True Toll of COVID-19 on U.S. Healthcare Workers Unknown


The mental toll on health care workers

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COVID-19 in the United States: Insights from Healthcare Systems

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THANK the true HEROES: health care workers

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Healthcare Workers Share Their Heartbreaking Experiences During The COVID-19 Crisis

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Nurse Shares Heartbreaking Reality of Health Care Workers Fighting COVID-19 | NowThis

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The number of health care workers who have tested positive for the coronavirus is likely far higher than the reported tally of 9,200, and U. The number of health care workers who have tested positive for the coronavirus is likely far higher than the reported tally of 9,200, and U. The number of health care workers who have tested positive for the coronavirus is likely far higher than the reported tally of 9,200, and U.S. officials say they have no comprehensive way to count those who lose their lives trying to save others. Male nurse doing routine checkup of senior patient in hospital room (Getty Images/Ridofranz) A looming catastrophe: True toll of COVID-19 On U.S. health care workers remains unknown U.S. officials. True Toll Of COVID-19 On U.S.

Health Care Workers Unknown The number of health care workers who have tested positive for the coronavirus is likely far higher than the reported tally of 9,200, and U.S. officials say they have no comprehensive way to count those who lose their lives trying to save others. True Toll Of COVID-19 On U.S. Healthcare Workers Unknown. of health care workers who have tested positive for the coronavirus is likely far higher than the reported tally of 9,200, and U.S.

The number of healthcare workers who have tested positive for the coronavirus is likely far higher than the reported tally of 9,200, and U. Coronavirus is killing far more US health workers than official data suggests Challenges in collecting data, a patchwork of state tracking systems and patients who die at home mean the true toll of. As of April 9, 2020, the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic had resulted in 1,521,252 cases and 92,798 deaths worldwide, including 459,165 cases and 16,570 deaths in the United States (1,2).Health care personnel (HCP) are essential workers defined as paid and unpaid persons serving in health care settings who have the potential for direct or indirect exposure to patients. COVID-19 has already taken a staggering toll in the United States, with more than 178,000 lives lost as of mid-August 2020.

1 In the coming months, more deaths will undoubtedly occur as a direct result of the virus.

List of related literature:

Otherwise, health departments will suffer the same fate as the one in New Jersey, where the introduction of ELR led to a significant increase in the completeness of disease reports, but it “exceeded local investigative capacity” [61].

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Respondents indicated that employees were occupationally exposed in 85 percent of home health agencies surveyed (Ex. 264, Q11); the number of agencies affected by the standard was estimated to be 6,437, with 487 believed to be government administered.

“OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control Plan” by Neal Langerman, Leslie Putnam
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There are more than 100 NNCs that are reported to the CDC through state agencies (Table 15.1).

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However, the coverage of universal reporting systems can vary between 10 and 25 per cent of diagnosed cases in countries such as The Netherlands to close to 100 per cent in Sweden (Lowndes and Fenton, 2004).

“Guide to Health Informatics” by Enrico Coiera
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According to current epidemiological estimations, approximately five hundred thousand envenomations occur annually, of which less than half receive appropriate medical care, resulting in more than twenty thousand deaths and an equal number of permanent disabilities (Chippaux, 1998a).

“Handbook of Venoms and Toxins of Reptiles” by Stephen P. Mackessy
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The good news is that there have only been two documented cases of MERS in the United States (CDC, 2017b), and cases of MRSA are decreasing (CDC, 2018a).

“Occupational Therapy in Community and Population Health Practice” by Marjorie E Scaffa, S. Maggie Reitz
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Numerous health problems, including active tuberculosis and AIDS, were addressed by the uniformed service medical support personnel (Wamai & Larkin, 2011).

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In total, 388 agricultural worker patients were diagnosed with TB at migrant health centers in 2011, equating to a prevalence rate of 48.8 cases per 100,000 population.

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The CDC similarly informed representatives of the Immigration and Naturalization Service and US Customs, as it was employees of those agencies—not health officials—who routinely saw all international passengers.

“Betrayal of Trust: The Collapse of Global Public Health” by Laurie Garrett
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from healthcare workers topatients and frompatientto patienthas been well documented, especially for the ICU environment (13, 24, 151).

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  • COVID-19 is taking a toll on all of us, but this is especially true for healthcare workers. They are risking their lives and the lives of their family members to help all of us. It’s pertinent that they receive emotional support during this time. In fact, all of us need access to mental health support now and even after the pandemic ends. If we don’t get in front of this suicide rates and substance abuse will only increase.

  • I am a Songwriter and a nurse myself and it was this nurse that inspired me to write this beautiful tribute song
    Frontline Staff Reality. I hope she gets to hear it.

  • Cuba has an antiviral drug that appears to be successful in treating the virus, currently in clinical trials in China. It’s one of a number of drugs the World Health Organisation is looking at to combat covid-19. With Cuba under tightened US blockade/sanctions, and with this current administration, politics seems more important than lives.

  • Shes saying there is miss management of patients and because of that she cant do anything for them. People are dying that dont need to be. She can only do so much. Yes, shes a warrior and a hero. But even heros have their limits.

  • Thank u to all of the healthcare workers, food service, grocery clerks. We’re trying to get supplies as quickly as possible to u. I’m the only one able to work in my family; sending $$ to 3 households and I don’t know when I’ll go home. I can’t risk infecting them. All of my conspiracy theories are out the window. Praying for us all.

  • Heroes? The medical workers I see in Longmont United Hospital, Longmont Colorado are no heroes. I see rude, obese, lazy, and ignorant. They come from a pool, (workforce), of troubled girls enrolled in a prison reform of sorts. Probation is what motivates them to enroll in medical field. (Created identity theft too). Yes, a lot of drop outs too. Don’t forget the illegal doca kaka. They are all told the dangers of working with and around the ill and contagious. From what I also see they live for the ‘National Calender’, The national calenders says it is pizza day! Nobody misses lunch. The national calenders says national obesity day means potluck. Seems like now it’s potluck everyday with lots of free food delivered by the people in real danger. In a way its potluck for me and many others that don’t know what their next meal will be or When. The medical workers at luh are a scam at this point of No Danger in longmont. They are not frontline they are buffet line and dance party line. At least that’s what I see. ‘I see’, is just my opinion don’t get your feelings hurt and lose sleep or god forbid lose your appetite. Medical workers at luh are selfish. Not everyone got a payday, Not everyone got food stamps, Not everyone Qualifies. I live on Zero income. Not a tax payer. I do not see any greedy medical workers Paying Forward any of the tons of food they get. I just see medical workers gorging and hoarding, posting dance party videos, casual Friday at work everyday. Obesity kills FYI. How about donating to others that are like myself? Selfpity, fake pity, unwarranted pity. Get over yourselves. Hypocrites. Medical workers have zero fear in going to work. They know they are in the safest place to be, and will enjoy multiple meals and snacks thru out shift. Overtime for many. $$$, do it for the Benjamins! Self called, so called, lmao heroes.

  • We can’t all stay inside until nobody dies anymore. The reality is that this virus has a death rate like that of the flu, and that it is inevitable that it will spread throughout the population. Also, 42% of all Covid deaths come from 0.6% of the population nursing home people. This nurse could just as easily be talking like this about a bad shift during flu season. Wake up, people, and realize there is an agenda behind this manufactured crisis, and it’s not your health.

  • I have a bunch of Highly Trained Secret Squirrels that can knock on their skulls for a while to see if they are a bad nuts or not^!!^

  • God bless the healthcare workers and thank you for keeping us informed, sharing positive vibes and being a constant presence for us.

  • The way some countries are acting it’s as if yall can afford to lose doctors and other medical staffs…if a lot of them decide to quit because they’re not getting proper medical supplies and support from the government, do you really think you can replace a doctor or nurse that easily??????

  • Ppl keep dying because they keep going out around a bunch of ppl. I feel sorry for the workers that have to be around all this. Not knowing if they will contract it smh.they partying every night and drinking Hennessy in the streets where I’m at. 0 fucks given and that’s why the #’s ain’t go down. Folks are hardheaded. Especially my fellow New Yorkers

  • I know this has been hard but I have been watching different videos of all Doctors and nurses that have been in the front line. And it has really touched me and made me cry.But I pray every day for all the Doctors and nurse that God give you strength and peace in your mind and heart’s because I know it not easy. Just kept up your faith and strength I pray that all of you dont get sick. But all I can tell you that I’m proud of all you out there that are helping out.God knows and my God bless you all I dont know you but get a hold of God because the times are coming where it going to be hard. Love you all

  • Consider mobile / or fixed glass or plastic partitionings between health care workers and patients. Strategic openings with extra long rubber ” sleevesglove may be added.

  • Its burn out at its finest. So many hours taking care of everyone else you forget your health and sanity. Death becomes the new normal and it should not be this way. These patients are dying and they can be with there loved ones.The last person they see is you. That hard burden to bare. You sweating all day in PPE. You not going from room to room seeing the same thing. It’s hard to get emotional. Especially witb kids

  • A Dilettante Presumptuous Theorem: Dang!

    All statements of fact, opinion, or analysis expressed do not necessarily reflect official positions or views or any other entity, past or present. Nothing in the contents should be construed as asserting or implying endorsement of interpretations and factual statements.

    Why are people and restaurants providing FOOD for the people who work at hospitals?

    Why do they need FOOD? Is there a FOOD shortage?

    Don’t they have hospital cafeterias?

    Don’t they make their own meals to take to work?

    Why is everyone always a stupid hero? Everyone gets a Trophy attitude is rather degrading.

    Healthcare workers are doing their job, how is that being a hero?

    Restaurateurs providing meals are not being a hero, it’s about making money!

    Ridiculous mendacious.

    Hollywood Style Americans are always bragging about being heroes.

    Hollywood Style Americans like the government brag about each other, the healthcare workers brag about each other, the police brag about each other, firemen brag about each other, politicians brag about each other, and each group mentioned brags about the other groups.

    What hubris and self-centeredness.

    Meanwhile the majority of real people at home are more noble humble Americans self-imprisoning themselves.

    If you’re doing your job, you’re not a hero! Someone who does something outside of or beyond the duties of their job.

    Government is being itself; police are being themselves; healthcare workers are being themselves

    Yawl keep forgetting it’s many government bio-warfare laboratories that have been producing and releasing different Corona Viruses since the 1990’s.

    No single person of any so-called -authority are calling to have a real time verbal Prayer to Elohim.

    The only Hero in this flat world is Tetragrammaton יהוה!

  • I’m 45 Years old, I contracted the virus when I was 20, I lived with the virus for about 10 years, Luckily for me I got in contact with a herbal Dr who cured me from this virus with the use of natural herbs, It’s been more than 12 years now that I’m totally free from it. you can contact him for help also.
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  • A fellow nurse here saying thank you for being willing to be vulnerable to show the world how how much we truly love what we do, but are also paying a very real price to deliver care to our communities. I’ve cried many times driving home from the ER after a difficult shift and that was pre-COVID, so I can only imagine how you feel now. I know it’s difficult to talk to people who don’t know the reality of what we take on caring for people in crisis, but please don’t stop talking about your experience. Thank you, Nurse D’Neil. I’m glad you are one of us ����

  • Ms. Schmall your video touched me so. Thank you so much for all you do. The fact your job is stressful before the Coronavirus more now, yet you wouldn’t trade your job for anything, proves that you are a loving, dedicated and caring nurse. We love and appreciate you. Please let us know what we could do for you and every healthcare worker. I’m sending you a huge hug and kiss on your forehead. God bless you.

  • These djs will say anything neo nazis pay them to say without a doubt,,theres a flat earth nasa nazi connection there not talking about!!

  • Why aren’t we listening to nurses and doctors like this. The best way for us to help ease their burden is to just stay home. If you have to go to the store, wear masks and gloves, stay 6 feet away from people. What is so complicated about this? And most importantly, Stop listening to that m/f in the White House.

  • Dear God renew her strength for our only hope is in Jesus..He feels your pain and Empathize with you..I thank God that one day soon Jesus would end all this death,pain, sickness and sorrows

  • god will bless you for the amazing job you are doing he loves you and will heal your pain. stay strong we will get through this let yeshua be your strength

  • Bless your heart hunny my prayer are with and all people who have to suffer from this Gods devine protection over you all and your patient’s

  • Yes all of you should be honored of all the hard work you all have done not all those athletes I do agree with what that gentlemen is says.

  • i am an essential employee who has and continue to work through this pandemic. We are exhausted mentally and physically so that others can be saved. I pray for all essential employees including those that are not being appreciated by our companies or fellow mankind.

  • Hospitals across the country are threatening workers not to talk to media about what’s going on. Its a federal neglect on our PEOPLE

  • How many of those same medical workers ignored sad patients and other human beings who were and are kept Lower-Class via systemic Applied Classism? #PovertySuicide & #ThomasSzasz & #RighttoDie

  • My heart breaks for you and I am so sorry I want to thank you for your service and I will continue to pray for you heroes. I don’t know you but God bless and I love you ❤️����

  • I’m 45 Years old, I contracted the virus when I was 20, I lived with the virus for about 10 years, Luckily for me I got in contact with a herbal Dr who cured me from this virus with the use of natural herbs, It’s been more than 12 years now that I’m totally free from it. you can contact him for help also.
    Email: [email protected]
    .call/WhatsApp: +2349032582239

  • Hang in there sis it will be. OK. Stay strong. I’m sorry it’s hard. My 3. Children. Adult.s. now work. Medical field. Just like you. It’s sad
    Stay strong. It will make you stronger. Please keep wrapped. Up. Safe well. Godless you all. I have daughter your age. Try take worm bath. Glass wine beer incents are. Great.

  • I made my GF quit… Not going to risk her life to help a bunch of people we don’t know����‍♂️����‍♂️ plus my family is wealthy af

  • Anymore I am not sure what is staged and what is not. I am an RN in a major city on the west coast and I have not seen “one” RN or tech, or MD breakdown, or cry, or make any such videos. And I work in two med centers………so, sorry I don’t buy it!

  • I felt you. I heard you. You are amazing ❤️. I can’t imagine how hard this is for any of you��. I can see your heart and you obviously care so much and do as much as you are possibly able. In this job, it’s already emotional and complex. You ARE Human and again can only do whatever you can possibly do. Please remember that. Please take care of you too you need too and you deserve it after all you have done. I’d have you as my nurse any day ❤️.

  • These evil people will stop at nothing to deceive the public. This is nothing but a crisis actor. If someone died they’ve only died of diseases they already had along with doctors being told by their higher authorities to put people on ventilators. Covid-19 is NOT even lethal like the mainstream media is reporting. It’s almost as mild as a common cold and not half as bad as the flu. It’s been around for years. Just look at your Lysol can it says protects from the Coronavirus. You may can fool all of the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time. But you can’t fool all of the people all of the time. And I am fully awake and see through your BS. Bill Gates orchestrated this entire false pandemic and need to be imprisoned for crimes against humanity. He will stop at nothing to implement population control by way of mass vaccination. look up ( Event 201) People don’t believe everything you hear. Begin to do your own research because the mainstream media will Not tell you the truth. Because their apart of the agenda as well and they are all funded by Bill Gates.

  • First of all sorry dear for the pain you go through daily. It’s a tough tough job. Please don’t loose hope ��. It’s everyone’s testing time. Thanks for your service. Praying God releive your stress. Lots of love from India ��

  • idc man if my grandmom is sick…. im going in the same room and taking care of her… old people dying at home alone…. YEAH RIGHT ITS BC THEY DIDNT GO SEE TH EM!!!!!!!!

  • My ❤️ heart goes out to you. I’ll be praying �� for you. My respect for you. I don’t know you but you have a friend if you allow my friend ship but prayer God answers prayers have faith

  • Meanwhile, Countless dental & medical clinics are closed. Infected teeth are not being pulled. Millions in need of operations are put on waiting lists. Highest unemployment in 100 yrs.
    All for a flu type Countless dental & medical clinics are closed. Infected teeth are mot being pulled. Millions in need of operations are put on waiting lists. Highest unemployment in 100 yrs.
    All for a flu type virus that most people (90+%) survive with little to no symptoms. Even Italy has admitted that 88% of virus related deaths were primarily due compromised immune systems due to pre-existing co-morbidities most of which were astma, metabolic syndrome & obesity to which I would add unhygienic living conditions & nutritional deficiencies
    Italy has admitted that 88% of virus related deaths were primarily due compromised immune systems due to pre-existing co-morbidities most of which were astma, metabolic syndrome & obesity to which I would add unhygienic living conditions & nutritional deficiencies

  • Gurl I’m right there with ya! Then I got the virus myself. Every aspect is horrible! Any co-worker or friend would rather u call us then cry alone! I’m so sorry sister. I’m so sorry. Much love and thank you for what you’re doing there from one RN/patient to another. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • I said a prayer for you this morning and for all the other nurses and doctors and I’ll do the same every day. It’s so important for you to share this reality with us, thank you for all you do.

  • Make your BS cry fest into one of the hundreds of nurse tiktok videos, laughing as they carry around a body with a “COVID” sign taped to it…then we will care.

  • Nurse said it best’ What the F*** is going on here…? And still many refuse to put on a mask or ensure that they’re distancing themselves from others not too much to ask in light of so much loss and pain.

  • This performance is sick! Now go and get your commission check for deceiving the sleeping sheep. Just know that your family will be affect as well if Gates accomplishes is vaccine depopulation agenda. You are a heartless person who will do anything for money!

  • There’s no way of knowing that this was what it is. This for now is way beyond our score of technology or control we could not prepare for this

  • The Mental toll on health care workers is huge because they chose the medical profession for money and not for the real job itself.


  • really? they are bored! hospitals are all dead. the real mental health toll is regular people not government workers. Me, I feel sorry for the protesters who are the real heroes.

  • This performance is sick! Now go and get your commission check for deceiving the sleeping sheep. Just know that your family will be affect as well if Gates accomplishes is vaccine depopulation agenda. You are a heartless person who will do anything for money!

  • God Bless you and all that you do ��… and on another point you’d have to be a REAL A$$HOLE to “thumb down” this video, I’m just saying!��

  • b.s. Fake. Get in and out of character in a second. We’ve already seen the empty hospitals. No ambulance activity. No funerals. Nadda. b.s.

  • This whole plan is working backwards…how you ask people to stay off to avoid contagion but you have those treating it..ill prepared and more likely than not contaminated and continue to work contaminated to expose MTA staff, child care workers in the centers made available to them, and other people who come to the hospital due to emergencies and expose it to them. Not right to the workers, to the people; to no one involved.

  • omggg this is heartbreaking i just wanna grab her and hug her so tight and tell her that everything is going to be okay I wish I could be there holding her hand through this whole nightmare. No one should ever have to feel this pain at their job but they do it to save our lives they risk their lives to save our lives. We have to be more careful we have to try to be as safe as we can for the well-being of everybody. Even if it means wearing uncomfortable masks or missing every event. We have to stay home and stay safe until this is all over or at least calms down more.

  • I know 3 people w this. One passed, one in ICU young dude too and my sons godmother been in hospital for 2 weeks. The way they handling this is what is making ot worse!

  • During this time healthcare provider supposed to have at least $5 moore /hour for their heard contribution for this fight.while others are home they are out 24/7

  • What’s extra sad is that these masks and gowns cost like 20 cents to make. Apparently for WWII, Ford started making tanks and airplanes in TWO days but we can’t get national production for these protective gear. Meanwhile how many NY hospitals have closed over the years and we are scrambling to make beds. NYP, North Shore, Mt Sinai weren’t trying to have hospitals for the communities, they were trying to maximize private paying patients. Smh. Medicare for all.

  • Hey guys! I just wanted to let everyone know that there is actually an online platform called HonorandThank that allows you to post a message of appreciation, encouragement and love to the staff at thousands of healthcare facilities around the country. You can send a message, video or picture and can personalize this as much as you want to! Unfortunately the end of the covid-19 pandemic is still unknown, so we are trying to get this message out to as many Americans as possible before anymore healthcare workers take their own life. If any of you leave a message at the site, please like this comment so I know! We also have an Insta: @easyeventplanning

  • Honey I feel for you and your pain. I hope that this gets solved soon. You are doing everything that is humanly possible. I’m so sorry. No one can understand the awful things that you see unless they are in your shoes. Please take time for yourself some how. Yoga, listening to calming music, walking on a beach, something for you to learn to breath again. I know you are scared, thank you for taking care of loved ones I know they appreciate you and the hard decisions that you have to make. Love yourself♥️ We are all in this together. And it will come to an end. Super huge hugs, I hope you can feel them through this text. ����♥️

  • I’m a doctor from Germany. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Nurses are carrying the heaviest burden during the pandemic and I feel for you, because you showed humanity. I wonder why hospitals where you need to work with compassion are the places I’ve encountered lowest standards concerning humanity. We need to stand together and change this, you are brave to shout out about your feelings! Proud of you!!

  • I know America you’re probably tired and frustrated but don’t let President Trump wear you down and just give up. This is exactly what he wants you to do, not think and question his presidential abilities. God bless, stay strong.
    At any price I would definitely buy Dr. Fauci’s memoirs. Fauci vs Trump is the turning point of the Republic of America.

  • The problem to this virus is that ppl in the US are not taking it seriously.The chief of infectious diseases in South Korea says that it definitely helps to wear masks. If you look at the news no one in America wears them. If you look at the news overseas where they’ve faced this before everyone is wearing them. Should’ve been stocked years ago when we were warned…

  • its not doom and gloom at every hospital, i’ve talked to friends that are in the industry and some are bored at work, just depends on how many hospitals there are in the area to serve people, if you only have 1 hospital to serve the entire county of course its mad packed.

  • Wow. This is what real compassion looks like. It’s real and it’s heartbreaking. The most heartbreaking thing about this sweet sweet soul right here.. this that there’s not enough in the world of these truly special people to save us. Anyone that comes in contact with this woman is seriously touched by something great. All my love to you D’neil. To all of us.
    People!! Disneyworld can wait… Bars!? Seriously? Please please please consider these RNs lives! Crying every day to save YOU while you’re at the party!
    Everyone keeps talking about what matters. THIS. Right here. THIS matters. On the grandest scale you don’t even know. Compassion is the only thing left! Respect it.

  • that woman is not qualified to speak she sounds old and scared. i understand the fear but at the same time stfu if you can’t properly explain whats going on.

  • When we reject the word of God and live sinful lives God stops protecting us from things we had protection from. I’m only talking to believers….

  • Strong Positive Healing Energy towards you All right now. Peace and blessings be upon you. God Bless Y’all In The Name of King Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Amen.

  • lol that woman at the end should not be a doctor if she cant handle people getting sick and dying. imagine a soldier crying over people getting shot.

  • According to an estimate by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there were approximately 45 million cases of the flu in the United States during the 2017-2018 influenza season, resulting in an estimated 810,000 flu-associated hospitalizations and an estimated 61,000 flu-associated deaths.Feb 26, 2020

  • This is the most empathetic nurse I’ve ever seen. What a beautiful soul. Thank you for sharing these true experiences and showing us a glimpse of reality because I think everybody needs to see this to understand how important it is to stay safe right now. And to help us understand what they have to face everyday when they work in the Healthcare System

  • My bro in law is a kidney doc. Two of his patients have the virus. But his patients need blood transfusions so he has no choice. He’s going to work every day with one mask! Worried about him, my sister and their two young kids


  • I know you have strenght beauitfull soul because its times like that God show you what he has instilled in you hold on because joy come in the morning and i literly mean morning and it ok because God crying with you. I prayer for your garden angels to come and help you to protect you aswell bless.

  • (Johanna) Bendito……��.
    And now, to think the country is opening back up, and top of it, what the effect this protesting will will have on Covid. Nobody thinks of the after cause in life.
    There is a time n place for everthing. This is the time to “Love our neighbor as ourselves”….. Look at the cause of our actions do to others….. Nurses n doctors are our life support. They WILL die as well. Sadly many have already either from covid or suicides because if this unbalnced pressure.
    On one side people feel their building power in society. On the other side, people of society are actually dieing. When is enough, enough………?

  • Please Read!!!

    Clear that nasal passageway

    Boost your immune system:

    Take one tablespoon of Black Seed Bitters in the morning and one tablespoon at night. When you arrive home from the outside world, boil a pot of water filled with chili peppers, or a cayenne pepper’s, or any very hot pepper that will clear your sinuses.

    You should also include ginger or ginger powder, and many other spices that will drive sickness out of your nasal passage, and bronchial tubes!

    Put a towel over your head, and Inhale the steam, and also breathe through your mouth to clear your throat!

    Stay well always….����❤️��

  • I’m a medical Technologist and people really do not have NO idea about what is going on. Plus because of how much attention the health industry is getting my supervisor informed me this past Thursday that we, medical professionals are not allowed to make comments to the media or even on our social media or we can lose our jobs.

  • The whole thing with RE USING protective gear is insane.
    How can a person go to work and be ok while their job is putting them at risk by forcing them to re use protective gear��‍♀️
    I mean….geesh��

  • I am a retired RN and I was so moved by her dispair. I am grateful that I never had to work under these current conditions. My heart goes out to you.

  • lockdownid good it will slow down the spread but at the same time it will disrupt the life of the people becos everything stop,got ppl worry about income,job retrenchment and bills to pay and sure got ppl happy for long holiday.

  • It is so sad to see the healthcare workers in India wearing torn raincoats as protective gears!
    They are putting their lives at high risk

  • Thanks to the nurses and doctors working round the clock and the sacrifice to the nation but no thanks to our goverment and minister.

  • Thank you for being you. I am so sorry ur feeling such heartache and frustration. I agree…sometimes ppl dont realize you are all human. Putting ur lives in the line to help save US. We dont know eachother…but I’m a pretty good listener. I care about you, your physical pain, your mental health, and your pain. YOU ARE HUMAN. YOU ARE DOING MORE FOR THIS COUNTRY THAN OUR OWN PRESIDENT. I want to give you my number…I’ll try to find out who u are and send my phone. As I said, if u Cant talk to anyone there…call me! I’m serious. Cry, scream, get it out because u literally look like you are choking on grief and desperately needing someone. Bless your heart. If u see this…pls give me a place to send my number. I know it doesn’t mean much but I Cant hold all that in. YOU MATTER TOO! �� @tessanne503 ig. Teresa Schnidrig on fb. Thank u. I appreciate you.

  • She is right, nurses and doctors are people just like us, we have to continue to be vigilant and follow guidelines the best we can for all the nurses and doctors

  • Certainly, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all the teachers, nurses, and related persons who bravely confronted the treatment of the new coronavirus!
    However, there are many who turn their backs on the new coronavirus and evacuate as soon as possible, after the problem is over, “I’m a doctor!” This is also true.

  • why tf did you let that woman talk like that?!! couldnt underatand a single word she said………… get a doctor i get it… get someone who can actually speak wtf is this bs

  • Mental health professionals would benefit from professional counseling because this is something new. Anyone commenting negatively, please take a second to remember they are human beings who deserve the support and encourage.

  • Most of the real good doctors and nurses know the responsibility they took on when they took the job let’s not make it more than it is with your fake sympathy and empathy trying to arouse these people the hated president people can see through fake news people can see through your fake stories


  • This is crazy, team shut it down!
    These are truly domestic enemies of the United States because they are bankrupting the state and federal government let alone what they’re doing to the economy of individuals who own businesses.
    We can’t print money forever and even if we did we run an extreme risk of runaway inflation where our money becomes far less valuable around the world let alone at home.

    I’ve been advocating the model and Sweden which never did a shutdown but just enforce social distancing from the beginning. Yes they had an initial amount of deaths that were high and they were doubting themselves but that plateaued and they will achieve herd immunity and be done with this while we will be repeating this cycle next winter / next year / for months on end.
    How many people are going to die because governmental services are not going to be available when this is supposedly all over.
    I’ve been telling people for months now this virus is not going to just disappear. It’s here to stay and it’s not if you get the virus it’s when you get the virus.
    Also I am mad as a hornet about not having antibody test everywhere. I happen to be one of those people who think I was exposed to this bug in late January early February but instead I’m in lockdown because the nanny state says that I can’t make free choices on my own.
    I’m a firm believer and you spend your money and you take your chances. We should let people know the risks are taking.
    Also one of the informed decisions could be that counties report how busy their hospitals are. This may prompt people to lay low if they know their local hospitals are overwhelmed.

    I believe the only answer is a show of force where militia groups or heavily-armed people show up in protest. I know that’s not legal in every state but I don’t think that politicians are going to listen otherwise unless the police say; oh hell, that doesn’t look good, we better make them happy on some level.
    This is truly a domestic enemy, this whole team, shelter in place. I say no! If you’re worried about Coronavirus then YOU hide in fear forever!

  • Pathalogical liars. Hospitals are cutting hours and laying off staff. There is no surge of sick. Viral season is over yet the government and mainstream media want us to believe this garbage.

  • Smh… This is all, in fact, Trump’s fault. Trump’s fault 100%. None of this should have gotten this BAD. The U.S is better than this President.

  • What happen to QUITTING? QUIT the stupid job and save yourself FIRST.
    No job, customers, patients, money is not worth losing your life.

  • My mom lost one of her friends and 2 days ago; the hospital refused to give her body to her children for a proper burial not only that my mom has few of her friends, that are in an induced coma in the ICU unit we don’t even know their well-being in the hospital. When you go in the hospital you do not come out. I work in a senior living. Taking care of the seniors they’re not even allowed to have visitors right now nor see the family and as for us who cares for them the healthcare workers we’re scared because we are also at the risk. Also my sister is a healthcare worker at a hospital and her boss even told her to be careful when she’s going to work and going home because people are killing healthcare workers for wearing scrubs.

  • I hate what happens to people here on this planet. I would stop it if I could. I love nice people. This is a crazy world. Thank you very much for trying to contribute to stopping this horror.

  • Chloroquine (5d) + Azythromicine (3d) for treatment ��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������

  • I know this feeling very well when I worked as a CNA. It seemed almost every day we had a shortage of staff and too many residents to take care of. And I can’t imagine how the stresses of this pandemic and the shortage of ppe is adding to the normal stress of healthcare work. Thank you for your hard work fighting this virus. You will get through this.

  • What an awful story…….
    That’s how they make money,if somthing horrible happens,these people we watch, talk,,speculate, and act, about it get paid.
    That’s why they’re talking..there fake they dont care,I’m sorry