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HealthDay Reporter TUESDAY, Aug. 8, 2017 (HealthDay News) Drug overdose deaths continue to climb in the United States, despite efforts to combat the nation’s ongoing opioid addiction crisis, a. Drug overdose deaths continue to climb in the United States, despite efforts to combat the nation’s ongoing opioid addiction crisis, a new federal report states. The drug overdose death rate reached 19.9 cases for every 100,000 people during the late summer of 2016, compared with 16.7 cases per 100,000 the year before, the U.S. National Cen.

U.S. Opioid Crisis Continues to Worsen. Lion’s share of deaths attributed to prescription painkillers. Please note: This article was published more than one year ago. The facts and conclusions presented may have since changed and may no longer be accurate.

And “More information” links may no. TUESDAY, Aug. 8, 2017 (HealthDay News)—Drug overdose deaths continue to climb in the United States, despite efforts to combat the nation’s ongoing opioid addiction crisis, a new federal report states.

“The number of opioid overdoses is skyrocketing and I don’t think it will be easily turned back,” said Dr Mike Brumage, former director of the West Virginia office of drug control policy. U.S. opioid crisis continues to worsen by Dennis Thompson, Healthday Reporter (HealthDay)—Drug overdose deaths continue to climb in the United States, despite efforts to combat the nation’s ongoing. U.S. opioid crisis continues to worsen 8 August 2017, by Dennis Thompson, Healthday Reporter (HealthDay)—Drug overdose deaths continue to climb in the United States, despite efforts to.

Before the Covid-19 pandemic, the nation was in the throes of another public health crisis: the opioid epidemic. That pandemic could make matters worse. Given that the coronavirus pandemic compounded pre-existing mental health disorders, reportedly led to opioid deaths in many parts of the United States and potentially more deaths of despair.

Opioid Crisis Devastating consequences of the opioid epidemic include increases in opioid misuse and related overdoses, as well as the rising incidence of newborns experiencing withdrawal syndrome due to opioid use and misuse during pregnancy. Understanding the Scope of the Epidemic.

List of related literature:

The problem has continued to grow: The number of opioid overdose deaths has grown five-fold since 1999 and statistically significant increases in overdose death rates were recorded in 26 U.S. states (Figure 16.1; U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 2017).

“Discover Sociology” by William J. Chambliss, Daina S. Eglitis
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But at the same time the USA has seen a very dramatic rise in opioid use, to the point where it is reasonable to call it a crisis.

“Ethics and Public Policy: A Philosophical Inquiry” by Jonathan Wolff
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Opioid crisis: no easy fix

“Public Health Nursing E-Book: Population-Centered Health Care in the Community” by Marcia Stanhope, Jeanette Lancaster
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This is thought to have resulted in an overuse of opioids to treat chronic pain as the United States became the leading consumer of the world’s opioids with a dramatic rise in prescription opioid–related deaths and the declaration of an “opioid epidemic.”

“Firestein & Kelley’s Textbook of Rheumatology E-Book” by Gary S. Firestein, Ralph C. Budd, Sherine E Gabriel, Iain B. McInnes, James R O'Dell, Gary Koretzky
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Given the huge increase of opioid prescriptions in the past 20 years, this figure is even more alarming.

“Smith's Anesthesia for Infants and Children E-Book” by Peter J. Davis, Franklyn P. Cladis
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With a death toll of 49,000 from opioid overdoses in 2016, the problem is of epidemic proportions in North America.

“Robbins & Cotran Pathologic Basis of Disease E-Book” by Vinay Kumar, Abul K. Abbas, Jon C. Aster
from Robbins & Cotran Pathologic Basis of Disease E-Book
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The US is suffering a tragic opioid crisis, with well over 50,000 deaths in 2017 caused by overdoses.

“Travel as a Political Act” by Rick Steves
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Last but not least, diversion of prescription drugs can result in significant risks to society and seems to be becoming an increasing problem in many Western countries in parallel with the more widespread and liberal use of opioids for chronic pain (Davis and Johnson 2008, Fischer et al 2010).

“Wall & Melzack's Textbook of Pain E-Book” by Stephen B. McMahon, Martin Koltzenburg, Irene Tracey, Dennis Turk
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The United States has had a significant opioid epidemic for at least the last 10 years, with prescription opioids more commonly abused and more often leading to overdoses than heroin since 2005.

“The ASAM Essentials of Addiction Medicine” by Abigail Herron, Timothy K. Brennan
from The ASAM Essentials of Addiction Medicine
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As more opioid painkillers hit the market, and were pushed onto unsuspecting people through prescribers who were educated by pharmaceutical reps, more people got addicted—and more of us died.

“American Fix: Inside the Opioid Addiction Crisis and How to End It” by Ryan Hampton
from American Fix: Inside the Opioid Addiction Crisis and How to End It
by Ryan Hampton
St. Martin’s Publishing Group, 2018

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  • Such B.S.. I’m a 30 year old rare incurable and intractable chronic pain diseases and 17+ health problems sufferer for literally half my life!!!! This false opioid epidemic hysteria has been debilitating legitimate law abiding chronic pain sufferers and doctors for the past 4 years due to erroneous CDC guidelines that are wrongfully being enforced as law. FDA is threatening, arr3wting, jailing, and taking medical licenses away from doctors who used to take their Hippocratic Oath seriously and are abandoning chronic pain sufferers like me. We are told that our lives aren’t worth them potentially losing their license and that we just need to suffer. Due to that, I was left to withdraw over the 2017 holidays wity no replacement doctor. The withdrawal off my 14 years of benzos and then almost 2 years of Vicodin almost killed me. I went to 12 different pain management specialists and clinics…as primary or other specialists and psychiatrists are no longer willing to prescribe….and was denied by all within a span of 4 months. I’ve been to all the most famous top ranked hospitals in America and those hospitals are also some of the top ranked in the entire world. I went to some 2-3x. Literally travelled North, South, East, and West. I have huge storage container bins and a 3 teir office grade furniture that holds hanging files of more of my 15 years of medical records. I am genetically tested and shown to be a rapid metabolizer of opioids and need a high dose that would knock out a man twice my size. I was ready to kill myself after 8 months of suffering when I was andononed and No one would help prescribe. I called a M.D., PhD doctor who was an advocate for the efficacy and safety of opioids for chronic incurable pain of rare pain diseases and conditions. He saved me literally at the 11th hour as I was waiting for the train to kill myself and he called. I told him and I flew from my Northern state to the Southeast coast. He helped me. This Feb, a random lady whose son had overdosed on illegal heroin reported him to his State Medical Board due to the fact she read his advocacy tweets and thought he was endangering us as patients. She never knew him nor did her son. How the hell does that happen? This doctor took patients no other doctor would. His criteria for us was that we were denied care by 10+ pain doctors or pain clinics. I fit that in 4 months in this climate. He called us his “pain refugees.” 1/3 of us came from different states to see him. Myself and another lady who are in the same state travelled the furthest…a 2.5 hour plane ride. These opioids are lifesaving medications. Suicides are skyrocketing in the chronic pain community. Criminal junkies using heroin and illegal fentanyl and other drugs are given more compassion and rights than us legal, documented law abiding chronic pain sufferers. I’ve been yelled at and harassed at ERs…chronic pain sufferers avoid the ER for years now due to being treated like an addict. You are denied opioid meds after invasive surgeries, after pregnancy, and other acute pain arising from problems like kidney stones, etc…that goes for anyone now. Chronic pain sufferers are forced to sign pain contracts that so restricting you don’t have a life and they can stop your meds for any supposed violation. Subject to urine screens which produce false positives frequently…and in the contract if you fail you are kicked out. If you miss an appointment for any reason even if it is legitimate….discharged. Random pill counts. I even read one contract that said birth control was mandatory!!! Thankfully I’ve never had to sign one of these from my former 2 doctors. And then pharmacies, all the big box stores, refuse to fill opioids. You have to find an independent small privately owned pharmacy to have them filled and even then 90% won’t….which is illegal as pharmacists have to fill what doctors prescibe. They don’t have an M.D. and can’t step in to play one and refuse meds. It’s illegal and discrimination. A class action lawsuit has been filed by one lady against a major big brand store chain for this practice.

    Only 0.1% of chronic pain sufferers get addicted.

    The CDC admitted last year that they inflated the numbers of overdoses of opioids. They included illegal drugs with prescription. Only around 17,000 died from prescption opioids. That number is hardly a health crisis or epidemic.

    I’ve taken in combination 12 mg of Xanax daily for 14 years, 1 years of Ambien CR, and 90-200mg of Oxycodone or Vicodin for almost 4 years. Never overdosed. It’s almost impossible to overdose especially on a benzo like Xanax. And taking them all together never had any respiratory depression where I stopped breathing and died. No. These are all safe. It’s the illegal drugs combined with booze, cocaine, meth, etc.

  • The inability to obtain prescription opiods for chronic pain has forced many people I know to buy it on the street. All of the medical alternatives to pain management are fairly ineffective, no matter how many studies they pull out to show they work as well or better. They just don’t for most people, so they stop going to the doctor and turn to a dealer. Most doctors simply say no to opiod prescriptions, ignoring personal situations, because they don’t want to deal with the hassle. Doctors are part of the cause, here.

  • The Heroin and Cocaine addiction cure Pete Townshend underwent reversed two years of dissipation in ten days. The secret behind his startling rebound, he divulged, is NeuroElectric Therapy (NET).

  • A video called ‘a day in the death of Donny B’ from 1969 is a semi documentary made in Harlem or the South Bronx.

    It’s a good film and shows just how the daily life of a heroin addict was in NYC 50 years ago.

    It’s on YouTube also.

  • I’m in the middle if this amazing documentary and one thing that bothers me the most is how every health service advocate/representative down played or overlooked the less than 1% statistics so conveniently for benefits in every form possible.
    And now this 1% stat has turned into this out of control crisis and is slowly taking over the world.

  • opioid epidemic? = #OpioidHysteria.
    This country has such a fucked up way of thinking. Portugal did it right but not here. Moral superiority complex & $cow prison systems stop us from implementing Harm Reduction, Decriminalization of drugs, not shaming ppl w/ addiction & physical pain & even the extreme, legalization of drugs. We are not a free country if we can’t choose what we use to treat our pain. Which for a lot of us IS opiate pain medication. #StopCensoringMedicine

  • there is nothing wrong with oxycodone. its the doctors who cut people off so they are forced to take drastic actions such as getting on heroin or fentanyl. i blame the doctors way more than the manufacturers of this drug. more doctors need to prescribe these drugs to people in need of them than take more people off.

  • We need to get some more studies going on low dose or ultra low dose Naltrexone. There has been some promising research that shows that it might help reduce tolerance of opioids and improve analgesia. This kind of research could help pave the way for reduced doses and less tolerance for pain patients. I do not know how fast tolerance works (or if anyone does tbh) but I’ve had low dose naltrexone set apart from tramadol by 8 hours daily for 5 years, and have never needed an increase in the tramadol.

  • The fact is that America always wants a pill to solve their problems. Yes I feel for kids who have this problem, but let’s take some personal responsibility for our actions parents. If you abuse drugs you’re going to have consequences and difficulties in your life. It is not some one else’s fault or problem. The people of the awesome USA have so much money and access to things the rest of the world does not. If you have problems try Jesus Christ to help you solve them. Not drugs. This country is spoiled rotten I’m sorry to say.

  • Well, here in Germany the situation is just vice-versa: While it is possible to prescribe strong opioids like Oxycodone, doctors seldomly do so, even after operations which would normally jut require treatment for a few days instead they give largely ineffective Ibuprofen or Metamizole, which has side effects so serious that it has been withdrawn in a large number of countries, including the US, India or the UK. I thus developed a strong anxiety disorder after a minor surgery due to reckless non-treatment of post-op pain which is impacting my life for 9 years now and makes further procedures nearly impossible. I wish our doctors would refrain from treating patients more as some type of “could-be-addicts” and instead just prescribe appropriate painkillers. As for the US: Why is everybody lamenting about opioids, but not about end-user advertizement for prescription medicines in general which are banned in the vast majority of the world for very good reasons?

  • ​It is well documented that the opioid crisis has hit the white demographic the hardest (ironically, because of racist policies that posited that African Americans have a higher pain threshold, and therefore did not need painkillers). It is the fact that white people have been hut the hardest, that we see the constant bleating, wailing, gnashing of teeth and hand wringing we see in the media.

    When the same thing happened to African Americans in the 90’s (the “crack epidemic” contrast the wording: “epidemic” vs “crisis”) they (African Americans) were mischaracterised as drug addicts and criminals, were brutally policed and carted off enmasse to prison absolutely no sympathy was shown by white people to the victims in the “crack epidemic”. Why are you surprised when the same courtesy you showed to others, is shown to you?

    What, you think you can enslave and humiliate people for four hundred years, oppress, ridicule and disenfranchise them for another 100 years, and then continue to stigmatise, brutalise and marginalise them, and then turn around and say “let’s be friends”? Well, I’m afraid to let you know that it doesn’t work like that.

    White people have humiliated and brutalised non-white people (especially people of African descent) in one form or the other (slavery, colonisation etc.), and have never even had the temerity to acknowledge the damage that this trauma has caused people and you expect us to be friends? There is an inordinate amount of justifiable indignation and anger seething in non-white people, against white people. China’s economic rise was fuelled in large part, by it’s desire to avenge it’s “100 years of humiliation” (by the Western powers). People of African descent have the biggest gripe of all almost 500 years of brutal oppression, dehumanisation and humiliation by whites, which has created a global class of Untermensch if any white person thinks that people of African descent are going to forget the trauma that has been inflicted on them (with no acknowledgement of the damage being given by the perpetrators) and just hold hands in some “Kumbaya” way, they are delusional.

    What goes round, comes round.

  • I’m a 10 year Fentanyl medical patient, never have od’d once. No issues whatsoever. I’m tired of this bs. Target junkies not chronic patients. I should SUE the media networks for promoting this bs. I hope all of you aka media producers and anchors, have unbearable pain in your life’s future…

  • Funny how mundipharma and grünenthal as German company’s settle in Germany just so it takes the crisis to the EU except for Germany itself despite the high use of opiods Germans have.

  • Race, social economic status??! It’s SPECIFICALLY high amongst the white American population but they’ve got a black speaker raising awareness to it and saying “it’s not about race”. This sounds VERY deliberate

  • I’ve taken morphine sulfate extended release for chronic pain over twenty five years. I was told when I started what the drug was and what it would do, and what I needed to do. I have had my script increased only twice since my initial precription. I now take 30 mg twice a day and have for almost a decade. I kept working my job for 12 years until retirement. It does have it’s proper usage.

  • When is this stupid epidemic bulshit going to end you can go to the hospital with two broken legs and no prescribed Tylenol come on people people need opiate I mean what the fuc it’s not even that strong of a drug you could eat a hamburger with your pain pills and not even feeling I don’t really see what the big deal is shouldn’t I be focused on meth or something not this ridiculous

  • Parents are just at fault. Stop enabling your kids. I’m a parent and best believe I will not aid to my child’s addiction if he grows up to using drugs. Which I hope to God not

  • Opioids are still key for chronic pain sufferers.Until we come out with something better & less addictive Opioids are the only way to stop chronic pain & give these people their life back.There were a lot of people who got these powerful pain med’s who should have been given over the counter pain med’s such as Tylenol or Asperin but were given powerful Opioids instead & is the reason why we have the problems we have today.Chronic pain sufferers were always given this medicine & no problems & now they are being denied this medicine they really need & have not abused all because people who should have never been given this medicine were & now we all suffer.

  • This is a good documentary about an important issue. That said, the frivolity (the doodles, Charles narrating the marketing playbook, etc.) was unnecessary and could’ve been left out of the documentary, in my opinion. Maybe they are supposed to provide some comic relief to the documentary on such a serious topic, but they just ended up looking out of place in the documentary —my 2 cents.


    I have my popcorn �� ready… I’ll watch this from the sidelines…. Let me know when the drug dealers go to jail. Don’t spend too much of my tax money on these sham rehab.

    Luckily those hillbillies will vote Trump in for another term…… Make sure you blame the Mexicans for your addiction and don’t take responsibility for your actions ; you druggies.

    Stock tip though…. I’ve made a killing buying the stock of the company that makes narcan… Opiant (opnt)

  • Any drug law is nothing more than attempts to prohibit free will. Drug use is a choice. Nothing more or less. No one has the right or the competence to decide for other people, what goes into their body.
    ►You have to know what you own, & what you do NOT own. I do NOT own other people.
    ►If i tell you that you may not ingest a particular compound into your physical body, i am placing a claim of ownership over you. That is a form of theft. Simple as that
    ►This logic can be applied universally, when i am making claims of ownership i can NEVER ACTUALLY have. Literally no human or group is an exception to this.

  • Its sad how we treat drug addicts. We show no mercy for these people. We showed no mercy to the crack addicts. We probably won’t show mercy to the people of the next big drug.
    Remember, Christ will judge you too.

  • I was told by many different physicians over the years of my opiate dependence for a messed up back surgery that Mayo Clinic is thee place to go if you have a ailment that general practioners can’t figure out,but stay the hell away from that place if you have a legitimate need for pain meds.

  • Kudos for this well made piece, however I am still waiting for Quartz to cover the epidemic of benzodiapiene dependence and withdrawal, along with the corrupt practices behind peddling most psychiatric medications. For those drugs, adverse symptoms may include suicidal or homicidal ideation, not simply disabling addiction or withdrawal, and they are still being openly targeted towards the very populations (i.e. kids or patients with mania) the black box warnings mention.

  • There have been so many consequences resulting from the opioid crisis but we still aren’t effectively treating opioid use disorder. Treatment often fails to address the underlying cause of drug addiction. In most cases, people take drugs to numb physical and/or emotional pain so they can have a break from reality. Whether it’s the daily stress of life, physical pain or a mental health condition, opioids do a great job numbing that pain. This is why they are so addictive and why it’s important to treat the whole person. First, the person should receive a medical detox followed by aftercare. Then, an assessment by a licensed therapist to determine the right course of ongoing treatment for the individual emotional needs.

  • Fake news, only we were stupid enough to allow broad use of opioids. In all other countries, Perdue tried but were never as successful as in the US and the international medical field was aware of the opioid holocaust in America and no where on this planet has perscription opioids taken hold like in the US. Literal fake news. 80% of perscription opioids globally goes to the US. In most of Western Europe its illegal for doctors to perscribe opiates for anyone but terminal cancer patients. So this is literally click bait journalism. The opioid crises hasnt gone global because in the rest of the developed world, doctors by law cannot perscribe opiates at all or only in narrowly defined circumstances. For example Japan, opiates are illegal for all circumstances except terminally ill patients. A US executive of a Japanese company was arrested for bringing her perscription opiates for her migraines into Japan. Quartz is dishonest and rather than make that clear and change their title. Opiates for migraines is illegal in nearly all developed countries. So will not be a global perscription opioid crises. That literally can only happen in America. The land of limited government. The rest of the developed world is too smart for that.

  • There’s a human pheromone cure for opioid addiction. It lifts the appetite off of your shoulders in 8 seconds, no withdrawal symptoms. see: @t or buy it on eBay on sale for 500 bucks (access to protocol, pheromone is free).

  • Do you know right at the transitioning it said how to sell drugs (legally) do you know this could be a spinoff of how to sell drugs (fast)

  • YAAAY! THANK ALMIGHTY GOD THE DEMONS ARE DYING! ALL PRAISES TO THE MOST HIGH OF ISRAEL! ����‍♂️����‍♂️����‍♂️����‍♂️����‍♂️����‍♂️����‍♂️����‍♂️����‍♂️����‍♂️����‍♂️����‍♂️


  • Don’t blame no one but the idiot’s that chose to abuse a drug that is prescribed to get people back to normal after chronic pain due to an accident or cancer. It’s up to the patients rather they want to follow the directions the doctors that prescribed them whatever opioid pain pill they felt was suitable for their pain. The choice is the patients not the doctors and the pharmaceutical companies because they tell you it’s addictive and can lead to addiction or death when abused. I was on hydromorphone for 2 years after a car accident that broke my back and neck and not once did I take more than recommended by my doctor. I with to physical therapy and got well then I told my doctor I no longer needed the hydromorphone anymore.

  • Thanks to the medical community, DEA & UD gov, CDC, prop, shatterproof, fedup ECT…. Just keep killing off Veterans, Elderly, disabled and cpps. Making us suffer isn’t enough, were being gaslight, undertreated, abandoned & abused all to “save” a small % of people who might addict. The research, data & studies are out that ODs are polysubstance abuse, 1% of pain patients become addicted & 80% of heroin addicts did NOT have an opioid script for pain. And let us remember, this is PAIN MEDICATION. Not something for an people to get high on. Yes, treat the addicts but not at the expense of people who have no other alternatives. Opiate pain medication is safe when used as directed & stored properly. Addiction is a completely separate issue.
    Also, the 2016 CDC guidelines are based on theory, not fact & created by anti-opiate fringe crusaders PROP. Hmmmm, do some of their members have a financial interest in selling bupe/ Suboxone??? Lets be smarter & dig into this a little deeper, huh? This narrative HURTING AND KILLING DISABLED PEOPLE!
    See the June 2020 AMA 17 page letter to the CDC. This is barbaric.

  • Millions n millions of dollars n new groups formed everyday n they still r going at this wrong CPP r sufferring n dieing..the CDC has to do more than put out one paper,,to undue the damage they have wrought onto the CPP community..they have to stop terrorizing n aressting our Dr.s..after all the carnage done..the ilegal OD are up n going further up everyday..,we have more deaths now with the CPP community n ilegal use than ever b4..we have the wrong people running this show

  • Of course. Scare the populace, need the gov. There’s more people now than ever. Of course ODs are higher. Along with infant deaths in the U.S. Read alittle, believe some but USE your brain. Sue FedEx and U.P.S. They’re bringing in the killer drugs.

  • The first thing on their fridge is: ” student loans”. Give most of your income to a parasitic corporation who sold you a false dream…

  • I just launched by web sight and cooking show, to bring my light to the opiod addiction which robbed me of 12 years of my life. My web sight @t and youtube channel is nourished by light. Trying to bring my light in the darkness, I’m blind and could have easily been a satistic. My young neffew passed from heroine laced with Fentonal.
    I applied for a fund to bring my vision forward through an inspirational, cooking show with, guest speakers, and story telling, recipes of success. #Holmanprize for blind Ambition. please like and share my video, let’s all support massive lasting change:
    Youtube video:

  • dont worryy, trump will regulate the free market and disallow overly agressive corps paying doctors to prescribe more opioid drugs

  • These white kids are crazy also they are straight up drug dealers. That’s why us black and brown kids smile weed.. come on white people get it together

  • In the uk you can buy a box of 32 tablets which states 3 days use. States on the back that only 6 tablets should be taken daily. Those numbers dont add up. Being able to buy codeine over the counter should not be legal

  • Opioides Not Addictive? Sorry!?! That was the whole reason they were banned in the first place in the 1930s. Everybody knows that. And yes, heroin was advertised as an non addictive alternative to morphine by big pharma back in the day. Sounds familiar?

  • We will do anything to stop this. Except threaten the profit margins of corporations like Purdue that caused, pushed, and profited off corporate grade heroin.

  • I know that most people can’t stop on there own without some kind of treatment but I think they could if they really wanted too. It would take alot of work but I don’t think it’s impossible because I did it and I have 2 years clean.

  • I think this video (and channel in general) often misses the wide consensus by psychologists and neurologists that addiction is not caused by the thing the addict is addicted too.

    Addiction seems to be mostly a mental illness, probably instilled from birth or from very early childhood development, as addicts often first use early in life, or trauma, etc. (Biopsychosocial model)

    While neurotoxicity is obviously something to be concerned about, I think its important to view this in the context of the ever expanding mental heath crisis, especially in America.

    Blaming the drugs is an easy scapegoat.

    Asking why the number of people who just cant cope with their lives is increasing? Why more and more people feel like they can’t get through the day?

    Thats a lot harder.

  • More government DEA and CDC propaganda. People are dying from heroin and fentanyl. So much disinformation on prescription medication. Adults do substances because it fills a need. Children stray off the path of reason because they are too young to know what to do in life. DEA is a shadow government anymore. Good medical practice is being impeded by them constantly. DEA and CDC both work in tandem. DEA has not stopped heroin from being smuggled in the country since it was created in 1973. What a joke. Now they go after doctors since they can’t stop the people from what they want a little relief from the struggles of life.It didn’t happen during the 1920’s prohibition (look what crime that created) and it won’t stop now. This is America and you should be able to call your own shots when it come to relief from pain.

  • Chinas war on the west. 99% of fentanyl is made in China. This is how they will bring us down. Not with nuclear power but with drug power. If we don’t do anything. They win. And our next generation will continually be weaker than the last….. This can not be how the legacy of America ends. ��������

  • Why are they targeting people with chronic pain, with this “opioid crisis”? Why don’t they target the homeless abusers instead of going after the legitimate, prescribed, chronic pain sufferer? NOPE! With the homeless abusers, they get offered free housing and plenty of needles to continue their recreational pursuits! Why are they focusing on an opioid crisis? How many people die from this CRISIS? Compare that to alcohol and tobacco, which are legal, and how many people die from alcohol and tobacco? How come they don’t treat alcohol and tobacco the same way? I bet that a whole lot more people abuse these products than prescribed opioids! I think the whole thing boils down to politics, some politicians are probably going to make a pile of money by going after “big Pharma.”

  • She’s absolutely right. I know people of all ethnic backgrounds addicted to that shit. White, Black, Hispanic-you name it. I’m biracial and it has a strong grip on me. Opiates are by far the most addictive substances out there, outside of maybe alcohol and nicotine. Meth and crack don’t even come close to the kind of control heroin and pain meds have over people. No other class of drugs has claimed as claimed as many lives as opiates. The death toll is staggering. Its a fucking plague.

  • At present, 400,000-500,000 Americans are estimated to have died of opioid overdoses since the turn of the millennium, then all opioid-related deaths such as accidents, suicide, hepatitis, etc. are added, while the number of deaths in covid 19 is estimated at 87,000.

  • Would drug consumption rooms, heroin prescription and needle exchange programs help? They have done wonders in Switzerland in the 90s

  • There is no stopping STUPID, because Stupid is easier than Intelligence, when it comes to rading an Opioid Cabinet at your friend’s home! And guess what!!! No more STUPID after the overdose!

  • I really appreciate this perspective that says, “here’s what’s going on and how we can fix it in order to help people, not to blame individuals.”

  • I’ve had friends and family members with chronic pain and on opiods that they took only as prescribed that have been forcibly quickly tapered off and a few even forced off them cold turkey with the justification of the opioid crisis. I do not want to see more funerals. The new guidelines and regulations are killing chronic pain patients.

    Something I regularly see not talked about is how tapering is handled in especially acute pain treatments. Tapering needs to go slower than the current guidelines to help avoid more withdrawal symptoms. I’ve met opioid addicts that took them as prescribed and then tried to taper off them but couldn’t because of the withdrawals were so extreme and had to resort to buying them off the street. The guidelines for opioids are hurting so many people.

  • The only things killing AmeriKKKans faster than opioids are School shooters, males in domestic violence situations, and the Flu. Put those together and you have 1 toxic community.

  • I won’t lie.. I like the way painkillers make me feel. I have never had a serious problem with them though. I could take 5mg of Hydrocodone every 8 hours and be fine. I have taken like a 10mg pill a day for years and never taken more. I have used them as an antidepressant for quite some time. They’re harder to get now though and sometimes I’ll go months without any pills. That’s when my depression is at an all time high. I’ll usually drink more during this time and I hate myself on alcohol. I would rather pop a pill a day and just be normal and feel balanced.

  • There are new devices that could be a good alternative to Opiods for chronic pain. Hopefully they will be on the market next year.

  • El virus estadounidense es tan desagradable que nos ha devastado a todos en Europa. ¡Trump y su gobierno de EE. UU. Explotarán in situ, el cáncer del mundo!

  • Good motivational video. No lie. I just got to YouTube and found some cool info from very different folks from all over the world…

    Opioid CRISIS Motivational video to quit drugs (Opiates, OxyContin, Heroin) GRAPHIC⛔️IMAGES https://youtu.be/TXOlxUGa_ig

  • I don’t really feel sorry for the people who succumbed to drugs. They were flawed human beings who experienced a Darwinian moment and failed. I do offer sympathy to their families because they suffer because of their a members flaws and weakness, but it’s better that they’re gone. On the other hand, those potential victims who confronted their problem and conquered it are the best kind of survivor.

  • Opiates have been used effectively for hundreds if not thousands of years to treat pain. They’re not going away, nor should they, unlike most prescription drugs which are noxious and should have never been manufactured in the first place. The cause of the so-called opioid epidemic lies not with the drugs themselves, but a social system that feeds on profits and opiate addiction.

  • Oh no, here go the antipharmaceuticals again. You are either pro-science and pro opioids or you’re an evil science denier and denier of all medicine. You’re not allowed out of this box, and neither are anti vaxxers

  • It’s always kind of a relief to be included in consideration as a chronic pain patient. It should be the norm, but people are more worried about the drug war than the needs of the chronically ill.

  • I love when they’re showing his video how they have pills just streaming down on the screen when in fact most overdoses are from heroinand rarely from prescriptions like Vicodin unless they’re taken in combination with other pills and that’s what drug addicts dothe people who are really the victims of this whole mess are the ones who you just medicine for legitimate pain and take it as prescribed

  • ….the doctor did it….the doctor did it…blah, blah, blah. Yes, they are over prescribed HOWEVER, there is so much information out there warning folks of the dangers of becoming addicted…people have to start taking responsibility for their own actions. If you know you have an addictive personality, then it is up to YOU to seek out alternate forms of pain relief…so flippin easy for everyone to blame all their problems on others these days. TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR OWN FUTURE!

  • I’m a Paramedic FireFighter who had a line of duty L5/S1 fracture in 2016 (50% spondylolisthesis slip) with radicular nerve impediment (weaknesses & pain down the outside of my legs to the bottom of my feet, along with bladder and bowel incontinence). I had a spinal fusion at L5S1 with laminectomy, but also have compression injuries to all lumbar discs. I found out a Discogram hurt more than childbirth or femur fracture (I broke the arm rests off their surgical bed during the disc injections in pain). CT scan showed all T12L1 to L5S1 discs were damaged.
    Unfortunately modern medicine cannot fuse that many discs together.
    With “American” healthcare, that would rather prescribe an opiod than pay for routine continual physically therapy, I’m stuck with this strictly scheduled lifestyle of pain management, I’m taking 1.6gm to 2.4gm of ibuprofen daily, waiting until after work to take an Opiod & Benzo. I feel stuck at my job because I fear failing a preemployment drug screen, I’m not a very active parent, and feel like a person who was sacrificed for the job and left behind as damaged goods because I can’t be fixed to 100% useful active duty condition.
    I feel like an outsider who has been on the same dosage, same physician, and same pharmacy for all my Opiod & Benzos prescriptions without change or incident. While there is this taboo “Opioid Crisis” that labels me with this stigma.

  • The anti opiate “crisis” is so biased. Less than 1% of pain patients become addicted. 2016 Cdc guidelines were based off of theory, not fact. That’s why the FDA turned prop (anti opioid zealot group) down.

  • Opioid Crisis, you must be kidding. We need to legalize drugs and their importation from foreign countries now. Have you heard, we are in the middle of a World Wide Pandemic. People in Japan, China and India all have cheap access to Favipiravir, an easily manufactured and cheap Broad Spectrum Anti-Viral Medication that turns Viral Replication OFF. Years ago, we discovery this Broad Spectrum Anti-Viral among others like Remdesivir. This is equivalent the the discovery of Broad Spectrum Anti-Biotics like Penicillin. Favipiravir has already been approved in Japan for a wide range of Influenza Viruses during flu season. In India Favipiravir is less that 50 cents per pill and produced in an FDA approved Manufacturing Facility. End the FDA and allow the importation of this Broad Spectrum Anti-Viral medication.

  • In my city the EMS system was treating opioid overdoses every shift. I averaged two OD’s a shift for three months with my tally mark tracker (scrap of paper and excel i updated after every shift for a month). About two years ago, the city started a lot of harm reduction efforts needle exchange, expanded treatment programs, court diversion, and most important expanded naloxlone distribution via nasal administration. We saw a reduction in calls. Still a lot higher than when I started but my unofficial tally was just over 1 a shift average for the month.
    About a year ago, our medical director started letting us take refusals from people who have been given naloxlone and now have the magic term “Decisional Capacity”. We hardly take OD’s to the ED anymore. It is my opinion, as I only have my incomplete data, that i’m seeing the same people more often and that less are being helped into treatment programs.
    Since COVID, it has been getting worse, not as bad as it was, but i’m only one week into my unofficial tracker so I could be off.

  • I’m an opiod addict. In order: heroin, percocet and fetty when desperate. All I can do right now is maintain a stable baseline and wait until detox and rehab, hopefully sooner than later. Never seen myself in this position but that’s life when you don’t love yourself.

  • I don’t think it will happen in Muslim countries lol

    I hope it doesn’t our governments forgot our religion so it might as well happen

  • “White” people NEED their Mammy, don’t they?



    (formerly in the southern US) a black nursemaid or nanny in charge of white children.


  • I work at a methadone clinic in Texas and have seen patients clinging to their sobriety by their fingernails during this pandemic. Having to attend a clinic daily when they should be quarantining because of antiquated methadone regulations, losing employment when their treatment modality is mostly private pay and $300-400 per month, losing insurance coverage when getting appropriate mental healthcare was the foundation of their recovery…. It’s been extremely rough, and that’s just before any staff or patients get sick.

  • As someone who broke their back 20 years ago, and have had over 10 surgeries, and live in severe pain, people like me are totally left out in this conversation. While I am DEPENDANT on opioids to just live, with these new laws, I am unable to get the medication I need.

  • This documentary is too bias. Show the sucessfull people who commit suicides without this WHY THEY SHOULD HAVE TO SUFFER! At least Mundi pharma wont make drugs which caused massacres and homicide suicides=(Antidepressant, Lithium “ratpoisons”= Antipsychotics or speed)

  • As a 22 year old whos been experiencing a chronic pain condition since I was around 12, im incredibly blessed to have a prescription “grandfathered” in since if I were to be diagnosed with fibromyalgia today, theres no way in hell id get my pain medication prescribed. I take Nucynta extended release 250mg twice a day and have a limited amount of breakthrough 50mg nucynta for when needed. I live in Canada and after years of getting no help or even an idea of whats wrong with me from my family doctor, was referred to a pain specialist at 17 or 18. It took me a year wait list to see him and knowing I had that appointment booked is the only thing that kept me from killing myself. He was the only person willing to go through a long list of medication to figure out what worked and it just so happened that nucynta is the only thing that worked. About 2 years later he was forced to stop being a pain specialist anymore and go back to family medicine (and not allowed to prescribe opiates period) and his 800 chronic pain patients were thrown out and left helpless. I was lucky enough that my family doctor reluctantly continued with my normal medication treatment plan but others werent so lucky. Not to mention how it took me trying multiple pharmacies to find one that didnt treat me like a drug addict. Why am I being punished with the threat of lowering my already small amount of pain management. It makes it so I can just barely get through my day and no more and I was so close to having my only treatment ripped away from me because someone else abuses their meds.

  • What about the cigarette epidemic? I don’t see the government trying to ban cigarettes. What about the alcohol epidemic? I don’t see the government trying ban Alcohol what about the homicide epidemic? What about cars thousands of people are killed every year in traffic accidents. I think guns should be banned.

  • Calling this an opioid epidemic is misleading and blown out of proportion…It’s not sick people who need their meds to live their lives and it’s not those dying in palliative care.
    Most of the people here are buying drugs on the street knowing the risks, and it’s not norco and OxyContin. This is heroin mixed with fentanyl and it’s coming through the Mexican border not just by Mexico or countries south but the Middle East. This is a disaster for those who need help and are treated like the addicts when they’re not. This country is resented by more of its good people than not! Sick! The real blood problem is in their face!

  • Call me stupid but I dont really understand the name of this channel.
    Assigning degrees of urgency in healthcare? Does this mean that the content covered in this channel is how we should classify the healthcare needs of the nation?

    I.Q. of 80 question but idk, worth a shot.

  • I was trying to figure out why he was so unmotivated to work, but then I realized that depression is very real in circumstances like his. His dad was not wrong either, though. You can’t give a struggling person in the throws of addiction money.

  • @stonescourt and they will run down on you or your unarmed loved one because their life depends on it. Some will die today from withdrawals or from shock the body gets when quoting cold turkey. The doctors created the heroin epi. They should be the ones to fix it. Not the police. Matter a fact, heroine was once sold in United States stores. It grows from the ground naturally it had medical properties, if you go in surgery you will be given a semi synthetic version of it or a full synthetic version of it, not because it’s better for you it’s far worse but because it is cheaper. If they don’t lift the ban on prescription opiates, fentanyl will kill more people then alcohol has. We should be deciding what we put in our bodies, tax payers pay regardless. Ither for the jail cell we warehouse addicts in or for the even more addicting substances we replace it with or from the crimes that take place in order for these people to survive the next 4 hours. Not to mention, the drug cartels have more money then the us government. To change that all we need to do is set Americans free. That takes away the extra riches cartels make from it being illegal and not having competition, less people die thinking they are taking them 5mg oxy they used to be able to get from the doctor and it actually fentanyl disqcuized as weak oxy poll and so on and so on. In the 70s drug dealers weren’t making millions off fake pills or pills in general. This industry actually sponsors terrorism by China North Korea Iran and then it makes its way to isis Mexican and Italian and now Nigerian mafia and so on. In the 70s and 80s you could easily just buy oxy. People lived their whole lives without being reduced to homelessness and subject to everything those who banged a needle in their arm were. Well now that’s almost no longer possible. It’s costing us much more and empowering the very people undermining and destroying our country and planet. Meanwhile numbers of people will drive drunk tonight and kill someone on the road. A few people will die in their sleep this week because they will attempt to stop drinking cold turkey and go into shock And have a stroke from low potassium and thousands will commit crimes they don’t want to and wouldn’t have other wise in order to avoid the dreadful and withdrawal symptoms that also can bring the user death. All because they broke their leg needed more pain management the law says no they become desperate and here comes isis clothed by ms13 Iran North Korea and China (in that order I might add ) to give the desperate American in pain a temporary way out of pain unknowingly it will be a endless battle for the unsuspecting American who’s doctor is no longer allowed to treat what other choice do they have? This will cost the tax payers money and more importantly world security not just USA, all because they can’t won’t admit the war in drugs will never work in a free society. Who ever reads this I pray for you. And if you made it this far and believe my voice needs to be heard I can be found on all platforms by this name on my username. My intentions is to be heard by someone in power to make these changes not only to save those suffering pain but also to save the world. Again. But we have to save America first. God bless you and I don’t care if I spelled everything right.

  • They committed mass murders, but that’s ok because they apologized! 7:50… I wonder how many crosses his leather couch cost, and how many crosses his luxurious office!!
    Joop Van Griensven AND Willem Scholten MUST BE REMOVED ASAP!!! We don’t want that shit in Europe!! enough is enough!

  • Danke für diese Dokumentation. Das ist wirklich erschreckend und andererseits überrascht es mich doch gar nicht. Traurig, dass es so viele Menschen gibt, die so geldgierig sind, dass sie auf das Leben so vieler Menschen einen Scheiß geben. Die können doch echt kein Gewissen haben… sonst würden sie daran zerbrechen wenn Ihnen klar werden würde, was sie da tun.

  • Last year in February had mastoiditis, an infection of the bone behind the ear leaking pus yellow and green coming out of mt ear all day and pain, i was taking T3’s but got prescribed 30 Percocet 5/325mg tablets. Then my family doctor prescribed 100 each month until may june then 120 in May for surgery, and afterwards that 1mg hydromorphone. For about 3 months because too much percocet tylenol damage to liver.

  • Forget it nothing is going to help you Caucasian when your forefathers launched the drugs on us in the 60s,70s,80s and 90s you all through there was not going to be reprecussions from that action you people don’t even know this is just the beginning of y,all downfall and sorrows the most high hands is in this now go and arrest him good luck

  • Thank you for mentioning the negative impacts on the chronic pain community! We are rarely included in the discussions around the opioid crisis and I’m so tired of fighting for care and watching my friends end their lives either by suicide or by just giving up and becoming bedridden. We’d love a better solution than opiods, but until there is one we need what helps us be part of the world!

  • I am one of those anecdotes who was diagnosed with chronic fatigue, insomniac, and numerous nerve diagnosis through the past two decades. I’m here to say a well planned and monitored whole food plant based diet was the “cure” (for lack of better word) that I have ever been prescribed. Lucky and blessed I never got sucked into the opioids trap, I have no idea how I dogged that bullet as it was being handed to me at every stop for every new diagnosis.

  • Isaiah 51:21-23
    [21]Therefore hear now this, thou afflicted, and drunken, but not with wine:
    [22]Thus saith thy Lord the LORD, and thy God that pleadeth the cause of his people, Behold, I have taken out of thine hand the cup of trembling, even the dregs of the cup of my fury; thou shalt no more drink it again:
    [23]But I will put it into the hand of them that afflict thee; which have said to thy soul, Bow down, that we may go over: and thou hast laid thy body as the ground, and as the street, to them that went over.

  • It’s only a epidemic when it affects a certain color of ppl. In the 80s… It was a war on drugs….now it affecting suburbs…it’s a medical epidemic. ��

  • This is why when I was younger and my life was everything you don’t want it to be I chose to not reproduce! It breaks my heart daily because my partner had a miscarriage when I was 28 and I can’t help but think what might have been, then my rational mind takes over and says “Would you have provided a good life for you’re child”…

  • Dear President Trump. People with chronic pain are suffering and committing suicide cause they can’t get proper pain management anymore due to opioid epidemic. Mostly Fentanyl and pressed fake pills from dark web are the problem. Legitimate pain patients are giving Tylenol after major surgery. It’s barbaric. Please folks look it up. We need to help pain patients.

  • I felt really bad for the kids with junkie parents… I thank god for having good parents that took very good care of me when I was younger. If I ever have children some day I want to make sure they’ll get the best I can provide, the same way my parents did with me.

  • You guys must like fibromyalgia and arthritis because it’s attacking you first tell your government to take that s*** out the air don’t he listen to you white people

  • There is a new implantable method to eliminate withdrawals and stay away from opioids. It gives you a steady dose of the active portion of Suboxene (or similar drugs) for 6 months and you don’t have to take any pills, take more than your dosage, and protect your children from swallowing the pills… search for PROBUPHINE® (buprenorphine) Implant

  • Bad bad bad I had a knee surgery.had never taken pain meds in 5;weeks I was am opiate addict. I’ve been to war,but this by far was my hardest battle I beat it and please don’t go down that dark road it is not good

  • This is journalistic nonsense. Opium is Gods gift to us to reduce pain. I use opioids so that I can sleep at night. I have chronic back pain and need this medication. Abuse really is impossible because the majority of the medicine is paracetamol. A liver destroying ineffective painkiller. In fact meybe it’s paracemol that’s killing people? Given a choice, codeine or Panadol to reduce my pain. I would go with codeine. It works! We now are being offered mind bending marijuana! I don’t want to trip, I want an effective pain killer!

  • and that’s where you have now the Opioid epidemic which has effected the same judges, lawyers, district attorneys, police, detectives, politicians, bankers and all the rest of the whites who created and turned their eye of what they did to black America is now afflicting their children, nieces, nephews, grandchildren. Karma had a eye way of making it way back around.

  • The guidelines have severely impacted many people on maintenance until death doses. Suicides are up I imagine from the pain that wont be prescribed for.

  • There are opioid strength NSAIDs (sprix). But gosh, it was $2k a month when opioids are much cheaper. You have to pay for the luxury to not use opioids. Good job US pharmaceutical and insurance companies.

  • I haven’t slept more than 4 hours a night for the last six years since they took my opioid prescription away. I used to get 30 per year. I didn’t need them every day, just for pain. I hope the opioid addicts are sleeping ok.

  • I do think in the states where it is legal physicians should move to THC over Opioids for pain management there is pretty good data that it’s effective and to date, no one has died from an overdose as a result of Marijuana.

  • Please stop this opioid mandatebefore it kills me. I was functioning on 360 MME since 2006 and doing fine. 2 years ago they reduced my MME’s and now I can’t function and I want to kill myself because of pain! There are millions out there like me also. I am not no addict! I am in pain! Please

  • People need pain pills, the goverment makes it extremely hard to get now. Street drugs are easy, cheap to get.. good job goverment on murdering citizens

  • “Now I even have insight into how the white community must’ve felt watching the black community go through the scourge of crack… because I don’t care either” Dave Chappelle

  • I don’t think this drug should be illegal. It does help but only under certain circumstances. My mother was on fentanyl 4 days before her death. She didn’t appear to be in pain and died unconscious and calmly. This medicine is not for long time use.

  • I want everyone who watches this to understand that this story is a window to a lot of addicts and recovering addicts stories. I work in detox, I see these good people fall every day, they are doing great and the addiction overtakes them. It’s so sad how strong the addiction is… It’s understandable and so dangerous. I consider my clients almost like my children nowI feel so desperate to help them, and in the end it’s their strength, their willpower, it is them that have to crawl out the hole thats sinking them. I’ve seen some clients die, some clients stay sober for a long time, clients who stay sober and fall, clients who can’t stay sober for the life of them. Clients mandated by probation and parole, clients who desperately want to change, and clients who are being forced to come by families. I see clients who want to do better, I see clients who want to hurt others by bringing drugs in. I see clients who’s parents are exactly like this…. kick their child out and regret it and hate it so much, but have no idea what to do…. it’s depressing. We don’t have enough resources in the world to keep the drug sellers away from the addicted… we don’t have enough detox beds, enough state funded beds, enough time, resources, or anything… I just hope when people see this they don’t judge these people. Addiction comes down to the brain… the brain can’t help it. When it gets something good, it wants more and more and more… and then without it the brain craves it…. and that’s why it’s so hard to just “quit” you have to fight yourself… and that’s the toughest thing of all. How hard they have to fight against their own MINDS telling them “DO IT” and their own willpower saying NO. I love my clients, and I don’t ask for my clients to remember me or love me back or anything, I just hope to god they can all beat their addictions. I don’t care how many times I have to give them a chance, they will always have a chance and be human beings to me.

  • It is a full time job taking care of an addict. The families devotion is amazing and I hope all their hard work is enough to save these young kids.

  • I was wondering why you kept calling multiple unborn babies “utero”. That’s a Latin cognate, right? 4th declension neuter plural nouns end in -o.
    …I believe, could be wrong, it’s been a while since I studied Latin.

  • Pdychistric drugs and stimulants(legal speed) is way worse. M with Mundi Pharms 100% now The FENTANYL kills people because its roulette and chronic pain patients commit suicide many. Opioids when not abused are 1 OF SAFEST Non Toxic painmedication(not tramadol aka fake opioid)
    Believeble it or not Paracetamol is Toxic to liver but not OxyCodone or OxyContin, Roxy
    Percoset is same but it has toxic parasetamol so you cant take large dose if needed.

  • It is not the governments fault the government is chosen by voters every four years, the president who ever is chosen for those four years or eight is not at fault either, the parents the nurses and doctors are at fault if you were a parent would you take your only child to a nymphomaniac community apt nurse that smokes meth for three days then waits to think about its crime?then tell the doctors that sex is the only way to get hydrocodone pure acetaminophen when your only child has a flu or fever?or do you sell it to the local illegal pot shop owners for sex.so it is not the presidents fault or the federal rules it is the evil corruption of your choices.

  • I would be very interested to hear you discuss new (and old) research on psychedelics in addiction treatment, particularly psilocybin work from Johns Hopkins and ongoing centres using ibogaine therapy.

  • “radical” they call it in the us when they steer addicts towards health care and not jail… While in many parts of europe it’s common sense.

    How its it “freedom” when pharmaceutical companies are allowed to promote and make commercials for opioids??
    I work in health care in Finland and most of the heavy opioids are given to patients in terminal care, people that are in their last stages of their illness.

  • Thank you for acknowledging chronic pain patients are being victimized. They were GUIDELINES, not mandates. The CDC’s original pronouncements were horrible and resulted in knee-jerk reactions that the DEA still uses to harass and ruin doctors’ careers. They seemed to have ignored the follow-up correction by the CDC who need to STFU anyway.

    It is a fucking HEROIN CRISIS!!! Prescriptions have gone down 40% while these opiate deaths have gone up over 400% in the last 5 years. Your stats are a little bit off and stale.
    The CDC is hurting innocent people by targeting the wrong groups. These non-violent offenders need mandatory treatment, not incarceration. Jailing them does not make the community safer. The recidivism rate of those who go to “treatment court” is very low. It is a highly successful program that saves the taxpayers a lot of money and keeps non-violent offenders from spending a lifetime in jail. However, the criminal justice system is about money and ignorant, racist, angry old white men who should not be on the bench and mostly about money. The privatization of prisons was a terrible idea. Why let anyone out if the government is paying you to keep them there in dangerous conditions with poor medical aid and food you wouldn’t even feed your dog.

    The Eighth Amendment to the United States Constitution states: “Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.” This amendment prohibits the federal government from imposing unduly harsh penalties on criminal defendants, either as the price for obtaining pretrial release or as punishment for crime after conviction. Our criminal justice system is in complete violation of the constitution. Just one more amendment on the list of rights now gone in our everyday reality.

    The Mexican cartels add Fentanyl to their heroin in order to compete with heroin that is supplied to the U.S. from their competitors, from other organizations, and other nations like China, Vietnam, and directly from Afghanistan. Afghanistan supplies 70% of the world’s heroin. Have you ever wondered why the U.S. has occupied Afghanistan for TWENTY YEARS???
    Certain Intelligence Agencies anonymously use the military to sneak heroin in from the war zones. They did the same thing in Vietnam and Korea. In those past wars, it is well documented. But for some reason, people do not want to believe it is still happening. Call me kookie but why do poppy farmers whose fields get accidentally destroyed by the U.S. military get reimbursed by the U.S. Army paymaster for damages. The price is $100 U.S. currency.

    Bupe and similar drugs have terrible side effects and are not so safe. FYI. One stat has not changed in the last 100 years. 1 in 10 people will have either a drug or alcohol problem. Out of that group, only 1 out of 10 will seek professional help. Out of that group, only 1 in 10 will achieve any form of a long term or lasting sobriety. In case you missed that… we are talking 10% to 1% to.1%. It is not a matter of will power. It is retraining the brain and how we think, our self-esteem, and learning and practicing new coping skills. The most effective method is still treatment, followed up by long-term treatment (6-9 months in a sober residential living facility or ranch.), and volunteer community programs like AA or NA or combination thereof.

    Drug users often feel more comfortable and less shame initially in NA. “Junkie pride” is a character defect which re-inforces sick thinking and often aids in relapse or the false belief that drinking is okay. This has been cited as a factor why recovery success is slightly lower when people with a chemical dependency problem rely solely on NA and do not also attend AA meetings. This belief is espoused by those who have recovered from both alcohol and drugs. There is no formal study that I know of to back this up. It is all self-reported data and observation by members and certified drug and alcohol counselors.

    Thank you and have a coke and a smile.:)

  • the best cure for the opioid addicts is prison. While in prison they can be a part of the 13th amendment slavery. And we should look at the prison sentences given to crack addicts, and give opioid addicts the same amount…no mercy

  • I just launched by web sight and cooking show, to bring my light to the opiod addiction which robbed me of 12 years of my life. My web sight nourishedbylight.com and youtube channel is nourished by light. Trying to bring mylight in the darkness, I’m blind, and now a chef. I just applied for a fund to bring my vision forward, #holmanprize for blind inovation. my new website: http://www.nourishedbylight.com
    lets support one another like my youtube video, and share, lets make a difference:

    I could easily have been another satistic, and my young neffew passed from Heroine laced with Fentinal

  • Pharma companies are now going to China pushing opioids there just the same way they did in US years ago. I don’t wanna blame pharma specifically because they’ve done a lot of good and in Europe for example we dont have that crisis. But I blame the rampant capitalism in US and irresponsible FDA

  • There are many people who have to have opioids to have any kind of a life at all. I’m one of those people. I’m moving soon, so I have to find a doctor who will prescribe my medication at my age (35) as most doctors will flat out refuse without seeing me. If I ask over the phone, the receptionists always say they don’t write pain scripts. I can’t afford to just make appointments with every doctor in the city until I find one that will continue my scripts. And I can’t work without them, so I’ll just have to be homeless until then, lol. It’s a joke.

  • Thank you for talking as much as you did about the effects on chronic pain patients. For many of us, access to prescription opioids means being able to have a job, being able to maintain relationships, and even the ability to care for ourselves. It allows us to stay mobile enough to complete physical therapy or to prevent a downward spiral of loss of muscle from staying in bed all day. I’ve talked to so many pain patients who are seriously considering suicide because living without any treatment for their pain is torture.

    Preventing deaths of despair isn’t as easy as regulating prescriptions anyway. We need to take better care of people throughout their lives. People need access to housing, education, nutrition, comprehensive health care, and they need to be part of a society that cares about and for them. We need to provide paths for people to improve their lives.

  • The CDC are full of LIES!!!! They finally admitted the grossly over estimated the number of deaths! The real number being less than half of the original! They lumped in deaths that had multiple substances combined! Like alcohol, which kills 80,000 people a year according to the CDC!!! Heart disease is the real epidemic, killed 640,000 people in 2017, but never hear about that on the news! They have outright lied about vaccines causing autism!! Now because all of this BS, Fake media, ignorant government officials opioid medication has been ripped away from people with legitimate diseases, and afflictions!! A estimated 100 million people live with cronic pain!!! Because of all these uninformed lies innocent people are suffering in pain, even committing suicide!! The elderly, veterans, cancer patients, car wreck victims, failed surgeries, genetic diseases, even children with cancer have been denied relief!! Its absolutely disgusting!!!! You would never take a diabetics, or heart patients meds away!! Illegal fentanyl, counterfeit pills made with fentanyl, and heroin are what’s killing people!! People need to realise that they are just one accident, or diagnosis away from becoming a cronic pain patients themselves!!! If everyone let’s the government take away medication that actually work, an help people live a halfway normal life. It won’t be long until communism takes over!!!

  • Sackler is a smarter druglord than El Chapo, his biggest rival, because he even misled the law enforcement by hiding his drug cartel in a pharmaceutical factory. No torture, no shootings, no killing of rivals, no shady drug labs, no smuggling. He run his drug cartel in plain sight. Very, very smart. As far as I know he was even not sentenced to death for killing thousands of people. There are still people who think he was not the boss of the biggest drug cartel in the US, but just a shady business man. He fooled them all, including his workers in his drug labs. They thought they were producing pharmaceuticals, hahahaha

  • ILLICIT OPIOIDS! There hasn’t been Rx opioid problem since the late 1990’s! As a matter of fact, because the US government has been playing doctor, we have a SEVERE Rx opioid SHORTAGE! If we have a national crisis no one will have access to opioids for the relief of pain! Currently, the ONLY people who are guaranteed the right to OPIOIDS ARE ADDICTS? The US government not only recommends opioid treatment, they facilitate, and often fund opioid treatment for addicts! AND why is it the ONLY doctors given a free pass (govt issued waiver) to PRESCRIBE OPIOIDS ARE ADDICTION MEDICINE DOCTORS? Meanwhile, people with chronic pain, including cancer, injured US Veterans, accident victims, etc… are being denied opioids for pain. Even though chronic pain patients become addicted at a rate of 0.3%! The lowest of ANY group.  Decriminalization and regulation are working in other countries. Most developed nations understand this now and are parting ways with the US on drug policies. The US governments drug policies only lead to more crime and violence. In Portugal decriminalization has led to a decrease in drug use, drug related crime, and overall crime rates. AND they have the money they used to waste chasing a losing battle and now use it for education and rehab for those who want it.

    No, we cannot trust the government. We have to educate ourselves and our kids and speak up when the opportunity arises.

  • OMG! Seriously?! WHY wasn’t this a “crisis” until suburbanites CHOSE to use hard drugs. SO typical of the US government!
    The cdc and fda have recently admitted to inflating the numbers, counting EVERY overdose and death from ILLICIT opioids as a prescription opioid overdose. There is NO opioid epidemic! There’s an ILLICIT opioid problem (and yes, it’s a HEALTH problem for those who live in the inner cities, black, brown, and poor. But the government continues to incarcerate them and give OPIOID ASSISTED treatment to OPIOID ADDICTS. sounds about right for the US government!

    The CATO Institute just published a report on the CDC’s irresponsible and erroneous reporting of over inflated numbers. We absolutely cannot trust the US government for ANYTHING!

    Those who have been adversely affected by these made up stats (chronic pain patients) have known all along that the CDC (and FDA) have been lying all along. It’s reprehensible! It’s almost as bad when media outlets don’t do ANY investigating on the subject. This is not journalism, it’s just lazy.

  • 20 Million severe, incurable pain sufferers have been cut-off of opiates or dangerously reduced for the unintended consequences of including “opioid crisis” a street, illicit use of multiple illicit drugs and heroin/fentanyl and alcohol along with Doctor prescribed, pharmaceutical (who are innocent of “fueling opioid crisis) grade opiates. Valuable, ethical perfectly innocent Doctors of Medicine are in prison. There is massive suffering among abandoned patients, untimely death and suicide.

  • For people who can no longer take opioids but still need pain management look into Kratom, it saved my life and my ability to continue working. Do your research on Kratom first cos it’s not fit for everyone.

  • Thank you so much for bringing attention to the terrible unintended consequences of the fight against the opioid epidemic for us chronic pain sufferers. We can aggressively combat opioid addiction while still ensuring that those who suffer from chronic pain still receive the necessary medication.

  • Could the US Government revoke the US Patent for Opioids and regulate their disbursement and remove the profit incentive for their sale. Then they could just dissolve the company selling them.

  • Expansion of Medicaid under ACA has had a direct linear relation to this observation. It is worst in the states that were early adopters of ACA. This expansion allowed for a zero copay insurance to provide suppliers with the bogus doctor visits to obtain written prescriptions from overworked or careless physicians as well as the free cost of generic pain drugs. It is an UNINTENDED consequence, but it still appears to be a consequence of ACA legislation.

    We have to eventually come to terms with a reversal of the modern US trend. When you visit an MD you get a prescription, whether it is required or not for good health. Patients expect it and many demand it. Since non surgical MDs can do little but prescribe drugs and order tests, they almost always do both for anyone walking through their lobby. It is their stock and trade. That needs to change.

  • This is a ploy so when economys callapse people are desolate, people wont even know why, or when it happened, while they make money

  • Overdosers are not among 20 Million abandoned severe pain patients seeking productivity and normalcy. 996 in 100 will never TRUE opiate addict. Withdrawing is not addiction of ANY KIND. It’s genetic to have a hyper-response in the reward centers and/or to crave uncontrollably as supported by science,…not scientists or President or Governors or Judges.

  • A doctor making global statements about thousands of patients whose medical records and bodies he has never examined is inappropriate. As a chronic pain patient, without pain medication, I am totally bed ridden. I take pain medication in order bathe, dress, walk, use the bathroom, pick up items off the floor and turn over in bed. All of these activities most, even medical professionals, take for granted unless they become the victims of a chronically painful disease. My day, like most chronic pain patients, is not developed around taking pain medication. My day is developed around the level of my pain. Most chronic pain patients have spent years using alternative treatments before taking opioids. Before I was prescribed opioid medication I spent years in physical therapy and alternative therapies including Asian medicine, Acupuncture, Naturopathic, and Chiropractic medicine. Each non-opioid medicine I was prescribed caused life threatening side effects. The NSAIDS caused heart failure and pancreatitis. The Pregabalin, Neuorontin, and Topamax caused Astasia, Abasia, miosis, glaucoma and Impulse control disorders. All of the side-effects disappeared after these medications were discontinued. Sleepiness and constipation are the only side effects I have experienced with opioids. The denial of medical treatment for life threatening medical disorders that I have experienced is unconscionable. Any physician that fails to treat his patients because they use opioids for chronic pain or fails treat and control his patients’ pain has violated his oath as a doctor.

  • If the government had any intelligence they would legalize all drugs. It would save a lot of money, lower other taxes & prevent all the deaths.
    People are going to get high but if the drugs are clean they will be fine. By the way illegal drugs are not the worst, alcohol is!!!!