U.S. Website for Health Exchanges Faced Intermittent Shutdowns for Repairs


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The U.S. Health and Human Services Department announced late Friday that the healthcare.gov site a key to the launch of the new health care insurance exchanges would be unavailable during off-peak hours over the weekend for repairs. “The shutdown should not impact their coverage,” said Kristine Grow, spokeswoman for America’s Health Insurance plans, the trade group that represents insurers, including those that offer.

Maryland’s $107 million online insurance marketplace crashed on its launch Oct. 1, and problems continued into this week with Monday’s hours-long shutdown. Plagued by technical problems and feuding contractors, the website still has not delivered on its promise to be a national model for health.

The Hidden Health Dangers of the Government Shutdown. As a former federal employee, I know firsthand the stress of government work, and as our wellness and chiropractic center is located in an area with many federal employees, I’ve worked closely with government employees and contractors over the years. With the ongoing government shutdown, our center has seen a dramatic increase in health. The temporary shutdown or reduced operation of a building and reductions in normal water use can create hazards for returning occupants.

Two potential microbial hazards that should be considered prior to reopening after a period of building inactivity are mold and Legionella (the cause of Legionnaires’ disease). For mold, a “prolonged period” may be days, weeks, or months depending. U.S.

Website for Health Exchanges Faced Intermittent Shutdowns for Repairs; Glitches Still Dog Online Health Exchanges; Massachusetts Health Law Cut Race Gap for Certain Surgeries: Study; Computer Problems Still Vex Day 2 of Health Insurance Exchange Rollout; Affordable Care Act: Your Top 8 Questions Answered; Computer Glitches Mar Health. The shutdown means trouble for government health agencies Published Sat, Jan 20 2018 2:38 PM EST Updated Mon, Jan 22 2018 7:53 AM EST Richard Morgan, special to CNBC.com. Links with this icon indicate that you are leaving the CDC website.. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) cannot attest to the accuracy of a non-federal website. Linking to a non-federal website does not constitute an endorsement by CDC or any of its employees of the sponsors or the information and products presented on the website.

A formal shutdown is done whenever the need is not immediate; i.e. for maintenance, modifications or repair or to deactivate a space for demolition, decontamination, decommissioning or to temporarily abandon a space while waiting for work to start or for a. Eligibility Federally Qualified Health Centers are community-based health care providers that receive funds from the HRSA Health Center Program to provide primary care services in underserved areas. They must meet a stringent set of requirements, including providing care on a sliding fee scale based on ability to pay and operating under a governing board that includes.

List of related literature:

This type of outage may threaten the health, well-being, and safety of individuals (hospital systems come to mind).

“Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning for IT Professionals” by Susan Snedaker
from Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning for IT Professionals
by Susan Snedaker
Elsevier Science, 2013

Power shortages and failures often accompany natural disasters, and even summer thunderstorms, winter blizzards, and short-term localized power blackouts can put health care institutions on a disaster footing without warning.

“Foodservice Manual for Health Care Institutions” by Ruby Parker Puckett
from Foodservice Manual for Health Care Institutions
by Ruby Parker Puckett
Wiley, 2012

This lack of critical devices could mean that a bed or an operating room or examination room remains unavailable, resulting in lost revenue for the hospital.

“Clinical Engineering Handbook” by Joseph Dyro
from Clinical Engineering Handbook
by Joseph Dyro
Elsevier Science, 2004

But this error report is typical; it shows that health care providers are on the right road to error prevention but their efforts are not fully reliable.

“Medication Errors” by Michael Richard Cohen, American Pharmacists Association
from Medication Errors
by Michael Richard Cohen, American Pharmacists Association
American Pharmacists Association, 2007

Normally, any planned outage must have executive authority, but during such crises the ERT has full authority to stop any vulnerability to save critical information.

“Information Security and Ethics: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications” by Nemati, Hamid
from Information Security and Ethics: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications
by Nemati, Hamid
Information Science Reference, 2007

Three days after this announcement, on March 5, 2009, the White House convened a special fourhour summit on health care reform, inviting approximately 150 congressional and executive branch officials and other health policy experts to start serious deliberations on the issue.

“The Political Determinants of Health” by Daniel E. Dawes, David R. Williams
from The Political Determinants of Health
by Daniel E. Dawes, David R. Williams
Johns Hopkins University Press, 2020

The duration of most outages can be estimated based on known repair times.

“Energy Management Handbook” by Wayne C. Turner, Steve Doty
from Energy Management Handbook
by Wayne C. Turner, Steve Doty
Fairmont Press, 2007

Once these historical reliability metrics are known, the organization can plan for the likeliest and most feasible outage scenarios (many sustained interruptions but few momentary outages, long utility repair times, etc.)

“Maintaining Mission Critical Systems in a 24/7 Environment” by Peter M. Curtis
from Maintaining Mission Critical Systems in a 24/7 Environment
by Peter M. Curtis
Wiley, 2011

The health checker can help identify potential problems before they affect availability or cause outages.

“Getting Started with z/OS Data Set Encryption” by Bill White, Andy Coulson, Jacky Doll, Brad Habbershaw, Cecilia Carranza Lewis, Thomas Liu, Ryan McCarry, Eysha Shirrine Powers, Philippe Richard, Romoaldo Santos, IBM Redbooks
from Getting Started with z/OS Data Set Encryption
by Bill White, Andy Coulson, et. al.
IBM Redbooks, 2018

HealthCare.gov, the federally operated exchange, did not function for the first months of its operation, and a number of newly established “cooperative health plans” failed.

“Health Care Law and Ethics” by Mark A. Hall, David Orentlicher, Mary Anne Bobinski, Nicholas Bagley, I. Glenn Cohen
from Health Care Law and Ethics
by Mark A. Hall, David Orentlicher, et. al.
Wolters Kluwer, 2018

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  • I have a theory. Please, feel free to point out potential flaws.
    So, the powers that be can’t seem to get a handle on a package to help the unemployed and out of work. About ⅓ of the population. Meanwhile these folks did get a taste of financial relief.
    It is my thought that this would be a great time to roll out the fedcoin. You get that many people chomping at the bit, at some point they will accept “anything”.


  • Jan 1st the dollar will be gone. The digital currency will be here. It will not suprise me if all debt public and private is wiped out. The system will not collapse. The digital currency will be introduced and they will make this exciting. They do not want any resistantance of the dollar going away from paper to fully digital. People will probably get 5-10k as well to test the UBI system on a test run. Universal Basic Income. This will be the tradeoff.

  • Armageddon is coming to many people because they are selfish and driven by their egos. If enough people around the world become Problacists (see Problacism.com) then I believe we can save many of them.

  • I eat Fage greek yogurt, sauerkraut, and Apple Cider Vinegar everyday. I believe some of those have good bacteria benefits. I also have greens like Broccoli, Brussel Sprouts, or Spinach on a daily basis. I am doing keto right now so I don’t do any starchy veggies or fruits now.

  • Really enjoy these videos with proactive steps we can take. I introduced my mother to kimchi this week and she loves it. She had a couple rounds of antibiotics before lockdown to fight an infection and is now replenishing with a great probiotic supplement and fermented foods. Her diet is great, organic produce, whole, low carb foods. She’ll probably outlive me at this point. Every bit helps. Thanks for all the great information.

  • …time to invest in guillotine manufacturing stocks…what’s the difference between a warehouse full of paper and QE4… green ink…

  • Knowing the global power and currency reset is close ahead, leads to the question: Which currency will be used as  THE ULTIMATE ONE WORLD CURRENCY?  Are there any clues in the Holy Bible, which might help us to find out which legal tender will conquer the entire world?  The answer is YES! https://issuu.com/eli.yah/docs/in_god_we_trust

  • Total government control equals communism. The flip side total monopoly control equals fascism. Either way freedom is lost. As Gerald Celente famously quotes Welcome to Slavelandia.

  • I think it’s important we use this crisis as an opportunity to invest in our financial education. Waiting on the government to give us a check is not the answer and had never really gotten people out of their condition. Government assistance is just used to pacify people. It’s better to teach people how to fish so they can feed their families for a lifetime.

  • the US financial system is perhaps the largest scam in world history. Only because when the dollar was strong they were given the privilege to be the reserve currency and therefore print it as they pleased. China and Russia are already making moves to introduce a new world currency independent of the dollar, which take away its reserve currency status. The day that happens the scam is over and USA falls. Its a lot closer than a lot of people think.

  • Hilarious how TYT is half correct. They recognize part of the problem, yet think we can do universal healthcare and pay off student loans for everyone. Retards.

  • Economy is in trouble that is a fact!!!!, but some speakers do not have a clue and present a story exaggerated out of proportion… Speaker said “Americans own 1 Trillion now”, but they do not give you the other data pertaining to this 1 Trillion story….That is how many persons have this debt and what is the average price of cars and homes THEN and compare it with NOW!…..for example when my Dad was in his 30″s let’s say they were 20 Million persons that have loans and cars and houses were cheaper then than now!!!…Those 20 Million persons got kids (1, 2 or 3) Now we are at 40 Million average persons with needs of loans for cars and homes. The 20 million kids grew up and now they got kids of their own with needs of buying a home and a car. That is why speakers need to do a better job and provide all the information or else the supposed outcome will not happen as they predicted….Thanks be to GOD!!!

  • Dr. Mindy, you are amazing. Thank you for this great info, and thank you for all you do. You’re a great inspiration. I truly appreciate you. God Bless…

  • What’s almost funny about all this is the fact that everyone knows about it, everyone sees the crash coming yet no one seems to care about it much less do anything about it, least of all us people. Well all keep going about our every day lives in a very foolishly optimistic way without ever spending a minute thinking about this impending doom. We have become so hopelessly addicted to the consumption of cheap consumer goods that the very idea of scaling back seems preposterous. We keep flicking our credit cards to buy goods which we already know we don’t have the money to pay for it, or otherwise why use a credit card to begin with. Then when shit hits the fan, we desperately look for someone to blame. Well here’s the punchline folks, blame yourselves. Look in a mirror and you’ll see the guilty ones. A family making 40k a year, paying a 200k mortgage, paying a 50k car loan and if this wasn’t enough, now they all want a brand new Iphone, the newest 60 inch TV, a new living room set and God knows what else and they flick their credit cards to pay for it all but then wonder why they’re struggling. Yes the big banks may run their scams, the government may be corrupt or irresponsible, all of that may very well be true. But where would all those banks and corrupt governments be if it wasn’t for us people to help them perpetuate their scams, ever thought about that? All of us desperately want to live above our means and max out every bit of credit we have but then whine about the consequences. As for myself, I don’t have a single credit card, I don’t have a mortgage, I don’t pay off no car loans or have any other loans for that matter, I am completely dept free because all my life I have been a cash man. What cash I have in my pocket is what I can spend and no more. Buy a living room set for 5000 dollars? Hell no, I built one myself. Buy a bedroom set for thousands of dollars? F… no, I built it myself. I own everything I have from my place to live, to my vehicles and everything else. And that is the only way to keep an economy alive and stable by manufacturing ourselves and living according to our means. If I only have one dollar, I can’t spend 2 dollars and get away with it.

  • I go into every store without a mask. Masks are for weakly sick people. A healthy man laughs at corona…I sure do. Little sissy cowards live in fear from corona.

  • All generations are getting fucked left and right.. Boomers can’t get any return in their investments, the next collapse will wipe them clean, millenials well we millenials so it ain’t a whole a lot positive to be said about us.. so…

  • Well, Schultz if you didn’t get an entire nation/world addicted to $10/cup coffee perhaps ppl would have some $ to put in retirement?!

  • When you say 15% of your portfolio is in silver, does that take into account retirement accounts? Most of my investments are 401k, IRA and Roth IRA. I don’t even have 15% of that value in non-retirement accounts or liquidity. Trying to build metals but want to know what I should be shooting for 15% of what?

  • most of this “debt” is created out of thin air, it’s not even real physical money. So if they create money out of thin air they can also write off this fake debt. But no, the banks seem to rule the world and all governments and now they are after world domination and they WILL cause social unrest to make sure they can plunder the world further and get richer and richer. Why on earth do we let them get away with it????? I mean seriously, these parasites have us all imprisoned in fake debts with fake money. If it wasn’t so tragic and stupid it would be comical. Yet everyone believes in this bubble and do what governments says knowing governments only obey the globalist bankers. We are on our way to total slavery and no one wants to know………………….

  • Whaaat Only 15% in Silver…The Most undervalued in History and 150yrs of manipulation. Well $50 silver is $100 physical dont forget premium

  • Dear Dr. Petz, have you ever heard of Moringa? And, if you have, what do you think about it. I am a believer myself. Thank you.:)

  • This is Anna talking, she is spot on. We’ve been hearing this for years and guess what, the American people are in hand cuffs. We are in the Rich mans prison since Rockefeller. I’ve had older seniors say even the elections in 2020 won’t be about a winner, it will be canceled due to Marshal law and it’s gonna be a planned collapse. Then I start seeing it on 2020 You tube speculation news. They all say the same thing, old people and the news. The new, news speculators say if we hit Marshall law around time of elections Trump is required by law to remain President. Here we are Americans hoping and praying for a new administration to have favor for Americans and their children. It’s just like Rockefeller, he cheated anyone wanting to go against his oil monopoly and he succeeded. The wealthy are far ahead of Americans. We know what they are doing, we just can’t stop it. WE ARE TOOOO LATE�� Then what, what will happen to the USA. We may as well start preparing for what to do once in this Ponzi scheme driven crisis. We know!!!!! Now what can we do, probably nothing again. Parents with children are going to go absolutely nutzo!!!!!! We’ve spent all 2020, talking about the children and their future. This is going to be a HUGE HUGE national freak out. Since I can’t do anything and the American people can’t do anything, I guess we hope the rich feel sorry for us after mass death �� Americans aren’t dumb, they have just silently been used because their sheer numbers are worth more in money than they. Makes good sense Rich guy. You did real Good. Now that you destroyed most of us over money, Plz move on to the next thing, the WORLDS PEOPLE, you will never be satisfied, NEVER�� Lord I hope I’m wrong, we get a Humane President and stay safe❤️ I’m gonna keep positive and keep dreaming of a better world, starting with a NEW, President. ����������������

  • There’s a book called “The great Reset” published in 2010 by Richard Florida. It explains this all pretty good.
    There was a meeting in 2015 or 2016 of 150+ countries including the US who signed on in agreement to reset the worlds economic system. There’s an article about it somewhere but, I haven’t found that yet.

  • Hahahahaha…
    What.. they’re just kicking the can down the curb until after the election ��… hahahahaha
    No money… all they want is a cashless society the only way they can do it is to stop small businesses and call Walmart target Whole Foods essential
    Hahahahaha The whole idea is to have you dependent so eventually they can starve you to death ��

  • So glad you just confirmed how I felt about using antibacterial anything. We mostly used warm water and soap. Disinfected groceries when I brought them in the house with gloves on so I would not kill the good bacteria. Woohoo!!

  • They were saying the same thing back in 2009 now some 10 years later nothing has happened other than the very fact that the Global stock markets have kept going higher. Now anyone can say oh we’re going to have a huge market collapse and eventually it will happen how about giving us an exact date that would indeed be very impressive now you know very well you can’t do that can you? If the world was indeed going to plundge into caos is should of happened back in 2007/08 but it didn’t.

  • I mistakenly understood the present situation as inflationary, it’s not, it’s GREATLY deflationary. While yes, the Fed did print money ad naseum, it still did not replace the total balance of incomes lost in the economy. Much of the printed money is sitting in reserves, it’s not cycling the real economy. Banks know what’s coming and are tightening credit (deflationary).

    We are seeing an increase in consumer goods, but inflation overall is tame. I think metals are still a good place as a safe haven for when the fed does decide to let the crash proceed now that the rich have sold their assets to the amateurs. Real Estate, stock market, you know it, amateur mania indicative of the end. My guess is the Fed will pretend to miss something or “lose control” of the markets and we’ll get our true correction. Any debt serviced assets are set to be absolutely crushed, RIP if you bought housing in the last 4-5 years.

  • I think you are right about how everything is a mask to hide what is really going on. When the economic reality really shows it’s teeth, people will be arguing about the election and whether they should wear masks or not.

  • in the uk people are already incredibly poor, but like a boiled frog they havent noticed as its been creeping poverty. now everytown is full of homeless people and children have no dentists. lmao. hey look some millionaires!!!

  • This guy doesn’t understand the monetary system. There’s no such thing as fractional reserve lending. The government issues two currency the USD and the US securities.

  • go watch those videos coming out of australia about what the police did at the farmers market…….this is what “they” want…..total control…………

  • Yes! Thank you so much. Something didn’t feel right with everyone using disinfecting wipes and sprays.
    Will order some skin colonizer!

  • Do what tRUMP doesHUGE debts( stuff your mattress with the money), then when the financial bubble bursts ( and you lose your job), go into bankruptcy and empty out your mattress and lend the money out a ridiculously high interest rates. Then retire in the Caymens and say hi to tRUMP!

  • We are beyond ” economic downturn”. Full blown depression more like it. Cant judge economic conditions in this country by the stock market.

  • Again, like the 2008 crisis, there’s a republican administration in charge. When we do have a crash, whether trumps in office or not, it still be blamed on him.

  • All of this is not living within your limits just as well with Gov. as well they spend more than they taken in and this is why we are where we are at now. Millions on welfare and living free on tax payer money, giving money to countries for free calling it AID when we are broke, Gov. getting bigger means more money to pay for the thousands of more people from the tax payer someday it become’s not sustainable. Meaning spending more money than we take in. Trump should of started taking steps in making Gov. smaller by doing away with agency’s we don’t need, quit giving billions in aid when we are broke, reduce welfare and start making people for there own way. Welfare was never mean to be a way of life, why is medicaid free with no co-pay’s means abuse of the system, when you have no input, people don’t care how many times they go to the ER, when Others have to pay for co-pays so there is little to no abuse. I can go on but whats the use. politicians don’t want to do the right thing because its not politically correct and that is why where here now. The Great Depression of out time is a pond us people you best get ready for it the best you can so your ahead of the game when it hits fast and hard.

  • I forgot about the good bacteria after all the bad news these last couple of weeks. This is a real refreshing video and a reminder how to do normal day to day stuff again, to myself it’s an indication that we are in the process of going back to normal life again.
    Thank you Dr for your positivity and this refreshing video.

  • Im still using the mask like they do in China, I DON’T CARE WHAT ANYONE SAYS, sorry dr.Mindy I will be using all ppe i can use,wipes,sanitizers, clorox anything and everything, call me a clean FREAK, I DONT CARE I WOULD RATHER BE ALIVE THANKS…..Oh i had SARS in 20022003,thought i was going to die�� Thank GOD didnt but i learned to take extra precautions…..I love the outdoors 2 ����������

  • What ever Trump is doing is working. Just relax. The stock market should correct down to about 9000 on the DOW. It is not a crash, but a correction. Our economy is strong. This is not true for the rest of the world. Banks will now pay for Dodd-Frank with their hide.

  • the toilet �� has many great fecal bacteria. I like to brush the inner rim with my toothbrush then give my teeth a great brush! Nothing better then the fresh aroma of fecal matter ��

  • Bought my house before the house market crash in 2008, manage to keep the house for 10+ years. It drained my savings and my life. Had to work 2 jobs to pay for it and all the bills(car,electric,heating,water,food) lost 1 job, and now in the process of a short sale and had to stop paying for it. It was not worth it anymore. Very depressing….it’s getting expensive to own and even rent in cities.

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    He is the real plug. i was scared at first but later found out he is real and trustworthy. Big thanks to Mrs Darlene Compton for the referral,this has really changed my life,I can’t thank you enough any day,you led me to the real deal and I need to create the awareness,I know am helping someone out with this information…

    Big thanks to you for relieving me of my debt Mrs Darlene Compton….

    Now I know something,real hacker would never need to advertise his works,they speak on his behalf and the testimony begins…

  • 15% not enough. 20% 25% NOT ENOUGH. Silver is the only Asset that makes sense. As close to 100% physical silver as you can stomach.

  • So, what is the deal with Congress! They both had agreed that a 2nd stimulus was needed. The money will benefit both the needy families and the economy. Unlike, the big tax breaks given to corporations, the money will go back into the economy, where as,

  • If these people are so smart about predicting a financial bubble bursting, why didn’t we hear a thing from them prior to 2008? Then there are the financial experts who are ALWAYS predicting financial disaster.

  • Please subscribe! The corresponding blog post (to be updated/expanded this week, so also check back) is here: https://www.eviecourtlandt.com/2018/11/15/top-economists-predict-a-market-crash-and-debt-crisis-in-early-2019-expect-civil-unrest/

    In short, we’re quickly headed for a far larger debt crisis than we suffered in 2008. Some facts:

    Institutional investors (also called “smart money”) got out of the U.S. stock market in 2017-they saw the unsustainable corporate debt, the downgrading of investment grade corporations like GE to junk, the retail losses based in part on unmanageable rents and prices rising while wages did not, the real estate downturn once the Fed stopped buying commercial mortgages, the rise of the CLO market pushing corporate loans (like the mortgage-backed securities market had pushed mortgages, just to pool them, prior to 2008), the recent tripling of what FDIC calls “asset problem banks,” and of course black swans like Deutsche Bank (with $47 trillion in derivatives), Italy and others teetering on too-big-to-fail collapse.

    Foreign stock markets have seen significant declines already as the European and Latin American economies contract (ex. China’s Shanghai index is down 22% for 2018), and emerging markets’ currencies are collapsing under the weight of debt owed in American dollars. That said, many economists and investors foresee a dollar crisis after this next debt crisis, because interest rates have almost nowhere to go from this low height.

    As for the stock market, the P/E ratio is the highest it’s ever been other than the dot-com bubble, volatility matches that of late 2007, and market capitalization is higher than it was even in 1929, after which we saw an 89% stock market crash (50% crash in 1999). So we’re in pretty big trouble, and between this month and last, the Dow lost ALL of its gains for the year, and has been down every day for the last two weeks. A much more significant crash is expected in mid-Dec (the downturn/growing credit crisis was ignited by the Fed raising interest rates and beginning to sell off its $4 trillion in purchased assets).

    The economy has been sustained by the Fed (and other central banks) all this time, and all it has led to is a 49% increase in consumer debt, a 157% increase in student debt, a 122% increase in the fiscal debt, a rise from $170 trillion to $250 trillion in global debt, a 60% increase in leveraged loans, a 52% increase in auto loans, and mortgage and retail defaults are now at their highest in 10 years.

  • YEAH…RIGHT. Sure gloom and doom has been around before the cockroaches…. It is December 2019 I don’t see a crisis..Stock market is at all time high the right stock -technology mainly…Open your eyes! Having said that we have a better chance of fighting. FRAUD mortgage, financial and real estate by juts working on it not panicking or throwing our hands in the air…This is what this video does, SENSATIONALISM. Enough is enough. People who do not have a solution sensationalize everything attention is addictive…

  • If the government does not pass a robust stimulus bill because of the Coronavirus pandemic situation we are in accelerating business closures, then the government will force the US into a depression on purpose.

  • Take a look at this, start it on 1:02:15, that’s how true economics works

    Now you all know the truth

  • I just took $100,000 out of my house at a much lower rate. I haven’t cashed the check for three months because I don’t want to deposit it and I’m not sure what to do with it.


  • The problem with the debt, isn’t that they create money out of nothing. That, is required for a neverending growth economy. The problem is that: all interest, is money that was NEVER created! So, it can NEVER be paid back, by everyone at the same time. Perpetual growth, requires perpetual debt.

  • ………I think it’s collapsing…..!!…Nobody has answered the question, ” Why…didn’t…Democrats…call…in…the…National…Guard”??…….You are not answering the question…..

  • And its here March 19 2020… behind the Wahun virus crisis is the financial system being updated to a digital economy melded with cash for the time being.

  • Thank u so very much for these products! I refuse over cleaning! I refuse hand sanitizer! I refuse disinfectant wipes! I love the good guys (bacteria, microbes). I refuse to kill em. Taking my kids n removing weeds in our citrus yard tomorrow! Continued blessings��

  • Funny how history repeats itself,and people are able to forget the past. I don’t have the answer for the future,but I do have some suggestions.1)Get rid of the Federal Reserve Bank2)USA goes back on the gold standard 3)Federal and state government should shrink not become bigger 4)No more bailouts for any private industry,bank,or Wall Street 5)Take care of the infrastructure of the USA (get our house in order) then you can help your world neighbors. I’m sorry but if you don’t want the results you’re seeing,then it’s time to change the path you’re on!

  • Please go to Lisa Cabrera video on social media, she has information on CDC eviction forms please listen to her,It will help stop evictions.������

  • Well, this video was about 14 months early. Great Recession of 2008 compound by the COVID-19 Recession is just a great thing for my generation, Millennials….

  • May 5th 2020. Corona, debt, housing market dropping…. Trade wars always end in war….. Paid my cap one card off then closed my account and gave my card to the dog. I have no debt, own my own house no mortgage….. ������

  • The Federal Reserve has done a great job since 1913 they have made the dollar worthless what a criminal bunch. When they pay you with money that is worthless you are a slave.

  • Hi I love your channel it’s so informative ❤️
    I had the coronavirus… I’m fine now and feel great but I have not regained my sense of smell /taste do you think a longer fast would repair this?!

  • Here it is December 2019 and NOTHING that these false prophets of doom, charletans and idiots have said in this video has come about. The market is up nearly 20% since this video came out in
    May 2018 and mortgage rates are at an all time low.

  • Hi, thanks for another informative video. I have a newbie question; if the skin is the immune system’s first defence against bad bacteria and viruses, how does immersing your hands and feet in soil let in the good bacteria?

  • it’s really easy to get into a brand new car these days. also, the mobile home industry is crazy. it’s super easy to buy a brand new mobile home also. Clayton Homes has 38 plants across the country pumping out something like 1000 mobile homes a week. where are they going? they are being financed to people who can’t afford the payments. what happened in 2008 is going to happen again and yes, it will be worse

  • do you hear what that man said at 14;00 on,that we are spending more on interest than we do on medicare,is that real money or just imaginary digits,and who’s doing the accounting,and the signing of checks,those who really want to know should check,i stopped at this statement,for I knew it is now hopeless and senseless,prepare for a disaster of gigantic proportions,damn

  • The national debt has ballooned into the trilllions with Trump’s huge tax cuts for the wealthiest corporations and billionaires. He and Mitch McConnell are likely looking at cutting Social Security and Medicare to try to balance that out.
    Yet Social Security would be fine for a long time if it was a progressive tax.

  • One of the best secondary investments is in lead. Lead is not just for scuba diving anymore. I particularly like the littlest fractionals like the 0.548 ounce and the 0.091 ounce sizes!

  • So now another related topic will be how to deal with the fact that everywhere we go in public will be extra loaded with toxic chemicals from those places using sanitizers we have no control over. I was already having asthma issues during my last days at work, presumably from all the door knob spraying that was suddenly going on first I had any issues in two years. I’m continually trying to detox my home environment, but fear that work and everywhere else will negate that faster than I can make progress….

  • First, forced cashless society. Presumably based on health concerns, and other reasons, which you can see now with the “coin shortage” which is everywhere. That will further prolong things albeit, they will start to become much worse as people lash out, continue to use cash for private transactions, pull all their money from the bank, further civil unrest, etc. Then they will start implementing a FED coin, or alternative to the dollar which is purely digital and telling people that they have to convert their digital dollar for the new digital currency because the U.S dollar’s value will start rapidly decreasing in value because the rest of the world starts rejecting it and the petro dollar is no longer wanted or needed as a means of transacting oil, essentially asking you to believe in a digital fiat currency equivalent backed by a digital fiat currency in the dollar which is backed by no hard asset but only a military which enforces the use of its currency, essentially Air backed by air backed by enforcement…. Things continue to degrade and become worse. China continues to sell ALL of its U.S treasury holdings furthering tensions as trade war becomes hotter…. Hot war begins to break out in proxy countries such as Syria, Iran, which ultimately leads to direct conflict between China and the U.S. and Russia in the Mediterranean Sea and straight of Hormuz… further degradation of civil society in the states and countries abroad as prices start to spike in all asset classes….. more armed conflict closer to home in the waters near Venezuela and Cuba Which is being directly supported by Russia, China, and Iran….. I’m not Nostradamus people but I do know how to predict patterns, and “read the tea leaves” so to speak and this is all end game type shit.. please tell me if I missed anything lol

  • We are now in 2019 over a year since this video was published. How was the prediction? Looks like we are having Trumper of an economy. How much longer will the sunshine last. That seems to be the biggest Trump achievement, although God only knows what he did? He is fighting wars on all economic fronts.

  • I really believe that digital currency will be next, “ justifiable though,, and that is the way we will loose our dignity and freedoms

  • I was concerned about the protection of the immune system rather than building it. Would all the disinfecting everything and wearing a mask lead to weak immune systems? And now, your video arrived in my feed.

  • 2 cents on everything earned over $50million would clear the deficit and then some; private and corporate. The Fed did what it could to stabilize BAD Choices/decisions, unfortunately they count on those who were de-stabilizing with the BAD Choices/decisions to make better decisions.. that’s not happening.

  • The world will have 2 choices. Government digital currency or Bitcoin. Once this thing collapses we are going to have a reset of the monetary system. Gold, silver and Cryptos will make people who own them extremely wealthy. Its going to be a slow death. Prices will rise and they won’t come back down

  • Evie great job on this Montague. If you are.watching this video pay very close attention. Watch it multiple times. Write down the names of the people in this video and study them.

  • Excellent advice! I was a little afraid you were going to go way far into “no mask” territory, but I agree with all you said. I’ve been meaning to get some more Restore, so will do that, and also look into the skin colonizer didn’t know that existed. I am super lucky to be able to quarantine totally alone with lots of nature around, so I’ve only been using anti-viral products when I have to go shopping for food once every few weeks and when I touch the mailbox, plus I’m a total Dr. Mindy disciple, so I should be in good shape. ; ) Thanks for all of the help and support you give us!

  • It is wild, there are some people I speak to and they believe the economy is under a recovery. So insane how the masking works for majority of the population.

  • The way you pay back a debt if the money hasn’t been printed yet is by selling exports to other countries…….That profit is what you pay off the debt with but because we aren’t an exporting country, we have two generations that don’t know about the profits from exports.

  • Interest rates will fall to Zero percent or less and never go back up. If interest rates ever went up to normal rates,4 to 6 percent it would crush the Economy and the Gov will never let that happen.

  • It’s not IF it’s going to happen but when is it going to happen…here’s a clue: When a piece like this comes out in the future and there are 4.3 k thumbs down versus 472 thumbs up as it is during my response, THEN it will happen, not now!

  • Governments know debts wont be paid back and money as we know it will change to a credit system tied to the government, you will be paid in credits and governments will have full control of you and your finances, its really simple on what they are doing.

  • At this time we’re under quarantine here til the end of May, but so grateful i have my garden to get in the dirt. And eating my fermented foods ��Just wish it was warm ☔️

  • There is no valid stock market with the firm foundation in LABOR PRODUCTION. It is a sham. And the BIble says, “riches will be brought to nought.” So much for the fake stock market.

  • The point is to avoid spreading the risk of asyptomatic infection, and riding a bicycle �� around town, without a mask on, is really going to spread the virus around. �� Otherwise, simply stop going ballistic with the high tech cleaning agents.,and remember that it’s the immune system that protects, if it is working properly. �� Eat sauerkraut and get vitamins À, C, D, E… Zn & Mg… ☆

  • The US economic decline started when Richard Nixon took us off the gold standard. After that there was nothing to back up our currency except the good faith of the US government. Yup, we are in trouble.

  • I’m already preparing for this. I don’t go out to eat, I don’t go into stores, I live as cheaply as possible and do everything to cut my expenses every month