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And, according to a 2013 study, you can develop HPV after age 50 when a virus that was dormant for years “reactivates” decades later. Kinda like getting chicken pox as a kid. Think again, because 8 of 10 sexually active people are infected at some point in their lives. And, according to a 2013 study, you can develop HPV after age 50 when a virus that was dormant for years “reactivates” decades later.

Kinda like getting chicken pox. The reactivation risk may increase around age 50. This is dangerous because of HPV’s link to head and neck, cervical, vulvar, vaginal, penile and anal cancer. It is the most common sexually transmitted disease in the US. The findings may mean that women need to continue routine screening after.

Prior research has shown that about one in four females between the ages of 14 and 59 in the United States have HPV, and previous reports have detected HPV in about 25 to 50. Research published in 2014 found that 69% of men studied had HPV.Unfortunately, men aren’t routinely tested like women are.In fact, there’s currently no approved test for HPV in men. “Men can be tested during an anal pap smear if they request that the tests include one for HPV. I am 50. Probably had HPV for 5 years. My testing was similar to yours and with diet it reduced to no lesion.

I don’t know why you had a leep unless there was more to it. You should find out what type of HPV (tests are for 16/18/45 or other high risk HPV. Human papillomavirus (HPV) is an extremely common sexually transmitted infection, and most sexually active men and women will contract the virus. Does HPV go away?

If you test positive for HPV, there’s no treatment to get rid of the virus—but if you’re under 30, chances are good it will go away on its own. “Most [HPV infections] are self-limiting. HPV is the most common sexually transmitted infection (STI). HPV is a different virus than HIV and HSV (herpes). 79 million Americans, most in their late teens and early 20s, are infected with HPV.

There are many different types of HPV. Drug maker Merck’s study of women 24-45 did show that the vaccine protects those with no prior exposure to the nastiest HPV strains, but taking the study participants as a.

List of related literature:

Women are about twice as likely as men to develop anal cancer, but men who have sex with men also are at risk.46 Hopefully the need for treatment of HPV-related genital conditions will decrease as more children and young adults receive the HPV vaccine before becoming sexually active.

“Pathophysiology: The Biologic Basis for Disease in Adults and Children” by Kathryn L. McCance, RN, PhD, Sue E. Huether, RN, PhD
from Pathophysiology: The Biologic Basis for Disease in Adults and Children
by Kathryn L. McCance, RN, PhD, Sue E. Huether, RN, PhD
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2014

Currently recommended only for women aged 9 to 26 years, it prevents four types of HPV which cause approximately 90% of genital warts and 70% of cervical cancer.

“Textbook of Family Medicine E-Book” by Robert E. Rakel
from Textbook of Family Medicine E-Book
by Robert E. Rakel
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2007

By age 50 at least 80% of women will have acquired HPV and about 6.2 million Americans get a new HPV infection each year.

“Human Physiology” by Wikibooks Contributors
from Human Physiology
by Wikibooks Contributors
Blacksleet River,

HPV is not serious in men, but it increases the risk of cancer of the cervix in women.

“The Harvard Medical School Guide to Men's Health” by Harvey Bruce Simon, Harvard Medical School
from The Harvard Medical School Guide to Men’s Health
by Harvey Bruce Simon, Harvard Medical School
Free Press, 2002

Although most HPV types do not typically cause serious health problems and go away on their own, some types are associated with cancers of the genital system.

“Introduction to Epidemiology” by Ray M. Merrill
from Introduction to Epidemiology
by Ray M. Merrill
Jones & Bartlett Learning, 2019

The public health impact of genital HPV infection is evident by the high number of initial visits to physicians’ offices for treatment of genital warts (e.g. 360 000 in 2008 in the US) and the frequency of consequences such as abnormal Pap smears and cervical neoplasia (Fig. 79.1).

“Dermatology E-Book” by Jean L. Bolognia, Joseph L. Jorizzo, Julie V. Schaffer
from Dermatology E-Book
by Jean L. Bolognia, Joseph L. Jorizzo, Julie V. Schaffer
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2012

It usually takes 3 to 5 years to develop these lesions after the first exposure to HPV infection, and cervical cancer in patients younger than 19 years is rare.43-46

“Current Clinical Medicine E-Book: Expert Consult Online” by Cleveland Clinic
from Current Clinical Medicine E-Book: Expert Consult Online
by Cleveland Clinic
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2010

In countries such as Australia where public health programs have embraced the HPV vaccine with high coverage and compliance, already a reduction in genital warts in young women less than 27 years of age is being seen [39].

“Sexually Transmitted Infections and Sexually Transmitted Diseases” by Gerd Gross, Stephen K. Tyring
from Sexually Transmitted Infections and Sexually Transmitted Diseases
by Gerd Gross, Stephen K. Tyring
Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2011

Most HPV infections are transient and asymptomatic; however, persistent infection can result in cervical cancer in women as well as anogenital cancers and warts in both men and women.

“The Brigham Intensive Review of Internal Medicine E-Book” by Ajay K. Singh, Joseph Loscalzo
from The Brigham Intensive Review of Internal Medicine E-Book
by Ajay K. Singh, Joseph Loscalzo
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2017

Genital carriage of HPV decreases dramatically with age in females with highest prevalence around 40% in the 20–25 year group.

“Medical Microbiology E-Book: A Guide to Microbial Infections: Pathogenesis, Immunity, Laboratory Diagnosis and Control. With STUDENT CONSULT Online Access” by David Greenwood, Richard C B Slack, Michael R. Barer, Will L Irving
from Medical Microbiology E-Book: A Guide to Microbial Infections: Pathogenesis, Immunity, Laboratory Diagnosis and Control. With STUDENT CONSULT Online Access
by David Greenwood, Richard C B Slack, et. al.
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2012

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  • The first HPV shot made me faint.. I haven’t followed up with it since then. After watching this, I just might get the shots and have my boyfriend there for me—just in case it happens again.

  • Just got out of a bad relationship and got a surprise “gift” from my ex aka the kind of HPV you can see. I followed a link from the HPV subreddit to this vid and, as someone verifiably less pretty than Ali Wong, it’s nice to know that there’s a commonality between us. God bless

  • That awkward moment when you think back to being 18 and truly realize you were not normal….I mean I didn’t have a thigh gap, I struggled with depression (and still do) and I definitely had insomnia. I wanna laugh at these jokes so I don’t have to think about how fucked I was

  • Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha that’s some funny shit!!!!!! I shared this with my cousin a few years younger than me and it was spot on, we had a good laugh �� we were taking all kinds of shit, HGH, powerful pre-workout supplements, “The juice”, pills, powders, shit u name it we did it������ ya we’re in our 40s but strong!!!!!�������� our poor wife and girlfriends ������ Good sketch ���� GET YOUR BALLS BACK!!!!

  • bad humor… no.. this is not humor. this is a capitalization on an observation and it is not funny. it is not awakening. it is sloppy and it is bad. please. pay more attention to your families and watch less stand up comedians…. plaine clowns who want to steal your money and spoil your mind.

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  • It looks like they were trying to do an impression of my father. It is EXACTLY what he looks like and he is quite the agressive alfa nightmare.


  • Nearly bled to death!!! My other half had one done. They cut 10 polyps out and sent her home. Long story short she ended up back in the emergency room 3 times. She nearly bled to death twice. Was even non-responsive for 1 and a half hours. They had to give her 3 units of blood. She was sent to intensive care where she was experiencing other issues due to the blood loss. They eventually decided to go in for a 3rd colonoscopy and put clamps where the 10 polyps were. That appeared to solve the problem. Her and I both say, NEVER AGAIN!!! I’m on a VA trial program testing for colorectal issues by sending in stool samples once a year. I believe it’s function is to compare, Sample vs Colonoscopy when it comes to saving lives. I say, 1st line of defense, eat better.

  • Black women never get to have any good meds,,not fair,,we are doomed,,gotta think twice about clinics.Its population control decisions.

  • This was a short but informative guide. I would recommend this Herpes guide 4HerpesCure. Com to my friends starting out on their journeys to clear skin, getting rid of Herpes. Greatly liked this and loved the understanding into how my inside troubles can affect my skin.?

  • What a wonderful ideal. Lets cover Australia in crude. Imagine all the jobs with their big salaries. It will be a consumer paradise. Don let these people who want clean water and breathable air deter you. Oil companies rule. But remember don’t blame this on China when it turns into a sticky nightmare.

  • “It wasn’t intentional, it wasn’t malicious”…but what she just described was Oversight, Exclusion & Marginalization. Let’s NOT minimize COVERT forms of systemic RACISM cuz that’s what it is. Other than that…I really liked the video and DO appreciate the inclusion of data for Black women. Thanks.

  • i take a lot of shits everyday.
    i am currently releasing massive amounts of feces into a toilet.
    it’s pretty cool.
    wish you were here

  • Why is a pregnant bitch doing stand up? And Surprise whores, not everyone has HPV just the sluts/whores who fuck for a house using their uterus as currency, to buy that house that the father of that kid paid & worked for

  • If hpv is on your skin does that mean you can get the virus if you shake an infected persons hand and then like touch yourself down there

  • I am new to this channel so I have been playing catch up with old videos and then checking to see how the situation is progressing. Which seems like an idea for some videos, going back to these to explore the resolution. This one even has a happy ending… Just a thought, loving the videos

  • I am 21 years old and I’ve never had an easy time falling asleep. Ever. As a child it would take me hours to fall asleep because I was terrified that I was going to die in my sleep. Now I’m just kept awake from the constant chatter of regrets. Also the main reason why I have a thigh gap is because I have a chronic illness and am probably suffering from malnutrition. I still thought her joke was funny though so thank you Ali.

  • So…I’m gonna stroll down the comments because I know there will be women saying they have some stuff…

    The two best ways, and they work best in conjunction, to avoid getting an STI or STD is to use a condom and not have sex with people that have STI/D

  • I was diagnosed with herpes simplex last year and believed there was no cure just like everyone out there till i tried out Dr.ademiso  on youtube herbal treatment today i tested negative

  • Hey I’m new too you’re channel and I have like tiny tiny warts and nothing in my area down there really looks bad of my body it’s just I wanna Kno can I still be able to kiss my gf or shake someone’s hand because I really have no problem down there or with my body I just need too Kno because I’m scared too even like tell her plus I’ve never had sex before I just feel bad if I couldn’t kiss her I know it’s really nothing too worry about it’s just I want them too go away I can’t really remember when I discovered em either but there very very tiny tho not big doesn’t look so bad or anything it’s just im insecure about my body

  • I just found out I have HPV. I am a gay guy and have genital warts on my back end…I balled my eyes out. Do you know if I will have HPV for the rest of my life?

  • I had insomnia all the way through my teenage years. Guess it sucks to be sexually harassed now and then…
    Pretty sucky jokes, and I usually love when people make dumb jokes ��

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  • As of 2020 3 drilling companies has abandon the plan to drill there. �� Pls pls make them all abandon the plan in the forth coming future

  • so theres no way for me to test it? thats pretty wack. hope i dont give my future wife cancer, as well as any other people that ill end up banging until then.

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  • Here is why I support a Global Ecological dictatorship, led by properly fanatic Environmentalists. So that NO bloody “nation state” would EVER be “free to decide” to murder Nature for its own reich’s economy-shmeconomy.

    And wall-street MUST be exterminated.

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  • There’s a vaccine for hpv now so people who are young enough or stayed virgins long enough to get the vaccine dont have hpv. I got the vaccine when i was 22 bc i was still a virgin and still am a virgin at 30 now.

  • We need cute, young white girls like her to make HPV “normalized” and “cool” and not stigmatized. It would backfire if anyone else attempts this lol.

  • I don’t let ANYONE hand me a drink. Especially if I didn’t ask for it, even from my wife. Many cases of wives killing their husbands with anti-freeze. I’m just sayin’.

  • I’m cured from my long long term genital herpes. Congratulations to me���� I’m so freaking excited�������� I feel so much joy I me right now. Wow I’ve been cured from herpes. Can’t stop thanking God������ ([email protected])

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  • The reporter in the teacher trial skit said he still played with Legos at 16 I can see that boys will be boys and free market doesn’t lie boys like Lego’s and video games and sports and working out and or being active for the sake of working out and active active. that’s testosterone for you

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  • After using madidaherbalcenter herbal treatment again on treating My Idiopathic fibrosis and it worked just as always as it cured of HPV before. All thanks to Dr Madida for helping me.

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    They have to answer a lot of questions/ / but they can tell you about bio-voltage / they floats around you (your aura)

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  • No everybody doesnt have hpv, that is nasty, if you have it you are way too active,also its not undetectable in men, thats what the losers who give it to you tell you and also mothers can pass it on to children, its nasty

  • Keeps the good work Dr. Ikpoko on YouTube, the universe needs to know more about your cure as a lot of people here in the USA has this virus

  • Unpopular opinion: thigh gaps look like a deformity to me, and I think people are more in love with the idea of it than what they actually look like.
    Anyway, it’s rubbish and not at all worth losing sleep over.

  • I feel like as my generation gets older the HPV joke won’t land as much because of the vaccine. Everyone gets the vaccine, right? RIGHT??????

  • Hahaha you see the ABC news new background screensaver it’s apd it’s not real ������ I don’t think the stars in the background not supposably to move around

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  • At this point i’m still very shocked with negative result i got after suffering from genital warts for so long. Thanks once again Dr. Osaoji on youtube for your medication

  • So I got my first pap about a few weeks ago (I’m 23, and I didn’t know my health insurance covered it) and the results were there was an abnormality of a low grade squamous intraepithelial cell(s?). I’m assuming this means I have HPV but idk what strand. Where do the genital warts come in? Could they be on my cervix as well? I haven’t had any problems with urination, bleeding between periods, bleeding after sex or anything like that. I’m trying to contact the dr who did the test but we’re playing phone tag ��.

  • What is Good? What is Evil? There is only ONE PLACE that The Battle between Good & Evil can be fought, and that place is, WITHIN your own Human Heart… To IMAGINE that The Evil Enemy is Big Oil Corporations etc etc is akin to believing we can stop War, by throwing away Australia’s Defense-Force… LUDICROUS… MISGUIDED… COUNTER-PRODUCTIVE… A Spirit of Conceit ( Evil ) is Evident, in the self-possessed Bitch performing this Comedy-Sketch…

  • Finally got cured from herpes after using Dr.ademisoon youtube herbal treatment and i didn’t even have to change my diet while using his medication

  • She’s probably the funniest female comic out there hands down. Have u ever noticed ALL female comedians ONLY talk about their pussies & or super raunchy sexy, sexual, sexualized,…sex…or sexuality?
    Ali Wong is HILARIOUS! I mean, who’s funnier than her!? Except…

    Dudes.. (Norm joke)��

  • Yall seriously HPV is so common, and you can just have sex with one person and get it. So saying people are hoes who get it is ignorant.

  • Fun fact… MOST sexually active individuals are assumed to have it under the age of 30 and so much so they rarely test for it unless you have one of the couple strains that cause warts… and men can’t test for it at ALL… unless they have warts!

  • Am really grateful and thankful for what Dr Ugbokholan has done for me with his herbal medicine, I suffered herpes for so long without a solution, it took everything from me, i went to different doctors who told me it has not permanent cure until this faithful day I went online, I saw a couple of testimonies about this great man named DR Ugbokholan so I decided to give it a try and and he assured me i will be well. he send me a couple of his herbal product and instructed me on how to use it. and after a 4 weeks i went for another test and it was negative and that was how i got cured from herpes. If you need his help, text him via email [email protected] com or WhatsApp +2349037617458

  • Some advice for everyone that has a known active hpv.
    1:yes medicine cant jet defeat viruses but our immune system can.
    2:how to fight hpv:
    take good vitamins/minerals supliments that will be well absorbed.
    Take probiotics supliments (store it correctly)
    Take AHCC for 3 to 6 months 3grams per day. (studies and experiments on people have proven that it helps our immune response and has cleared it in around 60% of people with a persistent 2years+ active hpv)

  • Thank u! People need to know more about HPV and take this seriously. I feel like to many people blow off getting checked and don’t care about their health or think it cant happen to them. Also so many people hear STD/STI and immediately judge u or look at u like your dirty when in reality so so many people have this and don’t know. I didn’t until I got my annual pap. It’s scary and people should actually be sympathetic to this because there are no tests for this. For men or woman until it’s to late. The reason my dr didn’t test me at 24 yrs old was because in us or California u need to be 25. That was their excuse so they said we just assumed u had it. So I said u assumed I had it but didn’t tell me? Some dr offices/planned parenthood expect everyone to know wat an abnormal Pap smear means. I had no idea u guys they made it seem like it was nothing and I had nothing to worry about at all they were oh just come back in a year. They never taught me about this in school. I actually never heard about it until the gaurdasil commercial started coming on TV and my family dr recommend I get the vaccine so I did. Five years later they tell me I have abnormal cells. I didn’t know abnormal cells meant hpv or cancer. Planned parenthood never explained it to me like they should have so take it upon yourself to educate yourselves. Goodluck to everyone ��

  • I think your videos are cogent and communicate a sobering and poignant message. Your delivery is outstanding and very entertaining….if the topic were not so sordid. But, still, you need to be on SNL or a sitcom. And, you’re beautiful. ��

  • With the help of natural roots and herbs supplement i ordered from Dr.ademiso on youtube i was able to beat the genital herpes completely

  • Reminds me of the commercials I’ve been seeing with Frank Thomas and the product he’s pushing actually comes in a big black bottle.

  • Condoms don’t protect against hpv, you can still develope cancer of you have a low grade hpv, and the vaccine don’t 100 protect you either and that’s just facts..

  • The bad thing is this is grossly simplified how doping for athletes is nowadays which is why so many claim tainted supplements with estrogen showing at elevated levels.

  • So I’m a guy and I found what kinda looked like a pimple on my shaft… it was frozen off, then another one grew. Another doc said it was a wart caused by HPV and started the freezing process. A different doctor suggested that it was just an inflamed hair follicle and I don’t know who to trust. It’s making me panic and worry that I could develop penile cancer. The one saying it IS HPV said these warts could develop into cancer, so I’m really confused…:(

  • I think the funniest thing about this parody is the fact that any married man still wants too Fuck his Wife��������������������������

  • one of the most controversial topics we debated about in my school was, “are teenagers experience more stress, or do they just mess up their owns lives?”

    that debate was an absolute mess

  • Confident to say i tested negative again of Hpv which i suffered for 2 years with the help of Dr. Osaoji on youtube might as well wanna recommend him for this

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  • When I got it, I got warts and then got a pap and they ended up having to freeze off pre cancerous cells from my cervix. Does that mean I have at least 2 strains?
    After I got rid of the warts and froze my cervix, I’ve never had abnormal pap nor any warts ever again and that was at least 13 years ago. Does that mean it went away or do I still have the virus?

  • So far all the companies that were lining up to drill have either cancelled or postponed in the last year. Thanks to Canadian oil sands, US fracking, the Saudi’s over supplying to try and drive competitors out of business and now the Covid 19 virus, oil is so cheap and unprofitable exploration is grinding to a halt. But never say never, one day the appetite to drill will happen again.

  • You guys are so beautiful that it’s hard to remember that your message is so deliberately one-sided as to leave out key parts of the issue. BUT it’s hard not to just want to watch and hear you talk. But then, you already knew that; that’s why you’ve got beautiful and charismatic young ladies delivering the message in the first place.

  • I’ve been married 7 years. My previous pap smear tested negative for hpv. My most recent pap (last week) I tested positive for HPV. So does that mean my husband cheated? I’ve only been with him the past 7 years. So confused

  • Please don’t spew so much hatred on Australia. I’ve seen far worse atrocities being committed on Indians by the people of India themselves. Please be happy that it was better than what is happening elsewhere in the world than yours.

  • So you really believe because these oil companies will get tax breaks they will generate 0 economic benefit? Are you ignorant or just lying right now?

    Because they will create jobs, lots of jobs, which will help lots of Australians and even if you personally don’t get one of those jobs you’ll till benefit because those people with their new jobs will take their money and buy things

    Houses, cars, eat out, etc. and so society will benefit. And on top of that more oil means lower price for oil so all Australians will pay less at the pump

    And on top of that oil Derrick aren’t bad for the environment. They just sit there and drill except in the extremely rare event of a spill. But spills are so rare I doubt you could count 5 off the top of your head.

    So no. There’s no downside to this

  • Idk what’s going on, but your voice is freakin Uber attractive to me. Add your deadpan satire, this is like porn.
    Very curious, counterintuitive outcome, at least for me. But funny af. Then calling it, thejuicemedia, has just finished me.

    If only psychopaths could be shamed…which makes the satire even more funny, because it has zero chance of being effective given no one will throw off their self imposed chains they were taught to don themselves.

    Good slaves down there, down under, no different here in the states though. Same chains donned.

  • I never really comment on videos but i came across this one because i just found out that i have HPV. I had a feeling something was wrong when i had my first pap smear and i got a call a couple days later only because i also have warts (on my fingers). I don’t know how to feel about this, part of me is scared bc i need a colposcopy but until I’m 24 and the other part of me wants to believe everything will be fine bc according to my doctor im at a low grade. Any advice from someone who has gone through this or is going through this??
    ( i have also had the HPV shots when i was younger)

  • They said my Pap test results showed I have an HPV infection on my cervix. But from what I’ve seen; I don’t have any warts on or near my privates or anything. How do I know what type of HPV I have?:/ The woman on the phone said they “were not indicative of cancer.”

  • I mean really? do these people Care for the environment.they think they can just keep going but one day this Environmental damage will come knocking Down their door.

  • I’m in my 30′ and can still eat what I want and not gain weight. But the insomnia thing sucks �� the stress of life really gets you sometimes. And I over think.

  • Drugging your spouse with hormones without their knowledge, I have a feeling that joke would go over real well if the genders were reversed:-P

  • Honestly I think by 2018 oil markets were such that most of this didn’t happen. And now that US oil contracts traded at negative values back in April, I think it will never happen on a large scale. Markets are changing. Yeah, we’ll still need oil for a long time and there will be profit there, but oil is entering a long slow decline. Everyone here in Houston, global oil capital, has understood this for a long time and this is why we have been diversifying our economy since the slump of the eighties.

  • I never knew America and Australia had this much in common. The 1% is a virus, a disease ravaging the entire planet. It needs eradication.