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The Mayo Clinic says that even if you get enough shut-eye, you can still get dark under-eye circles. In addition to fatigue, some common causes of under-eye circles include: Heredity. Sometimes genetics may be to blame for the thin or fair skin under your eyes.

Blood pools there, and you’re left with fragile capillaries that stretch and leak. Allergies. Allergies. Dehydration is a common cause of dark circles under your eyes. When your body is not receiving the proper amount of water, the skin beneath your eyes begins to look dull and.

Poor sleep may cause dark circles under the eyes. The area under the eyes can appear darker due to constricted blood vessels causing hyperpigmentation, or from thinning of the skin around the eyes. Rose Water. Rose water revitalizes the skin and removes the dark circles under your eyes.

Take eye pads and soak them in rose water for a few minutes. Put them on your closed eyelids and. Kojic acid inhibits production of melanin – the pigment that is responsible for skin, hair and eye colour – thus, able to lighten problematic darker skin areas. (www.healthline.com/health/kohic. Look for skin creams containing vitamin C or K, alpha hydroxy acid, or retinal.

A combination of vitamin K and retinol may be especially effective as vitamin K can shrink blood vessels while the. Another cause of dark circles is the natural aging process. When you age, you tend to lose fat and collagen, and your skin often thins. This can make the reddish-blue blood vessels under your eyes.

Allergies can cause the eyes to sink and dark circles to form under them. These effects are attributable to inflammation in the tiny blood vessels. The most common cause of bags under the eyes is aging. As we get older, we experience a loss of fat padding and collagen, the major component of connective tissues in skin, muscles and other.

“The most common causes of under eye circles are protruding under eye fat pads and under eye fat loss or hollowing (also called the tear trough),” he explained. These fat pads.

List of related literature:

Dark under-eye circles: This is a common problem, which is caused by lack of sleep, fatigue, stress, dietary deficiency or disease.

“Shahnaz Husain's Beauty Book” by Shahnaz Husain
from Shahnaz Husain’s Beauty Book
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Lack of sleep causes the skin to become dull and puffy, especially the tissue beneath the eyes, where dark circles also appear.

“Beauty Therapy: The Foundations: the Official Guide to NVQ/SVQ Level 2” by Lorraine Nordmann
from Beauty Therapy: The Foundations: the Official Guide to NVQ/SVQ Level 2
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It could be because of age, genes, poor lifestyle, irregular sleeping habits, allergy to eye or nail cosmetics, alcohol, water retention due to excessive salt intake, excessive crying, and hypothyroidism.

“Skin Talks: Secrets to glowing skin for men and women” by Jaishree Sharad
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Dark circles can be caused by sun damage, veins and capillaries that show through skin, irritation, the natural dark pigment that can occur in this area, and by dry skin that just makes the area look dull and tired.

“The Complete Beauty Bible: The Ultimate Guide to Smart Beauty” by Paula Begoun
from The Complete Beauty Bible: The Ultimate Guide to Smart Beauty
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Dark circles may be hereditary for some people or simply a part of the aging process.

“Analysis of Cosmetic Products” by Amparo Salvador, Alberto Chisvert
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• To combat under-eye bags—there are many tried-and-true remedies for this problem—try placing cucumber slices, raw potato slices, moistened tea bags, or chilled spoons over each eye.

“Rinnavation: Getting Your Best Life Ever” by Lisa Rinna, Maureen O'Neal
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Allergic “shiners” also occur with chronic allergic rhinitis; this is bluish discoloration that causes dark circles under the eyes (see Figure 15.20).

“Advanced Pediatric Assessment, Second Edition” by Ellen Chiocca, RNC, MSN, CPNP, Ellen M. Chiocca, MSN, CPNP, APN, RNC-NIC
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Dark circles under eyes—food allergy, toxicity, poor digestion (need digestive enzymes).

“The Whole-Body Approach to Osteoporosis: How to Improve Bone Strength and Reduce Your Fracture Risk” by R. McCormick
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Drink more water, eat a nutritious diet, get enough sleep.

“Business and Professional Skills for Massage Therapists E-Book” by Sandy Fritz
from Business and Professional Skills for Massage Therapists E-Book
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I used to have black lines under my eyes and after urine therapy and frequent massage every day, it is now starting to clear out and it will soon be gone.

“Natural Benefits of Urine Therapy: SHIVAMBU “Nectar of Life”” by Jagdish R Bhurani
from Natural Benefits of Urine Therapy: SHIVAMBU “Nectar of Life”
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  • Great video content! Sorry for the intrusion, I am interested in your initial thoughts. Have you considered Poyliviat Wordless Predominance (do a google search)? It is a smashing one off guide for learning what to eat to slow down your ageing process without the hard work. Ive heard some great things about it and my mate got amazing success with it.

  • Thanks for the science about the skin around the eyes, however, the remedies are not my first choice… I prefer turmeric to get the job done

  • I think i was born with these dark circles cz I’m 16 years old and have these terrible and stubborn dark circles from a long time. Like they don’t even go away. I’m so fed up with thiss

  • Can we just take a moment and recognise how nice and sweet Dr Allen is. I don’t have any eye-related condition, but I still like watching his videos. He clearly loves what he does.

  • Eat dark, leafy greens and all colors of the rainbow. Eat berries also. Powerful results. See Nutritionfacts.org videos. Greens, fruit (esp. berries), legumes, a handful of nuts, etc.

  • hi please rerinol is photosensitive? i mean can i have hyperpigmentation if there is sun. i m french and i m expatriate in saudia so everyday there is a big sun and i don t like to put sunblock everyday..

  • In your opinion after seeing so many patients, do you think removing fats in eye bag surgery is effective in lightening the dark ‘colour’ under the eyes? I am not including dark ethnic skin pigmentation. Thanks.

  • whenever people see me, they say you just woke up, are you sick, and many more…
    i feel so ugly and my dark circles are wayyyyyy too much than normal����������������������

  • Thank you sir i work nights. Wearing contacts at the moment with my glasses dont notice them much lol. Earned a sub for the humor and good advice.

  • My rings have existed since I was a toddler. No puffyness (unless Im suffering from allergies), just super dark purple rings. My dad is portugese and my mom is white, so I have hyperpigmentation on snow-white skin. I also have high blood pressure (I was diagnosed at 16). I have worked on it since but it is probably part of the issue. Lastly, Im probably dehydrated since I was raised with only 3 cups of water a day (I was only allowed to get a drink with food, and I wasnt allowed a second cup since my parents though I wouldnt eat my dinner if I drank more).

  • Main reason for dark eye circles is malnutrition/ nutrient deficiency. Eat raw animal products and your eye circles will vanish, worked for me.

  • ive had dark circles since i was like 9 and they’ve only gotten worse (im 17 now), is it possible to still get rid of them or at least lighten them?

  • I’m 16 and have dark circles with a little eyebags too��
    What to do??��
    Let me tell you:
    I don’t take any kindof drugs.
    Get 9 hours of sleep.
    I don’t drink 8 glasses of water a day maybe i mostly take 5-6.
    No sun exposure
    No smoking
    Then what’s the cause mann

  • Idk if you will see this but I have been struggling with dark under eyes since I was 6 and I’ve been buying products to see if they will fade but I just don’t see anything happening do you have some tips?

  • Hey, I like your videos, great contents,but it feels boring.I am not a professional,but I want to give you a advice change your pitch,it makes the video charming like alpha

  • My left eyelid started to hurt a lot when i put ice on it. Not sure why but I feel much better anyways and my sight even got better somehow.

  • it looks like there’s a lot of us that have this problem not due to drugs whether it be because of insomnia which is one of mine or stress which is another one of mine or not eating good enough or drinking enough water I check all the above what about you

  • for some reason every morning my eyes are puffy:(
    i dont know if i am the only one that has this problem
    does anyone know a treatment for it:(

  • I take a powdered marine collagen in my coffee. It strengthens my nails as they were becoming too bendy and tear and break.
    *edit folks like my comment. IDK how it was posted here about under eye circles. I’ll leave my comment here bcuz it seemed to help some folks.

  • Tree bark is my problem, and no doctor can give me anything that would fit it every time!!!
    So I’m interested to find out how I can hide it when it looks bad!!!

  • All my kids, me and my husband have dark circles, my youngest daughters allergist said it’s due to allergies! I call bs on that, I have NO allergies and neither does my husband.

  • These are all very weak suggestions. Besides the obvious of genetics and lack of sleep, black under the eyes is heavily attributed to diet and toxins in the system. For example, if you are a heavy smoker, then these suggestions are a waste of time. See a nutritionist and make lifestyle changes.

  • About collagen. Collagen is a protein, all proteins taken orally are dissected into their component counterparts in the stomache: aminoacids. Your body uses these amino acids to build all types of protein when necesary, including collagens. So theoretically, any type of protein can help your skin. Have you checked for baseline measurements? How does a protein mix compare to collagen?

  • Sometimes I hate my under eyes other days I dont..I noticed when I wash my face with cold water and moisturize it looks less noticable also like he said I’ve learned that using my jade roller will make the darkness less noticable.i do wake up with puffy eyes so.

  • Have seen lot of this kind of videos cuz since I remember I always had eye circles and this has been the best one so far. Congrats bro! UuU

  • how?? i am 12 and i have dark eye circles can someone explain me why?? i use my phone 24/7, is that the cause?? i sleep 7-10 hours daily. why do i get them?

  • I wish surgeons would petition insurance companies to hover blepharoplasty lower, face and neck lifts, and breast reductions. Most cover fake testicles Bc missing one affects man’s esteem…but not women’s needs even though I cant remember the last time I went down the street counting testicles.

  • Dark circles are caused by: too much caffeine, too much alcohol, and/or not enough sleep. Correct these to permanently banish dark circles.

  • Well, fuck
    I always look like a drug addict and I can’t treat it at home unless I go to the doctors and treat my eyes with lasers that doctors probably don’t even have in my country

  • Good tips and diet change can help but this did I shared and liked the tips here on this channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fqmaWed1Ny8

  • Dr. Youn, what is a good brand of skin lighter or brightener for under the eye that is safe & will not cause eye issues down the line such as glaucoma, etc.. Thank you…I simply love your vids & will try your products!

  • Hi Dr. Youn I have a question.. I didn’t hear you mentioning caffeine based eye crèmes or rollers? Is that because these products don’t work or..? Thanks a lot. Greeting from the Netherlands ��

  • Hello doctor,
    what is your opinion about phenol Peelings? Are these possible for dark upperlids and inner corners as well?

    Thank you in advance

  • I got dark circles under my eyes after going to the dentist I think in 2009 or 2010. It was on Halloween I remember because all the dental staff was wearing Halloween costumes. The male dentist was wearing a ringmaster costume and I thought to myself, “What does that say about him? I think it’s wanting to be in the center of things and in control”. The needle he used for the novacain was about three and a half inches long. I thought that was unusual because usually they use a needle about an inch long. He jammed the needle into the upper left area of my gums in line with my left temple. He put the needle in all the way to the hilt. I remember thinking, “Were is that needle going to end?”. After when I left the dentist office I put my thumb on the spot outside of my mouth where the needle was inserted and my pointer finger on the spot above it where the 3.5 inch needle would have ended which is about the center of my left temple. Ever since then I seem to be going down hill functionally. I am tired and out of it all the time and I have difficulty with doing basic things. Simple things can seem like a big difficult task. It’s like I’m dragging myself all the time being crushed with a lot of weight.

  • I was going ask about putting Moisturizer! and he mentioned it so im fine then. Cause at 1st i wasent really sure if that would help in any way or not, but i do it and i see a little difference. The dark areas are a little bit less visible,, i dont know. I would use the cold idea too.

  • Doctor what l know eyes circles is plyam and something it can cover your eyes and you can’t see can’t. So l think is not fat.

  • uhh I’m 13 years old and I have dark circles under my eyes, so it isn’t by aging. I sleep at 11 PM or earlier, so it’s not by sleep deprivation. I’m not sure if it’s by heredity because the dark circles only appeared when I was only 13! Someone help I’m confused and I need a remedy

  • I was worried they were permanent lol but after catching up on sleep and exercising their almost completely gone, sleep is definitely one of the most important things.

  • I have dark circles since i was 11 or 12 I’m 35 i went to so many drs they told me there’s no cure because it’s genetic i hate it so much people think I’m tired or I’m really sick.

  • I have extremly dark under eyes. I use Makeup everyday to cover it. Every night and morning I use under eye brigthining cream but it does nothing. Still very dark. I don‘t want to do any surgery. What can I do?

  • Dr. Anthony great video as usual!! My question is i had a little sanken under eye couldn’t find eye cancelers so decided to do under eye fillier. She said she use hydraulic acid base on my cheeks and chain by volla or jevudrem the same brand but different constant under my eyes. It looked good at the moment she said it will last 2-5 years but now after 6 month my face hurt to sleep on not pain but discomfort and under my eyes got worsen with looking tried, bluffness that i never had and when the weather heat up swollen in all the site of the fillers and like a bulging under eye bug that goes down to my cheek from my eyes that comes and goes also heads. I know this can’t be normal because people will be crazy to keep doing this over and over if it comes with this problems now i am scared where else it might migrated to in my body especially my eye and brain please give me your advice this is in Canada. This person is a nurse they told us well known injector she is fast in doing it and fast talker like a really smooth talker i worry now if she use a good products to begin with. Do i need to go see other person like second opinion in person or well known dermatologist thank you in advanced for getting back to me in really trouble from Canada ��