m constantly pmsing. This is hell.

  • For me, it was the heavy heavy periods. Blood clots, changing from tampons to maxi pads. Using 2 at a time cuz the flow was so heavy. And yes I worked at a delivery job. Do not stay silent. Find answers for you

  • Sex activities???? I haven’t had a orgasm in like a year sweetheart, I need to try a new shower head and a back massager on high speed frfr bc I need to have a orgasm

  • But im losing weight, spotting for a week before periods. Horrible IBS during periods, no sleep. Foam or mucus type stool with farts. I feel like im worse than a bedridden patient. Lord help me im depressed n desperate

  • Can aching legs be a part of peri menopause? I have spent most of my life with bad PMS symptoms which always included back pain, pubic bone cramping and aching legs. Now I am getting this AFTER my period ends. What is going on? I want to exercise and my bottom half feels so sore I don’t feel like moving. Adding to it I have anxiety issues (always have but feels more so these days) AND I want to put my fist through the face of anyone who so much as beeps at me on the road. I feel like I am in hell. What do I do first to try and deal with this???

  • Why do we women get all this issues while guys are just getting nothing really!!! Tell me again why women need men?? Oh yes, reproducing… Wonk wonk… lol

  • One thing no one mentions is heart palpitations, I went to the ER 3 times thinking I was having a heart attack and everything normal after having many tests, symptoms of rapid heart rate, blood pressure rise, nausea, light headedness, anemia and loss of appetite. I would still recommend getting checked if you have these symptoms but my end result was perimenopausal symptoms along with uterine fibroids, I’m really going through it smh

  • I feel like I’m going through this now. I’m 39, but dealing with severe anxiety and horrible night sweats. The sweats usually show up the week before my period and my period itself is getting all weird. I “start” a few days before I’m supposed to (so light that I don’t even have to wear anything), then it stops and starts full force within a few days of that initial “starting”. It’s so weird and I’m annoyed! ��

  • I’m 27. Was told that my period ends early due to how I was born. Hormones etc. Lack of oestrogen. They told me to go through IVF, however stated that it would still be difficult for it to work. That’s costly. And then they mentioned that they’d have to send the embryo (if they were to mix with the seeds of my future husband ) to a genetics unit, in case they want to remove any disabilities etc. That’s also costly. Also stated to have children due to “heart problems” or something. Meaning it could kill me?

    I keep getting irregular periods, and they don’t look normal, “colour-wise”. Always have been extremely painful. The doctors told me to go through IVF A.S.A.P so I can store whatever eggs I have remaining.

  • Hubby and I just watched this together. He is so supportive. He said “Wow” as everything fits me. I started to cry. I am definitely going through perimenopause. Thank you for helping us.

  • Thank you I’m 41 and have been researching and I love that u all are working together to help us all. I too am not ok with a Rollercoaster with a cloud of mystery. This is really helping me!!!

  • I need to know how can I tell that my periods are going to stop or get lighter. I am 52 and have periods closer. I am so tired!! I need to know the sighs that they will stop soon. ��
    I have been told to have hysterectomy but I might be so close to end of periods. I am so confused as to what to do.

  • Hot flashes and night sweats are driving me crazy, my Dr recommended soy milk ew and evening primrose oil caps, will try it for a month see if anything changes for the better.

  • Good advice Dr.i went to see my doctor.but sadly I just got a lot of leaflets.very sad excuse as my doctor was just 32.she said it’s normal but when your looking for help that’s not helpful.i had more luck On youtube. So god bless you for your advice.

  • How about letting women know there’s natural alternatives to these symptoms to ease a woman though peri menopause rather than suggesting medications? If a woman goes with complaints such as these, the doctor will send them to a psychiatrist for meds for mood after prescribing hormones etc…Don’t do it ladies! Please know there’s help and chemicals in medications are regulating your bodies into balance. All medications disrupt your physiology. Stop pushing the idea of pharmaceuticals as an answer to women’s health complaints and instead give them hope and health with out toxic meds

  • I can’t take hormones. I’m allergic to them. My organs shut down one by one. So there’s nothing I can do. Any non hormonal treatments available

  • CTFU! I am birthing Bebe Hamster sized clots..& Holy F Yah Heartburn from what?.All i did is eat a rice cake…A MF rice cake? Not anything good..a rice cake.i just keep telling self i can do this..Soo many Women have done it w/o drugs..It is soo difficult..Thank you for being fierce & putting yourself out like this.This is Balls out about Balls going out lol..(Loving wine tonight..for medicinal purpose course..)

  • I have been watching your videos for a year now but never loved you more than today. Thanks for doing all the research and sharing it with us. Showing your vulnerability touched my heart. You are such a beautiful woman and nothing can take it away from you. Love, Tina

  • I see this make me worry. I am still not there but I am getting ready. They talk about symptoms which look not nice but it seems to be worse that I imagine. I do know that some women don’t experience it that bad. I know a lady who didn’t have any symptom at all, but being realistic, I think is one in a million.

  • I was born with a lower jelly roll and now its fat underneath of it pushing it out, omg. So sick of this. Going back on estrogen/progesterone so I can sleep, and keep my muscle, etc. UGH!!!!! I dont do anything wrong and still getting fat and sweating every night. I like my patch/pill (it works for me). Appreciate your video!

  • I started my transition around 42 as well… fun times! Wanted to mention, I participated in a clinical trial for vaginal dryness, double blind study, estrogen insert vs. Replens insert vs. placebo. Turns out I was on the estrogen arm, but the study found that Replens and estrogen insert were about the same in helping women with dryness and comfort in intercourse. Hope that might be useful to someone.

  • Thank you for your wonderful video! I was wondering which specific estrogen and progesterone medications you use and what dosages. Do you use your patch for 3 out of 4 weeks? Again thanks so much for your inspirational videos!

  • I needed to hear another woman say everything you said about dryness and painful sex. I don’t have a lot of girlfriends and the ones I do have are much younger than myself, so I have no one to talk with. But just hearing you and seeing you nearly break down on this subject helps me to understand,,,,, THIS IS REAL,,,,, and not just me. Thank you for being so truthful on such a sensitive subject. btw….. I always love all your videos on every other subject THANKS AGAIN!!

  • Great topic, thank you. Fennel (capsules) worked well for my hot flashes temporarily, but only for 6 months. I’m now taking Paroxotein (Brisdelle) for hot flashes normally for treating depression/anxiety. It works quickly on hot flashes but causes constipation. I’m also taking Remifemin (a non-hormonal for menopause) and I don’t know if it’s “working”. Premarin and medroxyprogesterone worked great but the Premarin was WILDLY expensive. In the 5 years I’ve been managing my symptoms, there seems to be no perfect answer. I’ve got the weight gain/belly fat increasing too, but frankly I’ve been far more concerned about my flashes, libido and disrupted sleep.

  • Thank you so much for this informative video, Erin! After I was just thinking, what a hell, God?! Why women have to suffer so much in this life??? Is it all because of one freaking apple??? �� That’s really mean! What happened to the peace and love policy? ��
    Okay, now let’s get serious and let’s share my own experiences with the rest of sinners. �� I am 48, I still have my periods every month regularly, but like a year ago I got my period for 10 days and I ran to the emergency room to find out what happened. Gynecologist said it was a meoma and a polipe which was going out. He said that my menopause can start soon as well and I need to start taking progesterone if I want to prolong that process. I didn’t listen, I thought: oh nonsense, my mom got it in her 52 or so, I got time! Actually a natural soya estrogen pills helped me to stop bleeding, nothing else did. Is that mean that estrogen is missing already? Then I noticed bleedings after sex and that it became less enjoyable in general (I guess do to a dryness). Don’t let me started on peeing after every single sneezing…�� I can’t trust anymore even a coughing.

  • I went to the drs to give me advice about it, as I feel I’m on the start of it….the Dr didn’t take on board my symptoms, instead she just thought I was low…. I have all the symptoms, but not the sweats as yet… Bit annoyed that the Dr I saw didn’t really listen to me!

  • taking a synthetic form of estrogen is basically pregnant mare urine, that’s what it is. So go bioidentical all the way by going to a homeopathic doctor who tests your blood, then the results say exactly what your is missing. Then he sends his RX to a compounding pharmacy, you get your skin cream and rub it on your arms daily and your set. It’s healthy, and it is made up from a soy compound. Now I don’t feel like I’m dying anymore. Never take anything synthetic when there is something that is biodentical. I felt very weird and sick like when I took that pregnant mare urine poison and it was not meant to be in my body. I’ve been on the bioidentical cream for 20 years and no cancer. Just feeling well and happy.

  • thank you and I like very much all video and everything you said about menopause and vagina. And I think that the women should not be hard to talk about it and talk about it with the shame. you impress me very much, congrats

  • Thank you for sharing. Great content. I have no problem with you mentioning the…vagina… I have a great relationship with my vagina since it is an integral part of my femininity

  • Thank you for putting this info out. No one ever talks about this and I have just suffered in silence. I eventually did speak to my gyno and I am using a product called estring which is a low dose estrogen vaginal ring that gets replaced every 3 months. This has helped alleviate about 80% of my symptoms. I tried the creams before but if you are not consistent, your symptoms come right back. Thank you again for talking about this topic. It helps to normalize what happens to women.��

  • I had a hysterectomy at 33 which threw me into menopause. My grandmother had breast cancer so I’m not a candidate for HRT. I personally found that my symptoms are well controlled by a keto diet. It has helped me so much!

  • Hi.. Thanks for this lovely video. We ladies really go thru a lot.. It’s nice to talk about what’s coming in 40s age group… N feel better about it knowing many others are in this with us.. Once 40s sets in… It’s like join the group..n be strong to face it. It’s really tough being a woman…. I don’t think a man can ever go thru the kind of pain n stress we go thru.

  • Thank you so much! You are amazing. I am so impressed by your openness and willingness to share very personal things. I will definitely try your tips. And I look forward to all your videos. Thank you again!

  • THANK YOU for being so brave to speak your truths to help others. You are truly an amazing woman!! I’m 48 yo and have been having peri-menopausal symptoms for the past 3 years. I’ve been dealing with belly fat for a few years now. Surprisingly, Intermittent Fasting helped me lose 10 pounds in 2-3 months. I haven’t been exercising in the past 4 months but I did start drinking a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar mixed with 8oz water every morning. I think it has helped. Also, I strongly believe eating a half of avocado a day helps to flatten the belly as well.

  • Yes!!! I feel you so much sister, it’s been so challenging to deal with the things I used to deal with! I have started a routine and will share! Dr. Berg helped so much!

  • arrrr bless you, how uncomfortable you are talking about it, yet you still did to help people xxx im in the uk n just discovered you and think you are great xxxxx

  • Thankyou for being so brave and talking about this important issue! Dryness and painful intercourse has been an issue for me. Emotionally challenging, wondering if I would have to deal with this for the rest of my life. I have an amazing and understanding husband but I noticed I was avoiding intimacy. This wasn’t okay with me so I saw my doctor and was prescribed the topical estrogen that you insert twice a week….game changer! I am happy to say it works!

  • Thank you for this video! There is nothing worse than watching your body go from Jessica Rabbit to Barney Rubble with a side of incontinence. Getting old is not for sissies!

  • I started Bio-identical Hormone Pellets, the Doctor inserts them right under the skin on your hip and within 2 weeks of getting them, my entire world was changed.Estradiol and Testosterone pellets plus Progesterone capsule. It has been a huge game changer. No more Hot Flashes
    No more sleepless nights, brain fog gone, sex drive returned in big way, Skin and hair doing so much better. I know that some ladies want to do it naturally, I totally get that, but, when your body is all of a sudden changing and making you miserable, I say, bring on the HRT! If your a diabetic you take insulin, if your thyroid is not working properly you take thyroid meds, natural menopause is hell on earth to me and therefore getting these pellets have been a God Send! I’m trying your Plant based diet and Tracy Anderson workouts next. Thank you for all the information!
    Oh and PS the pellet insertion is totally painless they numb a small spot and put the pellets under the skin, you wear a small pressure bandaid and keep it dry for 36 hours then your good to go, so worth it!

  • Hi Arin
    This is by far the most important!! video I have watched in months of following you and other you tubers..
    This is such an important issue and coming from a lady that so many women are following and listening to good tips on fashion and style from..makes it even better.��
    So much appreciated. Thank you for sharing
    You are brave courageous and authentic beautiful inside and out
    Keep up your good work wishing u loads of success,

  • You are incredibly brave and very caring of us all by making this video and discussing such private issues! Bravo, I take my hat off to you. You are helping SO MANY WOMEN, so thank you once again. You are AMAZING!!! ����

  • Menopause does suck, i agree. I am 51 and hit menopause at 48 because i have a hyopthyroid so read this causes earlier menopause, oh joy, kick me when i am down ugh. I am 123 and feel like a fat frump, i am used to being 108. I am 5 ft 2.5 inches and small framed. But even with eating virtually nothing but veggies and some fruit, working out 40 minutes a day, i still am 123sh so i guess this is the weight i am suppose to be now. I hate having a tummy though more than anything, but it is what it is. Also, IBS is a bitch which also has been a struggle. I for sure have aged since menopause because of the drop of estrogen, progesterone, Once this stupid COVID virus is more understood I want to go back to the doctor to get on some kind of HRT. So does that help with belly fat? And what is up with facial hair? Ugh. Why!!!!!

  • This is so confusing to me because I have PCOS. I’ve had all the premenopausal symptoms since I started my period at 11. I’m now 40.

  • I agree with Stephanie Hatfield, 100%. Not every woman is aware of things that the body goes through. Regardless of how many times you said vagina or were uncomfortable with certain topics, you did great! I’ve learned so much from watching your channel and seeing this video expands my knowledge on my body. Thank you for taking one of the team and discussing this topic. You do it with such grace and it is greatly appreciated!!!

  • I’m 52 and going thru it right now. The hot flashes, weight gain, and painful sex are terrible. I started on HRT but got off of it as I thought it made me gain weight. I am using a cream to replace the estrogen in the vagina but there’s also the lack of interest in sex. I believe part of it is knowing that sex is going to be painful. Who wants to do that if you know it’s going to hurt. I am so thankful for a loving and understanding husband and a happy marriage. Do I wish I felt (sexually) like I did five years ago? Ten years ago? Yes. But I know that this too shall pass. I will keep trying different things to help me thru the journey of menopause. Thank you for the honest and helpful video.

  • Bless you Erin for doing this and being so honest. I’m an RN and on HRT. Sex life is no problem but if I had those symptoms I’d be gutted. Well said for staying vagina! That’s what it is….as RNs we say it a lot in work because we are real and it’s accurate! Great video. Thank you xx ��

  • Great job! I feel like I’ve tried a million things but I did see some new ideas in this video. I’ve done Dr Sarah,its good and works but intense and not sustainable for me… just like Keto isn’t my solution. I love collagen. Also, I’m doing green tea latte in the morning and I think its helped, I’ve lost a tiny amount. Coffee isn’t my friend. I too went through menopause early and am through but same struggles as peri menopause. Im still trying to fight.

  • Thank you for the video.I was diagnosed with breast cancer at 46 and this happen so fast I didn’t know what happens to body and then the manopouse!!

  • Nettle tea..also oatstraw..Motherwort was very helpful right after hysterectomy.
    Adrenal herbs are very good. Maca ginseng rhodiola lucuma ashwagandha, astragalas.amla
    Eleuthero If you have a good herbalist locally or some good ones online are Rosemary Gladstar.Susan Weed.Matthew Wood.Stephen Buhner

  • Thank you! This is the second time I’ve watched because in the past two weeks I have begun to experience the painful sex symptom and it’s awful! So unexpected and sudden. I’m heart broken that my own body is causing such difficulty with something so vital to a good marriage. I am going to look further into the treatment you received good results with.

  • I am 59 years old. Totally there and dealing with it all without access to medical care. So I thought I would share what I am doing. I take 120 mg of Red Clover isoflavones & 40 mg Soy isoflavones. I use Life Flo Bi-estro cream on my face, hair, & a pea sized dab in my vajj. I use a pea sized dab of progesterone cream on my belly on top of my uterus twice a day. My face is not wrinkled & my hair is silky & soft as it grows back out from the pixie to my natural gray. I do the firm classic exercise DVD’s. I work out 6 days a week 3 days of Time Crunch and 3 days of abs, hips & thighs alternating days between the 2. I still have a menopot and I decided that the best I could do was to try to keep my belly from sticking out further than my boobs. God played a joke on my and I went from a B cup to a DD cup this is what drove me really crazy for a while but I finally realized that God was blessing me because my boobs do still stick out further than my belly. What has helped my osteoarthritis which is really bad now has been to eliminate all starch from my diet, no more potatoes, pasta, bread, no grains and no legumes, and using the estrogen cream on my joints. I hope this helps someone.

  • Three things I would highly recommend.

    1. Eating for hormones! Years ago Suzanne Somers did a lot of research These sisters took it further look up Trim Healthy Mamma THM and listen to what these sisters are saying THM.
    You can eat cheese….lots of it. see the ladies results check out their facebook groups youtube. Libido are returning weight melting off…

    2. Nature’s Sunshine Wild Yam and Chaste Tree off Amazon.

    3. Dr. Christiane Northrup book Wisdom of menopause! It’s the menopause guide book bible google reference guide!

    All the best ��

  • Maybe juicing would help you….a glass or 2 of celery juice or cucumber juice every day……I try to have a glass of celery juice every day……or cucumber juice…….

  • I tried IFand it didn’t work for me either tho like you, my normal lifestyle already included a period of IF (though I did not think of it that way) of 14 hours a day (don’t eat between 7pm 9am) so I would have had to extend that… when I tried, frankly I was miserable and all I could think about was food after 9am. I just couldn’t see myself living like that for the rest of my life. Luckily I’ve only put on about five pounds but, unfortunately, it’s all distributed around my waist. I’m hoping to start an exercise program that will take care of it and will try some of the things you mentioned, thanks.

  • Hi Erin thanks for making this video it’s been a big big help I’m going hrough some things well actually I’ve had weird on and off periods for around 3 years now as in nothing for almost a year then really heavy for a few months then nothing I will go to Dr once the world gets back to normal but recently( last 3 weeks) having really bad hot flashes wow they are terrible, and the info you provided has really helped me gain some understanding of what mat be happening and what direction I need to go,
    you are funny and brave and beautiful thanks again all the best Mary in Australia ��

  • I feel for you! I’m 49, and have had all the peri-menopause symptoms since around 45. I haven’t had a period since January… fingers crossed! I only use Natural Homeopathic type pills, creams, etc. I take chaste berry, or vitex, along with a few other herbs known to help women with symptoms. The biggest changes for me were diet and exercise. I make a point of walking daily (I used to be very sedentary), and cut out processed sugar. I eat more of a Mediterranean or low carb diet. Taking sugar out was a game changer for me! Life is so much better now. Thank you for the encouragement and information!

  • Osteopenia, osteoporosis, diminished sense of smell/taste, slower thyroid activity, slower metabolism, stiff joints, thinner scalp hair, sparse eyelashes, sparse eyebrows. Sooner or later, after menopause, these happen. Not fun.

  • A big thank you for being so honest and for sharing your findings. We are all in this together it’s about time we help each other and not hide shame.

  • Another excellent resource is Menopause Taylor on YouTube by Dr. Barbara Taylor, MD. It’s the best medical educational you can find.

  • Thank you so much this video is extremely informative and I think you did an amazing job and yes you’re right it is hard to talk about that I’m glad that you did.��

  • It was very kind of you to address a subject that is not necessarily easy to speak about in such a public forum. I am post menopause 12 years now. I stopped my cycle at 52 years of age. Progesterone cream helped me greatly. My emotions and personality stayed fairly level. I would periodically check with a young friend of mine to make sure my personality was not changing. I did not want to use menooause as an excuse to be cranky with others. My hot flashes were horrible!

    It was good advice you gave about a complete thyroid check. I developed Hashimoto’s Disease in my early/ mid 50s. It is like getting hit with a double whammy-menopause and then thyroid problems.

    But every story has an end. So does menopause. There is a great life waiting for you on the other side!

  • Thank you thank you for discussing the changes of the “ vagina” menopause impacts your tips are heaven sent. Apple cider vinegar really works with belly fat! I just worry about the high level of acid ( even though they say it
    doesn’t affect your ph balance)

  • Great info. I became menopausal about a year ago and realized via blood work that I was post menopausal. Was shocked because this really is a topic that doesn’t get much conversation amongst women; including those that have already been through it. What I learned is that as women we know very little about our bodies and the hormone system and its impact on us.

  • Hi Erin, love your channel! I’m 49 and starting to notice perimenopause symptoms. One big issue is gaining a few extra pounds in my tummy. Could you do a video on stylish pull on pants (in a moderate price point)?

  • I’m 53 and my doctor said I’m in the latter side of perimenopause. Doctor just told me to take estroven for nightsweats. Still get my period and awful night sweats. I went on lexapro to help with crippling anxiety. Helps so much ‼️

  • A few years later and I totally feel the same way today! I enjoyed your video! My weight gain alone is depressing like crazy for me. Blessings to you beautiful lady!

  • This is my life. I’m so frickin tired of it. It is hell to go thru this. Noone should have to suffer this long. I’ve tried everything. 200 years ago we died before we had to face this hell. Now it feels like….this is my life until the good Lord takes me.

  • Thank you for sharing. I get so disappointed in myself over things that I have no control over. The same kind of depression that you are describing. My hormones make me hate myself. Drinking helped me for awhile but then it hurt me more.

  • Its not helping that our world is mess up either. I am going through those same things. It’s horrible! 12 years now. I wear my hair up all the time, I sweat on the back of my neck and the top of my head feeling like it’s burning up. The hot flash come then the anxiety. I can’t believe that don’t have some thing safe for us women to take for this.

  • I’m right there with you and I get what you are going through! I will be 48 in a couple of months and to top it off my Mother passed away six months ago and I now I feel like I’m going through the “Change!” It’s not easy going through this! And with my Mother’s death it’s like a double whammy!��

  • Thank you for doing this video. I’m 47. I’m literally hopeless. I don’t have any family or friends which makes it very difficult and move to a new city almost 2 years ago. I’m completely lost and the depression and physical pain in weight gain and paranoia yet and craziness in my head is unbearable. I’ve been to doctor after doctor after doctor and can only guess that I’m in perimenopause. And it keeps getting worse.

    I struggled with depression bipolar manic depression all of my life. ADHD, Was never properly medicated or diagnosed. And now since I have moved I can’t get a doctor to listen to me, is impossible. They won’t look at records or prescribe me anything. I can’t imagine living another 20-30 years like this.

  • Omg! This is me! Especially the vertigo I just turned 50I don’t feel like myself. I wish I was my old self. I have crying spells, anxiety, hot flashes, weight gain, panic attacks, migraines ugh!

  • My mom is 72 and she still takes prempro because she was so depressed from menopause. I’m 55 and just started getting hot flashes which keep me awake at night. I’m not depressed (yet) so prozac to stop hot flashes worries me but I hate hot flashes.

  • My sister is a menopausal woman who left her 15 year relationship with no kids (she didn’t want any) so she could chase a married coworker with two kids who claims his wife never sleeps with him. She justified the whole thing by saying she fell for this guy and wasn’t happy with her previous partner who was faithful and devoted. Despite this going on for three years, the married man has not left his wife and never spends quality time with this woman, and just runs home to his supposedly frigid wife, and my sister just takes it. I’ve never such bullshit in my whole life, so yeah, my empathy level is pretty much zero for this kind of clueless behavior. I actually think she is hoping to take over this guy’s marriage so she can become stepmom to his two kids, and have the family she didn’t make time to have earlier. Why is it men don’t get a pass for their insanely destructive behavior but women do?

  • I feel the same thing with all this symptom is driving me crazy and chest pain im 48 years old i feel dizzy, heart palpitations headaches,nervous weakness, feeling angry fighting with hubby,constipation,depression, moods swing,foggy mind,anxiety, and negative thoughts

  • No doctor told me my vertigo could be from menopause, it took 18 years to finally calm down. I haven’t driven in that many years had to resign from my job. God did bless me with a wonderful husband two years into that vertigo nightmare. He has been such a help in a horrible time.

  • About 10% of women are disabled by menopause symptoms. I’ve been on HRT for 5 years, and my doctor insists I go off the drugs due to increased cancer risk. So I went off the drugs and lost my mind. I had a nervous breakdown at my job and had to call my husband to come collect me from under my desk. Some women lose the ability to cope with stress, as estrogen provides a calming effect.

    I’m about half way through my FMLA medical leave from work, and there is no way I’ll be able to return in 6 weeks. No way.

    My own mother left her career as a surgical nurse when she was about my age. Her intention was never to quit, but to take some time off to deal with “stress.” She never held another job again.

  • omgosh>>>thank you…I thought I was losing my mind..I will be 50 in February. I feel trapped in my own body thank you for sharing…seeing my doctor soon! Praying for you!..Praying for US!

  • Any carbohydrate will cause debilitating anxiety. I eat a carnivore diet, celery juice, megadose vitamin c, niacin and take BHRT. Progesterone helps me sleep big time!!!! Estrogen is my saving grace along with a dhea testosterone cream booster. I still have bad days, but it mostly from cheating on my diet with carbs.

  • As a nurse, I was never educated about all the symptoms of perimenopause. When I started dealing with the onset of perimenopause I thought I was dying. I actually ended up in the hospital with symptoms so bad I was completely worked up for a heart attack and that night was so horrifying that it caused PTSD and severe health fear. I ended up seeing multiple doctors and multiple tests before an autonomic neurologist and reproductive endocrinologist determined my issues were from perimenopause and I was entered into a study on women who have severe symptoms at this time in life. I actually started tracking symptoms on a calendar. They are worse around mid cycle and very severe at time of menses. My initial symptoms were sudden episodes of unstable blood pressure, with severe headaches, palpitations, flushing and cold sweats, shaking and dizziness. When it hit full blown… around my menses… I can actually feel the depression and anxiety building hour by hour days before my period is due… getting to the point of suicidal thoughts…severe health fear that I am dying… terrified to be alone for fear I will drop dead… and it is irrational even to me. I get severe GI issues, brain fog, dizziness, vertigo, shaking, feeling like my heart skips… insomnia but also severe fall over fatigue. When I get to sleep I will jerk awake feeling like I am falling or like I stopped breathing and this only happens around my menses. I get short of breath which i have read is due to higher progesterone and increased inflammation from relaxed blood vessels just like in pregnancy.. so I now use an inhaler around this time. I have fibromyalgia and the hormone fluctuations intensify this pain as well. Its been a nightmare.. and I was blown off kilter because I had never been told this is how it could be. I had no one to talk to about it as all of my family had hysterectomies when they were young and never experienced this.. nor have my friends. Doctors said that I have a greater difficulty because I have a history of PMDD, depression and anxiety. I don’t care why I do… I just pray that once I get to the other side of this… it will be better. I wish the medical profession was more aware of this and women were better educated of what this can be like because it is terrifying and it leaves women feeling very frightened, vulnerable, alone and like they are losing their minds!

  • Thank you for posting your God sent!! I’m starting going through this. I felt horrible and desperate today never in my have I felt so bad my entire life!!! I cried at work. Physical symptoms are horrible! Sadness is terrible. I’m a happy person. I have read researched endlessly. From alternative therapy to conventional medicine. I went as far as researching harmone therapy in other conutries Canada being one of them. Please keep me informed. I have doct appt. Next week. I need release! My email is [email protected] gmail.com

  • Current symptoms, I just turned 52 couple weeks ago…:

    Wacky periods… Sometimes they come every 2 weeks… see ometimes longer between, With a little bit of spotting in between… they go from heavy to light to phantom periods, just any kind of imaginable pattern…
    seems like I’m always cramping… the cramping is the one that makes me the most anxious because it seems like I have cramps a lot because I never know when my real cycle is… So it seems like it’s not always at ovulation time because I have no idea when I’m ovulating anymore…

    Depression, CRYING. A LOT….everything making me cry…

    Dizzy….a few weeks ago, this one I don’t have at the current moment…

    Headaches… Same thing those have gone away currently…

    Wanting to eat… A lot… Mostly sugar… Mostly chocolate… Extremely PMS

    Fatigue… want to stay in bed, force myself to go for a walk or to the gym but OMG it can be tough sometimes…

    Night sweats and wake up SUPER HOT all over, underneath me feels like a heated blanket was on it…

    Wake up at 3 a.m. and lay there and try to look for perimenopause message boards that confirm all this craziness that I’m experiencing…

    Blurry vision


    Anxious…and of course all this wackiness makes me MORE anxious…

    Going to Dr., might need meds I guess…Aleve and Estroven over the counter help, I think…. periods are so wacky that it’s hard to tell if it’s actually helping or not… And just not knowing how much longer this kind of pattern is going on because I’m 52 and I’m still having periods crazy as they are!!!!

    I know that after I hit send I’m going to think of three more things I forgot to put down currently feeling LOL…

  • Thank you so much for being honest, I have been going through the same symptoms now and I thought I was sick or something! I feel like I’m going to have a heart attack or a major brake down! I’m just now looking into herbs and other supplements. I feel like we’re very similar in our personalities. It’s good to know that others are having the same experience and that I’m not actually dying! Thank you!!! This menopausal stuff is terrible!!!

  • OMG! Thank you for this! Your candor just made me so at peace. I, have been struggling for over a year now but; I dont feel alone now! Bless you!!

  • I would wake several times a night with my nightgown and sheets completely soaked and have to change my gown and sheets. Several times a night. Then the hot flashes during the day. It’s very difficult. It has finally passed. Thank God. I wish I had known more about all of it. People don’t talk about this subject much. I hope you have or find a good doctor. Talk to other women too. Support is important. You’ll be in my thoughts and prayers. Check out St. John’s wort, DHEA, dong quai, magnesium, some of the other supplements. A lot of these things help with anxiety and depression. Let me know if I can help. Bravo for making this video.

  • You saved me from ending with this nightmare…I just feel I can’t handle all these crazy symptoms…I feel I’m on a rollercoaster…at times I feel so I’ll like I’m dying and i end up in the ER…then i feel better and all the exams are negative…than i feel Crazy. I could could totally relate to how you feel…please help!

  • I’m going through the same thing girl. It’s challenging. Cutting out processed foods has helped a bit. Thank goodness for God. Praying for all of us gals going through this. I’m 50 now so hopefully it will go away soon.

  • I have felt like I was falling thru the atmosphere, no sleep, memory crud, and head fog for years. Thought I was early Alzheimers but I am not. At least I have conquered the head fog and falling dizzy feeling w Acetyl L-Carnitine and Alpha GPC I also use Divigel (I have no uterus). Conquering the sleep thing and chronic fatigue is next. It’s super hard. My sadness responded to Wellbutrin.

  • First let me say Thank you so much for this video! Right now i am researching and trying to understand what is happening to me. My dr. Said that i was pre menopausal, what the heck? I’m only 48 i thought i was to young for menopause. Boy was i wrong! I am sitting her crying, because that is what is happening to me every single day. The first thing i noticed are the hot flashes, they were uncomfortable sure, and i thought if this is the worst of it hey, bring it on, i got this! but then……anxiety kicks in, and headaches, then the depression like nothing, and i mean nothing i ever felt before, it totally feels like I’m choking about 13 hours a day, but the worst part is mornings, that is when i cant stop crying, and i just feel like i want to rip off my skin!! I think that hormones build up and night and kick your ass in the mornings! That is my theory. I don’t feel like myself at all! I have suicidal thoughts at least 10 times a day, I don’t know how to fix this!!! Uggg! Even right now I cant stop crying!! This is terrible!! I feel like i am just barely hanging on by a thread, and any tiny simple little thing will set me off and i cant pull myself together. My dr. Says that menopause last 10 to 15 years!! Oh my God!! I cant do this that long!! She said that most women have menopause similar to their moms, but my mom said she barely even noticed it, that she just breezed through it. Not true!! I find that my moods are off the roof, and i feel that i am loosing the best parts of me like my kindness, my forgiveness, my understanding, my mind, and I’m so scared that after all of this is over what will be left of me? I miss the me before menopause, because the me now is NOT who i have always been. I don’t even know myself anymore and I don’t like this me. I feel like i might push my family and the closest people away from me and i will be left alone. I hate this and i don’t know how to fix it!! I asked my Dr. to give me something to help me and she just said that even though most dr.’s prescribe some kind of hormone she does not believe in that. I lost my mind in her office, begging her to help me feel better. She did say that there is some really good stuff over the counter at walmart but Damn, i need prescription strength stuff!! I have never been one for pills or alcohol but right now i am so desperate to feel some sort of normalcy that i am willing to try anything at this point. I have 6 kids and 5 grandkids that still need me and i find it harder and harder to hold on even for them. That sound so wrong but if I’m being honest that’s exactly how i feel right now. I don’t take it day by day, i take it minute by minute for sure. I put in a request for a new dr. Through my insurance and am waiting not so patiently. I pray so much more now not only for me but for hopes i my family will still be there at the end of all of this. I go through this alone as much as possible, but on the occasion when everyone is around me i go do shop therapy, or believe it or not cut weeds outside with a shovel and scissors like a crazy person against my husbands wishes because he thinks that his and my boys job and does not like me doing it, but…. it helps me relieve some stress. I am going to pray for every single one of you ladies going through this because I wouldn’t wish this on anyone, it is easily the hardest thing i have ever gone through and i hope and pray I’m strong enough to push through to the end. I’m sorry i vented on you all like this but i feel like that if I don’t let it out i might loose my mind, and i also think that all women should be aware of the possibilities of these things happening to them. Thank you all for listening. Menopause is no joke!!!

  • Thanks for being a sister in the menopause and vagina, vagina, vagina…..journey. Real women are CANDID! That is how we help each other. You are appreciated and respected! Thank you again!

  • Sweetie, slather on some bi-estro cream. Use progesterone cream in smaller doses on the woohoo to protect the uterus against cancer. Depression is low estrogen. Do not be afraid to start with a slathering of the bi-estro cream you are in desperate need. It’s usually made from wild yam or soy not horse pee pee. Try some

  • It is normal to gain weight in your 40’s or 50’s. You do not need to lose weight or cut calories. It is protective to have a little more weight as you age and your chances of surviving things such as a heart attack are better.

  • Oh ny word this speaks to me. I have been going through this for 6 years and had so many blood tests and I thought I was going crazy on the worst days. The anxiety, depression, dizziness and feeling exhausted have been the most difficult. And anger too plus the occasional suicidal thought. It is that bad I can only work a few hours a week.

  • Yeah hate to admit it I’m going through this getting very extreme emotions but also am going through ascension symptoms as well. The depression is bad and I know what your going through but we are purging ourselves right now so all sad things will come to the surfice to be healed. I found pine pollen tincture helped me but cos I’ve run out I’m sinking physically. To go through menopause and spiritual alignment is a double whammy so we gotta give ourselves plenty of self love and care. Also I’ve found grounding in nature the best, being barefoot in grass or lying under a tree, animals do this naturally we have forgotten.

  • Thank you so much for posting this video.  I was wondering myself about the statistics of suicide and menopause.  I was also thankful that you shared that you are a Christian.  I’m going through this and there are many of us suffering.

  • I think I can help you understand this whole process. I’ve gone through the most unbelievable transition. I’m 56 now Friend me on FB and then we may chat, I’m so feeling guided to help and befriend you!

  • Sending love and strength. I am 22 and I see similar symptoms such as depression, mood swings, and suicidal thoughts. I feel like I have cancer as I feel strong pain in my chest occasionally and my hair fall makes me feel crazy. Life generally is good. I am doing my Bachelor’s and have plans/goals for life. I don’t really understand why is it happening with me. Thank you for making this video, I am glad to know about it menopause earlier so that I am aware when I go through it in my thirties/forties.:))

  • How are you feeling now? What did you find that worked for you to feel better. I am experiencing same, so I understand. A lot of good resources out there including Menopause Taylor and Christiane Northrup.

  • Natural is the best way to go, especially maca root https://www.etsy.com/listing/764567570/menopause-vagina-dry-moisture-wet-vagina

  • Omgoodness. This is me. No one talks about menopause, I am experiencing it really bad the brain fog, dizziness, nauseous, depression, fatigue not to mention migraine. I’m at a stage where I can’t do it no more. Thanks for sharing this

  • It. Is. Horrible. I have exactly what you have and I tried a million things. I also Googled this and found a study where they used.625 Premarin along with 30 to 40 mg of mirtazapine 4/8 weeks on postmenopausal women and their Hamilton depression skills went from around a 20 remission.. I’ve tried estradiol creams patches Etc but I’ll make me feel like I’m going to have a freaking heart attack. And yes, I know what Premarin is but I can’t help anybody else if I can’t help myself and that’s what I’m using.625 mg. For some people going through menopause the increase in estradiol is enough but when you have this hardcore depression it seems like you have to have an antidepressant of some kind. My mom had this and it was all so horrific until she went on a.625 mg of Premarin and 10 mg of Lexapro. Man, I hope you sorted it out because this is a living nightmare.

  • Thank you so much. That’s how I felt for years. I am fifty now. Last year I could not take it any longer. I knew it was hormones. As it lasted for ten days every menstrual cycle. There is an old fashioned word, biblical. I never understood it until my forties. Lamenting. I felt a deep sorrow. I have had deaths and other traumas in my life, but nothing nothing came close to causing this lamentation like the perimenapause. I could not take it any longer, had tried suicide in 2010, spent a weekend on suicide watch. And as soon as my period started, I was fine. Last year I saw a psychiatrist. He immediately prescribed me lemotrigine. Its a mood stabilitizer. (also treats epilepsy). I am on a tiny dosage level. 25mg. As I am very easily affected by anything “additive”. I don’t drink. I did drink for two years as a way to try and cope. Gave up in 2014 after my dad died. I kept hoping the menopause would end and here I am, at fifty, still have periods like clock work. Except for this week. This is the first time I am spotting and not bleeding heavily. But its lasted seven days already. So I am hoping its the end of the tunnel.
    But the lemotrigine has changed my moods. I don’t ha e suicidal idealisation. (the idea that suicide will be the answer to the deep sorrow). Because the deep sorrow is gone. It’s such a relief.
    I used to feel fantastic when I breastfeed and did not have periods. So I know what being period free for years is like. Two years period free after two babies thanks to breastfeeding.

    My mom won’t speak about menopause or any female function so I have no family reference.

    Today I googled it on YouTube and found some videos.

    I only learnt today that perimenopause can be up to 15 years before the actual menopause.
    I am looking back at my calendar and can see that by the time I was 42, I was lamenting. And it just got worse with each year. Deeper and deeper.
    So thanks to lemotrigine, I am finally feeling balanced.
    It’s not natural remedies. I tried so many, including veganism!
    Thank you again, and you are in my prayers.

  • I’m about to go into surgical menopause due to having a hysterectomy and taking the overies due to having the breast cancer braca1 gene so best if i have them all gone to be on the safe side I’m not looking forward to going through menopause I’m only 36 years old I’m so scared about it and ageing fast thats the main thing I’m worried about and the vaginal dryness my drs wont be putting me on hrt not sure why so ill have to deal with it. I already have a mental illness so worried about being suicidal as well but i do see a fantastic psychiatrist who is there for me when i need her.

  • you are not alone thank you for posting this.. I take herbal tablets, from my woman doctor here in germny. they work great, but the feeling you have will get better.. healthy eating and sport helps with the systoms.. I am a none sport person, but i go for lots of walks. sending you prayers.. i started at the age 42 and i am turning 54 this year.

  • I feel like I woke up the day after my 40th birthday and I was in menopause. I started googling symptoms: depression, bouts of crying, dizzy, hot, cold, can’t sleep, period delayed or coming too soon, hungry all the time, dry skin, acne, hair loss, sudden anger, anxiety 24/7.. Things my doctor didn’t even consider being anything but psychological! And the word PERIMENOPAUSE was everywhere on the google results.. I’ve never even heard of it.. I thought I was too young!!:((((

  • I started menopause in my early 30s and I couldn’t handle it, not with children in the house and working so I went to my doctor and they put me on hormone replacement it’s been a lifesaver

  • Are you my long lost little sister? I hit upon you as I was looking through the menopause videos (I’m 55 now, nearly 4 yrs. since last period) to see if there were others like me whose clothes no longer fit due to a big bloated belly, and if so, like me, was anyone altering their clothes and making videos about it..
    But I see looking through your videos that you are so much like me, having similar trials and tribulations. What really made me laugh was “my boy looks like a girl”! (My boy grew his hair long too)
    I have boy and girl twins, I quit drinking & drugging before I got prego, I homeschooled them, I didn’t vaccinate them or circumcise him, I started perimenopause around age 45, got heavily involved in Anti-Obama politics, went crazy when we lost everything in 2008-2010, & proceeded to fucked up my life! And now the twins are 19 & I live 100 miles away, empty nest just about killed me. One day I was a mom then BOOM next day I was not (literally)
    Anyway I see it’s a year since you made this vid, I hope things are better for you. Just know I’m your go-to gal big sis if you need to talk! lol
    take care,
    Krista K.

  • I’m 42 and now realizing that I am going through perimenopause. I was diagnosed with SVT last year but I’m wondering if was menopause. No one ever talk to me about this in my family. I’m having up and down feelings.

  • I just started this too. I feel like I’m going insane with a side of brain dead. Mood swings are beginning to threaten my marriage.

  • thank you for this video….i.m currently experiencing all of these symptoms & was reading up all kinds of things on the internet!

  • Are you feeling better? I sure hope so. I’m there now, so hoping things will get better. Thank you for the video, feel a little less alone in this.:)

  • I feel the exact same way you do. I feel worthless sometimes. Like my life is worthless. But I will never take hormones. They could kill me. Good luck to you.

  • OMG YES!!!!!!! This is so ver true for me too…the symptoms come, go, then another one hits, EXACTLY like she’s saying…and the emotional stuff…OMG ughhhh… it’s like everyday waking up going okay what’s the new thing today LOL

  • Omg this is me I am a very strong woman iv had to be but this is too much I feel like I’m growing crazy I too am a Christian I swear I feel like I’m geting possessed I go nuts over the smallest things my family look at me as if oh no not you again when are you gunna kick off it’s so off key for me I’m a peaceful person normally I’m so fare off normal iv forgotten wot it feels like to be me

  • Thank you for sharing, I’m 42 and experiencing all these symptoms….hot flashes, palpitations, heartburn/GERD, and the depression is hitting hard. My mind knows what’s going on and as a divorced woman who loves children but was never blessed with a baby, it’s rough. Knowing my baby machine is shutting down and I’ll never be a mom is heartbreaking. I go through tons of ups and downs daily. I’m up because I have every day to do whatever I want…go anywhere, do anything with no agenda to restrict me. But my heart aches because I’m always alone, and I see my brother and sister with their kids and ultimately I wonder why. Why wasn’t I worthy? Why wasn’t I good enough to be a parent? And the depression is daily…plus the added resentment to make me feel even worse. I turn the pain into resentment….end up resenting everyone who accomplished the one dream I had. And in turn that makes me feel sad…that I blame them. Talk about a roller coaster….I ride it every day now. Thank you again for sharing! Stay strong �� And if anyone can suggest a support group for menopausal child-less women please reply!

  • … Another husband who, I’m pretty vocal by his wife, who is watching this video. I want to be proactive regarding this issue. I know the M word is coming soon in our marriage.

  • Thank you for doing this video yes I know we all suffer from different symptoms from this my question is have you found anything out there that will help that is not herbal. I see there are so many products out there for men why hasn’t anybody come out something for women going through this is awful and yes with the Depression and everything else that goes along with it I can’t believe by now somebody hasn’t put anything out on the market

  • Thanks Sonia for this video. A lot of information about perimenopause is not out there. I have similar symptoms that you have. Omega 3-6-9 and Magnesium has helped me. Cutting caffeine and sugar also helps

  • Not sure if it is a great transition. My hormones have me happy and sad calm and panicking all in the same hour. Meditation does help.

  • I’m sick of having a sore vagina. Another thing that is recurrent is painful pickly feelings in my skin on my legs and hips. It feels like being pricked badly with needles. Its horrible.

  • I’m 46 and I can relate to you.
    I am going insane don’t know what to do,but I want to try something different HRT has not work for me please help give me your advice.

  • Yeah I know this feeling to well. I am a Christian to but that doesn’t make that horrible feeling stop that nothing can evee make you happy again…then all of a sudden thise feelings are gone and I can function normal again. The emotional rollercoasternis the worst of it. I can deal with the physical stress but the mood swings are the worst. I pray we all get through it fast and hey…nothing wrong with a light drink to relax x

  • Girl!!! Me toooo!!!! Menopause is no joke!!! This is my 3rd year and I feel my body has turned against me������ No one told me about allll the things that happen. Yes. THE STRUGGLE IS REAL��

  • I am so sick it’s unbelievable. I had all this symptoms and peri menopause for 10 yrs plus I got into menopause at 56 so at 58 I am still suffering. I even have morning sickness so bad off and on its terrible. I feel your pain I have been fighting so long I have tried everything and I am also a Christian and God is there but He hasn’t taken it away and I have begged. Good luck its all true I felt the same and live in Hawaii like why would I have these thoughts? Men do need to know I tell my husband. I have said the same thing don’t feel bad. Women do commit suicide during this time. I feel absolutely horrible off and on. More on then off! Its a major problem read AARP sept 2018 article about menopause. Mind blowing

  • Estrogen is a woman’s golden elixir, like motor oil… the car cannot function properly without it. I’m 64, and pretty much through MP but I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. It turns you inside out and upside down all at the same time. When one symptom stops, like you say, another appears….but its also not just a physical torture chamber its so mentally torturous as well. You basically LOOSE yourself, you don’t know who you are anymore, EVERYTHING changes, and changes the way you feel about EVERYTHING. And you didn’t even mention SEX…OMG…..I always scratched my head in wonder when people would drop “painful sex” into the scenario……I would be like…”how can sex be painful”?…but OMG OMG OMG…..razor blades!! I could go on and on…It is THE WORST thing that can happen to a women (save post partum depression) and it has basically taken any zest, positivity, lust, or interest in Life from me….and it has never returned! I don’t care what anyone says about it. Its a dam’d CURSE!!

  • OMG I’m crying watching this because this is how I feel right now. 3 days before my birthday & I’m depressed with suicidal thoughts

  • Ladies if sex is painful, mine was super painful impossible for me to have sex with my love of my life. I went to the doctor and he prescribed me “Estrace” cream. It was a miracle for me. It builds up your thinned out tissues due to the change. Sex is now painless.

  • I know not every woman gets it as bad as I but here is my story. I officially entered menopause in 2009 at 48. Ive enjoyed good health as soon as postmenopause hit I’ve been sick every year since then. Colds, brain fog, depression hair loss, flus, exhaustion, thyroiditis and severe vertigo that put me on the floor. Felt like I was in a high speed dryer. Very painful sex it was impossible. Went to doctors got on Estrace cream it was a miracle for down below. Sex felt like I was in my 20s no pain. Leading up to perimenopause had problems with panic attacks constant anxiety. I was always between a 6-9 size clothing. Even after having 4 children. Hit 40 everything changed slowly pounds came on. In 2009 first time I hit 209. Been battling the fat ever since. It doesnt want to come off. Doesn’t help that my appetite has also increased since menopause. Ladies who are in your 30s get that extra weight off now! Notice women in there 40s? They get rounder and rounder. Thats because they are losing their estrogen and fat cells make estrogen. So we continue to get more and more fat and that belly fat is deadly. Every year there is something different. Heart palpitations and also this ill feeling is horrible!! Like your body is trying to have a hot flash and it can’t and instead I feel like I might need to go to the hospital. I’ve been to a cardiologist and everything is ok. I wish this crap would just settle already. Doctors need to come up with a solution!!

  • Wow dear god I am so glad I came to this video. I thought I was the only person on earth who was going threw this bs!! Insomnia and anxiety and cold the hot and racing heart.

  • I’mm 45, my mom passed away last yr and I have no siblings so I have no one to talk to about this. Once in a while my period gets wonky but for the most part regular. one month it might be heavy another month normal. right now I’m on day 4 ofmy period and it’s still bright red when it’s normally almost gone, I’ve had this once or twice in the last year. I still have cramps too. I have small fibroids as well which was found 2 yrs ago & I had a whole round of testing at that time and everything else was normal. the net said it’s perimenopause. I don’t get night sweats, or mood swings, I do have insomnia. I have no clue what is wrong with me or what to expect. It sometimes scares me that something is wrong. It sounds like in perimenopause your period can go longer than normal? I have no clue what’s happening to my body & I wish my mom was here to tell me what’s going on or what to expect.

  • Thank you for your rawness and honesty. I have been through it myself and happily came out the other side of it, also treating it in a non-hormone, natural way. But I wanted to thank you for being yourself and boldly telling your story. It does get better, it does pass and you are not alone. Thank you for being a part of this entire sisterhood.

  • This is sooooooo
    true everything you said is me
    and if you already have depression it’s much worse on you
    I will keep you you. in prayer ����

  • Hi thank you for sharing your story, everything you said i can, truly say your talking about me, im 9 years into dealing with peri/ menopause this depression is really kicking me down ive tried many diffrent remedies suicide has been on my mind alot but i wont do it, i tried drinking alchole and that helped but it also makes you feel yuck sometimes so i stopped that, i tried bioidentical HRT much earlier it didnt help and was way expensive, and recently out of sheer desperation went on a synthic HRT that was helping, but then i had a seriously heavy bleed and 4, 1cm fibroids were found so dr took me of HRT i am at a loss, insomia yep same for me, im up till 8 in the morning and or constantly waking up, i also have bursitis in both my shoulders, and energy is horrible, dr found i have hypothyroidism and iron deficiency anemia i have iron injections every week for the past 3 months its helping a little its really hard, and i too waited for things to improve, pffft no such thing, i cant take it anymore so might try a antidepressant, ive been taking seremind its new and is for mild anxiety its lavender oil.