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TUESDAY, Sept. 26, 2017 (HealthDay News) A U.S. adult who is “healthy” but obese could eventually cost society tens of thousands of dollars in medical care and lost wages, a new study estimates. Overall, the study found, people who were currently healthy but obese could eventually cost society anywhere from about $17,000 to just over $36,000 depending on their age. (Fifty-year. They pulled data from several large U.S. health studies to gauge people’s odds of developing various diseases over a lifetime.

Overall, the study found, people who were currently healthy but obese could eventually cost society anywhere from about $17,000 to just over $36,000. September 26, 2017 U.S. pays a hefty price for obesity by Amy Norton, Healthday Reporter (HealthDay)—A U.S. adult who is “healthy” but obese could eventually cost society tens of thousands of. Overall, the study found, people who were currently healthy but obese could eventually cost society anywhere from about $17,000 to just over $36,000—depending on their age. (Fifty-year.

They pulled data from several large U.S. health studies to gauge people’s odds of developing various diseases over a lifetime. Overall, the study found, people who were currently healthy but obese could eventually cost society anywhere from about $17,000 to just over $36,000. They pulled data from several large U.S. health studies to gauge people’s odds of developing various diseases over a lifetime. Overall, the study found, people who were currently healthy but obese could eventually cost society anywhere from about $17,000 to just over $36,000. U.S.

Pays a Hefty Price for Obesity. TUESDAY, Sept. 26, 2017 A U.S. adult who is “healthy” but obese could eventually cost society tens of thousands of dollars in medical care and lost wages, a new study estimates. U.S. pays a hefty price for obesity 26 September 2017, by Amy Norton, Healthday Reporter (HealthDay)—A U.S. adult who is “healthy” but obese could eventually cost society tens of. U.S.

Pays a Hefty Price for Obesity Piedmont HealthCare. TUESDAY, Sept. 26, 2017 (HealthDay News) — A U.S. adult who is “healthy” but obese could eventually cost society tens of thousands of dollars in medical care and lost wages, a new study estimates.

List of related literature:

The US government has calculated that the medical costs attributable to obesity reached US$75 billion in 2003, about half of which was paid for by taxpayers through public healthcare schemes.

“Fat China: How Expanding Waistlines are Changing a Nation” by Paul French, Matthew Crabbe
from Fat China: How Expanding Waistlines are Changing a Nation
by Paul French, Matthew Crabbe
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According to the Center for Disease Control, the annual medical cost of obesity in the US was $147 billion in 2008 US dollars; the medical costs for people who have obesity were $1429 higher than those of normal rate [8].

“Quality in Obesity Treatment” by John M. Morton, Stacy A. Brethauer, Eric J. DeMaria, Scott Kahan, Matthew M. Hutter
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by John M. Morton, Stacy A. Brethauer, et. al.
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Obese individuals incur medical costs about 30 percent greater than normal-weight peers (Withrow & Alter, 2011).

“Counseling the Nursing Mother” by Judith Lauwers, Anna Swisher
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The medical care costs of obesity in the USA alone are staggering.

“Comparative Health Policy” by Robert Blank, Viola Burau, Ellen Kuhlmann
from Comparative Health Policy
by Robert Blank, Viola Burau, Ellen Kuhlmann
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According to government estimates, Americans pay $147 billion a year in medical costs related to obesity.

“The Elephant in the Room: One Fat Man's Quest to Get Smaller in a Growing America” by Tommy Tomlinson
from The Elephant in the Room: One Fat Man’s Quest to Get Smaller in a Growing America
by Tommy Tomlinson
Simon & Schuster, 2020

The estimated total annual medical costs of obesity in the United States was $147 billion in 2008, with medical costs on average $1429 higher per year for obese compared with normal-weight individuals.

“Andreoli and Carpenter's Cecil Essentials of Medicine E-Book” by Ivor Benjamin, Robert C. Griggs, Thomas E. Andreoli, J. Gregory Fitz, Edward J Wing
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The medical costs of obesity-related illnesses in the United States have been estimated at $209.7 billion annually (in 2008 dollars).

“Acute and Chronic Wounds E-Book” by Ruth Bryant, Denise Nix
from Acute and Chronic Wounds E-Book
by Ruth Bryant, Denise Nix
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Today, in the United States alone, obesity and its related illnesses cost an estimated $191 billion with the medical costs $2741 higher, annually, for people who are obese than those of normal weight [4].

“The ASMBS Textbook of Bariatric Surgery” by Ninh T. Nguyen, Stacy A. Brethauer, John M. Morton, Jaime Ponce, Raul J. Rosenthal
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The medical-care cost burden of obesity.

“Handbook of Obesity Volume 1: Epidemiology, Etiology, and Physiopathology, Third Edition” by George A. Bray
from Handbook of Obesity Volume 1: Epidemiology, Etiology, and Physiopathology, Third Edition
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According to one study, the annual direct healthcare costs associated with obesity in the United States are $80 billion.

“Population Health: Creating a Culture of Wellness” by David B. Nash, JoAnne Reifsnyder, Raymond J. Fabius, Valerie P. Pracilio
from Population Health: Creating a Culture of Wellness
by David B. Nash, JoAnne Reifsnyder, et. al.
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  • Southwest had the best policy ever, until the obese overwhelmed them with lawsuits. That woman, who dreads flying, is the absolute dread of most other passengers. She knows that she doesn’t fit in one seat, so buy or ask for two. Obesity is a real health concern, but the solution is not to pretend that it doesn’t exist. Be self aware, and remember that other people also have rights. Large passengers need two tickets.

  • im my college everyone is like 200 pounds with gaint double chins even the girls lol. their are only like 10 fit people including myself that i saw on campus the rest are fucking fatasses

  • What’s the first thing that come to your mind when you think about Americans?
    “Big guns, big trucks, big asses… And everything in Texas are bigger”

  • Im american and I agree,there are some fat ass people, im not fat and I tend to keep it that way, but I dont control how people eat and I dont control what people buy or sell, it a free market economy so we kinda have to deal with it.i plan too live a healthy life

  • A meter is not a meter…. YES IT FUCKING IS. A calorie is a calorie, because a calorie is measurement of energy… it is what it is.

  • American’s vaule food then anything else….. restaurants everyday to stuff their gut. they eat for pleasure instead of eating to live. i haven’t been to a single restaurant in 6 years… I’m proud of that. i only eat 1 meal a day. i eat to stay alive and not eat for pleasure.

  • Known you mean six thousand years God made the Earth 6 days rested on the seventh about 6,500. ago but I do believe it is a disease and also sin Problem but I’d love to learn how the battle it I am praying all the time and I believe it’s a disease that can the cured and I believe if we acknowledge it has a disease and a sin problem we can get very close to finding cure


  • I love how they bring up the topic as if most fat people are the victims, like they don’t have a choice, but then immediately point out that it’s their choices of what they ate that made that fat. Lmao, we’ve known a calorie is not a calorie for at least the last 30 years. The REAL problem is people don’t have the education and self discipline to choose and avoid certain foods. Once we collectively choose to not eat crap, then the crap will go out of business. So, i’m still not convinced obese people are victims.

  • I have a question that I really hope someone can explain. Around 15:00 it is said, that sugar is dangerous because of the fructose and it’s because of the fructose that sugar is both fat and carp. But fructose is in fruit too (a lot of it actually), yet he just said that you don’t find this combination anywhere in nature.

  • Youre fat, not only do you weigh as much as two but you take the space of 2 persons. So yes you will pay for taking fat along with you.

  • If you’re so big and need to fit in more seats then yes pay more because it’s taking more seats for less passengers. However, if you are ok in one seat, pregnant women or even on luxury place on plane like first class then no don’t get told to pay more

  • i think the best way is to start by go to the nearest local market,buy fresh produce n start to cook it in ur own kitchen from scratch…dont buy instant product fr supermarket…that way u can live healthier…then exercise well…dont eat junk food…thats it…

  • This specific cholesterol manual “Hοzantο Axy” (Google it) is not only high-quality medication but economical as well. I began to make use of this adhering to my doctor`s recommendations to lower my blood cholesterol. I observe good results within 14 days merely. Its really great! I experienced less discomfort and also started to be a lot more dynamic daily! The results of my examination showed that I am recovering..

  • You’re FAT. You slop into other people’s seats and you’re a hazard in an emergency. You have seconds to get off a plane in an emergency, and one obese passenger can make sure that no one gets off and everyone dies.

  • I agree with the blonde chick about super fat people, I want my own seat. I also would not want her wearing that skirt next to me though, would make me uncomfortable-

  • In theory agree have a few wider seats in the airplanes and charge more for them. Slim seats lower cost, and wide seats higher cost, average out the same number of seats. But when the family goes on holiday and say the husband is slim and the wife is large she of course will want to stay with the family in the slim seats but she won’t fit into.

  • Everything you buy in a box is no food, vegetables come out of the ground, fruit grow on three’s,fish comes from the sea, seeds grow on plants ect.All processed food is poisson for your body.!!!!!!!!!!!

  • My husband and I always pay for two seats, he is a tall man and over 300 lbs. And Southwest has never given us a problem, we pay upfront for two seats for him because we do not want to go through this problem.

  • My aunt has two children. On is rail thin, the other is morbidly obese. So I can’t see how what the mother eats is causing obesity.

  • I have absolutely nothing against people of size. But there is a point where something has to be done.
    One seat should be a certain price, for a certain measurement. Anything over the measurement of one seat, should be the price of 2 seats. It is just fair.

  • Funny factAmerica ranks 9th in obesity rates amongst all countries. We are fat, but not the fattest. (closes eyes and waits for the USA hate train)

  • But fat people matter and they have a out of control eating habit and no discipline and laziness i know ive been fat before.. theres hope people change and i have faith fat people will become fit. Its possible

  • Just wonder who is getting classed as overweight,I am running 20miles on treadmill would be a 4 hr 24 min Marathon,resting heart rate 44 and yet I am not far off being classed as overweight,I am 52 (sorry if I sound crass)

  • Haven’t seen you hit the Power industry yet, Hasan. Can you look into how bad power companies are (fossils fuels, nuclear, wind and solar companies included)

  • I still cant believe that most fat people dont give a damn about their weight. If they got so much money to spend, then send it to me. Im always hungry and yet I may survive with 2 sandwiches, and fries. I wish I could eat like fat people:(

  • CICO is the only thing that has ever worked for me. And yes not all calories are equal but they’re not equal based on nutrients. A nutrient dense meal will keep you fuller for longer than a calorie dense meal even if they’re the same amount of calories. A nutrient dense meal has more volume so you’re less likely to over eat or snack later. It’s all a matter of sustainability. You can lose weight by eating 1200 calories of Doritos every day and that’s it. But it isn’t sustainable because you’ll be starving and also… you will be soooo malnourished.

  • I eat 5+ times a day (besides my dessert and other small meals) but I’m still thin (not skeleton thin but ectomorph kind of thin). Docotors have got it all wrong there are several factors that cause obesity besides overeating… I am a living witness (and no, I don’t have HIV)

  • Food supply is flooded with sugar. Probably explains why most people are so lazy, because the sugar drains energy. It’s absolutely ridiculous how lazy people are now. Everyone is scared to death to work or do anything and lots of people stay pissed off if they face any sort of inconvenience at all. Look at all the road rage. People racing to get somewhere so they can go sit on the couch and gorge themselves with sweets because they are so tired from being on Facebook all day. It’s absolutely ridiculous.

  • How come avocado does not contain carbohydrate and fat at the same time? Avocado contains both. He said the opposite.?? Can someone explain me why he said so?

  • My mom got addicted to coca cola and drank almost every single day of atleast 2 cans. She got diabetes and died 5 years ago. This was a lesson for me that sugar will kill me if eat or drink too much. I got rid of processed sugar completely in my diet to save myself 20 years from now.

  • I came from country with 3% obesity. In my country people love homemade food. Fast food are bad tasting and i feel sick whenever i eat fast food.
    How can American eat so much trash food is beyond my logic

  • Hey, man… Give that lady a break. Are YOU going to eliminate TURKEY BUTTS from everyone’s diet? NO? Well… SOMEONE’s gottta do it. Thank Shecky Green SOMEONE has taken on the cause of ridding the world of turkey butt.

  • This is the BEST documentary I have ever seen on this subject. This should be shown in high school’s. It’s also refreshing to watch a documentary without distracting music.

  • trying to fit obesity with evolution paradigm is a assumption, they ate meat and very little fruits, or you can use the creation paradigm where adam and even ate mostly veggies and fruits and nuts. god said they could eat of every tree of the garden until satisfaction, he never said only eat 2000 calories or what not a day, weight control is the bodys job not a moral or conscious decision.

  • In that case, I should get a free upgrade to business class, or economy plus. I’m 6’1″ with long legs, and unlike people who are obese I literally can’t do anything about it.

  • Milk and dairy products have natural steroids and hormones that make a newborn cows grow fast and big.
    In America almost every food had cheese additionally the American breakfast for kids is milk and cereal, and that is one of the reason that American are so fat.
    In Asia people are rarely consume milk.

  • An “Estrogenic” obese body is created by sugar, high carbs,refine carbs, eating too much fat and over eating protein.Sugar is sugar.. fruits,,refine carbs, fructose (sugar) in fruit. Eating toxic factory food, fast food,, dairy,cheese,milk,, mayonnaise, all salad dressings, peanut butter, whey-protein shakes are all “damaged fats” are toxic to your liver, brain and heart,, all vegetable oils,,”polyunsaturated fats””, over consumption of any fat including healthy fats like saturated fats will make you gain weight. Drinking alcohol including red wine are toxic to the liver., The less you eat the longer and healthy you will be. A slow unhealthy liver cannot metabolise process any fats including healthy fats.

    The biggest problem with controlling diabetes (insulin) and weight through diet is that people are lazy. You can lead a horse to water but can’t force them to drink. Most people rather eat fast food,, wheat, white flour, factory frozen food,, can food, protein powder and dairy full of casein that destroy the cells in the pancreas and cause cancer and take pills or shoot insulin than to change their shitty eating habits.

    We live in an “instant gratification” society full of “lazy people” with zero 0 discipline or work ethic. Sad but true. If you want to lose weight watch your intake of “carbs”, keep your sugar level below 110 by intermittent fasting and eating less.People who eat less live longer. Be careful since the equivalent of 12 teaspoons of sugar happens very quickly. For example:

    1 cup of milk equals = 2 teaspoons of sugar *
    1 cup of rice (cooked) equals = 9 teaspoons of sugar*
    1 banana equals equals = 5 teaspoons of sugar •
    1 baked potato equals = 7 teaspoons of sugar •
    1 sweet potato = 8 teaspoons of sugar •
    1 cup of strawberries equals = 2.5 teaspoons of sugar (low sugar)*
    1/2grapefruit = 2 teaspoons of sugar
    Coca cola (one can) 8.25 teaspoons of sugar –
    Raisin Bran cereal 7.75 teaspoons of sugar (per 100grams) –
    Grapes fruit 4 teaspoons of sugar (per 100grams)
    Tomatoes 0.7 teaspoons of sugar (per 100grams) –
    1 Muffin (one chocolate chip muffin) 4.75 teaspoons of sugar
    Special K cereal 3 teaspoons of sugar (per 100grams) Corn Flakes
    2.4 teaspoons of sugar (per 100grams) Alpen cereal
    5.75 teaspoons of sugar (per 100grams) Mangos fruit
    3.2 teaspoons of sugar (per 100grams)

    A cup of seedless prunes has, in effect, 25 teaspoons of sugar! Scientists find in comparing the sugar levels in the blood after the consumption of a snickers bar that has 8.5 teaspoons of sugar the same as two bread slices!.
    The sugar equivalent is of 1 large bagel a whopping 12 teaspoons of sugar!..It is beyond what the body, the liver and pancreas can metabolize. We are practically growing “” cancer farms “.

    Lastly, it is worth noting that there are many breads that a single slice of which will raise your blood sugar more than a US Snickers bar (which has a GI of 68/97). to be healthy you must keep your blood sugar below 110 (“”everything”” including eating too much protein will raise your insulin.)

    Keep your protein portions and meals small, you cannot cheat your body Not even with paleo diet or ketogenic diet will not work for every one. Eating healthy and intermittent fasting is best solution to be slim and healthy for “” Me “” ) find what works for you, do experiment with your self and one day you will hit the solution that works for you…keep trying!

    Only water will not raise “insulin” hormone everything else including protein will raise your insulin, Try intermittent fasting. No carbs no cookies, no baked goods, keep your blood sugar around 110 or under.The less you eat the better you control your insulin hormone and blood sugar and you gain no weight. If you’re addicted to carbs and sweets you will not lose weight.Get rid of your addiction and control your “mental health” control your Cortisol and stress.

    Before you start eating any meal take three spoons of Apple cider vinegar this will bring down your blood sugar. Eat Salads with no oils, only with lemon or vinegar.If you go to bed late you will not lose weight, if you have sleep Apnea it will be very hard or impossible to lose weight the best go see a sleep doctor. Sleep Apnea is a very serious sleep disorder disease.

    Also don’t eat fruit if your plan is to lose weight ; all fruit will cause your blood sugar to go up. Fruit sugar called fructose is toxic and will spike your blood sugar and raise your insulin.Fruit should only be eaten by healthy slim people in season.

    Every morning eat one lime or lemon (organic) with warm filtered water everyday,detox your liver,kidneys with water and lemon. natural vitamin Cfrom lime or lemons make your arteries strong and healthy and cleans your liver and kidneys water and lemon (warm) the liver prefer warm water.
    For breakfast eat a high protein diet or better don’t eat breakfast. Eat no grains,No refine carbs,not nuts,No lectins,No beans, eat a Lectin-free diet. If you feel hungry drink a cup of organic coffee with no sugar this will calm down your hunger spams.Coffee will calm down your hunger but don’t drink more than one cup a day.The Amino acid called L-Tyrosine is a good supplement to take if your thyroid is slow.Anything you eat should be organic close to mother nature eat nothing from a can or package.No factory food. Avoid all Restaurant food is Cooked with MSG, too much sodium and “damaged” toxic fats.

    Eat for your “”blood type” is a good diet for losing weight.Very important If you eat high protein diet with vegetable high in fibre make sure you take vitamin B-6,folic acid,B-12, choline, Vitamin C 3 grams a day to keep your “homocysteins” low in your blood so you don’t get heart disease.Avoid all white flour, beans, corn but eat vegetables. Avoid damaged fats,no cheese, no frying, no mayonnaise. no salad dressings. No fruit juice, no fruits are very high in sugar. Also over eating too much protein will raise your insulin and cause you to gain weight. Eat small portions do not over eat on protein.

    To detox your liver and bring down estrogen eat sulphur vegetables,Broccoli, cabbage,onions,garlic,Red beets et.. Best supplement for the liver is ; “”Trimethylglycine”” (TMG) and “liopic acid ” take 600 mg a day best for liver health to lose weight and drink no alcohol (NO Alcohol)..

    “Excess sugar “”eventually affects every organ in the body, but initially, it is stored in the liver in the form of glucose (glycogen). Since the liver’s capacity is limited, a daily intake of refined sugar (above the required amount of natural sugar) soon makes the liver expand like a balloon. When the liver is filled to its maximum capacity, the excess glycogen is returned to the blood in the form of fatty acids.
    These are taken to every part of the body and stored in the most inactive areas: the belly, the buttocks, the breasts and the thighs. But then it affects vital organs like the heart and the kidneys.reason two meals a day is so beneficial is because it keeps insulin low and GH high. Insulin is the main hormone in your body that is responsible for fat storage.

    Every time we eat a meal “”insulin is raised””. When “insulin is high” you will not be burning fat or losing weight. GH -“Growth hormone” on the other hand is the main fat burning hormone in your body. Therefore it would make sense that we would want to increase this as much as naturally possible. A combination of “intermittent fasting” and only having two meals a day can increase GH drastically. Increasing fat loss and weight loss results dramatically.

    Avoid all soy and flax seeds oils and fish oils supplements, avoid all polyunsaturated oils and food. Soy and flax seeds Though are not a chemical estrogen, but it is a plant-based estrogen, and can throw off your hormonal balance. Eat a anti-estronic diet,Vitamin B-6,100 mg a day its good to take to lower estrogen ; Work out: Studies show that moderate exercise lowers estrogen levels.

    A 2013 study also found that aerobic exercise helps the body break down estrogen so it’s easier to flush away. Get enough sleep: When you don’t get enough sleep, you can not lose weight make sure you go to bed early 10:00 p.m… The levels of the so-called “sleep” hormone called melatonin is disrupted and you will not lose weight! sleep!

    Turns out that melatonin hormone has a protective effect against “”excess estrogen”. A 1999 study, for example, showed that melatonin helped block the growth of “”estrogen-induced cancer cells””. Use a water filter: Public water supplies often contain chlorine, fluoride, and other industrial chemicals that act as xenoestrogens. Use a quality filter to reduce your exposure best book for weight lose ;

    The only thing that doesn’t raise the insulin hormone is plain water.Go buy this book and read it at least 4 times until all the information in the book is memorised in your brain ; The book by Dr. Jason Fung called ;

    The Obesity Code: Unlocking the Secrets of Weight Loss https://www.amazon.com/Obesity-Code…/dp/1771641258

    Great video to watch! ;

    The Case Against Sugar ; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQsRJTnwgkE


  • I used to be one of those people, before 3 years ago when I lost nearly 90 pounds. I was pushing Obese. I was spending so much money on McDonalds, Subways, etc now when I look back idk how people eat that nasty shit. 

  • Yep if you are super fat and take up two seats then you should pay for two seats. The only way to avoid this is for fat people do stop playing victim and lose weight. Done.

  • Michelle is full of excuses. If she was happy being fat, why did she want to lose weight in the first place? She’s figured out that it’s not easy, so now she’s trying to justify not putting in the work.

  • One thing I am not so sure is right. Most of the women in my family were obese and gave birth to normal size babies who stayed normal, no obesity?? As these kids matured no sign of obesity in almost all of them.

  • Excellent video. Very helpful. Might I suggest OMAD. One meal a day, intermittent fasting. I am in on Day #10 and I have lost 14 pounds already and I’m not hungry at all. I still need to lose about 40 more pounds, but this is working.

  • not only what we eat, but the amounts. Food packs are sold for 2 people, fast food giant size options for a few pence more, bags of crisps to share, giant bars of chocolate. But we dont share, I know I end up eating it all! And it seems a shame not to buy the giant size thats only a few pence more. Tax the people who put the sugar in our meals, and offer these ‘deals’ instead of the consumer who really does try!

  • I pay your EBT, Medicaid, Medicare, disability, caregivers, and housing. Now you want me to pay for you airline ticket too? That’s it, I’m going on government assistance. Idiots.

  • Most people in other countries would be astounded at the portions in this country! I’m even shocked and I’ve been around for six decades!

  • Ah… I love living in Canada! We have free health care, hockey, great food, etc. But in winter it can get to frickin’ -50*C. So it’s like “hey when’s summer” and I’m like “idk I live in Manitoba”

  • Well, I’m not fat AND I LIVE ON AMERICA. Only grown ups get fat. I’m a kid and both of my parents have had surgery
    On they’re weight, but teens and kids are pretty healthy here.

  • WELL, NC was a major tobacco producer at one time
    3 cigarette brands named after 3 NC CITIES
    Tar heels, tar cigarettes
    ������WINSTON tastes good, like a cigarette should
    Durham, has wheat?

  • It was 25 years ago when I first went to America, but I remember being disappointed because there were no beautiful people like Hollywood movies. Yes, I was surprised that many people were fat. Americans want to be thin, you look ugly.

  • You need to be fit, not always skinny to be healthy. Not for the sake of other man, but for yourself. People that being butthurt with this video need to grow up, and dieting instead. It’s not a waste of time.

  • I had to sit in half of a seat on one flight because the passenger next to me was severely over weight. I feel bad for her but she should have bought 2 seats or move to the business class. Some people are too fat to fly. That is a fact.

  • It should go with BMI and not with weigh alone, because it wouldn’t be fair if a short person wouldn’t need to pay the extra even being as overweight as a taller person.

  • So your telling me too much sugar is bad for you,I k ew this about 46 years ago,knew when I was about ten roughly what I should be eating

  • Same thing happened in South Africa.

    South Africa had banned chicken breast imports from the United States after the bird flu outbreak in the U.S..
    Years later, the poultry corporations lobbied Obama to let South Africa import these chicken breasts -which apparently, weren’t getting bought in the U.S. so they wanted to dump them in South Africa.

    Obama then pushed South Africa to let these companies dump their products here, by threatening to kick South Africa out of something called “AGOA”,which stands for the “African Growth..whatever whatever Association?”, whatever. This is basically a policy by the U.S. government that handpicks African countries that it wants to help grow and trade with in Africa…it’s kinda like the “African NAFTA”, except all the African countries are Mexico.

    So because of this, South Africa caved, and had to rush it’s health and safety regulations to ensure that these chickens are healthy for consumption, but that was the least of the worries.
    The biggest worry was that because these things are being dumped, they were obviously going to be sold at extremely low prices, meaning more people were going to buy these potentially unhealthy foods, and that the local poultry industry would collapse.

    And lo and behold, when the all clear was given for the chickens, the local poultry industry was destroyed. With lay-offs across the board, increasing the unemployment rate of an already economically strained country.

    This adds onto what Hasan said about how free trade has become detrimental to smaller economy nations, in that they have absolutely no freedom in their trade.

  • So when the video says that these various things “cost America” money, is that just the total amount of money spent on these products? If so, then that’s not really costing the country anything. Aside from the airplane fuel, these costs are only charging those who are overweight not the average sized individual. Am I right?

  • If they don’t pay more airlines will make ticket prices higher for all passengers, as a result, the customer will pay for the obese people. If they weight 3x more than a regular person than it costs 3x more fuel to transport than a regular person. So they charge them the same as regular people they will have to raise all the prices.

  • its not all about calories..because not all calories are created equally..200 calores of donuts vs. 200 calories of vegetables…in the body it’s entirely different!

  • This information is so outdated on many points…that container of fat is “clogging” arteries.?? Shame on you…do your research before reporting some of this false information.

  • Doesn’t make sense.

    What about people who are heavy by bones or muscles, not by fat?

    Should they pay extra for their heavy weight too?

    If not, then why should only those who are heavy by fat pay more, if their total body weight will be same as a man who is heavy by muscle or bone?

  • Where are fat people getting the money from? They are not driving a Lexus, Jaguar or BMW. So how they have the means to eat like that?

  • try to do a challenge try not to see a fat person the requierments are you have to go to a store or someplace else i tried and it is very hard

  • Your only problem is that you only focus on the negative side of everything going around you. If there is something wrong going around in the world but there is also some people or any group of people(or organisations)doing great work too. Like for an example, you talked about our prime minister modi in your videos inflencing the people about the harsh reality of hindutva ideology and modiji’s workstyle, but you never focussed about the good work which they have done. Like, implementing new education policy which is recently in process of making,which gives students chance to focus on learning efficiently rather than being stuck with report cards,marks etc. In those days when your video came out you never told the people that he was also brave enough to scrap the special status given to J&K which basically made that state cut out from India and people never realised the true importance of being associated with INDIA,which is sad because in true sense they are a part of INDIA. And as a kashmiri pandits i can assure that,because it is only the Indian govt which supported approx. 5Lakh kashmiri’s settle across the other parts of INDIA such as Jammu, Delhi etc. You are only getting famous because you are showing only the true reality of any mishappenings around the world in a funny and enjoyable manner. Please start making videos about the good impact of any act done by numerous people in good fields so that other people could also inspire from that too and not always think that somewhere deep down in any place,something is always bad happening around the world which is not true. The world is filled with bad people but good people dont get limelight and their work is never being appreciated,it could be individuals, Government steps, companies etc. Your ability to make serious issues made understand to everyone is very appreciable and commendable and it should be used as a tool to give the true reality of everything to everyone in a fun and enjoying tune. BTW LOVE YOUR VIDEOS…FROM INDIA….

  • LOL… I find this humorous…. Yep, and I live in America… Why you ask… 500 billion, that’s it…. Hell our dumb-ass President took us from 6 Trillion in debt to over 16 trillion in debt in just 5 years… And that’s just one man…. And it isn’t extra in weight that costs money, it’s because we have more money to spend than the rest of the world!!! More trips, vacations, better cars… As for clothes, yep, call us whatever… We just are bigger, faster and stronger than the rest of the world… People complain because of the wish list… Ha Ha… Well sorry… You hate us because you ain’t us!!!!  So go ahead world bash me!!! Gotta be honest!! I don’t care… Your opinions are just that, your opinions and they mean nothing to me!!! So guess what… You loose again.. U.S.A baby!!!! Kiss this red, whit and blue!!!! 😉 Written with the utmost love!!!!

  • This is ridiculous. Big business and healthcare encourage obesity by offering mainly processed foods for Americans to eat. Much of this processed food contains chemicals which makes people eat more (not turning off the hunger hormone). This means people eat more poisonous food, and depending on people’s body chemistry they become fat, diabetic, get heart disease or cancer, or some mix of these problems. With more sick people, health care and the pharmaceutical industry is raking in big bucks. Big business needs sick and fat people so that the oil companies and GMO, and other industries get richer.

  • Spice W-C, I couldn’t have said it better than you just did!  So many people are getting wind of this utter corruption.  So many gov’t agencies are like this.  Yes, also, to S. Johnson.  The hi-raw or all-raw veggie diet handles most diseases outright.  The way to deal with this “problem” this doctor mentions is simply eat pure foods, get appropriate exercise, and get decent rest. Being healthy, who needs drugs!

  • I do think it is a lack of personal responsibility that is the root cause. Most people simply trust authorities. The food pyramid and calories in/out thing exists because they are easy solutions. People I speak to about how to fix their health issues, simply wave a hand and say that they won’t do things that the authorities hasn’t told them. They are actually afraid for my health because I do not follow the standard advice of eating a lot of grains and hitting the gym a few times a week. A lack of personal responsibility is what keeps people from actually seeking true information. The truth is actually scary, because it means you have to change. Doing the things that do not work is easy. The issue is a very fundamental one, and affects all other things in addition to health as well. The health issue is simply the most visible to the eye, but I think the entire society is in deep trouble on many levels due to lack of personal responsibility

  • Pay for two seats sure, but there’s no reason to belittle someone about it and make them feel like crap. Airline staff should be making passengers feel welcomed and not add any more stress to traveling. Or the airline could place a couple extra wide seats on the plane for a higher price that big people have the option of buying.

  • The horror, the horror. Listen to the Dr’s? Most don’t know. they tell you to load up on bread. Cooking oils with GMO Canola, soy ingrediants will turn you from a man into a liberal with no drive and get you obese. Try Coconut oil. cut your carbs, eat unprocessed fish and chicken. Only beef you should eat is organic grass fed. Look up intermittent fasting. You don’t starve, you eat a lot in less than 6 hours a day and also GET OFF YOUR LAZY ASSES

  • Yes Sir! And obesity was always considered as a disease. When I was a little girl. My Farther who was my gymnastics nutrition and anatomy mentor. He always told my little sister and I not to laugh at obese people because they were sick. But today it’s projected as the norm. I pray I meet Dr. Lustig’s and have him speak to the people in my community at home country in South Africa. Thank God for Dr. Robert Lustig. He is the light! xx

  • Talking heads touting drugs. This drug will have very many side effects that are worse than the disease. Fix the root cause of your high blood pressure. Cholesterol is there to fix damage. 

    Number 1 in prevention: Lower carbohydrate and sugar intake. This is known by knowledgeable doctors that are wary of statins. Read wheat belly for insight on how carbs impact our bodies.

  • A calorie is just a calorie, this guy is plain wrong. It’s just that eating it’s harder to eat 1000 calories of carrots than it is cheesecake.

  • If you cannot fit into your seat with the armrests down, you need to pay for 2 seats. I do not want some strangers thighs or shoulders to rub against me.

  • Ban the All You Can Eat and all food competition. The Food Industry owns all American bodies…don’t fall into their trap. Be wiser.. Award self-restraint!
    Monitor what kids eat in the school canteen…skip all fried products. Offer only Healthy sandwiches, yoghurt and fruits. Ban all pop drinks…give milk, tea, water or a small fruitjuice. Do healthy cooking classes. This way you create a new generation. And get them on a bike….but o.k. I’m Dutch so…..

  • The media is constantly bombarding us with statistics about how this
    virus is affecting minorities and the poor disproportionately but if they have any statistics
    about the morbidly obese, they are keeping that a tightly guarded secret for no apparent reason.
    WRZ 2020-08-08

  • …question for overweight people…if we are at some nice restaurant, if we order identical meal, which cost same price, and non obese person is served with obviously larger meal, while obese person is served with obviously, smaller meal, would that be okay?? Of course not…well, think of airplane seats on very similar way..

  • I sat next to the window on a tour bus. A huge woman sat next to me mashing me against the side of the bus. I have severe claustrophobia. It was all I could do to keep from having a panic attack every time the bus turned a corner. We have to respect the smashed ones too.

  • Is it true, that in the US the Nutrition facts label describes the value per serving only? I think the facts per 100g/ml are more easy to compare on every product. And i dont want that someone tell me how much i should normaly consume of something. If there are 20g sugar per 100g product, i know, that i shouldnt eat much. I dont need the information, that if i eat a serving of 30g i will uptake 6g of sugar. Ok, i think someone can habituate to think in servings. But you have to calculate to compare between different product with different servings. Dont you think it would be easier to use the percent of 100g/ml facts label? Or how you handel this lack of compareness and so the lack consistency? Do you think this indirect potential lack of transparacy is intended?

  • I recently sat next to an overly obese person on a flight and it wasn’t a great experience. I was in the window seat. i had to use the toilet, but the “obese” person did not want to move. I decided to climb over and stay at the back of the plane in another empty seat until the plane landed. Nightmare!

  • There should be a business for home service fitness trainer, not fancy, main goal is to lose those calories from convenient eating. I wish I am younger and I will start one.

  • 1:14 said there no privacy lady it’s not private if someone can just fucken see u and already knows you need two seats just by looks everyone knows

  • Another documentary that ignores the role of the mother being home cooking for the family! I do agree that the more convenient our society has become with cars and computers the less time we have, because more is expected of us!

  • Calorie is a physical unit and the calorie content is measured in a calorimeter. You could calculate it using standard reaction enthalpies, as well. A calorie has nothing to do if it is used by the body to generate heat, stored as fat or if it exits the body unused. Grass has some calories that’s why cows eat it. If you would go on a grass diet you would starve to death. One of the problem is that there are a lot of stupid doctors preaching nonsense. The other (bigger) problem is capitalism.

  • I-SLIM is power packed by FB3® USA patented composition with the proven track for effectively inhibit pancreatic lipase enzyme, weight loss.Composite formulations of soy isoflavonoids and whey concentrate augment the Fb3® activity helping to be the best solution for weight management. Added essential vitamins and minerals improve antioxidant activity and faster cellular regeneration.

    i-Slim Flat-Tummies is a unique natural “Smart Ingredient” based Bar formulation designed for weight management. i-Slim Flat-Tummies is propelled with FB3 ®, a US patented composition derived from phyto-extracts of Coleus Forskohlii, Salacia reticulata and Sesamum indicum responsible for effective and healthy weight management. It is enriched with time tested herbal extracts and naturally derived plant proteins & nutrients that support weight loss while it effectively flattens your tummies.

    You can now purchase genuine Priduct��

  • Meat meat meat. Dairy dairy dairy. Animal products. They make you FAT!!! Im a vegan and im proud to be one. Im losing weight, losing the bloating and Im happier. Also fruits and veggies are the best thing you can eat. They give you energy. People think that carbs are bad for you. NO! Carb the fuck up with fruits and veggies. There are so many delicious recipes too. Even for dessert.

  • As I left school my priority was to keep weight in check and still is along with covering myself financially,incredible schools still offer junk,it will effect future economies certainly in uk when the nhs covers fatties

  • I have a hard time a gate agent told you, “you are too fat to fly”. Bullshit.
    You can’t fit into one seat, PAY FOR TWO OR THREE OR HOWEVER MANY YOU TAKE UP.

  • let’s just blame McDonalds right, cuz they just opened and caused and obesity epidemic. not like they have been around serving greasy burgers and fries for over 50yrs!!! its us, not the food. just an example.

  • Me lie could save herself a lot of these issues if she would just lose the weight. Running is free. Walking is free. You’ll save money if you aren’t eating as much, and you won’t have to buy multiple seats.

  • I agree with the female campaigner against obesity I was sat next to an overweight woman (probs 300lb ish) on a 13-hour flight from London to Orlando and I’m a small guy and her arms and legs took up 1/3 of my seat throughout the flight with me squished against the window which was very uncomfortable. If I’ve paid for my seat, I want all of it! If you’re fat, pay extra!

  • When i fly back to Mexico, a really big man (like 250kg) was in half of my seat, i told him, he didn’t move, im a small women (45kg) and i was unconfortable all the fly, there was NO more seats on the plane…so YES you take 2 seats YOU PAY 2 seats

  • Instead of all the people in the comment section attacking the overweight passenger, they should be attacking the greedy airliners for small seats cramped close together that infringers on them if the passenger sitting in front of them decide to recline right into their lap. Let’s be honest, if there were no safety laws in place, the airlines would probably love to just shove everyone in packed tight if it meant making more money which they are all about, passengers be damned.

  • It’s your fault your fat nobody else’s fault you’ve done it to yourself you shouldn’t be getting any special treatment and defeintly don’t complain if you don’t nobody wants you sweaty fat sitting next to them so it’s simple all you fat fucks can fuck off and sit in a whole reflecting on why your a fat fuck!

  • It’s not hard to think about you put ginormous stores around everywhere where you see tons and tons of food in a single glance all we see is an enormous amount of food we don’t have to fight for a food we don’t have to wash our clothes the way we used to we don’t have to walk anywhere it’s simple technology rapidly increasing in available for everyone leads to people not doing anything for themselves and then they also feel they have no meaning in life they need Jesus Christ and they need to do things on their own without always having technology technology is great but not if it’s used for everything

  • The calculated weight estimate with bags use to be 170 lbs. I was on a smaller turbo prop plane a few years back and was sweating when I saw this 300 plus person got on the plane. The big fan jet are less sensitive but I sometimes wonder how it gets off the ground with 300 300 pound people.

  • Besides eating too much junk food, fried food and drowning everything in gravy, gravy, gravy……I’ve noticed that Americans wash everything down with either soda or sweet tea. It seems that just plain water is totally ignored. Just substituting soda with water really would be a good start to lose hundreds of calories just in that!

  • I’m in CA, and trying to find out what was nice about Charlotte. On YouTube. Since I visited it..
    They mostly shown RESTAURANTS ��?

  • Im going to say it, what everyone wants to say, i fucking hate fat people, i want them to be round up and sent to a gulag, shot in front of other fatasses, everytime i see a fatass i let it be known i despise them for what they are, its disgusting having to run into fat people, its horrifying, its worse than indescent exposure, i dont think its fair, and to all the fat people that are on a diet and exercise program, you all are ok. But all the other excuse making, heavy breathing, twinkie eating fatasses should be put to death, it should be a mental disease, they should ask from 1 to 10 how much of a fatass do you feel. Like retards. FUCK YOU FAT PEOPLE, I WAS FAT TOO AND I MADE THE CHANGE, ANYONE CAN DO IT, UNLESS YOUR A WEAK MINDED PIECE OF SHIT, ITS DISGUSTING HAVING TO GO SOMEWERE AND BE ASSAULTED WITH THE UGLINESS OF FAT PEOPLE, DIE SLOW FAT PEOPLE MY 44 MAKE SURE ALL YOUR KIDS DONT GROW,

  • Look I agree that becoming obese is your choice unless you have like a metabolism issue or are sick.. I just can’t see how you can eat so much oil and stuff, not a health fanatic clearly lol but yeah,they should feel when they are full.

  • I swear fat people need to stop complaining about things they did to themselves. Obesity is a choice deal with it fat pieces of shit make healthier choices

  • Ramdev was right, coke = toilet cleaner. ��
    He literally convinced my parents generation in India that.
    And coke was not allowed, along with all soft drinks, at my home.

  • They die because of the disfunction,he has just shown that double the amount of obese people have the disfunction so therefore the obesity is why they have the problems they have

  • Source please, on the claim that airlines spent $350 million in additional fuel costs between 1990-2000, and was associated with the increase in weight of passengers.  I know a few airline executives who were quite specific in claiming that the weight increase was due to the increased amount of baggage brought on by the average airline passenger.

  • I’m sorry but I think that yes of course. The most important thing about planes is weight. The example of the suitcase weight penalization is spot on.
    It is not the same charge to do a house moving when you need one truk for all the stuff or if you need two, and that is road transportation wich is far less important the factor of the weight and the volume.
    So why not when you buy a plane ticket you should be required to inform the airline about your weight?, after all a good fuel management at airlines is something that we all need for the good of the planet.

  • Sugar is addictive and unavoidable? Never heard bullshit like that. You have the choice with every food you choose. There’s no added refined sugar in rice, corn, potatoes, oats, beans, peas, lentils, fruits, vegetables and so on.

    You can affect the industry by eating only natural foods without any additions. Start today. Start a new life.

    Obesity is 100 percent free choice. Nobody have to be overweight/ obese. Choose the right foods (whole plant foods) and eat until your full and satisfied. Easy as that. Weight loss guaranteed.

  • “What happened to humanity?” Well, dipshit. Let me ask you this: Do you think it’s humane for anyone to take up my seat that I paid for? This asshole thinks the airlines should make some seats bigger. IT’S CALLED FIRST CLASS, MORON. The bigger the seat, THE MORE YOU PAY. God this pisses me off.

  • Tbh there is an assumption that people are stupid,I see all these type of documentaries as red herrings people know why they are fat,there must be some personal responsibility,I can do three meals a day with fruit x3 for about 3 uk Sterling,I am not a dietician but know what to eat and what I should not

  • Well done to the girls dieting,fed up with fatties whinging about genetics etc it’s you,there may be genuine folk with metabolic issues etc but guessing the vast majority need to have a healthy lifestyle

  • oh stop..it is the processed foods and chemicals..AND the fact that doctors are STILL recommending ” healthy cooking oils”..really..oils are a highly processed food…eat WHOLE NATURAL PLANT BASED FOODS..and you will be fine..I am a type 2 diabetic and am thriving on a very high carb vegan NO OIL diet…stop blaming..fat…stop blaming sugar…it isnt either..naturally occuring fats like in olives( not olive oil).. coconut ( not coconut oil) avacados, nuts and seeds…if it has a label…skip it.

  • Great. I avoid fructose, but when I get pregnant, I want to go on a low carb diet, just to keep that insulin down.

    I avoided fructose for over a year now, and people who know me say I’ve really slimmed down. Well, my clothes say that, too:).

  • The part that talks about kept in is really true when I was really big I physically craved the junk food by the time I ate it all I wasn’t full the foods we eat now are crazy and killing us

  • Food deserts �� and poor neighborhoods only have a limited amount if any fresh produce. More needs to be done for all areas/ neighborhoods to be able to have access to fresh foods, that aren’t over priced.

  • Nobody eats American food anymore, it’s pretty gross. We don’t import their meat and we can read the legally mandated labels on the back of all our packaging. It’s all gross but as for Coca Cola, we have some fat, diabetic slow learners out there so that part is true.

  • “People eat more calories than they expend…”: Enough, dumbass. This isn’t the real problem. The real problem is that we are set up to be addicted to carbs BIOLOGICALLY. And all the businesses and restaurants and food manufacturers know this. There is no “enough” setting in our biology when it comes to carbs. We can eat, and eat, and eat until we die. Try to do the same thing with a fatty steak…you’re body is quick to tell you “enough”. But that’s not how the corporations make their money, so they will keep the lie happening…”it’s all about calories”. Bullshit answer from decades ago…didn’t work then; doesn’t work now.

    Would you ever think that you could just tell an alcoholic to “just limit your drinks to 1 or 2 beers”?; how about telling a drug abuser to “just have a little heroin”?; Carbs are the same thing. You can’t limit yourself because your body says “that’s just what we need”.

  • its not just the food causing the prob. we still eat all the same shit we always have. its the massive decrease in physical activity, so many gadgets and all kinds of things to keep you on your ass. like YouTube, your sitting on your ass right now, lol. or our phones, my god the phones do it all. imagine how much time we spend a day sitting and playing on our phones. and kids for example, I’m only 32 and we had video games and shit. but we played outside, rode bikes around, just stayed active. we didn’t watch TV and play Nintendo 24/7. yes Nintendo for all you console fanboys. I. the 80s Nintendo was it. my son is 8 and eats like a grown man, and so did I when I was 8, but he’s not fat and neither was I. he’s very active and plays sports, and I limit the TV and games. somthin no parents do anymore, they let the TV and the games babysit their kid. instead of turning that shit off and sayin go outside like my mom did. but yes bad food will screw you up regardless, but imagine if you took away the internet phones, the TVs, the computers, all the mind numbing entertainment that keeps us on our ass.

  • Hey the richest it was quite an interesting video but i am bothered by how you point toward us americans ^^ 1/3 of us are actually obese

  • Good to know Dr. Westman has evolved. He’s into keto now too. This was aired in 2007. A lot has happened since then and folks, even doctors, are beginning to wake up.

  • So its YOUNG WOMENS responsibility to save the next gen? Its the government bs food guidelines and junk food in schools and its not forget the baby formula full of sugar people wouldn’t be gaining so much weight if there wasn’t so much crap in food.Every gen is a result of the one before so don’t put this on women period.

  • I don’t understand how Americans are so fat. I’m not denying the video but every gym I goto or gym I pass by there always pact even at night time at 3 in the morning

  • Its ultimately up to ppl what they put in their bodies…however it helps when the authorities step in to promote being healthy. In my country in the Caribbean they banned sugary drinks in all schools…starting with reducing the percentage each year….its currently under 20% limit. When it took place, we only had water or flavoured water available to us…also sugary snacks and sweets were also banned. Eventually the orange juice companies cut their sugar content to about 10% and were able to be sold in schools again. However you will see alot of students walk with their water bottles because the time can be extremely hot and water is better at keeping you hydrated.

  • I run a company where physical activity is a big part of the business. I will not hire overweight people or those who smoke. If I find out they smoke or I notice them gaining weight, I find a reason to fire them. That simple.

  • Weight loss green store tea is an excellent appetite suppressant! Works well to reduce my cravings for sweets and snacks. Still had to make a conscious effort to cut out from my diet, but the weight loss makes it worth it.

  • As a libertarian I have to agree that something has to be done. I prefer taxing bad behavior and less tax on income and work. Incentives work! Don’t disincentivized production and good behavior.

  • Wait 20 minutes before getting seconds is a great idea also eat salad first on 10 inch dinner plate and eat meal on a 8 inch salad plate

  • Been vegan for almost a year now and it’s the best decision I ever made in terms of my health and weight. 90% of time I eat whole foods: Fruit, vegetables, salad, oats, rice, beans, quinoa and the other 10% of time I might eat a vegan chocolate bar or ice cream like 1x a week but that’s it

    I’m not one of those vegans who just eat crap all the time, no. I’m one of the real vegans

  • If you ban soda, you need to ban orange juice. Strange as it may sound, orange juice has fructose in a form that you can chug. Eating an orange is not that fast.

  • Wow… This made me realy hungry…. I’m such a fat american…
    Not really my refrigerator is empty because I’m poor and only eat once a day…
    But God am I thankful for that one meal.

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  • Sugar is poison!!! Fat is not the enemy, refined, processed carbohydrates and sugar is!!! The world needs to wake up. I wish more doctors would get on board!! There is no such thing as a necessary carbohydrate!!

  • I have compassion for obese people who are overweight because of health problems. But for some people eating is a coping mechanism. Most obese people need exercise, medication (if needed), a healthier diet, and therapy. Obese people aren’t fat pigs.

  • This took a really dark turn. You can’t force people to do shit. Here’s an idea. STOP SUBSIDIZING CORN AND SUGAR. Maybe lower taxes instead. The price of all that shit goes up, and people have more of their own money to put towards the good stuff. Here’s another idea, GET THE GOVERNMENT TO STOP LYING TO PEOPLE. All the shit listed here started because they told us to lower fat and increase carbs, right? So re-educate people on that so they know better. The whole “recommended daily allowances” shit on the back of the food comes from the damned Government. Who would have thought that there might be a solution outside of force? You turned what was otherwise a really good video into some ridiculous. The Government got us into this mess and as usual your solution is MORE GOVERNMENT. Fuck that.

  • My medical doctor challenged me to get my cholesterol level decreased to 200 by taking statin. Absolutely no way did I want an additional drugs to consider. And so I started off working with this specific cholesterol tutorial “Hοzantο Axy” (Google it). To my surprise, it really works. It’s decreased to 200. This really is all with out that unpleasant fishy flavor along with other pills..

  • It’s not that they don’t have time to cook, as it is they have different priorities of what to do with their time. So they choose to sit on the couch for hours and eat garbage.

  • the Chinese woman who said “you guys dress horribly” and “eat horribly” like WTH are you even aware of how the Chinese dressed and acted around the world? they have no basic common sense at all ��

  • I am not a professor but I am sure that they are certain mistakes in this “lecture”. First of all one calorie always equals one calorie. It’s like one pound of feather is equal one pound of steel. It’s just our body burns in different way one calorie of broccoli or one calorie of sugar. Secondly I don’t know what kind of schools you have in U.S. but in Poland, where I live, if you go to a nutritionist he or she will tell you what I stated above. And finally, losing some weight is not an easy task but it’s possible. I lost 20 pounds, still got 40 to lose.

  • The first one about fuel increase because of weight seems like total bullshit. Also I don’t think you can label something like weight issues as an epidemic, many things contribute to weight gain including uncontrollable products like genetics.

    But of course, this is the Internet and keyboard warriors will fight because they can, instead of having a proper adult conversation.

  • Fat Overconsumption >>>>>>>>>> sugar overconsumption

    I would have liked for that fact to be considered:(
    Good journalism nevertheless

  • Here’s a money-saving idea… Start fasting (stop eating).  No groceries, no medications, and cheaper flights.  This isn’t complicated.

  • My BMI is about 29, and fuck, I feel worried about my health even though I can easily cycle over 50 miles and run 5 km three-four times a week. Then I see Americans and feel like I am an Ironman athlete!!

  • a calorie is a calorie. i eat junk food like %50 of the time and have lost 10 lbs by counting calories. I’m sick of people lying about this.
    You probably should avoid junk food whenever possible but not all of us always have that luxury….

  • ‘Free Trade’ is the most bullshit lie phrase ever. It doesn’t exist. All trade is negotiated and as well pointed out here it usually means one party is free to take advantage and exploit another country. Wealthy countries have protection measures to protect and subsidies industries whilst bullying poorer countries to not implement the same protection measure that would benefit them.

  • Still doesn’t explain why lab mice are increasing in weight when their diets are completely controlled by scientists. This is on average compared to 2 decades ago of the same breed.

  • Fast food has actually gone up in price. And the cheaper food is not what I see people getting. They get those big ass jumbo meals. I saw a lady the other day giving her kids a huge ass plate of chilli fries, hamburger and huge soda the other day…something I couldn’t even finishand they were under 10 years old. I hope people start taking responsibility of their food choices. It might take sacrifice but its worth it to stay healthy.

  • Get Whole foods in restaurants, not that calorie simple, a donut calorie is different to an apple calorie, we must be intelligent. Close poor food restaurants. Have only one carb with a meal. Not chips plus potato chips cooked in oil. A culture of no eating in between meals. That alone will make a big difference.

  • Please please say you now know about the microbiome and how when we don’t feed our good bacteria the fiber they need they keep us hungry. This show is out. I know sugar has not helped but not for the reasons you are suggesting…. well what is wrong with that you ask? Because we can turn this all around faster than this suggests. Sugar is only bad for us when it not properly being processed by our good bacteria. The microbiome information coming out is absolutely amazing. The reason why an apple is good for us and apple juice is not so great? Because the fiber feeds our good bacteria and they then send our brain the “full” signal so we switch off feeling so hungry. Sugar is only the devil without fiber. Also new information is coming out about vitamin k2 that decreases tons and tons of these chronic diseases…. and vitamin k2 comes from grass fed meat, cultured cheese, yogurt and goose livers etc but can also be found in massive amounts in Natto.
    Also stress does damage to our microbiome, but also our microbiome can cause us to be more stressed.
    … You are both excellent speakers so you would be brilliant if you included this extra information which explains that one extra bit to why processed food is soooo bad for us with out the older more tranditional food.
    This article shows how children who were given antibiotics early in life have a massively higher chance of being obese and other chronic illnesses.

  • Seats are getting smaller while people are getting bigger. The one lady who said they need to set standards. If I’m home booking a flight on my computer do I need to book two seats? I don’t want to arrive at the airport and be told, “Ma’am, you need to buy another seat.” Then I need to buy the second seat at full price. I should know that when I am home booking and need to be able to book the second seat or upgrade. I check seat guru. I went to Australia and New Zealand and took 9 flights where I had no say in the flights booked for me and was able to fly economy and no one batted an eye at my size but I was still scared. Once when I was boarding I saw a seat belt extender and asked for it but when I tried using it I couldn’t get the sea belt tight around me.

  • I wish I could move to Britain, or some where else (I live in America), but sadly I am not old (or have the money) to live on my own

  • The kids are obese because their parents overfeed them and/or give them unhealthy, fattening foods. Their stomachs get accustomed to getting overfilled, stretches and needs larger quantities to be filled. Add to that genetics, ‘bad’ foods, medication, lack of movement and a lot more and voilá, an epidemic of obesity.

  • Total and massive amount of bullshit numbers and they didn’t even try to explain the numbers. I’ll do what they did. Cost wasted on my time viewing this video… $578. Bam! Proof.

  • Not all calories are the same. Also, ADD healthy items to your plate and try to eat those first and cut down on the unhealthy stuff by a few tablespoons or by 1/4. Then start taking 5 to 10 minutes to move daily to where you get your heart rate up, increase it weekly or daily by 5 to 10 min. Something is better than nothing. Go to therapy if you’re over 50lbs overweight. You don’t get to 80 lbs overweight just because you like food, you’re covering something up or comforting yourself. There are low to zero joint impact exercise programs, too. No excuses!

  • She took the coward move and sued em. Yeah she was humiliated and fat girls got feelings, mainly they’re hungry. I told that joke to someone overweight and they got up and walked out, well woddled out. Presumably offended, possibly just peckish.

  • heres the time stamps for each part
    if you watch it on 1.5 speed you can get through it pretty fast
    (like this comment so others can see)
    Part 1 An epidemic for every body 0:52
    Part 2 Sickeningly Sweet 12:15
    Part 3 Hunger and Hormones A viscous Cycle 20:00
    Part 4 Sugar A Sweet Addiction 27:18
    Part 5 Generation XL 33:42
    Part 6 A fast-Paced, Fast Food Life 39:51
    Part 7 Drugs, Cigarettes, Alcohol… and sugar? 46:16
    Part 8 Four Sweet Tips 53:54

  • Weight is a thing people can control. One of the easiest things in life to control really (obviously not in a countries where there is not enough food but in western countries at least). Eat healthy and exercise. So clearly overweight persons should pay more. Also they should not be seated next to normal persons and definitely not close to children. Children see a bad example and one needs to worry that fat person accidentally sits on a small child. Also should not be allowed to use airplane or public toilets because there is a risk that they clog the pipes because they defacate so much.

  • My father wouldn’t even get on a plane during the last few years of his life in fear of fat shaming.
    I understand that the cost of a flight (fuel) is largely dictated on weight, but I still think it’s rude to charge a person more money for being “fat”.
    Also, that lady said “In almost all cases, someone is obese strictly based on lifestyle choices”. Well what about people that are obese NOT based on lifestyle choices (thyroid problems, age, disability). They should be charged more because they have a condition they can’t control?
    Now I do think airlines should offer larger seats for heavy people at a reasonable rate (not first class as that’s usually a double rate).
    I don’t know, I think it’s incredibly rude for an airline employee to be asking someone their weight and dress size (especially last minute in front of a bunch of people).

  • Fat doesn’t clog your arteries. Starches, bread, sugar, beer, pasta, rice, potatoes, sweets and fruit DO! FATS CLEAR YOUR ARTERIES!

  • That last little thing at the end is the only thing that throws me off a bit. Hunger and satiety are different things-CHECK. Satiety happens at the other end of the intestine-well, sort of. But the food doesn’t actually travel 6 meters of intestine in 20 minutes. What actually happens must be a bit more complex. Maybe the other end reacts within 20 minutes-maybe like a wave of peristalsis traveling that 6 meters, even though a portion of food doesn’t actually make the trip? I also don’t think it’s the whole length; it’s probably something in the small intestine that controls satiety, and the colon is probably not that involved. But I’d like to know more.

  • The aircraft will use more fuel carrying their grotesquely huge posteriors, it’s the laws of physics. One incident a few years ago a United flight from JFK to London Heathrow has to do an emergency landing in Cardiff airport because they didn’t have enough minimum flight pattern fuel to reach Heathrow (reserve fuel). They have to have reserve fuel in case of emergencies for obvious reasons but because of people who don’t BURN OFF THEIR OWN EXCESS FAT RESERVES on that occasion the outcome could’ve been deadly

  • It’s not just about your fat ass doesn’t fit in chair, to transport your extra over weight ass will require 2-4 times MORE FUEL!!!

  • omy god, i can’t stop watching this video… over and over… I’m not religious but GOD BLESS YOU ROBERT AND GOD BLESS THIS VIDEO

  • It’s not just all about the caloriesit’s all that sugar and corn syrup. Just dropping fast food and sodas cut down carbs enough to make a huge difference. Exercise is goid for you, but nothing changes a body like controlling your blood sugar. It’s science.

  • Obesity doesn’t effect transportation because transits are design to carry an additional weight for cargo, you can always limit or scrap the cargo. 

  • This makes me laugh so hard. My daughter sat between two obese couples that fought and refused to sit together as they would not fit if they had. She wanted to live but it was a booked plane. She is super skinny and was so mortified… it was the most unfair thing ever.

  • The comment about Africa at the end was plain stupid, at least you should have been specific about what country since there are quite a few developed African countries who do not experience malnourishment to a notable degree.

  • As a former OBESE person weighing in at just under 300 pounds of body weight at 5 foot 4 inches tall more than 33 years ago and now today waying in at only 120 pounds only I can easily give you 10 primary reasons why the world population is getting so fat. But I will name the big 3 as follows.
    1Slow sluggish uncontrolled metabolism including ones lymphatic system.(This is a very slow insidious unnoticed condition.
    2-Wrongful food addictions with ones taste buds adulterated including the brain addictions to advertising.
    3-Eating out to much and preparing the foods wrongfully and the absence of daily body movements that further exasperates ones sluggish metabolism. Thank You

    Holistic Chef Barry Anderson

  • 3:36 energy in DOES NOT = energy out. 50 doughnut calories is not the same as 50 broccoli calories.
    So many different systems contribute to if ones body gets fat.
    I don’t have many fat cells so if I were to gain weight, my set point is much lighter than a person who’s been 30+lbs for 10 years. Out bodies resist change.
    Look up dr Fung if you’re interested in losing weight or understanding the updated “science” of weight management