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Violence against women is overlooked in its role in opioid epidemic. Women who are sexually assaulted by their partners or other men sometimes turn to opioids to numb themselves. Tinnakomjorruang. Research has repeatedly indicated that drug use is associated with partner violence, specifically against women, who may be particularly susceptible to such violence when under the influence of opioids. Research has repeatedly indicated that drug use is associated with partner violence, specifically against women, who may be particularly susceptible to such violence when under the influence of.

Research has repeatedly indicated that drug use is associated with partner violence, specifically against women, who may be particularly susceptible to such violence when under the influence of opioids. Living with substance use disorders puts these women into a number of contexts that expose them to HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases that jeopardize their survival in many. These issues must be changed if we are serious on addressing the opioid epidemic among women. Women who use drugs have told our research teams that they feel unsafe in the locations where they are forced to inject. In fact, they face greater risks than men in these locations where men – who may have abused them – share.

The role of violence against women is overlooked in opioid epidemic March 20, 2019 One night, a woman I’ll call Tonya got a compliment from a. New article: Violence against women is overlooked in its role in opioid epidemic March 20, 2019 Dr. Nabila El-Bassel explores how violence impacts women in the opioid epidemic by sharing the voices of women she and her research teams have interviewed over. Violence against women is overlooked in its role in opioid epidemic Nabila El-Bassel, Columbia University A strong link exists among sexual violence, substance use disorder and HIV in women.

Why. Although the epidemic of opioid addiction and death has been fueled by prescription opioids, and the dangers of over-prescribing are well-known, the practice continues. In 2016, one in five (19.1%) Americans received an opioid prescription, including 21.8% of women and 16.4% of men. 6 Reproductive age women who receive Medicaid may be more.

March 20, 2019 The role of violence against women is overlooked in opioid epidemic by Nabila El-Bassel, The Conversation Women who are sexually assaulted by their partners or other men sometimes.

List of related literature:

With the added support of routine IPV screening and brief counseling in the Affordable Care Act, addressing the issue of violence against women is increasingly more visible in the United States.

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Indeed, they are the only intervention that has so far demonstrated sizable reductions in women’s risk of violence.

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In a 2008 research article about domestic violence against women, Ravneet Kaur and Suneela Garg wrote about burdens placed on social institutions—such as health care agencies (hospitals), law enforcement, and employers—when women are unprotected and harmed.

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As stated earlier, since the early 1970s, however, the number of studies on violence against women has increased dramatically.

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The ongoing opioid epidemic disproportionately affects women.

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Drug abuse and partner violence among women in methadone treatment.

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Yet it is only through the innovative efforts of those working to promote well-being and prevent violence against women that the paradigm of prevention will continue to evolve and strengthen.

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Montero, Escriba, Ruiz-Perez, et al. (2011) studied both IPV and non-IPV, noting that violence in general has negative effects on women’s health and recommending that routine assessment of violence against women be included in primary care histories.

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  • I went to a Pentecostal church for about half of my life and I was always looked as a curse to my family due to the fact I have autism and the church looked down on that. They would even complain about how you shouldn’t smoke while members of the church smoked themselves. I can understand Miranda’s point of view but I hope her drinking problem gets fixed.

  • The Sackler Family are much bigger drug barons than Pablo Escobar and Joaquin Guzman. The only difference between them is the Sackler Family have a business plan.

  • It’s bad here in Seattle and I’m from here crazy when blacks was on every corner up here using you didn’t see this outrage now you see all these whites everywhere from way up north all the way south on every corner it’s a crisis smh sad to see

  • The large amount of scripts for pain pills are so high is because Drs. are required to write an new prescription every time a pt. needs a refill. The bottom line is that the DEA works for the cartels, and the cartels are left out when prescriptions are written by DRS. They want you to have to get your drugs on the street, so they make up this epidemic B.S.

  • I have had Percocet, hydrocodone, Tylenol 3, as well as other painkillers, and I have never wanted to do harder drugs. I never became addicted to the pills.

  • I chose to white knuckle and i’m just fine been there and back, every one need to just man up and stop being a bunch of babies, they just want to keep sucking the tit (meds) be dependable on yourself and be countable.

  • I love that his parents and the people are so proper and professional and tell it like it is we live in a dangerous place nowadays I pray everybody make it out I love all of y’all may God be with your through the day and night

  • Addiction is awful, when you are in the midst of it there is nothing anyone can do…. its so hard when your in the midst of it… i have been on morphine for 12 years for health issues and i got addicted to it, in slowly coming off it. But i have a 6yr old its so hard to explain what is like when you are in the clutch of an addiction, no one can understand, its so hard and i wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy… withdrawals from morphine are a bad as withdrawals from heroine and they are horrific, so you do anything to get rid of them. Luckily I don’t have to get mine off the street and never have and I don’t get withdrawals anymore, I feel so much for all these addicts and there families.. and I’m proud of the women that are getting clean for their kids.. anyone can become an addict, celebs anyone.

  • Wow her mum just searches stuff in her head.. hahah i freaking know how it feels girl.. we all have those periods of time where we just want to party and whatever..

  • Live in Grant County WA and pills/heroin are literally RUINING our state and youth… along with coke/crack and meth!! I have 4 years clean off of meth myself in June (next month) but started with popping pills and drinking at 11, now 29.

  • Patriarchy in the family is expressed in many different forms of social relations that call into question the viability of social institutions of the community and these relations are given a legal name for their countenance in the community and are socially transmitted from the past. They do not disappear on their own but require a complete break from the existing social order by masses of people no longer willing to play the role of victim and being blamed for the violence.

  • the ‘war’ on drugs is a failure by design. there are fractions of law enforcement and cia that foster this endless flow of drugs while pretending to keep a war on it. It’s all a lie to keep the poisons flowing by design. people can’t accept this truthso they judge and sneer until their loved ones or children become addicts and they are forced to look at it first hand in a different way.

  • This topic needs a whole lot more than 5 minutes. US Intel and Homeland Security identified the #1 Red Flag for profiling “most likely to commit mass murder/terrorism.” Domestic Violence history. Not race, nationality, religion, economic status, education it’s male batterers. See one, report one.

  • Robin DeGrace,
    Wow what a sick twisted way to make this about you. I think I’m right in saying that you are an attention seeking drama queen? And honestly, escorts and sex workers 90% of the time NEVER disclose their occupation so publicly the way you just did.

  • The daughter clearly needs help but I would go crazy with a mother like that too. But as an adult, it’s the daughters job to recognize she isn’t functioning well in society and needs help.

  • I’m sorry to say this but if the parents of these children are on drugs it’s because the grandparents didn’t do a good work with them either and letting them have their grandchildren doesn’t seem a good idea.
    They should be given to loving families who have successfully risen up people with no problems/ a good healthy and functional life.

  • Charles Whitman was a sick man with a brain tumor and asked for his brain be autopsied when he dies. Terrible deed but I believe an mri would’ve prevented that incident.

  • I smile when I say a lot of things. I have never been videotaped through an interview, so I don’t actually know what my face and body language would convey when discussing something difficult, but I often wonder if I would come across accurately in this sort of situation. I do not tend to show what I’m actually feeling in my face based on the feedback I receive. I’m sure that body language experts like Dr. Phil and his team are looking at a lot though.

  • I live in Texas and Im thankful its common practice here for people to take responsibility for their actions for the majority of everything instead of asking the government to fix it for you. The government controlling everything is the problem.

  • Americans have created a murderous society.
    All Americans do is create carnage, death and suffering everwhere they meddle.
    Does it really matter if Americans kill each other?

  • Mr.Scruggs made some very important statements Re domestic violence/spousal abuse/ neglect within the United States.As a Clinical Social Worker,I have seen this violent behavior numerous times within a family.I did a long,documented research paper entitled” Spousal Abuse in the rural community” three decades ago.Unfortunately,this continuing violent interaction between people in intimate relationships,has continued to escalate” tenfold.” Americans,really NEED to view this ongoing human condition as a subject that they Can become Much More informed and aware of in their lives.This IS A VERY,VERY,VERY SERIOUS,IMPLODING EMOTIONAL/ MENTAL HEALTH SITUATION IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. VIOLENCE IS NOT THE SOLUTION TO PROBLEMATIC SITUATIONS. PEOPLE CAN UNLEARN,”learned negative ways of handling difficult problems,situations in life,if provided with the tools of education,information,resources needed for such positive,healthy,productive lives.” This Can Be Achieved,People,in America,in the United States of America.” United We Stand,Divided,We Fall.” I think We Can, ALL OF US STAND.THANK YOU.NANCY. SANDERS,CCSW

  • I remember seeing it being covered for a couple days, then the story was gone, just like all the others until the next one, but I watch independent media.

  • Why did the media ignore Frederick Demond Scott who openly expressed hatred of white people and over the course of a month assassinated 5 white middle aged men walking in parks around St. Louis? Why did the Media Overlook the stabbing to death of Caleb Radford for the simple reason of having an African American wife?

  • The Russian investigation is very important,Trump is getting nervous……why would this be?….But we also need to hear about the world around us,what if there was a rising by these hateful,racist right wingers? We would need to know!!! Each station should have 3-4 of their hosts,DAILY!report on other news in America….. We are already being compromised by the Russians,we don’t need it to happen on our homeland.Instabilty in the US will cause more terrorist attacks,we are seen as weak and would be viewed even weaker…..Not a good move…so please report both…

  • I have been on MATs for years (suboxone)
    My quality of life is fantastic, I pay taxes, take care of my family, own a home and work for a living and recieve zero government support.
    I may have to be on this medication for the rest of my life
    So what?
    The recovery community adds to the stigma when some nicotine use disorder, overly caffeinated glucose abuser starts whining about someone on MATs not really being ‘clean’
    Are diabetics ‘clean’
    Or hypertension patients taking blood pressure meds?
    Or the numerous other conditions that require medication? often for life!
    The recovery community needs to look in the mirror.
    If someone is a functional member of society, contributing to that society with a high quality of life, what more can a person ask for?
    We need every tool in the tool box to combat this epidemic
    Stop the stigma and preconceptions
    MATs save lives
    Everyone wins when addicts get help, stop stealing, get their life together and start caring for themselves, their familys and their community’s

  • Because once again it was a white man and the media didn’t want to once again play that across the tv. Also domestic violence is downplayed at every angle in America no matter the color.

  • I like how they just ignored the fact that he lived in that house with his parents and his sister….. you trying to tell me they didn’t know anything? Nah. You don’t live I. A house with MULTIPLE rotting human bodies and not know something is wrong.

  • I heard about that…..
    but unless it’s over 10 it’s seen as normal.

    Mass shootings are everday like Ed said.

    A War Against Bullying is needed too.

    Retribution for perceived past injustices are often factors in school and work place shootings.

    This is the problem with over emphasis on interpersonal competition over cooperation.

  • Dirty smackheads like the redhead deserve to have their kids taken off them and put in a hole with no contact and no social services.

  • If it was not for methadone maintenance I would most definitely be dead by now. The medication along with intensive outpatient therapy has turned my life around completely. The stigma around methadone needs to stop. It saves lives for those who truly want to change and take it seriously!

  • I feel for the kids, I at one time had an addiction to, to crack. My mother’s and their dad had to raise my two daughters. Thank God I got locked up before the streets killed me. I’m saved by God’s grace and mercy today. I have 3 grandkids that don’t know that side of me praise God. It’s still a struggle every day 22 years later. The past is the past, but if you don’t stay prayed up and focus the devil of addiction can take you back. God �� bless the children that have to find their way with out their parents

  • I was one of theses children, my mum was a heroin addict before and after I was born (28 now), I lived with her up until she died (she was clean 5 years when she passed it would be 7 now if she was still here) dont get me wrong i saw things no one should see let alone a kid but i never went without i always had what I needed. Maybe I was a lucky one in a weird way

  • Wow, not everyone is cut out to a parent. The price tag alone is daunting. What does two dui’s and-not attending church prove but this woman is plumb depressed. And has no real clue why.

  • That parent lady doesn’t understand that prohibition has never worked. Go ahead, get rid of all legal opiates. Then, come back and tell me how that totally fixed the opiate problem… Can anyone name a single time in history prohibition has worked? First, you can’t get rid of illegal drugs. We can’t even keep them out of prisons, so good luck getting them out of an entire country with 3,000 miles between it.

    Here’s the issue these Victorian Era prudes simply don’t want to admit. People want to get high. People will always want to get high. You won’t stop them, end of story. You can spin your wheels and spend all your money trying. But, it’s never been done.

    You need to explain to me why a person doing drugs is bad in of itself. That’s where the debate should begin. The vast majority of negative effects that come from drugs are a direct result of them being made illegal. The ONLY countries who have had any success with this problem, are the ones who’ve legalized and or decriminalized them. Spend the money on rehab instead of law enforcement.

    People wonder what would happen if we legalize a “dangerous” drug when we already have just that, alcohol. It’s by far the most dangerous, kills even more people than ALL other drugs combined. Yet, we celebrate it.

    I’m sorry, but you bunch of “experts” are a waste of money. None of them even started from a point of objective reality. Put the ex addicts in charge. They actually know how to fix the problem because they aren’t full of shit about what the problem is.

  • I think people in the comments need to remember that addiction is a disease, these people are ill, not an excuse for what they have done but it’s important to have empathy and understand that this is no life for anyonethe addicts and the children suffer

  • Sadly my whole life was filled with addicts, abuse, neglect, sexual assault and more.. my mother chose drugs over me and even sold MY child innocent body for drugs when she couldn’t afford them anymore or couldn’t figure out how to score more herself. I was in so much mental pain i starting using too to forget about all the trauma i went through daily.. It was a nightmare. Thank god i am now a sober adult and got my life on track and i have never been better. I have even been able to forgive my mother and help her try to get sober as well. Im so glad i never gave up and im so glad i didnt actually die any of those times i was so close to death or wanting to take my own life. I know lofe can be horrible bit things do get better sometimes and im beyond grateful it did ������

  • Anthony Sowell is being held responsible for what he did so why are people wanting the police to be held accountable for what he did. Those women knew they were living a very risky lifestyle and anything could happen any day including being murdered. I think the women need to shoulder there part and own the responsibility for what they were doing and for putting themselves in that position.

  • Heidi sitting there strung out talking like she’s off it. Poor Tia and Lacey

    The other girl so proud of her little girl Serena learning to make it through the week on a tenner. Shameful absolutely shameful

  • I’m angry, upset, confused and shocked. Those poor children. What got these parents into it? Why did they get into it? And what can we do to help them out? I would never resort to drugs and can never understand anyone that does but that doesn’t mean i don’t want to help them

    The insight that Lacey and Tia’s mum has is great. She has more insight and clarity than most people. She’s had a supportive mum and i believe she’s going to really try with her kids. I understand the guilt she feels for leaving them and how that might impact how she interacts with them. She doesn’t want to discipline because she feels she doesn’t have a right and instead she just wants her kids to love her. They may need to seek some family counselling though.

    I don’t like how this is mum focused though. Where are the dads? Can we hold them responsible for neglecting their children because in the comment section people are berating these women. At least every single one of them is doing something or saying the right things.

  • The pharmacy at 3.30 mins has a street sign advertising NUROFEN PLUS. this is a dangerous opioid painkiller available over the counter. Many people become addicted to the codeine in it, and then move on to pure opioids like black market pain killers or street heroin. It’s a bit ironic seeing that sign on a shop used in a documentary about drug addiction. In Australia they banned the sale of Nurofen Plus and drug related admissions and deaths fell extremely fast. The company that makes Nurofen Plus throws money at our government and despite nightmare rises in opioid deaths and addiction, they are allowed to promote their product as a good way to manage pain. It is disgraceful.

  • I know I’m going to catch hell for this but OH WELL..The woman who said “These kids need counseling and they havent given them any” she is putting something that the guardians of these kids should be doing on someone else. Also the woman who was out at the cemetery to see her mama and stated she dont have a head stone because the city hasnt given her one yet should also be ashamed of herself because from the time her mother passed until the time of this doc I’m sure she got income tax. I’m sure she got enough to buy a stone. Shes also scared of how any houses she drives past that could be another Sowell house but isnt public speaking to educate people on things, hates Cleveland but I’m sure is still living in Cleveland

  • Not sure where human rights start for children with a drug addict family member. Apparently is not yet contemplated how difficult is for a child to grow up in this environment and later on building a similar environment for their own child. Is a circle!

  • This is going to possibly sound far fetched but I feel like this mother takes pleasure in her daughters failure because she sees it as “proof” that everything would’ve been fine if she had just carried on with what she was taught to believe. I’ve seen this type of thing before in my own family where a member was convinced that had their child just believed in God and gone to church that nothing bad would have ever happened…her daughter wouldn’t have gotten into a situation that led to her being sexually molested, wouldn’t have had a miscarriage, and wouldn’t have been t-boned if she had just went to church and prayed every night like a good little Christian.

  • Shame on the UK for not offering any financial assistance to the people who love these kids the most; the grand parents. If they werent around you would have to pay foster parents. In America relative caregivers are given a small stipend; counseling for the child’

  • Lmao. Ok so everyone who’s saying “I took pain meds and I didn’t get addicted” needs to stfu. Just because you took 5mg of hydrocodone (vicodin) or percocet for acute pain after a minor procedure or a minor injury for a week or 2 doesn’t make you an expert. Many people who are chronic pain patients are prescribed massive doses of opioids such as 60mg or 80mg of oxycodone every 4 to 6 hours. And they’ve been taking them every day for years or decades. When you take that high of a dose daily for a few weeks or more your going to get physically dependent. Weather or not you abuse it is a nonfactor. Anyone taking that high of a dose will become physically dependant eventual. Now this isnt a problem until the doctor abruptly takes away their prescription. Because now within 12 hours of not having an opiate they will get seriously sick. To the point of vomiting non stop. Dirreaha all day. Shitting yourself. Puking on yourself. Muscle spasms, not being able to sleep or eat or drink or get out of bed. And this lasts for weeks. So they buy pills of the street. Then that gets too expensive cuz pills aren’t cheap. So they start buying heroin just to stop the horrible withdrawl symptoms. This is why people are pissed at doctors and pharmaceutical companies. Because most of these people weren’t warned about the side effects or possiblity of addiction.

  • drug addicts should be euthanized on diagnosis (as a drug addict). It would be far kinder on everybody involved. The kids, the grandparents, especially the addicts. I was a 13 year dope addict so that includes me

  • Conservatives: dont like poor people having kids, dont wanna help the with welfare, dont support contraception.
    Liberial: supports abortion, welfare,and contraception and planned parenthood.

    I wonder which one is going to help with these problems.

  • All of these children are showing symptoms of mental disorders. It upsets me that most will go undiagnosed and they were never given a choice but it was forced upon them.

  • I went to a Christian school. It was that or get shot at the gang banging school by my house. I’m thankful my parents sacrificed their extra money to send me there. Now, as far as the rest, that’s nuts. Nothing wrong with Santa or Halloween. We celebrated all of it

  • Our foster daughter was born addicted to six drugs. Including methadone. It took SIX months to get clean for the baby. Much harder for them to detox than an adult. She is now 2.5 and we adopted her two months ago. Her foster brother, not by blood, was taken at 15 months old. His parents were passed out on drugs at a wellness check by police. Mom and baby were covered in bruises. We have had him five months. He has major issues just in the 15 months under their care. Sad.

  • “why are you telling me that?”
    Dr Phil is noticing something, and I think it’s that shes saying things to paint the situation in a certain light. He’s trying to give them both a wakeup call about what they’re trying to do so they can actually move forward.

    I think the mom is really not recognizing her own part in making her daughter the way she is. No matter how nice she comes across, I think that’s a major issue in being able to heal the family dynamic. That’s probably why Dr Phil is being kinda harsh-because she’s not self-reflecting well.

  • if the control of guns is not possible then why not control the sale of bullets as you need both for a firearm to work. Say for domestic use you could legally own six bullets, if you wanted to go fire of some rounds or whatever then you would have to do that thru a properly registered gunclub with strict controls over the ammunition. Special licensing for hunting would need to be enforced whereas unused ammunition would have to be handed back after a person had finished a days hunt.

  • That’s interesting that you could supplement the traditional methods of treating addiction with medication to make it easier. I have heard that breaking an addiction is really hard to do, so I could see how having as much help as possible with that would be good. I should recommend that my buddy tires that out since I think that he might have an issue with addiction.

  • It annoys me how dumb people can be, it’s like you have to explain to them word by word for them to understand what it can do to a human body.

  • Apparently it’s dangerous for the mother to stop opiates completely while in the 1st and 2nd tremister of pregnancy.
    Shame the fathers are no where to be seen to help out with the children.


  • As a mother I can’t understand how ANY circumstance NO MATTER WHAT IT IS could ever make you jeopardize your child. SICK. scoop their reproductive organs out with an ice cream scoop!

  • I was on a drug treatment court program and had 3 years clean. Once off probation I relapsed and kept getting high for 2 years. Im on the Vivatrol shot now And I haven’t used in 62 days. I don’t want this to kill me. We have a huge problem in Ohio where I live and nationwide.

  • I grew up in a very deprived town in scotland where drugs were rife. Id say about 20% of the kids i went to school with were all raised by their gran because their parents were all drug addicts. It was so horrible, a full generation wiped out by valium and herion addictions.

  • This is in actuality a whitewashing advertisement to shut people up. It’s been a tactic used nationwide. The board here is a sham.

  • Methadone is just as bad as heroin. The withdrawal from methadone is worse. They are making methadone out to be better and it’s not. It’s just the state regulating your drug

  • “The luckiest children in the world are the children with two parents that love them unconditionally and want the best for them, they put the children’s needs first, before their own.” Material crap means nothing.

  • Honestly I live in Plano and I didn’t know about this story. Perhaps the story didn’t make national attention because it’s not a national story. When we consider how violent, drug addicted, and gun crazy oir society is, we’d never talk about anything else if we covered all of these massacres.

  • The environment in the UK is very toxic. I wish the government would spend time on educating British parents so they would learn proper parenting skills and disciplining instead of spending money on wars in the Middle East. The future is very dark. If you do not discipline your kids at the right time you would never be able to control them later in life. 5 minute of disciplining would not only save your and their life but the whole society.

  • Drug users are the most selfish people and manipulators not taking responsibillity for anything. Kim is just disgusting she makes me sick.

  • this epidemic is probably a lot worse than people think

    because a lot of addicts have good jobs, and plenty of money to blow on their fix

    so it takes them a long time to hit rock bottom

  • To anyone who is still young and has a parent(s) addicted to drugs dont lose hope. You can have a life that is not defined by their actions. Be strong, be kind and never even think of trying drugs. Depending on the way you were raised and on the severity of your parents’ drug use, you may face problems like depression, low self esteem etc later in your own lives but you can get through that too. Just never lose hope.

  • When its a white male perpetuating murder and  mass massacre in America, its always a conspiracy theory;  a set up or a mad man going rouge. From The Newton schools massacres, The Aurora theatre shootings, to the Las Vegas shooter..etc. The white male never had to be held responsible for his action and community actions. But, every black man and women have to answer to Chicago gang violence and the “13% of the population speech”. Their deflection and hypocrisy is sickening and typical.

  • she braided hair
    Greased scalps, eased minds
    Talked out the side of her mouth, and smiled with all her teeth
    Somebody’s sister
    Wide hips and thick arms
    Heavy feet and hard hands
    Broad gapped with slim shoulders
    And Burgundy lipstick
    Jane Doe
    Does anybody know you?
    We do.

  • It was not trending. No trend, no print. This is the branded future we have paid to live in by choosing to buy worthless consumer products we don’t fucking need at 5 times the price we shouldn’t even be paying because we don’t fucking need any of it.

    Anyhoo. Thanks idiot population of brand following zombie fuckpotatos. This is technically all your fault.

  • Her mom is far away from ideal Christianity and cause her daughter some peer pressure. Didn’t Jesus told in Bible to stay away from arrogance, discounting and despising manners? Church is should to be a building what is mocking club of flawless people. No wonder if girl got exhausted of ideal workoholic flawless life.

  • Clearly both mother and daughter need some help, but did anyone else feel like Dr. Phil was a bit more extra… it didn’t seem like the Dr. Phil I’m use to watching. He was kind of rude and even seemed a bit aggressive with his words and tone IMO

  • What is disheartening about this case is the fact that the system failed the victims and their families! I know the family has many questions, but there is one question that bothers me the most “How was he never investigated, after countless reports, allegations and even the stench, how?” It was heart wrenching watching this documentary, but I am glad that they can all rest and are at peace. Prays goes out the these families who have endure the pain and suffering.

    This documentary hit me at the end. These were all beautiful women regardless….

  • The first mass shooting in Modern history was in 1949, dubbed the “Walk Of Death” committed by Howard Unruh who killed 13 people during a 12 minute walk through Camden, New Jersey.

  • I got mild insomnia for a long time getting up around Four am on many mornings. Yet only these latest months, my resting time are 2 to 4 hours. It has become even worse. By simply looking at this plan, I was able to find out much more concerning sleep and learn the techniques to get a far better sleep at night.. I researched this guide on Google.. Name of the guide is Zoey Sυnodoz
    take care

  • ….YES, YES, YES, WE SHOULD CODDLE THESE DRUG ADDICTS, DON’T SHAME THEM, GIVE THEM A SAFE AND SECURE LOCATION TO SHOOT UP HEROIN, “massage their feet and give them Pedicles, bring them a rose and a chocolate treat when we serve them breakfast in bed”…..

  • It’s only gotten worse in 2019. needles on the ground everywhere. junkie bums are raping people on a consistent have to carry a gun just to feel safe.there are rvs littering the streets every corner of the city there is piles of trash.seattle is dying

  • I started taking opiate painkillers in 2010 regularly for my back. The Army gave me a referral to a pain management clinic in Savannah and they would script me for 120 7.5/325 hydrocodone and it eventually moved up to 325/7.5 oxycodone.
    Then I finished my medboard and retired out. I moved back home to MO and was unable to continue getting my meds. It led to me buying them illegally for years and it ended with me almost losing everything in my life including my own life.
    It was Fentanyl the last one I was using and come this October will be 2 years free and clear from taking opiates.
    Everyone is different and responds to treatments differently but in my experience what worked for me was putting myself into a inpatient rehabilitation center.
    They got me through the withdrawals fairy comfortably and I stayed for as long as my Tricare covered which was 30 days.
    After getting out I was still struggling with cravings and staying away was difficult very very difficult as it is everywhere and so easy to find.
    2 things got me through it and I am no longer addicted. I loathe it the same way I do the drug Alcohol which I haven’t touched in almost 5 years now.
    Those 2 things were first Kratom but I realized I was just switching drugs as Kratom is pretty addictive producing similar effects.
    I broke the addiction with a handful of LSD trips. May sound stupid or crazy but it worked for me.
    I use 2 substances now. Caffeine and Nicotine which has been the most difficult to quit.
    But really after those few trips it was like something just switched off in my brain and I no longer even thought of using. Like I said its just as nasty to me as the drug Alcohol and I know I will never go back. EVER.

  • I’ve just watched “Unseen The Cleveland Strangler and I’m absolutely disgusted with what the shopkeeper who owned the Imperial store, he said he would rather have had a million Anthony Sowell’s than the women he murdered, he said “he cleaned up the garbage”!! Absolutely disgusting comment! I hope someone confronted him about what he said! He needs it!

  • For the record Charles Whitman also had a massive tumor compressing his amygdala putting him in nearly constant state of elevated paranoia and anger.
    That he had both firearms and the training to maximize his rampage matters, but the beginning of his spousal abuse and violent rages begins with that tumor, not with a previous pattern of harming his family.

  • Send them over 2 John” Jigsaw “Kramer. He’ll either scare the opiates or opiod demon shit outta em. Our allow them 2 put themselves outta their own misery.

  • I find it interesting he didnt have a specific type of person based on physical features beside black women. different ages, hair types, weights

  • Its because of something called “sensationalism”. For a few years I became a promoter and it opened my eyes to see how bad the info we receive is controlled by ratings. The mainstream media only talks about issues that will have big interest and higher ratings. This story shows you how society now thinks that its “normal” for an estranged husband to kill 10 or less people and thats why it did not get much attention. Sad world full of collective psychosis.

  • They’ll believe a lily White female…go tell that to the victims’ families of the Yorkshire Ripper. So sick and tired of this ignorant bullshit.

  • Not sure what statistics are but it seems like there are alot of younger moms then in the united states. It also seems they rely on the goverment to take care of them. This is so foreign to me. I had a child at 24 and I thought that was young. I was raised by a single mom and lived with poverty. I was lucky because I had a grandma and Uncle that helped by a home in a good neighborhood so all four of us could live in a safe place. I have three kids. If my 21 year old daughter were to get pregnant and couldn’t care for the child I would raise the baby and not even thing about the goverment giving me money. It’s not a comon thing here. We would do it because they are family, just as these grandparents did. The difference being I would never expect the goverment to help, nor think they should. One grandma said we are saving the goverment money by raising our grandchiildren. I was shocked. It’s your grandchild, not the goverments. That’s my take on it. I am sure if the parent couldn’t a family would be happy to adopt.

  • BTW, you were taught in grade school that Columbus wanted to get to the ‘east” to get ‘spices’ and stuff like that. Nonsense; it was hashish and opium that PAID enough to make those trade journeys overland profitable. Life was brutal and these substances were the only things that effectively eased pain. But, this was in a time before hybrid cultivation of cannabis for high THC potency, and before opium was reduced to morphine.

  • This didn’t happen in the 50s 60s 70s this shit happened in 2009 there is no excuse for the cops to be this ignorant and incompetent. Would the bitch ass man have to rape and kill a woman in front of the cops for them to take action sooner. Not filing evidence, not doing rape kits, not contacting the surviving victims to follow up with the investigation, not even starting an investigation. What in the hell was going on in Cleveland. There better not be one cop, detective, sergeant chief or captain left in that district. “We was fuckin and she fell out the window”? And then went with her to the hospital �� unfuckin real!!!

  • Horrible people. I have zero sympathy. If you love drugs that much then get sterilised because you are creating kids who are traumatised for life. There are people out there who would do anything to have a child. You are vile! I don’t care about your excuses… you bring a life into the world.. take care of them!

  • This is so crazy, there is a girl I know who died of an OD on a related video “eric johnson presents Demon at the door heroin in Seattle” thumbnail on the sidebar… seriously makes this even more disturbing to watch. 2 people OD’ed in my local high school in 2014. On another note, couple of friends of mine in the seattle scene are going into suboxone treatment gets tested regularly for drugs and apparently now all heroin addicts getting tested for heroin in this downtown seattle clinic are also testing positive for fentanyl, looks like this combo is here to stay in seattle and likely to spread to other areas. please keep this and mind and be safe out there everyone

  • The fact that the mom says “she’s not resentful that she got sent to a Christian school” but than “but she says she’s resentful”…… Mom is just completely ignoring her and her feelings.

  • As with all opiates the only problem, if properly regulated (so that you know the strength, purity and it’s being unadulterated) and available unimpeded to adults by licensed physicians there is no problem maintaining perfectly normal family relations, normal employment and normal social interaction.
    The problem occurs when opiates are relegated to the black market where the cost is prohibitive for most people to maintain without committing property crimes. When propaganda relegates addicts to “filthy, junky scum” society WILL get exactly that individuals who have no desire to conform to the standards of people who constantly judge them, incarcerate them, look down on them and basically are revolted by them thanks to the successful propaganda perpetuated by the puritanical, paternalistic, dogmatic, abstinence only, approach. Without laws that make heroin illegal there is no astronomical price necessitating property crimes.
    It might be of interest to know that just over a century ago the corner store legally stocked most anything from cocaine to laudanum and heroin. Mass crime no, it wasn’t controlled by black market prices. Homelessness and relationship problems no, there was no propaganda stigmatising and demonising users.
    A “War on Drugs” never has occurred. It has been and continues to be a “War on Drug Users”. Who or what gives you the right to tell me what I can put in my body when it (heroin/opiates) have NO adverse effects bar constipation. Opiates will not make me psychotic like some in the amphetamine family, even cannabis, can, nor will it make me aggressive, intolerant, violent and attack ever vital organ in my body like alcohol can/will. No, the only time that an opiate addict will possibly (I say ‘possibly because after over 35 years I’ve never caused anyone else ANY problem, never committed a crime not even driving affected) cause a problem is when they go into withdrawl, try it sometime. It’s no fun especially when there’s absolutely NO reason for it.
    One would have thought that Prohibition would have taught the U.S something but it seems that when a Nation dominated by god fearing, bible bashers has world hegemony they’ll make life as miserable as they can, for as many as they can. Ine doesn’t even need to have ever been there to feel the effects of the childish ‘My dad’s tougher than your dad’ mentality!!

  • What about the Hillary Clinton snuff film?! Where she cut a little girl’s face off. Should do a documentary on that… See if you can fake a snuff film. Lol

  • The segment from 9:44. The scene with the haunting, almost terrifying music up until the crescendo at 11:40. I don’t know. I watched this 2 days ago and this segment of the video keeps haunting me. I’m almost a hundred percent sure that its the piece of music that does you in.

  • a damn shame all this but I can’t stand vice and their liberal affiliates. Y’all have worked for nothing and are snowflakes. Y’all want equalness everywhere but maybe not on this video but your views and message are not cool. Y’all hate White people. Again anyone can have written columns that your workers have. Y’all are frauds.

  • “This is not typical of me. I don’t know what happened. I can’t explain” meanwhile, 11 bodies later. I wonder if he’s figured it out yet psycho ��

  • Always always look for the SOURCE why do people all these types of random people start on these drugs in the first place. Why did this woman’s daughter a seemingly “normal” person spiral out into drug use. I had percocets and oxys prescribed to me too, easy but I took them and moved on, what is the personality that ends up depending on these drugs…what’s going on, something beneath the surface.

  • How come other tenets of sowells apartment building didn’t notice what was happening? He lived in the 3rd floor so he had to drag bodies through common areas to get to the basement.

  • I hope all the children on this documentary grow up un effected by there childhood traumas and always respect what there grandparents did for them ��

  • It’s a local news item. Not every violent act in the U.S. can run on the national news. The real question is why the more recent one was covered, and the answer is that terrorism was suspected. Also, the large number of people.

  • Law enforcement only seems to arrest low and mid-level dealers. Why?….. Because the world’s largest drug cartel is far too corrupt and powerful to expose or infiltrate. The CIA Cocaine Importing Agency using the motto “Just say no and fly low.” The number 1 export from Afghanistan since the invasion is opium used to fund black ops at the expense of our family, friends and children.

  • The best comparison I could make for addiction is, try living your life without your cell phone or the internet for the rest of your life, while knowing it’s still out there as an option. That is probably as close to the feeling of how an addict feels without actually being a true addict. Even if you manage to stop, the thoughts to go back are harrowing and almost always there. You cannot erase it.

  • I was a PK.. ( pastors kid)…. and I haven’t been to church in 8 yrs.. i completely understand… i had to go to church 7 days a week.and twice on Sunday

  • Anyone who force their religion on their kids, shame on them. My parents raised me catholic, had me go to Christian schools until I graduated and after that I told them I wasn’t a true believer and I’m choosing to not follow a religion just trying to be a good person and they’re very respectful of that

  • Wow I cant believe Dr. Phil bought the mother’s deflection: he asks the mother what the daughter is rebelling against, the mother switches tracks and states that the daughter is mean and pushes her down when she is drunk, thus bypassing what I believe to be a critical point of this subject: that a significant reason that the daughter may be rebelling is because the mother forced her religious beliefs on her.

  • The mom raised her kid in a psycho cult and crippled her children socially and emotionally. Now the daughter is punishing her mother for the psycho cult she raised them in and mom is just some meek little whimper-brat who won’t own up to the fact she raised her children in a cult and it damaged them.

  • My mom has recently been diagnosed as bipolar with psychotic delusions. My whole life she was a religious fanatic, crazy conservative political views, you name it. Now that she’s being treated, she no longer has these opinions and beliefs. She has openly said she is no longer religious. I wonder how many religious fanatics just need medication

  • Yikes, used to like catchy but she and that church is just toxic asf and the Christian Ace school is bad, the teachers don’t teach you the Books Accelerated Christian Schooling (ACE) gives the private school teaches, not at all does the teachers do they just Supervise which is why they aren’t called teachers, with the program you have the principal which runs the school then the Supervisor and a Monitor that’s helps watch. So it’s a shitty school if it’s not run well and it wasn’t

  • Opiates are now very hard for chronic pain patients to get. We can’t keep blaming the Dr’s as it’s been a few years since restrictive policies were put in place regarding opiate prescriptions. The pendulum has swung so far in the other direction it’s ridiculous.

  • It is totally out of line that normal people shall suffer pain because of weak souls that are mentally ill, and can’t control themselves, you wouldn’t give mentally ill people access to a weapon, when you know their background, the same should happen when you hand out strong pain medicine.

  • My mom became addicted to vicodin by the time I was 13. Life was rough after she divorced my step dad at 12. I didnt understand. I began working at 14 to feed myself and my 2 younger siblings, to provide them clothing and toys. To keep the electric on, to buy my own car and cell phone. I lived at my job working 60 hour weeks and trying to manage school. By the time I was 16, my mom got evicted and I was forced to pretend I was my mother and apply for housing, calling landlords and applying for homes. We got one thanks to my persistence. I burnt out from working and going to school cooking dinner for siblings and making sure they’re getting by in school. I dropped out of high school my senior year. Mind you before this, I was a 3.8 GPA student. I was forced to grow up. I couldn’t see my siblings suffer from the neglect. My mom pawned everything valuable for pills. Even my precious jewelry set that my grandmother held for me from being a baby until my big 16th. Gone. I grew up hating my mom. After drugs and several men coming in and out I resented her. I became mom by default. I burnt out by 17 and ran away to a different state straight into an abusive relationship. My mom only cared that her precious cash cow was leaving. Im surprised she didn’t lose my siblings to cps. Fast forward I’m 26 and my mom has been almost 4 years sober. I still hold incredible resentment. But loads of therapy has helped me. I’m still healing and working on forgiveness. I don’t think I could even entertain the relationship with my mother if she hadn’t gotten clean. God bless all the children going through this. You are worthy, and you are important and I’m so sorry.

  • I grew up Christian and I now work for and go to a Baptist church. I’m raising my kids in the church too. I’m also exposing them to different practices and beliefs. When they are old enough to be left home alone if they don’t want to go I won’t make them. I won’t disown them or blame them for anything. My job as mother is to guide and nurture my children. Not to make them feel bad

  • Talk about it until you can’t talk anymore.. education is key talk to everyone even if you repeat and repeat talk about..tell our children prescription DRUGS are drug whether they come from a doctor or on the street none are safe none.. keep speaking keep doing education like this helps just keep talking and sooner or later we can change safe..harm reduction 100% al the way.. we need it over and above to get the messages out their..people that are against please do your homework please walk in someone lost soul before u actually vote against this..educate

  • KingCountyTV
    If you make Suboxone strips legal to buy over the counter at any pharmacy, you will allow anyone to quickly get off heroin. It is true that some people don’t want to quit, but many do who fear the withdrawals, so they continue only for that reason. The percentage of the two groups is probbaly 30% like it and want to continue, vs 70% who know they must quit heroin but find they cannot do to the intense withdrawals. Because Suboxone completely neutralizes any withdrawal effects when coming off heroin, by legalizing Suboxone this would most likely result in 70% fewer heroin overdoses. For example, if 1,000 people a year die from heroin overdose, that number would immediately be reduced to 300, which means 700 lives would be saved and 700 families are spared the grief of seeing a relative die of overdose.

  • Woman leps outside a second story window, bleeding from mouth and nose, naked. Sowell comes out naked says to bar owner, that’s my woman. Bar owner, that shit doesn’t sound right

  • The mom is force feeding religion down her daughters throat. Her mom try’s to talk in a sweet voice but she’s crazy. The daughter is a disrespectful slob.

  • I went to a Christian school that was one and the same with its church. Sounds identical to hers and was quite controlling but overall a good school. My family still gave me a wonderful childhood. Santa, trick or treating, and nothing but love. They presented to me their beliefs and asked me to go to church with them. They said as I get older I’ll start to question everything but that’s how Ill find myself and my own beliefs. I’ll be grateful for the rest of my life for that ����

  • Most comments here show that addiction is not a subject that is very well understood. My heart breaks for everyone involved, obviously the grandparents and children moreso than for the parents and yet… addiction is not something you choose. It’s a terrible, endless uphill battle to fight against it and it takes a lot more strength than most people in the comments understand.

  • the comment the billions we are saving the government bringing up these children, by these children do you mean your grandchildren?? like she is doing us a favour, theyre your grandkids you should take care of them, its not up to the government or us the taxpayer to take care of your mistakes…. really pissed me off

  • Addicts usually use to mend a past wound or trauma. Addiction is a illness and it destroys the person and all their loved ones. As a Mother I find it hard to watch this and I feel a great deal of heartache for the children.

  • This makes me sick when it was crack there was no treatment,the answer was jail!! Didn’t matter if you were the user or the dealer!!

  • lol…no race…ummm hummm yeah, there’s a race and this is the reason it’s an “epidemic” unlike the “war on drugs” crisis in Harlem

  • How much does it cost to put one of these junkies through SIX months of rehab??? While elderly people suffer on tiny pensions who have worked their whole lives.And this human waste who has not paid a penny in the system gets SIX months in rehab money could be much better spent!!! And only 3.6 percent come out free of drugs what a Waste.

  • This breaks my heart i would sell my organs just to be a mum and some of these druggies pop them out like smarties if only they understood how lucky they are

  • The greatest gift I received from my parents was growing up without religion and being able to develop my own spirituality and identity

  • Methadone does not work….. less than 13% complete detox and less than 8% of people get off it for more than 2 years before going back on heroin…..those are the last recorded figures I read yet they are probably in truth a lot lower.

    The FDA and government are more than aware it does not work as a treatment yet they continue to provide it, making the addiction level higher in a person and causing them far more physical and mental pain compared to heroin, because the companies that provide it make billions each year……it has a higher mark up than any other medication made and is a scam that is causing far more addiction than they pretend it solves.

  • And the federal government is still spending billions on the “war on drugs” instead of spending the money where its desperately needed. Education, treatment and harm reduction is the answer not trying to prevent drugs from entering the US. Policy makers are so out of touch with what goes on in the real world it sickens me. People are always going to do drugs because they will always be available. They’ll never stop the business that is illegal narcotics. These states that are seeing record numbers of heroin users need to take the first steps in helping the people affected by changing the way law enforcement treats addiction. More states need drug courts instead of just throwing addicts in jail with no support whatsoever. Then they wonder why the recidivism rate is so high. More doctors need to focus on addiction treatment so there is more of them able to prescribe dugs like Suboxone as replacement therapy. There needs to a fundamental shift in how local, state and federal governments view opiate addiction. If not the problem will just continue to worsen. Ive seen it personally rip my family and friends apart.

  • What would happen to them if grand parents are also addicted to drugs? My heart really goes to children, when I was a little kid, I remembered missing my mom when she comes out of the door to go to work, I was like 10 and would cry my self knowing my mom wouldn’t be home until 6 in the afternoon! Until now that I already have a family of my own, I still think about it and reminds my mom about it every time we celebrate our birthdays because we were both born February 14, please please please, whatever you do, your kids needs your attention atleast until 18, you may think they don’t know what’s your doing because they’re just a kid, and ignored them, you will regret everything!

  • Mom’s in HR? Well, maybe as a paper pusher, but she’s not go what it takes to work the front lines on the tough stuff. She’s weak, not that smart, wishy washy and I do think her fighting Miranda’s problems gives her some weird affirmation. Right Fighter complex.

  • My mother was the same way. The first time I went “trick or treating” was with my son. It was difficult going to family outings at that age cuz all my cousins and their friends… I wasn’t allowed to tell them that santa, the Easter Bunny, tooth fairy… Were not real. One time I tried to sneakily tell them so I wouldn’t get in trouble with my mom. And to my surprise the backlash from the other kids was so intense they wanted to kill me lol. They couldn’t/wouldn’t believe it.

  • Totally heartbroken watching this documentary. Couldn’t help to think about the circumstances that lead addicts down such a destructive path both for themselves as well as for their families and society in general. Also couldn’t help wondering about the enablers. People in power who engage in corruptive acts such as receiving their share to allow the entry and circulation of drugs everywhere. They should also be held accountable and made to give back that money to the innocent children who get caught in the middle of this disgusting business. They are the worst culprits who get rich from others’ weaknesses. Everyone knows that these habits are only possible because of the immense profits these white collar criminals rake in from drugs. They need addicts to exist and then hypocritically boast about the programs they offer to addicts to get over their addictions. Shame on those enablers!! They should be forced to give back all the money they make to these children.

  • I was raised as a Jehovah witness so I get not celebrating anything and I understand struggling with religion… it’s very rough to learn and understand

  • Hay… I took Oxycontin “as needed” after surgery several times and I don’t ever crave it or even think about it. I have friends who will say the same thing.

  • Amazing ladies from the church ⛪ an dam right you remember ur muma in a good way, but so sad to b the forgotten ppl just because they were an did drugs makes me feel so sad �� x

  • You’re folks must have been on patrol in Slavic Village. They got hooked on Polish sausage. I can say that cause I grew up there too. ����

  • Why are we asking the government for help? $ this I know. BUT they are the ones that caused/allowed this to happen to a certain extent. At the end of the day it’s all about $ and controlling a certain age and demographic group. Sounds far fetched but it’s true, open your eyes people.

  • What a sweet lady she is, bless her…. I don’t think I’ve heard of this guy.. I’ve said it b4 an I’ll say it again it doesn’t matter what these girls do they never deserved what they got at the hands of that man they were just strewn around his house like garbage may god bless all the girls �� x

  • I wonder how long she would have that cocky attitude IF she had ACTUALLY had consequences from day one? There is NO way I would allow any of WHAT her mother put up with! I had 4 sons who were raised WITH tough love. I loved them ENOUGH to make them RESPONSIBLE ADULTS!!!

  • As someone who is 48 started on cannabis resin in the 80’s, then E, acid & the whole house/acid scene. Cocaine started to turn up, then it was crack. Now 10 years smoking heroin, with few weeks here and there off it.
    My advice is do not try any drug, any drugs a gateway.

  • I feel that there isn’t enough treatment centres to help,doctors prescribe them all the time yet when people end up in trouble with these medications they aren’t there to help stop the addiction,stigma should be gone as this is a huge problem for everyone ����x

  • The problem with domestic violence cases is that they give those charges mainly to minorities to take their gun rights away. How some criminals get away with no record from their domestic cases confuses me.

  • When I listen to the story of some people, they never started out by having injuries tho. So how does one get hooked? That’s the part I cannot seem to understand..

  • Typical racist, and unconcerned police departments with all the same views of the lower income families, just pick any major American city, they’re all the same. ��

  • It’s sad that new police officers and old police officers get corrupted and do so many injustices to people they are suppose to protect. I would like to respect and admire the police uniform but unfortunately it only brings hate and disgust. I guess there will always be demons amongst us, stay safe.

  • Honestly, my mom was forced to go to catholic school and to this day she will say she doesn’t believe in anything she was taught. She doesn’t believe in the god most people believe in, and she won’t go to church. She says she believes there’s a higher power but not the one we’re taught to believe in, and she won’t push religion on me or my siblings because it was pushed on her. So in a sense I can understand the annoyance of having a religion pushed on you because I’ve seen the effects of it. But this girl definitely has a problem and in all honesty I think her mother does too. She enables her.

  • The needle exchange program has obviously failed. The overdose rates have skyrocketed and it’s not because of Fentanyl, it was escalating long before Fentanyl hit the streets.

  • I know keyboard lawyers will severely judge me, ohh well, but what if it was possible to shift drug addicts to a remote desert until they got better? Assuming it’s their surroundings that prevents them from staying clean all the way.
    I feel for the children

  • We need to let people know that for a majority Kratom will work. Saved my life. I would of course warn to stay away from adulterated products, tinctures, anything that says enhanced, 50x stronger or mixed with any other ingredients. Don’t touch the Kratom energy drinks or products from a gas station or a head/smoke shop. Don’t take it with any other prescriptions or drugs. It will not make you high. For me, I took my last opiates before going to bed. Woke up the next morning and went as long as I could handle into the hell that is being dopesick. It had been about 18-20 hours since I’d taken my last dose and I was good and sick. I had been warned about a potential for being thrown into rapid withdrawl, can’t remember the name of it, if the Kratom was taken roo close to the opiate. Didn’t know if that was true but I was not going to chance it. Within 20-30 minutes I just noticed that I felt normal. No runny nose, no crawling skin, no stomach issues, no flu feeling, no pain, no high. I just felt like I’d felt before I ever touched a pill, but with less depression and less social anxiety. Started off with 5g every 8 hours. I’ve never touched an opiate again. I’ve had people hand them to me and even with them in my possession I just have no interest. When I don’t take Kratom, been using it 3 years now, the only withdrawal I have is yawning, sleepy and rarely a mildly runny nose. As a daily user I have days where I just forget to even take my Kratom because it is not a first priority obsessive thought when I wake up like the opiates were. Go check out the American Kratom Association. Do your own research.

  • I live in Cleveland south Euclid approximately 5-7 mins away from East Cleveland ( ec) and I can vouch this guy is nuts and his going to die in Ohio correctional

  • Totally decimate the black communities in the 70’s 80’s & 90’s. Families and communities were totally destroyed, and most has not bounced back.. Wish those families got the help they needed..

  • I’ve seen a lot of shows about the opioid crisis. Many narrators bring up the number of prescriptions filled and the quantity of pills dispensed. These numbers are truly shocking since they don’t differentiate between chronic pain patients and those who use street drugs.
    I am a chronic pain patient. Because of my condition, I have mobility issues and I must take pain pills every day to have any kind of quality of life. If you count my pills times the number of pills for other chronic pain patients, the total seems excessive, however, I, like many other chronic pain patients, don’t take them to get high. I use them as a tool, something to help me move, so I can do housework, visit with friends or go on walks.
    I guess what I’m trying to say is don’t penalize chronic pain patients by lumping us together with people who use street drugs. They are making risky choices which affect us all. They scare the doctors, pharmacists and politicians into treating all people who take opioids the same. Cpp use their meds safely and responsibly. We don’t use them to get high or use heroin or fentanyl so please don’t associate us with people who do. Doctors have been pressured to decrease our doses or discontinue prescribing opiates alltogether. Don’t make chronic pain patients a casualty of the drug war.

  • Not a word about Fentanyl or the stronger Carfentanil… Carfentanil or carfentanyl is an analog of the synthetic opioid analgesic fentanyl. A unit of carfentanil is 100 times as potent as the same amount of fentanyl, 5,000 times as potent as a unit of heroin and 10,000 times as potent as a unit of morphine. A whole different ballgame than only heroin by itself-BTW, The Doctor mentioned to get Naloxone-> It doesn’t exist/This is good information. But this is old {Jun 14. 2016}
    Any updates? King County… you really should have a 2018 community conversation. And at least annually, if not every 6 months. 30 day programs don’t work-Especially if someone has used for years. 30 day programs make the BIG bucks and do little to nothing for the addict.
    STOP THE STIGMA For chronic pain patients as well! Very few will become addicts if the state’s opiate monitoring programs checked each patient instead of this ‘Blanket’ approach we have now. Doctors know your patients.

  • He is a trained forensic psychologist with over 40 years of reading ppl for a living. Trust him when he says she is smiling. It’s eyes + corners of them and mouth. She giggled prior in the longer clip.

  • I remember reading about this. Wondered why it didn’t get more coverage. Samantha Bee just did a segment last week on domestic violence and guns.
    Close the boyfriend loophole:


  • Like, I think that many people don’t elieve in Snta Claus, but her mother just being so crazy about all the religion is really weird! @ 0:56 her face was just CRAZY!

  • Having grown up with serial killer Alfred Gaynor the Springfield Massachusetts killer I know the pain and fear their not sorry just sorry they got caught and can’t continue

  • Im gonna be honest right now;
    Raising your children in a strict religious home is literally brainwashing them to believe what you believe.

  • I don’t have any change just my 2 cents, that one eye devil stole 7 stars from my head about his Muhammad and Christ said even the ones who Pierce him will know his Vengeance of the Roman’s Empire and St branches thereof outside of his Covenant.

  • Dude this is literally me and my mom except I rarely drink and don’t smoke. It’s crazy to see my life happening to something else.

  • Seattle’s self-defeating policies enabling heroin and meth use are appalling. The city is becoming a dump for junkies. Meth and Heroin users are roam around the city stealing to fuel their addiction with little or no consequences from police. Heroin is essentially legal in Seattle and it shows if you spend any time here. The filth, property crime, stollen bikes, syringes and trash are unacceptable. We’re letting addicts trash our green belts and destroy vegetation. We let addicts park unlicensed and out of state junk vehicles on our streets as long as they want. We let addicts camp in parks. Addicts shit everywhere they camp, including on private property. They also engage in property theft. You might want to check this phenomenon in person if you’ve not seen this dark side of Seattle. Seattle City Council, Dow Constantine and King County Board of Health are all a disgrace. King County Board of Health is regulating Major League Baseball players use of chewing tobacco at Safeco Field, but is moving to implement Vancouver BC style injection sites and stifle King County voters from a say in the matter. Vancouver’s downtown eastside is a shithole; Seattle politicians and activists want to bring that and worse to King County.

  • This dude said “Your not responsible for your addiction, only your recovery.” as a heroin addict I can definitely say your responsible for your addiction as well good sir.

  • “Miranda’s not resentful about going to a Christian school.. but she’ll tell you shes resentful.”

    The absolute audacity of this woman lmao. Its beyond ridiculous that she thinks that she not only has the right.. but the ability, to tell anyone else about what they are feeling. Ok narcissist..

  • Big Pharmaceutical Companies Are making a killing off of their Drugs!!! Stop them, and you’ll help the problem. Also, there needs to be Good Rehabs for addicts that Want Help! Don’t put people on other addictive drugs, help them to live completely clean lives.
    P.S. If they made Kratom free for all addicts, it could wipe the problem out.

  • How would Sara Together have dealt with the truck that recently killed many people in NYC? How would she have dealt with a similar mass killing in France or the one in Santa Monica some years ago? Would Sara Together ban cars and trucks? What about all the knife stabbings? What about acid killings? What would Sara Tofte not ban?

  • The problem is…
    Miranda and her Mom are suffocating one another. They need to seperate.
    I think their relationship is quite weird myself.

  • Huge difference between religion and faith in Christ. Dr Phil needs to stop hauling these crazy religious people on here because ultimately all it does is mock true faith.

  • Wonder why a memorial can’t be made on that empty lot. Almost like a sanctuary for the family and friends to just come out, sit and just talk with their loved ones.

  • Heroin never leaves even when you leave the heroin learning to live once your an addict in recovery is like being reborn and learning to live again with a whole new set of rules you will never be the person you once where but recovery is possible the only way I’ve seen that works us with the Fellowship meetings.

  • How is it that a Crack addicts or a Drunk Drivers are made to be responsible, but Heroin Junkies aren’t? At the end of the day, all of them made a choice to destroy their lives.


  • What does the mom expect? She’s shoving her belief down her kid’s throat! The more she does that, the more her daughter will rebel!

  • Such lazy police. They were handed Sowell several times when they came to his house and saw blood, smelled awful odors, had women call and report him to be told come down here to report this, had a woman literally throw himself out a window at his home to escape and she’s naked and they’re just like “Oh Anthony, you’re so crazy…” What is this world coming to? I hope someone got fired over all that but I doubt it since it’s Cleveland. Cleveland is Ohio’s third world city….just saying…I’m from Ohio and we here in Cincinnati think of Cleveland that way…

  • The way these people are selling prescription drugs a message it so very hard for people like myself who need them for chronic pain difficult to get. Almost impossible and it sucks.

  • Tuff luv some times works with addiction,but most people are not mentally and physically strong enuff, and the outcome just leads to death by O.D.

  • No, people aren’t ‘wired to like opiates;’ the normal person will get severely nauseous after a dose of morphine or equivalent. I had surgery and was put on a morphine drip. Half an hour later I was far from euphoric; I had a sickening headache and was puking. Morphine is a toxin that happens to dull the central nervous system. Not a natural thing to introduce to the body.

  • Stay educated always. I thank all these wonderful people. The evil ones rejects solutions for they are too heartless,GREEDY, and evil.
    God will deal with all of us in time. We reap what we sow folks. Let go and let God always.Treat everyone the way you want to be treated.
    The TRUTH can never be hidden.
    Thank you so much for the time and work you put in making these wonderful videos. God bless and protect you always.

    Vicks VapoRub repels mosquitoes. Put on you, leave lids off filled with vicks.
    Long cucumber skins, sprinkled with white vinegar and salt repels ants.

  • You conservative white people are so racist and two faced, when black people were suffering from the crack cocaine problem; your entire legal apparatus incarcerated the hell out of us, now that white people are dying your response is totally medical.

  • This began way before Obama legalized weed
    Big pharma pushed opiates knowing oxy is the same chemical makeup as smack. Big pharma lied & said opiates were totally safe. Now if heroine is an opiate & highly addictive then common sense tells me that oxy, percs etc is addictive also. Don’t know where people’s common sense & the ability to think for yourself

  • witch granny said there was food in the cupboard so her grandchildren could not be put into care, why would she even want that? It seems she finds it a great burden. she should have a chat with my mam. One love, Jah bless

  • 1:22:46 why aren’t doctors prescribing Suboxone? Probably because the government says you can’t unless you take an 8 hour course at your expense, then you are limited in the number of patients, and they aren’t high quality patients. Why would a drug that can’t get you high no matter how much you take, and blocks heroin be so hard to get? If the government actually wanted to stop this they’d hand it out like candy to anyone who asked.

  • What person could turn away another human being in that condition.. Hearing that took my breath away. These woman are so strong. I don’t even have words for what I heard…

  • Believe me, its just NOT being reported! Let it be a Black, Muslim, Hispanic, then we would know about!

    What is so wrong about this is that our MEDIA is giving everyday people a FALSE SAFE environment, when these crazy gun owner’s are snapping every day of the week, and the MEDIA IS KEEPING IT QUIET!

    Perhaps, if one of them got caught up in this insane gun owner environment, they would report it as it happens!

  • What this woman is offering at timing 52:00 is absolute nonsense. It’s the exact same thing the profit run rehab clinics have been offering for 40 years and it has an almost zero percent success rate. She is saying people can get off of opiates if they come in to a lengthy expensive regiment of psyche medications and counseling, where the person is diagnosed with all sorts of mental illnesses. She is talking about selling people loads of psyche meds which do far more damage to the body than natural opiates every could. The man who tries to back her profiteering up at timing 52:50 engages in wimple word play by trying to claim that when psyche meds replace heroin, this isn’t just one drug replacing another. It certainly is, and it is replacing a drug that does no damage to the body with drugs that not only damage the body but cause serious mental problems that include suicidal ideation, prolonged confusion, aggression and more. Natural opiates cause none of those side effects.

  • Wtf. The mom almost gets excited talking about the horrible things that the daughter does in the videos,but when on stage the mom acts victimized.

  • this is a horrible idea… I’m a recovering addict and i got clean because of the consequences from getting high and the hopelessness and feeling so alone… You hate life and how horrible and sad it becomes.. with something like this you will put into users head that it’s becoming socially acceptable, which is not ok!! addicts need to feel the consequences of their choices, which include shooting up alone under a bridge or in a nasty bathroom, the chance of ODing and dying, losing everything, without that, you will never feel the need to get clean because it will never get bad enough. smh this is about money, not because they care about addicts, if they cared they would build more programs to help deal with reasons for addiction, not become your personal drug dealer legally. smh

  • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.
    Opiates didn’t cause thins!
    The Gov’t always looking to blame someone, something to blame BS. Morphine been here from start.
    I have chronic pain since 2002 thru today.
    I don’t miss-use my meds & let me tell at the end of this whence you see what I’ve been on is a perfect example of a person with legitimate chronic pain.
    I don’t have what seems to be considered your typical mental health issue.
    I have been DX with PTSDx2, General anxiety with panic disorder, some depression.
    I also don’t have problem with downers xanax l, e.t.c.
    I’m on anxiety meds but not controlled.
    I have as far as mental health had counseling willingly since I was age 13-15 + 23+25, + 31+33, 41-43, +43 +48 and continuing.
    If you’re not willing to deal with traumas from your history you will use and having a hard time coping.
    Thanks there’s our Gov’t acting like this is something new really?
    The problem is environmental and each person’s choices and how they choose to deal with life struggles & each person’s choices. Today schools are wanting to implement more discipline. I think if you’re caught using at school rather than kicking them out maybe since this is an epidemic drug classes / treatment may have to be the best we can offer.
    Try catching the problem of addiction at the start and being mandated if your caught.
    If you kick a kid out School since we’re talking epidemic we need back up.
    If we send them home 1st your taking away from their education so initially kid a future addict now an addicted, drop out is this really the answer?
    2nd since this is an epidemic let’s look at the possibility what are the stats of parent a user also.
    So if there’s use at home are we sending these kids to a b home with a user?
    Back to environmental so that said it has to be a kids, persons choice Which is where possibly in school treatment and counseling, classes may be our best option.
    Should treatment be in the schools hands? well I think we well crossed that line when we implemented padded rooms in schools.
    My daughter been dealing with opiates abuse from age 13 now 29.
    She didn’t have a medical cause leaving her in need.
    She started using not mine but friends.
    continue latter…

  • A law must be passed that gruesome, evil persons of this magnitude, are given an immediate, and specific date for execution. This is beyond comprehension.

  • we need more detox and treatment centers, one in Tacoma and it takes forever to get in, when my son decided to quit, couldn’t get him in, and even got him to detox but with his apple insurance, too long of a wait and started using again…this is a real problem everywhere not just seattle