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I have Vulvodynia. | My chronic pain story

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My vagina hurts! I think I’ve got Vulvodynia or Vaginismus, what can I do?

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Having pain, swelling, irritation, or burning in your Vulvar region? It might be Vulvodynia.

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Possible triggers are: Sexual intercourse Inserting a tampon A gynecological exam Prolonged sitting or cycling Wearing tight pants Infections. A very challenging condition women come to me with is pain around their labia, vagina, and genital region, known as vulvodynia. The highest incidence is seen in ages 18-25, but can occur at any age. These extremely distressing symptoms can make having sex out of the question and many women find that even their clothing, no matter how loose, will trigger pain. Vulvodynia – Pain Down There Provoked Vulvodynia.

With provoked vulvodynia, the pain occurs when something touches the outer area of the genitals The Q-tip Test. The way we diagnose vulvodynia is to use a Q-tip swab to find the areas that are painful. Many providers A Real Patient Story. I saw.

A very challenging condition women come to me with is pain around their labia, vagina, and genital region, known as Vulvodynia. The highest incidence is seen in ages 18-25, but can occur at any age. These extremely distressing symptoms can make having sex out of the question, and many women find that even their clothing, no matter how loose, will trigger pain. Vulvodynia is a chronic disorder in which people experience unexplainable vulvar pain.

Different areas of the vulva or vagina (the vulva is the external genitalia which includes the clitoris and the labia, and the vagina is the internal canal that connects to the cervix) are sensitive to touch, leading to burning or painful sensations. A constant pain that happens when there is no touch or pressure is known as unprovoked vulvodynia. Vestibulodynia, previously known as vestibulitis, involves a pain that is triggered by light.

Vulvodynia i s a chronic pain condition of the vulva (outer female genitals). It usually lasts more than 3 months and there’s no known cause. Even though it’s the leading cause of painful sex among.

Vulvodynia. Yes, you read right women get pain ‘down there’. Pain in the pelvis can include pain ‘down there’ too sometimes ‘back there’ as well!Vulvodynia: The Pain Down Below Imagine experiencing burning, stinging, and stabbing sensations in your vulva constantly or when there’s pressure or contact. Either way, this condition – known as vulvodynia – can affect every aspect of.

Vulvodynia is one such word. Derived from vulva (a key part of the female anatomy) and dynamo (an active, irrepressible machine or energy source), the word translates to plain English as the poor woman has a lot of chronic pain down there.

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If the discomfort doesn’t go away when the problem is fixed, the diagnosis of vulvodynia or vestibulodynia is made.

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Essential or dysaesthetic vulvodynia tends to affect older women and is characterized by symptoms of chronic vulval pain, burning, stinging, discomfort, irritation, and rawness.

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Vulvodynia can occur at any age, and causes huge distress to sufferers.

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These findings are similar to complex regional pain syndrome, which is known for such conditions as allodynia and hyperalgesia.4 Pain that occurs with contact seems to lessen with age, but the overall prevalence of vulvodynia remains fairly consistent at approximately 16% of the female population regardless of age.

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Dysaesthetic vulvodynia causes spontaneous, diffuse pain independent of touch, usually seen in postmenopausal women who aren’t sexually active.

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Contact national resources for local support groups, additional information, and newsletters: VP (Vulvar Pain) Foundation: National Vulvodynia Association:

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It is possible that the pains vary from person to person and, as mentioned, we don’t know whether all instances of vulvodynia are the same disease.

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A complaint of severe pain or discomfort in the vulva for over 3 months is termed vulvodynia.

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Vulvodynia Vulvar pain is a common gynecologic problem.

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Specific causes of vulvar pain must be excluded before a diagnosis of vulvodynia can be made.

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  • I was diagnosed with this disorder a few years ago, but from what I learned from the videos I have seen, this is not what I have, the pain I have is deeper in the vagina and I get awful cramping when the penis touched the area of the cervix that pain is so bad that it buckles me over,,,, would you have any suggestions

  • All thanks to DR.UWENBOHERBALHOME I met on YouTube who helped me with natural remedy…
    You can check out his Instagram page at @dr.uwenboherbalhome

  • I can’t get any help. I have been dealing with something similar for over 1 year. I have seen 4 doctors and no answers. It’s ruining my life.

  • I think I have this when try insert a finger it feels like there is something blocking me from putting a whole finger in but what confuses me is that it doesn’t hurt in anyway so I’m confused

  • With me it started about 4 days ago. I was fine but when I had sex a suddenly jolt of pain happened and I had to tell him to stop. I thought it would just go but today a kind of sudden burning sensation is happening down there. It’s not painful but it feels odd and uncomfortable. Any idea what this is and how I can treat it or if it will just go by itself? It’s upsetting me alot

  • Ginko biloba helped me a massive amount. I had vulvodynia for over 5 years But three days of taking ginko biloba has eased all symptoms. At least relief!!!!!!! It feels so good to sit without being uncomfortable.

  • Primary Vaginismus is God’s way of telling a woman that she is DESTINED to become a nun or celibate to keep the population down. She has a NUN’S VAGINA. God works in strange ways. Treating Vaginismus is against God’s will. God owns her vagina for population control and should never be touched by any man. I am now an enlightened man.

  • for the past 3 days, everytime after i pee it just hurts A LOT and its also itchy and i dont know ehat to do please give me some advice:)

  • Me being 18 diagnosed with it sex to me feels like nothing numb feeling I feel zero pleasure only feel pain during insertion then nothing at all afterwards I randomly get a really dry raw feeling down there it makes me so uncomfortable ��

  • Hi there, I want to know if Womezon Remedy, will really work for me? I notice a lot of people keep on talking about this bacterial vaginosis treatment.

  • Can someone help me? I’m only 11 and mine is really itchy i itch until my skin starts coming off and then it burns. I don’t know what to do!

  • Wow…we have so much in common. Severe social and general anxiety, chronic lower back pain, and alas, vulvodynia. Can’t tell if this is a good thing or not ��

  • I can’t believe they have a cure for leprosy but no one can find a cure for lichen sclerosus. Go to for remedies. They help!

  • Hi Meghin! Thank you for making this video. Like yourself I have been on this journey for 10 years now. I feel like we have had the same experience. Your story matches mine exactlyits almost uncanny. Even down to the fluctuations in symptoms (better during your period and then increasingly worse until the next one). I have tried almost all of the treatments you have as well! I can’t begin to express to you how nice it is to know we are not alone in this. I am really interested in learning more about some of the other things you have done since last year. Thank you again for sharingKathryn

  • Thank you very much this was very informative and helpful you explain this situation so Claire all I need now is to know how it can be treated

  • I’ve noticed pain in my vagina especially when I pee, it burns so much. The last time I’ve had sex was last month. So I’ve taken two urine samples over the course of a few days as I had allergic reactions to the two different antibiotics I was prescribed as they did nothing, yet the results came out with nothing showing an infection. So I left the doctors office still with no answers.

  • I have endometriosis (had first surgery in Feb) which caused pelvic floor dysfunction which caused vulvodynia. The pain from endometriosis has caused my muscles to contract and this is the reason for many people with endo to have pelvic floor dysfunction and painful sex. Do some research into endo because you may have it.

  • hi i’m 13 and i rlly need help:( so the lips of my part is like big i think and i’m freaking out i’m scared to tell my step mom i also never had sex please reply

  • After my periods are over, or even in last one or two days of my periods i start getting itching sensation!
    I can’t help but rub there..
    I even avoid wearing an underwear at home because of the friction with underwear giving me itching sensation ��

  • can someone pls help i’ve had it for 5 days now it’s red swollen and stings and burns in the vulva area idk what it is i’ve cried mutiple times over it and can’t take it anymore pls help me and i’m only 13!!

  • Im only 11 years old got my period early and i have pain in my right part in my vagina and white stuff in it is it this exact infection?

  • I am having pain during sex. And I am negative for a UTI and negative for a yeast infection. This helped. Its nice I am not the only one.

  • I had a caesarean delivery 16 years ago but I have a pain on my right lower tummy since 2013 n I had done 2 laparoscopy due to small cyst on my ovary but my pain still in there..went back to see my doctor again n he prescribed me contraceptive pill for 6 month on the doubt of endometriosis so i complete my course but its not a endometriosis as what dr told me after finishing the course and my pain was more worse had urine infection fever while taking pills so again Dr prescribed me to take antibiotics for 3 days but I still feel stinging while going pee n pain during intercourse ��don’t know why

  • I’m 20, n my inner vaginal has kind of small dots like we have in tongue and my white discharge is too thick n it’s full inside my inner vagina.
    Please reply me, because I’m afraid that something is gonna happen to me��

  • Now this may sound strange, but I find the more one stresses oneself to make vaginal sex work, the less it works.
    Are you ever horny though or has the pain blocked that completely? Because it you are horny: have anal/plugs in combination with clitoral stimulation worked for you? Orgasms release stress and for many anal orgasms are more intense anyways and maybe that will also eventually relax the ‘front’