Trump Administration Rolls Back Obama-Era School Lunch Rules


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Trump administration aims to rollback Michelle Obama’s school lunch plan

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Trump administration rolls back Obama-era school lunch rules

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Trump rolls back Obama-era school lunch rule

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Trump administration changes school lunch standards

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Trump administration to change Obama-era school lunch policy

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How Trump’s USDA wants to change rules around school nutrition


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T he Trump Administration announced a proposed rule on Friday that would roll-back Obama-era school lunch regulations, allowing more flexibilities in the amount and types of fruits and vegetables. Trump Administration Rolls Back Obama-Era Rules for School Lunches Students lined up for lunch at a middle school in Utah last year. The Trump administration announced on Thursday its final plans.

On Thursday, Donald Trump’s administration announced plans to roll back rules aimed at making school lunches healthier and more nutritious. This decision will impact the lives of over 30 million. The Trump administration on Friday announced plans to roll back school lunch standards on vegetables and fruits originally promoted by Michelle Obama, unveiling the proposal on the former first.

The Hill: The proposed rules build on previous steps taken by the Trump administration to unwind the controversial school lunch rules championed by Obama as part of her “Let’s Move!” healthy living. The new, Trump-era rules are aimed at reducing food waste, the USDA said in a press release. The proposal would make “it easier for schools to offer school lunch entrees for a la carte purchase.

Trump administration rolls back Obama-era rules for school lunches December 9, 2018 This week, the United States Department of Agriculture announced its final plans to lower nutrition standards for grains, flavored milks and sodium in school cafeterias. Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue is not shy about sharing his taste for chocolate milk. Trump Administration Rolls Back Obama-Era School Lunch Rules Schools will now have more leeway when it comes to salt, whole grains and milk, USDA says Please note: This article was published more than one year ago. The facts and conclusions presented may have since changed and may no longer be accurate.

The Trump administration has finalized a rollback of school lunch regulations championed for years by former first lady Michelle Obama. Under the rules first announced last year, schools are now allowed to offer more flavored milk options, like chocolate. On Monday newly minted Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue announced a rollback of school lunch standards championed by the former first lady, declaring at a Virginia school that the administration.

List of related literature:

In order to encourage local “buy-in”for the school lunch program, congressional appropriations covered only a small fraction of the cost of children’s lunches.

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And there were political counterattacks from the right, such as Rush Limbaugh’s attacks against the new LAUSD menu, linking it to Michelle Obama “trying to co-opt and take over the school lunch program for healthful eating.”

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New York School Superintendent Maxwell went on record in his annual reports, calling for lunches to be publicly supported.

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FIGURE 15.12 School lunches Children have responded to the school lunch standards set by the Healthy, HungerIn addition to lunches, federal guidelines regulate meals provided as Free Kids Act of 2010 by eating more fruit, throwing away

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Current emphasis is on making the school lunch program more responsive to need as part of the President’s antipoverty drive.

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These rejections raised national security concerns, which led to enactment of a narrowly tailored bill, the National School Lunch Act in 1946 and to the federal government inserting itself into school lunch programs.

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The school governors are discussing this issue; the Chairman, himself MD of a catering company, is urging the headteacher to be entrepreneurial and to take on responsibility for the provision of school meals, believing this could be profitable for the school.

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In 1946, Congress passed and President Truman signed the National School Lunch Act outlining the purpose and policies for a comprehensive federal program offering a lunch for schoolaged children.

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  • Donald Trump has left behind a Trail of Bankruptcies, Thousands of Lawsuits, Contractors who feel cheated, the poor working class man who feels cheated, military who feel cheated. And he’s going to make America great again.Heaven help US. Lets keep America obese again.
    Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it.
    Pride comes first, then comes the Downfall. God

  • Back when I went to school we had healthy foods but we chose if it will go on our tray and at times they had different variety, but on Fridays they would have a special item on the lunch menu it would be pizza, ice cream bar or something else. I don’t remember if everyone was able to get that item or it was based on how well we did in that week.

  • At least it will reduce the amount of food thrown in the trash. Honestly, it doesn’t matter what you give kids in school, it’s not 100% of their daily consumption and either way they have the choice to eat what is served or buy a burger instead

  • This is a little dishonest. The other major change was calorie restriction. So you had all these athletes (and taller students) who were starving from calorie deprivation.

  • I work at a school in CA and it kills me to see how much food is thrown away!! If you give them healthy choices IT DOESN’T MATTER!!! The kids won’t eat it. They are forced to put the other foods on their plate but all They eat is the hamburger, pizza, nachos, and everything else goes in trash. Whole uneaten bananas, apples, strawberries, kiwi, oranges, melons all in the trash. salads, spaghetti, vegetables, rice dishes in the trash. My school district would rather dump it in the trash than let teachers eat it or let students take the fruits home. Whole cartons of unopened milk trashed. Kids get muffins in the morning some days and the kids will drink the chocolate milk and dump the unopened muffins in trash. IT IS SICKENING!!!!!Our kids today don’t care they get food at school free and no one cares if most ends in trash

  • i have the solution.. get rid of the school bus.. that saves more money for food and without a bus the kids burn off the calories by walking home.. live to far away from school you say.. got a idea for that too.. get em a bike..

    personally i liked my school lunches.. that breakfast pizza was the beast!

  • When I lived in California at my high school the only option served everyday was chocolate milk a rubbery chicken sandwich and an unripe orange

  • I think 80’s and 90’s was fine with the food we had, forcing us to eat healthier is an option. We still had veggies and fruit on our tray at school. We had drinks and snack machines and they bandit from the school.We use to sell candy in the schools and now its restricted because of the Obama nutrition act. I have nothing against them, but it was fine when i was 9 and my kids say the food tasted better then, then now before they changed it. They don’t like to eat breakfast or lunch sometime at school. I brought my child school lunch and put a extra snack in there and a teacher was criticizing her because she was trying to teach her portion control, and not make her eat it, i put an extra snack in her bag. She said it wasn’t fair to the other students. Because they didn’t have extra portion, and i told her it was none of her business, it was healthy things in there and edible.

  • Everybody here is oblivious to the fact that we dont even eat the school lunch, we throw it away. Its alot better to get rid of the food instead of starving ourselves.

  • Dude these rules were never even a thing at my school in the first place. My school lunches never changed during Obama administration, if anything the food got more unhealthy wtf… I don’t like trump but he isn’t doing anything by pulling this back because they didn’t do anything to begin with.

  • This man is so despicable and have so much hatred in his heart that he’s willing to hurt our kids. Rolling back Obama policy does not hurt the Obamas it hurts America as a whole. This has to be the most incompetent, hatred filled and vengeful administration ever. I bet your family(Trump), especially your kids have healthier food than what you are trying to give to our kids.

  • Hungry children will eat anything. Even healthy food. All this from a guy who served world class athletes McDonald’s & Burger King. This country is in the toilet & the mop is in the tank.

  • So what’s a lunch like now? I remember 19 years ago getting pizza and tatter tots every Friday as the only option. And my last day of high school had chicken Parmesan as one of two options.

  • Michelle wanted kids to eat �� Carrots for lunch; but in MY neighborhood, that’s sometimes the ONLY meal some get all day, so PIZZA calories please.

  • When the Obama era took place my high school made “ healthy changes” by giving us baked potatoes chips and reducing fruit juice size to 4 ounces.

  • Lmao good. Thanks to Michelle’s ridiculously small portion sizes. I was starving everyday at school,getting light head between classes. Her plan was pretty much to starve school kids to combat children obesity. Not a solution.

  • I am glad that was no in place while I was in school. I would have starve doing the day. Oh my what is wrong the teach would have asked. I would have said I am hungry. They would say well you did not eat at home. I would have said yes ma’am but I am hungry because they do not serve what I like to eat. I do not graze. I need food!


  • Kids have been drinking milk since the beginning of time. Nothing wrong with milk in school lunches. A little fat won’t melt the future snowflakes. Kids these days are stuck with these crazy parents who won’t feed their kids anything that’s not organic, anything with fat, sugar, etc… It’s ridiculous. ��for bringing milk back and reversing an unnecessary and stupid Obama-era mandate that attempted to control people and make decisions for them.

  • As someone who works in a scratch kitchen at a high school-trying to get kids to eat whole wheat pasta is pointless, it’s gross -a lot of it gets thrown away. I’ve heard the struggle is worse for schools with younger kids. Fruit on the other hand, we go through so much, even though we have to serve it, and some does get wasted -we leave it out during the day and man do those kids love apples & bananas. I think we should be emphasizing QUALITY of food. Because the crap that comes from a freezer or even off of a grocery shelf in the middle of the store may be a suggested serving but is not very nutritious.

  • I graduated high school in 2019 and I’ll say this, the food was absolutely terrible. Most of the people I knew would just pack their own lunches and snacks. I understand that children and teens should be consuming more nutritious substances, but please keep in mind that kids will not eat school food if it doesn’t look appealing or even taste slightly good.

  • Back when I was in school ’69 to ’81 we didn’t have an obesity problem. The reason for that was we had physical education (P.E.) and you didn’t see every student with a cell phone. I know that just wasn’t in school but at home too. Kids all always on there phones or playing video games on TV while devouring nachos. Kids just don’t get any exercise anymore.

  • Why is it that Liberals think they have a right to force their agenda on people anyway…Obama should have worried about the immense National dept he acquired instead of School lunch’s and letting full grown men use female bathrooms…

  • I’ve been a teacher for almost 20 years. I’ve seen school lunches transition from some sort of white carbohydrate with a yellow processed cheese with a side a can veggie to fresh veggies and fruits & whole grains EVERY breakfast and lunch! Children in poverty depend on school meals.

  • They weren’t eating the food because it was absolute soy based meatless slushful garbage. It had nothing to do with obesity or health. They are attempting to limit certain proteins and amino acid compounds. They also wanted to bring down the testosterone levels in Male children in order to achieve docile behavioral conditions hence a weakened compliant leftist oriented future generation. The Obamas also had contracts with some of the ” food” producers to help make their friends in the industry additional forms of profit. Biggest scammer family in presidential history second only to the Clintons and the Bush’s. Glad he undid this evil Obama led initiative on Mitchell’s birthday to give her a taste of her own medicine. Great job once again ������.

  • How many free school lunches for every child in America at the current number and price, and for how many years could they be supplied, if the decision not to build 1 (one) $13.500,000,000 Ford class Aircraft carrier. Nine would be enough, you really don’t need 10…..150 years? Or so

  • Can anybody say Monsanto’s it’s a food poisoning factory…. Michelle is not a doctor…. she’s a disbarred lawyer who believes you have to cheat them to beat them… disbarred lawyers will say anything for money ��…. they can’t be trusted… they win by hook or by crook… wake up everybody please….. he/she hates this country…. why should we listen to HIM?

  • I understand healthy, but not skimpy. This is why I pack all 3 of my kids lunch. They can have a choice if they want the school lunch or not. Not all kids are so fortunate to have the same choice.

  • Trump’s adminstration and their dictator duties. Always trying to reverse Obama’s legacy while putting Americans back in the pit where they started.

  • So I ask, how much food, fruits, vegetables are being wasted? And, if this is a cause for worry, is Michelle proper in her opinion?

  • This is disgusting, who cares if kids said the food was less tasty as adults we are supposed to do what’s in their best interest even if they don’t like it. Why would that tool even try to use that as an argument for his cause?

  • I remember in 2nd grade when Obama changed the lunches and it became gross. I stopped eating lunch and throw it away. Lunch used to be awesome before Obama changed it. Now I’m a senior and I would really like to have good lunches for my last couple of months haha

  • Kids need milk in there diet I’ve had it when I was a kid and I’m ok so why change it? The food should be more healthier they should have more fruit

  • She needs a phd in nutrition because diabetes is gonna set on her really soon. Not sure if it was the best idea to bring an obese person and to say trumps food policy is better ��

  • So… mc.donalds will rule in schools now? OMG we will have little chubby kids? �� OMG. �� Maybee. More P.E i guess. Or they will end up having heart attacks at a young age…. If the food is thrown away, agricultures have someone at least to sell their products. If we put more junk food in children’s plate we are going to end up with all the agricultures going bankruptcy.

  • Milk and dairy makes me sick, and as a child, I was forced to drink milk during lunch time at school by school administrators because I was “small.” It hurt my stomach, produced too much mucus, and I often threw it all up within an hour. The schools need to stop force feeding dairy, processed meats and steroid pumped foods to children. I’m very healthy now that I can select my own foods. Trump is oblivious to nutrition and anything related to the health of children. SMH. Americans as a whole are drinking milk less for a reason.

  • They think obesity is gonna spread rapidly but it only did cause the government told us what is good to eat and what is not good to eat(look it up)

  • look, you are the parent. not them. if my son doesn’t want to eat what i feed him, he does not eat. he went five days without eating, but now he understands.

  • all trump cares about is getting even with obama for the correspondents dinner….and trashing or kids! just collateral damage….

  • Can they just give us water…. We just want water not milk…
    Also put salad bars!!!.. Maybe even have a Subway built into the school to make it healthy

  • Forget the school lunches what about the 40+ students in a classroom and underpaid teachers having to dig in their own pocket to provide essentials that shouldnt be scarce in a learning environment. Focus on what really matters

  • I want to appreciate and recommend webhacker202 @Gmail. Com for helping me hack my school grade and upgrading my university grade, he really did it for me i believe he can do yours also please contact him he is the man for the job

  • Wow!! Why people voted for this hateful and evil man for president?? Now their kids are pain for it too. I feel bad for these kids.

  • Why is it up to the schools to feed them? Do parents do anything now days except create kids they can’t take care of or educate themselves. Then again it is only Liberal cities who are never happy with ANYTHING.

  • I would rather pay for food being eaten than thrown away as long as that actually happens. No matter what they are eating, it needs to be better quality than it has been in the past years as well. I am certain a child that is fed will probably learn faster than trying to learn over a hungry stomach. More federal funding that is actually used for food would be a pretty good place to start. Rolling off of totally stupid ideas like Ronald Reagan had that ketchup was a vegetable so he could steal money from school funding should be step number one. These things start at the top… where Mr. McDonald Trump sits his blubbery at. Once funding is taken away federally, the states get into the act, then the schools themselves get to doing it. Before long, your child gets to chew on the cardboard that the food should have come in. They don’t even get the smell, because that would cost more.

    Separate federal funding should go to teachers as well, it pisses me off every time I see a teacher having to use his or her own money for supplies for their classroom. They are paid to teach, that should be their money for their welfare just like anyone else would expect at their job. I know many would call it being socialist, I call it governing, schools aren’t there to make a profit. These politicians are public servants living off of the tax payers buck and it’s time they start doing their job.

  • Noone wants Michaels school lunches. Trust me. That nervous lady on the left is trying to make it sound like she did a good thing by not giving you the whole story. Take a look at michelle obamas lunches. Would you really want that for you or your kid? Take off the partisan blinders that prevent you from leaving your bubble abd get real.

  • Unbelievable smh Just ridiculousness and down right foolishness…you are in school for an education therefore your diet should consist of healthy choices that stimulate the brain…what simple minded human beings complain about their kids getting healthy options but an idiot

    well I guess that’s why American students are behind most advanced countries in education because they put their focus on stupidity

    The same people complaining will greet you at the door with a bag of chips and cake and surely obesity…if you want your fat out of shape constant whining kids to eat junk food feed it to them at home

  • Thank goodness these American patriots are standing up to the communist conspiracy to…
    *squints *
    …provide healthy food to children.

    How dare they?!?!

  • Assurance and peace of mind are very important in living good life generally, I have not been the type to have always enjoyed a smooth, relationship always experience some hikes until webhacker202 @gmail com was able to come through and gave me remote access to wife phone.

  • I’m so happy this is going to happen. Last year, I couldn’t make my own lunch so I had to deal with school lunch. I would come home starving, and I would feel sick every single time. Thanks Michelle Obama.

  • I drove a school bus for 87 kids 85 were from the Mexican trailer park. These kids were all about their free lunches and breakfasts but all the way to school and all the way home they would chant, “America sucks, white people suck”. Every frigging day. The school district would do NOTHING. So I quit. If I had it to do over I’d sue the school district.

  • I agree, cook them something they’ll eat and stop wasting.if it’s not as healthy don’t load the plate down with the junk. For some kids that lunch plate is all they’ll eat until the next day. So make it count

  • About time that food was trash believe me this is good besides if you went to school you would see how much of that junk was getting thrown out

  • My father in the 40’s was so poor he depended on school healthy food to balance his nutrition. So the only meal some kids have all day will be replaced with junk; sad times of end we are living nowadays; SMH!

  • what about starting a cooking class where the students can learn to cook fresh food, and run the cafeteria. The program could be a credit course where the students learn how to order food from suppliers, accounting, and preparing,

  • And these are the people who claim to be “Pro Life” and claim they care about children but they constantly prove by their actions that they don’t care. Forcing a low income woman to have a baby and then taking away programs to help her feed that baby is another thing the disgusting Republican party had done

  • Sick children become sick adults. Make these lives dependent on medicine that will cost them and eventually kill them. This is America.

  • Kids shouldn’t be told by teachers what they can and can’t eat. Dairy is necessary part of your diet i dont see wht it wouldn’t be included in school meals in the first place.

  • A Lot more people are lactose intolerant than ever before. This would be the perfect opportunity for the Almond Milk and Coconut Milk companies to start producing kid size cartons and selling to schools.

  • Wow as a kid you don’t notice a lot. Growing up between Bush W and Obama’s term I noticed the milk got less tasty and I never knew why lol.

  • I am BLESS that the High School I went to had Good cooked who prepared a hot seasoned lunch that was good to my stomach. I felt like I was in Heaven on earth. The best lunch that I was served through out my school year. Vegetables and all was �� PERCENT good. Good Hospitality with a kind and loving heart as if we was their own. It has been said it takes a village to raise a child. We stayed active moving and striving because we was nurtured well from The Principal and staff. The best years was my last years of High School.

  • Under the 8 years of Obama, I don’t remember anyone picking up vegetables or fruits from school. My friends and I ate pizza daily, I didn’t even know that health thing was there. If you want the kids to eat healthy, maybe just provide vegetables, fruits, and water only that will surely force them to eat healthy or fast. For many probably fast.

  • Same thing happened in my high school in 09 except if you wanted the “good” lunch you had to pay way more for it. So I started to pack. Trump2020

  • Do you miss Obama now? Republicans take away your healthcare. They undo EPA standards. Create an unhealthy environment. Attack our lives daily. Now they attack our kids at school. All for the dollar bill. People wake up!

  • Good. The Obama lunch program is terrible. Kids need a good breakfast and Lunch so they’re not thinking about food so they can concentrate on whats important, an education…. Yall Liberals are crazy…

  • On fox and friends they were negative on Mitchell’s program stating that there kids wanted sodas and chips for lunch. There kids are in private schools where they probably eat nothing but organic foods

  • One thing I know for sure, when these little kids start learning about the tRump and his administration. They will ask questions! Good for them, stop them at every turn I say! They go low, and we do go high!

  • My thought on this is why not have some of both? Let the kids deside on what they want to eat. If society is saying an 3 or 4 year old can choose what sex they WANT to be then why not let them choose what they want to eat! Simple as pie…or carrots

  • Lol show a real picture of those Obama lunches. Plus they didn’t make it illegal for kids to buy junk food they just made it so kids or their parents had to pay for it!

  • Yeah,big Mike obama ate the best food like a pig!!!!! But mandated garbage for our kids!!!!! Don’t smoke,eat lettuce and broccoli,exercise and die at 70!!!

  • Why not solve the problem before taking away healthy choices for children? Psychologically our kids are affected by advertisers & marketers flooding the media with unhealthy food ads and commercials. It starts with us. Someone said: “if the government has to dictate for you, then you don’t need to have kids” We have to teach our kids to do better and make healthier choices, not waste healthy foods, but it starts with “us”…

    Seems like Black and Hispanic immigrant students are affected the most. Trump doesn’t give a crap �� about our children’s health. But, if we don’t care, why should he care, right����‍♂️? It’s sad…

  • I can’t believe how many people support this… Im no fan of Obama, but this is a pointlessly stupid swipe at one of his policies. Pathetic.

  • All I remember from middle school lunch was not having enough money on my account so I’d wait in line everyday with my food but they still wouldn’t let me take the food. Sometimes they would though but in highschool I just used the time to smoke cigarettes

  • LAME EXCUSES!!!!!!

    When I was in Elementary school in the Midwest����

    Can you believe the Waste Food was separated from garbage and


    Now some Weasels/Sniveling Yes Men/Women better known as Bootlickers say “That’s Bad” must put in landfill not Even a Compost Pile.

    ” Make America Great Again”

    I’d be Happy if America Grew a Spine Again, and there were more REAL MEN Again( Balls working for more than making babies)

  • If i was in school, I would have brought in a slice of pizza and fries everyday just as an FU to big mike obama and the school. Like bloomberg saying I cant have a big gulp, FU.

  • The Trump administration thinks illegal immigrants are the biggest threat we’re under…sure it’s not ideal but there’s nothing more important that the health and well being of our countries children

  • English mus5 be her 5th language. “Umm…and umm, and umm…yes and umm, Michelle umm, and umm, Trump umm, and umm. Thank you for having me.”

  • After Ronald Reagan declared ketchup to be a vegetable so that less could be served to kids at school and save a few federal bucks, I am surprised we don’t just offer a plain paper sack for them to eat being that there have been several Republican presidents since then. LOL
    On a more serious note, I do believe obesity is out of hand in this country but kids often will be picky. Vegetables aren’t usually a favorite thing with kids and being that for many of these kids, it may be the only meal they see all day, it should be the best that we can make for them. I would rather see my tax dollars go for more, not so good food to be eaten rather than really healthy food to be thrown into to the trash can. I am even for the thought that if a child wants seconds to get it as long as they eat what they get and not throw it away, even if does happen to be an apple or vegetables.

  • You worry about what your kid eats? pack their lunch and quit complaining. I ate school lunches growing up and I’m still on this planet. Kids are kids, can you imagine growing up without hamburgers and fries, pizza? come on man.

  • Just Feed d fuking kids instead of bailing out food contractors that served kids rotten food…dont even feed kids no more…if parents oe kid cant pay

  • Can any Trump supporter(s) please tell me the reasoning behind cutting federal funding for education programs and healthy school lunches?

    Trump has been weakening this country in every way possible. He is a traitor enriching himself and his rich friends, as he always has been. Greed is Trump’s life.

  • Lmao good. Thanks to Michelle’s ridiculously small portion sizes. I was starving everyday at school,getting light head between classes. Her plan was pretty much to starve school kids to combat children obesity. Not a solution.

  • I make my kids school lunches. Pack fruit, sandwich, soup, and some type of veggie.

    As a parent, my kids eat what I expose them to. I saw the school lunch menu and they had pancake and sausages for lunch. Um no…

    Kids don’t eat their lunch… Oh well, u gonna go hungry till dinner. Get hungry enough they’ll eat their food.

  • The Republican Party has a long history of this. Ronald Reagan attacked school lunchesand in another move, called for jellybeans to be classified as a health food because they’re fat free.

  • I was in high school, and noticed I stopped getting free lunch when Obama became president. I wonder if it’s related. kids have always downed on school lunchs. it’s not the food it’s the exercise kids need to get. the faster you walk the longer you live. The longer you run the harder it is to gain weight. look at cross country runners. They will not gain weight because there body becomes conditioned by consistent exercise. 6 years after graduation I’ve gained only 10 pounds and I eat primarily fast food. Excuses rather then exercise is the real issue.

  • Lydia smacking those lips, like she’s been missing some, meals. Shut this interview down at once, engage lydia first, with water & get this woman a shield…of food!!! Ta’challa approves this message! Wakanda, forever!!!��

  • by the time they are 40 years they may have heart problems or other health issues if they start eating a lot of meat “i don'[t wish this on any one”

  • the day on my field trip, my school had chicken drumsticks, i bought the lunch cuz i thought it was gonna come with a drumstick but all i got was a sandwich, hersheys milk, and carrots. well at least the milk was good.

  • Omg gov telling me what to do…I always like that.
    Barry and Ms Barry did so many things like this to get big government in your face. in 2020 people remember this you want more big government go ahead and put Pocahontas in or one of the other lefties in and this sht will repeat itself again some more

  • Just teach the kids to be resourceful and grow all the food they wanna eat there on school campuses. Give them life skills that will sustain them for life, and then everyone knows exactly where lunch comes from and the food waste, can always be composted and turned into nutrients to feed back to growing plants. AMAZING…… instead, let’s force feed our children GMO nutrient and flavor deficient foods, have them sit under mind numbing fluorescent lighting, and have government toss about meal options for public schools across the nation. GREAT plan…. the politics of our modern times are not benefiting our hope for a brighter tomorrow.

  • Wow how horrible actual good food with regular milk and cheese. We can always pack our kids lunches with vegetables and non far 1% milk

  • They don’t realize that kids aren’t like pets, and trying “tricks” to “entice” us is just stupid. If it doesn’t get thrown in the dump, it will be used as ammunition for kids to launch at their enemies via those cheap ass plastic spoons/ shot-puts. In one instance, I was absolutely starving, but as soon as that rubbery, spongy excuse of a burger patty CHIPPED OFF when I knocked it on the table, I decided I would just go hungry. They don’t allow any fat/ oil to be kept in the meat, making it basically sailor’s tack. I’ll admit that here in Texas the burger standards are pretty high, but when you can use a burger patty as a drum mallet then you know things aren’t going very well. I didn’t even mention the cold, stiff pieces of chemicalscented wonderbread with one piece of salami and a half slice of kraft cheese (this item has been removed, but it still traumatizes me to this day), as well as a WHOLE F-ING FEATHER I found cooked into a “fried” (baked, frozen, then boiled to thaw for extra grubbiness) chicken drumstick. Kids will literally toss that CRAP into the toilet (yes, I have found a hamburger patty, kraft cheese, a whole sandwich, and a quaker bar in toilets before). I know I shouldn’t be complaining because some kids are starving, but come on! I don’t live in a medieval prison (although school is something similar)! My school is less than a mile away from the headquarters of some billiondollar companies (not flexing)! Our district has more than enough to give use something edible! America, step it up!

  • Yeh!! I remember how happy and thrilled the kids were with Michelle Obama’s lunches. The dried out whole wheat bread and rolls. The tiny, itty bitty portion sizes. The kid’s snuck in salt shakers just to try to make the gross food a little better. What’s the use of providing food if no will eat it? The new guidelines won’t kill anybody and the schools need to do better with the meals. Get rid of the Federal Dept. of Ed and then decisions could be made locally where you would have control. And save money!!

  • I started school back in 2004. It literally stayed the same. The only thing that changed was we weren’t allowed vending machines. We had burgers, pizzas and many other unhealthy meals

  • I’m grateful that this is news. Considering the amount of trump drama going on. It’s disgraceful that eating healthy is not a priority for this administration. We as parents dictate how we raise our children. Not the other way around. A child that eats healthy foods knows no other kinds of foodsif you don’t give it to them!

  • Wow the mainstream media really just lied straight to our faces within the first 45 seconds of this video where they initially claimed that it’s Trump’s fault but then they also claim that it’s the usda’s choice(the secretary of perdue) to save money because children are throwing these vegetables in the trash….
    so again.. how the f*** is that Trump’s fault?

  • its not a bad thing, heck when i was in school they ruined the lunches so bad that most the kids just didn’t eat school lunches if they could avoid it, then the schools wanted to make it fair and say “You cant bring your lunch because they cant afford to bring their lunch” so a lot of kids just started skipping lunch all together but, ya Healthy food that few will eat is better then good food that all will eat i guess good way to save some Money:D

  • I’m fine if they want nutrition in schools, but please for the love of God don’t push it as hard. Going from paying $1.75 for lasagna, salad, milk, and yogurt to $2.50 for a ham-cheese sandwich, steamed carrots, water, and cooked spinach wasn’t a good move. Didn’t help when the school district found that the percentage of the student population that didn’t eat lunch went from just 4% to a ghastly 39% in just two years following the standards change.

    Make lunch healthy, but not as a substitute for substance, because kids WILL forgo lunch if it’s that bad. Despite not being in school in years, this was actually something I supported Trump doing, because like I said it got that bad. I know Michelle Obama tried to do the right thing, but man it got poorly implemented.

  • The school lunches that were introduced under Michelle Obama were absolutely disgusting. Kids were throwing them away and quite honestly, after watching videos of the food, I wouldn’t feed it to a dog. Kids were leaving lunch hungry and malnourished.

  • michelles rediculous school food idea was NOT thought out. She should have gone to schools herself and asked the kids DIRECTLY what they prefer on the menu and what healthy foods and drinks they want on the menu

  • Give them fat, sugar, gmos, chips, hot dogs, and whatever nasty food you can find. Smart healthy people don’t eat trash, trash food is for people born in USA, they destroy any good recipe anyway.

  • Most of these nasty things are on welfare and they don’t even pay taxes, so fk them. Let Shaqweefa make lunch for her nasty kids.

  • Michelle Obama’s lunch program had the right idea, just didn’t execute it correctly. School lunches were gross as hell—I’d always bring home lunches.

  • I don’t even know why school food and politics even needed to cross paths the lunch should be with the district or parents not the government

  • This makes sense and has a trickle down effect..Kids won’t eat what the Obama administration makes them..They get tired and lethargic then their test scores plummet then they take away their recess to try and bring up the scores to meet the states requirements then they get fat and unhealthy..If kids wont eat it at home then they sure won’t eat it at school….Makes sence to stop wasting food..If they are worried about our kids being overweight then make athletics mandatory just like math..

  • Dumb down school curriculum, cheap out on healthy food to stupify children on a physiological level. Future generations are facked.

  • Remember all the blow-back when Michele Obama proposed healthier changes? People apparently want to maintain the right to have the most obese, malnourished children on the planet.

  • How about a half a hot dog. A half a cup of chili. A tablespoon of cheese. Half an apple. 5 tater tots. And a small dessert. What’s the point of throwing away a bunch of food kids won’t eat? Feed them what they like just cut the portion sizes in half.

  • I’m sure the kids will miss ” horse meat tacos….” Chinese grown lettuce fertilised by human extriment.”, nasty vegetables overloaded with chemicals..
    All to keep the cost down.
    Nice work Obama’s…not!

  • As a health educator in underprivileged schools I find this appalling. Our County has a program that goes and gets the food left over from schools and hands it out to communities. Everything this dumbass lady is saying doesn’t make any sense. “Gives kids butter and salt” yeah that’ll work… So uneducated and misinformed.

  • As a kid in the 60’s and 70’s, I would never eat school food and often the smell of it wafting through the school made me feel sick.

  • They wanted us to eat healthier but served us “healthier meat” that is actually part plastic to “cut calories” but really is giving kids food poisoning. I had to go to the er for 3 days because of plastic in the meat����.

  • My school literally put a hamburger and 2 onion rings on it and called it a “Viking Burger.” That was it. All u had for lunch was that and extra onion rings, fruit if you wanted it… kinda gross

  • Julie looks like she never missed a meal yet she probably spend most of their time at a fast food restaurant why her kid has to eat whatever on their plate look at the size of her

  • Serve healthy foods and allow the kids choose what they want. If the kids don’t like/want it, too bad. Any un-taken food will surely be welcome by the homeless.

  • We’re the greatest country in the world. Google what they’re feeding their children in the other industrialized countries in the world. It looks like fine dining.

  • even if kids are served healthy food, it doesn’t mean they’re going to eat it. But cutting budgets so poor kids can’t eat free is f-ed up

  • …..why vote for banana republic Trump…..
    ….. when you can vote for a healthy American…..??