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English vocabulary & slang that YouTube doesn’t want you to know!

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Why Does Marijuana Have So Many Names?

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WEED SLANG What’s That Slang?!

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Marijuana Slang Terms in 20 Seconds

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Marijuana 101: 6 words you need to know

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Know your weed words

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Example: “Make sure you clean your piece so you aren’t smoking resin.” One-hitter. A small, narrow pipe designed to hold very small amounts of cannabis. One-hitters are constructed from a variety of materials, including steel, glass, or ceramic.

A glossary of marijuana terminology, including usage and definitions within the cannabis industry. PotGuide is your directory to the world of recreational and medical marijuana, including marijuana dispensaries, 420 friendly lodging, events, activities and cannabis news and culture. As if you were smoking a joint, pinch your index finger and thumb together while holding your middle, ring, and pinky straight up.; Thumb and index finger first, move your hand towards the corner of your mouth, and then move it away.Repeat this gesture.

Cannabis sign language for 420. To sign 420: Make the sign for four, then the sign for twenty. Marijuana slang and ganja vocab: submit your stoner jargon, browse categories, or search for a cannabis slang word or phrase in our extensive archive. Ganja Vocabulary.

The ultimate guide to cannabis terminology and slang terms. We are compiling an open source dictionary of every cannabis-related term and phrase in the world. Regardless of where either word came from, “marijuana” is a universal term for weed in most countries. And “Mary Jane” is, as well. Fun little fact, some Spanish smokers refer to cannabis simply as “Maria,” while the French sometimes call it “ Marie Jeanne.”.

Poor quality weed, usually containing numerous seeds. Doobie. A joint.

Dope. 1. Marijuana. 2. Name given to any illegal substance. 3. Cool, awesome.

Dry. When you and/or your hook-up run out of marijuana. Dub.

A quantity of weed costing twenty dollars. Eighth. One-eighth ounce of marijuana. Elbow joint. A pipe piece that connects the chamber and bowl.

Euro-style. “I’ve been out of weed, so I’m considering this a T-break.” Tatered. A word used to describe how inebriated one can get from smoking weed. It’s possible that being tatered may be related to the term couch potato, referencing the couch lock often experienced when.

There are many marijuana slang terms used by cannabis consumers on a daily basis. Learn about the history of marijuana slang and some of the most common terms around. and maybe incorporate a few new words into your vocabulary. Ad.

420 A term used to describe marijuana or marijuana culture. 4/20 (April 20 th). bag of bones – multiple marijuana cigarettes. blunt – though the wrapper of any cigar can be used today, early users of the term used the brand Phillies Blunt. stogie – this slang term for.

A term referring to the consumption of cannabis and cannabis culture. Often presented as 420, it signifies the time in which to consume cannabis (4:20 p.m. and/or a.m.) and the date April 20 (4/20 weed day) to celebrate cannabis globally. 420 has also been used as a shorthand to imply a level of acceptance for cannabis use, culture, and lifestyle.

List of related literature:

ganja, grass, grifos, ∗hashish, Indian hemp, ∗kif, ∗marihuana, Mary Jane, pot, reefers, skunk cannabis, stick, and weed.

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  • I’M happy that Caribbean people has a stigma for the use of this herb,,(which is best for your health)), makes Us the smartest people,, ‘M HAPPY THAT EVERYONE ELSE HAS SEEN THE LITE.R

  • Minorities have been selling and get prosecuted for marijuana for decades. Now that white people are doing it, it’s cool and all good. This that bullshit that we be talking. Oh how angry this makes me feel.

  • I have to dispute the idea that nicknames for illicit substances are used to hide them from the authorities.
    Drugs (and drink) weren’t given nicknames for any particular reason at all.
    You’d have to be incredibly stupid if you thought that by using the word ‘pot’ for instance you were being somehow covert.
    I’m almost embarrassed at hearing this reasoning.
    In fact, (as much as it pains me to say it) a lot of this video is nonsense.
    A pity because it’s a fantastic channel, but clearly this subject is outwith your scope of understanding.

  • Why is that legality map shown at 1:54 grey for North Korea?

    Marijuana is legal in North Korea, it actually grows like a literal weed throughout the country on the sides of roads and everything.
    It’s often used as a temporary pain killer but only causes more pain when the effects wear off because of hunger, so no one uses it there except tourists.

    Now, that’s quoted by many NK’n refugees. My question is how on earth do you get a lighter into North Korea? Do they just have them there to buy? Do people bake it into food and not smoke it?

  • Can you make a video explaining how to use A term ending in “(s)” is? When to use parenthetical plurals, like (s), and when not to use them.

  • i am from brazil and i am a user from marijuana and i love it haha but in Brazil it’s illegal sadly =(
    but this video is really good. thank you for the share this informaton. =)

  • Researchers in Sweden, found compounds in chocolate,that are also found in cannabis…. Unfortunately, they didn’t write it down before they forgot what they found.

  • I’m from the Netherlands but i’ve never heard of something as “doop” and we certainly don’t use it as word for mayonaise!! The only meaning of doop in the Netherlands is when someone gets baptised but then we say ” Gedoopt” Or when a ship gets to water and they throw a bottle of wine against it then it also named “gedoopt”

  • You really looooove open borders, dontcha? So which ghetto have you chosen to live in personally to show your deep love for diversitee and all persynkind?

  • No need for fancy pronounciation for the word doop, it’s pronounced (almost indistinguishably) the same as dope. Dunno if it meant dipping sauce in old Dutch, but nowadays it mostly refers to baptisms

  • Are there any sources for the 4:20 am myth? I think 420 is rather an actual code for the 4th and 20th character of the alphabet: D(rug) u(se).

  • dat gud kush…. seriously the Canadian Parliament building on 4/20 its just a big ass smoke bomb. definitely something foreigners should see at least once if they partake or even have interest in the prohibition culture