Wednesday Is Deadline for February. 1 Coverage Under Obamacare


Costs are Down and Choices are up for 2020 Plans Available on

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Uninsured Americans can still sign up for 2014 coverage through March 31 Wednesday Is Deadline for Feb. 1 Coverage Under Obamacare Uninsured Americans can still sign up for 2014. Under the law, most Americans must have health insurance coverage.

If you don’t have insurance in 2014, you may have to pay a penalty. The maximum penalty for 2014 is $95 per adult and half of that for children (up to $285 for a family of three or more), or up to 1 percent of household income. Wednesday Is Deadline for Feb. 1 Coverage Under Obamacare. Uninsured Americans can still sign up for 2014 coverage through March 31.

Please note: This article was published more than one year ago. The facts and conclusions presented may have since changed and may no longer be accurate. And “More information” links may no longer work.

The first day that coverage begins is also known as the effective date of the insurance policy. Most states’ 2020 deadline (December 15, 2019) aligns with an effective date of January 1, 2020. February 1, 2020: Coverage starts for plans purchased during a special enrollment period. Obamacare Deadline Questions? We outline the exact date that you must enroll by in order to receive coverage for the upcoming 2018 2019 enrollment season.

Speak with an Agent 1-800-920-4994 For Health Quotes. The deadline is quickly approaching to enroll in healthcare coverage or change your coverage for 2019 under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), also. Open Enrollment is over.

You can still get 2020 health insurance 2 ways: If you qualify for a Special Enrollment Period due to a life event like losing other coverage, getting married, or having a baby.; If you qualify for Medicaid or the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP).You can apply any time. SEE IF YOU CAN GET 2020 COVERAGE. The deadline is Wednesday for coverage that starts on February 1. For coverage that begins on March 1, consumers must enroll by Feb. 15. Those who do not have insurance must enroll by March 31 or incur a tax penalty.

They still have to enroll for a health plan in their state’s Marketplace by Dec. 23, 2013, to receive that Jan. 1 coverage. The latest deadline change came Wednesday from America’s Health.

Dec. 23, 2013 — intro: The dates and deadlines associated with the Affordable Care Act (ACA), or Obamacare, are a moving target. They seem to change by the week, if not more often, in.

List of related literature:

Your new coverage takes effect on January 1.

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For example, if Medicare is to begin May 1, you want your Marketplace coverage to end April 30.

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• No → verify uninsured status 4) In what month did that coverage start?

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However, if an individual waits to enroll until after their birthday, coverage will be delayed as well.

“Financial Planning Competency Handbook” by CFP Board
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Medicare will deny claims if they arrive after the deadline date and they are not subject to appeal.

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  • Please do updated video on Obamacare! I just got done with school and I have health insurance thru my employer. It’s a High Deductible plan, benefit HSA card, but I still feel like I’m bleeding money for my meds AND my health insurance. Since the open enrollment period is coming up, I would love an updated video:)

  • Why does John Oliver make me so happy watching home…. but makes me so sad with these gd topics that just make me feel like I cannot make a difference…. God. I love John Oliver.

  • I know this sounds completely insane but if you cut back a little on the military and on golf trips for the White House then there would be finances for a healthcare system ��

  • as an Indian citizen I was a little surprised that you put India on the list of countries which provides universal coverage. While this is theoretically true, as we have government funded hospitals and various states have programs covering the costs of poor citizens in private hospitals and clinics, the general quality of the government funded healthcare is poor and our public health policies rarely yield desirable results. Public hospitals are filthy, understaffed and unequipped to provide proper care and most people use private health insurance. This isn’t to say that universal healthcare is bad as i do support universal healthcare programs. But you should definitely not put India on that list as most people given the choice would go to a private insurer…

  • Does anybody even listen to the lies about the numbers. 1/2 million, over 1 million, 300,000 Blah Blah According to the OMB & CBO people have enrolled and that does not equal having insurance coverage. They will figure out a way to avoid the lack of people having coverage. More delays or something as soon as they figure out how to spin it.

  • The countries in all of Europe have government healthcare, bur somehow it hasn’t bankrupted or destroyed democracy in Europe. Apparently the Trump administration is so incompetent that it is unable to supervise something that works in many other countries. Who is gullible enough to actually believe in death panels?

  • LUCKILY YOU VOTED TRUMP AND HE KILLED ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL OF IT!!! goooooooooooooood job……….. you nearly had german standards… you F’ed it you like only AMERICUH could ^^

  • I have not seen anyone as thick as Biden, Obama, Heris, Clinton… or Democratic gangsters. A group of brazen, thick-faced, unscrupulous, immoral people, the most irresponsible and filthiest in human history. I can’t believe how their parents gave birth to such a herd of animals, sadly. If you do evil, you will get the most evil results, the demons in human disguise.

  • Positive selection’ is no ordinary example of academic jargon. The term is frequently used by evolutionary biologists, who tell us it is responsible for the development of ‘traits that define our species—notably the enormous brain, advanced cognitive abilities, complex vocal organs, bipedalism and opposable thumbs.’ And,” continues Catron, “Gruber refers to mass abortions of unborn babies, whom he describes as ‘marginal children,’ as an example of positive selection that includes the added benefit of saving the government money. Should we be worried that an architect of Obamacare seems to be an advocate of what sounds an awful lot like eugenics?
    It is eugenics, through and through. There is no mention of “reproductive freedom”.
    It’s also racist. Somehow, the financial benefits are considerable, as they mostly affect poor “women of color.” On welfare.
    Like I say: funny how it didn’t get much attention.

  • Why be named after…….. A black guy. Why do people still talk about and try to erase Obama? Is it because there are still lots of racists in this country. I’m looking at you square states.

  • Funny how the “Government” keeps moving the deadline after the government knows that if Obama care doesn’t meet its quota (which it was already suppose to be set) it will be shut down this isn’t fare, because in 2015 they may make us all use the chip. I’m not signing up now nor then I’m not going to sign up for anything in a dictated country. As we have been fighting against dictator for years, what will be next?????????

  • The introduction to this video I would agree would catch anyone’s attention. Simply because these are a lot of questions you average American would ask about Obamacare. Thinking the nonsense questions come from people doubting what Obama can do for us as a president. Many not paying attention to the things he has done in the past, but listening to those who know just as much as they do. Stating what Obamacare is exactly helps those who are confused or don’t know what it is or what is has and is doing for us as citizens. Guaranteed Issues and Community Ratings being the two that really stood out. Guaranteed Issues being because it states that NO ONE should be denied insurance if they wanted to purchase it. Just because they are sick does not mean it is necessarily their fault, it could be something that is airborne or even they could have received it unknowingly. And, Community Rating is the fact that everyone should be charged the same no matter whether rich or poor, sick or healthy. Based off the Philosophy courses I have taken, this raises the question of should the rich pay for the healthcare of the poorer families? To me this should be something that should be put on the to do list of the government. Though no one will get denied insurance, how will they pay for it when they don’t have the funds. Knowing that there is a way around the poor having to pay for insurance puts many people at ease, the process called Subsidies of Obamacare. Making it so the government can pitch in and help out as much as possible, showing that Obama really does want everyone to try and have health insurance. To me, it’s good for everyone to have insurance, because growing up and knowing people who didn’t have insurance, were always so afraid to even get sick because they knew they would have to pay an arm and a leg in order to get better. It breaks hearts to know that many go without because they don’t have the funds. Having Obamacare is very much a benefit to this Country.

  • Capitalism: giving u the freedom to buy what you want and competitors striving to get better.
    Socialism: forcing you to buy something against your will because it’s the law.

  • I know this is an older post, but I have a friend who claimed that due to Obamacare he is no longer able to get Oxycodone 30mg covered by his insurance. Is there any accuracy to this?

  • Like most with most things, people are uninformed; of course, it seems that being uninformed causes everyone to engage in mass panic and make up stories and facts that get twisted along the grapevine. Make sure you know a source is credited before you believe it! The plan for Obamacare is simply trying to do its best to provide healthcare that is readily available for those who cant afford it, and everything only works if it is balanced so I would suggest that people are educated about it and do their best to go along with the new system.

  • I love how he just casually blames Republicans for the problems with the ACA, when Democrats had a filibuster proof majority for 2 years!

  • Go and watch psyco (documental about universal healt) its awesome to watch and see wtf its happeing in usa… and for those that says i dont want to pay for a service i wont use… trust me nobody its planing to get sick…. its not on their plan get cancer….

  • Can we appreciate for a moment that the one guy said that Adolf Hitler, the biggest opponent of Communism EVER, a guy that started a world war to fight bolchevists, brought communism to Germany? Huuuuh???

  • Finally made it to the end of the playlist! After watching all the episodes I can only think how it might be better if it played from oldest to newest. Or maybe Youtube could work on a way to allow people to watch playlists in reverse order. Also, if anyone running the show comes back to look at old comments, keep up the good work, I love what you all do.

  • uSSa medical is the worst in the world, even cuba has a better care system for its people. Life has a price in the uSSA and the rich enjoy it.

  • LOL @ openly shilling for Obamacare while trying to come off as objective. Must have missed the memo that 30,000,000 will still be left uninsured. Also, it’s a tax, not a fine. Otherwise, the law is unconstitutional. Anyway, I bet they wish they had waited until after October 1st to make this video.

  • Is there a video where Obamacare gets revisited?  I imagine some of the things noted have changed, and there is more detail to go into regarding what has gone on.

  • THIS IS WHAT HEALTH CARE IS. IT’S NOT A PLAN. IT’S NOT AN INSURANCE POLICY. WHEN YOU GET SICK YOU SEE A DOCTOR. IF YOU NEED TO GO INTO HOSPITAL, YOU GO. IF YOU NEED MEDICATION YOU GET IT AN AFFORDABLE COST. THAT’S WHAT HEALTH CARE IS. AND YOU DO NOT GO BANKRUPT DOING SO. Here in Australia we have had had Universal Single Payer health care since 1975. If you get sick, you can see a Doctor, your Doctor, the Doctor you like or have been seeing for 20 years. If you need to go to hospital for an operation or other treatment, you go. If it’s not urgent, you may have to wait a week or a month or a few months. The horror, the horror. Urgent treatment is done that day or the next, no waiting. Necessary medications are subsidized. I pay approx $9.60 a month for $2,000 worth of medications. Is the system perfect? No, it needs work. It always will. Especially when out version of The Republican Party; (called The Liberal Party), does it’s best to wreck it every time they get into power. The cost to an individual? It’s either 1.5% or 2% levy on your income tax. And like I said we’ve had it for 45 years; and no communist takeover has occurred.

  • Thanks a bunch for doing these videos. I’ve been having a difficult time getting a clear explanation on a lot of the things you cover.

  • Just thought I’d peak at that website not much has changed except inexplicable links to baseball betting? wtf.

  • It is not the federal government’s job to solve social problems. It should not in any way be involved with healthcare unless it is for veterans.

  • Obamacare is shit. You can add roses to a pile of shit. Its still shit. A huge boon for insurance companies is not a good thing for the people. Only in america would people think a bill written by insurance companies is good for healthcare.

  • First point, it saddens me to know that people with pre-existing conditions have had a harder time getting insurance for healthcare and have even been denied in the past. With Obamacare no one can be denied insurance and they are charged the same amount as those that do not have a pre-existing condition. A point was brought up that with this new healthcare system, healthy people would be less likely to buy insurance because they can just wait until they’re sick. With Obamacare those people that do not buy insurance are charged a fee. I think this is a good idea because ultimately it costs more to not have insurance and it costs more to be sick. I would rather buy insurance and be covered than get in some sort of illness and have to pay the fees myself.

  • Okay, to be fair, I am thinking futuristic there, but still, we should try something to drastically lower our healthcare costs, and the initiative shouldn’t solely be concerned with insurance prices.

  • And good as the idea sounds about increasing competition, many companies prefer to have local monopolies because their competitors will do the same and its more profitable.

  • How funny with all of his boasting in about replacing it Trump and the Republicans have done nothing…except make the ACA harder to get. Trump loves to run out the clock. And fitting if healthcare, as things currently stand, as being his albatross.

  • The one thing about Obamacare that you need to know is Obama would never make use of it. It’s just a tax on the poor and a Ponzi scheme so get the lube bend over
    And grit your teeth!

  • 2:56 “You wanna kill my grandparents? You come through me first!” Yowza. From the POV of March 2020 to????, this aged… in a way. Can’t decide if it aged well or like shoe cheese.

  • Dear producers, you demonstrate from video one that you are either funded by deep pockets with agenda or you are simply presenting boiler plate bias. Nothing you can say from here can hold any credibility. From one healthcare exec to another. This was two steps away from propaganda

  • Please think about this, if you elect a person that thinks he has a goat in his house that he is unable to catch…… are you still wondering why the rest of the world laugh at you?

  • Why does the Republican party exist like people are dying and need public healthcare and all they care about is some arbitrary communist takeover like really?? Get a life
    Anyways tax the rich and give us healthcare goddammit ��

  • you know something is fishy when its only painted in positive light. What about the doctors that do not exist? Do you force people to become doctors to handle the extra traffic? I would like to see an objective video rather than leftist propaganda that starts off with, if you differ in opinion you believe obama is hitler and wants to murder your children. I was not even close to convinced and i am open minded, thanks for being a douche bag a bully by painting anyone curious of the down sides as retarded. You know, questioning major issues, thats just stupid after all

  • When I think about who I want to make the decision about whether I get life saving treatment or not, I deifnitely want it to be some suit at an insurance company. As always, good job America!

  • I understand the general concept of Obamacare however, penalizing people who don’t want insurance is wrong. In my mind, insurance is a luxury for people. If they choose not to partake in that luxury than so be it. It is not the place of the government to force someone into buying government insurance. I see it as a person handing someone a ticket for an all inclusive cruise and saying “you need to have this therefore you will buy it whether you get seasick or not”. If someone does not want to be insured through the government then that is their business. Now, if someone wants to be insured but can’t afford it, this is where I see the positive in Obamacare. This really just boils down to which way will get the government the most money and they do not really care about the well being of individuals. Making it difficult on citizens who want to keep their own private insurance by having them pay a penalty which supplies the insurance for others is ridiculous.

  • Hindsight is a bitch. Now we actually have death panels under Trump because of COVID-19. People being prioritized for treatment based on long term survivability.

  • Do you see that nail in the wall neart the upper right corner? It almost gave me a heartattack, I thought my screen was damaged.:D

  • So they want healthy people to buy insurance so they fine the people that pay for stuff and not the people that get it for free. I think that is y people hate it if ur successful ur being punished

  • And here we are in 2020 where this ass of a Paul Ryan plan is again brought forward as a ACA replacement but in a new form, an even worse form, a far, far worse form.

  • Guy who yelled you’d have to go through him to kill his grandma in 2020 is strapping his grandma to an altar to burn in the name of wall Street.

  • Sorry.
    I should have dealt with subjec but, yes.
    Trump and Barr going to Supreme Court to get rid of Pre-existing conditions coverage up until June 2020.

  • Aren’t we all glad it worked out perfectly and nothing bad like people loosing coverage and insurance costs tripling for less comprehensive care didn’t happen!

  • I have not seen anyone as thick as Biden, Obama, Heris, Clinton… or Democratic gangsters. A group of brazen, thick-faced, unscrupulous, immoral people, the most irresponsible and filthiest in human history. I can’t believe how their parents gave birth to such a herd of animals, sadly. If you do evil, you will get the most evil results, the demons in human disguise.

  • I disagree that people who get their insurance through their employer won’t see a change. Employers are always looking to lower spending on healthcare for employees. They now have a way to do that significantly by cutting it all together, leaving employees to get insurance on their own. So now you have a large group of individuals looking for plans, instead of one large group. Prices of an individual plan are going to be significantly higher than when they were able to bargain as a group.

    I’m not saying that we don’t need change, but at the same time we shouldn’t rush something through before we worked out the problems. Of course the ultimate test will happen when it’s implemented.

  • I make about 10k a year and when i went to the site i got told i didn’t qualify for a subsidy and the plans weren’t less than 170 amonth.

  • told me I don’t qualify for subsidies, but am also exempt from paying a penalty for not having insurance. So nothing changed for me as well…still uninsured and not getting penalized for it. 

  • Having India on that list of countries who have universal coverage is just misleading. The coverage is of 400 dollars a year. The vast, vast, vast majority of people have no access to quality care, and in alot cases any kind of modern care at all. The only quality care is extremely expensive private care, which majority of the country can’t afford, even with insurance. I get that the US healthcare system is an abomination, but please don’t cite India as an example of the places where they get it right.

  • Did he just say the average 2 bedroom apartment is $12,500! There’s no way that’s correct! Oh wait, maybe he meant per year.. That’d make more sense

  • You sir, are a shill. You may have a medical degree from some off-shore but you are a political face-man! You may fool the youngsters but not us oldsters! Besides, working for DHS, CIA, or whoever you really work for must beat ordinary pediatrician hours! Thanks!