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To figure out how much vitamin D is right for you, you need to get familiar with something called an “international unit,” or IU for short. That’s. If you are fortunate enough to be able to get your vitamin D from the sun, your body will tell you how much you need and when you have enough (hello, sunburn). The goal is to get adequate sun and not ever burn. For light skinned people this may be only 15-30 minutes, but darker skinned people may need two hours or more!

Children 1 yr -18 yr require at least 600 IU/day. Adults 19-70 yrs require at least 600 IU/day. Adults 70 yrs and older require at least 800 IU/day.

If you are at risk or lack adequate vitamin D, supplemental intake of vitamin D3 may increase to 1000 – 10,000 IU/day. When we don’t get enough vitamin D (and calcium) regularly, bones can become weak and brittle. In children, severe vitamin D deficiency can cause rickets, and in adults it can cause osteomalacia, and over time osteoporosis can develop. Having enough 25 (OH)D in the blood is associated with higher bone density. People who do not get enough calcium and vitamin D throughout life have an increased chance of having thin and brittle bones (osteoporosis) in their later years.

Thin and brittle bones break easily and can lead to serious injuries. This is why it is important for you to get enough calcium and vitamin D as a child and as an adult. And the truth is, many of us just simply don’t get enough vitamin D. In fact, nearly 42 percent of American adults are deficient, according to a. Regular sun exposure is the most natural way to get enough vitamin D. To maintain healthy blood levels, aim to get 10–30 minutes of midday sunlight, several times per week. People with darker skin.

According to other experts, you can get enough vitamin D by eating the right foods – combined with supplements if needed. Fish such as wild-caught salmon, mackerel, tuna and sardines; beef live. Very few foods contain significant amounts of vitamin D, so people can ensure they get enough of the vitamin by scheduling regular time outdoors. When the sun’s ultraviolet B (UVB) rays hit a. — One of the building blocks of our immune system is Vitamin D and if you don’t have enough, your risk of getting sick might be higher than others.

There are some studies that show a lack of.

List of related literature:

Dosage forms and strengths Adults and Children: There is no Australian recommended daily intake (RDI) from food or other sources since it is apparent that all the necessary vitamin D can be supplied by the body itself from as little as a few hours exposure to sunlight in summer each week.

“The Australian Drug Guide: Every Person's Guide to Prescription and Over-the-counter Medicines, Street Drugs, Vaccines, Vitamins and Minerals...” by Jonathan Upfal
from The Australian Drug Guide: Every Person’s Guide to Prescription and Over-the-counter Medicines, Street Drugs, Vaccines, Vitamins and Minerals…
by Jonathan Upfal
Black Incorporated, 2006

Therefore, based on the available literature, it appears that children between 1 and 18 years obtain most of their vitamin D from exposure to sunlight and do not normally need to ingest vitamin D. However, for children who live in far northern and southern latitudes, vitamin D supplementation may be necessary.

“Encyclopedia of Human Nutrition” by Benjamin Caballero, Lindsay Allen, Andrew Prentice
from Encyclopedia of Human Nutrition
by Benjamin Caballero, Lindsay Allen, Andrew Prentice
Elsevier Science, 2005

Researchers have even shown that supplementation in infants less than a year old of 2,000 IU of vitamin D per day reduced the incidence of type 1 diabetes by 80 percent.10 It also decreases the risk of multiple sclerosis and helps prevent some cancers, including breast, ovarian, prostate, and colorectal cancer.

“Mother Daughter Wisdom” by Christiane Northrup, M.D.
from Mother Daughter Wisdom
by Christiane Northrup, M.D.
Hay House, 2006

So during the fall, winter, and early spring (and when you can’t get outside in the summer), supplement with 5,000 IU of vitamin D per day.

“Dodging Energy Vampires: An Empath's Guide to Evading Relationships That Drain You and Restoring Your Health and Power” by Christiane Northrup, M.D.
from Dodging Energy Vampires: An Empath’s Guide to Evading Relationships That Drain You and Restoring Your Health and Power
by Christiane Northrup, M.D.
Hay House, 2018

A USDA survey showed that 37 percent of Americans don’t get enough vitamin C, 70 percent not enough vitamin E, almost 75 percent not enough zinc, and 40 percent not enough iron.25 I would say 100 percent of us don’t have enough of the basic nutrients to create optimal health or give ourselves a metabolic tune-up.

“The UltraMind Solution: Fix Your Broken Brain by Healing Your Body First” by Mark Hyman
from The UltraMind Solution: Fix Your Broken Brain by Healing Your Body First
by Mark Hyman
Scribner, 2008

Thus far I have spoken of vitamin D only generically.

“Vitamin D” by David Feldman, J. Wesley Pike, Francis H. Glorieux
from Vitamin D
by David Feldman, J. Wesley Pike, Francis H. Glorieux
Elsevier Science, 2005

The group said most people have adequate amounts of vitamin D in their blood supplied by their diets and natural sources such as sunshine, and that for most people, taking extra calcium and vitamin D supplements is not warranted.

“The End of Illness” by David B. Agus
from The End of Illness
by David B. Agus
Free Press, 2012

Most of us should not exceed 10,000 IUs daily of vitamin D on a regular basis.

“Medical Medium Life-Changing Foods: Save Yourself and the Ones You Love with the Hidden Healing Powers of Fruits & Vegetables” by Anthony William
from Medical Medium Life-Changing Foods: Save Yourself and the Ones You Love with the Hidden Healing Powers of Fruits & Vegetables
by Anthony William
Hay House, 2016

When my patients are severely low in vitamin D, I have them take 4,000 IU per day of level.

“The Whole-Body Approach to Osteoporosis: How to Improve Bone Strength and Reduce Your Fracture Risk” by R. McCormick
from The Whole-Body Approach to Osteoporosis: How to Improve Bone Strength and Reduce Your Fracture Risk
by R. McCormick
New Harbinger Publications, 2009

There always seemed to be enough, until one evening someone asked me, “Do you still have some vitamins?”

“A Prisoner and Yet...” by Corrie ten Boom
from A Prisoner and Yet…
by Corrie ten Boom
CLC Publications, 2012

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  • Vitamin D / Vitamin K2 should be taken in tandem to work efficiently and effectively. Lack of Vit D causes many immune issues along with autoimmune diseases and may cause lack of sleep but too much vit D can also cause a lack of sleep because ot blocks melatonin production.
    Take 5,000 iu in any case!

  • I am vitamin d deficient and have EVERY SINGLE SYMPTOM. Yet I take prescription vitamin d 50,000 units weekly and I’m in the sun every day for work.

  • There is no need to take supplement or eat food that are rich in vitamin D. All you need is the sun. Get a sun bath of 1 hour 4 times a week and you will have your vitamin D

  • My vitamin D level was at 14points. With prescription grade supplements of 50k IU taken for a year, I’m up to 68 points. ‘I don’t like dairy and I don’t like the sun. Therefore, I’m vitamin D dumb.’

  • Since of quarantine I’ve been stuck doing online school and being mostly inside, I do dance but that’s inside as well. I just went to my doctor and the normal is 30% and I was at 18%! Please remember to get outside, I thought I had depression and anxiety but it was my vitamin d levels effecting my body

  • So many people say too much vitamin D is good for you, other people say too much vitamin D is bad for you ; iam sick of this world

  • Another reason to say Fuck you to the lockdowns!! Everyone is vitamin D deficient, especially dark skinned people in the US because it takes more sun for them.

  • Always remember to repent of your sins (sin is transgression of YAHUAH’S LAW: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, & Deuteronomy) And Have Belief On YAHUSHA HAMASHYACH. HE Died and Rose Again On The Third Day So that you can be forgiven of your sins!

    HE Loves you! Come to HIM

  • And yet we keep our old people with aching bones and muscles in rooms with no access to gardens and sunlight unless a relative takes them out for a walk on medications which depletes bodies of magnesium which is vital throughout the system and also activates Vitamin D vitamin D is currently thought to help prevent damage to the lungs in serious cases of Covid 19 and of course there is the added problems that depletion of magnesium can cause constipation and laxatives will further deplete to body of minerals and vitamins especially potassium which helps regulate the nervous system while magnesium helps relays signals from brain to body and prevents NMDA receptors in nerve cells from being triggered involuntarily unless magnesium levels are low.

  • Hey guys! How much time do you spend outside on a typical day?

    And here’s what your nails can say about your health

  • Is Hilarious many Doctos don’t recommend Vitamins..They usually give you a drug prescription. eventually you will have more implications…

  • I only found out I had a vitamin D deficiency 4 years ago. I have had bone pain for 15 years and nothing helped and my vitamin D wasn’t looked at. I take vitamin D daily now and since lockdown started I’ve started my son on vitamin D too. Always listen to your gut and ask drs to check vitamin levels. I’m not only vitamin D deficient but B12 deficient too I’m on B12 injections now every 3 months.

  • I get bad headaches from all the D3 supplements I tried and I have a deficiency:( hard to fix it without being able to take the much needed supplements

  • The Top most important food contains more calcium iron and zinc is sesame laddu eat 3 laddus weekly….

    Sesame is also best for skin diseases and skin allergies…

    Sit in the sun between morning 10 to afternoon 2 for vitamin D……


  • Don’t click Read more

    You are a rebel unlike Tiger, i like you

  • Severe immune over reaction to COVID infection is a symptom of vitamin D levels. Normalizing vitamin D levels will eliminate most of the symptoms of COVID infection.

  • I will be taking vitamin D for hairloss!! I have a bald spot�� also low in potassium and elevated lfts levels and who know what else. COVID-19 and low potassium took advantage of my deficiencies, i had no idea�� two weeks in taking different vitamins and slightly pain in my liver

  • WOW!!!! I have been searching for answers about what is going on with my body. Trying this and that with little to no results of improvement.
    I am 68 years of age and found myself attributing all these symptoms to getting older.
    Otherwise I am blessed to enjoy significantly above average health quality for my age.
    That is a very good thing since my husband is 19 years younger then I am.
    This video was the answer to my search.
    I exhibit 13 of the 14 symptoms and if I thought about it longer I would probably have that 14th symptom too.
    I am going to begin Vitamin D therapy immediately!
    Thank you for this life saving/improving video.

  • Well my vitamin D level is 3.2 and I can tell symptoms are pretty much same..might not have one or two of them. So my doctor prescribed 60k supplements once a week for 4months..will see after test..but it has started to feel better..worst part is what it does to your mood..uuuuh I hate it..

  • I had and may still have a really low vitamin d level but my doctor told me it was normal bc it is common in black people… another doctor said while that’s true mine was extremely low and he should’ve done something about it

  • I have a question: if I get enough UV light but still have several of the mentioned symptoms, can I have a deficiency of vitamin D? Thanks for the video ������

  • They forgot to mention the importance of vitamin K in addition to healthy fats to absorb VD3 (NO vegetable or see oils, they are not healthy).

  • This is all BS, don’t worry too much. The only way to make sure if you are deficient is by blood test. If you are not taking any vitamin D already then chances are that you will be deficient. Almost every one is. If you are then just go get 100,000 IU injection once every month for 6 months. The Vitamin D will get back into normal ranges. Then continue with supplements because it will start to go down again after a year or two.
    I was part of research study on Vit D and initially had only 7 on my first test which after the injections went to 80 in 4 months. The good thing is you will feel a remarkable difference in your mental and physical health. A lot of unresponsive health issues will disappear. Test yourself now. It is worth the money.

  • Your bones do not stop growing when you become an adult! What he said that they do, that is a lie! your bones will continue to grow as your body produces more muscle.that is why working out is such a good thing for your body.

  • BLM blacks r so angry #1 they dont get enough VD # 2 they are influenced by BLM which is only a chaotic organization that has nothing to do with Black Lives, and is only to promote chaos and Marxism!

  • MOST CerealS…are garbage!! They are not nutritious at all!! Don’t be fooled. Look up health foods with vitamin D keep it natural!!!!
    Not processed!!!!!!!!!!

  • OMG I’m a med student and when I hear about people ranting about how more people should be taking vitamin D everyday and im like GIRL NO IT’S LITERALLY MORE HARMFUL FOR YOU LIKE STAHPPPPPPP

  • I am number one all the way!!! I have a sun allergy and now it all makes sense. I thought my excess sweating was due to hypothyroidism but i see it’s because of the vitamin d deficiency. I used to take it long ago and I never repurchased… I will definitely keep it around now!

  • So many people say too much vitamin D is good for you, other people say too much vitamin D is bad for you ; iam sick of this world

  • The more pills the doc prescribes the more presents they get from the pill makers. What happens when one’s thyroid has died??? How much vitamins should he take?

  • I have low vitamin D only 15.6 as per recent test. In result I have severe hair loss like anything, depression, mood swings, severe pain in bone hence I have decided to do excercise in sunlight for 45 mins. This is the only way to cure this.

  • I have 13 of these 14 symptoms, and sure enough I’m low on Vitamin D. Doctor prescribed me 4,000 iu/ day. I live in Hawaii and get plenty of sun, so that’s not my issue either….

  • No point in taking Vit D if you have a fatty liver as it will not metabolise to its active form! Then you perform badly if infected with viruses etc….

  • Data collected at Chilton in the UK over 1991 – 2015  suggests that the erythema effective UV dose available for impacting public health has been decreasing in recent years.  (Hooke et al 2017)

     R. J. Hooke, M. P. Higlett, N. Hunter and J. B. O’Hagan, Long term variations in erythema effective solar UV at Chilton, UK, from 1991 to 2015, Photochem.

    Photobiol. Sci., 2017, 16, 1596–1603

  • not sunlight of whole day gives u vitamin d…research says in day time feom 10am to 1pm..the sunlight has uv rays which helps u with vitamin d

  • I take various vitamins everyday. My body still feels like shit. I have no energy, hairloss, fatigue, headaches and intense tremors all over my body.

  • My wife has all those mentioned… She will be fine till she uses medicines and then same symptoms,pains etc repeats after stopping the medicine…
    Whats ur suggestion?

  • I’m EXTREMELY shocked that a annual physical doesn’t check vitamin levels….when I had a physical like 3 years ago when the doctor called me for results I asked about my vitamin b12 level or whatever I forgot….anyhow the doctor said they didn’t check it because that is not part of a physical…i was angered to learn that you have to pay to check for vitamin levels etc…he said that was a completely different test….but i just assumed when taking my blood it would only be logical to test these things….no wonder people are walking around with so many health issues

  • You’re past suspecting when your doctor tells you that your level is at a 20 when the range is 100 being high and 30 being very low. Oh the struggle…

  • Be carefull, Do not take too much vitamin D consult a doctor cause if you take too much vitamin D over a long period of time you can get hypervitaminosis and since vitamin D is liposoluble it gets stored in adipose tissue through all the body and its not so easy to get rid off it.
    its not like hidrosoluble vitamins which assuming you have a normal working kidney you can get rid off the excess pretty easily

  • Just think about how many drug commercials are out here offering people the change to treat their symptoms, but nobody’s tells you just to get all your nutrients and life a balanced healthy life.

  • Not completely accurate.
    With prolonged, severe vitamin D deficiency, there is reduced intestinal absorption of calcium and phosphorus and hypocalcemia occurs, causing secondary hyperparathyroidism, which leads to phosphaturia, demineralization of bones, and when prolonged, osteomalacia in adults and rickets and osteomalacia in children. Associated symptoms may then include bone pain and tenderness, muscle weakness, fracture, and difficulty walking.

  • Few days before I got my report and I have huge deficiency of vitamin D and now I’m taking 60000 IU capsules per week. I am feeling pain in back and sides of my neck and all-round my shoulders… sometimes mynl neck pain get worse that I can’t even take deep breath and yawn property. Hoping for the best
    talking about my childhood I always have had deficiency of vitamin D because in childhood I frequently get fever cold cough easily and when my teeth came it was not so in perfect way… that have to go doctor for braces
    And there’s many times going to doctors many no one suggested me to check vitamin D level that is all symptoms of vitamin D and they even took my blood test but I don’t know what they tested. Any ways now i have to deal with this ��

  • The only symptom I had was hair thinning, but that could be do to other medications. I was vitamin D deficient even though I went outside in the sun. I now get a prescription for Vitamin D that I take once a week.

  • I live in the NE and have a pool. We spend every sunny day in the pool. But winters are tough. I have liver disease so my Dr. put me on 500,000 I.U.’s once a week. Unknowing to me, I started having severe kidney stones every few weeks. I researched and found that kidney stones are a side effect of too much vit. D; so please take note if this happens to you. I stopped taking it a year ago and haven’t had a stone since; after 2 years of severe pain.

  • My doctor wants me to start taking 50,000 units of vitamin d once a week for 12 weeks. I’m scared to do so fearing it may be to much. Any comments?

  • It’s super terrible to be vitamin d deficient guys! I developed secondary hyperparathyroidism because of it and it destroyed my metabolism. Made me gain 10 lbs a month despite a low cal diet and now I still can’t absorb my vitamins properly. Can’t sleep, am fatigued everyday and am in constant pain. I am slowly getting better it’s been a year so far and it’s just so bad. Also check into malabsorption, you may be ‘getting enough’ vitamin d but your body cannot absorb it. This goes for other vitamins too like iron and omegas. That’s what ended up being the root to my problems. It’s so important and doctors never tell you about how crucial it is to get vitamin d.

  • I take 800iu daily from gp but asked for D3 level to be checked when I had full blood count, it came back deficient within 3 days. I’ve most of these symptoms.

  • Do anyone know about Erectodom Secrets? Does it really work? I hear many individuals can last longer in bed with this popular erectile dysfunction treatment.

  • So since we are in quarantine because of the virus and we can’t get any sunw high gives us vitamin D and a side affect to not having vitamin d is getting sick all the time ���� something ain’t right here

  • I recently got laid off and got a little depressed. I have maybe 8 of these symptoms and about 2 days ago I started getting psoriasis. Never had it so I natural freaked out.
    Vitamin D3 is the answer!

  • I think i lack of vitamin d, i see most of the symtom. My hair lost is wierd than normal. It since 2/3 year ago/ and i think im also depress. This year my eye sight getting worst.

  • I literally had the scariest signs of low vitamins D symptoms. Muscle aches, body twitches, sides of my mouth going numb. My doctor literally told me “I don’t know how you are standing rn”

  • Even I have vitamin d deficiency but my BMI is even lesser than 25.My BMI is 19.0.How come I have vitamin d deficiency. You all don’t know anything just make videos with wrong information.Also you all think that obesity people have vitamin d deficiency that’s why you all make videos. You are dumb,stupid,idiot and bastard.

  • I took antidepressants about 20 years ago for about 2 years.

    I started taking high dose Vitamin D3 about 6/7 years ago and after a few months I started to notice my mental heath had improved. It’s hard to explain but my general well-being/mindfulness had improved. 100 times better than any antidepressant.


    I used to wake up with pains in my fingers and dull pains in my legs, after taking Vitamin D3 supplements, after a couple of months these aches and pains went away. ��

    I can’t recommend Vitamin D3 enough. ��

  • This is NOT current or good information! Just look at the date of the video.
    This guy is way behind the current studies and science regarding “D”.

  • If you’re going to get your vitamin D from sunbathing, be aware that you can’t wash the exposed skin areas for a full 48 hours because it takes that long for the D manufactured in your skin to slowly migrate inward, into your bloodstream. And so what you must do for that time period is only wash the parts of your body where, literally, “the sun don’t shine”, to prevent odor growth.

  • Because of low vit d level my immune system was weakened and i developed shingles. The pain was excruciating….the lesson…dont ignore the benefits of mother nature…I go out into the sun 15 min per day…You can get what you need three times per week. What good is anything when you dont feel good?

  • I think this is a major reason why the U.S. has so many Covid deaths. Vitamin D downregulates inflammation. This is critically important when your lungs are inflamed from Covid. By the way vitamin D is not actually a vitamin, it’s a pro hormone.

  • I think supplements are a bunch of nonsense. Vitamins need to be chelated with the food you eat in order to enter the body and used properly.

  • My symptomps before knowing deficiency:
    1. Dizziness/ Vertigo
    2. Tingling in both hands arms and legs
    3. Body ache while doing physical
    4. Feeling uncomfrtable in body
    5. Brain fogging
    Just been 3 days taking 60000IU per week, most of symptomps has gone just occasional brain fog and dizziniess exists.

  • Hi today i got my (25 OH) Of My Vitamin D Test

    My Result Was 23.7 ng/ml He Said Your Result Is Normal

    However My Knees And Lower Back Still Hurts

    Dou You Think 23.7 Is Normal

    And What IU Of Vitamin D Should I Take?


  • I am not sure anyone knows for real. I saw another medical expert at a conference saying high levels of Vitamin D are not linked to bad side effects. And I took Vit D supplements religiously for 2 years and it did not correct my Vit D deficiency. It appears from the other video and medical expert ( delivered at a medical conference) that the only way to get high levels of Vitamin D is get in the sun. High levels around 80 nanograms/dl are linked to prostrate cancer reduction so they say.

  • Most of the things you mentioned, fatigue, endurance, low energy, sound more like B12 deficiency.. Taking D in the evening will keep you awake & disrupt your sleep because it blocks melatonin production.

  • I had ricketts at 4 and again at 11 (mainly because I wasn’t allowed to do sport by teachers who had BS rules). Defiencies like mine are made worse by SUNSCREEN STOPS UVB RAYS! Your reports Cancer council are pro defiency.

  • Very important lesson as it is very difficult to understand whethet you ate defient or not.The symptoms descrobrf in the video are very good signs.Thank you.

  • Poor advice. Mayo clinic is not a source I’d trust. Do your own reading starting on I take 10 000 IU during the fall and winter and 5000 IU on average during the spring and summer when I am out. Also, I take my shirt off. None of this face and arm are enough silliness. My serum calcium levels are mid range and my life is so vigorous if I had weak bones they would be broken and I am in my mid 60’s. Also I take a larger dose of vitamin K2 MK7 and MK4. Read up to why. Learn why mentioning the one (vitamin D3) without the other (vitamin K2) is just plain stupid. Yes, YMMV and yes talk to your PCP so he or she can poo poo what I just wrote and then get the health you deserve for listening over time.