Very Good News About Hospital Bills


Hospitals increasingly suing patients over medical bills they can’t afford

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COVID-19 survivor faces million-dollar hospital bill l GMA

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Good MRI News and crazy medical bills

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As Americans Struggle With Medical Bills, Doctor Lets Patients Pay By Volunteering |NBC Nightly News

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Emergency back surgery leads to over $650,000 in bills

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Woman hit with $28,000+ bill after throat swab test at doctor’s visit

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Why Medical Bills In The US Are So Expensive

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Bill Of The Month This crowdsourced investigation by Kaiser Health News and NPR dissects and explains your medical bills every month in order to shed light on U.S. health care prices and to help. Senate GOP fails to advance slimmed-down coronavirus relief bill; How Woodward’s book could impact the presidential election; Record number of women candidates are “heart of the resistance” Police are still killing Black people at disproportionate rates; Planned Parenthood’s D.C. staffers unionize; Trump’s $300 in weekly jobless benefits. Share Your Medical Bill With Us. February 16, 2018 • Journalists from Kaiser Health News and NPR will be looking at surprising medical bills and figuring out what they can tell us about the. Megowan now owes more than $8,000 in medical bills.

Her CT scan costs nearly $4.000 alone. That’s on top of an emergency room bill, pharmacy bill, lab bills, doctor’s fees, and more. TUESDAY, Dec. 8, 2015 (HealthDay News) Fewer American families are struggling to pay medical bills, a new U.S. government report says. During the first six months of 2015, about 44.5 million people under 65 (16.5 percent) had problems paying their medical bills.

Talk about trauma. The last thing most people need after a frightening or painful medical procedure is an equally terrifying hospital bill. “The impact of unexpected, high medical bills can be really devastating and stressful to individuals and families,” says Maureen Lamb, CEO and founder of Medical Bill Support, which works with health care consumers to reduce medical costs. Find Medical Bills Latest News, Videos & Pictures on Medical Bills and see latest updates, news, information from NDTV.COM. Explore more on Medical Bills. “The impact of unexpected, high medical bills can be really devastating and stressful to individuals and families,” says Maureen Lamb, CEO and founder of Medical Bill Support, which works with.

In addition to the 180-day grace period, all paid medical bills must be removed from credit reports–they are no longer frozen on the reports for the full 7 years. Although this is great news, most consumers remain in the dark and have no idea that more often than not they will need to ask the credit bureaus directly to remove this harmful. In general, the more difficult your circumstances, the more that part of your bill may be forgiven. 2. Personal loans for medical debt.

If you have medical debt that cannot be resolved with the hospital, you may consider taking out a personal loan to cover your medical bills. A personal loan could give you a year or longer to pay off your.

List of related literature:

For discussions of surprise medical bills (note 5), see Mark A. Hall et al., Solving Surprise Medical Bills (Brookings, 2016); Daryl M. Berke, Drive-by-Doctoring: Contractual Issues and Regulatory Solutions to Increase Patient Protection from Surprise Medical Bills, 42 Am.

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Another recent approach to treating medical negligence as a crime is federal prosecution when a bill is sent to Medicare or to Medicaid for a procedure in which negligence occurred, alleging that fraud has been committed because the government paid for a service that was not received as promised.

“Principles of Risk Management and Patient Safety” by Barbara J. Youngberg
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In addition, payments have been reduced for durable medical equipment, disproportionate share payments, graduate medical education, and hospice care.

“The Managed Health Care Handbook” by Peter Reid Kongstvedt
from The Managed Health Care Handbook
by Peter Reid Kongstvedt
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And this will provide the funds to pay up to 90 days of hospital care for each illness, plus diagnostic care, and up to 100 home health visits after you are 65.

“Culture Wars: An Encyclopedia of Issues, Viewpoints and Voices” by Roger Chapman
from Culture Wars: An Encyclopedia of Issues, Viewpoints and Voices
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Nonetheless, these bills have stimulated the spread of voluntary health and hospitalization insurance and thereby fostered the movement for better distribution of medical care.

“A History of Public Health” by George Rosen, Pascal James Imperato
from A History of Public Health
by George Rosen, Pascal James Imperato
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Surprise medical billing also adds to the nation’s health care cost and can plunge patients into medical debt.

“Health, Illness, and Society: An Introduction to Medical Sociology” by Steven E. Barkan
from Health, Illness, and Society: An Introduction to Medical Sociology
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“Where hospitalization is provided, about 30 percent of the fund is deducted for hospital bills; another 50 cents to $1 of each fee is deducted for administration.

“National Defense Migration: Hearings Before the Select Committee Investigating National Defense Migration, House of Representatives, Seventy-seventh Congress, First[-second] Session, Pursuant to H. Res. 113, a Resolution to Inquire Further Into the Interstate Migration of Citizens, Emphasizing the Present and Potential Consequences of the Migraion Caused by the National Defense Program. Pt. 11-[34]” by United States. Congress. House. Select Committee Investigating National Defense Migration
from National Defense Migration: Hearings Before the Select Committee Investigating National Defense Migration, House of Representatives, Seventy-seventh Congress, First[-second] Session, Pursuant to H. Res. 113, a Resolution to Inquire Further Into the Interstate Migration of Citizens, Emphasizing the Present and Potential Consequences of the Migraion Caused by the National Defense Program. Pt. 11-[34]
by United States. Congress. House. Select Committee Investigating National Defense Migration
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Compounding this impact on the statesand physicians inMedicaid,the legislation alsoincludes reductions in federal payments todisproportionate-share hospitals.

“Cancer: Principles & Practice of Oncology: Annual Advances in Oncology” by Vincent T. DeVita Jr., Theodore Lawrence, Steven A. Rosenberg
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But could the hospital collect the increased fees for all these new services and equipment?

“Mending Bodies, Saving Souls: A History of Hospitals” by Guenter B. Risse
from Mending Bodies, Saving Souls: A History of Hospitals
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Worrying about how payment and fees affect medical decisions is not new.

“Goldman's Cecil Medicine,Expert Consult Premium Edition Enhanced Online Features and Print, Single Volume,24: Goldman's Cecil Medicine” by Russell La Fayette Cecil, Lee Goldman, Andrew I. Schafer
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  • While #WonderfullyHungry, I am reminded of the need to #MakeAmericaSuperHealthy ( #MASH) in order to end the on-going and ever-worsening U.S. healthcare crisis which “is putting Americans to extremes.”

  • And now you are billed for an office visit if you call the doctor and ask a question. Or ask the doctor to call back because you have a health concern. Billing code for telemedicine…..

  • What will people do when the Republicans take away health care, social security, the right of school kids to get at least one good meal? I guess we are going to see. Thanks Evangelicals

  • I remember complaining having to pay an £8 prescription charge for my inhaler. Granted, I had several prescriptions to collect a month so it was adding up so I stopped collecting my prescriptions going without allergy, migraine and asthma medication. Then SNP waived all prescription charges in Scotland. Inhalers can cost $350 in the US. So grateful for the NHS. Worth every penny of my taxes. It is scary to know the US see human health as a money making scheme.

  • They are saying that they haven’t send any bills for the covid treatment to patients
    What they are trying to say they are waiting for patients to get well before billing it

  • Nothing like living in your head rent-free, by the look of the comments on here…… thing free for the US. Oh, by the way, because there is more than ONE health care system in the US, I go to the VA and it’s all free……

  • Get real America, Insurance companies will pull out all the stops to avoid paying out!! Why do you think their admin costs are so high?, they’re busy finding ways to screw you. Soooo glad we’ve got our beloved NHS…. the gift that keeps on giving.

  • What? I can do it for free whenever I feel like it in where I’m from
    Even in terms of physical labour and material, it’s still too dang expensive

  • This is why we are so protective of our NHS here in the UK. It’s underfunded, under strain and far from perfect, but the 20% tax most of us pay on our monthly incomes doesn’t even begin to cover the £30,000 worth of surgeries I’ve had to have but have not had to pay for. Literally the only money I’ve ever spent in a hospital is the £4.30 bus fare to get there for a hearing test. American health insurers are absolute extortionists.

  • Kaiser Permanente sent my bill to a collection agency without mailing it to me first. They claimed that they did mail it to me but it was returned. Subsequent calls to Kaiser revealed that there was no record that the bill was ever sent out. So far, Kaiser refused to explain what exactly happened.

  • Americans health care system is a travesty. Modern developed countries have free healthcare. Its all about making money and not about people’s health and wellbeing.

  • Pro life/Anti Abortion people who seem to LOVE life so much are no were to found ���� Student loans, Expensive medical bills are few reasons I’m never having kids. I rather spend/take care of my present family & spouse.

  • Even many third world countries can offer universal healthcare to all citizens as a minimum safety net. If you ever need emergency treatment, just pay the equivalent of tank of gas and that’s it, no matter how complicated your procedure is.

  • The people on this program was careful not to call this medical fraud. The Doctor should be made to answer for this highly questionable bill.

  • Americans: “We want medical care like in Germany and rest of Europe!”
    Also Americans: “We don´t want to pay higher taxes it’s Socialism”
    Also Americans Paying thousands healthcare premiums in additional $3 million bill after care.

  • Coming from boston myself, now living in toronto, ma biggest fear while i was in us is that i have to keep working as long as i could just because of health insurance provided by employer otherwise couldn’t afford it due to high cost. Its fine when u r 20s or 30s but once u hit age 50 or 55 u get laid off, u r just 1 step away from bankruptcy. I dont wanna work like a f**king dog until i’m eligible for medicare at age 65. U get me boi? I can retire wayyyy earlier here in toronto than if i were still in boston because of free health care see wut am sayin boi

  • Wow! This is very sad to here! In my country, the Netherlands, we have some issues in our healthcare system, like waiting times for non-emergency surgery, but at least we do not go bankrupt after medical treatment! In 2015, I was very ill and my colon had to be removed. I ended up with an ostomy. The operation, which was done by a surgeon, with the help of a trainee surgeon and a few technicians/nurses operating very advanced equipment, was done at a Friday evening and took some 4 hours. I could see the bill a few months later, on a (secure) website of my health insurance company. It was less than 7000 euros for such complicated surgery. After that, I had to stay in the hospital for another 5 weeks because of some nasty complications, like high fever. The total bill, surgery, numerous checks by doctors and just the general care, was around 40000 euros, which sounded a lot to me at the time, but compared to the US is almost nothing. A few months after leaving the hospital, I received a bill for a co-payment of 385 euros, about 450 US dollars that would be. And guess what: the Dutch still complain that healthcare has become so expensive! But then we like to complain as a people!

  • I am old enough to remember people talking about small hospitals everywhere, a hospital might be a few stories on the corner of a city block, hospitals of fewer than a hundred beds, or only a few dozen beds are no more. They disappeared when insurance companies were trying to scare everyone into full coverage. When small hospitals close, no more competition, prices can be raised enough to frighten everyone into coverage I would like to see small very local hospitals return. Of course they can’t handle everything but they can handlecheaplya lot of things big hospitals gouge people for. You do not usually need massive medical technology to resuscitate someone, yank an appendix,deliver a baby, get someone through an asthma attack. Redesign the system to bring competition back.

  • Informative video. I have to admit that herbs are nature’s own contribution to maintaining our health. Dr. Sebi and other herbalist have been able to treat seemingly incurable diseases with success by using herbs. I got a first-hand experience when I was diagnosed with cancer in 2015. I tried everything possible to get rid of it, all to no avail. I almost lost hope when I came across Dr. Aliyu from a testimony I read online. He is a herbal specialist. He prepared a herbal medication which was very effective against the cancerous cells. Today I am cancer free and I have Dr. Aliyu to thank for saving my life. This may not be for you but anyone who wishes to reach out to Dr. Aliyu, he can be reached at dr.aliyuherbaltreatment[@]gmail[.]com. I hope you find solution to any health challenge you suffer. All the best!

  • Not that I’m condoning this, but I just don’t believe that the average American pays these kinds of amounts out of pocket. I think most of them get coverage from their workplace. As sad as the poor mother’s situation is to save her child, I commend her for willing to get into a lifetime of debt to do it. I hope they waive these ridiculous fees and give the family a break.

  • Our healthcare system is disgusting! Anyway who almost died should not have to pay a million dollars after having their life saved.

  • These health insurance companies are absolutely immoral. This man’s insurance company is not uncommon. This man is using health insurance for 1 of the things it is for a medical emergency. And this is exactly what the insurance companies no longer want to do, pay for health insurance. It’s bizarre!

  • This why you should vote for Bernie Sanders for presidency 2020. He is for the little people the poor people. He will give us all the option to have insurance for all.

  • The answer is simple: healthcare is not a free market, yet the GOP forces the government to treat it like one. Get rid of the GOP and you can solve the problem in an instant.:-)

  • OK, my question is this; will hospital’s refuse to do treatment on someone because of this? If those parents couldn’t keep up with the medical bills, would the hospital stop treating their child?

  • This is the new norm, bad health care. Along with homelessness, slow starvation, climate change, poor paying jobs, obesity, poor education, etc. etc. The general slow downward spiral of amurca. Spend billions on a wall, good idea. Bezos throw billions into space. Another brilliant idea.

  • This is totally disgusting ��. One payer system. America has to fix their healthcare system. It’s a joke. These are clearly working class people that are clearly not lazy but hard working people paying taxes. Pull yourself up by your bootstraps??? First you need boots on your feet. This is so upsetting.

  • Put everything in a trust and get on state funded medicaid. No shame there…you’ve paid into the system for years. Medical costs can take every last dime you ever made and every dime you’ll ever earn in your life.

  • The government spends more money on military spending than healthcare services. You could argue the US prioritizes ending lives rather than saving them I guess. Just an opinion.

  • News flash it’s not the Republicans who are making this a soup sandwich but that sure what they want you to think, time to wake up and do your research they are not being honest with you!!!!!

  • Would anyone care if a MAN was hit with the same $28,000 bill? Would a youtube video have even been made if it happened to a MAN? Doubt it

  • He is a true doctor. Others became doctors to get rich. Our health system is helping doctors become multimillionaires. Doctors and especially lawyers are almost as evil as politicians. 90% of them are heartless.

  • My son has been to the hospital 6 times the last year. Ambulance every time + ambulance helicopter the one time. Out of pocket cost: nothing. (Norway)

  • Scam. But the doctor will NOT face any repercussions. That’s the real travesty. The people watching this should put in our two cents to get her to face consequences.

  • Most traditional insurance has a clause that services are covered only if medically necessary. $28,000 would certainly deserve a second look.

  • The law that requires hospitals to provide emergency care but doesn’t provide any government funding for emergency services is the reason. The patrons of the hospitals are left to pay the bill for unpaid emergency services by the entire country and visitors from other countries. That is why the cost for services are so high, I think. Hospitals need to be funded by the government for the entire emergency operation just like all other emergency services.

  • Thank God ��, I had the choice to choose to go to the US or Canada. I chose the latter. My decision was based on guns and healthcare. I chose safety on both accounts ��.

  • In my country, there is a base prices for hospitals and doctors fees. So you know, how much they charge you. Of course we are living a capitalist system, every hospital can change their fees; because there might be some advantages over other service providers like better caring services, having best doctors or maybe operated 7/24 etc. But they forced to inform the patience before they charge and if there is no negotiation the hospital is responsible for taking “emergency operations” and then transfer it to the other hospitals.

    Come to Turkey, we will cover your medical issues with best care and lowest prices, maybe your health insurance cover these costs too.

  • Look at the doctor’s name. She is Iranian. That explains the whole thing. I’ve known some and they have no integrity or morals at all; cheating, stealing, and lying is just part of their cultural heritage.

  • Really when it comes to healthcare in the USA it’s profit over people and why would they care about human life when they see everyone as a potential for profit and there is the cost like the woman with the kid who had those surgical procedures done 3 million dollars? How the hell is she gonna pay 3 million dollars?
    these hospitals and healthcare insurance companies are out of there minds thinking the have 3 million just sitting around.
    And what really is sickening is the fact they have a stranglehold on healthcare this monopoly needs to end and it needs to be reformed and the profit and shareholders aspect taken out and it be replaced with a single payer or universal healthcare program it’s the only way.

  • Our healthcare needs to be strictly regulated due to the amount of money they ask for everything that costs very little money in reality. And even if it’s the insurance that pays; it’s still coming out of our pockets.

    If people saw what the take-home money for these doctors and administrators, they would see why they continue making a fool out of this nation.

    Go to other parts of this world and you start to realize how cheap healthcare really is.

    The US Healthcare industry (to include Pharmaceuticals) continues to abuse capitalism to its full extent in running the most profitable scam in history.

  • this is literally like the scams they do on tourists. they’ll take a photo for you then demand money. they don’t ask for money first cause nobody would be interested. they pretend they’re being generous. BE AWARE!

  • I just got a $450 bill for 3 psychotherapy sessions, insurance wont even cover a therapist anymore and their monthly goes up every year, ridiculous!

  • Rarely some doctor are genius but just dont have some common sense… i believe she didnt intent to cheat money since doctor income is already alot..

    I know cause many of my friend are doc and they are dumb in some commom sense…. but they can remember everything.

    And doctor dont have to know the cost of Lab testing… but the common sense doc should learn it.

  • This is why you vote for Bernie Sanders and his M4A ( Medicare for all ). Sanders is the only candidate that really cares for people.

  • She can’t say it, but the doctor and the lab just pulled off a money grab. I like the fact that my health insurance uses in network medical and no matter what they want to charge for procedures because they have agreed to be an in network provider they will only pay them what they feel the procedure should cost and they can’t try to recoup the rest from me. So for example the $28,000 bill might have only actually paid out $1000. And that is all the money they would get.

  • $738 billion as your defense budget yet your people cannot even afford to get morning after pill never mind even organ transplants…..this is so ashaming…thank God I’m not american!!

  • Harsh! Look up to a small island country to the south of your border, u.s. people. They seem to value people health over corporate wealth.

  • I work for an insurance company and some of the charges for simple things is outrageous. Battle between insurance and hospitals is ongoing and both are dirty.

  • Trump is making huge cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, social Security and child healthcare in his 2021 budget. Where is that “GREAT HEALTHCARE “ Trump Promised?

  • More and more doctors who are only after the money. I remember Kylie Jenner’s father talking about a derma clinic who charged him about $2000 for just a small facial cream. What’s inside that cream? A Gold?

  • It has often occurred to me that “anti-vaxxers” are just poor. They pretend to be anti-vaccine, because who wouldn’t rather say that than admit that they can’t afford to treat their kids?

  • I hear everything worked out for this guy with his insurance, but better to just keep fighting the insurance company then trying to negotiate payments, just keep referring the collector to your insurance and keep exhausting the appeals process the insurance company has in place.

  • As someone who has worked for heart surgeons, there’s 2 different things going on here. First, is his insurance company refusing to pay for legit emergency services. A formal Appeal needs to be done through his insurance. It is also helpful to get his employer or Union involved. Secondly, pricing is difficult in emergency situations because there could be complications. I always gave the base price with the disclaimer it could be higher depending on what the doctor runs across once he is working on you. To have a bill with a reasonable deductible is unusual. I wishI knew him so I could help his with his Appeals.

  • The free market would do a better job of controlling prices for healthcare in the United States if prices for services were known in advance. They’re a surprise at the register. Trump called attention to this 2 years ago.

  • Oh the medical industry is messed up? Why not have medicare for all? Oh that’s Socialism? Oh my bad I guess i’ll just go bankrupt.

  • “Let’s practice socialism so we can have free healthcare and free college like many European countries”
    “Those countries are not socialists”
    “Okay then, so why don’t we just do what they’re doing”
    “No, that would be socialism.”

  • When ever i go to see a dr or hospital i dont allow for any thing to be done without my writien or verbal consent given first. If theu try to do anything i have not consented to i will leave. To get my consent i require to cost to do so as well. That way they have upfront contracted to a set price with me and anything over that becomes illegal and if they press it top far i will use the illegal charging to have the entire bill thrown out. I dont play gamrs with this stuff after one time i suffered medical problems after being forced to susspend my own arm on my own for over 20 mins while they did blood work. They left the room and more during the entire process never gave me anything rest my arm on. My body went into cold shock as a result of it. And i said get to head er dr in here now. If i dont see them in the next 5 mins this hospital will be facing a multi million dollar medical malpractice lawsuite. Needless to say the er dr was there very quick told them what happen they felt my body being very cold and shaking. To the dr that i will be leaving immediately without any bills unless they way the lawsuite. The dr knew i had a full 100 win case against the hospital and let me remove everything myself and walk out of there. After that i changed how i act with drs and hospitals to how i do things now. Let this be a lesson to all regardless of where you are at. Dont ever allow any dr or hospital to do any work on you without agreeing upfront on a set price or price range for medical care. As ince thats been set and agreed upon thats a legally agreed price that theu legally can not go above as if it does thats adding in extra things you did not legally agree to have done. And went against what you gave legal consent to have done.

  • Hospitals aren’t the only ones. Small practice or single practice specialty doctors are suing patients also. When all you need is a pair of glasses and you get sued because your insurance won’t pay for your exam….


  • Rebublicans must pull out from nations that don’t pay to defend them with military and doctors of military used for the poor people in USA ����

  • This makes me remember when I needed a treatment for my auto immune disease or I could become paralyzed. It was so bad that my neurologist walked me over to the ER himself and got me admitted. I got the bill for $400,000 later cus my insurance said it wasn’t medically necessary… Even though the tests they did before the treatment showed that I had lost about 85% of nerve function in my feet at that time. The same insurance company refused to pay for the CPAP I need for my sleep apnea as well. Insurance companies just suck.

  • America and American can do better than this..I firmly believe that.. perhaps the gold standard shouldn’t be shed altogether making dollar without any amount of solid back bone to back it up..only my opinion though.May GOD bless America and American.

  • America is definitely not the land of the free anymore. It’s sad that people are dying cause they cant afford the outrageous healthcare cost. Like a guy died cause they raised insulin really high and he couldn’t afford it.

  • If there is no vaccine no medicine what u r charging for hospital beds r more expensive than 7 star hotels bed this is called Opportunity by disaster

  • Go to hospital, if they refuse to treat take out your gun and start shooting & killing every Fing one of the hospital staff that you can!!! make them PAY for their SCHITT 1st!

  • There is one and only one reason for the screwed-up medical costs in this country. The Citizens of the United States have to STOP electing politicions that are owned by the Corporations, BOTH PARTIES!!!!!!!!
    Republicans BRAG about a booming economy, TOTAL B$, a good economy you pay your F’ng bills. You DON’T slash taxes and force future generations of Citizens of the United States of America to deal with them.

  • Go into the hospital administrator. He will ask for your tax returns for the last three years. They will erase most of it once you provide proof you cannot pay.

  • Obama Care fail. Trump was right. Why isn’t CBS attacking the Dem’s for saying they fixed health care and didn’t. Where are you CBS to attack Pelosi.

  • Sad. But I can’t feel bad. I pay $1,508 a month for insurance because I’m not under Obamacare. Do you think it’s right that the government took over healthcare? Let companies fight so patients get the lowest costs. The healthcare system is messed up.

  • Shame play Manu Hospital you should be shut down in a new hospital that’s required to do better for their patients should be in y’alls place

  • Inez Qtaish is not searching online for no love at all, Inez Qtaish love GOD and God is enough for Inez Qtaish, so I’m not intrested in no other.

  • If smaller European countries like Portugal and smaller Asian countries like South Korea can offer their citizens very good healthcare at low costs, what is WRONG with our healthcare system?!! We are the richest nation on the globe, yet we ruin people’s lives with a for profit healthcare system. Only corporate healthcare providers and pharmaceutical companies benefit from this system and these ludicrous costs. There is no justification for what this gentleman is going through. His life is ruined for being sick. If it actually cost $650,000. for his surgery, who cares where he got treated! They would have needed to pay anyways.

  • Trillions in TAXCUTS for the very rich. Cuts in Medicare, Medicaid Social Security and child health care for the coming people. That is Trumpcare!

  • Healthcare is the United States is ridiculous. People die every day because they can’t afford health care. I have personally gone without medical care in order to avoid the extreme costs of treatment AND I HAVE HEALTH INSURANCE!!!!

  • Hospitals have learned that most Insurance companies won’t protest if it is listed as Emergency, so they just do what they want to do, and list it as Emergency, and we the people get to fight with the company who refuses to pay, after our Doctor has told us it was an emergency. I know for a fact that when I was told I needed an MRI to determine if I had more Kidney Stones, but the insurance co. wouldn’t approve but was told if I went to the emergency room they could order it, and the insurance co. wouldn’t hassle over it. And that is what I did, and didn’t have any kidney stones. But it is sad that we are all being played by the doctors and the insurance companies. We pay our premiums, and expect to get good service when we need it, but we don’t get what we think we are paying for, do we?

  • Many will have to file chapter seven bankruptcy. The only debt you cannot discard with chapter seven is your student loan.

    Trump got rid of debt with bankruptcy at least five times and refused to pay many workers any more than pennies on the dollar. Rich love Trump because they get richer. Others love him because they are stupid As losers, they win vicariously through Trump. It’s like believing the Sugar pops cereal you are eating is nutritious.

    The insurance companies should be dumped and the hospitals in poor cities should be public teaching, not-for-profit facilities.

    Everyone should have a health security that covers basics like appendectomies, tonsilectomies, diabetes, prevention.immunizations, well-baby care, well-seniors care., broken bones and cardio-respiratory care.

    This card could come off everyone’s tax forms for about a hundred a year per person. We can make a deal with Mexico and Canada for these services through the great new trade deal! No insurance companies just tax-payers taking control of their own health care and kicking the health profiteers to the curb. We can also save a lot of money by paying the Cubans to provide complicated health procedures at near cost!

    Cubans are way more healthy than Americans despite mass poverty!

  • Bad doctor. The onus should be on the doctors not to scam patients.what are you saying “check because ‘you just never know'”?! Doctors should be reined in and have licenses revoked for MOs like this.

  • Yes… because life saving skills and surgeries are very expensive and making mistakes, destroys a surgeon’s career. It costs $650,000 and twelve years at the top of class of a top tier university and medical school to become a surgeon. You want some person that barely graduated a poor school to perform life saving surgeries? Those idiots who became surgeries deserve no pay I guess…

  • He can fight them on that, if a specialist declared it an emergency then you’re following your medical advice. My bf was in a motorcycle accident. Thankfully only a concussion and a broken hand (though his hand required surgery for a plate to be put in) he was unconscious when he was transported to the hospital. They wanted him to pay out of pocket 300K because the hospital was out of network. Um no. Lol wrote a stern letter threatening legal action and it was reverted. Don’t let them walk all over you.

  • Crooks. I used to work for Blue Cross Blue Shield they are crooks. They denied my childbirth claim and said it was a car accident. But when I told them I was an employee they approved it and never said anything else. They are some slick MF’s and that’s why they be getting sued.

  • In America we are already paying insurance. This insurance doesn’t even always cover everything. Why not just pay that in taxes and get standardized consistent, free healthcare for everyone?

  • That’s why America needs boarders,Barry Obama and his gang made Americans poor the only rich are Hollywood and sport men and woman,and crooks like demonRats politicians,but people are waking up that’s why the people are behind President Trump and Vice President Pence God Bless them and USA ���� If Nations wants protection and help thy must help USA in money and man power

  • 2 yrs ago i had my total spine that was severly twisted straighten.i have 50 screws,fusions,4 bone was 2 complicated 8 hr surgeries,12 days in total bill was 450,000.this man was wayyyyy overcharged

  • I apologize for bringing up politics, but my boyfriend told me that he met an illegal immigrant who worked “off the books” and had a girlfriend with his kids and had his surgery for back and a hernia “ALL” paid for. There was an office in the hospital that solely took cases and got free medical procedures paid for. So, that guy gets expensive surgery for free, free food, housing assistance. Also, this special office and personnel get paid to provide these services for people such as that man. He told my boyfriend that the gov’t helps him and his family. My boyfriend told him, “No”, “It’s the taxpayers who are paying your bills, because taxpayers have to pay for insurance, co payments, and be responsible for remaining amount insurances do not pay.” This was in some suburban area of New Jersey.

  • Trump you have done nothing but waste large sums of money on the most stupidest of things being the cause of more problems that we really dont need 60 million calls to our police stations monthly 51% of America on assistant programs for over 10 years now can we solve our problems instead of making them worst we are letting over 1000000% of our criminals go vs a actual trial and due process most of our state cant keep up with the crimes throwing out millions of petty crimes while homeless are 5 finger discounting our nation apart and no one seems to be solution makers just problem makers democrats have been pushing proven facts by our science committees and republicans have been playing games proving they dont care and ruining our country none more now then was

  • His insurance company is trash and his employer is to blame

    Also this is an error on the part of the hospital who didn’t code the bills properly

    I recently had a 22,000 ER bill. My insurance paid all but 150.00 of it because it was entered properly

  • Let Mexico and the rest of South America pay for their citizens medical bills not US citizens Democrats want US taxpayers to pay the worlds medical needs. And too bad for Americans America first ����������������

  • Democrats control the companies that overcharge our insurance, that’s why they want insurance for all including 30 million illegals,and education housing food stamps all free under Democrats and taxpayers get the bill

  • my insurance allowed the hospital to charge them $800 max total for an mri. my share was a co-pay of $40. if i did not have insurance, the hospital would have charged me over $8,000.

  • Government needs to step in and regulate medicine and the medical field. One trip to the doctor or emergency room shouldn’t put an average family in debt for years. Medical treatment should cost 1/10 of what it currently does.
    Education……same thing.

  • This is why I dread what will happen to the US when the Coronavirus reaches it’s shores. With no medical cover, people will be loathe to visit doctors or hospitals until it is too late and their families and friends will be contaminated. That’s how contagious diseases spread so quickly across African countries.

  • I know rhe feeling I’m birrowing to pay for my sugery and I have health ins. I have a $2,000 deductible plus co-pay and 30% of the bill.

  • In my country Botswana if you are a motswana medical care is free at a public hospital only at private hospitals that’s were you pay or get medical insurance

  • So if you survive the virus, you’re guaranteed to face bankruptcy and possibly lose your home. Donnie bragged he personally “made a killing” off the 2008 housing collapse buying up cheap properties. The only way to beat this virus is if everybody can stay home (except TRUE essential workers). Other countries paid their citizens a MONTHLY hardship stipend for food, etc., to shelter in place until safe. They can’t cut your water and power at this time. Stay home and send ALL of your bills to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
    C/O: Donald J. trumP
    CC: Ben Carson
    CC: Steve Mnuchin
    aka The Foreclosure King

  • My problem is all my bills came as “this is not a bill” so I threw them out….. 6 years later surprise court date being I’m being sued.

  • Healthcare costs should be free of charge, people are paying taxes. The primordial purpose of taxes should be healthcare for everybody.

  • My friend went to the hospital last month for an infectious boil. Needless to say they never sliced the boil he left because bad service. They charged him $24,000 for antibiotics, a mri and an overnight stay. Now does it seem right to charge a person in Florida where $24,000 is a full years pay for most for such little service and a 15 hour stay? There will never be any health care system/insurance program that will ever work with these prices. My reduced price for not having insurance when I broke my fibula for an X-ray and a cast and 1 hour of the medical offices time was over $4000. All countries in the world combined would go in the hole if they tried to pay for the USA medical expenses for just Americans.

  • These hospitals are robbers, then they tack interest on to the bill, which is also highway robbery. They are no longer a loving and caring institution. It’s all about money.

  • The only correct solution is to STOP treating health as a commodity that impoverished people can’t afford. Health care is a RIGHT, NOT a privilege.

  • This is one of the most evil things I’ve ever seen in my entire life how can they live with theirselves?! To charge this man so much money for treatment for a virus that the government isnt even doing their best to contain and the president says will just disappear, I hope this man’s medical Bills will disappear.

  • My mom owed a half a million dollars and then died less than a year later at 50 years old I’m 27 and now I have no mother or father. This makes me so mad

  • I know what I will do not pay it! Ridiculous the cost of heathcare in America. The government should be paying for covid -19 patients hospitalization and other medical -related expenses greed greed greed.

  • Something is terribly wrong with this country, that you have to employ “lite” slave labor in order to pay your bills and the “peasants”, im mean “red blooded americans” take pride in doing menial “volunteer ” work to pay mesical bills. Smh.

  • No one should have to do this, that’s the point. Any other industrialized nation would scoff at the idea that people have to work to pay off healthcare that they can’t afford to pay off with money. As if most people are going to have the time to do this when they have to work 2-3 jobs to survive in the first place. No one in this country, the richest country in the history of the world, should be uncovered or under-covered.

  • The devil you do the devil you don’t. If he didn’t have the back OP and ended up paralysed his insurance company would probably have said why didn’t you have surgery when you had the chance. It’s your own fault and we’re not paying anything..


  • When prices aren’t transparent, hospitals can charge as high as they want. Imagine going grocery shopping and not knowing the prices until you get to the checkout counter?

  • Glad people got to pay off their bills, but doesn’t that still count as forced labor? Forcing people to labor… response to them unable to pay for medicine or surgery….���� yeah, that’s still not the best that we can do.

    People say that doctors and insurers may lose their incentive to perform at their best if they’re not paid as much. Tough cabbage. When people go bankrupt, we need to look in the mirror and analyze what we can do as a people in reducing the costs for others and making life more vibrant for others. That’s what I say.

  • I can’t marry my spouse because medical debt. Those debts become communal property. Trumps changes in SSDI make it impossible for her to get Medicare.

  • I can definitely believe it… I broke my neck last year and the MRIs/CT scan costs built up FAST. Glad to see an update from you, hard to believe its been a year. Keep up the fight!

  • No health care for all but, but money for wars, air craft carriers!! Veterans on the street, but we have money for a space force and a new fleet of Air Force One planes!! Straight non sense!!!

  • I had my son’s speech tested. I asked how much it was going to be. I didn’t get an answer. I waited to make the appointment. I then asked when I made the appointment. No answer. I asked when I got there, no answer. I asked when I was sent to the back to have a hearing test and read flash cards, no answer. Bill comes in for $500 with insurance!!!!!

  • All of these medical debts will end once robots and computers completely takeover the medical field. A hospital staff that doesn’t need to eat nor sleep, nor sue.

  • Wonder why we have mass shooters watch again big pharma wants your dying kin folks only money. A 9mm bullet is so much cheaper. Just aim at big pharma not innocent people.

  • America is showing something to the world and I don’t think they even know what it is. Half of America voted for Donald Trump (ex casino owner and TV star) because Franklin Graham (pastor to the presidents) said God had a hand in Donald Trump being elected president. This tells me half the population in America do not want to do their own thinking they want God to do it for them. If the other half can’t stand on its own 2 feet then a nationalistic ideology could easily turn into a dictatorship prompting more Americans with even more spiritual needs choosing to be ruled over by a Republic for which it stands. Caesar would’ve been proud, the religion on the cross he was most afraid of didn’t take after all. To think, at one time America was once a great democracy with its people choosing to live free coming out of a religion that said truth can set you free!

  • This is Bernie’s wet dream. How else r u going to give free healthcare, free college, etc. Um ur not nothing is free. Volunteering is not free, it’s a barter system we will be officially going backwards, Which is ironic coming from a progressive party.

  • _How amazing marvelous Awsome kind caring doctors!! May y’all’s be greatly blessed in good health and happiness family and friends plenty of wealth, a prosperous Long good Life in ALMIGHTY LORD GOD JESUS name!! 02/16/[email protected]:00PM.

  • Medical system is a disaster mostly because health care services cannot be a free market, it never was a free market, the system run by shareholders, this is the reason for unreasonable high cost. Free markets require price transparency hospitals do not disclose costs, competition in many places there is only one hospital available, you cannot shop around during emergencies. The only question is how we keep reasonable prices for services that cannot be free market the only way I see is a single payer system per state or for 50 states. #MedicareForAll

  • I live in Canada and if I need to see a Dr or go to hospital I pay nothing! I can see a Dr within hours or go to a walk in clinic. The US is so afraid of socialism, it’s every man for himself. The high costs are pure greed..

  • hmmm. last time I looked, working off your debt in exchange for physical labour or work was called, ”indentured servitude” it was viewed as White People Slavery because your loan could be bought or sold and you would go to whomever now owned your loan and you continued to work until your ”loan” was paid off, sometimes it took a life time.

  • Just wait until Agent Orange is finish gutting healthcare, unions (right to work movement), and Planned Parenthood. MAGA!MAGA! MAGA!

  • Indentured servitude.
    Raids on undesirables.
    Concentration camps.
    An iron curtain at the border.
    Crazy Liddle’ Donnie sure sucks at steering this mighty ship of state.

  • This is ridiculous i go to the same hospital and i will never go here againanything that involves going to the hospital is way too expensive the average American simply can’t afford. You know when they were talking about free markets and capitalism they should have left healthcare out. Luckily i live by the canadian border and can go to canada and buy cheap

  • Wow, Scott, this is first video of yours that has popped up in my Recommended for ever. Are you still recording? Please, keep us up-to-date about your Journey. I hadn’t remembered your Story because of all this damned CoronaVirus Shit. I live in Houston, Texas, and I haven’t been going anyway. I take care of my elderly mother (who is 90 yoa), so I don’t take chances on getting her sick.

  • So called richest country can’t,won’t take care of it’s citizens.. I’m Blessed to live in Europe and pay zero or hospital care, optometrist and dental care.. It’s normal to go to Dr’s and pay zero for any care,medication

  • The first time my husband had his follow up after radiation and chemo they said his tumor was stable and they said that stable is good news!!! Good for you Scot, now you can breathe.��

  • The US healthcare system is a joke. So glad I’m 5k miles away and all I have to deal with is 5 dollar co pays on meds (which I only have to pay if I can)

  • Please check Andreas kalcker dot com. His protocols helped us overcome covid in a day. Many testimonies of people getting rid of different types of cancer. The website shows warning but it is safe. I had my doubts but had no issues. My family safely takes mms and cds… no issues at all. Research the substance and all the evidence behind it. God bless and hope you get better soon!

  • Yeah, I wanted to hear if you kept doing the FenDaBendazole (or whatever)… 4:10… Good that you stayed on that. Glad to hear that it has kept tumor from growing. You are already in the 1% to 5% of people who don’t have growth that is shocking and unbelievable. I worked in cancer hospital, and you are in the minority. So, you are doing something right. Keep it up.

  • My medical bills bankrupted me in 2003 because of a Automobile Accident…And, again in 2019 because of Cancer.
    This should not happen to an American in the Richest country the world has ever seen.

    Vote Bernie Sanders!!!

  • America has some outstanding medical treatments that people the world over, including in my country, fundraiser to be able to avail of. That said, there’s something truly sick about its general medical costs. Here, it costs €75 a day as a public patient to get medical care, no matter what you’re in for with ways to reduce or even drop that cost, depending on your circumstances. I had shoulder surgery as a public patient with a top surgeon, a full team, xrays etc, and the cost to me was €150. By contrast, a family member was visiting America on holiday when they were taken ill, an ambulance was called, and there were a couple of brief doctor checks. Thank God they recovered, but the first the First bill that arrived was for $10,000. (Luckily they had travel insurance, with that €40 or €50 they’d paid proving a godsend.) So, while America offers incredible medical surgery and techniques, if you can afford it, the general costs just seem truly obscene.

  • Scott, you look amazing. OMG it hasn’t grown.,I’ll take that. You look amazing! I’m so happy for you and your family.
    Positive vibes and sending you tons of love. No sugar! That’s my bad too lol. Ohhhh this is music to our ears. Meditation is excellent as well. Are you taking pepper with your Tumeric? It’s supposed to make it more absorbable.
    Coenzyme Q10 is super important too, because C patients are super low in this. So this is really exciting man.❤️❤️❤️������

  • Went to the Hospital 2ish years ago after I had lost my job that month. Turns out I had a bladder infection and my job had already cancled my insurance. The bill is 5,000 and 2,000+ was just for the ER Room

  • Yeah, damn, glad you didn’t succumb… 9:05… and, yes, the “News of your Imminent Demise” is overstated… Fuck yeah!!! Happy for you. Make more videos. You help me remember that I can conquer the things in my life too just like you are doing with this cancer.

  • Well I got news for Alabama go out and vote them politicians to Senators congressmen’s house of representatives vote them Republicans out of office but you can get Medicaid Medicare down there

  • First of all why does treatment cause millions of dollars instead of less
    No humanity within Humans
    All the celebrities and millionaires and billionaires in the United States ����
    Including Trump could have done something to help the society
    This is Very Sad

  • The contrast doesn’t pass the blood brain barrier normally, so if you have a tumour that is lighting up it means it’s damaging or forming poorly constructed blood vessels and the contrast leaks out into the tumour. Typically means a higher grade, but low grade can have it too. In my case the tumour didn’t grow after a year, but after 2 years it got a few mm bigger. It was just too slow to accurately measure a difference.

    So I had a craniotomy and it was a grade 2 astrocytoma. In hindsight I wish I had it removed sooner! It was really no big deal. No chemo or radiation needed just monitoring for recurrence (which given enough time is almost inevitable).

    My MRI’s are $500 in Australia at a private imaging centre, $300 of that gets paid by the government. $5k is fucking insane.

  • My Social Security Retirement went up 1.6% this year. My Medical copays went up 5%. And my overall expenses went up 17%. What’s wrong with this picture?

  • America is only good if you are a multi millionaire. Otherwise forget it. Youre better off moving to Australia, Canada or Europe if you earn under 500k a year.

  • One thing… could you, please, get a podium to hold your camera? When I am watching the start of this, I get something called Vertigo because of the movement. So, I have to stop watching, wati 5 to 10 minutes, and close my eyes when I am listening to you. The jarring & jerkiness sets it off for some people.

  • I got my bill after having my first son…. my Bill’s statement said $500 for a sheet change. $75 charge for bathroom use.. times 3. $346 for 2 doses of acid reflux meds. Which were the same you can buy OTC for 15 for 30 dat supply. I was charge twice for the epidural…because the guy did it wrong so I was charged. And then a charge of cart excess of $100. Meaning the stuff in the cart with the baby..diapers pacifier etc..even though I touched nothing in there..I had my own. My son could wear newborn size diapers at birth. He was already in size 1.


  • boycott the usa and go to a real country like Mexico for healthcare. healthcare is a basic human right. this country is a steaming pile.

  • They should be held accountable for taking advantage of a crisis this is ridiculous this should be illegal even when there’s not a crisis nobody has $1000000 except for the rich

  • They should be able to file bankruptcy. The U.S. is the only large rich country without universal healthcare. Medical costs in the U.S.. is the number one reason for filing bankruptcy

  • As long as candidates continue to propose half baked fixes that keep for-profit companies in charge of healthcare, this will never be fixed. A company’s goal is to make as much profit as possible. They do that by denying people the coverage that they deserve. They do that regardless of whether you live or die, they don’t care as long as they make their money.

  • 9-23-2019 so why didn’t Obama Care with Pelosi approval fixed this? Why didn’t Bloomberg’s miracle medical system take care of this? His Presidential campaign ads said he got people in NYC coverage.

  • They wanna save life’s but it cost more then his life?? They might as well just have told him it cost too much and he’s gonna die!! Burn that hospital down!

  • That’s why people prefer to die and don’t go to hospital with the symptoms cause they know about that bill they have to sell almost they soul to pay for it.

  • Hey guys, let’s all tighten our belts, pull together and pay high premiums to pay the salary’s of health insurance executives.

    Remember. Socialism is very scary, unless it’s socialism for the rich

  • Bur this is why the USA should’ve already had Universal Healthcare for every American citizen. Where is Nikki Haley and Paul Ryan with all these austerity measures now?

  • In the country where i live, the maximum amount you have to pay per year is equivalent to 120 dollars. Nothing more, no matter how many deseases and sicknesses you have. I cant understand the meaning of the US health care system. To me it seems like utter madness.

  • Over 9000 dollars to stay in intensive care room per day. I still don’t understand why he’s bill amounted over a million dollars. What is going on here? It seems like healthcare is a money making business.

  • PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES admitted that they BANKRUPT US CITIZENS because they love it and we NEED BERNIE SANDERS for PRESIDENT to handle this

  • 3 million dollars? this is not right.. you know how to be the system should be I recognize that they have a really good doctor, but the bill should depend on your income and what I mean whit this for example if you have monthly income combine whit your husband 1000 dollar the state should be discount 10% on your salary every month and you can have whatever treatment you need cover so it would be more fear so everyone can have the treatment and they can pay whit that percentage because not everyone has the same income and not everyone can pay the said amount if you discount toe very American im 100% that the everything would be covered good payment for the doctor etc plus a deductible for taxes in another thing to create equilibrium if you need to

  • Convert that to my currency and you have N400, 000, 000(four hundred million naira). Almost a billion naira. You’re kidding me. This is more that the total budgets of many hospitals in developing countries.

  • Wait, so you are telling me hospitals are charging a crazy amount to essentially save their life? That never happens…�� my point is fck the health care system, at the end of the day it’s all about money and profits.

  • Oh, I know all about this. Perhaps they need to make “medical courses” mandatory in our public school system, so we can start treating ourselves on some of the more basic end of things.. instead of getting stuck with a $5000 dollar bill for something that turns out I could have taken care of myself with a little bit of background knowledge.

  • Here in my third world country an appendectomy in the state hospitals cost zero dollars..the same applies if you are in the national social a private facility cost 2.500 us dollars.all included…

  • Go Obamacare!!!
    And remember this, every single patient will die. Neither the hospitals nor sickcare system will prevent death, it’s a certainty.
    So why the need to destroy lives? Profit!!!!

  • From the moment we take our first breath we have a price tag put on our head! It’s how a capitalist country operates and why we have a census. The corporations will use us all to get rich in one form or another. And the politicians in our government get paid by the corporations to let them do it.

  • If you do not have health insurance then you are charged the hospital’s regular fee and not an insurance negotiated fee (which is lower fee for service charged for the insurance company ) between insurance plan and the health care provider. I found this out due to a health claim filing error after a surgical procedure in the past. The medical bills from the hospital, labs, pharmacy, anesthesiologist, rooms, operating room, etc combined for removal of a tumor = $ 31,000. 00 because I was told that I did not have any health insurance, which I did in fact had. I provided my health insurance documentation, and the medical charges of $5,375.00 where refiled with my health plan and I was required to pay $1,100.00 which included my deducible and the 20% co-pay of the allowable charges. When I question why there were a difference in the amount of the medical bill that was sent to me, I was told that when you do not have health insurance then the hospital can charge you their regular fees for services which is much more expensive when an individual does not have health insurance. I lived on IL it is true that if you don’t have health insurance then your medical bills and charges are going to be higher than if you have health insurance which make no sense. This is why that President Obama was attempting to make sure that everyone had health insurance, and stated that medical bills could force people to fill for bankruptcy due to their inability to pay these enormous medical bills to an hospital any kind of care. I did not understand this terrible health care issue of excessive medical fees becomes your financial responsibility until I had experienced that eye opening medical bill happen in my life. This is the real and good reason why everyone should have some health insurance to preventing you from being charged one fee if you have health insurance, and a much higher fee for services rendered if you do not have health insurance. So for all the individuals who think it is a good idea to get rid of the “Affordable Care Act” or not have any health insurance. I hope that you never have to be faced with medical bills that you can not pay, because this medical bill nightmare could become your nightmare and ruin your life.

  • The american healthcare system is about making money. Not helping people. They wont tell you how much procedures cost and if you dont have insurance, they will let you die on the sidewalk. Cold hard truth.

  • One very big flaw in the US system is the patent requirements. In the rest of the world a patent is valid for a certain amount of time, if you want a patent after that time you need to prove that you made a change to the product/medication that is a significant improvement. In the US you just need to show that you’ve made a change. This is part of the reason that medications like epipens are still so incredibly expensive in the US.

  • Get your tolerance up for Canabis THC so you can take large doses without mental effect. Eat it in everything you eat my tip of the day keep up the good work brother.

  • You cannot be denied medical care in the ER even if you do not pay the bills. So do not pay the bills! Enough people not paying the bills will get the attention of regulators who may decide to change how the system works. I have never paid a hospital bill. I still get seen and excellent quality care. Citizens need to bring the system back to pre Affordable Care Act days. Where people would go to ER for a toothache or sniffles. It cost the hospitals a fortune to treat non emergencies in the ER. So, they opened Urgent Care Clinics. Do not go to those either. Even though they cost less. Money! That is what the hospitals want. Do not give them any. Hit them where it hurts in their shareholder financial statements.

  • I don’t get it. If you’re below an income threshold, you get free medical care. If you are above, you buy insurance and pay each month in order to cover your medical costs. It’s not that they can’t afford a monthly bill, they just don’t think it’s worth it until the moment they really need it. Cut out some entertainment and eat at home, then you won’t have to live with a painful lump for your whole life?

  • she says “That’s the world we are living in”…. omg, no, no way, that’s the country you’re living in. How you let that happen in the US? is a mistery for “the world”

  • Add a few other anti parasite meds…Albendazole, Ivermectin with Fenbendazol…14 days on 10 off. Kill the parasites, kill the diseases. So glad to see you doing well.

  • Scott a couple of things. 1. Remember if you can shrink your tumor by 30% over the next 30 years you win. Don’t be afraid of a long war. So far you’ve done way better than 99% of cancer victims (not patients, victims). 2. I can’t remember if you fast. Doing a 3 day water only fast once a month marginalizes the tumor while strengthening healthy cells. Your tumor can probably survive (but not thrive) on glutamine. So you want to see how it does on ketones (it likely won’t do well)… look at Pablo Kelly in the UK. 3. I saw another person talk about chlorine dioxide. I would take a few months and possibly integrate that as well (going very slowly at first). 4. I would fly to another country next year and have an MRI done for less than $1000 (and enjoy a vacation). It’s an MRI. You’re not building the pyramids of Egypt. BOOM!

  • Yes hospitals are a business just like anything else. What makes you think Universal health care would be different. The government would just run it like a business also

  • I’ve been doing the same as you but I feel really good lots of energy still taking 1/4 tsp. fenben 3 days on 4 off and all the vitamins!!! before I found out I had leukemia and started on fenben I had no energy at all I mean none!! Hung in there Scot.

  • Everyone complaining but no one wants universal health care like the have in Canada and in Europe. I lived in Spain for 3 years and didn’t pay one cent for my family’s health care, dr. visits, emergency room visit, and annual female appointments, what we did pay for was our medicine and drugs that we pay out of pocket after insurance $60 to $100 here in the USA we paid $4.00 to $10.00 for in Spain.

  • It’s sad that the US is dealing with spikes, etc… and they don’t have a health care system that’s would be able to support them. Canada has universal health care and I’m so grateful. We don’t need to look for a comprehensive insurance, we go to the doctor’s when we’re sick. Yes, we pay for eyeglasses, prescriptions, etc. But when I’m at the hospital, I know I won’t be charged so much money like this.

  • I left the country to work and have health care. Had the same surgery and paid nothing with my insurance from my job. Think about leaving if you can escape.

  • When we sacrifice for our children to give them a better life, we sacrifice the family vacation. We sacrifice upgrading the older vehicle. We sacrifice the new clothes and learn to half the food budget. Cutting medical insurance FOR A KID TO GO TO COLLEGE, is not a sacrifice. It is an irresponsible decision. The $10;000 question is, is the son who went to college on his parents medical insurance money, helping to pay the bills and getting them back on insurance NOW.
    Why do I even care. I’m from Alabama as well, and nothing could have caused me to play Russian roulette with my health. I just had 7 days in the hospital for bypass surgery and 3 weeks in a rehab facility. It’s headed up over $100,000 and I won’t have to pay a penny. It don’t get better folks. Health continues to go down hill. Please be prepared. Let junior work his own way through college.

  • 15,000 cash in 2 months…. With a year of treatments to go… my children and parents will be giving up their lives to save mine.
    Makes no sense when I worked so hard to be a good woman and raised good children for our world Never did I think my insurance would fail me and so many others
    We are good Americans doing our part We get sick we go broke then we die. Seems it’s just that way.

  • Bernie Medicare for all! This is so bizarre for a European watching this. This doesn’t happen here. We are so lucky to have social democracies, where healthcare is a RIGHT

  • When I had strep I had to pay out of pocket, came in through urgent care.( no appointment in which it would have been cheaper). Total cost 100 bucks for lab test, medicine, and service. It not the cost of healthcare. It is that doctor is taking advantage of our healthcare system and insurance.

  • I’m glad they are exposing the healthcare system, it would be nice if the mentioned the hospital that he went to, so to put the spotlight and scandal of this hospital that he went to and to put shame!!!

  • Congratulations Scot. Proceed with caution with any further contrast medium (gadolinium). It’s a metal. Chuck Norris’ wife had some issues with it. Did you ever try the vitamin B17?

  • After United Healthcare deemed that my back surgery wasn’t necessary i decided to go to Mexico and get back surgery there. Thanks to my surgery im back to working full time. Its been 5 years, what a freaking ordeal.

  • i need help with seeing a dentist and getting dental work.. or i loose my teeth..want to help some cash [email protected], if i get ill i will die, i already am close to being type 2, i have high blood preasure and hi tri Glycerides… i need meds but cant buy it… so i take a few asprin a day.. the best i can do. if i need to go to hospital i will die… also i am homeless so i will die in my car with my dog

  • Wait till the pandemic comes here and see what happens. This healthcare system is already an utter mess and it will get even worse but then again maybe shock therapy is what is needed.

  • If I were to go to jail for a med bill I would only do enuf to live in the jail nothing else. The health system in the u.s. only care to make money which is wrong

  • When you hire for only diversity and they hate and don’t relate with AMericans. They probably think every one in the US is rich ��������

  • We don’t have a healthcare system. What we have is a disease management industry. Nothing is cured, it’s only treated and covered up with drugs. Doctors don’t have a clue when it comes to proper diet and supplements, just toss a prescription at it, make them feel better and keep them all sick to make the money flow.

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  • I like how theirs all this paperwork/sings in Mexico telling how much it will cost that makes sense to me rather than going in your doc says let’s do some test you can even ask your doc and they’ll be like eh 100 bucks but you never know cause they dont even know lol everyone just use to of insurance will pay for it haha my mom was in the hospital in November and was just reading her bill and saw some fancy way of saying a meal can’t remember what they call it but it was 68 dollars for each meal of jello soup orange juice a a grill chicken I mean cmon hahaha

  • Hospitals can bill what they want, to insurance companies and patients. They’ll never get that amount. It’s like a game. Hospitals are participating providers with the major insurers. They bill $1 million for someone with a broken finger, and they collect, lets say, $5,000. The write off the rest, and claim tax deductions for these “losses.”:/

  • Name one things that don’t belong:
    Oil,green living, coal.

    Cow, chicken,city.

    Hospital, business, shareholders.

    profits, business, surgery.

    Ambulance, paramedics, bill.

    Bankruptcy, illness,doctors.

  • Good luck trying to get money from people who don’t have any.
    Sending people to jail for not having money… what a disgrace. The people might retaliate someday.

  • Imagine my shock that doctors don’t believe in free healthcare! If they did they would pay the bills themselves and this wouldn’t be an issue