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UTIs in the News, and It’s Not Good. Recently the New York Times reported on how antibiotics are becoming less effective at treating urinary tract infections (UTIs), which it calls “the single biggest risk to healthy people from drug-resistant germs.”. It’s disconcerting to know that the frontline defense against UTIs is crumbling. Recently the New York Times reported on how antibiotics are becoming less effective at treating urinary tract infections (UTIs), which it calls “the single biggest risk to healthy people from drug-resistant germs.” It’s disconcerting to know that the frontline defense against UTIs is crumbling.

UTIs in the News, and It’s Not Good morfitgym Gaithersburg MD, MorFIT Gym, MorFIT Gym Maryland, Women’s Health, Yoga Gym Recently the New York Times reported on how antibiotics are becoming less effective at treating urinary tract infections (UTIs), which it calls “the single biggest risk to healthy people from drug-resistant germs.”. UTIs are such a common problem that they often aren’t taken seriously. They also disproportionately affect women— whose pain we tend to not take as. If this sounds familiar, then you may be suffering from recurrent urinary tract infection (UTI). Recurrent UTIs are defined as either three episodes of infection in the previous 12 months or two episodes in the previous 6 months.

Recurrent UTIs are common among both young healthy women and healthy women at midlife. Here’s why. Upper tract UTIs affect the kidneys. These can be potentially life threatening if bacteria move from the infected kidney into the blood.

This conditio. Getting a urinary tract infection is the worst. OK, that’s a little dramatic. But with symptoms that include a burning sensation when you go to the bathroom, feeling like you have to go all the. For many people, Cipro is a safe treatment for a urinary tract infection or UTI.

But it is not the only option. The United States Foods and Drug Administration (FDA) warn doctors about prescribing. Urinary tract infections (UTI) may be most common in women, but they can affect men as well. Most UTIs in men are caused by bacteria reaching the urinary tract via the urethra, the tube that. Trendy for a reason, probiotics aren’t just good for the gut, they may also play an important role in preventing a UTI as well.

During a UTI, harmful bacteria like E. Coli inhabit the vagina and.

List of related literature:

Prophylaxis of Recurrent Urinary Tract Infection After Renal Transplantation by Cranberry Juice and L-Methionine.

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They found that women drinking the cranberry juice were 58 percent less likely to develop UTIs than those drinking the phony fluid.

“The Doctors Book of Food Remedies: The Latest Findings on the Power of Food to Treat and Prevent Health Problems From Aging and Diabetes to Ulcers and Yeast Infections” by Selene Yeager, Editors of Prevention
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• Search the literature for other studies on the efficacy of cranberries in preventing UTIs.

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Other young children who are suspected to have UTI and are severely systemically ill (or have a fever and flank or abdominal

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A followup study by this group comparing treatment with 500 mg of cranberry extract to that with low doses of the antibiotic trimethoprim in older women found that both treatments reduced recurrent UTI.

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Unfortunately, little data exist that can shed light on the epidemiology of complicated UTIs.

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The good news is that some common-sense changes can make a big difference in preventing future UTIs.

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Most cases of UTI are polymicrobial, although 30% of reported cases are due to Klebsiella.

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Cranberry has garnered a lot of attention as a possible alternative to antibiotics in the prevention of urinary tract infections (UTIs).

“Textbook of Natural Medicine E-Book” by Joseph E. Pizzorno, Michael T. Murray
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  • Something else to keep in mind especially if you’re having what feels like repeat UTIs that may not show positive for UTI on urine test, is a condition called interstitial cystitis. It’s basically a type of chronic bladder inflammation and often times people go through rounds and rounds of antibiotics that don’t work, because their inflammation isn’t actually caused by bacteria. There’s a lot of different treatments for it, but diet and urine PH can have a lot to do with it, and it’s especially common to have it if you also have other gynecological issues such as endometriosis! Also wanna add that a over-the-counter med that can help with urgency and burning is called AZO standard (phenoazopyridine) but it’s important to remember to still go to the doc if your symptoms continue because it just masks those symptoms (and gives you crazy neon orange pee ��)

  • I thought it was great that you tackled this topic that isn’t discussed enough!

    I’ve also dealt with UTIs for almost 10 years, basically once I became sexually active. I know that cranberry pills do not technically have overwhelming scientific evidence that it actually stops UTIs from happening, but I relied on them for a good 5-6 years and they helped me prevent about 80% of my UTIs from sex if I was good about taking them at least 30 mins before intercourse. Usually if I got UTIs from not taking them within that time span.

    But for the past few years, I’ve been taking D Mannose supplements and they’ve been a godsend. It’s a simple sugar that binds itself to bacteria in your urethra and bladder which allows the bacteria to be washed out when peeing. Otherwise the bacteria would stick itself to the inner lining of your urethra and bladder. I effectively prevent and have also gotten rid of UTIs in the early stages with this supplement. I’ve heard it doesn’t work for everyone but I would really encourage folks look it up and try it out for themselves.

  • Another tip is to wear underwear that is 100% cotton. Nylon and Spandex don’t let the bottom area breath so it makes it a good environment for bacteria to grow.

  • My elderly mother has UTI induced confusion and has been taking antibiotics for 36 hours but is not improving. In fact she is deteriorating mentally. In the past she has become perfectly coherent again after taking antibiotics for 1-2 days after developing a UTI. I am worrried.

  • im glad you mentioned the point about antibiotics! places that developed this “dependency” on antibiotics is because of our overuse of antibiotics which is a huge problem that creates more antibiotic resistant bacteria. so do be aware of what your doctor prescribes you because many will prescribe antibiotics to get you out of there quick, but do ask if there are any other alternatives. of course some bacterial infections will require antibiotics and there is no getting around that. i’m studying immunology in uni:) strong advocate for education on infections! love you stephanie!

  • hi, doctor
    I ve bladder inflammation for two years I ve visited urologist for times and they just took me antibiotic tablets and I have still frequent night urination.
    what is your suggestions? thanks

  • Going thru this right now 2nd one so far this year, and it’s the most uncomfortable scariest feeling, I’m all for natural remedies bc I’m into holistic healing, but after a few days the back pain got worse, I had to go the hospital, antibiotics are the way to go…. I literally felt so alone bc I don’t know much ppl that go thru this to talk to about it or get some advice on it, but watching this video definitely made me realize I’m not the only one �� thanks sis

  • That I happen to me when I was 18 years old I was so, scared to tell her because one of the causes is intercourse, my family is super religious.

    I actually waited 3 weeks I was so sick �� I could not even walk anymore the pain was Horrible, I keep asking so bad I honestly didn’t feel my head anymore are used to hate it and I didn’t feel anything.�� that’s when I realize I had to see a doctor ��‍⚕️.

    I got to the hospital the doctors were telling me why did I wait so long, They gave me a shot and they put me in hard medication. I still felt horrible I felt like I was gonna die my head was hurting, my back has still hurting… Thank fully it all went away after 2 weeks.

    Right now I’m 21 and I got it again ��
    But one of the biggest mistakes I will never do is wait so long… I’m taking Azo pills ��they help a lot.

  • a year ago, my uti developed into severe kidney infection and i was in hospital for a week. worst experience of my life; i couldn’t eat or drink anything, and I would pass out if i stood up for longer than a minute. I missed exams. drinking water would’ve prevented all this. please please drink plenty of water especially if you think you might be starting to get a uti, it’ll go away in a few days and you won’t have to go through what i went through.

  • People also need to eat and drink extremely healthy. Of course people won’t get better if there eating Junk food or drinking alcohol or smoking anything bad. So eat your plants. Drink your water and exercise be around happy people listen watch positive inspiring music/videos. Antibiotics by themselves won’t help.

  • I have to say apple cider vinegar has been a godsend and saw me through the weekend until I could call my gp on Monday.
    I had 2 shots neat, then I added a small amount into my water. It really calmed the burning after I had peed about 3 times. Highly recommend it!

  • Men get UTIs much less commonly than women because their urethra is much much longer (the entire length of the penis and more inside so about 20cm) but unfortunately ours is much shorter (about 4cm) and therefore there is a short distance to the bladder and also a short distance from our anus�� idk who tf designed us like this… Just some facts I learned in first year human biology ��‍♀️

  • I am SUPER susceptible to UTIs and I started taking DMannose (prevents certain bacterias from sticking to walls of the urinary tract) and I’ve stopped getting UTIs! It’s all about that prevention and extra care. Thanks for making this video ��

  • i have a uti currently for the past few days. i’ve been to the doctors btw. but my experience with it is that i need to go to the toilet so frequently and idk if this is also other people or what but when i have uti’s my bladder becomes really really weak when at some points i can’t even hold my urin in time to go to the toilet. i just wanted to know if this has happened to anyone else before. it always happens to me when i have uti’s.

  • This was so well done! Beauty isn’t just makeup and skincare its starts from the inside out. It’s so awesome that you’re using your platform to share this info and provide a place where we can all share our experiences and learn. Xoxo

  • I love a good herbal remedy but after relying on those for repeat infections they actually got chronic. I started to think I had cystitis but lo and behold, after finally seeing a doctor and getting a strong dose of antibiotics, the infection went away and ive now gone 6 months without a repeat infection. Moral of the story being, know when to “give in” and get medicine, sometimes you prolong your suffering in the name of trying to be all natural! I let the fear of what antibiotics do scare me out of treatment but dealing with the disruption they cause has been minor and ive gotren mylife back, compared to the agony i was in before. Cc: yeast infections

  • I am from Turkey. I am 29. Both my parent are doctors. And I used antibiotics only twice in my life. And my immune system is crazy strong.

  • I’m currently going through this painful ordeal. Well, it’s more like your experience in Florence. The Urgent Care doctor prescribed a shot of aggressive antibiotic and also 7-day course of oral antibiotics.The aggressive antibiotic, Cefriaxone, hurt like a [email protected]$&#. They had me lay down on my left side and the shot was injected into my right cheek. I felt the stabbing pain right away and it took about 30 seconds (felt like 30 mins), medicine to empty before the needle was retracted. It was so painful that the nurse had me lay down for 15 mins after the shot was given to prevent me from collapsing. When I asked her how long it’ll take the pain to dissipate, her answer, “about a day or two.” I later found out that particular antibiotic is super thick thus super painful when injected and painful as it’s being absorbed. When I texted my sister, an ER nurse, after treatment, she was like OMG, they should have given you the options for how you want it to be delivered:
    1) intravenously through an IV
    2) mix the antibiotic with h lidocaine (a numbing agent)
    3) lastly, straight shot

    It’s been years since I’ve had a uti, but you definitely know the first signs. Which I saw the first signs with this UTI, and went on a mission to try and treat it first with cranberry pills, d-mannose, flora probiotic, and AZO pills, gallons of water. All the above are mainly meant as preventive measures. I finally went to Urgent Care because of fever (103) and chills. You can always go to a clinic to get the antibiotics and if you’re symptoms go away, great, but if they are persistent, you have them.

    You can also request a urine culture which takes two days to grow in the lab to confirm which strain of bacteria and if more aggressive meds are needed.

    End of story time. Thanks for sharing your experience, Stephanie.

  • AZO Feminine Balance probiotics work wonders as a preventative option! Available on Amazon. I haven’t had a UTI since I started taking them regularly.

  • could you please do a video about VB and Vulvodynia/Vestibulitis? even if u don’t have experience with it maybe, it’s just such an important topic for everyone o has a vagina <3

  • I’ve had probably 100+ UTIs in my life time-I wish I was joking. And it’s important to know that you can have a UTI without the burning, frequency, or dark colored urine. Most of the UTIs I’ve had were only caught on because I could see the white and/or red blood cells in my urine and change in smell. And I got royally fucked b/c no one told me to pee before and after sex and finally experienced the burning and frequency symptoms then.

  • These last two months have killed me with three uti’s! While I was waiting to get my antibiotics, Azo really helped relieve the symptoms. It helped me get through the agonizing wait for my urine culture test results. But remember Azo only temporarily relieves symptoms, it doesn’t treat it.

  • My doctor prescribed Cipro for my uti. The pain when I would urinate has gone away, but I am urinating more often every hour. Is that normal when taking antibiotics? It’s been 2 days since I’ve been taking the antibiotics. I’m in my twenties. Has anyone used this antibiotic and how long does it take to eradicate the bacteria?

  • For quick relief, try Azo (pain relievers that target your urethra specifically). it helps treat symptoms until you can see the doctor. If possible go 12 hours without taking it before going to the doctor, though so they can see your pee easier for the test. The Azo turns your pee a bright orange color

  • Unrelated but your skin is glowing!!! Great video btw I wish we had more education on UTIs in sex ed I struggled with them so much with my first partner

  • D-Mannose is an over the counter natural supplement that my doctor prescribed me to prevent frequent UTIs. It’s similar to cranberry supplements but a bit more effective. Also diet can play a huge role if you get frequent UTIs. Please just always get checked and ask a doctor before taking anything if it will work for you. Thank you for this video! Loving the content.

  • Omgg I get utis so often and have gotten a kidney infection once �� some symptoms of utis aren’t “typical” uti symptoms when I got my kidney infection I just thought I had a yeast infection cuz I had no pain and my pee just smelled kinda weird.. if in doubt get a urine test!! Also azo is a God send�� I keep some in all my travel bags

  • I had gotten a UTI on Wednesday few days before Easter so I didn’t get to see a doctor till Monday. Well he said I had a UTI so I got antibiotics for five days, well nothing worked went to a different doctor same think I have UTI and on Microbid only been the third day and still nothing:( ugh!!! I have no pain with my pee area no burning but a lot of peeing going on and pain on the right side up to the kidney area… idk im scared. I’ll see my family doctor Sunday do a pee test and pap and see what we can do I guess:/

  • I’m scared because I’m a virgin and I got threadworms and no treatment and apparently if I don’t take care of it soon I will get a UTI ��

  • I usually get my UTIs after couple nights of heavy drinking and I’m dehydrated. Just gotta chug hella water to flush it out. And I always hold in my pee, I should really just let that gooooo lol

  • Hi! I got burning since 4years I visited doctors several times and told me that I don’t have urine infection and my blood results also showed that blood is clear but I spend many years with this the most annoying burning plz I really need ur advice don’t know what to do also I’ve done the kidney ultrasound that was normal but still have a bad burning

  • Hi, I get uti alot due to sex. I’ve been told to empty my bladder straight after sex but I’m trying for a baby, is that going to have any impact on my chances of conception? Plz respond

  • Thank you for the great advice! Yarrow and Horsetail tea is a popular herbal remedy in Europe. This combination of plants was useful for me, not necessarily as a remedy but great for preventing UTIs.

  • Oh my lorddddd, when I had a UTI my mom made me drink SO much cranberry juice. She really didn’t want to take me to the doctor, but I ended up needing the help of antibiotics to clear up the infection. Most painful week of my life (next to ear infections). I hate cranberry juice to this day.

  • She just talked for full three minutes with out a single pause I am amazed on how much information she provided in this talk THANK YOU GIRLLLLL

  • One of the very important things is that you have to keep your feet/ legs warm. Idk what it has to do with UTIs prevention but my dotor said so and it does help!
    D-mannose is also helpful, cranberry pills ( if you cant handle the bitty juice )
    And there is this thing called “ cantharis blasen globuli ), it also helped me A LOT with UTIs. Good luck guys.

  • Please keep this series going! It’s so interesting, and I like being able to read about other people’s experiences in the comments. Love ya, girl ��

  • every girl who suffers with this needs to research d-mannose powder. i was getting utis so often and was dreading going to the doctor to get antibiotics to treat them. i take this powder with water when i get that first feeling of a uti. it’s changed my life!!!

  • I get uti regulary. I dont get the burning but get severe lower tummy and lower back pain and feel really tired. I am going for an ultrasound soon x

  • I take each and every day (3) 500 mg Vitamin C each morning. (2) AZO cranberry tablets during the day. Then just (1) anti biotic pill Doxycycline hyclate100 mg tablet every 3 days, that’s only one every 72 hours only. This stopped my uncontrolled UTI’s after two family doctors and two Urologist could’t. They were set on just different anti biotics which slowly lost there strength on me. I was dying. Losing weight. Germs don’t like the environment I’ve created in my bladder by this self designed program. I’m a engineer. Please pass this treatment along to others, its very inexpensive and easy to do. Note; germs can mutate or adapt to just one ingredient but by my system the germs have to mutate
    to all three and that, for me, stops the

  • I got it from holding my pee. It was hard lesson to learn �������� it was literally the worst thing ever. Only got it once 7 years ago NEVER AGAIN LMFAO

  • 2 years of severe pain/distress/incontinence,,,,
    and my wonderful Doctor’s can’t do a damned thing.
    Looks like the 9mm caliber treatment is the only option left.
    Ain’t the ‘Murica Medical System GREAT?

  • I remember that day when I felt something moving down there and it was sooooo uncomfortable. This video was informative and helpful! U go girl!!! ����������

  • I had my first one at age 20 and man oh man, it’s the worst stinging oulling pain ever. Mine actually drove me to the ER because I had blood coming out, non-stop peeing feels like knives. Check out this illustrator that draws her fair share of these nasties, she goes by mewtripled on instagram. I remember after having to be on the IV for hours of rehydrating my body, I get a nurse who is kinda passive aggressive with her tone, but oh well, and she says “Do you drink alcohol on a daily basis or have sex?” I’m like no alcohol whatsoever, but yes on the sex. She then tell me that the reason for the alcohol is that it’s high in sugar levels and that not only alcohol, but my sugar intake can mess with my PH levels and if that goes haywire, it can cause yeast infections (smelly stuff ew) and if left untreated medically, to UTI’s AANNDDD (this scared me healthy) that frequent UTI’s can be just part of a BIGGER problem, Diabetes. I’m like oh sheet, well now fast forward 4 years later, I’m still struglgling and am pre-diabetic, gotta take a physical and make sure your primary care doctor helps you along the way and not a in your face ER nurse

  • Thanks for info doc:-o i havent a full abdo hysterectomy last year and keep gettin utis ad antibioctics few times but its gettin worse can hardly walk n only weeing little bits n feelin ill any advice plz?

  • It’s so funny
    I watched this Jan 14
    And thought I had a UTI and I ignored it
    and here I am with a kidney infection

  • Thanks for making this video! Like you said, UTI’s are caused by bacteria that are in an area where they shouldn’t belong. And the #1 treatment for that is actually antibiotics. But the antibiotic depends on the type of bacteria that grows, usually through a urine sample and culture, so what many doctors will do is give you a “big gun” antibiotic and collect a urine culture; ideally, when culture results come back, they should narrow down the specific type of antibiotic to use to target the specific type of bacteria. There is a lot of debate regarding overuse of antibiotics and antibiotic resistant bacteria but that’s why it’s important to complete a full antibiotic course versus stopping abruptly. Anyone who is experiencing symptoms should immediately see a doctor because the antibiotics will ultimately prevent kidney infection and will prevent systemic infection (which can lead to shock/death like you said). There isn’t enough evidence from studies to show that other supplements, “natural cures” or over the counter things can treat or prevent UTI’s. I would caution others not to Google stuff and just take anything on the Internet with a grain of salt because there aren’t reliable resources out there and to be honest, the best resource is to talk to someone with a medical degree/license/background.

    Here’s a article about the clinical guidelines for treating UTIs that is evidence based (American Academy of Family Physicians): https://www.aafp.org/afp/2011/1001/p771.pdf

  • Urine cultures are useless, James Malone Lee is curing many women of ‘IC’ with long term antibiotics. He uses fresh urine microscopy to count white cells.

  • Really great advice, couldn’t agree more. I had a similar experience when I was 18 my first UTI developed into a kidney infection right when I flew out to NYC alone for my first day of college. I was hospitalized in the middle of the night and it was traumatic to say the least. I’ve since had several more bladder and kidney infections but developing preventative habits and seeking the right medical help has definitely been key to improving urinary health! So happy to see content spreading awareness on such important topics, thanks for sharing <3

  • After turning 65 out of no where UTIs. Haven’t been sexually active keep on getting UTIS. Bladder has been scoped 2x clear Do have OAB
    And put on generic Keflex since Nov now got a bad UTI while on antibiotic. On Cipro but now it’s not working 2 more days left. Do I have stones but not causing problems. Very depressed no quality of life

  • I have NEVER been able to get rid of a UTI without antibiotics. And honestly, I’m appalled at the lack of options for women in 2019. Cranberry juice, herbal supplements, D-Manose… none of these homeopathic methods have ever worked for me and it’s really upsetting how pseudoscience has become so profitable within the women’s health industry. Some bullshit if you ask me.

  • love this series and how much I am learning! I wish this kind of stuff was covered in health class in high school to not feel as scared and ashamed when it does happen. would you make one about yeast infections?

  • Actually it’s a double edged sword because you build a tolerance towards antibiotics, it’s not that you become dependent on it it’s not as effective overtime

  • I have a question I’ve been feeling pinching around my body. And also I feel I am pressure in the middle of my private area.. I also noticed that I have a clear pee.when I go the bathroom it come out clear.. well I drink alots of water mostly everyday.. this is like the first time seeing this.. it’s this normal

  • one doctor told me that drinking a lot of cranberry juice can actually irritate your urinary tract due to the acidity of the juice, therefore making your urinary tract more vulnerable to infection! also thank you for talking about antibiotics! such an important topic that everyone should know about

  • Omg i need your help! I was born a neurogenic bladder and 45% of one kidney. Kidney lasted me until I was 22. When on daiylsis. Got my kidney transplant 5 years later. Anyways, my doctor isn’t helping with any of this. And I have to self cath because I can’t urinate on my own. Major bladder reconstruction surgery when I was 18

    Where are you located at?

  • Hi sir my name is Faizan i am suffering for uti last 5 years lots of antibiotics use but no relife ciprofloxacin,sparfloxacin,cefexime 400,urixin tab citralka syrup i have use and septran ds also.but o relife the pus appear in my urine like small crystal like jally pieces.im married for to year but my wife not gatting pregnat becuase the puss cell is 8 to 10 percent in my semin i used for last 6 monts tribulus and evion 400 tottal sperm 70 milion.active 35 non active 65 how i do for this plz tell me.

  • I don’t know if anyone has put this but there is a product out there known as AZO and it is a urinary pain reliever I’m not saying this is a treatment but it is over the counter so easy to get and it does help! I get UTI all the time and this as been the best thing as far as getting rid of symptoms like. Pain and burning and urgency to pee so I high recommend this or looking in to it. I have token this on top of my anabiotic’s and it has done wonders

  • I have recurring UTI since 2016 they always find trace of Ketones and blood in Urine usually I get prescribed Antibiotics, but keeps coming back.I tend to run out quickly of toilet paper is embarrassing going out and not finding bathroom nearby.

  • I would get chronic uti’s no matter what so i got a cystoscopy to make sure everything was ok and my urologist also gauged my urethra with an instrument bc it helps it get less irritated for some reason? And for about two years after i was totaly uti free. It shrinks back down to size so i get them again now but not as much as long as i wash before, pee after, and drink a lot of water

  • this is all bullshit…why? why can doctors not cure bladder issues…give me a break…what did women do in the olden days. i do not believe there are no CURES. doctors suck!!! really makes me mad that women are suffering and doctors can’t do a thing….i want a cure…not band aides!!!!!!

  • I unfortunately disagree. I think any extra inflammation or sensitivity is caused by INFECTION!! IC must be caused by chronic, embedded infections. Just saying that my bladder is easily ‘triggered’ is really dumb. It wasn’t last year or the year before.

  • I’m desperate! I m suffering from utis about 4 years now. I ve done everything and I ve taken so many antibiotics I also tried homeopath but nothing. Furolin lives in my purse ��!

  • This might sound strange i’m a 45-year-old woman my periods stopped at 41 for no reason, then a few months later I started to get Bladder Infection and Kidney infections on a regular base, they might not tie in together but it does seem strange that this has happened. I have had Ultrasound scans to see why it has stopped but the doc says everything is normal. 4 years later it has become annoying to say the least any suggestions doc?

  • Question how does an kidney infection/kidney Stone / sepsis feel like bc idk if I had one I just thought maybe I have it and just went straight to a clinic. Still waiting for the results. They gave me a prescription to take. Uhm like I said idk if I have one. But today I started to get a big stomach pain and burning sensation. The pain is located below my rib cage (both side) and I just try my best to calm down but can’t bc the pain feel like something is moving there and growling and feel bloated too. So idk what’s going on. Also what happened if a partner been using Vaseline when having sex for the past 8 months is that a serious thing? I just have a lot of questions since I never been taught of feminine hygiene stuff except period.

  • Chronic bladder and urethra pain for 3 years now. STI labs come back negative but with high white blood cell count. No antibiotics have worked yet. When my girlfriend and I have sex it sometimes makes her vagina smell like fish days later… bacterial vaginosis, i know, but it makes me think I have an bacteria in my urethra. Ive tried everything…

  • Loved the video!! If anyone is looking for a `natural` cure for a UTI you should look into a medication called angocin. Its basically mustardoils and horseradish and combined they have the same potency as an antibiotic for UTIs and sinusitis. really helped me out because I have chronic UTIs and I couldn’t take antibiotics all the time. Just like D-Mannose you can take it before and after intercourse as a prevention. I linked some sources as well! 

  • Make sure your boyfriend isn’t spraying cologne or using really scented soaps, lotions on his junk. I did everything correctly to prevent UTIs, but kept getting them because my bf always had scented lotion on his privates. Also make sure he cleans himself. I was on strong antibiotics constantly and was hospitalized twice with kidney infections, one infection became a septic blood infection which can kill you. It can do very serious damage to our health, vital organs if we don’t advocate for ourselves. If he gets angry over your asking him to stop using perfumes because you keep getting painful dangerous infections, he is not someone you want in your life. That is beyond selfish.

  • Did you try d-mannose (apparently in powder better than in pills)? and probiotics (Bio Cultures):

    Lactobacillus plantarum
    Lactobacillus acidophilus
    Lactobacillus brevis
    Bifidobacterium lactis

    Bifidobacterium longum
    All 5 I found in one product: BioCultures Complex Nutravita (ordered from UK). I am sure there are other brands as well. On you tube women talk about these products.

  • This is the most helpful and useful video for me on the whole platform. Thank you from the bottom of my ever struggling bladder ��

  • When a 12 year old has lot’s of urinary track infections and the doctor treats her but in 4 days in antibiotic and she gets it again do to using catheters every 4 hours any advice of what to do.

  • So I have every symptom of a uti, yet my test came back negative? I can’t get in with a urology for months! What do I do!? I can’t stand this constant need to pee 24:7

  • Thank you so much Doctor from Ireland. This is the most and the best information I have had in many months of consultation and suffering. Bless You.

  • from my experiences,
    those who got uti infection some specific food and beverages are worsening the infection.
    tomatoe, orange, coffee, suger and chili, lemon, and chocolate, sour foods, like yoghurt, milk. these are worsening the uti infection,

  • Doctor
    Please help me.i am totally down from my mind..i got suddenly burning in my urethra..after 30 min having sex.since 2 years i checked my blood..urine..semen..but all the specialist saying you dont have a any problem all nagative..but since that day my urethra feeling burn if urinate or not. I have this problem since 2016. Please help me.i got lot of antibiotics what doctors gave me..but no cure.

  • I haven’t had a UTI in 15 years then I went on vacation for 2 weeks, had a long plane ride and got dehydrated. Now I had blood once and now if I don’t drink tons of water it burns slightly to pee. Tried baking soda, garlic, herb tea to make the urine more alkaline. I’m afraid now it’ll go into my kidneys:(. I can’t afford a doctor right now.

  • Over the course of two years I’ve had 4 UTI’s, and it’s really frustrating that even peeing after sex isn’t 100% effective for me. I started using a preventative brand called Uqora, which has probiotic pills and a drink mix you take after sex that flushes out new bacteria. This company has been my piece of mind ever since, and I just want to share it with as many people as possible! I haven’t had an infection since then, and it’s definitely worth a shot if you get recurrent UTI’s! ��

  • The long strung out comment is in the video that’s titled Help! My Urine Is Red. By the way my urine was never pure red pinkish in color as in it looks like it’s just pure blood.

  • I commented on your hematuria video doc you think you could go check out my comment and answer my questions. I’ve been slightly worried about my UTI condition and I know for a fact it’s UTI. I just subscribed to your channel. I’m seeing a lot of cancer and tumor gloom and doom videos with other hematuria doctor videos. I’m a 30 year old male and I haven’t had a physical or checkup within the last 8-10 years since my early 20’s. I have a hematuria case more then likely and I described it in your other video. I am also not taking antibiotics for it of any sort just drinking cranberry juice. I shed a lot more light on my issue in the other video so please check it out.

  • Has there been any research to suggest an underlying cause of PBS/IC? If the lining of the bladder is being compromised, what’s causing the deterioration? And how can we help regerate that lost lining? As a urologist, what would be the best possible way for a patient to ask for or suggest another type of urine test like a broth culture or DNA extraction of pathogens in the urine? No one has tried that…..yet.

    I have seen so many doctors (urologists included). I get the response that any further urine testing beyond standard cultures would be a waste of time but something is wrong. �� I recently had severe flank pain and what felt like contractions in my back, like a kidney infection or stone. Blood and urine tests came back normal! CT scans, normal. The next day at my family practice (went to be referred to a specialist), the doc said my urine looked awful and everything pointed to an active infection. ��

    I have had a ctyoscopy and the urologist put something in my bladder to help it “relax” (as described in the video). I was told that aside from looking red and irritated, my bladder looked normal. (I wondered what caused the red and irritated part). That procedure threw me into a mad mess. I was in more pain for months after than I ever was before the procedure. On top of that, I’ve gained weight because I stopped doing exercise….due to the pain. I am avoiding all irritating foods as I was told to do. That has helped.

    Is it possible for an infection to lie dormant or hide? Or could it be something a standard culture would miss? Maybe a “perfect storm” of different bacteria? Or could an infection be non-bacterial? Maybe viral or a fungus? Or the bacteria that are found don’t fall within the range that justify an infection despite symptoms? I notice that if my urine is very diluted (I drink more water than a horse), the results are negative. If I allow my urine to get more concentrated and can hold it for a couple of hours before I leave a sample, that’s when more things pop up. The one positive culture I had-I remember I didn’t drink a ton of water that day and my urine was more concentrated. It wasn’t on purpose. I did the same thing for my last visit to my family doc (on purpose) and I’m awaiting results. Everything in my urine points to an infection (blood, nitrates/nitrities, WBC), but in general they just can’t find the infection itself.


  • I used Piperacillin/Tazobactam to treat severe urinary tract infection.. It was a 5 day course(morning and evening) and I was totally cured after the course.

  • I remember when I had one and it was more painful than an actual operation I had on my stomach.. Seriously I would have that operation again over the UTI. I couldn’t sit, couldn’t sleep, couldn’t pee, it was absolutely horrendous.

  • Another important thing to mention is to FINISH the ENTIRE course of antibiotics as prescribed by your provider!! Stopping the course midway through (even if you feel better) leads to the development of antibiotic resistant bacteria!

  • Great video! I thought that UTIs were nothing and went away on their own. Long story short, I got a kidney infection and had to be hospitalised. Now I am prone to kidney infections, can no longer have caffeine and limit my alcohol intake.

  • I have Neurogenic OAB with chronic UTIs, which has caused my bladder to empty prematurely, sometimes before I even feel the urge to pee. Even though this is not the cause of the problem, I have found through keeping a diary that caffeine, coffee, non-herbal teas, citrus, aspartame, cow’s milk, spicy food, and excessive water intake (from meds) all make my symptoms worse. Since minimizing all of those and starting Sanctura, I have gone from soiling 6-8 pull-ups in a day to just 2-4.

  • Love this super super useful and important series! And it’s so refreshing to find a Youtube influencer who is not afraid of antibiotics and who doesn’t avoid “all chemicals.” �� Thank you for realistic and scientifically-supported information and advice! You’re awesome.

  • If you happen to be dependent on antibiotics you should really look into if it is possible to teach your body to be less dependent somehow. Antibiotic resistency is such a huge problem for our world. I am so grateful that Sweden where I live and grew up is educated on this and generelly avoid antibiotics at a much greater extent than other countries.

  • Man, I get so many of these little bitches thanks to having a super stretchy bladder (Thanks, Ehlers-Danlos) that doesn’t empty properly. I looked up some studies and found that horseradish is almost as successful in treating them as antibiotics. I think it was around 80%? It keeps the infection from binding to the lining in the urinary tract. You have to take it as consistently as antibiotics though or the infection could develop resistance. I don’t have health insurance so I try to avoid the doctor/hospital as much as I can to not add to my crazy medical debt. Of course, going to the doctor is MUCH smarter and this should only be used if you have no other options. Great topic! I feel like a lot of people are embarrassed to talk about these things so it’s really great to see someone with a large following put themselves out there <3
    https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/16618018 There are a few others, but I am big lazy.

  • i had a bad case of UTI 2weeks ago, i think it was mostly cystitis, but it is cured now, but it took high doses of antibiotics and a combination to get rid of it. i contracted it by using the hospital bathroom.

  • How about test ivig to restore the actual mucusoul lining and cure diseases these mucosoul lining line the gut the lungs the urethra the nasal lining the stomach you come up with the rest you learn about this because its the cause of major disease and you have the tools and your not using em and people suffer and suffer becauze of ignorance

  • Ladies, please help! Ever since I’ve started birth control, I’ve gotten very dry during intercourse. And after sex, I’ll begin to spot (the blood is usually a very light red/pink), I believe from the friction. But sometimes the blood will even be brown. This happens like every other 3 times I have intercourse. We’ve even bought lube but when we have to reapply because I’m dry again, it’ll begin to burn/sting inside me and I wonder if it’s micro-tears from being so dry. I’m so worried on what this could be. Implantation bleeding? Dryness? STI? ��

  • Hy its Naveed here. its 2 months back when i feel too much pain at my left kidney and when i go to doctor he said that i have Uti Infection. I am using antibiotics from 02 months but i dont get rid off from uti. there is a pain, its like burning that stay in pinus all the time 24/7. i am so upset it does not go away what shoud i do?

  • I might have a UTI because I keep going to the restroom frequently. I went to the doctors and they asked for a urine sample but said I didn’t have anything wrong. But I still pee a lot than before. I’m going back tomorrow but if they say the same thing how can I get some help? This is so annoying an just started about 2 weeks ago. HELP!

  • D-mannose tablets or powder is a lifesaver. Especially for those who gets UTI frequently. I used to get UTI almost every month but since taking D-mannose as soon as I feel the UTI symptoms, i havent taken any antibiotics for nearly a year��

  • I had a uranry track infection that gave me blood poisoning then shut my liver and kidneys down, I was put into an induced coma for 3 days in ICU, drs told my son he had to get to hospital as quick as posible to make a life and death decision on wether to pull the plug on me or not. Thank god the hospital was miles away as he took ages apparently to get there this was september just gone. So when he got to the hospital they said I was starting to improve. I was put on dialysis and really strong antibiotics lost 20kg with in two weeks. I think there should be posters put up in drs surgerys for women to see what can happen untreated

  • I am frustrated because older people seem to relate UTI to only sex. I’ve gotten 3 UTIs when I wasn’t having much sex. I dont have an SDI I’ve been tested during that time. I think mine were more relates to dehydration and holding in morning pee.