What Goes On when you get Pregnant While Taking Contraception


Is it possible to get pregnant while on birth control?

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Why You Can Get Pregnant on Birth Control

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Pregnancy After The Pill | Your Questions Answered

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I’ve been on birth control pills for 2 weeks. Can I get pregnant once I stop taking them?

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If You Want to Get Pregnant, When Should You Stop Birth Control? | Parents

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Signs You Are Pregnant While on Birth Control

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Pregnancy While On Birth Control (Obstetrics High Risk)

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If you can’t get a pregnancy test but think you may be pregnant, stop taking the pill and use a different form of birth control until you can confirm the pregnancy. Risks of an IUD while pregnant. Becoming pregnant while on birth control does increase your risk of ectopic pregnancy. An ectopic pregnancy occurs when a fertilized embryo attaches outside the uterus, often in the fallopian tube. If you do get pregnant People who use a combined pill where they take a one-week break usually have what’s called a withdrawal bleed, which is when the body mimics a period because of a hormone drop at the end of a cycle. But the pill can also mask the easiest sign of pregnancy to notice: a missed period.

So, what happens if you take birth control while pregnant? Taking birth control in the early stages of pregnancy doesn’t appear to increase the risk of birth defects in unborn babies. The exposure from the hormones in birth control is not known to cause any birth defects or increase the chance of miscarriage. If you have been taking birth control pills while you were unknowingly pregnant, do not worry. There is currently no hard evidence suggesting that taking birth control pills during early pregnancy will have any negative effect on a developing fetus.

Excessive sensibility to smells can also be among the signs you are pregnant while on birth control. Not only that you get nausea or even start vomiting when you smell something unpleasant, but you can develop the same reaction to gentle, delicate smells. Birth control pills overall lower the risk of pregnancy and the risk of a fertilized egg implanting outside the uterus (ectopic pregnancy), which most often occurs in one of the tubes that carry eggs from the ovaries to the uterus (fallopian tubes). However, if you do conceive while taking a progestin-only birth control (minipill), there’s a slightly higher chance that the pregnancy will be ectopic.

With typical use, birth control pills are 91 percent effective at preventing pregnancy, regardless of whether or not people take the placebo pills. It is best to consult a doctor or pharmacist with. Researchers found similar rates of birth defects about 25 infants out of 1,000 among women who never used birth control pills and those who took them before pregnancy or took them before realizing they were pregnant. Though no harmful effects have been discovered yet, if a woman continues to take birth control pills while she is pregnant, some negative side effects on her health could be there.

Pregnancy symptom like nausea, headache, vomiting, fatigue and bloating could be more severe because birth control pills raise the level of estrogen in women.

List of related literature:

EC pills may contain higher doses of the hormones found in regular combination pills, which may prevent pregnancy from occurring by preventing ovulation, fertilization, or postfertilization implantation.

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Failure to take your pills increases the chance of pregnancy.

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Taking birth control pills helps preserve future fertility by preventing ovulation or loss of follicles at a time when you are not trying to get pregnant.

“It's My Ovaries, Stupid!” by Elizabeth Lee Vliet
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You destroy pregnancy destroying disease and demons.

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If you miss a period and have taken every pill on time on the right day, there is little chance that you could be pregnant.

“Pediatric Primary Care Case Studies” by Catherine Burns, Beth Richardson, Margaret Brady
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Taken with absolute consistency, birth control pills drastically reduce the chances of a woman becoming pregnant when she has sex.

“Facing the Facts: The Truth about Sex and You” by Stan Jones, Brenna Jones
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Don’t get too alarmed if you become pregnant while taking the pill, do not recognize that you are pregnant, and continue taking the pill.

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if you have not taken the pills correctly and miss a menstrual period, you may be pregnant and should stop taking oral contraceptives until your doctor or healthcare provider determines whether or not you are pregnant.

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One woman can miss a single pill and end up pregnant while others may take a little longer.

“Dad's Guide to Pregnancy For Dummies” by Matthew M. F. Miller, Sharon Perkins
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● Pregnancy—There is an extra risk of becoming pregnant whilst taking the POP which is generally attributed to user failure.

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  • Hello, I have seen reports of many women who got pregnant with a copper IUD in but almost none of women with an hormonal IUD.
    Would you recommend me to change my copper IUD for an hormonal one? (I really DON’T want a baby)

  • If you take your birth control pill everyday at the same time, can you still get pregnant? How is it possible to get pregnant on the birth control pill?

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  • If you stop the pill now you are not at risk of pregnancy until you have sex again. Stopping the pill may make your cycles irregular for a short amount of time and then they will return to whatever is normal for you.

  • I am on Seasonique birth control pills and I am on the 5th week of my birth control pills and I missed four of my birth control pills and I had unprotected sex on November 5, 2016 and could I get pregnant. And I have a period every three months. I should have a period next month.

  • Well my Gyn doesn’t want me to try any other methods to try to become pregnant, because I’m a little over weight and she doesn’t recommend having a baby now. So she has me on birth control pills because she says that’s the only option that can help me with my PCOS and protect me against a pregnancy at the same time.

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  • If you’ve missed three or four pills, what’s the likelihood of getting pregnant? My 1st day of LMP was August 13,2019 and now I’m feeling symptoms. Just a little worried.

  • I have a 7 day break for inactive pills instead of the 2 day break the low dose pills were giving me. I do get a period on the inactive pills….but it is very light and lasts for approximately 3 days. I stopped taking my birth control last month because I was put on a medication that can make the pill less effective. I just started my pill again this month. How long will it be before my pill stops ovulation? My package says 7 days. I have taken them for 9 days in roughly the same 3-4 hour span.

  • Very good tips thanks. the method I use to get pregnant is natural and it worked for me, you can see it here: infertilityinwomen. com (google it) just follow the method to the letter and you will have results.

  • one question this last period on the pill i had a light period but felt like heavy cramps and lower back pain is that stupid to happen or no

  • Am taking this pills desogestrel as birth control, I saw my period on the 16 of March. till now no sign of my period. I have a baby of 4 months old. can I be pregnant

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  • Kan u get pregnant if u have sex for the first time kuz me and my boyfriend r trying to have sex but I don’t want to get pregnant if we have sex for the first time

  • Hi i am 25 yers old i need your help why my period 2 months late but the blood test say negative the ultrasound say i am pregnant how in why is that mean the blood test can’t be wrong pls help me

  • What is Clegenatur Methods? Does it work? I hear many people increase their breast size by two cups with this popular breast enhancement methods.

  • I might be pregnant on implanon like seriously. I have 2 kids so I know how my body gets during pregnancy. I was taking strong antibiotics for two weeks and having unprotected sex bcuz I thought my birth control was super strong. but now I’m super bloated, cramping, nauseous, smell everything, boobs hurt, just really feeling pregnant. I felt a little of these symptoms before and knew it was normal to feel like that on Nexplanon but now it’s way way more intense. and I wasn’t smelling things so strong back then but now I am. my body is acting exactly like each time I was pregnant

  • Hello. I’m leticia from California i insert my ring 30 to 40 minutes ago I decided to remove,just wasn’t for me. I just had my period on the 12th will I end up getting my period again this month even I only had in for less then an hour?

  • Can you have bad hot flashes while on the pill? I somtimes take them a hour or hour in a half late.. I haven’t missed my period yet. I have been getting this weird gut feeling I am.. I have 2 kids already

  • I think it is very unlikely that you are pregnant. Implanon has an incredibly low failure rate and together with a negative pregnancy test you are almost certainly not pregnant. My advice is to live as if you are pregnant (no alcohol, drugs, cigarettes) and wait 2 weeks. If a pregnancy test is negative in 2 weeks, you have ruled out pregnancy. I have more information on this and other related topics at Medtwice.com

  • I’ve had implant for a year. I’ve not had a monthly since December.. I’ve done pregnancy tests and 4 positive 3 negative 7 in total..I had my pee sent too the lab find out by Friday.. sore boobs, feeling sick,weird dreams, tierd. my implant is still there is can see and feel it also. only time will tell..

  • I am on the Depo-Provera injection and I think I’m pregnant. They say that false positives are rare on pregnancy test yet I’ve gotten multiple light positives. Can the hormones from the injection affect the hormones of pregnancy?

  • i have the nexplanon and been having pregnant symptoms i took at a home pregnancy test and it came out positive. i went to the ER and they tested my urine again and said i wasnt pregnant but i have this weird feeling in my stomach and lower abdominal pains as well. Is it possible they were wrong?

  • The theoretical failure rate of birth control pills is about 0.3%, this means if 1,000 ideal candidates used the pill perfectly for one year, 3 of them would become pregnant. The actual use failure rate is 8%. This means that in real life for every 1,000 women that use the pill 80 of them will be pregnant in one year. The body has an amazing way of working around our intervention to reproduce.

  • PLEASE HELP!. when I received my birth control Implant it became active on a Monday everything literally perfectly fine it was like I never got it. That THURSDAY (my boyfriend thinking my implant it’s going to for sure work RIGHT AWAY) he nutted in me. I have been having pregnancy symptoms since then. I keep taking pregnancy tests and they keep coming out negative sooo being curious (trying to avoid telling my mom) I did the bleach test which is giving me positive results. I know the bleach is giving me positive result cause me and my friends just being curious teens lol tried the bleach test ( I FOR A FACT was not pregnant then) tried it and got the negative results so not that I’m getting positive results I feel like It could be telling the truth with the fact of me knowing he has nutted in me. What do you think? i would like if as many ppl who can help me… help lol I’m not ready to tell my mom just yet.

  • Yes, you can get pregnant form sex even if it is the first time. Please visit your doctor and get reliable birth control. Condoms should also be used to protect against stds.

  • I was able to solve my infertility concern at 44 years old. I was really thrilled during my menstrual cycle was delayed. I`m now going to experience maternity and parenthood. See much more about this wonderful tip on Google. People call it Sofia Goρazna
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  • I have a quick question. I am going to my seventh week of pregnancy with an IUD(paraguard). The doctors tried to remove it as soon as my pregnancy was confirmed, unfortunately they were not able to remove it. My question is during the last few days I have been seeing a little bit of blood. I went to the doctor and was told that it was normal due to the IUD. Is that the case? Should I be worried? Please if you can give me any advise i would really appreciate it. I am really scared.

  • hello I will be glad u reply me. I had unprotected sex on 13 and 15 day on the cycle but took tablet for family planing later. later I realized I might get pregnant I continued to take yasmin 21pac pills. it’s my first time using the pills. My worry is can still be pregnant because maybe I was ovulating the days he came inside. My breast is killing me.plis answer me am scared am no ready to be a mom.

  • All these comments saying “I got pregnant while on the pill, how come??” Bitch.. “how come?” You had sex… that’s how come! Has no one ever told you or the guy you slept with that the pill is not 100% safe? I’m 37 and I’ve known that ever since I was a child in the early 80s. To both the males and females of this primate planet, take responsibility, if you ain’t got no job you ain’t got no business having sex. And I am serving you fools this double negative because the lord knows that in all the times where I had no job I was busy sending CVs, not fucking! In fact the last thing that should be on a brother’s or sister’s mind is dating if they don’t have where to fall dead. So take fucking responsibility already, and stop producing children for the slaughter house, because you were too horny to read the notes that come with the box, or decided that getting some was more important than making sure that, first, you put yourself in a safe enough place finantially that could allow you to take the risks.

  • I take pills for 9 days since I had intercourse with my boyfriend,should I get pregnant if I stop it?He is far from me now.Is there an effect if I wont continue taking the pills?

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  • My point of view I was wondering if a woman stops taking their birth control pills for three days can they get pregnant right away. And if a woman had a little bit of bleeding and white milky stuff coming out of her could she be pregnant.

  • am on pills i saw my period last week but just as it finish I start feeling sick I take a bleach pregnancy test n it show positive but I will still go see my doctor

  • I have irregular period, my doctor started me on the mini pill 2 weeks ago. I started breakthrough bleeding 4days ago, my husband and I hade intercourse yesterday. Is there a chance of conceiving? We would love to get pregnant again.

  • So I’m on the depo shot right now and next month June is my second shot. If I had sexual intercourse during my “period” which was light and my boyfriend you know came inside me… is there a possibility I’d be pregnant?

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  • i know it is normal to feel pregnancy symptoms while you are on implant birth control but is it common to be able to smell better as well on it? i read the pregnancy signs and the effects of the implants, but not a lot of people experience the better smell side affect. i have been really dizzy, light headed, severe mood swings, depressed, back pain, have a rumbling stomach, a lot more headaches, sore boobs, frequent urination and better sense of smell

  • As long as you have taken at least 7 non-placebo pills consecutively you are protected from pregnancy. 2 weeks from last intercourse is enough time for the pregnancy test to be positive. If you had CIN1 on the colposcopy and you have had two normal pap smears it would be fine to get pregnant now. There is really no medical reason to wait for another normal pap.

    Get your wisdom teeth taken care of, it sounds like you have nothing to worry about as far as being pregnant.

  • I was tested when my doctor performed several other tests after I told him about my 45 day cycles. All of my tests were perfectly normal. Is there any other reasons why my cycles are so long? I’m afraid conception will be difficult because of this.

  • Hi i have a goiter but if i take a contraceptive pills, is it a chance to get i pregnant? And what is the effect to my goiter if i take a pill?

  • Be more specific. It’s almost unheard of that with absolute correct use of the pill, a woman falls pregnant. It’s most common that women fail the pill. Missing days, being significantly late or often inconsistent also play a roll.

  • I would like to know if I should be concerned about pregnancy? We plan on trying after my next follow up pap smear is normal. I am having my wisdom teeth removed in a week and would not be able to be put to sleep if I were to be pregnant.

  • I am planning on trying to become pregnant. I have been on birth control pills for about 3 years. My placebo pills begin on Friday. I do not plan on starting a new pack. How long after stopping bcp can ovulation happen? Before beginning bcp my cycle was about 45 days instead of 28. Occasionally it would be less. I got my period every other month around the same time. Occasionally it would happen every month. My period were sometimes very heavy or lasting for 10-14 days. My previous Ob treated me

  • i was put on the pill sine i was 14 year old and i am now 28 year old and still on the pill he have not use condoms for 4 year and i still have not hved a baby

  • I might get pregnant! Would this really work? OR should I not take any birth control pills for 28 days, and have UN protected sex, and maybe that will work. Even though it worries me that I will not get my period that month, and as you know if you don’t get your period you don’t ovulate, or very little.
    What should I do? Is there any over the counter medications that could help me trying to become pregnant?

  • Hi,
    The brand of pills i am using was out of stock so i purchase another brand but after taking 2 tablets i have severe headache and i am feeling dizzy so i decided to stop it. The question is can I take another brand of pills? I stop taking the other brand that given me headache more than a week.

  • I have had the nexplanon for a year now and i just started getting nauseous, vomiting, lower back pains, head aches, my legs ich alot at night and ive been really bloated and gassy. I was on the nexplanon about 4years ago. Got it removed after 2years. Got on depo for a year and then back on the nexplanon. And i havent had a period for over a year. This is the first time experiencing any symptoms. Could i be pregnant?

  • First of all, before I was put on birth control two years ago I had irregular periods. I would only get a period every 2-3 months. I went as much as 85 days between periods. My doctor put me on a low dose birth control. I was on that for about a year and a half. I never got a period with it. I had spotting maybe once or twice. I then had an abnormal pap smear. LSIL with a CIN1 colpo. I have since had two normal pap smears that were 3 months apart. I was put on a higher dose birth control.

  • Thanks. I was worried because I did not take the pills at the EXACT same time every day. It was in the same 3 to 4 hours of each other each day though. I take them in the morning and woke up at a few different times. I made sure to take 8 before having unprotected intercourse. I needed to be completely sure I am not pregnant or I will have to be awake during my wisdom tooth extraction. Thank you so much.

  • I am 14 days late and on the pill but I feel sick. I have cramping in my stomach lower back pain, headache, fatigue, sensitive to smell and taste and nauseous without throwing up. I took one pregnancy test and it was negative. What is wrong with me? What should I do.

  • I had a pregnancy scare before getting on nexplanon. I was tested by doctor twice two weeks apart and then the nexplanon was inserted. I am use to the side affect because I use to have implanon and that worked great. one different side affect I have experience is that my hair is falling out in small patches. which is what deposit did to me years ago. I haven’t been feeling well so I took a test last night and it’s positive!

  • Ovulation can happen immediately after stopping birth control pills, it is why people get pregnant if they miss a pill. Most women will return to ovulation the first cycle after stopping the pill.

  • I’m in the uk I am in my second inplant and up and till now if always had a period at some point with in each month but I havnt had a period since September… I had done to tests both said negative but don’t no wether it’s early I’ve had a swollen tummy feels more uncomfortable now… Pink brown discharge tender breasts I’m a little worried had few headaches. I got the inplant after my first abortion due to violence in relationship please give some advise

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  • So I have irregular periods too, and most of the time 80% if I don’t take the birth control I won’t get my period. Now since my Gyn is been so negative with me, I would like to try to get pregnant on my own.

    One of my cousins who have a biology major, told me that if I skip 2 pills on the second week of my 28 day birth control pill, and don’t take it at all, and just continue taking the other ones left.

  • I have had the implant in for 5 months now, I bleed the whole time I’ve been on it always heavy but color was brown. this past month my period has toped completely I had to be on estrogen pills cents I’ve had the implant now I don’t have to take them. I have vaginal  pain  only on the left side I have been having hot flashes I’ve been having nausea and vomiting about 7 times a day been having some cravings. I don’t eat much I eat about once a day and I keep gaing weight. my stomach hurts to the point I cant sleep or walk or do anything im constantly in the bathroom my doctors wont lisen to me when I tell them I think I might be pregnant I have a 2 year old daughter I feel the same way when I was pregnant with her what should I do home pregnancy test show negative. I had my period when I was pregnant with my daughter so I don’t trust just because im bleeding or not bleed that im not pregnant? 

  • I forget sometimes to change my evra patch on time, I’ve been feeling off and really nauseous especially in the morning and night, but what really worried me is I’m on the patch and I have it on 365days a year so I don’t get my period and I’ve had a good amount of bleeding….

  • for cervical cysts. He said one was blocking the opening of my cervix & it took him awhile to dialate me in order to take biopsies after an abnormal pap. At my last ob appointment, my new ob said my cervix looked normal. My latest paps have been normal & HPV negative as well. I was also checked for hormonal & thyroid issues. Everything was normal. Do you think I have fertility problems?

  • I feel like I might be pregnant but I’m not sure yet. Should I keep taking my birth control until I know for sure? I’m scared of having an ectopic pregnancy. I’m 18. Help?

  • What if I missed my pill two days apart and I doubled up for one day and only took the pill I missed the first time and continued like normal…. can I actually get pregnant because I am freaking out someone please help me

  • How can I get pregnant on depo? I’m 17 n me n my Bf are trying to get pregnant but my parents won’t let me get off the shot. Help me out?

  • i was put on the pill sine i was 14 year old and i am now 28 year old and still on the pill he have not use condoms for 4 year and i still have not hved a baby

  • The blood tests will not be useful to determine if you are able to ovulate if they were done while on birth control pills. If your cycles remain long after stopping the pill they should be rechecked.

  • I’ve been on the depo shot for a little over a year now but this past week I’ve had quite a few pregnancy symptoms… what are the risks to the baby if I am pregnant???

  • When we tell people to take the pills at the same time each day we mean generally in the morning or in the evening. The real issue is to form a habit so you don’t forget to take them every day. For example you can put the pills with your tooth brush and take the pill in the morning when you brush your teeth. Being off by a few hours is fine.

  • Hi i am stefany and my question is i already have my cycles and have been using pills for 5 years. I stopped using them in october this year. I’m 27. How long wil it take for me to get pregnant?

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  • As long as you are ovulating and having regular intercourse 45 day cycles will not keep you from getting pregnant. Ask your doctor if your tests included confirming ovulation. If not, that can easily be done. If you are not ovulating, or not ovulating regularly, Clomiphene Citrate is a medication that may help. I have information and a video on this medication at Medtwice.com

  • Am an the pills from December an now am worried because I lose wait don’t want to eat bad feeling sleep alot don’t eat much don’t want to do nothing but sleep can someone be nice to tell me what they think because I don’t really no much about the pills

  • I am on nexplanon my period was regular and has been since I got it until about 2 3 months ago I started feeling pregnant stomach feel different sick feeling moody and just not myself my fave is even breaking out i spotted last month and this month was only a day. Now I’m 20 days late on my period and feel more pregnant the last store bought test I took said neg went to the Dr and it was neg what should I do I’m having all the symptoms

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  • You can take a pregnancy test anytime while on birth control. the birth control does not decrease the accuracy of the pregnancy test.

    Getting a withdrawal bleed is a good sign that you are not pregnant, it is not a guarantee.

  • Am I safely protected from pregnancy without using a back up method as the package states? Is two weeks from the date I last had intercourse enough time for a pregnancy test to be positive? My husband did not ejaculate inside of me. We put on a condom each time before he did that.

  • hi im currently pregnant.. however i got my last shots last jan 10…how can be??. but im not having my shots late on my scheduled date…. sometimes i used to take my shots 2 to 3 days before my date of shots..

  • My advice to younger women thinking about going on the pill, Don’t!!! Chart your cycle instead, it is easier than ever with cheap ovulation predictor strips. Dont listen to people tell you that you can get pregnant any time you have sex, this is not true you have a fertility window and it only during this time that you are able to conceive. Roughly five days out of a 28 day cycle.

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  • I would never tell a patient not to get pregnant because of their weight, sounds like you need a new Ob/Gyn. If you want to get pregnant stop the pill. If you are not ovulating medications such as metformin or Clomid may help. Please visit my website MedTwice.com, I have a lot of information on PCOS, infertility, and Clomid. I am sure you can find a doctor that is more positive and will help you achieve your pregnancy goals.

  • I think it is very wise if you want a kid. You can’t keep putting off pregnancy waiting for conditions to be perfect because they never will be. Try not to stress about about getting pregnant. I would avoid ovulation predictor kits and the like they are not necessary and will only increase your anxiety. Have sex 2-3 times per week, take prenatal vitamins daily and you will be fine. You might consider getting tested for your rubella status, get a booster vaccine if you are no longer immune.

  • I take 4 pills of gynorit in one day. This happened twice within 6 months. Is this harmful? Or can cause any damage? Also kindly guide me that are 2 gynorit tablets enough to avoid unwanted pregnancy after an intercourse?

  • What do you think of increase breast size by two cups with Clegenatur Methods? I notice a lot of people keep on speaking about Clegenatur Methods.

  • Hi my name is Jasmine Delaney I taken the pill for only 3 weeks and I had complication with my lungs and my heartbeat that was extremely with a fast rate and with my lungs I couldn’t breath most of yhe time it was so hard for me. I went to see the doctor and they didn’t no what was wrong with me and also I couldn’t get pregnant again I went through he’ll behind those pill I only have one child and most of my class mate was taking the pill in high school and I notice they don’t have any kids at all I had one that because I wasn’t taken the pill at the time. those pill are not good for the body it can sterlize you for the rest of your life and I was sick for 18 yr. before I got better I could have drawn a check because I had this fast heartbeat every day I would rather have a baby than to go through with something like that I thought I was going to die it was terrified.

  • What if you are on birth control and you have sex without a condom and then you start bleeding like not that much what can that mean

  • Good info the best success that i’ve had was by using the Bevs Baby Boom (just google it) I found it the best natural method i’ve followed.