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Your Body During Sex

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Your Body During Sex

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What Happens When You Want to Have Sex, But It Hurts? For many women, sex can become painful and difficult around menopause. While the symptoms of estrogen loss can be distressing, they can almost always be treated. “Pain during sex not only ruins the moment, it can have much greater consequences: fear of sex, lowered sex drive, and overall loss of intimacy,” says Debra Herbenick, PhD, a professor.

The easiest fix to treat painful sex is the use of a lubricant. Use a few drops for you and have your partner rub a few drops all over themselves so you both are ready to go. What Happens to Relationships When Sex Hurts Women who suffer from the chronic-pain condition vulvodynia often feel isolated from their partners. But a better medical understanding is helping. If you get pain during or after sex, your body may be trying to tell you something is wrong, so don’t ignore it.

See your GP or go to a sexual health (genitourinary medicine, or GUM) clinic. You may find talking about sex embarrassing, but remember that doctors are used to dealing with problems like this. Pain during sex can affect both men and women. First thing’s first: Not having sex doesn’t mean you’re broken. It can be a choice, a change of life, or loss of interest, and that’s perfectly fine.

Here’s what you need to know about. If you have pain in your penis or genitals during sex, it could be a sign that something’s wrong. Go to a nurse, doctor, or your local Planned Parenthood health center to get checked out. Anal sex may hurt the first time (and every time) if you don’t use lube. If you want to have sex but feel anxious about it, plan to do it in a place you find comfortable. An unfamiliar or uncomfortable location could make it hard to focus on what’s going on and enjoy what’s happening.

Foreplay. Anxiety about the first time you have sex is pretty common. However, foreplay may help reduce your anxious feelings. I really want to have sex for the first time.

But I am only thirteen. I know vaguely what to do and I know to use protection. But I was talking to my 17-year-old cousin (who has had sex before) if it hurt his girlfriend the first time.

And he had said that she was screaming and she felt as if she wanted to die. If the stomach distress persists yet you still want to hit the sheets, the right sex position is key. “Sex can be tricky when you’re feeling bloated and gassy,” says Dr. Chutkan.

List of related literature:

When you do have sex, it may be painful due to an episiotomy, tenderness, or lack of vaginal lubrication (caused by hormonal changes, particularly in nursing women).

“The Harvard Medical School Family Health Guide” by Anthony L. Komaroff, Harvard Medical School
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Painful Intercourse In women, painful intercourse can be caused by vaginal infections, insufficient vaginal lubrication before intercourse (usually the result of not being sufficiently sexually aroused), and anxietyproduced spasms of the muscles surrounding the vagina, which makes vaginal penetration painful.

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A variety of physical conditions can cause pain during intercourse (dyspareunia) and result in vaginismus.

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If intercourse continues then the lack of lubrication worsens the pain.

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Painful intercourse is also called dyspareunia or coital pain.

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Dyspareunia (painful intercourse) can occur because the vagina becomes smaller, the vaginal walls become thinner and drier, and lubrication during sexual stimulation takes longer.

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The pain is real and makes intercourse unpleasantorunbearable.

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I have heard that losing your virginity hurts but it can’t be that bad.

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Some women find sexual intercourse painful for several months after

“A Comprehensive Textbook of Midwifery & Gynecological Nursing” by Annamma Jacob
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The pain is most likely due to intense friction, alleviated by lubrication.

“Gunner Goggles Obstetrics and Gynecology E-Book: Shelf Review” by Hao-Hua Wu, Leo Wang
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Oktay Kutluk

Kutluk Oktay, MD, FACOG is one of the world's foremost experts in fertility preservation as well as ovarian stimulation and in vitro fertilization for infertility treatments. He developed and performed the world's first ovarian transplantation procedures as well as pioneered new ovarian stimulation protocols for embryo and oocyte freezing for breast and endometrial cancer patients.

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  • I loved her documentary, why? Because it shows a side of her that kind of explains who she is, her multiple selves, her hardworking, and how tough she is with the guys who are not supportive of her work. The director is great, picked up all the right elements.

  • Im 30 and im still a virgin..im so scared of the pain because before and my ex bf tried it and it so much pain even its not come inside and i stop from it and never continue everytime me and my bf try it i always scared becoaude i remembered the pain i felt before.. i have trauma or phobia now.. help me i want to give this to my bf now.

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  • When I have sexual intercourse it feels impossible for it to go in even when I’m aroused enough. It feels like a stinging sensation. I did have an abortion but it’s been like it before but I don’t know if it made it worse.
    My partners penis is very wide and I’m not so I wasn’t sure if it was even that. I have no idea what this is and it upsets me so much�� I’m also on the pill but I’m not sure if that’s it?

  • I had a friend with similar experiences (myself included) where so many doctors in the UK just DON’T listen to you and fob you off with paracetamol because they don’t have the knowledge or maybe even empathy to take things further for women and gyno difficulties. It turned out after so many different symptoms and tons of pain that my friend had endometriosis and I was diagnosed with PCOS (years and years later when I already had a feeling it was deep down). Amen to this woman and everything she has been through, I know it’s expensive to have these things done but this is why we pay taxes and even pay some things for the NHS because we know our bodies and know there’s something wrong so we have to push for these scans and surgeries because we will suffer otherwise.. I hope every one out there finds a good doctor that listens and takes them seriously and helps them in the best way they can.�� P.s sorry to come off so mad and preachy but I’m really done with the mistreatment of so many women because of doctors like this.

    And on the flip side her husband sounds so lovely and supportive, I hope we all have someone like this in our life’s, if not now then soon��♥️

  • Amazing how you put your words out there, so well composed, but still manage to be yourself & make everything comfortable. Thank you for this very informative VIDEO GIRL, a lot can benefit from it ❤️

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  • Virgin or not virgin who cares if u are? Their is nothing wrong with being both of them,u can still feel pleasure even if your a virgin,experience things��.

  • I’m honestly surprised Shallon didn’t mention how Paris’s trauma seemed to have ‘stuck’ her at the age she was traumatized. Does anyone else notice how Paris owns / wears certain things a preteen would? Or how some of her hobbies are similar to a young girl’s?

  • I’m a 21 year old virgin and i have so many questions and concerns i have about losing my virginity
    Will i be wet enough?
    Will he fit in me?
    Will i achieve a orgasm the first time?
    Will it hurt?��
    I have so many things i am concerned about and wondering what i should do.��

  • instead of being scared, know your body. is your period okay? i mean is it happen regularly? or is it painful like extreme cramp on your womb? if yes please meet the doctor bcs that’s a symptom. if not, never scared of having sex. yes it’s painful for some people who has lower pain tolerance, but what if you’re a strong woman? im not convincing anyone to do sex, but im convincing everyone to not be scared of something that might not happen to them. be aware of your body and always to do safe sex.

  • Watched the documentary as soon as it hit available today. Took me the whole day with quarantine, family and WORK to get through it but I loved it!! Keep em’ coming, Shallon. �� Good stuff

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  • I think communication DURING your first time (and even times after) is really important. Communicating that something hurts or that you want to stop is important and COMPLETELY OK. I’m in a relationship and my partner was so incredibly understanding and gentle so I felt safe saying that something hurt or for us to take a couple seconds. If you don’t feel safe with the person you are taking to bed, don’t take them to bed. Your safety is the number one priority.

  • So far none of these happened to me during or after sex…but however my balls did got infected..lol had very dirty unclean sex I guess.this girl..mmmmm was unclean down there..lol. Guys don’t go through it..your balls are so like a rock when infected..have safe sex guys..

  • its funny how you’re the same age as Paris yet looks 20 and u literally look 50. its the narcissism in u that’s rotting u alive or jealousy who knows

  • The main difference between the rich and the poor is that the rich KNOW that $ can not buy happiness. She has “everything” but yet has nothing. I feel sorry for Paris Hilton after watching her Documentary. She seems broken DEEP down inside. Both of her parents are HUGE narcissists. No wonder Paris feels she can not trust. No wonder she likes having pets, she was treated like one by her parents. Mom justifies abandoning her at those “Emotional Growth” schools and even pats herself on the back by claiming it was good(?!?!?) for her.
    Unfortunately, I know this scenario all too well myself. My step mother and her family are rich and the same stuff like Paris has played out similarly in my half siblings. They live unfulfilled lives with constant self indulgencies and they are empty, distrusting, and miserable people. I guess the best way to explain it is it is like gravity. It is good and people need it to be strong and healthy. When astronauts go into space for prolong periods of time they get weak because their bodies do not have to work as hard as on Earth. Being independently wealthy is like antigravity. People need resistance in life to be happy.

  • Losing virginity without pain is a myth, since tearing the hymen cannot be prevented. Whatever amount of lube you use, it will not prevent the hymen from tearing, because the opening above/in the hymen is nowhere near large enough the let the penis fit in. The hymen is not flexible enough to endure such huge stretching without getting ripped.
    The fact that the hymen has an opening does not make ripping it less painful. It’s NOT true that the hymen has no nerve endings. The hymen is rich in nerve endings and often also in blood vessels.
    Non-penetrative activities such as sports or horse riding can NEVER tear the hymen because the hymen is 1 to 2 cm inside the vagina, so it takes a real penetration to tear the hymen. No sport involves vaginal penetration, so the hymen CANNOT get torn just because of any sport activities.
    Tearing the hymen causes excruciating pain, since it’s tearing a living tissue with no numbing. It feels like getting operated on without anesthesia.

  • I love your videos. I just wish you would slow down your speaking speed. Personally, it’s a lot of information to receive at such a high speed. Thank you for your work!

  • It’s not fun to suffer from PE, however it is something that can be easily taken care of as long as you’re doing the proper things. Just maybe try something such as what’s pointed out in Greyzar Drinbo’s website (googl him), plenty of men have used it to become dominant for at least thirty minutes in action.

  • I know you made this video a long time ago and I don’t know if you can see this comment. but your video has helped me not to worry until I come to have my first sex

  • Shallon
    Thank you for being unapologetically you. Thank you for being as brave as you are to speak freely under the microscope of critics. Your videos genuinely make my life better.

  • The dialing down your empathy is CRUCIAL ladies!!! Seriously….it will change your life. You have to stop, that’s where so many women’s misery truly lies.

  • सभी कुँवारे लड़को के लिए हॉट & सेक्सी प्रोफाइल है
    इस नीले लाइन को टच करके वीडियो देखो
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  • This is why I dont rush and I’m glad. Learning is way better then not knowing anything at all and then your hurt your self thus losing your virginity just ruins that fun moment you thought it was going to be.

  • Virgins out there DO IT WITH THE RIGHT PERSON and DO NOT do it from peer pressure from your friends or others around you.There is not a timer to loose your virginity, YOUR body YOUR rules❤️

  • I was watching rugby and this came on my feed. Wtf so I guess the pain of being tackled without pads playing rugby has the the same affect as having sex like she is saying. Holy smoke what happened to my rugby feed. Smh

  • I think I have a testicular hydrocele secondary to an op for twisted testicle had years ago and since then always assumed the pain was blue balls as I get it when there’s too much drawn out excitement (or dry humping when I was younger) with a new partner.

  • I usually enjoy your videos but you need to slow your roll. I do not agree with you. She is not a narcissist. She clearly explained why she created the life she hasit was all as a result of what she endured. It is not her fault she, unlike the other survivors, had the money to come out of that a bit better. So very firmly, take that narcissist finger and point at self right nowyourself. Have some more respect for others, and their journey. You’ve completely diminished and discredited her bravery to come forward and talking about her personal life, goodness gracious!!

  • It’s not fun to suffer from PE, however it may be something that could be easily cured as long as you happen to be doing the right things. Maybe try something such as what’s described in Greyzar Drinbo’s site (googl him), many men have used it to be dominant for hours in action.

  • Sometimes this channel is depressing.

    Paris Hilton: makes a candid documentary about being abused


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  • Why is painful intercourse more common among women than men? Here’s why:
    Once Adam and Eve commited the sin of tasting the fruit from the tree of knowledge, Eve was punished, (for offering it to adam) and from then on, she experienced pain during intercourse and child birth. Painful sex is more common among women than men.God punished women with PAINFUL
    biological weaknesses. They are:

    1.) Having a hymen, which, if remained intact, can tear and hurt a woman during sex,
    2.) Vaginal dryness – if a woman is not aroused, sex can vaginally hurt her. IF a man is not
    aroused, its not genitally painful for him.
    3.) Painful first time intercourse, since virgin vaginas are not strong enough to accommodate a penis.
    While most virgin penises do not feel pain during first time.
    4.) Menstrual cramps
    5.) vaginismus, vulvodynia, yeast infections
    6.) Painful childbirth

    As God’s punishment for Eve, God made women weak. Women got so weak that a man’s punishment is to work hard to provide for a woman. 
    Both genders are punished, but since Eve had sinned first, her (and all women’s) suffering is more biological.

  • Depends… 1 step…The girl should be wet… 2 calm…
    The fist time of my girl friend… She take a lot of blood… She was wet but tense. I was very very hard and my size hurts her.

  • I tried to have sex for the first time the other day and it didn’t go in�� we didn’t do foreplay I think that’s the reason but I’m worried

  • I was able to get rid of my herpes virus with herbal medication I got from Dr.Ozuka, this great man used his herbal medcine to cure me after many years of suffering from herpes

  • Just a guy out here learning because he has never had sex with a virgin girl before anyone have advice? I have had sex with multiple women but none of them were a virgin at the time but this girl i met she still is and i don’t want her to be in any kind of pain

  • @shallonlester I saw the Paris Hilton documentary & cried! I cant believe how much she went through. Also, her mom looked like she was going to cry when Paris showed her the picture on her phone & spoke about the trauma she has, but I saw no tears. She hid her face but no teas when she removed her hand from her face. thats was weird. My mom would have been crying.

  • Why is painful intercourse more common among women than men? Here’s why:
    Once Adam and Eve commited the sin of tasting the fruit from the tree of knowledge, Eve was punished, (for offering it to adam) and from then on, she experienced pain during intercourse and child birth. Painful sex is more common among women than men.God punished women with PAINFUL
    biological weaknesses. They are:

    1.) Having a hymen, which, if remained intact, can tear and hurt a woman during sex,
    2.) Vaginal dryness – if a woman is not aroused, sex can vaginally hurt her. IF a man is not
    aroused, its not genitally painful for him.
    3.) Painful first time intercourse, since virgin vaginas are not strong enough to accommodate a penis.
    While most virgin penises do not feel pain during first time.
    4.) Menstrual cramps
    5.) vaginismus, vulvodynia, yeast infections
    6.) Painful childbirth

    As God’s punishment for Eve, God made women weak. Women got so weak that a man’s punishment is to work hard to provide for a woman. 
    Both genders are punished, but since Eve had sinned first, her (and all women’s) suffering is more biological.

  • ஹாட்டா செக்ஸ் பண்ண விருப்பம் உள்ள இளம் பெண்கள் கல்லூரிமாணவிகள் திருமணம் ஆன பெண்கள் வேலைக்கு செல்லும் பெண்கள் மட்டும் தயங்காமல் கால் பண்ணுங்க அல்லது வாட்ஸ்அப் வாங்க. நான் கார்த்திக். ஒன்பது ஆறு ஐந்து ஐந்து ஆறு மூன்று நான்கு ஒன்று மூன்று இரண்டு.

  • I feel like i realy need more examples to write the story about oneself. I feel like it could help me but… i just wished i had more examples ��

  • idk if im a virgin or not, but im a very sensitive person, so i hate looking at/describing/touching those things… so im probably never gonna do it.

  • Losing virginity without pain is a myth.
    First, the hymen DOES HAVE never endings. Losing virginity without pain is a myth, since tearing the hymen cannot be prevented. Whatever amount of lube you use, it will not prevent the hymen from tearing, because the opening above/in the hymen is nowhere near large enough the let the penis fit in. The hymen is not flexible enough to endure such huge stretching without getting ripped.
    The fact that the hymen has an opening does not make ripping it less painful. It’s NOT true that the hymen has no nerve endings. The hymen is rich in nerve endings and often also in blood vessels.
    Non-penetrative activities such as sports or horse riding can NEVER tear the hymen because the hymen is 1 to 2 cm inside the vagina, so it takes a real penetration to tear the hymen. No sport involves vaginal penetration, so the hymen CANNOT get torn just because of any sport activities.
    Tearing the hymen causes excruciating pain, since it’s tearing a living tissue with no numbing. It feels like getting operated on without anesthesia.

    It’s also impossible to relax the vaginal muscles, because the severe pain of tearing the hymen will cause vaginal contractions, the vaginal muscles will clench while the penis is being forced into the constricted vagina, which makes the strong pain even worse. Neither the woman, nor the man can prevent the first time from being a painful horror.

    The first sexual intercourse is a brutal act.

  • When I annihilate the cervix I made this girl do the “robot” and squeal like a pig! She was gyrating and grunting for about 10 minutes after I was done. And one eye was twitching and she had a neck tick. I said I was going to the bathroom, but ran out of her house and never saw her again. I hope she’s ok?

  • Hi…..I have a doubt….my relative girl was harassed by someone….
    He penetrated his private part into her virgin part only one time, not again and again….does this causes the tore of hymen….?

    Pls help me to be cleared….due to this,she afraid to get marriage

  • I am concious of when a woman is uncomfortable but like it when it hurts on my end. I often have sex and end up….well hurt.
    I am dysfunctional

  • If sex becomes uncomfortable, why force yourself to have sex? Sex has never really been the epiphany, Earth moving, grand experience that everyone overhyped it to be. I quit having sex in 2000 when my last girlfriend used, betrayed and painfully abandoned me. I just did not bother to get another girlfriend so as not to allow any chance of a repeat occurance of what happened that year. Without a girlfriend, no sex. I really do not miss it. It was so overrated.

  • Ok so u stop having sex for a year tried to start back I guess I tighten up or something can someone help me how do I relax myself or do I just take the pain in the beginning

    Thank u I receive my answer

  • I think the term narcissist (in a clinical sense) is thrown around too much. Dr. Kirk Honda has a podcast about how rare clinical narcissism actually is, and how being “self absorbed” actually has nothing to do with it.

  • Ah I did go through truama. In my life I just hope it doesn’t hurt doing

    Intercourse in the future first time

    even tho in dreams I don’t feel pain at all I feel comfortable and happy pleasures sex I’m very happy

    In reality I’m nervous really ����‍♀️����‍♀️ help and trying tampons “for Period use” is a no no it hurts going in and coming out when it’s time to change

    Then turning point I always get. Horny from stupid tampons I quit using it umm bye..✌����✨

  • If this is about Primary Vaginismus, then:
    Primary Vaginismus is God’s way of telling a woman that she is DESTINED to become a nun or celibate to keep the population down. She has a NUN’S VAGINA. God works in strange ways. Treating Vaginismus is against God’s will. God owns her vagina for population control and should never be touched by any man. I am now an enlightened man.

  • Someone commented on the documentary that she probably feels like she NEEDS to make 1 billion dollars bc her grandfather disinherited her because he was so embarrassed embarassed of her after her horrible ex boyfriend released the s*x tape against her will… seems like Paris feels she has to prove her worth as a human being to her family, even though she is TECHNICALLY the victim in many ways:(

  • Am I the only one who isn’t a virgin in the comments? Also, ladies, sex can hurt the first few times, but it’s not really pain, it’s just a weird discomfort, not really pain, make sure you are relaxed, like when you put a tampon in, if you don’t use tampons, just like when you masturbate, and if you don’t do any of that, just relax and you will be fine, and the more you do it, the better you get at it. Have fun and use contraceptives!

  • Do you suspect that your partner might be cheating on you, do you want to know the truth, do you need evidence of him or her cheating, do you need any hacking services, do you need a private investigator, do you intend punishing someone for being mean to you or probably a physical bully or drama queen who got on your nerves.
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    I’ll continue recommending him…..Thank you swordworm,you guys are legitimate.

  • Hold up. Circumsision makes sex more uncomfortable?? What?? If my history is correct, it was created by religious people, does this mean it was created to keep sex from being pleasurable? (That doesn’t add up to the regular “sex should be painful for women and not men” bullshit we get in religion).

  • Ok so I’m 29 i got married last year and the night of my marriage I was so nervous but listen girls when u first “do it” tell the man to do it slow time will hurt. Stop take an hour then do it again and ur good

  • Me and my bf are planning to do it but I’m not comfortable in my body enough to do it I’m only doing it so he won’t leave and I’m scared for my life for him to see my body and leave me and the only thing he has are condoms I’m not on the pill yet he wants to do it in a public park restroom and if we do it there I don’t want to lay down and where ever we do it I don’t want to take my shirt off I’m kinda freaking out

  • I finally fully disconnected from my last toxic relationship (I only held onto it for years because of abandonment fears). And it was amazing to feel that this was the last time I will ever be in a toxic relationship again.

  • Let’s keep virginity ’til marriage. 1st time sex is so special and unforgetable that you want to share it with someone special and that person is your husband… A one lucky guy..

  • @ 8:05 “It also locks you into this track of greatness…you will not fail..” Nope. When a grandiose narcissist fails, they just become a covert narcisssist, blaming everyone and everything but themselves for said failure. Having heathy self-esteem, positive self-talk, and life goals is one thing, but having narcissistic personality disprder (NPD) is quite another. Have a look at Dr. Ramani’s (excellent!) channel to learn more about narcissists and the psychological damage they often cause to those around them.

  • Damn that hurt locker hit me. I once read the following quote that reshaped my thinking: NO amount of guilt can change the past, and no amount of worrying can change the future.

  • This why sex ed should have like a porn star to come in and train virgin so they dont hurt others and them self. Sure theres toys but I dont think it will be the same.

  • I’m just scared that i’m going to hurt her… I heard it hurts a lot especially if you don’t put it in right. I love her a lot and I hate inflicting pain on someone, on purpose or not, especially if it’s someone I love.

  • Shallon, I have a question in regards to hurt lockers. When you explain them you state hurt lockers as being people you want to become or emulate in your life, but wouldn’t it be a positive to want to date them considering why would you want to date someone that you wouldn’t want to become or emulate some of their good qualities in a way?

  • I’m gonna go ahead and saydo it and learn early. Theres no way to make it good without learning!

    You want to do it with someone you care about, and who cares about you. But they still could be pretty bad at it.

    If youre watching this video, go do it and learn from it. There is nothin to be scared of. There will be bad times and great times.

    This girl might say take your time.. whats the worst that could happen. You will grow up and find out about a mystery of the world regardless.

  • I used a tampon and it got stuck there. And it was so painful pulling it out. And I never used tampons again.

    Now if inserting a tampon hurts, I cannot imagine how much sex would hurt.

    Nope, nope, nope. I am not doing that. I am running miles away.

  • There are things she says that I disagree with, sometimes strongly disagree with, but I do agree as well, with many things she has to say and I take so much wisdom from them. I mostly have resolution moments where I’m like wowwww this is helpful! wowww I have never thought about it like that, but now I should. Even when I disagree with her, I learn. So: You don’t have to be 100% with what she have to say, but I believe you can take some important notes from her.

  • Every person reacts differently to hormonal contraceptives (of different types). Because two of my friends had a good experience with the implant I wanted to try it. I had to have it taken out after just a few months because I had multiple side effects like hair loss, mood swings and irregular periods. And it all got better again after I took it out, so be aware of any symptoms and talk to your doctor about it if you are trying something new.

  • The concept of virginity can also put pressure on people to have sex before they’re ready because they’re scared of being a certain age and still being a virgin

  • I’m glad I found this I do have pain during intercourse it feels like a jabing pain it couse me to have bad cramps one time. Idk why I do but it depends on different positions were doing

  • Paris handles scandal better than anyone. The Kardashians had their reality show to whine and cry, Paris didn’t. She just kept it moving. When they found the herpes med rx in her storage unit, she never spoke about it. When she got busted with drugs in another country and she said it wasn’t her purse? Then they proved she posted the pic of that same new purse on social media, she never batted an eye. She just stands tall and keeps it moving. Absolute Queen. �� Loves it!

  • Recent studies have shown that doctors (especially male drs) are dismissive about women’s symptoms & pain. Usually citing women as paranoid or hypersensitive compared to white men(yes, whites only… other races not included).
    They only take things seriously when you’re accompanied by a (white) man.

  • im in 7th grade and planning on having sex really soon with this one guy. im mean im ready but like what if its bad �� ive been fingered like 2 times but this is my first time having sex.

  • I didn’t know people could still be as ignorant towards mental health as you are. I refuse to watch this video as I am only commenting on it as it’s the most recent therefore the most likely to be seen… That being said from the videos I have had the displeasure of watching I have become completely and utterly repulsed by you. Many of your comments are complete lies while others are only based in half truths just so you can keep some shred of credibility, but doing so is incredibly dangerous and morally wrong, especially the comments you made recently about Johnny Depp where you essentially blamed him for being in a relationship with an abuser which not only hurts him but also viewers of your channel who might have that stick with them and use it to blame themselves if they get abused in the future. Not to mention what you said about Pete Davidson and the “something must’ve happened in that house” his father died in 9/11 that’s his trauma you have no right to say lies like that and accuse people you don’t even know of giving him a personality disorder. This is also in combination with the fact that you implied that people with incurable mental disorders shouldn’t date ever, as someone with an incurable mental disorder ideas like that are incredibly harmful to us and make the disorder worse by making us feel undeserving of love. I have no idea how people can support you or your ideas I just hope that you and your viewers bring your understanding of mental health into the modern day. I doubt many people who see this will give a shit and I doubt my comment will do anything but if you do choose to read this all the way, thank you very much wether you agree or not.

  • Narcissist never go back to their exes??? So… You’re just going to take The Hoover out of the love bomb-discard-hoover cycle? I fear that anyone watching this would get a gross misrepresentation of narcissism. Narcissism shows itself the most in close relationships, where people are props and supply to feed the narcissist’ s ego, and where a cold-blooded lack of empathy allows the narc to chew people up and spit them out.

    This video had nothing to do with the core traits of narcissism. You made some great points, but I think you misrepresented Paris in a way that’s actually kind of mean. I understand the difficulty of what you do, and I don’t want to come across as judgemental, but I do think this should have been a rough draft and maybe not what you put on the channel.

  • I am 15. And just a week ago, I lost my virginity. Is this normal? The guy is 1,5  years older than me. He’s not my boyfriend, but for some reason he is always around. Especially at our neighborhood (beacause we live close).We have kissed a lot though (well he just used the times when we were alone and I was insecure. And most of the time it was against my will so he would hold me). Well, I wouldn’t say we JUST kissed, it was more of making out (french kissing and touching ��)(at my and his houses when our parents weren’t home) BUT THAT WAS AGAINST MY WILL! And the only reason I had to come to his house was because we are in one eca club and we had to work on a project out of school, so either I would come to his place or he would come to mine. He acts differently around people, as if he doesn’t know me. But when we’re alone he is very dangerous.(he french kissed and just kissed me non stop, touched me and tried to undress me when we were working on the freakin project. omg i hope my mom will never see this). But I somehow managed to get away in those situations.
    But during this quarantine, I don’t know what got into him. From the very beginning, I found him attractive (bc. he’s actually hot, he’s got abs, looks handsome, and he acts so cold towards people, and etc, kinda my type ����) But for some reason I didn’t feel anything towards him because of that one guy who’s still my crush since middle school ( I’ve changed schools so now we’re far away, sadly). But anyways, sometimes I feel even proud of myself since amongst a lot of other girls in the school he chose me. And I’d be lying if I’d say I was 100% against this whole making love thing. I don’t know why, but at that moment my hormones took over and I wasn’t trying too hard to stop him. Infact somewhere deep inside, I maybe wanted it. But I dont want him to know that. I don’t understand myself. I still hate myself for doing this at such young age. For the first 3 days after we did it, I really wanted to disappear, and right now i can’t look my parents in the eyes. But the other thing I now think about is my feelings. I noticed that I’ve probably started having feelings for him. And what if I already felt something towards him this whole time but just didn’t understand it. But I want to keep acting as if I don’t see him in that way and that I was really against making love. I don’t want him to know the truth. But why? The school is almost over now, and I don’t know what is going to happen next. I’m scared. Thank you for reading this up till here. Sorry if it’s boring or too long, I just don’t have anyone to talk to about this. I don’t want my friends to know (+ it’s a new school for me and I  don’t really have any loyal friends) and I obviously can’t tell my parents about this. Have I done the right thing? How am I supposed to act around him now? I don’t know.. But again thank you for reading this. And you know, I would write this all in details but its gonna be waaaaay too long.��������������������.

  • Shallon is so brave and I know she will get a lot of hate for this video!:) I’ve been learning a lot about Jungian psychology and how suppressing our “bad” side leads good people to do very unhealthy things. A good person needs to integrate certain “bad traits” in order to become whole and thrive in this messed up society. Otherwise, your talents will go unnoticed and all the attention seeking, wicked people will get all the credit.

  • ❤ Love you Shallon. Feel so positive and motivated after watching your videos. I’ve been going through a tough time not really feeling hopeful about anything but your videos are helping so much. Thank you.

  • I’m only turned on by someone that doesn’t like sex or have a lustful desire for it and I’m the same way. I just want all my ducks in a row before I can commit to someone.

  • After watching the documentary of Paris Hilton, I am totally convinced her days as a happy and healthy human celebrity is numbered and she will be dead within the next 5 years.

  • Shallon I remember you said your hurt locker is a hocker player (“one of the best”) named Syd…. Do NOT tell me you dated Sidney Crosby!?!? GET IT WOW <3

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  • 2:20 as a guy I’m actually genuinely annoyed about there being no “pill” that men can take for contraception. Condoms are great and all but in a committed relationship it’s not uncommon to eschew them, but this puts too much onus on the woman. It would be nice to just take that issue off her hands. At the very least we could both take our respective pills and if any own makes a mistake the other person has it covered.

  • I knew it’s from a long ago but I really like it, I love how you shared this kinda sensitive concept and this is one of the reason I subscribe on it.

  • Thing is, if you’re admittedly a narcissist yourself, it’s very hard for you to tell the truth. You’re giving a perspective of a narcissist through your eyes, a narcissists eyes…meaning it’s not accurate whatsoever. Narcissists always go back to their exes (unless they have experienced a serious narcissistic injury), they need supply to feed their ego, whether it’s good or bad attention. If anyone wants an educated explanation of what a covert/overt/malignant narcissist is, ask a professional, or their usual targets, empaths.

  • Do make this video takes guts to talk abt so freely so, thanks for creating this video and it will definitely help a lot of women out there ☺

  • Now I really wonder if sometimes it hurts because my significant other is circumcised. I remember reading something about the foreskin being protective even for women during sex.

  • Virgin is getting too much pain.. even after two to three intercourse.. feels like i am not hurting her too much which makes me feel guilty.. i don’t know the cause but i love her..

  • Different people experience different pain so for some people who are starting to lose it doesn’t hurt but for some people it does��

  • girl heres a reality check since u dont get it very often….u dont know shit… you were an editor in star magazine… not vouge…not W or QH… and u talk as if u have a psychology degree… please go make kids before its too late or something geez

  • i don’t think she’s a narcissist. not at all. what i would love to know is how she has not aged a day since 2004. she looks all-natural to me.

  • i watched the docu, and i found it to be some poor excuse to try to make Paris more down to earth when I don’t think it did that for me. It looked like the “traumas” she goes through are trivial, in the eyes of real people. Ive been through more than that and I don’t wallow in it or try to get people to feel bad for me. This to me, was nothing but a poorly timed attempt to transition Paris to an adult persona, so she can continue to appeal to her aging fanbase. She can’t be a dumb ditz anymore, and her team knew that at 39, it was time to change it. I don’t think she’s brilliant and I don’t think that it was hard to “build her empire”. When someone has millions of dollars of capital to invest in herself with, that should be relatively easy.

  • I don’t believe you mentioned interstitial cystitis, a disease in which the bladder becomes irritated and inflamed for various reasons. It can cause pain during sex as well.

  • I hate that stupid annoying weirdo looking like Paris woman. She clearly lives on a Paris planet and one too many people naively believe the hype she created. She needs a reality slap, be sent somewhere to volunteer or something

  • Thank you so much for sharing this information I’m 14 and recently I was in a situation where I was pressured to have sex but I knew deep down that I didn’t want to so thank you so much for sharing this you did a great job

  • I’m just worried if I’m too young. Im turning sixteen next month im mature but I’m kind of worried about pubic hair. Maybe he doesn’t like it? Maybe it disgusts him? He respects me, i had my first kiss with him even though i didn’t know how to, he taught me and didn’t stress me but it’s kissing, not sex. I just don’t know

  • This was hard to watch because it makes me relive these feelings but thank you it was encouraging to know that I dont have to live with the terrifying feelings and anxiety and deal with them there’s someone else out there who has experienced this

  • I think the documents was good. Do I think she is a genius? No. She is a smart brand marketing person and Now she is reinvent herself because being dumb at 20 is cute but looking dumb at 40 looks sad..

  • i don’t really see you nor paris as narcissists based on the learning and research I’ve done about them because of dealing with a narcissistic abuser myself and you guys are nothing like what a narcissist actually is and most people wouldn’t want to be like one. it’s someone who basically has nothing going for themselves so they prey on others for attention and feed off of them and drain them. but i guess that’s an extreme example. i recommend dr. ramani for more on this. it’s fascinating. this is good advice tho for ‘light’ narcissism people with high self esteem but maybe aren’t abusive.

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    අපි ඔබ සමඟ එක බන්ධනයකින් සම්බන්ධ වී සිටිමු1O

  • Circumcised men are intact, by medical definition. The use of the word “intact” is incorrect in the context of circumcision. The correct terminology is circumcised versus uncircumcised. Uncircumcised men are insecure and view anti-circumcision activism as an opportunity to project their denial on circumcised men, which is why they prefer the incorrect use of the word “intact”. Circumcision isn’t “infant male genital mutilation”. Circumcised men aren’t less sensitive. It has medical benefits proven by hundreds of clinical studies. If anything, regarding circumcision as “mutilation” calling men “mutilated” or regarding circumcised men as “victims” is oppressive. In fact, the literal medical definition of the word “intact” dictates that circumcised men are genitally intact not castrated. There are many myths perpetuated by the anti-circumcision ‘movement’ on social media, pertaining to sensation, the origin of circumcision, and its effects. College Humor, Buzzfeed, Youtube in general, Netflix and other media outlets are not credible sources of information. In general, anti-circumcision misinformation is driven by insecure uncircumcised males and others afflicted by cultural biases on the internet.





  • Ummm I get the point about learning from the Narc but this video Is kinda insensitive to the survivors.I was with a Narc and Is not something that I would want to be AT ALL.

  • God I feel so bad for Paris… this documentary explains everything…
     @Jenny A  Her parents completely traumatized her to a point where she couldn’t trust them with her life, she was physically & emotionally ab*sed (probably s*xually too if you listen to the documentary) at a boarding school that was essentially a locked-ward psychiatry, she got into a relationship with this guy who pressured her into recording her s*x tape which he released against her will, her grandfather was so embarrassed that he disinherited her and the whole world began to shame her for being a “sl*t”…… and she developed this stupid persona as a trauma response:(

  • I have endometriosis too plus an autoimmune disease. I would cry after it from pain also. Not only in that part of medical issues but in every single one doctors in my country have failed spectacularly and no one listens. I feel your pain and I must congratulate you on your husband. That is a man. ����������

  • I thought I was the only on that got ass pain with endometriosis…no one complains about it. There was a surgery done in Australia because of rectal pain caused by endo..but I haven’t seen much on it in the U.S.

  • Thank you so much because no doctor on the last 20 years have even wanted to talk about this. I had 1 say maybe try finding a partner with a smaller penis #unprofessional

  • So funny to see a sexy blonde talking about another sexy blonde. ��

    Paris has started a lifestyle called Sliving and I think Shallon is truly sliving.��

  • I’ve experienced pain every single time I’ve had or even attempted vaginal sex. The first successful encounter was excruciating the entire time which lasted maybe 3-4 minutes before I had to make my boyfriend stop. Every time since for the past 5ish months that I’ve been active, it’s been incredibly painful for anywhere from 30 seconds to 2 minutes before I feel any amount of pleasure from it at all. Once it goes away I can enjoy myself for quite a while. I couldn’t even handle two fingers without pain until my current boyfriend and then I was very sore for 2 days afterwards. I had an appointment to go back on birth control after becoming sexually active (I want to say again, but technically for the first time since it was so painful with my ex that he never actually got in.) with my current boyfriend and mentioned that sex was very painful for me, especially at the beginning of each encounter. After doing the internal exam/pap smear she said that there was nothing with me, that I must not be getting wet enough (which I can assure you is not my problem) and to buy a vibrator. Her literal expert advice to me as a sexual health doctor was that my boyfriend doesn’t make me wet enough and to buy a vibrator. (Off Amazon no less! ����)

  • A lot of good information presented at a speed that makes it all but incomprehensible. This gal talks fast enough to be a used car salesperson.

  • I always wondered if Paris’s desire to be seen more than the ditzy, “that’s hot” party girl was not just cause she really isn’t that but cause of her sister. Nicki always played second fiddle to Paris during the early days, but Nicki became more than the Hilton name. I mean she’s a freakin Rothschild now, but she’s a mom, businesswoman, and she’s respected

  • I used to HAATEEEE her (Paris) back in the day!! But now I love her:D I honestly just never knew enough about her to form an opinion, I just formed one based on gossip magazines and stuff. She always seemed very materialistic, but as a child I had no idea that someone can be materialistic BUT STILL a good person underneath it all. Also love your videos and all the topics! <3

  • I love that shallon has been putting up more videos, this is inspiring ��!!!! I find myself wanting to be more accountable lately due to the shallange and shallon herself being accountable, thanks girl!!!

  • my sister had nexplanon for 3 years and she absolutely had skin changes and weight gain, she does not recommend it at all. it all depends on your own genetics so PLEASE don’t guarantee that there wont be any weight gain or skin changes.

  • Narcissists lack empathy…������
    The purpose of the documentary was to call a ligth on victims of teenage / child “abuse “… so I guess that depends on the type of Narcissism.��������

    (I believe she may have narcissistic traits ) totally instilled by her Parents and Grandmother…
    She was 100% ” grommed”,
    and if you pay attention to whole the documentary you will notice that her void is actually for her Parent’s love and “attention”, she was emotionally neglected by them.
    ( of course the Traumatic experience at Provo School played a huge part on her behavioural change).

    Deep… deep down part of her success and drive is to please her family name so she can somehow receive that love” back.
    Some Parent’s screw up their kids and Paris is a great example it runs in her Family.

  • Curious if anyone knows…Can Fibromyalgia be a cause?
    My doctors won’t give me any answers so maybe asking here could prove at least valuable!

  • I don’t think she’s a narcissist either I agree she is/ has been controlled by her parents e.t.c. Love you though Shallon I’m from the UK and watch most of your videos your allways on point and I value ur outlook x