U.S. Moms-to-Be Frequently Victims of Assault



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THURSDAY, May 25, 2017 (HealthDay News) Violence is common in pregnancy, with mothers-to-be in the United States at greater risk for assault-related injuries and death than women who aren’t expecting, a new study finds. THURSDAY, May 25, 2017 (HealthDay News)—Violence is common in pregnancy, with mothers-to-be in the United States at greater risk for assault-related injuries and death than women who aren’t expecting, a new study finds. U.S. Moms-to-Be Often Victims of Assault Posted on May 25, 2017 Violence is common in pregnancy, with mothers-to-be in the United States at greater risk for assault-related injuries and death than women who aren’t expecting, a new study finds.

U.S. Moms-to-Be Often Victims of Assault. 3 years ago 0. General Health. Guns Send About 16 U.S. Kids to the Hospital Every Day.

3 years ago 0. Mental Health. California Handgun Sales Spiked After 2 Mass Shootings. 3 years ago 0. Care Giving. In America’s Poorest Communities, a Greater Risk of Child Abuse Deaths.

The estimated lifetime cost of rape is $122,461 per victim, or a population economic burden of nearly $3.1 trillion (2014 U.S. dollars) over victims’ lifetimes. (Based on data indicating more than 25 million U.S. adults have been raped.) This study, by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, estimate. Race and Hispanic Origin of Victims and Offenders, 2012-15 Presents estimates of violent victimization (rape or sexual assault, robbery, aggravated assault, and simple assault) by the race and Hispanic origin of victims and offenders during the 4-year period from 2012 through 2015. Rape results in more than $122,000 in costs per victim and nearly $3.1 trillion to the economy over the lifetimes of all 25 million victims in the US population. With about 25 million rape survivors in the US right now, we can expect to spend more than $3 trillion over their lifetimes on health care, criminal justice response, lost productivity.

Statistics documenting transgender people’s experience of sexual violence indicate shockingly high levels of sexual abuse and assault. One in two transgender individuals are sexually abused or assaulted at some point in their lives. 1 Some reports estimate that transgender survivors may experience rates of sexual assault up to 66 percent, often coupled with physical assaults or.

actions contributed to the sexual assault or that they won’t be believed if the case doesn’t fit the stereotype of rape often depicted in the media. • Professionals responding to sexual assault must reassure the victim that he or she will not be judged and the complaint will be taken seriously. • Sexual assault victims need validation. In the age of #MeToo, who’s getting treated more unfairly: men or women?

List of related literature:

Currently, such is the scale of the difficulties posed for mothers in certain countries where domestic violence has been recognised as a child protection issue (another feminist demand) that some have called for a ‘moratorium’ on further legislation (Jaffe et al. 2003).

“The Child Protection Handbook” by Kate Wilson, Adrian L. James
from The Child Protection Handbook
by Kate Wilson, Adrian L. James
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2007

For mothers, however, Figure 13.2 shows that the rate of child abuse by those who have been beaten is at least double that of mothers whose husbands did not assault them.

“The Dark Side of Families: Current Family Violence Research” by David Finkelhor, National Conference for Family Violence Researchers (1981: Durham N.H.), Finkelhor-Gelles..., National Conference for Family Violence, National Conference for Family Violence Researchers. 1981, Durham, NH., Richard J. Gelles, Hotaling-Straus..., Gerald T. Hotaling, Murray A. Strauss
from The Dark Side of Families: Current Family Violence Research
by David Finkelhor, National Conference for Family Violence Researchers (1981: Durham N.H.), et. al.
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• Most cases take place at home with mothers hitting more often than fathers, but men causing more damage.

“Handbook of Forensic Medicine” by Burkhard Madea
from Handbook of Forensic Medicine
by Burkhard Madea
Wiley, 2014

The allegation of charges against mothers who have experienced domestic violence of “failure to protect,” in the face of evidence that these mothers work hard to protect their children, speaks volumes here (Holt et al., 2008).

“Handbook of Marriage and the Family” by Gary W. Peterson, Kevin R. Bush
from Handbook of Marriage and the Family
by Gary W. Peterson, Kevin R. Bush
Springer US, 2012

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services estimates that 15 to 34 percent of welfare mothers are current domestic violence victims.”

“Flat Broke with Children: Women in the Age of Welfare Reform” by Sharon Hays
from Flat Broke with Children: Women in the Age of Welfare Reform
by Sharon Hays
OUP USA, 2004

• Interpersonal Violence: HFA mothers showed significant decreases in perpetration of and victimization from physical assault—34 percent and 21 percent, respectively.

“Ghosts from the Nursery: Tracing the Roots of Violence” by Robin Karr-Morse, Meredith S. Wiley, Vincent Felitti
from Ghosts from the Nursery: Tracing the Roots of Violence
by Robin Karr-Morse, Meredith S. Wiley, Vincent Felitti
Grove Atlantic, 2007

In the United States, single mothers are more likely to self-report the use of harsh physical discipline than mothers in two-parent families.

“Child Abuse and Neglect E-Book: Diagnosis, Treatment and Evidence” by Carole Jenny
from Child Abuse and Neglect E-Book: Diagnosis, Treatment and Evidence
by Carole Jenny
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Violent assault is the next common injury with some studies showing domestic violence to be high in pregnant women.

“Trauma: Emergency Resuscitation, Perioperative Anesthesia, Surgical Management, Volume I” by William C. Wilson, Christopher M. Grande, David B. Hoyt
from Trauma: Emergency Resuscitation, Perioperative Anesthesia, Surgical Management, Volume I
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To strengthen a mother’s case for custody or support the prosecution of a batterer, experts may be expected to testify that domestic violence can have a range of direct and indirect effects on children’s well-being.

“Handbook of Forensic Mental Health with Victims and Offenders: Assessment, Treatment, and Research” by David W. Springer, PhD, LCSW, Albert R. Roberts, DSW, PhD, BCETS, DACFE
from Handbook of Forensic Mental Health with Victims and Offenders: Assessment, Treatment, and Research
by David W. Springer, PhD, LCSW, Albert R. Roberts, DSW, PhD, BCETS, DACFE
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National survey results indicate that both fathers and mothers in families experiencing recent spousal violence are two to five times more likely to use physical aggression with their children than parents in families not characterized by such violence.

“Parenthood in America: An Encyclopedia” by Lawrence Balter, Robert B. McCall
from Parenthood in America: An Encyclopedia
by Lawrence Balter, Robert B. McCall
ABC-CLIO, 2000

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  • Well, I was just called “lazy” for the second time in a month. Yesterday, it was his response to why I did not turn on the air condition to the house. I couldn’t believe my ears. I asked him, “so I wanted to be hot, sweaty, miserable, and get headaches because I’m ‘lazy’? I especially liked the added effect of the pointing to his head and talking about “abilities.”

    The thermostat that he put a lockbox on. However, he told me he unlocked it sometime after he did it. Let’s not forget on how he is the one suffering from having a work truck that doesn’t have air condition. so instead of coming home and saying today was incredibly hot I don’t feel well can you make sure their condition is on, or a simple go ahead and turn on the air condition when it is too uncomfortable, he chooses to play these manipulative that are actually quite childish.

    When I told him that this was gaslighting (something that I normally don’t have the courage to do) he laughed it off like I was stupid. All this because I found a way take back my personal power about a few other things around the house that he has been harassing/gaslighting me about. I knew from experience that something was going to take its place. But you never really know what it is sometimes until it happens. Now I’m in the stage of his inner workings about how and why I’m lazy.

    Lazy, fat, stupid as direct insults were his desire to verbally abuse me. Using the thermostat, and now light bulbs with the pointing to the head is the gaslighting effect that expands on his… “Concepts”

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  • I feel sorry for your mother it’s clear from stumbling on to this nonsense that someone touched your special places and you must blame your mother you sound like you have mental issues that need resolved please seek help darling I bet you drink cry and ruin the party

  • Mother take your responsibility also by leaving your daughter alone with a “real Doctor”!I can’t believe some of these parent would drop their daughters off at his house where he would perform stuff in his basement!! #redflag

  • When he’d insult me it was always “See how you are, you can’t even take a joke anymore”. This when he told my children I was “nothing, just the servant who feeds them”. I had a 2 week old baby and 4 year old he was saying this to.

  • #2an alternative reason (speaking from my experience) for keeping quiet is that the relationship has been severed to such a degree that the child never even thinks to tell her. Not out of fear, but out of having never had her as a source of inspiration or direction to begin with. The image of a “mother” can sometimes be so twisted that it’s not even a thought of “she’ll get mad”, it’s like, the child already has their world of their own that the mother was never part of to begin with. The mother is seen as an attacker at most times, a mysterious source of forced comfort (from love bombing) at others, but is mostly just a confusing person.

  • Further proof of callousness by police in the 80s toward black women… the murders committed by the Grim sleeper in the 80s in California were classified as no human involved.

  • my mum call me: psycho, black, nigga, nobody will marry you because you’re dark, nobody wants to be your friends, you’re wolf, you’ve ugly heart, you have Alzheimer, you’re twisting my words, when did i say that,
    when she sees someone attacking me verbally >> she tell them that I am crazy and I have to apologize no matter what.

    She drives me mental, I feel that I am losing myself my spirit my brain by living with her.

    Just waiting to get a job then i will be moving out, change my number. Let her have fun with whatever she’s trying to do.

  • Let him free because he wasn’t doing it in private room he was doing his work right there in front of their parents so they can make sure there’s no inappropriately touching well parents didn’t say anything until they had no money. This guy went back to work again after his court hearing trying to make a living.

  • It makes me so sad and angry when the police fail to look into someone’s murder/disappearance because of their job/ethnicity/economic background etc ��

  • I was told: ‘you are the kind of women who deserve to be lied’ ‘why do you always need to ask something’ ‘don’t ask if you don’t want to ger upset’ wtf! �� how sick was that!?!?

  • No need to bash MSU and USA Gymnastics, there’s already a scapegoat to take ALL the blame and responsibility: Dr. Larry Nassar, let’s start with a clean slate and let the games begin! Beautiful!!!

  • Thank you so much for covering this, spot-on as always, court against people who commit this kind of abuse, especially things like the finding of facts, going through the past to prepare is a hideous experience, those going through this need the right understanding and support in place, as it is like you’re reliving it, not only that in-front of strangers and the very person denying they did anything to you and twisting the story, yes it’s torture.

  • I wish I was near u my 63years of life was abuse after abuse verbal emotional and when young beaten and all kinds of verbal abuse but I’m still here but my girls payed for all this I was always here but not here

  • Gary Ridgeway and Samuel Little basically had the same target for their murders. It’s frustrating for me that the criminal justice system didn’t look at his priors, and sentence him based upon that. He should have not been been allowed to plea down to a lesser sentence. A rape and kidnapping is a lifetime sentence. If the criminal justice system would have been doing their job, he would not been the most prolific serial killer.

  • When I was growing I had bad experience

    Two child molesters

    Did me crazy stuff

    Pulled my pants off
    Touch my ass
    Put their asses in my face
    and more

    One of them try to pick me up from school in 97
    But I told my teacher I want my mom to pick me up and no stranger no matter if it is my father’s best friend’s

    This was in 1998

  • Wow, she is 100% correct and an amazing mom! God Bless her and all of the young ladies and families this “thing and his cohorts” did and let this happen!

  • this is why you never get yourself involved with personal adoration, not from police, politicians, lecturers, therapists and especially not clergy!

  • This has to be your best video yet, the only one I’ve seen to delve right into this nightmare, triggering but provides so much clarity for when you are healing and ready to understand, thank you ����

  • I still can’t understand how none of their parents were not present when their kids went to see this nutjob.
    Not blaming them at all but I would be a little uneasy leaving them completely alone.

  • I’ve never told anyone, I’ll be back shortly to delete this comment I’m sure. My mom used to call me into her room and go to sleep whilst her bf abused me, the same bed and so much more. I still don’t understand it

  • I’ve realized I have to sleep in the woods. Oregon.
    I have three of them. Now. Covid has closed shelters. I figure a job will at least get me into a motel room.

  • Your first few minutes of everything you said is what he says to me I constantly I am told that I am too emotional, I am mentally ill, ‘I can’t change you it’s just who you are’, I’m not abusive, you are a liar, I love you even though you’re a pain in the arse’, ‘people constantly tell me how crazy you are’, ‘you are my biggest problem’…..I get this most days from him. Sadly when on display he is lovely and so friendly to others

  • I love that you are taking about this!, i was abused in that way for probably 2 years before, leaving him, i hope you are doing good

  • This is proof! As long as you are male in America with that fair skin and Piercing blue eyes The law always works in your favorite because your word stands against everybody else’s

  • So glad women are standing up for themselves and empowering themselves…look at the Nassar abuse…these young girls were totally unprepared and left defenseless by those that are supposed to be telling them what the reality of sexual abuse and harrassment is instead of this Disney fantasy of growing up in this culture. You are right no one wants to talk about it…thank god things are changing…keep talking women! I know it hurts…but parents and other adults need to take full responsibility for their lack of awareness or supposed lack of awareness in allowing this to go on for 20 yrs…

  • Your videos are absolutely wonderful I’m still on point and it’s really nice to have this resource that you’ve provided for people who are experiencing any kind of relationships or whoever encountered these kind of people that have duped them into these situations. I just wanted to tell you an all your videos your makeup looks so wonderful you really do good colors and and you apply it well and I like your hair as well you’re a very beautiful woman and thank you very much cuz you’re beautiful inside and out love and light from San Diego

  • Thank you for sharing. This vid means a lot for victims. You are great person. A best surviver. May GoD bless you. You are wonderful person!!! Beautiful girl and daughter. You are very smart and intelligence.

  • He killed someone in my town, and had a trial here where he was sentenced to life. It was CRAZY how much it brought the media in. He was in our jail for a good while and we had media from all over the United states just surrounding the jails and courthouse.

  • My NMom would always say “that’s nice dear” and actively ignore me when I tried to tell her I was sick or hurt or that my stepdad was molesting me. She is an atrocious human.

  • Oof, 8 out of 10. And since he’s my father and he’s getting on in years, I can’t just walk away from him without feeling like I’ve done the wrong thing. He’s got a lot of love in his heart and I know he cares about me, he just doesn’t know how to deal with me being my own person and not his. It’s sad. To make matters worse, I’m a fairly confrontational person myself and I don’t buy into the gaslighting at all (I know what happened. I was there.). This made my childhood basically verbal carnage.

  • Woah I’ve never heard of this serial killer!! And it’s crazy that it one of the murders happened in my own hometown and I’ve never even heard of it! Though in Pascagoula we really don’t talk about much of the crime in our town.

  • Thank-you for this video! I’m in the process of fighting to make my family understand the damage my sister created for her children! This is never spoken about!!!!! Using children to get and keep men who would finance her life is unbelievably damaging!

  • Love your videos, Georgia! You do such a fantastic job presenting the content and tying it back to actionable steps to help the victims and their families. ❤️

    Serial Killer recommendation: Israel Keyes

  • Nurse Gina Nichols is a wonderful and loving mother. I stand and agree with everything she is saying in this video. My mother was a registered nurse for 23 years.

  • He wasn’t climaxing from this or gaining anything maybe he did believe he was helping the girls. Either way I don’t see him as evil. If what he was doing was so evil the parents or girls would’ve reported him after the first case or two. There’s no way what he was doing was evil if it apparently happened to 100/200 girls, they would’ve reported him far sooner. I think this is a common case of women being over dramatic and ganging up on a male.

  • I’m so glad you covered this case! I’m from Georgia so it popped up all over the news when he started confessing. I remember seeing him tell police that he didn’t kill people from “their world” so he knew they wouldn’t care. So messed up.

  • he got away long time because there were a “”similar”” accepted treatment
    so, when parents concerned, other doctors were thinking that was some normal procedure..
    but nasser did it with barehand, did it outside of facilities in dorm rooms
    thats were everything went wrong
    probably from here doctors get signed papers from parents they are clear about the procedure..
    no doctor safe after this..

  • Henry lee lucas confessed to many murders he was not guilty of. Police should find definite proof of littles guilt before jumping to conclusions.

  • What about when your mother didn’t teach you because she was never taught or she doesnt even know she’s a narcissist, she genuinely means well, she doesn’t know she’s toxic.

  • When I react when he is sarcastic, contrary and verbally abusive he says I act like he is beating me and that maybe he should, and I want him to be the bad guy

  • I don’t get it…they sentence him to death just because he put his fingers in theirs vagina???
    And all the rapers out there walking freely???
    US sheet country…

  • Omg that thinking that if I could just help him understand that it’s abusive that he’ll stop. Omg. Omg. I literally tried for years. That was exactly my thinking ;(

  • Is it possible they verbally abuse hundreds of times saying they conditioned us that we didn’t do something they wanted so we deserve it.

  • Is there a MAP anywhere, with pinpoints of where each victim he’s claiming was murdered? I’ve seen those for Ted Bundy and John Wayne Gacy victims. It could help people match victims to some of the Does in places all over the country.

  • I have been abused and i feel alone and has suck the life out of myself. A Coworker teases me to the point that i get depressed and don’t want to go to work at all.

  • Yeah, let’s wait and see how many of those “confessions ” the police can verify before we start calling him the States’ most “prolific killer.”
    Ridgeway was sick, but I don’t want to take away his rightful title.

  • A thorough and in-depth explanation of the realisation of abuse and the consequences on a person’s emotional, psychological and cognition. Excellent work.

  • I’m glad the FBI are verifying these confessions. Anybody who has seen The Confession Killer series knows that the Texas Rangers don’t have a good track record when it comes to soliciting confessions. It’s so frustrating that these cases went unsolved for so long.

  • It’s so sad that so many women could have been saved, if only police had cared more. Because it was black female prostitutes, they didn’t give a damn! Little’s memory & his ability to draw a lot of his victims is fascinating to me. It’s crazy that he basically has to tell on himself! Another amazing video, Georgia!

  • this is amazing. Isolating me from good people that respected me and cared was something she was obsessed with. so crazy I never I never thought this was a typical issue. my mother used to leave me alone as a 3 4 5 or 6 year old left alone in public at restaurants at places around a large crowd in hopes I could be kidnapped raped or killed so they could wind up on tv fakely grieving and acting naive that they did not know I wasn’t in the car( I only had one sibling they new I was in the bathroom when they left me alone ). and they would get In the car and leave me alone and drive hours home. ( not answering the phone for hours) usually the hostess or place I was at a staff member will let me sit next to her until they got home. but they never called child protection out of concern for me. she also used to have me naked around adults. totally unacceptable. she also had older boy male babysitters around when I was small ( some molestation happend and she denied anything happened ) also the fact that they dont teach you any self boundaries( you have to do what others want to do to you you have no boundaries to say no to anyone not allowed to say no). the most surprising things was how no one called child protection to get me away from them.

  • Tiktok is a place of verbal abuse they make fun of my appearance and tell me my opinion doesn’t matter for how I look and that I should kill myself:/

  • This is 1000% the egg donor that had me. Anyone in this situation needs to run far away if you can cause it doesn’t get any better.

  • I knew there was a reason why I recoiled at my ex’s sarcasm. The last time I spoke to him (he cancelled so coldly on me last weekend), instead of apologizing he told me “not to take it personally”. Eff that. I don’t have time for people who can’t bother to offer to reschedule, or say things with even a little bit of sensitivity. My one comfort is I don’t have to deal with him anymore.

  • What to do if you are verbally abused and gaslighted over and over again? How to heal if you can’t leave the people who are verbally abusing you.

  • My mom has always been a very poor judge in character she constantly put me around people who had bad intentions giving my personal information to strangers and so called friends she has I even got molested by the babysitter son that she left me with he was a peto but I never told her because my mother has also told my business to people and I knew she would one day throw it in my face and exploit me she her self is not on drugs but she constantly surrounds her self with people who have drug and alcohol issues letting them hang around and sometimes even live in her house she’s always putting herself in danger she has harassed me repeatedly when I ask her to stop calling my phone she demanded I give her all my personal information to my unemployment she acts broke and needy even though she’s actually financially stable she constantly teased me with money and never taught me anything about life or people she constantly enabled me when I look back I don’t even know how I survived all of that because my mom did a lot of cruel things towards me and I always knew something was off about my mom but I never knew what she was my entire life I was told that I had to except what my mom did and that it wasn’t her fault and that she was the victim still to this day she bashed me to anybody including strangers and tells people I wasn’t a good daughter to her all because I refuse to take her crap anymore she would get mad when I would go to therapy or church she would text me really random and insulting things and tell me she was a women of god and that I was sinning she would always bring me down and text me none stop insults at 2-3-4-5 in the morning she would blame me for everything and say it’s my fault like I asked to be here my mom really hurt me a lot and I’m trying to heal still to this day she won’t admit anything or be accountable she’s extremely prideful and has a hard time being honest

  • Next up, a class action suit against the university. I hope the University of Michigan is crushed. Send a message that Americans do not tolerate the abuse of children!

  • Wow. Ignore your concern and belittle you for having one..-_ I’m so thankful for YouTube,I would of never figured this shlt out.

  • Thinking about this deeply. I have a younger sister who, when I address how she is not reciprocating in our relationship as a family, she likes to tell me that I’m acting like or sounding like a bxxxh. When I try telling her that it’s things like that, I fell is not a nice thing to say, she laughs it off, says I’m right & will try to do better and tries to change the subject. I’ve watched a few videos dealing with
    “Codependency” & “Narcissism” of you & a few others have posted & I’m realizing that I’ve been dealing with that type of behavior for almost all of my life. I’m 41 and within the last 5 or 6 years, I’ve been working on building my defenses against those who can be cold hearted. For the longest I couldn’t put my finger on what was going on, but I think this video is the one that I think opened my mind to why I accepted that type of treatment. I only received it from a girlfriend, wife or family. I could stop it from outsiders, but those close to me, gave me the blues. I should I say I allowed them to.

  • This so explains my motherim 26 yrs free of that monstrosity. She was a midwife and couldnt explain periods to me or provide sanitary protection?? I believe she projected her own unresolved child rape onto mebut ignored my sisters actual sexual abuse?she also had munchausen syndrome by proxy and convinced the dr that i had epilepsy and i was prescribed barbiturates from about age 11-16. These mothers cause so much damagei have years of therapy ahead of me to treat CPTSD and DID amnesia.Thank you for raising this subject ❤️

  • #7 at 10:04 Not all narcissist mothers would make an accusation about their daughter’s or son sexual act unless the mother was on Ritalin or Provigil as a child acting sexual or wanting to see people naked assuming that the child would do the same

  • When i was very young (anywhere from 5-8 years old, i cant remember exactly) my mom had taken me to a gas station with her boyfriend to get gas. I cant remember the conversations before and after this, but i remember as soon as my mom went in he started showing me a brochure… of some kind of x-rated party i guess. Sometimes i remember different parts of this story… but i cant remember exactly what he was saying to me at the moment. I just remember feeling uncomfortable and the whole convo stopped when my mom got back in the car. I told her, (some of this is me remember-remembering certain parts i cant conjure up at the moment) i dont think anything was done. I dont think she even reacted much when i did tell her. In 1st grade around that time i was potty trained but for some reason refused to use any toilet paper for awhile.. idk why. I just remember the feeling of not wanting to SO bad. just wanted to get this out right now while i can remember. Im going to write this stuff down and take it to a counselor. Sorry for rambling. Its just so hard to talk about in real life and its easier to type or write-down.

  • Thank you Sam for your eloquent description of abuse and trauma. You have beautifully described the all consuming thoughts and feelings of PTSD that I have rexperienced since my childhood and helped me become one step closer to getting better.

  • I have read many forums, been part of Gender Based Violence (GBV) platforms, marched to parliament to hand over memorandums and not once, not even once did anyone present this information as you have. I am listening, pausing the video, taking notes, pausing the video, drawing mind maps. This has perfectly encapsulated my mother’s “torture”. Dr Vaknin, thank you sir. Years of wasted therapy and red herrings and in one life changing video, you have provided insight and academic information which no one else has done. Please do more videos on this topic.

  • Would you ever consider looking into Anthony Arkwright? He murdered four people over three days but was only convicted of three. It’s a relative unknown case even though he was given a whole life tariff. A truly horrific crime from a little village in South Yorkshire from the 1980s.

  • Sometimes it the flakey, distracted nature of narcissist in conversation that hurts more. There is no depth with these people no passion in life. Just them running from (projection) the trauma they refuse to acknowledge.

  • My ex verbally abused me for years. Whenever I would call him out when I had an instinct that he was lying and confronted him, I’d be called crazy, psychotic and delusional. And 99% of the time, my instincts were correct…he was a manipulative, pathological liar. So glad I got out and got away from that abuse.

  • This is why I like female doctors. The only male doctors I 100% trust is one of my doctor’s that also goes to my church, and another one who I’ve known since I was a baby.

  • I am so glad you survived.
    Thanks for standing up to for so many that couldn’t, and still cant find the words.

    I am thankful for you.

  • My ex narc called me so many disgusting names when he didn’t get his own way, then send so many rants through texts apologizing for his behavior and blamed me for him calling me names!!
    They are evil robots in meat suits!!
    They are NOT capable of loving anyone except themselves.

  • I am so sorry that this happened to you. I’m a dude whose mother was definitely a narcissist and did nothing but hurt me and pervert my mind…you’re not alone, sister. May Jesus bless you

  • (My mom tells me to be quiet a lot.

    When I had a job, which my mom worked at too, everytime I opened my mouth or commented on a conversation by other employees, she shooed me away. Basically motioning me to shut up and get back to work.

    Even when I’m at home, if It’s something really important, she would get mad and scold me for being too emptional.

    That also goes for my relationship with my dad. If I’m feeling uncomfortable with him and I want to talk about it, he will complain to my mom and she’ll be mad at me!

    And when I tell her that something he did made me angry or sad, she doesn’t say anything or tells me to just let it go.)

  • Hi Lisa, I have only just found you and love your work! Thank you so much, I resonate with you 100% sooo good to get the validation I need (says the long-time co-dependant!) ��

  • So if a real DR must have a parent in the room where were you MRS Nicholes?It’s a little too late to spouting off about parental consent after this has been going on for 20 years.Save the anger!!! You and the other parents failed your kids!!!

  • Islamic countries allow pedophilia and marriage with kids. The Qur’an allows grown men to marry 11yo girls or less and make them pregnant.

  • I got my first period in a jail cell at 12 a male jail guard had to give me a pad it was embarrassing and i was saying oh my god what is this what is happening when i started to develope breasts i asked my than doctor what was going on never got an answere at a different time my group home staff never told me when i wanted to learn how to wear tampons a 16 year old girl in my youth treatment center had to show me i was 14 back to the cell issue day i got the shats so bad not much toilet paper the cell stank one pad wearing nothing but a tank top and jeans no shoes thin blanket cold the next morning they put another girl in my cell while it stank so bad i looked like rosemarys baby post excorsism scene after she gives birth to the anti christ the breast issue found out when i grew them can anyone top that on the i hate my mother list embarrassed doesnt cut it here humiliated to the top levels here yup i didnt learn how to tie my shoes until 8 an older teen girl in my foster home showed me how when i tried to do it my mother would laugh and hit my feet yup molested by my own dad blood father raped at 14 by men and boys foster homes and grown men when id run or try to get out of being abused by them and in foster care yup

  • A heartfelt thank you for addressing this subject in some depth. As you said, there is very little discussion or practical help for dealing with seeing one’s own body as an enemy. Even after years of working with myself, this particular area is frustrating and sad. Awareness of the problem and even the genuine desire to heal is not enough to overcome it. Please consider writing a book to guide us through healing our relationship with our body; of learning to love it, trust it again.

  • I keep thinking that I am the problem. No one will like me and everyone will see me the same negative way. I feel worthless so I hide. They say I am too sensitive or take things too seriously. I’ve been told that things have been my fault for years, sarcastically, and I learned to believe it.

  • I’ve had VERY EMBARRASSING privacy invasion. My mother would go through my trash and smell my undergarments. Then confront me on the matter like I should feel guilty about my teenage body

  • Now what do I do. I’ve stopped letting my husband have affection from me cause he verbally abuses me and now I’m setting boundaries. Hoping he’ll go to marriage councillor.

  • A law should hav ben made ASAP after this, where doctors can’t treat a minor without an adult present n a doctor can’t work with an opposite sex patient, That would be the last straw for me if I was trump

  • The man is sick, no arguing that, but HOW do these parents think that a shoulder needs to be fixed by adjusting hip alignment from inside the vagina?! I think we had a lot of stupid parents here.

  • If nobody is going to say it then let me,.
    McKayla Maroney taking that 1.5m to keep her mouth shut is what’s wrong with people not paying enough to sexual abuses against women. People think that women come out only to either gain fame or money and she did nothing to help prove that stereotype wrong but rather convince people that they were right all along. I hope that 1.5 million was worth her self respect.

  • The guy is an evil piece of garbage. I get that. What is also disgusting to me as a MSU graduate is the the total lack of sincerity on the part of Lou Anna Simon and MSU. Disgusting. Will really have to rethink sending my kids to this fallen institution. They would have been 4th generation MSU students. Really disappointing.

  • So why does no one believe I’m being verbally abused by my own father, I’m 16 and deal with it on a daily basis for the last 4 years, my mother always talks to him after he’s done yelling at me but she never ever listens to me and her very defensive when I say I think he’s being verbally abusive, my mom gets called disgusting names all the time by him and idk what to do

  • I know he’s disgusting, but I mean why did not these young ladies speak up and defend themselves from the beginning? Why didn’t they stop him earlier?

  • I was raised by a solo Covert Narcissist Mother; nasty, violent, man-hating, feminazi. And I have been trying to help a cluster b family out. Mother; Borderline, Son; ODD (psychopathic tendencies), Daughter; ODD (psychopathic tendencies), Father; NPD, Grandparents; Enmeshed Covert/Overt Co-Dependents, Uncle; Type 1 Collapsed Psychopath. Took me a while to figure out what I was immersed in, but by then it was too late, the trap was already sprung.

    Daughter is trying to shack up with her uncle whilst accusing me of molesting her and her mother of assaulting her. Because her mother is the family punching bag, probably foolishly, I can’t just stand by and say and do nothing. It seems the daughter sees her uncle’s lack of empathy and extreme narcissism as some sort of strength, or the thinking it’s normal thing. So the outcome of the initial abuse can be different for each cluster b individual and their victims.

  • This was very helpful in terms of finding direction. How would you handle a parent? Also I’m from a cultural background which doesn’t allow me to be as liberal with my parents as most western children can be with theirs. So basically how do I best move forward knowing that this person gonna be in my life regardless?

  • Thank you, Lisa! I recently walked away from a 17 year marriage because of verbal and emotional abuse by my covert, narcissist husband. I have been researching information because I couldn’t understand why, when I was trying so hard to make the marriage work, it just wasn’t. I’ve discovered I’m a codependent and he is a covert narcissist. The more I read I’m understanding why it didn’t work and it wasn’t going to work no matter how hard I tried (operative word here is ‘I’ because he sure wasn’t trying even though he fooled me in to believing he was). I’m now working on correcting my codependent behaviors and learning to love, respect, validate and value myself (I am in counseling). I know self-love is a daily practice for a lifetime and I am willing to do the work so I will never have to feel the pain and heartache of another dysfunctional relationship like the one I just walked away from.

  • I know that most of the people who are watching this video are getting verbally abused but I used to verbally abuse my girlfriend by calling her names and she called me a name 1 time but I did it multiple time and I’m tryna change cause I can’t lose her��

  • The gymnastics is a dirty business behind all that beauty and glory. Unlike Ballet this is treated as a competitive sport and mothers can be bitches to each other when it comes down to it. This is out only because it’s physical what he did. Elsewhere in Malaysia rhythmic gymnasts are being abused mentally/emotionally. The ‘coaches’ are unprofessional and often unqualified. They literally lose their temper on the girls by yelling/shouting/scolding at them until they cry. They definitely submit to intimidation. It’s the same at school level as well as at the national level. Have you seen coaches who do all the teaching with their mouths while their butts won’t inch from the chair seated on. The verbal abuses are much more under control when parents are watching. There’s a reason why parents are not allowed to even watch. Even though you pay the fees for however many classes you take. It’s not worth it. And yes, the principal definitely knows what’s going on. And yes, most mothers only drop off and pick up their kids and are unaware of what happens in class. Ignorance is not bliss for the kid but this is how the kids are conditioned into this abusive culture. It’s true EACH child has parents. EACH child has a mother. We submit to ‘authority’ don’t we? This man didn’t do it all by himself over a period of decades and more than 100 girls.

  • From the Hippocratic Oath:

    “Whatever houses I may visit, I will come for the benefit of the sick, remaining free of all intentional injustice, of all mischief and in particular of sexual relations with both female and male persons, be they free or slaves.”

    Nope, he’s not a doctor and never was.

  • We were our own mother and also raised our brothers too. We also had to deal with molesters. Safe Hugs and Healing Prayers To All. ����������������

  • I had a friend and man she is both physically and verbally abusive. I was scared of her and I just never knew why? I ignored it but damn I’m feeling the consequences very late. She’s not my friend. I cut ties

  • I’m confused, I mean thats what a massage therapist does… he massage their naked body, plus how is he going to finger them and girls not reacting in front of parents? thats pathetic asf

  • It is true. I have had many pap smears and breast exams in my life done by both male and female doctors. Not once have they EVER been alone with me when doing it. There has always been a nurse present as well. They tell me everything they are about to do before they do it, wear gloves, use sterile instruments, and making it as quick and non-invasive as possible. That is what REAL doctors do. Of course uoung girks may not know that being alone, not explaining, and not wearing gloves is NOT normal at first. He took advantage of them and he is not a doctor. He is a monster.

  • Hi all, I was molested by my mom and others in the family as well as her setting me up to get molested by paying and nonpaying rapists. So I wanted to share all of the resources that I found to help me out once I went no contact with her after her torturing me for 31 years since I was born. I’m now 37. You can talk to the National Human Trafficking Hotline if the predators that your mom exposed you to paid her to rape you in the past. You should be able to take her to court because you have a certain number of years after you turn 18 to report rapes during your childhood and get the rapists into jail. You need to check your state’s statutes of limitations. If you talk to Legal Aid, they can set you up with a free consultation or contact someone like this to get a legal referral to someone in your state:  https://www.caase.org/legal-services/. There are free lawyers who will help you through this process which will end up saving other children from being molested or set up for molestation by your mom. It feels good to try to save others and get the justice that you deserve for being tortured your entire life by your mother. If you don’t know whether or not they paid her, I’d just report anyway and let them do an investigation. The number is 1-888-373-7888  https://humantraffickinghotline.org. You can also tell the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children at 1-800-THE-LOST (1-800-843-5678) to report the child molestation if you see it happening to a child. Also, there is your local CPS and the Police as well as this hotline I call to describe past and current violence I survived CARDV: 1-541-754-0110. I also get help from a prayer hotline, which prays for me 24-7 and their number is 1-866-273-4444. I attend Life Church Online for moral and spiritual support in the chat rooms during services.

  • This is disgusting, he’s awful but the lack of value on certain women’s lives allowed it to keep happening. All the times he got aquitted and got away, he must have felt invincible.

  • Speaking of jealousy my mother is a bad narcissist but one example that led me to completely cut her off was the moment she hurt my 9 month old son and said it was my fault for leaving him with her those few minutes. She “cashlighted” (manipulated my money and got it in any way shape or form )me. She was so jelaous of me for example she spent 8k to get bigger breasts because mine were large in 8th grade and im going for reduction bc the back pains. She always had molesters around the hous ein and out the door. Physically and mentally abused us kids. She would leave broken skin amd bruises on us. She always told us we were ugly and pathetic and useless and stupid. She too always acted poor but always had money. She would play favorites and spend $500 on 4 tshirts for my brother at name brand stores and Gucci but couldn’t spend $10 at the thrift store on me for school clothes. My grandparents always got me clothes bc they noticed her behavior towards me. I completely relate. I’m so happy and at peace that piece of shit is out my system now.

  • Hi, is there any way to know you in person – I’m sounding horrible like this. What I mean is: I wished you had published somewhere personal information about yourself like a photo, short biography & etc. because a clip like this is nice as it is a reminder that ‘one is not alone’ but only your voice is too little cues for associating some real human being to a person with likewise childhood.

    But thanks anyway. It’s liberating to have organized thoughts about one’s childhood and knowing why we were different…

  • I wish I had watched this 2 years ago! Thank you. What happened to me was so subtle it was undetectable until I saw a pattern repeated. I couldn’t believe it. One of the best humans I know turned out to be a sneaky abuser, but he’s the victim always and forever. I can’t believe I spent so long trying to convince him our relationship wasn’t healthy, I wanted him to see it and acknowledge it, which he only did after blame shifting and a discard.

  • What a load of crap. The sad reality is that he is a real doctor. He has a medical degree and license. The sadder reality is that by dismissing him as some kind of fake doctor, she dismisses all the other creepy doctors who do similar things that Nassar did to lower profile patients.

  • She allowed father to pretend to come in the bathroom when we were in there by jiggling the doorknob like he was coming in.. he thought this was a joke, ha ha. She also let him keep coming in my room at night (attic was attached to our room) disturbing our sleep as he went in the attic.. he couldn’t do that during the DAY?! The $%^& was asleep that whole time?? Yeah. Right. When she argued for hours with an 11 year old is when I knew she was nuts. Culminating in her taking the dishcloth she had in her hands (she ran in from doing dishes to fight with me as I shouted and sobbed) and stuck the dishcloth in my mouth, all of which she denies. She has no anger control and is a witch. She knew that men in their 30’s were catcalling us as we were little girls of 11-12 years old in catholic school uniforms walking home and she did nothing about it. “How do you know I did nothing?” was her response when I became an adult.

  • My father has been a doctor since 1980. He works as a school doctor with kids, and REFUSES to be alone with any kids, especially females to examine them. He should not have been allowed to be left alone with them in a room.

  • For me, it was when I started asking “is this normal?”

    That was when I started waking up. When you’re hurt and confused to the point of asking “is this normal?’ it’s time to pack your bags.

  • I wish you can see my face as I watch this video. It’s hard to wrap my how much women, especially the marginalized ones, are overlooked. Reminds me so much of the Ciudad Juárez homicides in Mexico. Heartbreaking and disgusting.

  • Wow, the part about wanting to communicate it differently so HE would understand… at least we have the ability to self reflect and improve our communication skills and theirs do not

  • My mother physically assaulted me almost daily until I was 17 years old. I am now 39 and cut her from my life 3 years ago. I have since developed anxiety depression and food issues to name a few of my new found problems does anyone think this is related to each other?

  • As someone that used to do background checks if your history was forty it was a dozzy. A hundred! In my eight and a half years that I did my job it never went over forty. Honestly even if everything was not in the history, it would not be a hundred pages. I did background checks using REJIS, I also handled police reports in ILeads. As awful as some of them were, glad I never had to deal with Samuel Little.

  • i am sorry to say the FBI is wrong the most prolific serial killer in history is Gary Ridgway and then Coral Watts! Gary ridgway has killed 183 women and Watts has killed over 100 why the FBI can make a mistake like this i have no idea! yes Ridgway was only found guilty of 49 but i know for fact he killed 183 and they all know watts killed over a 100

  • I also had my first kid at the age of 20 witch isn’t bad but he was 12yrs older then me.witch I think my mum secretly may have set up.i have since asked him and his mother if they meet my mum before I meet them they both have seen my question but both have not answered that question ����

  • It’s so sad that such lack of care for sex workers, specially black sex workers could make someone’s crimes easier… I wish the world was a bit more of a fair place.

  • Many things my stepmom tells me is ” you are so stupid”, “you always disappoint me”, “i would gladly leave your dad and take my kids”, “i am not abuseing you you are just too sensitive”, and many many more this had been going on for 9 years. Plus everyone at school treats me the same. And my stepmom will only be nice if someone is at the house. She treats me like im stupid and immature. I have thought of suicide for years… So yahhhhh

  • This video hits home. I’ve been my husband for 18 yrs and married 15. We have 2 children, 12 and 9. He is verbally abusive. I feel if we did go our separate ways, we lost everything we built together. We’ve done and have accomplished so much. Our girls would be devastated. We have a couples counseling appointment this coming weds. I think is a good start if making things better. Any advice is welcome.

  • Hi. I am sitting up at 3h18 in the morning that i am so hurt to fall asleep. I believe now my husband is a verbal abusive person. What is worst about this is that i love him and I dont know how to let him go, but the truth is i had enough. Tonight he sayd dont start with your bipolar stuff and another thing was a bit later this is why i cant handle you anymore. How do you carry on from that? Before tonight he would say i am so unhappy with you, i want a divorce we are toxic. I was there for him during lockdown emotionally and financialy i even took out a loan for him. I dont know what to do anymore. He would afterwards say sorry i did not mean it but tonight i just feeling like i want to get out of here. I dont want to spend and waist my time with somebody that say they love me but it does not seem like it.

  • I know that most of the people who are watching this video are getting verbally abused but I used to verbally abuse my girlfriend by calling her names and she called me a name 1 time but I did it multiple time and I’m tryna change cause I can’t lose her��

  • Thank you Lisa. I’ve just come across your video. A lot of what you said resonated strongly with me. I know what I have to do, but it’s not easy.

  • Thank-you soooo much �� I am 9 for 9 on this video❕I have been no-contact for awhile now; I am 61yo and my mother still exacts whatever abuse she can think of. Mostly now it consists of her telling massive lies about who I am to anyone who will listen….. and being that I am no-contact she is able to get traction with family members that I just simply have to grieve the loss of �� Fortunately I have mended ties with my father and step-mother and they are blessings in my life today ✨ Hoping to gather more family once they are no longer under the influence ��

  • not only are people who care off limits.. also those who will stand up to mom. my sister only leaves her daughter with people who fear her.. like people with warrants or secrets she can hold over them.

  • Oh my god number 4…… this video makes me sick to my stomach. I hate that I’m reliving this because of circumstances beyond my control.

  • I’ve always been the one who cracks everyone up with my stories or jokes My narc husband can’t stand it.He’ll literally repeat the last thing I said in a group to get a reaction or laugh. Drives me nuts.The moment im done speaking and ppl agree or laugh he starts this fake forced laugh(he rarely laughs unless it’s at a perverted joke or inappropriately at someone else’s expense) then repeats me and laughs again whilst looking around to see if someone thought he was funny. It’s so pathetic.If we’re alone and I tell a joke he doesn’t even smile,let alone laugh.I asked why and he said “Im laughing on the inside”.
    What kinda newfangled dumb ass answer is that?smh.He only truly finds humor in other ppl’s sadness or pain.I know because there’s an eerie smurk that he gives the moment he hears bad news.His mom is the exact same and smurks as well.She is also fascinated with ppl in mourning. So cold and evil but is a greeter at funerals and wakes.Havent seen her comfort anyone and there’s been times when ppl break down and cry uncontrollably and she watches with that stupid smurk the entire time.I can’t tell u how evil and sinister she looks during those times.

  • Verbal abuse has put me in depression and has affected my health I remain stuck on what to do real love would find a way to cure my wife asking God for a long time

  • How the f did he got away for so long with this? I mean standing by my point of view could all of these so called “injuries” that sick fuck was stating originate from the reproductive area of these poor girls?This lady speaking clearly is a great nurse and stating obvious facts. Those poor girls should be accompanied by an adult supervision while in those so called “treatments”. A nurse should have been present.I believe that those employing him should be prosecuted as well for not implementing safeguards to protect these girls from vultures like this guy.Hope he rots in jail.

  • This video is so spot on and one of the best videos I’ve seen on this topic. I can relate to it all! One example that is different is that when I was 12, my mother called me a “prude” a couple times because I wasn’t active with boys. This now is outrageous to me! Many prayers and God bless you all!

  • Omg me! If i could just figure out how to say it how to phrase it differently.. whatever i was trying to discuss, present i just knew he’d understand then and respond rationally.. NOT! not in 12 years of trying to say it different lol. Luckily i gave up and am on my own talking laughing ang enjoying NORMAL guys that i never knew existed

  • Another incredibly-prolific US serial killer was Dr. Kermit Gosnell (in fact, he killed far more people than Samuel Little ever did). Many people havent heard of him, either, even though his case was a pretty recent one, too. You should definitely do a video on Gosnell. (Apparently, Dr. Gosnell actually delivered Will Smith when he was born, and even wrote him a disgusting letter from prison, which is discussed in the video that I’ve linked below.)


    Love your work, Georgia!! Thank you for all that you do!!

  • Bruh I feel bad for the girls but cmon idc what gender race or even species if u wanna go there I think it’s up to you to speak out how tf would nobody believe a child speaking out I mean cmon 20+ years this is crazy

  • To every daughter of a narcissistic momster on this forumI love you all. I understand EXACTLY what you’ve all been through, cuz’ I’ve been through it myself. Take a look at the comment section. You are not alone. While this shit is mighty tough to go through, please find solace in the fact that you’re not the only one that this has happened to. There are others tooand they will understand, just like I do. Wish you all a healthy and speedy healing journey.

  • so why did this mother allow her daughter to go alone to be examined by him?Of course this sick man is guilty but parents too must supervise medical procedures so she should also take responsibility and would do better to teach other parents to supervise their children’s medical procedures at all times!

  • Omg. This exactly happened to me. �� She even ignored me at age 10 when I told her about my father sexually abusing me. She did nothing until I told an aunt at age 14. My aunt would not allow the abuse to continue.

  • My narcissistic verbal abuser died of natural causes. I still think about him & missed him for a couple of years. Now I have different personal issues that take up my mental& emotional energy. He sensed his time was near based on his doctor’s prognostications. There were two instances in the final week before he went on life support that he acted contrite for how he had treated me. My question is to you and other victims for comparison’s sake. Had my partner lived on and I eventually left him, would he or could he have ever admitted he was abusive and that was the reason it ended????

  • WOW! This is truly a brilliant lecture on a tragic reality and is very much needed. Dr. Vaknin, you certainly pulled the lid on the secrets of the abuser, unmasking what most people have such a hard time acknowledging. Contemplating how and why abusers have such a proclivity to hurt, get away with it, the very real consequences for the victim, on multiple generations, & on society in general; this lecture is a gem. You have clearly, and without any lingering doubt, answered some serious questions. Thank you, beyond what words can express, for bringing me closure today.

  • Every morning when my mother was getting ready for work, she’d call me into the bathroom to help her get ready. She would ask me every morning “Are you having sex?” I wasn’t, but she wouldn’t believe me. Finally I gave in to how she saw me and started to sleep with anyone I dated, feeling ashamed because I knew I was a slut like my mom said. My mother cheated on my bio dad with my stepdad and married him as soon as she’d divorced my dad. My stepdad had two daughters who both claimed he’d molested them. I was 2 years old and she exposed me to his violent physical abuse and sexual abuse. My mother installed a door with glass panels on my bedroom door, so you could see through the foggy glass (like a glass shower door). She claimed it was “pretty and she liked it”. When I asked “So why don’t you install it on your bedroom door instead?” She giggles and said nothing. I was so angry about this because I was a teenager living with my adoptive brother who had already molested me and stolen multiple pairs of my panties from my dresser to masturbate on in his closet. My stepdads reaction? “He’s a boy, it’s what boys do”. When I was about 6-7 I remember asking my mother about what my private parts were called. In response she had me stand up and lay my upper body stomach down on her bed. She was looking and touching, then called my stepdad into the room to look and touch also. When I tried to get up, he pushed me back down and ordered me to hold still.

  • With all respect, for me, it is confusing what are you explaining. In 7:50 min. it looks there is no definition what is a verbal abuse but you are saying it is about how you feel. Do a man says, it is a lovely day outside. Women feel sad and abused for whatever reasons, where it may be, he didn’t tell me that I am lovely, but the day is lovely and more important for him, he actually told me I am not lovely enough. Then she approaches him to admit that he abused her, and he refuses. Now she goes back to your explanation that the abuser will deny it making it worst. I mean where is the limit? How to admit if someone is attacking you of abuse and you feel that you are abused and attacked by that?

  • covert nmum are the worst I remember being exposed to my mother having sex fully naked in the lounge at 5 years of age, that was the earliest memory, she was an exhibitionist at every opportunity, no shower privacy I was set up to be abused she moved me into my older brothers room after that she could have the new baby girl share a room with me two girls in one room makes sense right?, no she was too special and strangely enough could bear to have the newborn baby room in their room. I remember no shower privacy whatsoever at any age. Developing into a young woman getting breasts was a nightmare let alone getting my period at 10 that’s when the hardcore porn entered the house often brought out in front of us,. playing cards of naked women and sexual joke items always around the house. I wish that I knew what I knew now about being able to set healthy boundaries.

  • anyone whos dealing with these things go and find a job so you can get your own home and move away build a life of your own and dont be afraid of being alone sometimes its better that way while you learn how to live without this evil in your life so you dont just find new abusers. read as much as you can to learn how to get past this.

  • this is my mother, i knew better though. my third eye opened from a young. i couldn’t imagine being the mother she was, its horrendous. i put her to shame as a mother

  • If I had a dime for every time I’ve been told “Your to sensitive.” “I can never joke with you.” I’d be rich, This video is very helpful.

  • i haven’t finished the video yet, but you mentioned something that i wanted to comment on – hair analysis (just looking at the hair, not dna) has actually been largely disproven, along with many other forensic “sciences” (blood splatter, ballistics, bite mark, even fingerprints!) i think it would actually be a fascinating topic for a video, actually!

  • This is the girls fault for letting it happen if they ain’t 10 and under then it’s the girls fault they gave consent I don’t think he should get jail time

  • You started by referring to Lundy Bancroft, whose work was recommended to me by a counselor in our local woman’s shelter. I too highly recommend his book, “Why Does He Do That”. You, as usual took that work, and developed the topic even farther. You described, and explained my recent ex as if you knew him. This content resonates so completely, I am rendered both speechless and yet hopeful, that this can be discussed and help can be provided to victims, especially as we go through the criminal court system. Please do more on this subject. Perhaps what victims/survivors can do to heal, once free of the torturer. Thank you, Sam.

  • These people are really weak and pathetic, they feed off of the positive energy of others and have no source of strength within themselves. Alone they are lost, they are nothing if they don’t have a victim or an approving audience. Shallow and Negative……… they are parasites!! Liars and deceptive actors. What a Shame!

  • Yes, been through this and much worst!! Was shouted aloud even more bad word than slut daily for hundreds of times since was less than 5 years old until went no contact after discard at 38 years old…. Even when watched any song as a kid was called all bad words worst than ‘slut’….

  • #abusivepartner #covertnarcissist #domesticviolence #emotionalabuse #gaslighting #mentalabuse #narcissism #narcissist #narcissisticabuse #nocontact #projection #redflags #silenttreatment #stonewalling #toxic #toxicpartner #trauma #traumabonding #triangulation #verbalabuse

  • If she helped clean up after his murders, she is absolutely an accomplice after the fact. How could any woman be okay with him killing fellow women? That’s horrifying!

  • First I would have blocked that peep hole.

    Second, it’s important to remember that while your miseducating and crazymaking Narcrents fail you, one has to gain information by oneself, but with disinformation everywhere it’s not easy.

  • So much Truth
    Explains a lot about who I am
    I cringe when I hear my name
    Your video is to painful, I have stop listening. I cannot Breathe!

  • I don’t see any issue if man doctor treat women’s. They need also respect doctor to avoid harassment. Because doctor also human not stone

  • “A real doctor should treat a child with the parent in the room.’ ABSOLUTELY. when I was 8 and came down with strep, the doctor told my mom to leave the room while he examined me. My mom, already in her head was no, but asked why. He said so I wouldn’t be uncomfortable. She told him anything you need to do you can do in front of me… after that never went back to him…

  • i love you thank you for continuing these videos i have such severe anxiety and stress and i swear whenever i put your vids on i can finally relax. really makes my week

  • All I have to say is if your over the age of 16 aka able to drive you should know the difference between a good doctor and a perverted doctor… Even your parents would of questioned him if someone spoke out right away about the procedure…(he did it in front of the parents) ok now this is just sounding like a bunch of bsing… How would you not say something in that moment…

  • Why did it take so long, for him to get caught? Those children, “females” should never have been alone with a male doctor under any circumstance, this is so terrible. And so many more should be held accountable. So sickening. I’m very disgusted by this.

  • You nailed it, Sam. Thank you for this funny, amusing, and, at the same time, true stuff. I like no. 10. Cheers, mankeep posting. I look forward to an evening with your musings. Ciao for now. S.

  • Nasser has a slit-able throat, or a shootable face; or a burn able body…he just looks like a weasel….it’s true whatever/however u usually thinking u start becoming that…some fat greedy ppl look like pigs

  • i learned how to self act by my dad at 8 9 10 exposed to adult content at the same ages my mother father left the door open while doing said acts making inappropriate said sounds they knew i woke up heard it and laughed my mother took me out of schools my mother told me to act out in schools kick doctors social workers forced me to act special needs to get benefits she beat me my dad beat me the good people did not get to stay the bad people did i watched crime shows at 7 8 and older kids shows not allowed molested in a foster home to at 9 the foster homes i delt with did more worse to me thats why i ended up in youth corrections and youth centers theft rape starvation mental abuse emotional abuse phycological abuse physical abuse by family than the foster care system violence solved things bad things got me noticed i had no safe place ever my.peers mocked me bullied me medicated when i cried i was told to die called a waist of space my mother even said to me she hated me wished she had aborted me wished she never had me wished i was never born my brother got treated like royalty he took part in the abuse yup childhood from the pits of hell i now have ptsd and borderline personality traits and i disasociate check out sometimes due to this and frontal lobe damage i take meds and will do for life until i die yup i lived every little girls dream life with the best family ever and the best care that money can buy when they didnt want to deal with what they did so they shipped me of to be the systems problem did extended family do anything nope reality t.v way better than big brother here yup the life of the rich kids of beverly hills here yup peace out

  • This is Nene, so why does my name say something else someone else’s account on here? WEIRD. How a daughter gets fooled by an abusive narcissistic mother: The mother tells you she loves you, that she cares about you and is the best protector of you. When you tell her you met someone nice and caring (usually another woman), she at first may say that’s nice, but also get angry or sarcastic about the caring woman ‘why don’t you ask Lynn to help you’? NARRATOR: Your mother did not ‘owe’ you any thing like lessons or things you wanted,regardless of how much money she had.. it was her money. She only has to provide the basic necessities until age 18. YOu are WRONG: The narcissist was over the top in teaching us about sex from the age of 5. HER mother gave us very inappropriate stories from a very young age. They sometimes go the other way and are obsessed with sex, obsessed with talking to us about it and how we must never ever have sex outside of marriage.

  • I can’t remember majority ifmy childhood..I keep getting a gut feeling that my mom put me in harms way with predators that harmed me..idk if it was intentional or not..I’m praying all the pieces come together for my peace of mind

  • Nassar isn’t a paedophile. A paedophile is attracted to pre pubescent children. Although girls typically begin the process of puberty at age 10/11, and boys at age 11/12, for the purposes of the law when it comes to child abuse, the cut-off point for prepubescence is extended to age 13. Nassar is a late hebephile/early ephebophile. He’s typically attracted to mid adolescents aged 14-17.

  • This is a sad truth for me, I was emotionally abused for so long that as a defense I started lashing out at people, almost like I became the abuser at times when I was triggered… then I would feel guilty and break down. Is this a normal thing. I am healing and fixing this now because I DO NOT want to be like that.

  • Imagine u carry a child for 9mths…..and u care about money u pit your child through this…shame on these ppl you are suppose to love your child just the way Jesus loves his children. I would say these ppl who work for in that university for olympics are in some sick cult.

  • I am a cranky old White guy, but thankfully I was raised by good parents. I have worked law enforcement and I cared not the the identity of the victim, only on the offense committed on them. Let me add that the major reason that an offense is placed in the non-extradite category is because the state doesn’t want to spend the money on the extradition. Only the Federal government can afford an aircraft to transport criminals or suspects. Though every state governor has a plane, they don’t let them be used for such lowly needs.

  • The crazy part with our NPD mothers is they give us mixed messages about sexuality. NPD mothers tend to be hypersexual and expose their daughters to sexual situations often. But once the daughter starts to go through puberty, she trys her best to suppress her daughter’s emerging sexuality. My mother was a hoe ( literally and figurativelyone of the reasons I have no respect for her) when I lost my virginity at 18 to my bf she called me a hoe. Told me I was going to hell for having sex out of marriage ( We were not religious) I was going to die from AIDS, she wished I liked girls, and that I was going to go dick crazy and turn into a slut. Mind you I am out the house with my own apartment at this point and 4 months away from my 19th bd.

  • I need to ask a question if this is a sign of verbal abuse. My mother is a Christian and I recently stopped being one, now atheist. I have different beliefs now. My mother told me I am a liar for not believing In God, she told me I believe in God, but all I want to do is be sinful. She has said this a few times. She also tells me my way of thinking is warped when I disagree with her ideas about christianity. I tried for along time to practice assertive communication, ” but have started to fail again when on the phone to her”. I didn’t see my mum for a couple of months. Then I have spoken to her more recently due to coronavirus and also being alone, with no support network. I haven’t actually noticed that we have been contacting each other more lately. I am struggling with drinking and I cant let my mother know because she will criticize me. So she calls me but I make excuses, to why I can’t answer my phone. I grew up in an environment where I felt like I couldn’t express my thoughts or feelings without being attacked by both my parents. I have grown up being afraid to express my thoughts to people. I drink to suppress my emotions, but I am struggling to stop this for the last 10 years. My father had a drug addiction as I grew up and my parents relationship was toxic. They would constantly break up and get together again. They would verbally abuse each other alot. They were both codependent. My mum was scared of me growing up without a father and also being alone. My dad would threaten to kill himself when my mum broke up with him and was acting needy and would keep coming back, even though she didn’t want him too. I felt like I couldn’t make my own choices growing up without being verbally abused if I disagreed with both of them. I feel like I have grown up wanting to escape from anything that wants to control and force me to conform, that includes religion. My mother always called me touchy and sensitive when I got upset at how she hurt my feelings with her judgment and criticism towards me. I also got bullied about my facial deformity, that recently got fixed a few years ago. Other members of my family self harm and cant deal with their emotions either. I have used alcohol to do it. I have been so hard on my mistakes and have had an all or nothing mentality, that my parents taught me. I have struggled with never feeling good enough. I grew up having my father be really hard on my mistakes, I felt like I couldn’t have my own choices. When we made a mistake on our homework, for not understanding our dad, he would yell at us. This goes for number of other occasions. I had such severe self condemnation over making mistakes and would criticize and attack myself for it, it turned into self hatred. When I grew up the whole focus was on my dads drug addiction, that me and my sisters problems were not noticed until we were older. My mother was an enabler but she doesn’t see it, because she allowed one person to use drugs and me or my sisters weren’t allowed to without punishment. It was kind of double standards. Her excuse was “I can’t control my husband, but I can control my children”. One time my father told me to express my feelings to him and he went crazy at me and was yelling at me, making me terrified. I felt like I was always waking around on egg shells at home, worried about my dad having an anger outburst or saying something to my mother that would get me criticized or attacked. I suffer from low self esteem, anger problems, anxiety, social anxiety, and bouts of depression. I then found out I have another father on top of my other father getting cancer and passing away. I have severe anxiety and always walk around my house making sure I have done things correctly, because I am scared something bad will happen.

    Also both my parents came from unstable home environments. My mum was brought up by a mother with different boyfriends, who got hit and bashed by them when they were drunk. She had no father, she met him once he was an alcoholic. My nanna grew up In an orphanidge where she was abused by her adoptive mother. My nanna and mother have had really toxic relationship and they didn’t see each other for 5 years or longer. My dad grew up without his parents, but had a grandfather that was extremely controlling and he felt angry at him, but then found out his grand father was an orphan too later on In life. My dad was bitter at his dad most my life, that we didn’t see him for more than 5 years. My grandpa would get people to deliver chocolate eggs to our house at Easter, when my dad didn’t want to see him.

  • I feel this woman. God this must be so hard to do and everyone who made their statement is so amazing, incredible, brave, courageous… inspiring. ����������great job!!!

  • It’s complete bullshit to say cops in the south didn’t care about black prostitutes being murdered. There are always some but most police want to get the killers off of the streets no matter who they kill. That’s a bullshit leftist narrative to try to shirt the responsibility from the poor decisions of the drug addict prostitutes and from the killer himself.

  • en gynécologie les Filles et Femmes préfèrent consulter des docteurs Femmes. En gymnastiques de compétitions, en principe les docteurs, masseurs-kinésithérapeutes, sont choisis sur les diplômes obtenus ou par le rectorat de l’académie des sports. in gynecology, Girls and Women prefer to consult female doctors. In competitive gymnastics, in principle the doctors, masseurs-physiotherapists, are chosen on the diplomas obtained or by the rectorate of the sports academy.

  • I REALLY thought i was being too sensitive, til he kept saying ” im gonna kill you. ” then suddenly laughing and saying he was just ” joking.” Pretty terrified

  • Narcisst are the world problem.thats why the fight ist not between black and white(confusion ), it’s about narcisst and empaths. They are master manipulator who are very charismatic and pretend to be dumb when asked questions. And don’t forget that’s what they call THE NEW WORLD ORDER. Wake up����

  • I doubt there were parents who didn’t know very early on what was going on…if not the sexual assault then the verbal and physical abuse they allowed their children to undergo so that they could be possible olympians…they need to look themselves in the mirror and without copping out deal with their complicency. Sorry but there stories of not knowing don’t make any sense!

  • If he woulda got found guilty of murder in 1984 that would have saved around 50 women his killing spree would have ended 19 years earlier even by 1984 he probably already killed 15 to 20 women by 1984

  • Parts of this video made me cry. I’m thirteen with such a messed up childhood, and I’ve know that since forever. But understanding the things my dad does helps me. I’ll get out of this home one day, and I’ll be better off one day. Thank you for this video

  • I speak from experience when I say, “you nailed it!!” My mother did not protect me she would find a way to shame me…Thank you for bringing up this subject!!! ��

  • I’m so glad you mentioned that book, it truly saved my life when I finally stood up to my narcissistic, verbally and physically abusive, emotionally abusive, sexually abusive, and financially abusive husband of 3 years. It took me months of reading the book, I highlighted so many passages, especially towards the end of the bookI had yellow and red highlights, notes in the marginsbefore I stood up and said I’m leaving, I already had my “hidden apartment”, had moved all my important items and put my valuables in storage, so when I gave him this information that I hit from this bookhe was ready to strikebut I was ready with my purse to walk out. I was scared, but thankfully I got out! Please read this book if you are needing to escape this type of personit’s been over 12 years since my divorce from him was finaland I’m blessed everyday to not have this horrible type of person in my life!

  • THANKS. I red the book it was so helpful. I ended up discussing it with my ex partner and because of it we broke up as he refused to at least make an effort to cut it out.

  • This is good for all parents. Doesn’t matter if you’re mom or dad. Dont do this shit. If you do, acknowledge your problem and find a way to break the pattern

  • I told my mom….40 yrs.ago..my sister dad….was having me…she said i was lyeing…..and i told my mom not to long ago…she still is taking up for him!!! Shes a Narcissistic!!!!!

  • This is so frustrating I mean my god caught in the act of beating and raping someone and he only got a year and some change in jail after he already had a history of violence and crime.what a justice system america has smh.

  • If I could LIKE this video a million times, I would. So spot on, its unbelievable. Never thought somebody could make a candid & accurate video such as this…. this man is an ABSOLUTE genius. End of story.

  • We don’t actually know who the true most prolific killer is: Gary Ridgeway claims he killed 71, but only 49 were confirmed. Samuel Little claimes 91, but has been confirmed of 50 murders by the FBI. Some say he is linked to 60, but that’s not definite. Either way, the numbers are high for both. Serial Killers are known for exaggerating their number of victims. It’s part of the sociopathic component of being a serial killer. To appease their own egos. The world’s worst known serial killer is from South America. Most of the victims were kids. Luis Garavito. Worst of the worst.

  • My problem is that I have a hard time describing the abuse. Sometimes I wish he’d beat me so I’d have scars to show so the courts would take it seriously. The problem is he’s made me so confused and feel so helpless but after almost two years of therapy I feel like I’m getting strong enough to stand up to him. I just wish the courts took emotional and psychological abuse seriously.

  • Hi Georgia, interesting and detailed video as always! I hope you will consider covering the Green River Killer in a video some time, I’m sure you’d do a great job of it!

  • Not “supply”, for hter own comfort and security. She allowed us to be abused so she could keep her lifestyle from husband paying for it. She is 78 years old and STILL has a better lifestyle to this day.

  • These are songs for all of you…. I think the Chely Wright one will especially hit hard with a lot of you, both are spot on however. I’m sending love, peace, blessings, and prayers to you all! Hope these beautiful melodies resonate and make you all feel a little better today. Music has always been my therapy. ��☮️���������� https://youtu.be/Rb9mvkxE5Ww


  • I know most people assume he has it pretty rough in prison. But he’s gotta have the most popular finger in the joint. He can probably get 5 packs of cigarettes for one sniff.

  • Physician trust betrayed and the Olympic medical board must have known for years. Awful as a former Olympic level competitor how could this happen? God Bless the victim’s.

  • She is 1000000 correct How in the hell this shitttt good soo fucking long.total bs esp our USA Olympics which should be top priority for there safety. Unreal man.

  • my daughters father who is my bf does this to me all the time and continues to do this constantly. Nobody realizes that he does this. They all blame me. and everything she said in this video is exactly what he does to me. He verbally abuses me. Day in and day out i am called “retard” and ” stupid” and other things. He denies stuff all the time. I feel so broken and so low. I have no self esteem anymore. I dont know why i stay with him.

  • So there is a straight forward way. A woman should cover herself 100%, the gymnastic dress by itself is a provocation to men. Its time people understand the rules and regulations put forward by Islam. A girl cannot be touched by a stranger man for gymnastic related matters AT ALL. Finally Sharia law punishments for rapists are there. Which needs to be implemented in usa as soon as possible

  • My gf says I am crazy since all I watch is murder mysteries!!! She will not watch them. I need a girl like Georgia Marie. Then I could watch all I want with my gf.

  • He accuses me of lying and cheating if I ever leave the house even when I go to work which I’m always alone and have never betrayed him. Is this domestic abuse? I stay in my room all the time to avoid him verbally attacked with his saying that the only 3 times in a year I’ve been out from under his control to see my friends in my hometown

  • So strange that my mother claims to have been raped yet willingly married a man accused of molesting both of his daughters and left me to be molested by him.

  • I’m so sorry that happened to you. Narcissists are so incredibly sick and destructive to the people around them. Thank God for people like Janine. It makes me so sad to hear about that things your “mother” did to you. You endured so much and it was not fair. You didn’t deserve any of that. You sound like you are such a strong survivor despite it all though. Bless you and keep taking good care of yourself. HUGS <3

  • lmfao women at their feminists to think they are greater than a man and God.

    listen you fkup ugly old saggy cow.. nothing wrong it’s just an age. numbers makes no difference.

    It’s you bloody girls women who make a big issue off small things.

    lmfao that’s not coming from the heart. You had to write this and look at a script to share you feelings.

    trash human junk get abused used and be servant to men

    pathetic looooooooooser

  • Every person that failed to take the victims seriously because they were sex workers or addicts have just as much blood on their hands tbh.

  • 49yrs of physical and mental abuse….especially through my pregnancies…..you have helped me enormously!,..Thank you so much!,..����

  • He killed one Jane Doe in my hometown of Chattanooga TN and in the nearby city of Knoxville. And no the police back then didn’t care about these women. Sadly neither Jane Doe has been identified.