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Study Week | Неделя Учёбы | День 1-2 | Study With Me | Motivation | Productive Week | Study With Me

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Aesthetic Motivation WEEK 2 Jeff Said

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Motivation week 2

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WORK FOR YOUR DREAMS Powerful Study Motivation

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Best Motivational Speech Compilation Ever #3 WAKE UP 30-Minute Motivation Video #3

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DON’T QUIT Study Motivation

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THE HABIT: Week-2 (Motivation) THE HABIT focuses on how you start each day; your morning routine; because how you start each day determines how you live each day. Each day is your life in microcosm. As you take control of your morning, you’ll begin to take control of your life.

We are creatures of habit. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. WEEK 2 Motivation Name Course Instructor Date Compare and contrast needs-based theories of motivation. Which offers the most value to healthcare managers? Discuss the role of thinking processes in organizational communication and problem solving.

In what ways could you, as a manager, use thinking to improve communication and problem solving?Purchase Included: Sessions 1 & 2 Steve Martin (President/CEO, NEI) – “What’s the Motivation? – Part I & II”Motivation: It’s often overlooked, but remains a critically important aspect of all training we do. Where some people focus on food as their primary tool for creating motivation, there are actually countless influences on motivation, and food [ ].

Week 2 Motivation Name: Instructor: Institution: Date: Background Statement The healthcare field was a new one to Allison; she however felt that dentistry in specific was her calling. In pursuit of her calling, she opted to work as a practicing dentist at the office of Dr. Gable.

Dr. Week 2 Project Motivation 00765253 Tutorials for Question of Education and General Education. Week 2. Divide-and-conquer basics; the master method for analyzing divide and conquer algorithms. Motivation 7:47. Formal Statement 10:06.

Examples 13:05. Proof I 9:57. Interpretation of the 3 Cases 10:46. Proof II 16:16. Taught By.

Tim Roughgarden. Professor. Try the Course for Free.

Transcript. Title: Week Two Assignment: Achievement Motivation First: Understanding Attributions Instructions: Write an example of the attribution categories listed. a. Stability: stable With this attribution category you can look at things such as natural talent. I believe we are all born with some type of talent. I think of this when I hear people say things like he/she is naturally gifted.

Motivation, week 2 August 6th, 2017 During our lessons this week, we will talk about the three components of Motivation: Activation, Persistence, and Intensity, and considering how these apply to our Promotion Exams this week. Week 1. The first module of this course begins with an introduction and overview of Self-Determination Theory (SDT). This includes a discussion of the basic and historical principles of SDT as well as definitions of key terms.

And there’s no theory of human motivation or wellness that doesn’t have competence, it’s pretty central to it, so.

List of related literature:

Week 1 will not always be easy.

“Keto Living Day by Day: An Inspirational Guide to the Ketogenic Diet, with 130 Deceptively Simple Recipes” by Kristie Sullivan, Andreas Eenfeldt MD
from Keto Living Day by Day: An Inspirational Guide to the Ketogenic Diet, with 130 Deceptively Simple Recipes
by Kristie Sullivan, Andreas Eenfeldt MD
Victory Belt Publishing, 2018

This week is a great time to focus on really getting in touch with your inner voice, to enjoy the changes in your body, and to cheer yourself on toward Week Four!

“Complete Keto: A Guide to Transforming Your Body and Your Mind for Life” by Drew Manning
from Complete Keto: A Guide to Transforming Your Body and Your Mind for Life
by Drew Manning
Hay House, 2019

But remember that your Week 5 doesn’t have to begin until you are ready for it.)

“Menopause For Dummies” by Marcia L. Jones, Theresa Eichenwald, Nancy W. Hall
from Menopause For Dummies
by Marcia L. Jones, Theresa Eichenwald, Nancy W. Hall
Wiley, 2011

Apply the same mindset, dedication, technique, and excitement you used in Week One.

“Skinny Bastard: A Kick-in-the-Ass for Real Men Who Want to Stop Being Fat and Start Getting Buff” by Rory Freedman, Kim Barnouin
from Skinny Bastard: A Kick-in-the-Ass for Real Men Who Want to Stop Being Fat and Start Getting Buff
by Rory Freedman, Kim Barnouin
ReadHowYouWant.com, Limited, 2010

If you know what you want for the week, then you can back it up from there to determine the results you need for today to get closer to where you want to be.

“Getting Results the Agile Way: A Personal Results System for Work and Life” by J. D. Meier, Michael Kropp
from Getting Results the Agile Way: A Personal Results System for Work and Life
by J. D. Meier, Michael Kropp
Innovation Playhouse, 2010

This is your second 12 Week Year coming up—don’t lose all the momentum that you have from your last 12 weeks—build on it instead!

“The 12 Week Year Field Guide: Get More Done In 12 Weeks Than Others Do In 12 Months” by Brian P. Moran, Michael Lennington
from The 12 Week Year Field Guide: Get More Done In 12 Weeks Than Others Do In 12 Months
by Brian P. Moran, Michael Lennington
Wiley, 2018

Day 1 also should be the heaviest running day of the week.

“Football For Dummies®” by Howie Long, John Czarnecki
from Football For Dummies®
by Howie Long, John Czarnecki
Wiley, 2011

Only you can motivate yourself to rise to the challenge; regaining your lost energy might be an effective part of that motivation.

“Job Readiness for Health Professionals E-Book: Soft Skills Strategies for Success” by Elsevier
from Job Readiness for Health Professionals E-Book: Soft Skills Strategies for Success
by Elsevier
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2020

Your motivation may be different on Monday from on Friday with the weekend looming.

“Building Self-Confidence for Dummies” by Kate Burton, Brinley Platts
from Building Self-Confidence for Dummies
by Kate Burton, Brinley Platts
Wiley, 2011

During the first week, it’s actually easier to resist cravings; the program is exciting and willpower is high.

“The Whole30 Day by Day: Your Daily Guide to Whole30 Success” by Melissa Hartwig
from The Whole30 Day by Day: Your Daily Guide to Whole30 Success
by Melissa Hartwig
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2017

Oktay Kutluk

Kutluk Oktay, MD, FACOG is one of the world's foremost experts in fertility preservation as well as ovarian stimulation and in vitro fertilization for infertility treatments. He developed and performed the world's first ovarian transplantation procedures as well as pioneered new ovarian stimulation protocols for embryo and oocyte freezing for breast and endometrial cancer patients.

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  • I’m going to sleep less and study more……I’m motivated, this video just changed me and I’m going to be successful in my life….imma be different than l am today

  • I’ll come back here graduated from Sydney University with a Bachelor of Engineering (Space) and then go on to become an astronaut:)

  • My dream is just a physical therapy.. yes i know it just 4 to 5 yrs of studying but im not a honor student.. i likr to play games a lot… I!!!! I WILL COME BACK HERE!!! AS A PHYSICAL THERAPY!!!

  • I will make this my 4.0 semester in college. Ive doubted myself for so long all things are possible with discipline and hard work.

  • I’ve saved this video into a folder on its own and I’ll be back in roughly 9 months time once I’ve done my exams and left school. I’m going to work so hard and be the best version of myself. I really hope someday I can be someone that’s proud of myself. Won’t give up! I’ll see y’all next year:’)

  • I’ll comeback here once I graduate as top of my class as a Nursing student before going to medschool. I don’t want to be good, I want to be great. Best of luck to me!!!

  • I’m come back here in 2023 with my bachelor in Arts in corporate communication ����
    Listen casta your going to be so proud of your ❤️✨

  • In 5 years I’m gonna come back to this comment section and find this comment. I’ve lost a lot this year but I know I can turn it around and I’m gonna prove that to myself. I want this more than ever, I want to be better

  • Im 29.. Had struggles living in someone else house, have a 1 year old daughter who i want to be great for. Do you guys ever have a dream that reminds you of your deepest desires? You sit and realize that with God all things are possible. No matter the situation, no matter the challenges, no matter the fears that may have faced YOU CAN SUCCEED. Today is the first day of a forever change.

  • I will come back here after 3 years (2023) to become Computer Engineer ��. I know it’s going to be hard but hard doesn’t mean IMPOSSIBLE ��

  • taking my A levels this year and my mental health has never been worse… i cry almost every night but im not giving up. ill be back next year knowing i tried my best

  • I’m on day 3 on my journey to my weight loss, 3 days going hard at the gym and I haven’t felt this good in a long time. My journey to weight loss and swearing into the US Air force starts with you first! Good luck to all on their quest and remember it starts with YOU

  • I am preparing for NEET, I just have 3 weeks left. I suffer from depression, anxiety and panic. But I know one thing, If I quit, I’ll never know If I was going to succeed. So I am not going to quit. I will try.

  • I don’t agree with the sleep part in this if I don’t get enough sleep then my mental health is of the rails and my physical health will go down and I don’t focus properly. But overall I needed to hear this ����

  • I BADLY NEEDED THIS. My parents are starting to doubt me if I can handle my school academics. And as for that, I’m questioning myself and starting also to not believe on myself. With this, my fire just started and I’m ready to work like a slave! for my dreams!!

  • It’s 2020 I got accepted in medschool. I don’t know what doctor I will become but I will come to this comment section each year of medschool journey and show you that with sacrifices, work, perseverance we can do great THINGS!!!

  • I am So happy Guys I passed my Exit HESI today, I am feeling So blessed this video help a lot bcoz when ever I was tired I was listening to this. Until I did it.

  • I have exam in 20 days and lack of motivation with full time job… send prayers, good vibes my way. And if you have your own Ted talk for me… put in comment thank you ��

  • I’ll come back here in few months after my research defense. Im sad and hopeless and I feel like giving up. I sacrificed food and sleep. I dont know if Id fail but I did my best. I hope Id come back here to say I passed

  • In December 2021, I will be here with degree in Accounting.
    Exhausted with school and work at CPA firm now. Thanks this video for giving me motivation to not quit.

  • Im studying honors in Internal Auditing,the past months haven’t been easy.My one major is giving me a headache and ive been getting bad grades.But my challenges are not my disadvantages.When we fall we pick ourselves up,we dust off and keep moving.

  • Мой мотиватор! Раньше ненавидела английский…но 2 месяца назад все изменилось)) Благодаря тебе! Я стала делать флеш-карточки и учить новые слова и темы) псс.. Флеш-карточек уже очень много!!! Спасибо тебе! Все не зря, ты мотивируешь других людей))

  • Today 22-082020 i will start, it is myn day, sow i wil i hope come back on 22-08-21 and whit succes i will come back good luck guys and girls

  • My exams are in 10 days, if I don’t get a overall 8/10, I won’t be studying in the United Kingdom. Hope it will turn out ok in the end? How about you guys?

  • My issue is they don’t make motivational videos for what the real issue I have is, and that’s money, money is the ONLY thing holding me back, and how the hell am I suppose to get past that

  • Calculus FInal next Monday. What is an F again?
    Other than Future Full-Time Lawyer, Idek.
    I wish you all luck, whoever is doing this during these times. Come with me and let’s rock this with a bang that’ll never 4get our name.

  • I keep listening to this just to hear the narrator’s voice in the first clip! Of course, the text, the music and the images are fuels that set every cell in combustion but, man, that V O I C E and the way he narrates! Rocket fuel! The following clips are great. Les, Tony…..treasures!

  • ok so today on 7 sep 2020 i make a pledge to me that right after one year i will be back here and tell you how i made my dream into reality…well its a challenge more than dream…now its my turns to reback into ground of obstacles

  • I think I know whats wrong with me
    I lost hope when I got a bad grade in last entrance exam now I feel like I cant do anything
    I am taking the exam again
    And now I will not loose hope again
    I will try my best

  • Im traversing a journey, no other has traveled. A journey most will believe impossible… I’ve been through alot but I have always got back when I was knocked down and hurt. I’ve changed my life for the best, im helping others allowing them to be the people they desire to be. I am happy. I am phenomenal. I know I have thr potenial and drive, to acheive my desired and sought out results….

  • The devil made me stronger by challenging the true me he said I do this to make you better and God wants to keep you down no mater what fuck your religious non realty based motivation

  • 20:54:
    That’s why we need ‘roids?

    No, man. ‘Roids will just screw your health and your wallet and your family.
    Fuck ‘roids. Fuck drugs.

  • I cant find the first speech. It was the first motivational video I ever watched. The video had a lot of advanced calisthenics in it. One of the best editing ever. Someone please link it.

  • I have severe c-ptsd(non-military).. I listen to these videos every day, with tears running down my face, repeating things to myself like the “I am”s.. I am determined, I am powerful, I am resilient, l am loved, I am enough. While I force myself to get up earlier, get fitter, eat healthier, study harder! I will become a doctor.

  • Im Blessed and Healthy in my 31 years young. Too many trials and setbacks to come but don’t lose hope keep moving forward toward our Goal and Dreams

  • Was here 3 years ago as a jv sprinter hoping to make varsity and I thought it was impossible to do it. Now I’m here 3 years later a state champion… Now I have goals that I think are impossible but where I am now seemed impossible when I listened to this 3 years ago.

  • Quit drugs and battling Cancer if you read this hope all the good for u and remember to Make most of ur Time doctors said I would die last year but still up and fighting 24/7 Ain’t no disease to break human will to live

  • My name is Jake; I’m going to change the world.* I NEED people to hold me accountable.** Please ask about my progress whenever you read this comment*. I’m a lazy person. If you ask about my progress, ill give you an honest answer about my progress for each day. I’m going to change the evil in this world and make the world a lot better. PLEASE HOLD ME ACCOUNTABLE. I’m going to be 100% honest with you about day to day activities and progress towards to saving the world and bettering myself. DO NOT BE AFRAID to call me out for being lazy*. The date is 7/23/2019 right now as I am typing this. This will be a copy and paste comment. I WILL BE SUCCESSFUL AND WILL CHANGE THE WORLD. I’LL *LET YOU KNOW WEEKLY OF MY PROGRESS. CHANGE YOUR LIFE ALSO. Remember you only have one life, make today your best day yet. You do not know if you’ll live tomorrow. LIVE AND KEEPING GROWING WHOEVER is reading this. The world needs more good people. YOU CAN DO IT BUDDY. GOOD LUCK TO ALL. Sorry for the caps and bold.

  • I remember I went from 230 to 145 in 6 months. I stop feeling sorry for my self and really went fucking hard everyday. It’s all about your mind control!

  • I gotta say, the guy in the beginning says each day it’s gonna get hard. I can’t speak for anyone else but day 1 was the hardest for me. Every day after for the last year it has gotten easier and easier. It’s been about 14 months, started slow and have kept building up more and more and it has gotten easier even with adding more and more. The first step, that day I finally got started after a couple years of doing nothing but thinking about it, was by far the hardest step to take, at least for me it was. After that it’s all downhill.

  • Day 74 of eating clean..8 days after vasectomy..2 kids of mine need me..I must be relentless and never give up to achieve my goals! Time to box!

  • I am 16 years old and my goal is to reach the national water polo team. However i also have to study hard in order to go to the university I want. How can I achieve both goals with the same success?

  • Everyday you say no to your dream you might pushing your dreams back a whole six months, that one only one single day you did not wake up

  • I lost my job and depression has me gripped. I’m trying so hard to get up and fight. Ever since a break up I just haven’t been the same. I’ve been going to the gym and praying more. Thanks for making this video it helps give a push.

  • It’s so hardmany of you are chasing your dream. I lived mine. I pursued it and for 25 years, I lived my dream. It came to an end and in the past 2 yearsI’ve lived in park. I can’t find what I want anymore. I may have achieved my dream but it was with a price tag on my health, friendships, relationships. Financially I’m ok. I’m flat and can’t find my way out of this hole. Each day becomes harder to find a reason or a dream to keep going. I’ve never felt so lost…

  • This guy is so hardcore �������� he treats life like we’re in Vietnam. I just want to own an art business. Now I’m like I’M GOING TO TAKE MY ART INTO HOSTILE TERRITORY BECAUSE I’M A LION.

  • First off I love the compilation. But the ads in the middle of speeches suck. I dont know if you can do this because I’ve never made a YouTube video but are you able to put them at the end of each speaker so it doesmt break the mood of the speech?

  • I will work hard to become a doctor. I will take risks and challenge myself, so that I can grow as a person. I want to be successful through my hard work, dedication and effort. You don’t have to be smart to become what you want, you just have to try really really hard and put your all into it. I’ll come back here and update on my near goals, such mcat, getting into medical school, etc,…

  • My dream is to become a pilot. The problem for me right now is the math. But after this video I realized… I am bigger than my obsticles and YOU are too! Math wont stop me from making my dream come true. The same is for you. Never give up! If you fail an exam don’t give up study harder don’t forget. You are bigger than your obsticles never forget that I believe in you and I hope that you believe in me too!

  • i’m working very hard because i really want to become a singer and a dancer, i have loved music ever since i can remember, and dance is just everything to me but i’m scared because i feel like i won’t make it i’m a terrible singer and dancer. i’m not popular, i am all alone. i’m afraid that i won’t make it and i did all this for nothing. idk how to do all this alone. my parents won’t support me since they won’t believe it’s possible. and i don’t want to disappoint them because they want me to focus on my studies but i want to sing and dance:( idk what to do

  • There is no limit to what is possible. Everything is possible

    It is even possible to fly into space if you strongly desire it! And if there is willpower and faith it is even possible to move the mountain out of the way!!! If you complain a lot about life and think that you have been cheated with something. If you think that with your data you are not able to start a family, achieve something, or just go to the gym to train you are lying to yourself!!! There are people to whom the Creator gave much less than you, but they achieved much more in this life than you!!!

  • Fact: Try forcing yourself to smile for a couple seconds and you’ll be happy

    Just kidding, I’m bot sure if what I said is true but I just want you to smile in case your reading this�� Smile and you’ll be okay..no matter what ever happeneds, don’t give up. You always have to choice in life:

    It’s either you wake up and chase your dreams and suceed or stay in bed and just stare at the ceeling ang regret it later.

    -S.N Nikki♡

    Chase or regret? It’s your choice�� I love you no matter who you are, just be happy and smile if possible..I love you!!

    (If your thinking of suicide, here’s for you)

    Please put your hand over your chestGo on..put it over your chest..

    Do you hear that?..Do you here and feel that beating sound? It has the reason why its still beating, don’t end your life just because of stress, problem and frustration..remember..

    Suicide is a tempory solution, So it means once you do it there’s no going back. Remember, once you activate youe suicidal thoughts and really decide to do so.. Your. A. Shameless. Person.

    Why? Because you just think of yourself and not others, not your family and friends or even yourself. Once you do that, Your sadness will indeed be gone and would feel numb, but do you know that that sadness of yours just disappeared because it was passed to someone? SOMEONE WHO LOVES YOU!!




  • i have finals on the beginning of the next month i have so much pressure at home by my from the part of my parents like every time they only ask about grades but never ask about me and keep saying that i should not make them regret all the money they spent on me forgetting the fact that i have chronic depression for a long time, but i really want to get the best grades on these finals cause they are going to determine my futur and i really want to leave this country and live by my own and build my self again from the point zero removing all the negativity from life and saving my sibling’s life so that they not experience the same things i did and get to the point that i can tell my self that I DID IT and escaped this situation forever and be certain that nobody is going to drag me down again so i will keep this comment here and come back every day to check if i have worked enough on my purpose.

  • i watch this almost everyday….whenever i feel a little under-confident i watch this……you gotta chase your dreams until you get it because we are talking about dreams

  • I actually wanna score 100% in my 10 th grade, i have wasted 9 months already, now i have total 6 months left…
    Now the biggest question is can i really score 100%, yeah 100%, in last 6 months

  • I have a lot of dreams.My dream is to be an astronaut and to work at NASA.One of my dreams is to travel all over the world.I believe me.I will achieve my dreams.Because we live and work for our dreams.Thanks for this video.��‍��������

  • My dream is to become a doctor but my parents can’t afford the tuittion also they said that it is to long. My mom was old. But even we are in the lower class i will thrive hard and someday i can be a doctor not to prove my parents they were wrong but to prove it that i can… Godbless us all DREAMERS!��❤

  • I remember watching this 3 years ago, i was 21 back then this video motivated me alot i started do evry thing right i started workout, do my bussness, study, i gained 14kg of mass muscles in only 2 months, almost marry the love of my life the sun really shined on me again until my dad suddenly passed away…
    Here evrything went up side down for me i LOST i didnt talk to anyone for 8 months i lost my gf i lost my gain i lost evrything my father was my best friend… I miss him so much and now im welling to do all this again im welling to START OVER and im sure i will do it again

    Love you dad, its time to shine again ��

  • Failed school because I was a dumbass and messed around too much playing video games. Was going for my GED then lost the drive and motivation, working daytime labor jobs getting no where. Am turning this shit around right now no more bs.

  • I not distracted from anything about 3 months but now from 3 days I got distracted. What I will do sir. Plz tell me.it’s my request to you.plz.plz.

    . Sir your videos help me more.

    Plz reply me


  • seen every1 talking about themselves so why not. 16 pressured in a very intense area in London and hungry to invest hard earned pain and work for money and foundation for a lifetime wish me luck. The journey begins.

  • I have lost a dear one a month back and cannot get over it…. Should have gotten back to my studies but am not able to… My year of hard work is at stake.. I badly need words to console and motivate myself….

  • Thank you for this. This pandemic is torturing my mental health, i think. I’m having breakdowns regularly and i don’t like it. I’m crying while listening to this cuz it hits so hard.:(( thank you. Will listen to you regularly

  • seeing every motivation video feels you, who you are and what should you do. i am going to do it just to make my family proud and happy. i will create it, may allah please help me. the reason is not that to make money, it is just about to show how i am stronger and that i am able to overcome on my bad feeling that always tell me you can not. i am believe i will insha allah. ALLAH is always with me.

  • I want to be a billionaire business man and a famous established rapper both in western world and Asia. I wanna have many big mansions, cars, travel the world with my beautiful wife and parents! May Allah give me the strength and guys give me support because I have dreamed so big��

  • I want to be a great surgeon
    And from now I will work hard to live my dreams
    Keep the date 7Sep 2020, after ten years I will be a surgeon

  • To Anyone Reading To This, You’re Bigger Than Your Obstacles, Keep Pushing Toward Success, God Has Believe In You, You Are A Champion!!!

    Give Yourself A Meaning! Work On Everyday, You Can Have It!!

  • James 4 111. An Elder said, “There is no need of words only, for there are many words in people nowadays, but there is need for action. That is what is sought, not words, which bear no fruit”

  • Hard work pays off. The more you do the more you will get done.
    Don’t get frustrated or give up when it takes you longer to do something that some else won’t take that long to do. Even if you don’t get much done today, it’s better than not doing anything. In the long run, you will have gotten much more done than if you just gave up. I know that I have done absolutely no study for the last 2 days, but tomorrow is your chance to wake up early and start doing as much as possible, with little rest times, limit the amount of time on social media, and just try your best. You can do it. Your future self will thank you. What is use of procrastinating and feeling so guilty, making you depressed? What important things do you need to be doing instead of studying? Going on your phone? No. What use will that be? It is important to have breaks, like exercising so you don’t burn out. Don’t forget about that. You can do it. Yes. You. Yes, you can.

  • “On the other side of ur struggle there is somethig good, there is something better” this made me cry in an instant i swear this is the only quote i need right now. At first i was struggling in chem and maths and just breezed through physics. I overcame my struggles and now maths and chem is easy and i m struggling physics. I will overcome my struggle in physics thanks for the motivation at the right time. U deserve a raise person

  • Life is a game, where you cannot be knock out untill your last breath, you have to get up after every fall, never Stop believing,You will win.������

  • What if I have no dreams, visions, sense of purpose? I lack experience of any kind. I don’t have a spark inside me anymore.:-(
    I feel like I missed out a lot in life. I fear that I’m too late to do anything or is too unrealistic to achieve it.:-(

  • Such an amazing video! Motivational videos like this inspire me to keep moving forward. One day soon I’m sure I will carry the torch so that others can turn their dreams into a reality.

  • My family isnt rich, and cannot afford to pay an abroad university. I work soo much for it. My dream is to have that university! I will. I must. I can. ❤️

  • Amazing Video! i subscribed to you. could you please check out our latest video and give us some feedback on it? and please subscribe to your Africa brother too. let’s help each other. have a great rest of your day my brother and keep doing this content! thanks

  • Thanks a lot….when I started to listen fr these words at the same time I started to cry…..inside me I can feel a chance….I started to boost, Again and again thanking u all soo much…..��

  • My dream is to become a criminologist, my family is in the lower class and that really makes me sad. That’s why I study hard to get as much scholarships as I can… this video is very motivational

  • Inspiring but I dislike the way she put down children from well off households. These children are no different to those ‘less privileged’. This attitude is a common go to tool used by the poorer kids in attack to any downfall of a rich kid. It’s complete unfair and biased… no thanks.

  • как пользователь интернет урока на самостоятельном тарифе могу сказать, что учителя очень интересно объясняют и знаний у меня появилось куда больше, оценки в обычной школе(в интернет уроке занимаюсь дополнительно) улучшились, в общем рекомендую. со следующего учебного года полностью перехожу на дистанционное обучение

  • Господи, спасибо тебе за все!! Благодаря тебе я стала больше уделять время учебе, заниматься спортом. Очень надеюсь, что результат будет���� Милашка

  • Пока что, у меня всё идут вверх) стала красиво оформлять тетради (записи). Стало интересней учится. Завела тетрадь где пишу свои планы и т. д. Спасибо за такую мотивацию✨��

  • Я вот тоже думал про домашнее обучение,но вот,рассказав о своей идее родителям всё мечты,так сказать сразу рухнули.Для них что-то глупое и не понятное.Типо:всё “нормальные”дети ходят в школу,а ты дома будешь сидеть,так?Но,сейчас я всё таки за школу,чем за дом.обучение.Ведь никаких спорт.секций у меня не и если урезать время,которое я ежедневно трачу на соц.сети,то останется часа 4 на языки))))

  • 3:31 у вас такие 12 или больше чуть рублей стоит (но это может в гривнах, всё равно дёшево, примерно 24 рубля), а у нас 173 рубля. Я офигела, когда цену увидела. Эх..

  • боже, Диди, ты меня вдохновляешь и благодаря тебе в моей жизни многое изменилось. Сейчас я сдала два экзамена на 4. Хотя в прошлом году были 3. Завела ежедневник. Занимаюсь спортом, поставила цели и стремлюсь к ним.

    Продолжай вести канал, люблю тебя ������

  • Hi! Прочитала описание под видео, и мне стало интересно… Почему ты сдаёшь лишь 3 предмета по ЗНО? Конечно не моё дело, но я думаю что лучше взять 4й как запасной) На личном опыте проверенно.


  • 7 days left for my final exam in all my school journey..it will determine ma future.. i’ve never been this scared before.. ������

  • If you’re listening to this in 2020!!!
    CONGRATULATIONS for making it this far and you deserve nothing but the best. This year has been tough but you got this. Direction Over Speed❤

  • Next month I have my act test but my acceptance admission is on November 1 I want to bring my score higher and I’m afraid wish me luck

  • I was a drug addict for 10 years. My life was hell in so many ways. I went to prison and been incarcerated for 5 years. My life was a revolving door to know where. But I changed and Only through Gods grace through Jesus I was saved from the hell I created. I’m now 3 years clean off drugs and alcohol. I have a good job but the old life still taunts me everyday. Its rough sometimes but I can never give up! I refuse to be mediocre. I will be who God created me to be! Never give up no matter HOW HARD!!! I DID IT.. SO CAN YOU!!

  • This is bye far one of the realist awesomeist videos I’ve ever watched it reminds me of my self in so many ways…I’d encourage anyone to watch this…but always remember to put GOD first an he will set your path amen…

  • Michelle Obama you very inspiring person literally you are unique person, I can you all day long! Love all your speeches thank you. God Bless you and family always.

  • Imagine if you will you have a bag of cats some bad ass comes along and opens that bag of cats they start jumping out of the bag from all directions why dont you explain to me HOWyou get them all to jump back in…

  • This has inspired me to be the best version of me i could ever be and this makes me hungry to get my high grades. And to succeed in life. Thank You

  • Just wat i needed. A person who does not judge the youth of today but actually tells us that it is okay to be great, to be optimistic and motivated.

  • А ты будешь устраивать фан-встречи?
    Я из Украины. И приеду с Харьковской области.(это означает,что очень хочу тебя увидеть��������������)Кто тоже сможет приехать лайк.

  • i have a question that i need some motivation on. I am gaining some weight and i want to change my life around and try to defeat that bad mindset and energy. SO can u guys give me some motivation and advice please?

  • Its not too late.
    I am in my 1st year of my bachelor’s degree without any good knowledge or achievements.

    I believe there is still time. I decided to change my life right now and today by practising every single day. Every. Single. Day. No more excuse. I gotta give it all and no one should outwork my discipline.
    Keep going guys. I love you all. Everyone will be successful. Just focus on self.

  • Твои видео очень мотивирующие,очень полезны для многих,кто не любит делать уроки. Очень хочу видео о твоих трекерах привычек и о ежедневнике��За видео ❤��

  • I wanna be thankful for anything I’ve gotten and I wanna appreciate it I push myself to make a suscess I think abt giving but I try to stay strong and push myself to keep trying and trying to be something big and make my parents happy for me.