Vaping isn’t good for Everybody, and it is Especially Unhealthy for kids


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Vaping is Bad for Everyone, and It’s Especially Unhealthy for Children Vaping and e-cigarettes have become an epidemic. This is a serious public health and women’s health problem because many adolescents and young people have started vaping recently, and vaping is now associated with deaths and of severe lung injuries. The use of e-cigarettes is unsafe for kids, teens, and young adults.

Most e-cigarettes contain nicotine. Nicotine is highly addictive and can harm adolescent brain development, which continues into the early to mid-20s. 1 E-cigarettes can contain other harmful substances besides nicotine. Vape aerosols pose an especially high risk for infants and children because of their lower body weight and developing respiratory systems.

According to a 2017 study, being exposed to even low. Vaping with nicotine is especially risky for young people. Young people who vape with nicotine are more likely to start smoking cigarettes in the future.

However, e-cigarettes. Studies have linked vaping to other health risks, including a higher risk of a heart attack. Learn more about potential damage to the lungs and other health effects of vaping. What parents should know about Juuling.

With its sleek design, the Juul is a brand of e-cigarette that is especially popular with teens. New regulations to keep kids safe The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) — the group representing the nation’s pediatricians — warns that any exposure to nicotone, including secondhand exposure from e-cigarettes may be dangerous for children. Over time, vaping can become habit-forming as kids use it to address other needs such as relief from boredom and anxiety. Some may become addicted to nicotine and continue vaping to avoid withdrawal symptoms. If your child has already tried vaping, it helps to understand why.

developing a dependency on vaping. intentionally or unintentionally drinking the fluid, which can be toxic and fatal. devices, particularly those that are modified or of poor quality, have a risk. Make sure your teen knows the nicotine from vaping is still highly addictive. In addition, research shows teens who use e-cigarettes are more likely to smoke regular tobacco. This research supports the concept that e-cigs serve as a “gateway” to traditional cigarettes.

Vaping can have many side effects, even when the e-liquid does not contain nicotine. Despite qualifying as food-grade ingredients, the flavorings and additives in e-liquids can have numerous.

List of related literature:

This may bear out, but e-cigarettes also typically contain nicotine, which is known to harm child development (Bruin et al., 2010).

“Public Health Consequences of E-Cigarettes” by National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, Health and Medicine Division, Board on Population Health and Public Health Practice, Committee on the Review of the Health Effects of Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems, David L. Eaton, Leslie Y. Kwan, Kathleen Stratton
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E-cigarettes may be a source of nicotine exposure to bystanders (Czogala, Goniewicz, Fidelus, et al., 2014), and children may be at risk for poisoning due to ingestion of the nicotine liquid in cartridges.

“Maternal Child Nursing Care E-Book” by Shannon E. Perry, Marilyn J. Hockenberry, Kathryn Rhodes Alden, Deitra Leonard Lowdermilk, Mary Catherine Cashion, David Wilson
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E-cigarettes may be a source of nicotine exposure to bystanders (Czogala, Goniewicz, Fidelus, et al., 2014), and children may be at risk of poisoning due to ingestion of the nicotine liquid in cartridges.

“Wong's Essentials of Pediatric Nursing: Second South Asian Edition” by A. Judie
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One study found that high-voltage vaping released enough formaldehyde-containing compounds to increase a person’s lifetime risk of cancer 5 to 15 times higher than the risk caused by long-term smoking (Thompson, 2015).

“Essentials of Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing E-Book: A Communication Approach to Evidence-Based Care” by Elizabeth M. Varcarolis, Chyllia D Fosbre
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Adverse effects:The health risks from e-cigarettes are likely to be significantly less than from tobacco smoking with Public Health England stating, ‘vaping is at least 95% less harmful than smoking’ (McNeill et al., 2018).

“Seminars in Clinical Psychopharmacology” by Peter M. Haddad, David J. Nutt
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Vaping also supplies dangerous nicotine.

“Botany: An Introduction to Plant Biology” by James D. Mauseth
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When compared with cigarettes, e-cigs are safer, but they still can be harmful.

“Kinn's The Medical Assistant E-Book: An Applied Learning Approach” by Brigitte Niedzwiecki, Julie Pepper, P. Ann Weaver
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Most e-cigarettes contain nicotine, which is addictive and also toxic to developing fetuses.

“Sheehy's Emergency Nursing E-Book: Principles and Practice” by Emergency Nurses Association
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There is currently no evidence that “vaping,” or smoking e-cigarettes, is less harmful than regular cigarettes; nicotine is a product found in

“Wong's Nursing Care of Infants and Children E-Book” by Marilyn J. Hockenberry, David Wilson
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Those containing nicotine may increase the risk for cardiovascular problems and influence brain development in adolescents and pregnant users.4 Other problems, such as poisonings and facial burns from device explosions, have occurred.

“Lewis's Medical-Surgical Nursing E-Book: Assessment and Management of Clinical Problems, Single Volume” by Mariann M. Harding, Jeffrey Kwong, Dottie Roberts, Debra Hagler, Courtney Reinisch
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  • Yeah wish people see there just trying to harm themselves with the nicotine and they dont care because there parents are giving them money or they steal money from there parents vaping and smoking is not okay people think it ok it not and some people change there attitude and be rude there a guy I like he vapes and he keep calling me loser and go die and I’ll beat you up and saying rude things to me and I hate people who are cruel so pls this is a warning if ya wanna vape or smoke go ahead because that your life

  • I dont wanna vape or smoke im not a kid but 0mg nicotine is a lot more healthy


  • I’m younger then my brother and he is 16 and is smoking weed and vaping and he is my best friend he is drinking to and he is 16 and smokes in front of me

  • Welp my friend vape he’s 10 not kidding he’s the only one vaping in our class I tried to stop him but he won’t his parent don’t even know he’s vaping

  • Let me just say this. I started vaping last year now i breathe 10x better, I stop snoring, my family says I use to breathe like a fat guy. Im not sure if these guys are hired to say this shit. But my doctor tells me every visit I sound so much better

  • awesome Doc really a true statement…I don’t know what is true or B…shit gone through just about every smoke video and vap maybe this will make me decide on chanpix patches or vaping to give up 45 years of smoking…oh well gaping it’s going to be thanks

  • I’m 10 and I took a inhale of my sister’s Epen. I started shaking and acting crazy. I regret that stupid thing I did.. DON’T DO THEM!

  • I feel sad for the people in the comments smoking or vaping is probably so addicting that you cant even focus at school and all the kids is even worse why even start your life was fine when you didn’t smoke or vape I hate nicotine it’s just there so you can but more packs and they make even more money I’m glad I don’t vape to look cool

  • Started vaping to get away from cigs about a year ago and now i have extreme lung pain. It’s not safe as they say it is… Smh. It’s been a huge let down.. Now i have 30 diffrent vapes and tanks, loads of juice but it’s just a waste now.. The lung illness from vape is very real and dont let people try to tell u otherwise just because they dont have it

  • Do not vape. It is being proven it is actually more dangerous. Dont do it people, kid or adult. I’m only 14. Dont do this. It is dangerous.

  • the cigalike is a mtl (mouth to lung) style unlike the mod and atomizer which can be mtl or direct lung. The direct lung is better on the mouth.

  • I will tell you first hand, that you can get addicted to anything with a high amount of nic salts. Because I’m so dependent on it myself. I suggest if you aren’t addicted don’t pick it up. It is so hard to quit and I have noticeable changes in my lungs because of it

  • Guys, this is a video with the premise being KIDS! They aren’t saying they are worse than cigarettes and they aren’t advocating for it being illegal, they are just spitting facts. Don’t get caught up in the argument and ignore what they are saying.

  • Dude, I understand that there are just a bunch of smokers that disliked the video… have you ever tried to not vape for more than a month or two? Why would you condone putting any toxins in your body unless it was life or death?

  • If i havent started vaping i would probaply gotten heart attack or something else i been vaping almoust a year and my breathing has improved and heart rate is normal.

  • My cousion vapes every day of his life because of him being stressted out. I told him to stop vaping because he can die from vaping every day if you vape i encouged you to stop vaping please stop doing it thank you for reading this

  • Thank you for sharing this, Marcus!
    I appreciate your encouragement and ideas, and look forward to renewing my efforts to engage my readers.

  • Bruh we ain’t stupid, we know what’s inside the juice. we know there’s nicotine, pg, vg, diacetyl, nickel, and so on. Bottom line is that we don’t care bc we finna die anyway. A good rule of thumb is that it’s better to live a fun short life than a long boring life. It’s a risk that us kids r willing to take

  • Vaping devices are illegal for underage children to use. This discussion wouldn’t even exist if there was proper enforcement and regulation was implemented. 7 million people worldwide die every year from combustible tobacco 7 million!!! It’s a fact that the illnesses and Deaths related to vaping it’s from illegal THC and E-liquid acetate and the media still still neglects to report the actual facts. This is following the CDC and the FDA reporting the actual real situation witches were almost all or all linked to THC and E-liquid acetate. It’s funny how friends of mine and myself have been vaping for 6 and 7 years and we’re healthier by far then we were years prior. But these people in the last few months could pick up a vape and be in the hospital within a couple of weeks. Fear-mongering and lies I agree that children shouldn’t be vaping or smoking or drinking. It is nothing short of a travesty and all the truth and factual information that is not out currently will be out sooner than it ever would have been because of these bands and anti vaping groups. I hope these anti vape groups can sleep good at night knowing there will be more people suffering with devastating illnesses because they are denied access to the number one stop smoking method. There is no argument nothing gets people off cigarettes faster and easier then vaping nicotine products. Stronger regulations 21 and over adult stores only end of story.

  • I am a 42 year old man. I chain vape. I am as healthy as a horse. Teens and children vaping is destroying developing lungs, and will destroy them. There are laws for a reason. Only sell to people over 18, and prosecute either the vendor or the parents.

  • i am addicted to smoking i smoke one cig every day i have been doing that for two weeks i cant stop smoking should i go to vaping
    and im a teen btw

  • Good video…I smoked for 37 yrs and tried everything to quit. I had assumed I would never be a non-smoker and then found vaping. The first thing I noticed was my smokers cough was gone, and continued health improvements. That now 4+ years without a cigarette.

  • A. Two people in over 25 years is clearly not a pandemic.
    B. How come I’ve been hearing about cases like that for years, if the first death case is from late 2019?

    I guess cigarettes are just not an epidemic…?

  • Basically, vaping is 95% less bad than smoking. Aside from that, it helps people quit smoking in a spectacular manner. Which I myself can attest to since I’ve been smoking since my 12th year. I quit once, on my own, cold turkey. Isolated myself for 3 months. Habits that induced smoking I quite. Computer, coffee, beer etc. Every impuls I had to smoke, I punished by cardio or weight lifting.

    I quit and kept it that way for 10 years. Then some things started to happen which other people kill themselves over. I just smoked cigarettes again. Wanted to quit. Did so easily without isolation etc by using vaping.

    So yeah… vaping helps a whole lot.

  • My daughter is addicted to this shit. How do I get her to stop. She plays softball and is loosing interest and stays in her bedroom all day vaping.

  • Wow you sound like Christopher Walken, I wonder if you are same ethnicity and from same area and same time. Listen to the ‘Really’ at 0:33

  • This program kind of works with one’s brain chemistry to change it like you’ve never smoked before, kills your urge to even want a cigarette I have never had such feelings before.

  • step 1: Altria (or Philip morris) Buys Juul for $12.8 billion
    step 2: juuls and vapes are now linked with bad news and controversies
    step 3: Altria (or Philip morris) releases iqos (alternative to vapes but still as close to cigs as possible )
    step 4: profit?

    meanwhile: A total of 60 deaths linked to vaping products have been confirmed as of January 21, 2020
    also: Tobacco estimated 400,000 deaths per year

  • The thing with vaping is ill find myself just puffing on the thing all day, and I will notice some pain in my teeth, as Compared to smoking where I may just have 1 here and there throughout the day

  • Liked because of giving good information about vaping, but subscribed because his videos actually helped me having a healthier mouth with his other videos, this man is great

  • Seems like nicotine and not vapor itself flowing through your mouth and lungs is what is bad. Nicotine free vaping shouldn’t be dangerous. Vapor is used to treat asthma.

  • Recently got into Vaping, I no longer crave cigs anymore, smoked for over 10 years even though i have ahstma (yeah i know, very stupid)

  • smoked for twenty five years nicotine and marajuana, tried to stop both every week for countless years including vaping, i am happy to say i am no longer a smoker or toker thanks to nicorette quick mist the best product in my opinion for stopping smokeing since it was the only thing that worked for me

  • I quit smoking after 30+ years with vaping. Nothing else worked, and I tried everything! I still vape after 5 years and I feel great. I have used nicotine-free ejuice for the last four years, as I no longer need it. I believe if the powers that be acknowledged how successful vaping is for smoking cessation instead of banning it as they all but have (at least here in New York), it would save millions of lives. I think it is all about money, as they can’t tax it like tobacco products. The state of New York, and probably many others would rather people smoke than vape!

  • Where are the facts behind it there was a kid who died and had traces of metal in his lungs because he bought a pod from an untrusted website

  • Damn… The thumbnail’s set up on the left is literally exactly what I first started with.

    Now I’m onto temperature controlled box mods with RTA’s… My oh my how the technology has advanced

  • I use VG which is (Vegetables Glycol) and Zero Nicotine Vape.
    Used to use 3 Percent. Then 0.3 Percent. Now, No nicotine.
    Make sure there is absolutely no Harmful back alley juices that are produced illegally or in someone’s Daddy’s basement.
    Probably best to just put Clean Air in your lungs or get some CBD gummies…. but, Maybe it will seen benefits of more people quiting Tobacco.

  • It probably isn’t the best thing to inhale anything but, Air….Clean Air… in your lungs…but, it helped me stop smoking.
    I feel so much better now. I can run and don’t….run out of breath.
    Skin feels so much smoother and my sweat doesn’t sink AWFUL as I would assume, nicotine and whatever else chemicals are being sweating out your pours. I live in a State with very hott and Humidity.

  • Thank you for sharing this, Marcus!
    I appreciate your encouragement and ideas, and look forward to renewing my efforts to engage my readers.

  • He’s a dirty shill scam artist to start with he flat out lied when he claimed vaping causes “popcorn lung”, it has never been found in a person that vapes and besides the levels of diacetal are 20 to 50x higher in cigarette smoke anyway!
    I can’t stand these fake, paid off “health experts” that don’t have a clue what they’re talking about…

  • Vaping is worse than smoking because it’s fluid and smoke in you’re lungs. Because the liquid that goes in the vape goes into your lungs along with the smoke wich makes steam and from that you could get very sick

  • One of the big troubles with vaping is, you can keep pulling and pulling on a vape. Where as a smoke you will stop after you finished your smoke. So your intake could be huge on a vape. Gotta be carful to moderate yourself.

  • nicotine does cause heart issues long term and i’m pretty sure it would cause lung problems along with mental problems if someone is addicted

  • To bad all these bans happening now have nothing to do with the health of the people and everything to do with the pockets of the government and big tobacco. It’s a shame really.

  • At first it was believed that vaping was safer than smoking until we started finding out people were suddenly getting sick and even dying from it. I think the lie about it being safer than smoking probably came from those who seek to harm us. Look up agenda 21 in case you don’t know about it. It’s already in progress

  • am 15 i vape and i vape on a vaporesso swag kit i vape non nicotine juice my mom bought it to me so i wont smoke and its good for me i have no disease or loungs problems

  • I’ve noticed my teeth are cleaner I no longer smell like an ashtray now I smell like fruit and or desserts. I haven’t had any health problem from vaping I notice I breath better and smell better and my teeth are whiter and you get more than 5 % damage just breathing contaminated air in some of these big cities. Also they need to separate the smokers and vapors at work I quit smoking I should not be forced to smell other people’s tar sludge to vape!

  • Looks like I just wasted $ 160 on my AEGIS X Kit. I don’t smoke and I just really like the smell of vaping. But if it will harm in the future I will stop today.

  • heres a citation if you need one
    “The Health Hazards of Teen Vaping.” Performance by Robin Deterding, Children’s Hospital Colorado, 27 Sept. 2019,

  • Like a famous scientist said when you smoke a cigarette u smoke for the nicotine and u die from the tar and 4000 carcinogenic chemicals. For vaping there’s only three ingredients and there all safe. Vaping is just another way to ingest nicotine without dying.

  • I dont really get it to be honest.
    Currently i am juuling everyday because lets face it. It´s just like a cigarette from the effect and it just tastes better.I have been smoking for a bit over a year before and now switched to a JUUL. But why is this any better? I still consume nicotine. How are people getting less addicted from E-Cigarretes even tho there is also nicotine in there?
    Can someone explain?

  • If only Vaping was available 40 years ago. I firmly believe that my father would have had a longer life. I will fight for Vaping to be recognized as a valid smoking cessation tool. Because quiting cigarettes is an improvement of health over all period. Imagine how much less gingivitis there would be.

  • I’m a 15 year old boy who used to smoke full flavor cigarettes to vaping tbh vaping saved my life I used to think I won’t ever quit but I quit using a smoke Novo so tbh if u really think imma go from vaping blue cotton candy to ashtray u out to damn mind

  • I think the effects depend on the person I know someone who’s vaped for 2 years heavily and no side effects I vaped a couple times and had chest pain for a couple weeks after I stopped

  • I went from 3 packs a day to vaping 7+ years ago. Smokers hacking cough was gone in 3 weeks. Yes vaping is bad for you but just like politics, you chose the lesser of 2 evils.

  • this is the fact that the government should hear but unfortunately they blinded by the fat tax money from cigarette producer!!!!!

  • I still feel like shit and its been 2 weeks and I also quit smoking weed at the same time and I lose 20 pound when i did quit cuz it made me super sick and I was smoking for 2 or 3 years straight and there was never a day I didn’t have a break without nicotine and i was smoking weed every 30 mins of the day nonstop and I just decided to quit and my lungs feel better but my body just dont want to do anything and I just laid in bed for the 2 weeks and since I did that for so long my arms lose blood flow when I lay for to long so i have to get up and move around and i still haven’t smoked anything I been only drinking water and only eating a little and for the 2 weeks I lose the 20 pounds in 3 days and never gained any weight since then I have only been dropping weight slowly after i didn’t get sick anymore.

  • I vape now after smoking for 4 years I have finally got down to 0 milligrams of nicotine but always keep a bottle of 3 milligram just incase

  • I wanna vape because I have anxiety you mom is completely against it and she smokes im trying to get her on vaping to show her its safer and I don’t vape nicotine like you I just like the feeling it makes me calm

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  • Why do all these “experts” play dumb? It’s fucking painful to watch, the amount of disinfo that goes out. It’s like they believe most people vape sewage water.

  • If you’re putting something in your lungs that isn’t supposed to be there, it’s not healthy and will do damage. Lungs are meant for oxygen. Simple as that.

  • vaping for 4 years helped me stop smoking cigs. The best thing is second hand smoke is something my kids don’t have to worry about

  • My opinion smoking cigarettes is worse than vaping. I used vaping to get off cigarettes.been three years now without cigarettes Now I’m using nicotine gum to get off vaping.

  • Well the message is clear, keep smoking. According to these “experts” vaping is way worse than smoking.
    (Public Health Message Sponsored by Big Tobacco and Big Pharma)

  • The dislikes come from the middle schoolers that think they are cool for sucking gas and blow it out like bro we literally do that every second

  • i like how they not mentioned that people fucked with vaping because they were stupid. vaping some kind of shit juice from dealer with thc.

    get proper licensed juice and you will be good. of course not super safe but better than cigarettes.

  • E-Juices are made in…. CHINA…. WAKE UP PPL… There ARE NO QUALITY CONTROLS so your e-juice can have oils in them that are not meant to be inhaled, like those used in air fresheners and manufacturers in china, just don’t give a shit, they see $$$’s

  • Finally a truthful doctor that wants us to not vape or smoke but if we had to choose between one or the other he highly suggests vaping since vaping is 95%+ less harmful

  • Vape: kills 12 people in 10 years
    Cigarettes: kills 8 million people a year
    Society: Dont worry, we still have another 8 billion people on this planet!

  • I know everyone defending vapes because they love it, I was the same. I’m only 23 I can barely breathe anymore now. All I smoked was freebase 3mg nic and then I started salt nic (this caused me to develop lung disease). So these were all trusted brands e liquid, I never smoked thc vitamin e oils. So someone explain that one for me…

  • The lungs were designed to breath in fresh air ONLY! Vaping is not good for you and its certainly not good for your lungs but its 99% safer then smoking Tobacco. i started smoking at 14 gave up at 46 as i struggled to breath while walking upstairs im 55 now i vape 10 mils a day and also Jog.

  • I’m twelve and this stuff is super popular at my school(at least when I wasn’t quarantined it was����‍♀️) I’d like to educate myself on the dangers and the harm of it and tell myself that they are supposed to be used for recovering cigarette smokers, not for pleasure so I don’t get pressured into doing something dumb and potentially fatal. I’m trying to build up my will power lol.

  • Thanks to cigarette companies first of all, not saying that Vapings are good but just from what I know.

    Those people who died are usually dead due to the marijuana and these newspaper agencies tend to make up the stories by saying it was just a ejuice instead of marijuana pod. + Juuls are different from the vapings, Juuls do contain unhealthy chemicals which do damage your lungs which means Juuls has no differences compared to Cigarettes.

    And what you are showing in the video is all those Juuls. From the video: “What I think is vaping is worse then cigarettes.” So, what are the reasons? LOL those boomers

  • 20-25% of students Vape = Millions of students Vape (+Millions more that are not students)
    6 deaths out of millions of Vapers = One of the safest things to do

  • Ppl get stressed out and vape
    So lemme put some healthy alternatives
    1. Stress eating
    2. Taking naps
    3. Hanging out with friends
    4. Therapist
    5. Stress ball
    6. Slime
    7. Swimming
    8. Meditation

  • This is all bs!its been proven time and time again!vaping saves lives!!!the u.k. plans to be smoke free by 2025 why cant America follow in those steps u ask???cause the msa blood money they will loose!why do u think they wont ban cigarettes???but they will try and ban flavors and vape products???you have to be a total dumbass to not realize what is TRULY going on there….and every single lung illness was linked to black market thc carts with vitamin e in them!!!had absolutely positively NOTHING TO DO WITH REGULAR NICOTINE VAPING

  • The only reason I vape is because my parents are so strict and I grow up in a abusive household and that’s the only way I can take the pain away

  • that male dokter with a accent im almost for sure the tabacco industries payed him to say cigarettes are less dangerous than vaping xD

  • I’m just speaking from my own experience: I think vaping is worse than cigs. I was a smoker for many years, and in 2018, I switched to vaping and never touched a cig since.

    I never really had any serious lungs issues before I switched, and my addiction was minimal, since I only smoked outside, and not inside my house ( I never bothered to go outside just for a cig), I smoked roughly 1 pack/2 weeks.

    After I switched to vaping, my nicotine additction skyrocketed. I find myself holding my vape almost 24/7, and it has became like my cellphone: I get anxious if I don’t have it near me. I took puffs continuously, before I sleep, right after I wake up, etc.

    And by 2019, my lungs started to hurt, and my coughing worsened. By 2020, I started having breathing problems, my lungs hurt, and I was always coughing (of course I went to test for covid, came back negative). I went to a doctor, and got an X ray, and guess what, my lungs fibers were so dark, and there were “white clouds” in my lungs, just like in this vid, sorta.

    Mind you that I gotten an X ray in around 2017 and it was only semi-darkened fiber and no clouds (which is normal for all smokers), and by 2017 I was smoking regular cigs for almost 8 years. My terminologies are probably horrible since I’m no medical expert… sorry.

    I switched to nicotine gums this year, and in 2 months, my problems got better.

    My point being, if you were never a heavy smoker, which I wasn’t, don’t switch to vaping.

    Vaping is seriously harder to quit.

    Especially with the different flavors. If you are, I’m not too sure then. There are so many theories, surrounded by so many politics, but I’m just speaking from my own experience.

    Vaping did helped me quit cigs tho, because now I hate the smell of burning cigarette smell left on my finger and clothes.

    Have a nice day yall.

  • More people have died during the 5 minutes span that this video has because of cigarettes than the cases of vaping related respiratory issues during the last decade. Fake vape are the reason some had some issues but when you compare it to fake cigarette brands they still kill you with the same poison.

  • Science talks in this vid…kids if you have smoking problems and can’t cut it please just please don’t listen to a paid doctor with lip fillers and a Middle aged man saying his opinion with no proof..just go to your vape store and buy a licensed vape product

  • A form of vitamin E has been identified as a “very strong culprit” in lung injuries. Vitamin E acetate is sticky, like honey, and clings to lung tissue. They are other “possible” causes but if there are then these are most likely from new products using untested ingredients or additives.
    Some brands of vape have 0 cases of injury. But we have unsafe tobacco and alcohol that have extreme negative affects on our health, but they don’t actually care about our health or they would focus on these 100% proven dangers.

  • Wait! It is “unlikely to exceed 5 percent”! Those 5% are just pulled out of someones nose because as a scientist it would sound kinda dumb if you say breathing anything else than air is healthy.

  • I got extreme fatigue from vaping. No thanks. Neither for me. Also noticed gum issues. So no more smoke or vape inside this mouth ��

  • I can see how vaping could be bad for you i have seen ppl smoking the vape every where they go casue they think they can for me i just used it to quit cigarettes everytime I crave a cigarette i take a couple of vape hits and put it away it really helped me ��

  • What lies. It isn’t better to smoke. God dang this anti vape propaganda paid for by big tobacco, and pushed by the state govs that have bonds directly reliant on Big tobacco making profit, is such powerful propaganda.

    If Big tobacco fails. Those bonds fail. Which will tank a chunk of states economy…big tobacco pays states a chunk of their income which has been tied to bonds…which caused this devils bargain..
    Such a total conflict of interest and built in bribery..

    There were a few deaths related to vitamin E oil in a product. Was unreputable… and that’s it. They stopped and all back to normal.

    But both the state governments and big tobacco have destroyed vaping on purpose. They bought juuel company to sit on and let the patents and products rot. Now big Tobacco is releasing their own electric TOBACCO product to replace vaping in their minds.

    Hopefully the vaping flavor ban fails. People have caught on that this “think of the children” scam is all orchestrated and paid for by big tobacco and state governments greed. They were just so extreme and obvious with buying and letting the company die, and pushing through the vaping flavor ban and the release of big tobacco’s own products all at once.

    People don’t like being lied to and played. Hopefully people start buying vapes again instead of big tobacco’s products..let those scum bags who are the true mass murderers sleeping in the bed with our government go out of business and lose all that money they love so much

  • It is also a PROVEN FACT that driving in vehicles when you actually don’t need to is killing THOUSANDS of people! THIS must STOP! KIDS are being killed every year! Simply for taking friviolous rides in vehicles for things not even neccessary! MANY thousands of people are DYING from this dangerous uneccessary activity! LAWS must be PASSED! We MUST save EVERY possible LIFE!…The laws will be worth it if we can even save one child! Yes it really is that ridiculous….the only ONLY reason people accept laws trying to end vaping is because most people don’t want to do it….but now IF laws were proposed to stop them from freely driving anywhere anytime for any reason? LOL there would be revolution! “that is our FREEDOM” Very selfish to not care about the freedoms of others if you ask me

  • The reason I came here is because someone of my family is gaping and Idk how to confront because I looked In their pocket and saw it but I feel like if I confront there are gonna hate me for snooping but I can’t tell our parents because I don’t wanna be a snitch and she will hate me too

  • Vitamin E is not supposedly be in vape juice it’s cause people on the black market, ext. most companies that have it have checked every shipment and got rid of every package with vitamin E in them

  • I’m addicted to cigarettes, they stain my teeth.
    Vape can replenish my nicotine addiction, no stains, and it doesn’t stink, that’s why I vape.

  • Ok alot of teen vape now because they don’t care about life probably or they don’t care about there health and their parents don’t care about them kids health it’s so sad that alot of parents don’t take care of there teenagers

  • I’m all for knowing the most objective truth there is to know. But how can you on one hand say, “We don’t really know what’s killing these people”, and then on the other, “It’s not debatable. It is a proven fact that vaping is killing people”. But do we know that it’s solely the act of vaping? Or could it be low-quality, cheap liquids, could it be a specific chemical. Like Idk how you could know so little about it and yet so definitively declare it fatal.

  • Some of my guy friends are 14 and they smoke juuls, they once asked me if i wanted to try but i didn’t. I knew the effects and what happens, they don’t listen.

  • I am neutral in terms of opinion, I smoke cigarettes and sometimes vape, but we have to be sincere about the fact that juices are made of lipids, which could cause pulmonary embolism, blocking the auveoli. Someone corrects me if I am wrong.

  • i mean yeah its not safe.. but wayy safer than tobacco.. i mean yeah its got nicotine and will cause heart disease and HTN in the long run… but yeah I doubt its as harmful as cigs.

  • handful of suspected deaths out of MILLIONS and MILLIONS.of users!..NOW we have covid killing MANY tens of thousands of people and suddenly half the people don’t even care enough to wear a mask….funny how one moment the public gets all “if we can even save ONE life” then the next moment “oh well…live and let die”

  • Bias, they want us to buy traditional cigarette instead. Vaping will make gov profit falling because of low gained money tax.
    BUT kinda dangerous too actually because of chemical usage.

  • Anti vaping propaganda instigated by supporters of the tobacco industry. Total bullshit, they are running scared as more and more people have stopped smoking. There’s no scientific basis to it for one reason; one doesn’t need to inhale when vaping, the same result is achieved as nicotine can be absorbed through the mouth’s soft tissue.

  • I’m 12 and me and my friend are always out smoking and my day just about killed my 17 year old brother when he caught him and I want to tell my mum so I can get a vape but she would kill me if I tell her that I smoke. But for me it is the smoke and the feeling of inhaling that I am hooked to so I need to work around it. ����

  • This was great, thanks, I’ve been looking for “chemical composition of cigarette smoke” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about Peyogan Extraordinary Prepotence (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now )? It is a great one off product for discovering how to end your annoying smoking habit without the normal expense. Ive heard some awesome things about it and my mate got cool success with it.

  • Obviously it’s going to be dangerous if you put thc into your vape, but 99% of vapers don’t do that. So how about instead of bashing vapes, you bash the people who put thc into their vapes.

  • BS!! Dangers of Vaping, I hope you’re talking about E juice and not pharmaceutical controlled marijuana for dry herbs vapes because the only difference is temperature, so the lower the temperature the more dangerous? Yeahh right, the lower the temperature the better, you are talking about street vapes and street juice, don’t bring up marijuana with E juice, my thc pen that is supplied by a government watched company in Canada has nothing more then Marijuana extract no chemicals at all and if there was it would be extremely illegal to not tell customers whats inside, considering you can take them to court being government. More fear propaganda

  • This is such BULLSHIT! I just had a full physical for my NZ visa extension and one part of it was a deepscan chest X-ray. I’m a heavy vaper for years and my lungs are perfect

  • Videos like these are why there’s such a huge debate on whether its harmful. Health professionals are concerned but making false claims…seriously ���� thought these people are smarter. Any reputable statistics on the dangers of vaping regulated vape products.

  • I’m living proof the health benefits of vaping, I’ve been vaping all day long for 6 1/2 years and I have NEVER HAD ANY NEGATIVE EFFECTS FROM THEM (Except maybe smelling like delicious bananas & cream!!)

  • I feel that vaping is bad, but if you smoked for so many years, the damage is already done, or in the processs.So you can’t really blame vaping if issues in the body are already emerging

  • 100% LIES about all that he stated…There has been ZERO cases of “popcorn lung” diagnosed in vapers. Also as many have stated the video is sponsored by the tobacco industry. I have 2 masters degrees and just started my doctorates in psychology and speak with medical doctors on a daily basis in my work and they all agree that Vaping is the best thing that could have ever happened in the prevention of lung disease related to smoking. I can not believe this man calling himself a doctor is demonizing something that has been found to be 100% benign and 98% less harmful to the lung tissues than traditional burning tobacco.

  • I got vaping related lung illness last octiber I quit vaping last October best thing I ever did. And also it was making me internally vibrate the vaping and I chain vaped all day long and it was just really bad and I got bad juul pods too!

  • Popcorn lungs comes from thc carts not vaping and there are safe thc carts if you know what you got they cant just say vaping is bad just bc of thc carts

  • umm.. research documentation plz? been vaping for 6 yrs after quitting that nasty chew… i can still run my 2 miles.. and at work I can go up and down stairs carrying medical equipment..where is the lung damage?

  • From smoking 30 cigarettes a day to 0 and start vaping. Smell nicer from mouth, better lung capacity, better condition, no weird heart bouncing anymore… it’s safer then smoking, lol!

  • 45 years smoking cigs, tried everything to give up over the years, but nothing ever worked. Figured nothing to lose, gave vaping a try… Started 16mg nicotine, then slowly cut-down. Been nine (9) weeks now, and not a single cig smoked. Down to 4mg nicotine, and feeling fantastic. Glad to kiss goodbye to the morning coughing too.

  • 9 years vaping e-liquid, 6 years making my own e-liquid, and i can say the whole reason i got into making my own e-liquid was that new companies started springing up and creating scandals lol you can go and buy meat every day at tesco and up with horse meat in your gut, u can’t trust anyone but your self, and especially not doctors lol like this one who uses miss information lol

  • This is actually a very factual video and is on point. I’ve been vaping for about 2 years now, and began feeling irritation in my lungs. It definitely causes inflammation of some kind in the lungs. Also there’s a lot of vape juices out there that i don’t think are trustworthy.

  • This comment section lol…

    Ah yes, until more people die, I will continue to make my body breathe shit it’s not meant to breathe.
    All of this is irrelevant. Vaping and cigarettes should be illegal, or very heavily regulated, nicotine is an incredibly addictive drug which has known health issues, irrespective of how it’s administered.
    I personally think (as someone who has no idea what they’re talking about) is that vaping is better than smoking, as there’s no tar and other stuff, but there’s still no reason to start vaping.

  • i wase a smoke from 14 year old i stop sigaret in Australia i use to bay a paced of so for $ 3.60 they price going up and the time come to smoke Vaping i am very happy

  • I didnt want to believe vaping was bad but i have fucked my lungs up pretty good from it thank fuck i quit. I was vaping juul and bo mostly, bo is like juul but tastier. i thought i was getting better because there was less tar in my lung and my lungs were getting cleaner, but over time my lungs became more and more constricted that i couldnt vape or smoke pot. only dry herb a lil bit but even the heat from that was iritating and i had breathing problems for months. i quit vapes and went to snus for a bit and once my lungs started to feel better i would vape a lil bit through the day or smoke a cig here or there, mostly snusing. then i got mor einto juuling again and juuled regularly for a week and the feeling was coming back of my air constricting. then i went to block island for a day and only brought cigaretes and i literly felt like i was able to breath deeper and more clearly. even using a box mode the pico mini (pico something forget the name) and high quality organic vg liquid it was still bringing that back. did a lil research and read it could be from the coils which creates nickel and other chemicals in the plume similar to cigs. i even used krganic cotton coils and new how to properly prime my wick and use without burning. honestly if ur going to vape nicotine i sugest you use a device that uses an oven and pack real tobaco in there, its the safest way imo. no more nocotine for me. i was probs 22 at the time im now 24

  • i wish they would clarify what type of vapes, cheaply made, thin products are clearly dodgy, the ones that cost some pocket money are probably safer, if they were that bad more and more adults would be getting severer side affects and so would professionals who mod their own vapes, its the cheap “e-cig” option that wont take a chunk out of your pocket money that could mess you up, just like real cigarettes

  • Popcorn lung doesn’t exist because there’s a chemical called diacidal, diacidal is included in cigerattes but not vapes, vapes where invented to help stop with lung and heart problems and was an alternative for smokers, so cigerattes have more diacidal than vapes, vapes do not include diacidal, so moral of the story is that..

  • I been vaping for 8 years and have perfect lungs. Stop acting like you know what you are talking about real dangerous are cigarettes. Someone smack this guy ��

  • If companies can recognise nicotine can mess with our minds I grew up around smoking and I believe it contributed to my brothers mental illness, Rich nicotine formula easy admininastration clearly legal highly addictive,Well careful use legit brand use will help and avoiding oil based vitamin E clearly

  • What he is talking about is the weed juices that they were selling with vitamin e in it to make the THC stronger. It was found that the vitamin e was damaging people’s lungs to the point of hospitalization and death

  • People: “Nothing is gonna happen to me! Vaping isn’t bad!” vapes

    My Uncle: “Yeah, vaping isn’t bad!”
    Also my Uncle: died the next year

    NOT using this as a joke. This is true to me. My Uncle died from vaping because vaping still gives you lung cancer. Vaping is just 20 cigarettes in one.

  • Vaping really helped me quit on cigarettes, im using vape for almost 3 and a half years did an xray test last march & my lungs was clear. None of this are true.

  • Their are also non nicotine e-liquids, than it would just be okay and not really bad for your health right? (I really want to try but I don’t want to injest nicotine)

  • lung disease caused by illicit thc cartridges, usually including vitamin e acetate is very similar to popcorn lung is the cause. diacetyl is the cause for popcorn lung and that flavoring is not used in cape juices

  • Kids will not switch from vaping to smoking cigarettes. That’s a complete lie. Nice try though.

    But yes, vaping is dangerous. I vaped only Juul for 4 years and I had to remove part of my right lung. If you don’t believe me, keep vaping and experience it for yourselves.

  • Wow well done on keeping people hooked on the cigarettes.. Thousands and thousands of people can attest to feeling much much better when quitting smoking with the help of vaping.. me included.

  • I want to be sure the referenced videos and resources don’t go unnoticed so I’ll pin them here for any concerned parents or underage vapers looking for them. Again, these resources pertain to individuals looking for smoking cessation, not simply “joy vaping”.

    ★ Videos Referenced in This Video:

    Is Vaping Nicotine Bad For You?

    Government Lying About Vaping

    Is Nicotine Salt Safe? What is Salt Nic?

    The Truth About the FDA

    Vape Shop Air Test

    What is Adzenys?

    ★Additional Resources:

    Vaping is 97% Safer than Smoking…/e-cigarette_briefing_nov_2016_final.pdf

    Nicotine is No Worse than Caffeine

    Vaping has no Long Term Health Effects: Real Talk on Vaping

    “The report concludes that there is no evidence that vaping is associated with heart disease, lung disease or cancer. Groups that have been telling the public about all sorts of risks associated with vaping, such as “popcorn lung” and increased risk of cancer, have been making unsupported claims.”

  • What if you havnt smoked jet no cigs nothing… but i wanna try an vape for the lol ����‍♂️ don’t get me wrong but it looks cool tho and its 97% better then cigs…

  • I’m 13 and I vape but I used weed before and ever sence I vaped instead I feel so much better Ik it’s still bad but at least it’s better for me ����‍♂️what do you think

  • Today my mom found a box of a supposed “vape” in my big sisters room she asked what it was i serched it up and it was a vape im so sad and mad

  • Hey I’m 12 my brother has vape pens and when I was around 9 I hit one it felt good but my mom and my brother always told me never to do this stuff I did but pressure at my school at a roller skate place peer pressure got the better of me and I hit it should I or should i not vape give me your honest opinion

  • 2:25
    Vaping: Tastes good is fun is nearly harmless if used correctly is a hell lot cheaper
    Cigs: Taste like shit isn’t fun is a hell lot more unsafe to the point they got the nick name CANCER STICKS and is a hell lot more expensive

  • Ok so my friend know someone who is 12 years old and smoke cigarettes! And I’m just like. Well if he gets lung cancer then I don’t care.

  • Any person that smokes and decides to continue to smoke based on watching this video that dies from lung cancer is on YOU “doctor”!!

  • I have bad ADD and ADHD and let me tell you im only 15 years old and i vape on CBD oil with a Smok Novo and i feel great and it takes off my hyper activity and i reccomend CBD oil

    I doubt half are even real but they are being read and used to ban this from adults….CUZ DA KIDZZZ
    THESE CLAIMS ARE SAYING….DERP IM 10 AND I JUUL…MY MOM BUYS ME VAPES IM 8….PLEASE even if you dont upload please POLICE your comments or disable them so Myself as a 46yr old doesn’t end up dead from black market ejuice in the future when they ban EVERYTHING

    In fact deleting this entire vid is probably a good idea right now….for the sake of all adult vapers in the U.S.. I dont have an issue with the video at all but i know this and its comment section is a smoking gun to anti vape groups

  • I’m 13 and I have a somewhat high stress level and anxiety ive tried smoking but I didn’t like it so I tried vaping and I Loved it I lived the flavors and the way it made me feel relaxed.
    I encouraged my sister to buy one because she is adicted to cigarettes and she bought 2 one for nicotine salt that only she can use and one that uses regular e-juice and she lets me use it.
    I’m begging my mom showing her everything I can to prove to her that it’s not as bad as the FDA says it is I even told her that I just wanted e-juice with 0mg.
    Am in the right or wrong here?

  • As long as it’s not cigarettes or crack, who cares? Why ban and restrict vapes which haven’t done a fraction of what cigarettes have done? Ban cigarettes. Cigarettes are still a way bigger problem. The most littered item is cigarette butts, the amount of juul pods people litter is nothing compared to the amount of cigarette butts.

  • she said 1 juul pod is same nic as 20 cigs but it will take u half a month to get threw juul pod but 20 cigs will be gone in 1 or 2 days

  • Just saying e liquid can come with 0mg nic.. at least I’m 15 I use e liquid without nic I love it I do it I have a license I agree with everything said here my mom was the person who bought the mod for me.

  • It is fact that 100% of people who drink water will die or have died. So people please, stop drinking water!! Its a pandemic!! You will die!!!

  • I’m 7 years old and I used to start smoking �� when I was 4. I switched to vaping when I was 8 and now I’m switching to weed that I’m 15

  • Well. I smoked 2 cigarettes. I am 13 and i feel that somethimes that i need to breath in and breath out,but no smoke no taste. A partner from my hockey team showed me the logic ecigarette and let me to try it. It was amazing and i want 1 but i am afraid from my father’s reaction. What should i do?

  • Water vape is harmless for kids and grownups. My mom vaped once and i wanted to try. She took the juice out and put water in it and i got to do it.

  • It’s the fake parts and juices that are hurting people and the iron in the coils that heat up juice are killing people many vapes use cotton now as an alternative

  • If I could vape I would, as I feel very calmed by the act and affect but my mom will not consider it until I’m probs 14 because she started smokeing at 14. I defo understand she loves me and she started smokeing then and is liveing (50 something years old) so she just looking out for my well-being which I respect.

  • Ok well my dad is super chill but I feel like with Vapes he would destroy it and ground me for ever and I plan on using non nicotine juice I only want to do this because I get bullied for not vaping I say well I’m keeping my body in better shape by not vaping others say I’m stupid because vaping is fun relaxing and helps I get good grades and feel like I could get better if I had a Vape my parents hate it but I am to scared to say that I feel I could do better if I owned a vape and I’m 13

  • Popcorn lung is an extremely rare lung disease, and it’s hard to say with certainty how common it is among people who vape. A study published in 2015 reported that more than 90 percent of e-cigarettes tested contained either diacetyl or 2,3 pentanedione, another harmful chemical known to cause popcorn lung

  • This man I a god bc he is telling the truth if you vape the first thing you’re going to think is smoking Hell now when you beat the first thing you’re going to think is I like this flavor so the government lied to the world

  • Fyi, amphetamine or even methamphetamine overdoses are EXTREMELY rare and require ungodly amounts to cause a fatality. It’s impact on your health is caused by long term use and neglect of your body. Also, now a days very rarely prescribe opiods to children for anything other than surgery. I’m 19 and can still rarely get a dozen 5mg Percocet pills for chronic neck pain and regular severe migraines