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Instructions Remove tuna from cans and drain well in a colander or sieve. Place in a medium sized mixing bowl and break tuna into small pieces using the back. Tuna Salad Wedge. Tuna salad on homestyle cracked wheat bread. Ingredients.

INGREDIENTS: WHEAT BREAD: Enriched Wheat Flour (Wheat Flour, Malted Barley Flour, Niacin, Iron, Thiamine Mononitrate, Riboflavin, Folic Acid), Water, Dough Base (Dextrose, Sugar, Soybean Oil, Salt, Mono-And Diglycerides, Defatted Soy Flour, Corn Starch, Contains 2% or. Ingredients. 1 can (6 ounces) light water-packed tuna, drained and flaked.

5 tablespoons mayonnaise. 1/4 cup chopped celery. 2 tablespoons chopped green pepper.

1 tablespoon finely chopped onion. 1/2 teaspoon lemon juice. 1/2 teaspoon soy sauce. Dash white pepper. Light and refreshing tuna salad that can be eaten as a main dish or served with pita chips as an appetizer.

For meatier salad, add one more can of undrained tuna. The creamy avocado supplies the healthy fats while tuna covers the protein. To make this in its simplest form, combine a can of tuna with half an avocado and stir. Add a squeeze of lemon juice for good measure.

This is your base. Assembly: Lay a lettuce wedge on each of 6 salad plates. Drizzle each wedge with 2 to 3 tablespoons of the dressing, letting it flow between the leaves of the lettuce and pool.

Prepare the lettuce by removing the outer leaves, chop the head of lettuce in half and then half again, making 4 wedges. Cut the end to remove the stem. Plate the wedges and top with the blue cheese dressing, bacon crumbles, tomato, chive. An Iceberg Wedge Salad Recipe with homemade low-fat blue cheese dressing and copious toppings is the perfect side that goes with almost any dinner. This amazing Iceberg Wedge Salad is probably one of the simplest salads you can make because you literally cut a head of lettuce into 4, drench it in some homemade dressing and throw on a bunch of.

Build the salad by placing 1 lettuce wedge on each of 8 plates. Drizzle equal amounts of dressing over each wedge. Scatter tomatoes, onion, and 1/2 pound blue cheese over each salad.

Nutrition info for half the tuna salad on two halves of 90-second bread (as shown in the video): Calories 461, fat 37g, saturated fat 13g,, sodium 1,116mg, carbs 5.5g, fiber 3g, protein 23g. NUTRITION INFO Most of our recipes are low-carb (or keto) and gluten-free, but some are not. Please verify that a recipe fits your needs before using it.

List of related literature:

Whisk the lemon juice, preserved lemon juice, and 1 cup olive oil in a bowl and pour over the tuna.

“Around My French Table: More than 300 Recipes from My Home to Yours” by Alan Richardson, Dorie Greenspan
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In the bowl of a food processor, combine the artichoke hearts, spinach, goat cheese, 1 cup [80 g] of the cheddar, the mayonnaise, lemon juice, 1 tsp salt, 1/4 tsp black pepper, smoked paprika, and red pepper flakes.

“The Anti-Inflammation Cookbook: The Delicious Way to Reduce Inflammation and Stay Healthy” by Amanda Haas, Dr. Bradly Jacobs, Erin Kunkel
from The Anti-Inflammation Cookbook: The Delicious Way to Reduce Inflammation and Stay Healthy
by Amanda Haas, Dr. Bradly Jacobs, Erin Kunkel
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Combine 3 (5­ounce) cans tuna, flaked, ¼ cup minced red onion, ¼ cup chopped fresh basil, ¼ cup chopped kalamata olives, ¼ cup extra­virgin olive oil, ¼ cup mayonnaise, 2 tablespoons red wine vinegar, and 1 minced garlic clove in bowl; season with salt and pepper to taste.

“The America's Test Kitchen Quick Family Cookbook: A Faster, Smarter Way to Cook Everything from America's Most Trusted Test Kitchen” by America's Test Kitchen
from The America’s Test Kitchen Quick Family Cookbook: A Faster, Smarter Way to Cook Everything from America’s Most Trusted Test Kitchen
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Mix the chopped tuna, shallot, garlic, 1 teaspoon salt, the pepper, oil, vinegar, and Tabasco in a bowl.

“Essential Pépin: More Than 700 All-Time Favorites from My Life in Food” by Jacques Pépin
from Essential Pépin: More Than 700 All-Time Favorites from My Life in Food
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Mix 2 tablespoons drained and flaked albacore tuna with 1 teaspoon light mayo, 1 teaspoon lemon juice, and black pepper and dried dill to taste.

“The Sugar Smart Diet: Stop Cravings and Lose Weight While Still Enjoying the Sweets You Love” by Anne Alexander, Julia VanTine
from The Sugar Smart Diet: Stop Cravings and Lose Weight While Still Enjoying the Sweets You Love
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Put the tuna in a small bowl, pull into large flakes with 2 forks, and stir in 3 to 4 tablespoons of the vinaigrette.

“The Country Cooking of France” by Anne Willan, France Ruffenach
from The Country Cooking of France
by Anne Willan, France Ruffenach
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Add the tuna, cauliflower, pickles, cream cheese, mayonnaise, salt, and pepper to the vegetables and mix to combine.

“Keto Comfort Foods” by Maria Emmerich
from Keto Comfort Foods
by Maria Emmerich
Media Alternatives, Incorporated, 2017

✓ Marinated tuna and bean salad: Marinate a lemon-flavored tuna packet with olive oil, fresh squeezed lemon, minced red onion, and drained and rinsed cannellini beans and place in the two main compartments.

“DASH Diet For Dummies” by Sarah Samaan, Rosanne Rust, Cynthia Kleckner
from DASH Diet For Dummies
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Place the tuna, celery, egg, mayonnaise, capers, parsley, lemon zest, lemon juice, salt, and pepper in a medium bowl.

“Valerie's Home Cooking: More than 100 Delicious Recipes to Share with Friends and Family” by Valerie Bertinelli
from Valerie’s Home Cooking: More than 100 Delicious Recipes to Share with Friends and Family
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Add the bell pepper, carrot, celery, scallion, mayonnaise, mustard, lemon juice, salt, and pepper and stir with a fork to combine, breaking up any large chunks of tuna as you

“The Doctor's Diet Cookbook: Tasty Meals for a Lifetime of Vibrant Health and Weight Loss Maintenance” by Travis Stork, Leda Scheintaub
from The Doctor’s Diet Cookbook: Tasty Meals for a Lifetime of Vibrant Health and Weight Loss Maintenance
by Travis Stork, Leda Scheintaub
Bird Street Books, 2014

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  • I’ve only ever really liked Caesars, and I ducking love them. I annihilate any Caesar put in front of me. I prefer the creamier white sauce that you get at mid level steakhouses but it’s all amazing

  • Hi there 0:   I love me some tuna salad that one looks awesome I wrote down the recipe and love tomatoes to so good, I really enjoyed this mukbang!   your daughter has the cutes little voice ;))))))))))))))))))))  im sure she did not realize she was on AND we wont tell her lol xoxoxoox hugs my friend!  I have to go over to say hi to Sarge OUR teams are in the Super Bowl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   LOL  yes New England is my town so of course new England pats is who I go for LOL  0::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::  this should be good……

  • what’s wrong with making a salad just with vegetables
    Veggies are good for you and if you treat them properly and give them the same amount of care that you give meat they can taste great, so why ruin it with fried meat or bread?
    Stop being so afraid of veggies

  • The only things that are unhealthy in that wedge salad were the shitty ass iceberg and the soy oil/stabilizers in that mayo. Use a better green and a better mayo.

  • The wedge salad was “created” by a lazy chef who forgot to cut up the lettuce. I hate these salads, it’s just like the restaurant saying, “Here, YOU cut up the lettuce.”

  • Nooo! Panzanella can’t just be plated up and served! It’s about the bread absorbing the dressing and the juice from the tomatoes they are not croutons! It needs to sit so everything can absorb! The bread is supposed to be soggy not crunchy! Which is why, much like french toast, Panzanella is best made with stale bread.

  • I am really bored of bread, so the option with the lettuce wrap sounds delicious ����
    Btw. I would really love to come to the Healthnut event, but I don’t live in Canada �� so hope you enjoy! ��

  • Ok let’s talk about the fact that binging with babish is so cool in every sense of the way. Voice over recipes and how cool he is.

    But I’m so sad that I would have to find another channel to actually find vegan recipes. It’s never gonna be the same.
    Could you add some vegan alternatives? ������
    Or just think about it

  • You don’t win friends with salad! You don’t win friends with salad! You don’t win friends with salad! You don’t win friends with salad! You don’t win friends with salad! You don’t win friends with salad! You don’t win friends with salad! You don’t win friends with salad! You don’t win friends with salad! You don’t win friends with salad! You don’t win friends with salad!

  • I wish I liked salad. It always look really appetizing when displayed out, but I can never eat more than a few bites. It’s frustrating.

  • The wedge salad is actually amazing if you Chargrill the witches of lettuce. It may sound weird but it works. And for all those bacon lovers you can use the bacon fat you cook the bacon in to coat the grill that you were going to cook… Very lightly… The lettuce on. I would add a pinch of fresh thyme or other fresh French herbs to the bacon in cooking.

  • I had a lot of expired salad dressings because whenever my family comes over for Holiday dinners, no one will eat the salad unless it’s Caesar salad..��

  • I love a wedge salad! I think the first one I had was at an Outback steak house. It’s so simple and clean, and it’s a refreshing light crunch while you’re in the middle of committing serious piggery!

    I do actually crumble up some extra blue cheese over it, because I’m totally addicted to the stuff.

    I waffle between Romaine and Iceberg. I’ll run out of one, pick up the other. Finish that, change moods, and switch back. Now and then I’ll even have both around.

  • I make my tuna salad with red onion, bell pepper, cucumber and sweet corn with a tiny drizzle of olive oil and sprinkle of salt and pepper. My favourite ways to use it is in tortilla wraps or on top of baked potatoes. Ive never had it in lettuce wraps but I’m definitely going to try it next time ��

  • The panzanella is also loaded with two things that I can’t stand, cucumber and raw onion, as are far too many commercially prepared salads.

  • A woman was walking around her neighborhood when she saw her neighbor tending his vegetable garden. “My!” She said. “Your tomatoes are amazing! Mine never get so beautifully red and juicy! What’s your secret?”

    “Well I’ll tell you, but you might find it strange. Every morning after I take my shower, I go outside to look at my garden, and well, I always open my robe and flash my tomatoes. And that’s why they always blush a lovely rosy red!”

    The woman was doubtful but she agreed to try it. A few weeks later, her neighbor spotted her walking the neighborhood again and stopped her to talk. “How is your garden?” he asked. “Did you try my advice?”

    “I did.” She replied. “I did what you said exactly. I don’t understand it. Every morning I go out and open my robe and flash my garden.”

    “And your tomatoes haven’t improved?” Her neighbor asked.

    “No,” she said. “But on the plus side, my cucumbers are huge!”

  • I heard the fresshhhhly ground black pepper ever so slightly, not even intentionally, and then you went all in with the chef john lingo. A+.

  • There was a big steak house (leftover from the 1960’s) in CHICAGO that I went to up until the 1990’s or so. It was so traditional….red velvet wallpaper, red and black carpeting, and lannon stone fireplaces with wood wainscotting. You could choose from one of two salads. A wedge salad with GREEN GODDESS, or a wedge salad with blue cheese and blue cheese chunks. For $1 more, they would crumple up a hard boiled egg.

  • Yum, I usually do this with homemade italian dressing and shreds of ham and swiss and carrots for a lazy guys chefs salad, though I usually core the whole head and wash it all at once before returning it to cool and drain in the fridge…

  • Thank you for your reply. I work for a Restaurant and our food safety group asks that we discard bruised and browned outer leaves to reduce the risk of a food born illness and I would image for a Restaurant for aesthetic reasons as well. Thanks again for taking the time to reply.

  • I love blue cheese. I used to live close to the Maytag Blue Cheese cave in Maytag IA. The same town where your Matag appliances was made before they went to Mexico.

    Anyways their blue cheese was so fresh (so old lol ) The taste of it is so amazingly better than from the stores. I agree with you blu chz is so much better on a wedge salad than ranch. I love your tip on making wedge crispy by cutting then refrigerator it again. I never knew that is the way to get it there like that

  • Ayyee! Go Hilah! Love the new kitchen….aaand Welcome to California! This Wedgs salad looks real good. Thanks for sharing ☀����☺

  • Have you ever had Hatch NM chilles? It’s some of the best in the US. It’s grown in New Mexico. You could put it in a PBJ. It’s the most flavorful chilly ever. Would work great in some of your recipes.

  • Hilah, you’re great! <3 Always enjoy watching you and your great channel:-) You're very entertaining and your wedge salad looks very tasty, too! Thanks very much, thumbs up as always, and wishing you, Chris, and Flint a great week ahead, your devoted subscriber, Norfolk Joe xox

  • Fluffy, that pistachio salad is called all sorts of names, mine is pistachio surprise. I put whipped cream, pistachio pudding, small container of cottage cheese and small chunk can of pineapple pieces. So yummy, now I’m going to have to make some‼️��. Super video again my friend, you always do so well❣️ Take care of you❣️ love and Oooodles of hugs, ��Wendy��

  • A canned tuna that size here in th Philippines in 40bucks cheap there is still expensive here haha the cheapest protien here si eggs. Il try buying a whole yellow fin and just portion it but still il do the canned tuna….i wanna gain. Back the muscle i han when iwas 24 but im stressed out thinking of clean cheap protien sources here in my country

  • It really is amazing how cheap Tuna in a can is considering there are far lesser quality meats in a can that cost considerably more.

  • I worked at a schmancy restaurant one time and one of the servers comes into the salad prep area of the kitchen yelling “i need a honeymoon salad, i need a honeymoon salad ” and all the salad folk just looked puzzled when one of them said “what is a honeymoon salad” and the server said with a big grin ‘LETTUCE ALONE, LETTUCE ALONE”…….

    true story,
    they just wanted lettuce and dressing on the side, with no fixin’s at all….

    i still laugh today when i think about it

  • I love a good wedge salad and your’s looks really tasty with the bacon addition. You’ve convinced me to shoot a video of my blue cheese dressing that I made decades ago at a restaurant I worked at in high school.

  • She won’t hear it from me. I have someone that may want to start a channel. Can I email you for some advice? Nice young girl. What email Can I use if you say yes?

  • I think nowadays given the price of tuna its about the same or cheaper to go with some store brand chicken breast. im on a budget and do pretty much that. years ago though it was all about the tuna as was so cheap

  • How much are avocados in CA? We pay around $5 for 4 Hass Avocados in Michigan. On sale, you can get them for 99c each but it’s usually not the best.

  • LOVE they way you filmed this. LOVE the recipe! You always inspire me with my food because sometimes I watch other food channels and they make meals that sound exotic and weird. You are always putting up recipes that I am interested and sound amazing. I appreciate all your hard work!

  • Looks good and thank the kid for me for the recipe! I actually heard her voice in this video…what a treat I guess LOL I love tuna salad and chicken salad and I love putting hard boiled eggs into my salads when I make them. I do like my Hellmans Real mayo compared to Miracle whip which I find to be sweeter and I also like the Kraft Avocado Oil Mayo. As for soda taking the headache away or even coffee is the caffine. I used to on occasion take a Zpack asprin that had caffine them when I worked in a restaurant, it was in their first aid kits…the headaches would go away fast. Your oposite also huh Ha ha ha but your pillow and the can of soda, the love block thing, its all right side for me when I am seeing it. I found a way to flip my view now when I record but its through the program I am using now. Now if only I coudl figure out how to go live again because after last nights Patriot win I tried and tried and just could not get it to work! Don’t worry about subs and views you are getting there at a good rate…I remember when I was one of your double digit subbies LOL yeah way back then! 1+ year ago.I love the rice “Everything” Bowl! It is cute! Burps are good with mukbangs I have heard Nickacado burp and fart..Kristy from YummyBytesTV Burps alot and loud…she has one of those same mics you got from Cheese but she uses a lapel mic like the one I got to use but never use because I am a lady filmer LOL Anyway it sucks I cant eat crackers so I would have to eat the salad in a salad or on a lettuce leaf or something. YOU ARE NOT BORING, I LOVE YOU FLUFFY!!! ��❤️ I am really sick with a bad cold/flu but I lasted with you through this whole video! Now craving Kalamata Olives also! I got that pistachio fluff stuff recipe somewhere off the interenet, its sooo soo yummy its adictive!

  • Real shit right there. I still eat this way and occasionally I eat steak and chicken breast. Tuna and chicken is way better now flavoured and cheap still.

  • This is one of my husband’s favorite salads. Had it just last night at Uno’s. I make a homemade version with my homemade buttermilk ranch dressing and then pile on the blue cheese crumbles on his.

  • As someone who grew up with an italian chef as a father, I’ve always found it odd when people only use bottled salad dressings (if any at all)
    I mean… Most are really easy yo make.
    Theres one that’s literally lemon juice, olive oil and salt. And it’s amazing even on stuff beyond salad.

    Nice vid as always.

  • That sandwich wrapper!! So wrong that I would get so much pleasure from wrapping my sandwiches in that lol delicious never thought of grapes before xx

  • Did you not notice the water was on the entire video? You are talking about eating on a budget while wasting water the entire video. Shame on you

  • Hi Fluffy!!:) In case you don’t already know (which you do cause I told you), Eagles are going to SB52!! Thank you for supporting them…I really do appreciate it:) Great video my friend!!! Hugs.

  • I love Miracle Whip on my tuna sandwich but my husband cannot stand it but I absolutely love Miracle Whip because it’s got that zit

  • Thank you so much for this amazing recipe! I just made it for dinner (subbed apples instead of grapes, and used hummus as one of your IG subbies recommend) and it’s sooo good. It’s also surprisingly filling, I want seconds but I’m so full idk if I can move �� it’s easy to pack too can’t wait to have this for lunch tomorrow ��❤️

  • Mmmm Nicole this is also an all-time fave of mine! Always able to rely on you for delicious nutrition! Enjoy your camping trip! ❤️��

  • I don’t eat tuna, but it would probably be really good in a wrap with some hummus layered in on the tortilla. it would also be good stuffed inside of an avocado:P

  • You are so amazing! You inspire to keep going in trying to live a healthier lifestyle no matter how many times I fall off the wagon. Love your energy! Can you do your favorite yoga routines of you haven’t already?

  • This man talks the god hounest truth.
    I never had any money i would eat bags off pasta.
    And just dry ground beef and rice.
    Al real bodybuilding fanatics know it aint ffin easy and it damn sure aint cheap eather.
    This man puts that porspectif 4 every one too see.
    Good video and so real keep it up.
    These youngsters only see you after decades off grondig daily

  • Taco salad..Cesar salad..southwest.crab salad..and tuna.I am going to make some soon. Looks great..yes egg salad and potatoes salad. Hell all salads.lol..love u fluffy

  • I have to remember that for when it is summer here!
    We are in the midst of winter in Melbourne, Australia! brrrr……
    Love your videos Hilah…they always make me laugh:D:D

  • There’s just one problem with these recipes. The only reason to eat salad is because it’s healthy. The moment you add a ton of calories via mayo, oil, bacon etc it ceases to be low cal, and therefore why bother eating it? If you want a huge heaping of fat, oil and salt eat something deep-fried. If you’re eating a salad, use a low fat (and low sugar) dressing on plain fresh salad ingredients ie lettuce of your choice, a green for fibre (baby spinach or rocket, arugula to americans) tomato, cucumber, salad/spring onion, a little avocado, capsicum and whatever fresh herb you like the taste of. Peel a little carrot onto it, substitute in blanched vegies like zucchini or broccoli, but whatever you do keep it lean or else what’s the point?



  • My budget is always tight and canned tuna here in philippines is cheap so thats what i buy together with veggies or eggs.ill definitely try this one

  • “This was it, but this will work!” I like that saying Fouad and thanks making this as real as possible for us, its very encouraging (^,)

  • I love you so much I can ever I mean ever stop rewatching videos with you in them your such an inprasion to me I know I’m posting this late but keep it up man

  • Love u man…i feel like ur the only one doing this shit…..the rest are doing it and there cool but there not a beast like u…not near ur size.

  • Worcestershire: War Stir Sure. That’s how you say it. I swear I’ve never heard a youtuber say it right. War Stir Sure. Say it quick.

  • The only thing that rivals your beauty and mad skills in the kitchen is your circa 1989 Dino dance moves and singing. Don’t think I could love you any more <3

  • I’m definitely going to make this but for me I’m going to try to substitute
     the mayo.. Im currently making light teriyaki baked wings.Rice on side for Sandy and Cauliflower Rice and spring mix for me. OH and some halo top ice cream lol

  • Most of YT bodyBuilders are Clickbait s**t: “ooh, look those 3 workouts will blow up your chest”, “5 secret workout you didn’t know”, “mooooonster traps”….And here is Fouad: a honest guy, guy who respects eating, kitchen, who’s actually cares about progress, and regarding the workouts, he always has advices for everyone, i.e. how to do an actual set why is it better to do with some way or so…thanks and Keep up Fouad the great work!

  • Lol I was just having my lunch lettuce wrap with tuna creations, avocado,sliced carrots, �� cilantro and jalapeño �� I was like perfect timing ����
    I buy the small packages that are flavored saves me so much time love how you did your tuna ������������������

  • We’re going to start making a salad
    Me: Great
    Start with some tomatoes, and cucumber
    Me: Well, that was fun while it lasted(hate both of those, unless the tomato is cooked in soups).

  • Honestly no BS straight up what it takes type of guy. These days Justin Bieber, or miley Cyrus are who the kids look up to. I much prefer a Vet like Travis Haley or a dude like F.A. Awesome video man keep up the good work.

  • I made the vinaigrette from the bread salad, and the first vinaigrette I’ve ever liked on its own merit. Basically, for me, vinaigrette has been a “oh, they don’t have thousand island? Okay vinaigrette is unoffensive enough” dressing. But this recipe is legit great.

  • I love me a manly lady haired salad! haha. I really like iceberg lettuce, I think it’s totally underrated so I appreciate this recipe:)

  • I am really soory to say when he makes his food he allways use to speak to food like shit. He didn’t know that the food helos him to grow that’s why i don’t like this man.

  • I was up late like night detangling yarn for my crochet project.. watching you.. and making tuna salad because you made me crave it! LOL I think my favorite salad would be potato salad.

  • I feel like tuna these days really isn’t much cheaper than ground turkey, and chicken unless you are buying the extremely lean stuff.
    A pound of chicken, and turkey is around 100 grams of protein.
    You have to buy multiple cans of tuna to get that amount.