Weight problems More Deadly for males Than Women


Obesity Rates Are Climbing For Women — But Not For Men

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Is Obesity more deadly for Men?

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Healthy Dose: Obesity on the Rise for Women, But Not Men

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WEDNESDAY, July 13, 2016 (HealthDay News) Obesity is nearly three times more deadly for men than it is for women, new research suggests. In. WEDNESDAY, July 13, 2016 (HealthDay News) Obesity is nearly three times more deadly for men than it is for women, new research suggests. In a study of nearly 4 million men and women around the globe, the risk of dying before the age of 70 was 19 percent for men and 11 percent for women of normal weight.

WEDNESDAY, July 13, 2016 (HealthDay News)—Obesity is nearly three times more deadly for men than it is for women, new research suggests. In a study of nearly 4 million men and women around the globe, the risk of dying before the age of 70 was 19 percent for men and 11 percent for women of normal weight. But that risk jumped to 30 percent and 15 percent, respectively, for obese. Obesity more deadly for men than women It isn’t clear why obese men are at greater risk for premature death than women, but it could be because obese men have greater insulin resistance, liver fat. WEDNESDAY, July 13, 2016 Obesity is nearly three times more deadly for men than it is for women, new research suggests.

In a study of nearly. OBESITY is nearly three times more deadly for men than it is for women. Experts say while obesity and the negative health consequences affect both men and women, being obese has shown to take a special toll on men affecting, among other things, their hormones, sexuality and prostate health.

READ ALSO: Fusion of dances on display at Rockwood. LIFESTYLE NEWS Obesity is nearly three times more deadly for men than it is for women. Experts say while obesity and the negative health consequences affect both men and women, being obese has shown to take a special toll on men affecting, among other.

While obesity raises the risk of early death by just three per cent for women, it is 10 per cent for men, more than three times as much. Fat can kill you and the fatter you are the more life you. A look at millions of people across North America and Europe finds that obesity is nearly three times more deadly for men than it is for women. Richard Peto, professor of medical statistics and epidemiology at the University of Oxford in England puts obesity on par with smoking as a. WEDNESDAY, July 13, 2016 (HealthDay News) Obesity is nearly three times more deadly for men than it is for women, new research suggests.


List of related literature:

Overweight was linked to an increased risk in men but not women.

“Handbook of Obesity Treatment, Second Edition” by Thomas A. Wadden, George A. Bray
from Handbook of Obesity Treatment, Second Edition
by Thomas A. Wadden, George A. Bray
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It is interesting to note that although men are more likely than women to store fat on their upper bodies, and are therefore more at risk if obese, women are more concerned about weight than men and most treatment studies examine women.

“Health Psychology: A Textbook: A textbook” by Ogden, Jane
from Health Psychology: A Textbook: A textbook
by Ogden, Jane
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Whereas females have a slightly higher risk of being overweight than males, men are more vulnerable to the medical consequences of obesity because of their greater tendency to accumulate abdominal fat.

“The Harvard Medical School Guide to Men's Health” by Harvey Bruce Simon, Harvard Medical School
from The Harvard Medical School Guide to Men’s Health
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Obesity in women is more prevalent, which also increases risk for diabetes and cardiac disease.

“Fundamentals of Nursing E-Book” by Patricia A. Potter, Anne Griffin Perry, Patricia Stockert, Amy Hall
from Fundamentals of Nursing E-Book
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Obese men and women have a higher risk of developing heart disease, hypertension, and NIDDM.

“Introduction to Kinesiology: Studying Physical Activity” by Shirl J. Hoffman
from Introduction to Kinesiology: Studying Physical Activity
by Shirl J. Hoffman
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But obese women who expended 1000 kCal or more in weekly exercise reduced that relative risk to 1.87 times.

“Exercise Physiology: Nutrition, Energy, and Human Performance” by William D. McArdle, Frank I. Katch, Victor L. Katch
from Exercise Physiology: Nutrition, Energy, and Human Performance
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Obese women are more likely than non-obese women to die from cancer of the gallbladder, breast, uterus, cervix, or ovaries.

“Patient Heal Thyself” by Jordan Rubin
from Patient Heal Thyself
by Jordan Rubin
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Obesity has also been shown to be correlated with an increased risk of CRC in both men and women.”

“Holland-Frei Cancer Medicine 8” by Waun Ki Hong, Robert C. Bast Jr, American Association for Cancer Research, William Hait, Donald W. Kufe, James F. Holland, Emil Frei Iii
from Holland-Frei Cancer Medicine 8
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Weight loss reduces the risk associated with obesity, and men are at a higher risk than women for a given level of obesity.

“Clinical Anesthesia” by Paul G. Barash
from Clinical Anesthesia
by Paul G. Barash
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Diet Obesity and consumption of fatty foods increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, which is a major killer for men.

“Community Health Nursing: Caring for the Public's Health” by Karen Saucier Lundy, Sharyn Janes
from Community Health Nursing: Caring for the Public’s Health
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  • They need a cycle ASAP, no car or public transport if your travelling within the city cycle but if going outside city then car and also thry need to reduce eating fast food and go for the healthier options.

  • My Aunt everyone, when his 14 year old son tells her she is fat her defence is “ she is not like other fat woman who have sagging b00bs”. facts 1. She snores in bed 2. Just by going to the kitchen her breathing changes to someone who ran a marathon. 3. She always grabs on to a pole when going down the one flight of step we have at the front door. 4. She cant sit still for a minute without making a sound.

  • Western diets are fucking trash! Nothing but bread and sugar! Eat real food people and put these poison dealers out of business! A 50 year old woman should be the last person eating McDonalds! Stop!

  • Its psychological when they think people are laughing at them. They walk in see people laughing at a joke or sitcom show on a tv at the gym and think it has to be about them.

  • I don’t comprehend this shit. How can a person get 350 pounds and not begin working out or eating right. What did they say at 350 pounds, I’m going to wait until I’m 480 pounds to start dieting. I don’t get it.

  • This song and “Clover Cage On My Mind” are the two songs keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better. We are in this together.

  • It’s only going to get worse now that fast food can be delivered to homes.  If we stop making cute trendy for fat women like: BBW, curvy, full figured, voluptuous, and so on we might have a chance eliminating female obesity

  • I usually concur with this channel with vigor and enthusiasm. HOWEVER, I would believe that most compassionate men will follow their heart and be willing to help a woman deal with some prior baggage. If enough of us can effectively change these women’s neuroses, perhaps it could be a better world.

  • The body positive movement is primarily focused towards women. The reason obesity is rising among women is because they’ve been convinced that it’s ok to be overweight.

  • I’m a women, and I know that women naturally have more body fat than men, but we really need to stop sending the wrong message with this “fat acceptance” movement. Probably the only movement without any movement tbh

  • Maybe, it’s all this inclusivity and body positivity bullshit. It’s not shocking really; Sports Illustrated was pressured into including fatties in their swimsuit issues, and Victoria Secret is slammed as “unattainable.” This whole, you get a trophy even when you suck thing has had untold repercussions on society. Hopefully we cleanse ourselves of this mediocracy and get back to striving for excellence.

  • Never body shame someone, but don’t call obesity beautiful. Excessive fat deposits go all the way to your internal organs, including your heart and liver. These organs are vital and don’t do well encased in excessive fat. This can shorten your life span. It is also dangerous to be extremely underweight. Our body likes a healthy balance. Not too much… not too little. You only get one body so treat it with respect.

  • You just need to look in the mirror a very long time and be honest about how you look. You don’t stop training and making positive changes to your diet until you look like you want. Stop eating for pleasure. Eat for strength and energy.

  • Yea these fatties are lying about being made fun off. These days it is taboo to make fun of someone that is fat. Pretty much no one would do it, especially im a gym!

  • The body doesn’t absorb fat. Fat is expelled from the body through the bowel. It was from the starches and sugars that turned into fat stored for energy. Energy was never expelled or used. He ate too much bread, potatoes, cookies, pies, cakes and pasta.

  • It’s not about the calories that makes you fat and unhealthy. It is the type of food you eat. If you reduce your calories while eating the standard American diet, you may lose weight, but you will be unhealthy.

  • As a fat woman, I feel extremely attacked by this video…

    But I’d take this video over a body positive speech any day. Its better to be challenged to live a better quality life than coaxed into continuing to live an unhealthy one.

  • Conversion, software version 7.0
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    Eating seeds as a pastime activity
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    How do you own disorder, disorder
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    When I became the sun
    I shone life into the man’s hearts
    When I became the sun
    I shone life into the man’s hearts

  • o soyaaaaarw o soyaaaaaarw o shivñadhbwki a yravnustkmcgira trweee destrwoyaaaaaa destroooooyaaa


  • Here is a piece of advice for those who want to lose weight (and also to land whales), remove all sugary drinks and alcohol, only drink regular water. Easiest thing to do ��

  • I remember back around like 2010 my mom showed me this song on some CD filled with random songs telling me that I’d like it and…well to be honest I ended up listening to it practically almost everyday on the way and after school

  • I remember a couple of years ago certain people were really pushing the DAD BOD. It was an attempt to draw men into this stupid body positivity movement. But what it did was it motivated a lot of men who had Dad Bods to get back in shape because they did not want to dad bod label. So it basically backfired and it also showed a big difference between men and women in that women are just not honest with themselves nor are they as motivated as men are.

  • I’m 65 yrs young retired now, but I use to listen to this song while driving home from a stressful day at work and it always made me feel better lol!!!


  • I had a 3+ year relationship with a plus sized girl. She was great and all, but very shortly she showed her eating habits and refusal to exercise. Instead, she wanted the rest of the world to just accept her as she was. This was what turned me off 100%. Its ok to have issues, along as you plan on working on them.

  • What should have gone through his mum’s mind(maybe it did but she didn’t want to admit it):”Why didn’t I stop his overeating? Why didn’t I force him to eat healthy and exercise?”

  • Mum forgot to be a parent and set boundaries and say no.
    She did not teach him coping skills. The son is the identified patient -mum’s the other one in this equation Mum’s an enabler.
    Just my opinion not haters please or rotten comments

  • everybody is saying it’s the mother’s fault, but he was stress eating and his mother couldn’t stop him. don’t call peopke fat, k? >:[

  • I wonder if they tested his genetics? There’s a chomosomal syndrome where the person is literally driven to eat…and will do anything to do so. (I want to say it’s called Prader Willi syndrome.)

  • its the mothers fault, dont let him eat so much from the start. if he didnt eat so much from the start, then he would never would have wanted to eat so much. best luck for him though and his mother ❤

  • Horrible mom in his early years. And the fact this guy got physical with his mom makes me feel no sympathy for his gluttonous decisions. Donate his body to a nearby zoo and feed him to carnivores.

  • Why are they making this a sad story? Let him die and let parents get some of the blame. They clearly did a bad job raising their kid

  • Come to central California, we are full of hippo size ladies. More than half of adujt women in our area are hippo size. And they still have insanely high dating standards. Lol. I found a great, young, fit, beautiful, feminine Russian lady. A thousand times better than the fat hippo size ladies here.

  • It all comes back to the parents. Kids don’t know any better growing up.. Smarten up or don’t have children. This is abuse. No mentality.

  • This is Bullshit, i mean i sympathize but how to you let it get to this point? Whatever happened to personal responsibility. And why is the mom keep giving him the school. This should’ve been addressed at and early age. Family are the worst enablers. Smh.

  • Somebody had to get the food and soft drink for him to get this big, he couldn’t do it on his own as he was not able to get it himself.
    Now who could that have been??? The only other person living in that house, that’s who. He had an enabler!!!

  • I wish this guy the best. I know he is a rare case for this surgery. And I know it must be difficult to do and be trapped in your body. Have to be realistic though. Only 5% are successful of keeping weight off after surgery. If he doesn’t stop eating the forbidden foods. Hes not going to succeed. That is one reason why a psychological test and therapy is done before any weight loss surgery. Also you must be able to lose weight on your own for surgery to show and prove that your truly serious. He skipped all that. If you don’t deal with the underlying problem it never goes away. And Mom needs to stop being an enabler if she wants her son to succeed. And being able to move around isnt a good enough excuse to binge eat on soda and sweets. To them, im sure it is. Good luck to the family. Chris if you see this. I hope you will seek outside help if you are struggling. And prove that those odds are wrong. Be better then that 5%. You are worthy of that 2nd chance. You seem to enjoy outside and being independent. Keep up that attitude and don’t give up. It may hurt at times. But power through that. and you can do it.

  • I’m glad he is fine. It’s really hardly his fault. And everyone makes mistakes and developed bad habits. This video proves that you can do anything if you set your mind to it and get a little help when needed

  • 7:04 respect to Chris for being a Warhammer 40K fan if you ever to go to Warhammer World on a tournament I’ll be looking out for ya for a game. Good luck pal and lose that weight. 7:17 holy cow Genestealer Cults, I bought a big Battleforce box of those only yesterday cracking game and a cracking faction.

  • How tf can his fat unemployed ass afford that much food? Who tf keeps overfeeding him? Mom needs her ass kicked for allowing this and bringing him food. Ppl like this deserve to die. They don’t gaf enough about themselves enough to say no.

  • How tf do you let your kid get that big though like???
    So many things could have been avoided if his mom just forced him to eat healthy. Ugh.

  • I know I fucked up on the wedding ring. Fortunately it’s right at the beginning of the video so pretty much everyone who watches it is going to see that. PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEE do not write me 4000 comments telling me the ring is on the wrong hand. YouTube is going to send me notifications of you guys saying that for months now.

  • It’s not food. In school we are taught to take up activities. To strengthen mental function and the endurance physical functions. Most people sit, stand, and sit for a repeated cycle lasting for years and years. Or, my favorite, “…wait for the doctor to tell them…”

  • Being slightly overweight is easier to change then when you reach the stage of OBESITY.
    In fact less than 1% of obese people manage to get their weight to a normal level. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4539812/ it is sad and very hard for these people. Please do have some sympathy! When fat cells grow bigger, they crave more fat/food, and they only shrink, but they are still there, starving!! It is very interesting, as it also seems like obese people have low fecal bacterial diversity which is associated with more marked overall adiposity and dyslipidemia, impaired glucose homeostasis, and higher low-grade inflammation. There is also a link with the gut bacteria, and how this affects obese people. An interesting study on mice reveals this: https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2019/07/190725150401.htm

    SO, yes, you can say “keep trying harder” and call them lazy, but no matter how hard they try there is such a low chance they will actually achieve a normal weight. We need to do more research on this to find the most effective way to keep the fat off. For NOW I think the best we can do is prevent ourselves from getting that size. We need to educate the dangers of becoming big, and how difficult it is to lose all the weight when you reach that level. My mom died of obesity and I know first hand how challenging her life was, and how sad she was to not be able to change, no matter how much she tried =(

  • I guess Mother Nature is into fat shaming, because obesity can reduce life expectancy by 20 YEARS in w*men, due to colon cancer, organ failure, heart attack, stroke, type II diabetes, etc.

  • The last update I saw on him was posted in January: He weighed 491 and was able to qualify for weight loss surgery.
    He might have a contract that prevents him from posting too many updates and that’s why it’s hard to find anything.

  • Why do most of us have a unsteady relationship with food, we are either on one side of the spectrum were we over eat and cant breath or we under eat and we can see the lungs under our ribs…. Was this a prediction/reason from Gods first creation Eve and that apple?

  • some fat ladies won’t stay much longer single IF AND ONLY IF
    they stop targeting six pack juiced guys, they don’t like fat girls!
    most average men would not have issues with some fattie like her

  • You talk about fixing the mind first, and honestly I did both. While still figuring my mind out I started keto and it was a double whammy that was amazing

  • She Is lying about being laugh at! I am a fitness enthusiast and I’m so glad to see fat people at the gym! In my head I say yeah you go girl / boy!

  • Nice fat women
    Bad fat women
    Nice skinny women
    Bad skinny women
    Nice white,black,colored women
    Bad white,black,colored women
    Men only want nice women

  • It’s not over weight, ITS FAT FAT FAT FAT, ok stop trying to dress it up as curvy, it’s fat, and the coffin size costs more Hahahahahahahahahahaha, seal n that fat,

  • i’m 245… need to be 190. FAT… thin. I do better when I’ve got my favorite hobby goingaviation. perhaps cooking & eating is just a side of ‘aviation withdrawal? strange way to put it. when I’m building an RC aircraft… I forget about EVERYTHING that isn’t aviation. when I had my favorite aircraft (extra 300 1/4 scale with saito 50cc twin, OH! ) under construction… I once binge built for a day & a 1/2 straight.. and forgot to eat anything. I napped on the couchwell… actually, worked all day & then through the night… as the sun was coming up, I had trouble concentrating… sat down to think… and fell asleep. lol. but aviation makes me SOOO happy. Now I want to get into full scalethat is to say REAL airplanes. I’m 6’ 2″ and 185 would be a nice weight, it would mean more useable load for fuel in the aircraft. looking forward to losing the weight, actually. like the videos. great job. so true. I live in CA now.. moved here from NC. females in the south are just about ALL hugely obese. what’s worse… they kind of act like these cows… like it’s normal & attractive. ICK! yah… so good segment man.

  • fat is very unatractive. she’s treating her face like a Lamborghini but she’s so overweight. i don’t get it. I don’t want cuddly fluffy or squishy.

  • I really like your videos even though I don’t agree with everything you say. My only comment would be that these videos with clips and stills are much more enjoyable than the ones where we stare at the hotel room art. Keep it up.

  • (TV presenter voice) And in today’s episode of questions with answers you shouldn’t say: why is it that there are so many pics and stories of dudes before and after a weight loss, but so little of women?

  • This lady isnt putting him down for his weight? Shes saying that she looked past his weight.. But that she knows he wont be around long if he dont lose weight

  • All of this redifining terms and social engineering is all just free mason and satanic agendas. If you go through your videos where you show examples using TV shows and/or celebrities you can always see that they are wearing red, purple, or orange, some of the main colors they use in monarch programming. A lot of the time these ppl are actors they use to push a certain idea or agenda on the public to strongly influence or manipulate their subconscious thought patterns and behaviors

  • 1:21 if your this size like you have a chance with a guy
    2:13 but when your this size to be blunt you have no chance because people like to date those who have themselves together mentally and physically

  • I was going to say “I’m trying to stay below 18% body fat, and he is complaining about 15%”

    But now I realize the career of fitness trainer really need that kind of numbers…

    Thank you (for bestowing some essential life knowledge)

  • Here I’ll fix this for you ladies. Fat privilege. It’s easy to be fat. Trust me I know, I’m over weight too by a whole 140 pounds, oh wait My shirt and pants size has dropped, oops almost like working out and watching what you eat pays off. It only took a year.

  • My mom does the same thing. She’s obese but doesn’t think she eats wrong. She thinks she works out, but only does about once or twice or even on good occasions three times a month. She’s gained like 40 pounds during quarantine, and she wonders why. All she does is sit around and eat, but with no exercise or healthy eating she gains wait.

    Esta ya clásica canción pertenece al álbum homónimo y que salió una semana antes de los atentados a las torres gemelas, incluso lo “prohibieron” en algunos lugares por sus letras “cuestionables” ����‍♂️. Daron Malakian dijo que la canción trataba sobre el Trastorno por Déficit de Atención con Hiperactividad (TDAH), una condición que hace que una persona tenga problemas para concentrarse. Siempre tiene que estar haciendo algo para mantenerse ocupado, por ejemplo mirar como gira una rueda.

    Y vaya que últimamente he observado que varios pequeños en sus clases por Zoom deberían de ir con algún especialista (y algunos papás de los grupos de WhatsApp también) y no significa que estén LOCOS, como muy comúnmente la gente se refiere a una persona que sufre algún trastorno mental. Simplemente (y obvio no se dan cuanta aún, tienen TRASTORNO POR DÉFICIT DE ATENCION E HIPERACTIVIDAD (TADH), POR QUE NO PONEN ATENCIÓN, MUCHO MENOS SE LES DA POR INVESTIGAR)��������. Sin duda alguna TODOS SUFRIMOS DE ALGUNA CONDICIÓN SIMILAR DURANTE NUESTRA VIDA. ACEPTACIÓN PARA PODER ATENDERLO A LA BREVEDAD O EL FUTURO PODRÍA EXPONENCIAR EN LO CAÓTICO. ����RESISTENCIA����

  • Majority of American women are fat gluttonous prideful feminists, given waaay too much and waaay too greedy. Real women love to be mothers and be true to a working dad instead of true to 1000 single facebook followers.

  • The worst is when your boyfriend is trying to be a feminist and an overly PC person who encourages you to eat anything while you’re keeping yourself in check. ‘Come on, I can eat ice cream, you can have some from time to time too” yeah, right mate. You’re thin and your metabolism is different and you know that so why are you encouraging destructive behaviour just to have a binge buddy? When I say no I mean no.
    Needless to say he was more fragile than I was and I’m not even a feminist I just know what I want and it’s not a man who doesn’t want a family, can’t keep promises whist I kept mine, and later into relationship becomes a freak who tries to convince me that we’re twin flames, that he’s an incarnation of a late Thai monk who apparently has got the whole vulnerability passed on to him through some soul transfer. Creepy AF… Sorry, got carried away. Great channel! Kinda binging on your videos today, I thoroughly enjoy listening to all these analysis and happy that so many people agree. These taboos should be discussed. Truth hurts but it’s the only way we can set ourselves free.

  • People at the gym never laugh at people trying to lose weight…either cheer you up or they just busy working on them…so that’s a pathetic excuse!!. lol

  • If you want to be rich, take advice from a rich person. If you want to be smart, take advice from a smart person. What am I saying? Look for people who are in the position you want to be in, not where you are now. Apply this to weight loss, and magic happens.


  • I have reasons to believe that when the woman says she was laughed at when she entered the gym, is more about her looking around, see people smile at her continue their exercise. She then just assumes people laughed at her. It’s her insecurity and her assumptions.

  • I’ve always been thin. 90% of insults about my thinness came from fat people. They talk a lot about body image but the minute i walk into the room they have to comment to protect their self-esteem from the realization that if i can be this thin, how can they be this fat?

  • I knew he was gonna rip on her for using 6-7 face creams but not putting effort into losing weight. Sure you can highlight your face for pictures, but you can’t crop out your body in real life.

  • I am a overweight guy. I have been drinking mostly water and cutting the amount of food I eat. I am slowly losing weight. That’s all you have to do.

  • He genuinely seems like an amazing person, such a nice decent kid. It’s sad how his girlfriend is ok with him eating so much and the fact the people recording him isn’t going to even stop him. I’m only 12 so yeah, i don’t know to much. But, he’s eating so much. Yes, he can’t do a run, jog..or anything like that. But he can at least starve himself for a while and live on water for at least a while

  • I developed a theory based on my experiences with and observations of fat people, and it is not primarily gender specific. All that gained fat serves as a psychological shield. Beneath are often very weak, lazy and whiny souls, who cant stand any criticism. The meanest, most reckless and socially destructive people in my life where those who consume for two or more human beings. They are ugly and unhealthy, in their appearance and their character.

  • Women need to learn more about calories. If you sit around, doing nothing every single day you do not need to eat three meals. Women who don’t have extremely active lives only need one meal a day. Anybody who isn’t extremely active only needs one meal a day. It’s how I’ve lost 30lbs. But the truth is they don’t want to lose weight in the first place.

  • I am Russian, so when I used to listen to this song I always thought “toxicity” is a toxic city and they just made this word up for the song)))) I only now realised it is an actual word meaning something toxic )))

  • as a wide body owner as a horizontally blessed individual as a cold weather survivor as a calorie savor as a extra skinned individual PLEASEEEEE just agree on a term FAAAAAAAAAAAAT/OVERWEIGHT/UNHEALTHY all men I know say YEAH I”M FAT SO WHAT honesty goes a long way

  • 1) The only people laughing at fat women at the gym are other women 2) working at a gym, I can tell you that it is highly unlikely anyone is laughing at these people in the first place. As soon as someone steps through the gym door, there is an instant level of respect that I give them. Even if they’re obese and they’re clueless, they’ve made some effort. I think most gym-goers think the same. These bitches are flat out lying about why they don’t work out.

  • Obesity is deadly and its a blatant fact! Those who preach that being obese is beautiful is basically committing suicide in a different way and they have given up on making themselves worthy of something.

  • I’m boxing and go to the gym regularly. I’ve lost 16kg without starving myself and gained a lot of muscle. Most of the people in the gym could be absolute chad assholes just judging by the way they look. But I’ll be damned if these guys (as well as the few women that go there) arent some of the most supportive humans I ever met. I also now consider myself lucky for having started keeping fit so early ( started at 14 I’m now 15) because it just became fun at some point. I can’t see myself stopping anytime soon.

  • I am losing weight by just stopping eating at night. I cut down on the eating (wasn’t really eating a lot but enough to gain some weight slowly) but it didn’t work. It only worked resulting in me losing weight after I stopped eating late at night.

  • No se porq las fsmilia esposas padres no se sobre alimentan a estas personas les dan de comer ecsesiva mente no los aman los destruyen.

  • I’ve been a trainer for 12 years and the only fat clients who successfully lost a lot of weight are those who admit they are fat and acknowledge that being fat is gross and want to improve their health and body by exercising and changing their diets plus life style.

  • Because their parents dont teach them how to cook homemade foods and being lazy so they just buy or eat outside. Even if schools educate them if what they see in their family are getting food from fastfood it will be difficult. Cut the portion of food you take and drink water not soda or alcohol after meal.

  • I’m from Chicago originally. Lots of thin, athletic and pretty girls up there. Really good stuff. Moved to Florida 10 years ago, and honestly I’d say 75% of the girls here are fuge. I mean, nasty fat. It’s depressing trying to date here because the thin ones are meth heads and the fat ones are disgusting. This fat acceptance BS has got to go.

  • I’m a woman with eight pack abs. Don’t worry fat chicks, men hate fit women now. They think if you are fit, your gay or a masculine woman. I tried for twenty years to get fat. I wanted to be fat. Fat women can get married and have kids. Fit women are often beaten up by men because western men are insecure in their own masculinity. I say if your a fat chick, wear your fat with pride. I pour steel for a living, so it’s hard for me to get fat enough to be loved by anyone

  • My first job at age 16 was McDonalds…. after about 4 days, I started bringing my own lunch to work ��. I’m 54 now. Haven’t eaten there since the 80’s. ��

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  • Holy crap. That yoga teacher. HUGE. That’s sad. I could not take her seriously when she said she was healthy. Must be psychological issues.

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  • His girlfriend has the sweetest and most beautiful voice. She seems too large to have children herself, thoughbut it’s hard to say what the editors cut out.

  • She has to use all those face creams and cleansers because of all the greasy nasty food she gorged on. When I was lazy and flabby my acne was bad from the greasy food.

  • It’s crazy how weight falls differently on people, this guy barely has a double chin! If you just saw a headshot there’s no way you’d guess he’d be even 300lbs let alone however much he weighs here

  • Insane how slim his face looks now it is like he lost fat on exactly that area but nowhere else. He doesn’t even have a big double chin.

  • This is something that i watched with my sister when she was doing my hair i cried because it was so sad all the siblings died because they started to weight alot.

  • Serena Williams is a big woman, a curvy one… she is tall and muscular! Looks like and amazon! These girls are obese, fat, round…not nearly the same.

  • Hey bro, not sure if what you did was intentional to get YouTube off your ass for “harassment” but the time stamp from 1:44 to 1:46 there’s a random cut right where you’re about to make a really good point.

  • He’s talking like he has no control of his destiny. It’s his hand delivering the food to his mouth. He sounds like he gave up, but the idea he’s talking about his bad choices says another thing. He seems like a very nice person.

  • Bless his and his girlfriend’s heart.
    I know he’s much better now, but bless his heart.
    Him and his girlfriend have been through a lot.

  • I’m so independent and intelligent that I’m fat.

    “Being fat is hard. Being fit is hard. Now choose your hard.”
    Author Unknown to Me

    Earth swallow Me up!!
    The Secret Shakespeare

  • I feel so bad for him he is lucky that his girlfriend doesn’t care how he looks he now inspires me to lose weight cause I dont wamt to die either

  • Wow 32? He’s young but already can’t move! I feel bad for him but he’s doing it to himself he’s not strong minded he’s an addict! I hope he wakes up and learns how to control that habit! This why people need to learn how to fast, fasting makes ur soul strong! If you can fight temptation with food you can do anything!!!

  • This woman is describing her skin care routine and all I can think about is how I don’t even floss. I need to do better. I’m tired just hearing talking about it. Boi

  • I know a guy who eats 6000 calories a day, is 117 pounds, 6’0, and never exercises…. Lol, is this a joke? Men dont gain fat as easily as women do.