Vaccine Refusal Offender Behind Measles Outbreaks within the U . s . States


New York Ends Religious Exemption to Vaccines Amid Measles Outbreak

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Causes of Outbreaks of Vaccine-Preventable Diseases in the United States

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Measles outbreak sparks fears, renews tensions over mandatory vaccination

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How vaccine fear has fuelled America’s measles outbreak

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U.S. Senate hearing on benefits of vaccines amid measles outbreak

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Washington lawmakers debate vaccination bill amid measles outbreak

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TUESDAY, March 15, 2016 (HealthDay News) A look at recent measles outbreaks in the United States finds more than half of the cases involved unvaccinated children. Vaccine refusal was also often the culprit in whooping cough (pertussis) outbreaks as well, according to the new study. US-based measles outbreaks and studies of the risk of measles associated with exemptions to vaccine mandates were identified using the same search strategy as in the previous review. 2 The literature search was limited to articles published from November 30, 2015, through June 1, 2020 (ie, since the previous review). State-level department of health and.

TUESDAY, March 15, 2016 (HealthDay News) A look at recent measles outbreaks in the United States finds more than half of the cases involved unvaccinated children. Vaccine refusal was also often. Following several measles outbreaks this winter, there is a movement among some states to make it more difficult for people to claim nonmedical exemptions to vaccine laws.

TUESDAY, March 15, 2016 (HealthDay News) A look at recent measles outbreaks in the United States finds more than half of the cases involved unvaccinated children. Vaccine refusal was also often the culprit in whooping cough ( pertussis ) outbreaks as well, according to the new study. Measles outbreaks in 2019 reached emergency levels in the United States, in addition to other countries such as the Philippines, Ukraine, Venezuela, Brazil, Italy, France, and Japan.

1 The aim of our article is to provide an overview of the major social, psychological, and technological factors that led to these outbreaks in the United States. We also explore the. Named one of the 10 greatest health threats of 2019 by the World Health Organization, ‘vaccine hesitancy’ is increasingly cited as a cause behind measles outbreaks.

Vaccine hesitancy is a delay in acceptance, or outright refusal of vaccines despite having access to vaccination. Kids who don’t get vaccinated are more likely to get sick. High exemption rates have been linked to outbreaks of diseases like measles, mumps, and pertussis (whooping cough).

The measles outbreaks. TUESDAY, March 15, 2016 (HealthDay News) A look at recent measles outbreaks in the United States finds more than half of the cases involved unvaccinated children. Vaccine refusal was also often the culprit in whooping cough (pertussis) outbreaks as well, according to the new study. An outbreak of measles in late 2014 that originated at Disneyland in Anaheim, California, highlighted vaccine refusal and related disease outbreaks. 13 This outbreak was associated with 111 cases (accounting for two-thirds of the total measles cases reported by April 2, 2015) in 7 US states, Canada, and Mexico.

14,15 Approximately half the cases were among unvaccinated persons, most of whom were eligible for vaccination.

List of related literature:

The incidence of measles has decreased since the resurgence seen in 1989 to 1991.74 The patterns observed during outbreaks include a shift from preschool-aged children to older adults and among groups who do not routinely obtain vaccination, such as immigrants.

“Rosen's Emergency Medicine Concepts and Clinical Practice, 2-Volume Set,Expert Consult Premium Edition Enhanced Online Features and Print,7: Rosen's Emergency Medicine Concepts and Clinical Practice, 2-Volume Set” by John A. Marx, Robert S. Hockberger, Ron M. Walls, James Adams
from Rosen’s Emergency Medicine Concepts and Clinical Practice, 2-Volume Set,Expert Consult Premium Edition Enhanced Online Features and Print,7: Rosen’s Emergency Medicine Concepts and Clinical Practice, 2-Volume Set
by John A. Marx, Robert S. Hockberger, et. al.
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However, this “commons” provided by herd immunity may disappear if too many people avoid vaccination, with the resulting tragedy that outbreaks return [75], as was expe­rienced in the UK with both pertussis [12] and measles [20], and in the US with measles [76].

“Pharmacoepidemiology” by Brian L. Strom, Stephen E. Kimmel, Sean Hennessy
from Pharmacoepidemiology
by Brian L. Strom, Stephen E. Kimmel, Sean Hennessy
Wiley, 2019

Although vaccine coverage improved over time during the outbreak, our experience confirms that high coverage in children is insufficient to avoid the spread of measles virus, especially when catch-up vaccination in older cohorts remains insufficient.

“Emerging Infectious Diseases” by National Center for Infectious Diseases (U.S.)
from Emerging Infectious Diseases
by National Center for Infectious Diseases (U.S.)
National Center for Infectious Diseases, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 2013

This approach was accepted, and since then the CDC and other groups have recommended that children be immunized only with IPV.22 Some OPV is still held in reserve for outbreaks.

“Epidemiology, Biostatistics, and Preventive Medicine” by James F. Jekel
from Epidemiology, Biostatistics, and Preventive Medicine
by James F. Jekel
Saunders/Elsevier, 2007

For measles virus sufficient herd immunity is achieved only when more than 95% of the population is immune, but for a less infectious virus such as polio or rubella a percentage of 80–85% is required.

“Virology E-Book: An Illustrated Colour Text” by Stephen N J Korsman, Gert Van Zyl, Wolfgang Preiser, Louise Nutt, Monique I Andersson
from Virology E-Book: An Illustrated Colour Text
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This resurgence was attributed to vaccine failure in a small number of school-age children, low coverage of preschoolage children, and more rapid waning of maternal antibodies in infants born to mothers who had never experienced wild-type measles infection.

“Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics, 2-Volume Set” by Robert M. Kliegman, MD, Bonita F. Stanton, MD, Joseph St. Geme, MD, Nina F Schor, MD, PhD
from Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics, 2-Volume Set
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This report summarizes the results of the outbreak investigation, which indicated that measles continues to be imported into the United States and that high coverage with 2 doses of measles-containing vaccine (MCV) among students was effective in limiting the size of the outbreak.

“Essentials of Public Health Communication” by Claudia Parvanta, David E. Nelson, Sarah A. Parvanta, Richard N. Harner
from Essentials of Public Health Communication
by Claudia Parvanta, David E. Nelson, et. al.
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(A) In the United States and most developed nations, there has been a swift decline in infectious such as polio, measles, mumps, and rubella with the introduction of vaccines to protect against those diseases.

“Fundamentals of Microbiology” by Jeffrey C. Pommerville
from Fundamentals of Microbiology
by Jeffrey C. Pommerville
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Some opponents of vaccines argue that we should just let children get measles, rubella, chickenpox, whooping cough, and other infectious diseases, as this would be more natural.

“Microbiology” by Dave Wessner, Christine Dupont, Trevor Charles, Josh Neufeld
from Microbiology
by Dave Wessner, Christine Dupont, et. al.
Wiley, 2017

This increase resulted from low immunization rates among preschool children and was countered with efforts to increase immunization rates and the routine use of two doses of measles vaccine for all children.

“Public Health Nursing E-Book: Population-Centered Health Care in the Community” by Marcia Stanhope, Jeanette Lancaster
from Public Health Nursing E-Book: Population-Centered Health Care in the Community
by Marcia Stanhope, Jeanette Lancaster
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  • The left loves nothing more than killing unborn children forced vaccination destroying culture sexual deviance they are a cancer to society

  • Many reports people getting massive problems after these shots. May help with the measles, but God only knows what the long-term effects will be.

  • Lol measles was a right of passage with an almost unheard of death toll. The Brady Bunch show even did an episode poking fun of it. Measles outbreak, more like fear mongering.

  • Read the mmr product insert and you will find out that it is not as safe as they say. The vaccine injury court has awarded over 4 billion dollars for vaccine injuries. As with all medicines there are risks for injury. Some people are more prone to injury than others, therefore, there should be choice. If we don’t fight for our rights we will lose them and that will be a very sad and frightening day. Does it make sense to blindly trust big pharma who spends large amounts of money lobbying Congress and who cannot be sued for vaccine injuries? Do your homework. Research Del Bigtree (Highwire) Dr Tony Bark, Dr Suzanne Humphreys and others. You will find that vaccines have not been tested against an inert placebo. Watch the movie Vaxxed to learn about a cdc whistleblower. Pray for truth to awaken. Dark to light.

  • We as a kids we used only one white emulsion aS remedy for itching!!! MEASLES itches like MAD that’s the worst symptom. All the kids were lubricated with this white emulsion and go out to play together!!!!! Yes it was like that!!! No PARENTS were afraid that their kids would get measles. They just wanted their kids to get and go as soon as possible through it.!!! Kids can hardly bear the itching they scratch themselves like crazy if they do not have any control from the parents and they do not have any deflection distraction during their illness.

  • The symptoms of measles are a fever, rash, cough, runny nose, and inflamed eyes. Only about 200-300 cases occur each year. Most cases occur in the VACCINATED community. With that information known, is it really worth mandating a vaccine to an illness that nobody dies from, is practically harmless, is exceptionally rare, and would not stop the spread of measles?

  • I personally think all the government officials ought to take all the vaccine shots first like guinea pigs and then we’ll evaluate him in one year and if they’re not foaming at the mouth and they’re still walking around healthy I’m I considered having a vaccine shot you don’t see them coming and volunteering saying hey I’ve had all my shots it’s probably going to end up like the FDA recalling all the high blood pressure pills that they damaged people killed people that have cancer and they recalled them a ton of them and those poor people trusted the government

  • You mean to tell me that in a state where a bunch of liberals appose measles vaccinations is now having a measles outbreak? NAAAAHHHHHH! ����������

  • This is unconstitutional….The same way insurance is forced on to people it goes hand in hand with vaccines being forced upon us. Its all a façade as the people in power DO NOT CARE ABOUT US they only care about the $$$$$

    Although I am religious I do not refuse certain vaccines based on faith. I refuse them because its BULLSHIT like the yearly flu vaccine. For over 10 years straight I have never gotten sick or the flu but yet 3 months after my first flu vaccine I got the flu. Then 5 months later another flu. How the fuck is this possible when before my first flu vaccine I have never gotten sick in over 10 years, but right after getting my first flu shot I got sick twice in the same fucking year, coincidence? BULLSHIT!!!!!!! After my second flu shot I got sick two times in that year after that I refused any and all flu shots. Its been over 5 years since my last flu shot and guess what I aint never got sick once yet.

    Slowly but surely are freedoms are being taken away from we the people. Pretty soon it we be we the New World Order.

  • IF MEASLES come back to Amerika it does mean God still did not LEFT U!!!!JUST LET MEASLES HAPPENED in your community!!! YES it is contagios and all the kids are going to get one after another!! The narture ist PERFEKT it finds itself a way how to fight a modern ilnesses. So god created MEASLES!!! Just use this natural vaccine without any fear for your kids.!!!!

  • What’s the big deal when I was a kid one kid would get sick with the measles and their parent would have a measle party and all of us would get it.We’re not talking about smallpox here….

  • Humans lived so long with out vaccines am not taking chances and put my kids in danger for the profit of big pocket pharmaceutical companies if this law pass us shouldn’t be considered democratic country is dictatorship states

  • To anyone who doesn’t want to be forced to vaccinate their kids.
    Whoever tells you to vaccinate your kids tell them this:
    I will let you vaccinate my child but before you do, I require you to write it on a piece of paper that you are personally liable for whatever happens to my child from that vaccine.
    People, there is a reason the vaccine manufacturers have withdrawn liability.
    Don’t be stupid.
    Other than that do you think any man/woman/organization who want your children vaccinated will sign that piece of paper?
    To better protect yourself from the legal society and it’s courts it’s time you learn the common law.
    Youtube Karl Lentz

  • Make sure that you tell the Mothers that you put Mercury and Aluminum in the Vaccine and everyone knows that developing kids need poisonous metals directly in their blood systems so they cannot be removed by the bodies defenses as opposed to going through the digestive system which will naturally clean out anything bad.
    As with all these Pharmaceutical killers you need people to be ill / dependent on them for more and more drugs every day the well don’t spend money on medications and so they are the enemy.

  • So its simple no one who decides to get these vaccines for their children is at risk from the measles. It is a persons right to choose. If people are getting measles after they have been vaccinated then the vaccines do not work anyway. 50 cases is nothing.

  • had the measles in the 1st grade, Chickenpox in the 3rd grade. no big $$$$ pharma shots back then making money off of us. 50 cases is not an emergency. There are over 6500 untested rape kits in Washington State. Now that Gov. Inslee is a real State of Emergency.

  • Child abuse. Anti-Vaxx parents should have their kids taken away, no different than the “pray the sick away” parents who let their children die.

  • There is no such thing as “informed-consent” without consent, first and foremost. Anytime something..ANYTHING… become obligatory? You are no longer on a need-to-know basis. Any information is 100% discretionary, despite the self-serving rhetoric to the contrary. Big things.. have small beginnings. Freedom = choice + responsibility. Assert your Rights.. all of them. Or lose them.. all of them. Time to decide. There is no middle ground here.

  • This is the big PHARMA LIE!!! Dear Amerikan citizen In Our society the Measles were compulsory in the childhood. This illness it’s absolut not that dangerous and its compulsory in the chidlhood. MEASLES ilness is a natural vaccination. Kids which got and get throught this illness they have the bigest Imunity against all other ilnesses. They are as grown up people healthier and have a very goed immune system. They can withstand heavy diseases. They can not get ill that easy and the PHARMA can not make profit on it!!! THIS >IS WHY THEY WANT A COMPULORY VACCINATION against MEASLES Let your children to go throught this illnes it about three to four weeks after that they can withstännd all other illnesess.

  • 1000 people with measles they call it epidemic, how about 150 Million fat people with diabetes, blood pressure, cancer, high cholesterol..etc
    Should the government stop the ice cream, cookies and soda?
    This is public concern, your fat kid is making my normal size kid mentally sick? My son asked ” Daddy, why my body is small compare to the other kids, is something wrong with me?”
    Should the government step in and starve your kid?
    My kid now is troubled with a fat kids around…
    I will introduce a bill that put parents in jail if their kids are obese..
    How do you like the public safety?

  • According to CDC’s less than perfect efficacy measurements (titer levels, known to not equate to actual disease protection), about half (and increasing) once-vaccinated adults are no longer immune to measles.

    Hundreds of new vaccines are in the works. So, if these attempts to force vaccinate children get through, then they’ll use that wedge to mandate adult boosters and as many other vaccines as they can require under various arm-twisting techniques, not telling you that with each repetition, boosters work less and less (by the same imperfect measurements), and not telling you all the risks of any one vaccine (or combinations) as they are never studied for that information.

  • Not vaccinating your child and allowing them to suffer with vaccine-preventable illnesses is a form of child abuse. Vaccinate your children!!

    (I know i can comment on this videos, but try to go to some of their most watched)

  • hello I’m a very liberal granola mother who believes that everything natural is wonderful including measles for my child. We don’t want any made up synthetic science-based chemical thinking. We want Earth the whole grain organic biomass germs that make us beautiful and natural.
    I’m a religious mother who believes that Jesus is going to protect my children and we don’t need any of these man-made sinner composites of chemicals that are obviously from the devil. Our children are protected by the blood of the lamb and the sacrifice on the cross on Mount Calvary, praise Jesus he’ll protect us day and night..

  • The UK Vaccine Damage Payment has paid out over £74 million since 1978.

    This is correct, between 1978 and April 2017. Just over 900 payments were made in total.
    photo of a Freedom of Information (FOI) request regarding the vaccine damage fund—a provision created in 1979 which provides significant payment to people who are severely disabled as a result of vaccinations against certain diseases—has been shared hundreds of times on Facebook.

    The government response to the FOI request states that between 1978 and April 2017, 936 claims for a vaccine damage payment have been successful, with the total payout coming to £74,130,000.

    The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) confirmed to us that the FOI was real, and had been made in 2017. An FOI tracking site, WhatDoTheyKnow, has noted that a request for the same data up until May 2019 was filed in May by the same person. The DWP’s response states that up until May 2019 £74,690,000 has been paid out from the fund, and 941 claims have been successful.

    Currently, those who receive a vaccine damage payment get a one-off, tax-free lump sum of £120,000. This amount has increased over time. Only people who are disabled as a result of vaccinations against certain diseases are eligible to apply for a damage payment. These diseases include diphtheria, flu, measles, some strains of meningitis, mumps, whooping cough and TB. In most cases, the vaccine must have been administered before the age of 18 (though there are exceptions to this).

    While there have been nearly a thousand payouts from the fund, experts say the evidence points towards it being safer to vaccinate children than not to. For example, diseases like measles are potentially life-threatening, and hundreds of outbreaks a year still occur in the UK.

    Complications are significantly more likely to occur as a result of a child catching measles (1 in 5,000 children who catch it develop encephalitis), than as a result of a child being vaccinated (less than one in a million develop encephalitis as a result of the MMR vaccine).

    Since a measles vaccine was introduced in the UK in 1968, Public Health England estimates that 20 million measles cases and 4,500 deaths have been averted in the UK, according to the Vaccine Knowledge Project at the University of Oxford.

    It is very uncommon for people to experience life-changing side effects from vaccines. One reason that people may experience serious side effects is that they are immunocompromised when they were vaccinated; immunocompromised people are advised to not receive live vaccines. There may also be examples of vaccines that are no longer used having side effects. The majority of vaccines given in the UK are non-live, and there are strict guidelines for those who have compromised immune systems.

  • No measles deaths in the united states sice 1971 before the vaccine existed. There are measles deaths in countries where they drink the water they shit in for sure. Do you think that could effect iness. Yes. News is sponsered by big corrupt pharma.

  • There is no vaccine debate. This is parents choice. End of story. Fascism will not be tolerated in America. Don’t cause a civil war. Use your head.

  • At this rate we’ll hit a tipping point where people will fear for their children’s lives day and night. Like the days my maternal grandpa’s two siblings died before their teens.

  • The lady said 5 shots…
    That’s what you should focus on…
    The studies the rabbi was talking about are biased.
    The measles vaccine itself causes no harm. It is the new formula of a cocktail with too heavy dosages administered at once that proved to be a problem.
    There’s a whole study on the subject in France. And its instigator is a famous and revered medical researcher, he did urge people to vaccinate their kids who could die if they didn’t receive the measles vaccine but asked the government to stop using the new formula and go back to the old one.
    So, before talking about a Danish study to support an American practice, you have to ask… what type of vaccine is used in Denmark?
    Personally, I believe these people who spread this anti vaccination propaganda are themselves working (knowingly or not) for the pharmaceutical industry. Because when you talk nonsense you end missing the point… which is!! What’s exactly wrong with this new formula?

  • The shithole city freely allows people to defecate on the street, but frowns when you exercise your rights to get / not get vaccinated.

  • The state legislature should close those loopholes and make it mandatory for parents to get their children vaccinated if there is no genuine medical reason for not vaccinating a particular child. Failure to vaccinate a child, failure to protect the child from serious contagious illnesses is a form of child neglect. Parents who willfully neglect their children in violation of state law should be prosecuted. So make it a state law that parents must get their children vaccinated. No child should be at the mercy of a foolish parent who neglects them. The state legislature has a duty to enact laws to protect children from parental harm.

  • They would rather have a child die from sickness than risk them having autism? Even if it were true.. which there’s no proof of it if it is

  • As always the real concern is in the details. What goes into the vaccinations is the problem. Most religious people don’t have a problem with vaccines per say, but what they put into them, that’s the problem! How can we be sure of what is being put in them?


  • Bruh. We literally have a vaccine to prevent this from happening. Back when there wasn’t a vaccine, it was a disaster. These people have the privilege that people back then didn’t have, yet they want to take advantage of this privilege? Then these anti vaxxers act shock and cry when their baby or child dies of measles yet it would be their fault.

  • I have Never been More Sick and suffered More Illness than AFTER being inoculated by the U.S. military. Before that I never suffered a single sick day in my life

  • Do not read the comments or you will get depression and lose faith in humanity, such an incredible collection of people you do not want to know exists even. It is like a sinkhole with oh I have no words for it unimaginable critters with legs slithering about. Go look at something else instead.

  • Ok, but explain to us why vaccine manufacturers shouldn’t be regulated by the government? Explain to us why Big Pharma is all of a sudden trustworthy now? I mean it’s not like they’ve ever been caught trying to profit off of getting people sick.

  • Junk science, profit driven poison. This is pure propaganda. There is a global push for mandatory vaccinations on behalf of the pharmaceutical companies that own the political class. Mandatory government injections? Over my dead body. Sheeesh.

  • I think the phobia of vaccines cause a lot of this. As a kid I was so scared of vaccines I would fight doctors, run away during night and even attempted to kill myself just to avoid vaccines. This phobia developed after a needle broke off in me. If vaccines were painless the entire phobia would disappear for me. Instead of attacking people who don’t get vaccinated we should make a painless version of it.

  • It’s not solely based on faith it’s based on me seeing 3 separate interviews of Bill Gates saying we can decrease the world’s population through our vaccinations and our new health care system

  • People really need to wake up and stop being fed these damn lies that vaccines are safe! Start with the ingredients and go from there. Do you, family member, or friend have a chronic illness? Well, it may be related to vaccines. Here are some Studies and links that show many concerns with vaccines. All these studies show big problems with vaccines and they are not as safe as we once believed. Many of the chronic illnesses we have today are likely a result or at least be related to the vaccines. More studies need to be done on the safety of vaccines, but our health agencies avoid doing the studies because they are afraid of what they will find.

  • I was vaccinated from all & I still got the German messels when i was 5 yrs old. I was born in 1965 & when we started school we got the small pox shot. No one was going to go home until we all got them. It took the whole day to do the school. There wasn’t no crying your way out of it. You was made to do it.
    We’ve gone to soft in this country. Asking your child @ age 3 if it’s ok if they give a shot or have dental work done it just not going to get it. Not whipping your child bc they did something wrong. That’s why you have the unruly now. Breaking all kinds of laws & the parents bailing them out of it. I was told if you get arrested don’t call Mom or Dad to bail your ass out of jail. So I never got into trouble & the same w/my kids.
    My 3 kids had every vaccine there is. And everyone of them are fine.
    Start being the parent instead of the child parenting you.
    Give the vaccine & whip your children. They will learn to respect you & the people in charge like the cops.

  • There are two victims here:
    1) The children of the anti vaccinators who are put at a great risk

    2) The young babies who are unable to vaccinate just yet and are put at an EXTREME risk with the possibility of the disease

  • If they say that the non-vaxxed kids are the ones spreading the disease, than the most logic thing is to ask yourselves where did they too the virus from? FROM THE VAXXED KIDS who are being injected with a live virus.
    A lot of the vaxx world today is not how it used to be in the 80′ or 90′. Most countries generations like my parents fron the 60’s didnt even have vaccines for a lot of disesases like today. I remember my mom had her tetanos only done and even that one is because a cat bite her. And she is so healthy.
    When Big Pharma will publish officially the safety reports and the long list of vaxx injury cases maybe people will open their eyes, or a simple study into genetics. What can I say? The world is full of heard manipulation and ignorance.

  • To think our country feels so entitled to deserve the choice to vaccinate their children and have them spread deadly diseases while there are foreign countries out there desperately wishing for vaccines to help their sick children because they can’t afford it.

  • Great job convincing ignorant people by using a polarizing moron like Joy Behar. Get a f-ing clue if you actually want to change minds.

  • Sure vaccines cause autism. My closest friend’s first born son became autistic so taking his doctor’s advise he did not vaccinate his two other kids who are just fine

  • u cnt bring sick eooke in this country who r not vaccinated we shoudnt have to administer another 15 vaccines to our children they dont need……….

  • A devout man becomes sickly and cold. His wife brews a tea, tells him that it was her grandmother’s remedy for illness. He declines it, saying God will heal him. He grows further ill and his wife calls up a doctor, who prescribes him medicine. He declines it, saying God will heal him. Finally nearly dead, they rush him to the hospital for urgent surgery. He declines it, saying God will heal him. He dies and at the gate of Heaven, he asks for God. He says “I was faithful, why did you not heal me?”. God says “I offered you a caring wife, a knowledgeable doctor, and a skilled surgeon. What more did you want?”

  • So… let them die? I mean, I know, poor kids, but less stupidity.

    Big pharma is as shitty an industry as any, but vaccines are clearly immensely beneficialmodern society exists they way it does partly because of vaccines.

    As for autismit often manifests around the time vaccination is scheduled. It’s a coincidence. You might as well say bad weather causes autism, because sometimes there’s bad weather when parents first notice the signs.


    The growing anti-vaccine numbers of people were once pro-vaccine. Until they or a family member or friends got injured or killed by a vaccine.

    Learn the dangers of vaccines before you or someone close to you becomes a vaccine victim.

  • FDA regulations require safety testing of constituent ingredients in drugs
    (21 CFR 610.15). With the exception of extraneous proteins, no component
    safety testing is required for vaccines or vaccine schedules…

  • Go ahead & trust “UR” Illuminati run government 2 put something in ur body. U r a imbecile! After reading alot of stupid comments on here. I’ve come 2 realize that there is ALOT of ignorant ppl n the world 2day!!

  • Liberals are mentally ill, Its ok for women to abort their children, their choice but a family doesn’t want their kids to get vaccinated you have no choice it’s mandatory!

  • I’m pretty sure god likes vaccines since he wants people to live a happy life, so if people use religion as an excuse to not vaccinate, that is stupid.

  • Let me explain this. If the diseases were as harmless as you think they are why develop vaccines in the first place? Because people died. Your stranded in deep water the only life boat is owned by the government you would rather drown.

  • They are just giving people diseases when they refuse vaccines. The measles don’t just appear all of the sudden as soon as people refuse to get a vacine. People who refuse vacation have always refused vacation. No change.

  • We should be able to choose to vaccinate or not. I believe that our bodies an other living organisms like the foods we eat are created to last. The more we modify the more they lose their efficiency. Everything adds up

  • He called them nincompoops LOL That was one of my dad’s favorite words. I like him. To the woman who is an ex pharmaceutical rep, the lies coming out of her mouth are obscene. On one anti-vaxxer FB page, someone dared to pose the question, “Are there any of you who have children with autism, and never had your child vaccinated?” Over a dozen women stated that yes, they had children with autism who had not received any vaccinations. They also stated that their non-vaccinated kids never got sick, like those who are vaccinated. Yet I read pages, after pages, of anti vax mothers who were stating their kids were sick, some for days, and they were making them elderberry juice to drink. One showed an essential oil that she was using to bath her kids in, that had already been sick for several days. So I guess they’ll at least smell good whilst they’re sick. The absolute ignorance of these ant-vaxxers is mind numbing. As the mother whose little one got measles because he was too young, and watching her baby suffer, it broke her heart. How heartless can these other mothers be to allow their child to contact an preventable disease and then watch them suffer, and then to potentially pass it on to someone else’s child?

  • Reading the comments here, shows how many sits, payed by the industry, coming with a mix of clearly fabricated or out-shaming arguments. Stink.

  • Let us see the all doctors, nurses, judges and government officials give their kids all the shots that lower middle class get…I’ll bet my lifetime earnings that they don’t get them. They want to experiment on others people’s kids and make lifetime patients.

    (I know i can comment on this videos, but try to go to some of their most watched)

  • Mercury and aluminum and other metals are indeed in many foods WHICH as I said go through the bodies digestive system which is one of the finest filter systems in the world but when any toxin is introduced to the blood stream or intramuscular the body cannot filter it a person would have to be some kind of evil tosser to believe that is good for a child with very little immune system so feel free to attempt to justify destroying the lives of the innocent to save the cost of giving 2 to 3 separate injections hopefully your family will discover the joys of autism juvenile arthritis and the myriad of miladies that children have to suffer to appease your disgusting need for money at any cost.

  • I am for any exemption for not having vaccines! OK, well sure why not? With the following caveats:
    1. unvacciners don’t get to engage with the greater societies, like the rest of us. ‘Untouchables’ comes to mind.
    2. unvacciners get to pay for their own choices, it is not a pre-existing condition.
    3. unvacciners don’t get to suck the giant nipple on the huge government breast of largesses cause they choose to ignore earthly realities.
    4. They, the unvacciner, get to pay for their offsprings funerals.

  • “The decline in infectious diseases in developed countries had nothing to do with vaccinations, but with the decline in poverty and hunger.”-Dr Buchwald, M.D.

    “Up to 90% of the total decline in the death rate of children between 1860-1965 because of whooping cough, scarlet fever, diptheria, and measles occured before the introduction of immunisations and antibiotics.”-Dr Archie Kalokerinos, M.D.

  • My goodness. I can respect that the people want to stay as close to the Torah but there are proven cases of death and blindness being part of the consequences for not getting the vaccinations. Also people with compromised immune systems will catch the measles and it can be deadly very quickly for them. I don’t know but does the Torah not teach anything about your responsibility to all of mankind. I seriously do not know.

  • I had measles when I was little, there where no vaccine then. I still remember having measles, measles was the worst of all diseases I have had, measles stand out in my memory as it was more harrowing than the others, measles was worse than pneumonia, scarlet fever, mumps, chicken pox etc. Measles is a very, very bad disease.
    God helps them that helps themselves.

  • So… If your kids are vaccinated why are you worried about kids that aren’t… according to all the MDs in this comment section they should be safe right?

  • So in New York, you can abort your kid up to the moment of birth, but if you actually give birth to him, you’re ordered to vaccinate him.


  • Pure religon that is undefiled cares about people. Liars made people to think religon is many belief systems Jamie’s 1:27. KJV. Liars are behind vaccinations too. We are swimming in a sea of lies. Land of the free, with, how much is that?, makes home of the free, a lie. Jails make land of the free, a lie. Not being able to walk nude makes free to be a lie. Blocking makes freedom of speech a lie. Censoring, makes freedom a lie. Saying this is a Christian nation is a lie. Charity in 1 Corinthians 13 8 KJV, is not, money. Legal system is a lie, condemning people, when God said we must not do that, in many, different, ways, in scripture. Swearing, is saying an oath, that God, does not want us to say. No one is talking about Upper cervical Specific only, and I mean, only, chiropractic. An unhealthy spine will mean an unhealthy body and mind equally. Upcspine, Nucca, Thespesific, Upper Cervical health centers. Just do it, and teach others. Wait 4 -5 days after an accident.

  • a substance used to stimulate the production of antibodies and provide immunity against one or several diseases, prepared from the causative agent of a disease, its products, or a synthetic substitute, treated to act as an antigen without inducing the disease. bad government lawsuit bad government lawsuits industries lawsuit more and debating death kill is sad news anything mashup god replying

  • BS…measles is not an epidemic. This is just another scam to keep the public in constant fear while big pHARMa pushes their poison down our throats.

  • theres not enough testing done to believe vax saves lives an vax comes without theserius side effects in some.the hep b vax example in truth about vacines was tested for 4 days only.also the not owning what is vax injured and looking into it to make safer vax makes me very much not trust the dcd.
    another point the shedding that occurs after the mmr that is not mentioned at all for 3 days.
    another point just how many die from measles in a town compred how many get injured from vax is something to look at.they mention so many got yhe measles but just how many died.i know just 4 months ago for example a mother buring her abay telling us the reason vacine when asked a litlle more she says the dr did not acknowledge it and put it down to sids.but soon after the vax 2 hours infact the babay frothed in her mouth and another few hours later her eyes went up and died/if they dont own it anf take it off the shelves and do a proper investigation thewn how can anyone feel confortable about vacines.

  • Scientists find it hard to explain that vaccines are safe because the language of science is a bit different from english, you cannot say that something is safe 100% you can only say “as far as we know” specially in biology due to the fact that living organisms evolve and mutate to something much more different our information and understanding also change.

  • I found this a frustrating and in some ways poorly done piece. I hate when they just give equal time to science and anti-vax anecdotes as though the two are equal. Maybe you should be fair and balanced when it comes to political opinions, but not when it comes to facts/reality vs fantasy. Why do news programs never ever fact check anti-vaxxers and just let them spread misinformation with absolutely zero push back and only a very weak refutation by someone else?

  • What a bunch of propaganda BS!!!! Make vaccines SAFE then and do double blind studies. Also how about the tons dying from other TRUE diseases and there is no cure or vaccine for. Lunatics. We have MORE propaganda then N Korea. Also babies dying more than any other country..I wonder WHY!!!! Oh..HPV shot at BIRTH. Shots while PREGNANT ( they don’t even do that to animals-birth defects etc) and they are NOT DISEASES. Vaccines do not work. They are a ruse. Try not being sheep. It’s not that hard to find out real info. Go work in an ER with babies dying and coming in after vaccines seizing and changing over night when they don’t die. It’s despicable. YOU are the ones causing fear over short illnesses. The flu shots takes us all out. And many get pneumonia and septic after getting those!!!!

  • What a load of hogwash I grew up in the era where measles was a common occurrence when a child had measles all the local kids had to go and play with him so that we all got it and the idea was get it over and done with and become immune it killed no one that is designed to instill fear in a society of ignorant weaklings.
    The MMR inoculation was designed to be cheaper than doing 3 injections it started in the early 70s about 1974 ish oddly the instances of autism grew exponentially at the same time also childhood arthritis (a side effect of the rubella vaccine) but your not supposed to know that.
    Anyone wishing to send me a death threat just reply and give me your details and I’ll come visit you or STFU.

  • How can you trust these companies? We should be able to at least evaluate these vaccines scientifically. Why won’t the Dr.’s let us take these vaccine’s out of the hospital for examination into what they are made of? THEY ARE HIDING SOMETHING.

  • Great to see that POS lowlife Cuomo telling us what we need to do? You can stick up your ass Cuomo you horrible creature. Karma is going to bite you hard for all the horrible things you have done to NY.

  • Guess what governor it’s not a fucken theory there was no measles outbreak these vaccinations are killing our children you dumb a**

    while yes there are some vaccines that everyone should get including measles and polio I have 2 things to say
    first why isn’t anyone putting the pieces together this out break didn’t start until after Obama started shipping illegals all over the country instead of shipping them back to their countries
    second this was done to scare people into getting the chicken pox vaccine. Now I don’t care if you call me a conspiracy theorist, I say this because CHICKEN POX STOPS SMALL POX and if we are immune to chicken pox and they no longer have the small pox vaccine the next major pandemic WILL be SMALLOX and no one will be immune and that is more deadly then measles and ebolia combined   

  • Pharmaceutical companies and hospitals don’t make money from vaccines. They make money by sending you a $500K ICU hospital bill that will bankrupt you for the rest of your days.

  • Figures on measles from the CDC and VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) show that in the US over the past 10 years ZERO deaths due to measles virus (CDC) and at least 108 deaths due to measles vaccine (VAERS). Read the vaccine information inserts and educate yourselves. Do not trust the Big Pharma/Corporate Owned News combine. Peace.


  • any medical treatment must include Informed Consent. It is illegal under international law to perform any treatment (even injections/vaccines) without INFORMED CONSENT:
    INFORMED (giving all the pro’s and con’s of the treatment) CONSENT (it isn’t consent if you cannot say, “NO”)
    It is considered a crime against humanity to experiment on humans. The only testing required on a new vaccine is to show research efficacy (that it produced an antibody in a petri dish). The vaccine industry has NEVER PROVEN, Clinical Efficacy ie:(once given the vaccine, the patient won’t get the illness when exposed). and because the vaccine industry cannot show clinical efficacy, it is still experimental treatment. The fact is 100k people in the USA have an extreme reaction to vaccines. The law requires that to obtain an informed consent for treatment, they have to tell you this. They do not..! it is still experimentation that is strictly forbidden under the Nuremberg Code and The Geneva Convention.

  • It doesn’t follow logically that just because measles vaccines are necessary and good that all other required vaccines are necessary and good.

  • No major religion prohibits vaccination.

    Those that do are typically religions that were invented by anti-vaxxers just to get out of mandatory vaccination.

  • There needs to be more than just the FDA regulating what is in vaccines, autism rates rise each year and only 1 source is checking what goes into vaccines, the vaccines themself are great but the additives and heavy metals are what need to be looked into and regulated, allowing more aluminum and mercury to be present in these vaccines is what is fucking kds up with autism, it jsut needs to actually regulated and research needs to not be thrown out the window from pharma becauyse they want to keep selling their vaccines and forcing it on people.

  • I survived the measles and so did my whole class
    Sure, it was not fun, but it was a different era. Moms stayed home and nursed us back to health

  • Im a christian but have never read the bible back to front. For some reason I dont think theirs a qoute from jesus or one of his apostles saying getting a shot that can protect and save lives is unholy. Protecting others seems like something they would hold above all else. I could be wrong and they were able to see the future.

  • Why are people so ignorant even after the obvious evidence we have that once more people stopped getting vaccinated were seeing a rise in irradiated diseases and child deaths and they still want to stand up for a ridiculous cause that’s putting their children and others children’s lives in danger because of their utter stupidity and it causes autism????? That’s something that you are born with So now by stopping the vaccines not only does your child have autism but your also now trying to kill them with an aweful painful illness

  • Don’t get your kids measles vaccines before puberty, because if you do, your child has a higher chance of getting Hepatitis B before puberty.

  • The anti-vaccine types seem to be right up there with Area-51 conspiracists and the Big Foot faithful. Seems like parents should be free not to vaccinate, as long as they agree to be exiled to a separate island somewhere so that the larger community can be protected from their dangerous idiocy. If the objection is Big Pharma profits, that argues for an economic fix, not a child-endangering boycott.


    First Freedoms is asking people to email and share this clip as much as possible to any media contacts you may have as well as share it on your own social media. There is already an FBI Office of Public Corruption in Albany and we want them to launch an investigation to find out what sort of communication went on between members of the pharmaceutical industry and this committee prior to the vote so that we can expose the corruption that pushed this bill through to the floor where it ultimately passed.


  • Those antivaxxers should be banned from all medical intervention. If they think they know more than doctors…..let them all die.

  • cuomo is a sick man first letting women kill a child at any stage of birth and now forcing those to get vaccinated mind you vaccines are not good for you, “protect you against measles” is bs the government did this on purpose to spark an outbreak so more people would have to get lead and mercury injected into them

  • I don’t believe this is a religious debate or religious freedom. We genuinely as parents are looking for the optimal health of our children not injecting them with poisonous chemicals and aborted fetal remains if you think putting a dead baby’s body part and your child it’s for the good and well-being and health of your child I seriously beg you to consider what you are putting in your child. Look at the testimony of the creator of vaccines when he was put on the stand owning factually that they had used aborted fetus in these vaccinations you are putting a murdered human being in the blood of your child. Do you know that child’s DNA do you know where that body came from? Do you know what disease has it carried what health risks that posts?? Do you even care??

  • Kids are supposed to get measles, preferably between the ages of 5 and 10. Why?” Because it confers lifelong immunity. Vaccines do not, and vaccines come with health risks of their own. If you are worried about getting measles get the vaccine. If you want your kids to get measles naturally leave them to do so. Isn’t everyone getting sick and tired of the intrusiveness of government? That’s worse than measles any day.

  • What boggles me is the whole herd immunity concept. Seriously!? To say we all have to get vaccinated or none of them will work is just flat out saying vaccines don’t work. A similar logic: wear sunscreen to protect you from the sun but it won’t work unless others wear it too, SMH! Do these people really believe there’s some little activator in the vaccine that only works if it senses vaccines in everyone else!? I’m perplexed as where the notion came from that being unvaxxed means carrier. Thinking caps are a thing of the past.



  • Issue is not vaccines. Real issue is mandatory goverment access to our bloodstream. This way they can disseminate nano machines into our bodies in the future.

  • It’s the nature of the beast we have created in the USA. Pharma doesn’t make $$ if people exercise, eat healthy, and get their vaccines against deadly infections and cancers (HPV vaccine). They make more money by selling you the medication that you will need to stay alive. I’m saying this with peace and love, cause I’m a physician, and concerned. ( Example: Coors beer has an enormous billboard sign accross our emergency room with the slogan in Spanish, “porque tu cuerpo te lo pide” (Translation: “because your body wants it”). Coors knows we (ER) receive and admit people withdrawing from alcohol �� EVERYDAY! It’s the bread and butter of the hospital. So it’s not just hospitals and pharmaceutical companies that benefit from us being sick ��

  • Just out of curiosity I wonder how much a pharmaceutical company makes having to vaccinate everyone on Earth for eternity I’m sure it’s not much

  • I’m still missing a vaccine and school sent letter saying after a certain date i was not able to attend school. And it has been already one day, because doctor was not in office. Would i be kicked out of high school if i go without vaccine?

  • Hyping up measles so the drug companies can market their poison for a brainwashed public. I got measles when I was a child and many others did, and I never heard of anyone dying from it. If anyone does, it means that the child’s immune system is very weak. More children die from other things, but the media don’t report them, because the media makes a lot of money from advertising drugs.

  • For all you people in the comments opposed to vaccines: do you want to see your children, your family, your friends suffer? Do you want to see an outbreak so bad that hundreds upon hundreds are severely infected? Do you want to see people die all around you, because many like yourself are fighting for no vaccines? You are fighting a war against yourself, and your life.

  • just like sacrine in diet sodas only give brain cancer to the one percent, the vaccines are manufactured to target a one percentile. new york is a major transit for world travelers so theyre starting there. it fucks with brain development because the brain is the intended target. it helps with measels as a side effect, but the reason for all the third world test is because their trying to kill of certain humans off. it cuts the receptors of common thinking so we can all be controlled to behave

  • All these parents are probably vaccinated themselves. These clowns are putting their child’s health at risk. They don’t care. They are fine cause they have been vaccinated and won’t be affected as much.

  • Oh what’s the matter God isn’t going to save everyone? Really!? God doesn’t keep the ignorant people that don’t vaccinate their children from spreading their disease to other children and adults?! Who would have ever thought? Good Lord tell me it isn’t so?! Oh Jesus Christ what are we going to do now? Vaccinate your fucking filthy children assholes. Stupid motherfukers!

  • It’s not your right to risk the lives of the entire nation by not vaccinating your kids because your sky wizard says no. Also where in these religious books does it say no vaccines lol

  • Well, as depressing as it is to know that moronic anti-vaxxers exist, we can take comfort in knowing they’re definitely the minority, and viewed with the same scorn and pity reserved for flat earthers.

  • Extremely convenient timing. If vaccines work why would someone with the vaccine care if someone else didn’t get the vaccine. It makes no sense.

  • By the way, measles isn’t a threat to ONLY child life, it can kill an adult who did never get it and didn’t receive vaccination.
    The natural body vaccination to measles is the first 6 months’ breastfeeding, because during this period the mother’s milk contains antibodies that guarantees that even if the kid gets it he doesn’t die, but for an individual of any age, who couldn’t get his mother’s milk during the first 6 months of his life or was not vaccinated, he simply dies.
    The funny thing is that you could be an anti-vaccine unvaccinated parent who breastfed your kid, then when the latter gets it he transmits the disease to you, gets well after a week, while you for die at age 30 or 40 because of your weak immune system!! ����

  • Is the outbreak due to wild measles or is it the strain used in the LIVE virus vaccines? Aren’t live virus vaccines such as the measles vaccine contraindicated in people with weak immune systems (such as children and the elderly) because the attenuated virus can survive in them and mutate into more dangerous strains? I heard genetic tests show the strain being spread is the strain used in vaccines. Is this true?

  • Freedom of religion vs freedom to not worry about going out in public and contracting a potentially life-threatening disease we almost completely suppressed decades ago.

  • If the vaccine is “nearly 100% effective”… then why are we seeing vaccinated people getting Measles?.. And why are vaccinated people worried about the unvaccinated, if the vaccine is “nearly 100% effective”?

  • This argument some what correlates with the abortion debate. It seems the be an argument about it being the parents choice, yet the people are worried about the child. Many argue that as a free country (America), the parent has a right to choose. However, if that parent is given the right, we break our promise of protection of the future, our children.

    It is extremely sad to me to see these parents that are either uneducated or mislead that not only put their own child at risk but are also compromising those who are educated yet can not vaccinate their child due to age, financial situations, or other things.

  • I’m also based on faith but we are not to be ignorant either just get the vaccines it works and we need them with all the funk going around haha

  • “Why do doctors, the CDC, pharmaceutical companies and New York legislators continue to claim that vaccines are safe when the US government has paid over $4 billion through the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program since 1986? The United States Congress has legally classified vaccines as “unavoidably unsafe.” Vaccine manufacturers have liability protection BECAUSE their products are unavoidably unsafe. Yet the pharmaceutical industry and the government bear false witness, marketing vaccines as “safe and effective.” ” Quote from letter to Cuomo

  • What would be the reaction of Edward Jenner, Louis Pasteur, Jonas Salk, and Albert Sabin, and other famous scientists who developed vaccines, if they were alive today?


  • whoa no, give the kids the choice. If the child can speak and respond they should be told whether take the vaccine or die in maybe a couple months.

  • This is complete nonsense, it’s mostly because of all the illegal immigrants coming in here with diseases that we’ve already eradicated decades ago.
    Why would I want a measles booster if I’ve already had the measles and chicken pox, and most of the childhood diseases.

  • As previously stated you are correct about the chicken pox and shingles obviously reading is not your strong point but accepting money from big Pham is a strong point with the compulsive thieves and lying twats such as you any one who has access to that information is part of the problem as long as your group are taking money to perpetuate the moronic fairy tales even though the mothers watch their children change in front of their eyes following that poison being put inside them to save you gobshites a few dollars the glory of it all is that there will come a time when the toll will be extracted and you and your ilk will be taken to task I suggest you research females defending their young its not pretty and human females avenging the abuse of their children ask the Serbs that was not pretty and the way things are going it might not be that far off.

  • DO NOT GET INJECTED WITH POISON! news flash Garlic will prevent and cure measles!
    Never trust a guy who wants to kill your baby!!

  • These outbreaks are manufactured to manipulate the masses in order to sell and force vaccines on people. Where are our civil liberties and choices. It’s ironic how some of these women are all about “my body my choice” and killing babies and not bearing children of their own are here voicing off like a rapid dog.

    (I know i can comment on this videos, but try to go to some of their most watched)

  • illegal immigration a billion dollar business climate change, vaccines, diet food, orecriptions for everythin gu need to fell, think money is being made

  • This was the precursor to covid 19. They ������️‍♂️��️‍♀️��made sure you had no way to get around mandatory vaccine shots☠. WAKE UP PEOPLE. ������‍⚕️��‍⚕️������������������

  • The other warning here? Deconstructionism. What this trend does is re-define the word “healthy” to mean vaccinated. In other words, a disease-free, asymptomatic person is now a potential threat… unless and until they are vaccinated. So the new definition of “healthy” is vaccinated, despite any objective evidence of any disease. You are born “unhealthy” by definition. Will you stand for this?

  • I got a shot while in the military, but apparently I’m still not safe,? Vaccines are a money making fraud that’s actually very unhealthy

  • You people are so brainwashed it’s unbelievable do any of you even know that more people have died from the measles vaccine then from measles since its introduction do any of you idiots know that measles was almost eradicated before the vaccine was even introduced stop listening to the propaganda these doctors are the same people that told you smoking cigarettes was good for you that injected people with Mercury that practice bloodletting all of that happened in the last hundred years so the doctors aren’t as trustworthy as you think

  • Religion?….Really!……. More like all those idiots that suffer from A.G.D. (Anti-Government Disorder) who think the government is out to get them. ��