Tougher Gun Laws and regulations Reduce Domestic Violence Deaths


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Study: Tougher Gun Laws Help Prevent Domestic Violence Deaths | BuzzFresh News

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Laws requiring people with domestic violence restraining orders to turn in their guns were associated with a 22 percent reduction in gun-related intimate partner murders, according to the study. The researchers also found that gun restrictions that cover emergency restraining orders in domestic violence cases were associated with a 12 percent reduction in intimate partner murders, and that laws that require a permit from a law enforcement agency to buy a gun (10 states) were linked to an 11 percent reduction in intimate partner murders. The researchers also found that gun restrictions that cover emergency restraining orders in domestic violence cases were associated with a 12 percent reduction in intimate partner murders, and that laws that require a permit from a law enforcement agency to buy a gun (10 states) were linked to an 11 percent reduction in intimate partner murders. Laws requiring people with domestic violence restraining orders to turn in their guns were associated with a 22 percent reduction in gun-related intimate partner murders, according to.

Do states with stricter gun laws have fewer murders committed by intimate partners than states with permissive gun laws? The short answer is yes. Several studies on the topic have found that state laws mandating the removal of guns from domestic abusers or individuals with histories of violence significantly reduce in the rate of intimate partner homicide. Thirteen states and federal law prohibit people convicted of domestic violence from buying guns. But the study found that states that extended this ban to people convicted of any violent crime had 23 percent fewer domestic violence murders.

“Although these laws were not designed to reduce suicides, many of the risk factors that disqualify someone from legal gun ownership — domestic violence, history of committing violent crimes, substance abuse, severe mental illness and adolescence — are also risk factors for suicide,” explained study author Cassandra Crifasi, PhD, MPH, an assistant scientist with the Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy. More than 30,000 people die in the U.S. each year because of gun violence, and another 78,000 are injured. These rates are substantially higher than those of almost every other nation in the world. Claim: “What we know is that states that have tougher gun laws, that keep criminals from getting guns, that keep those dangerous weapons like AR-15s out of the hands of civilians, have dramatic.

The team evaluated the strength of a state’s gun laws using scorecards from the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, a nonprofit that ranks the strictness of laws on a 100-point scale. Higher.

List of related literature:

What about increased accidental deaths from concealed weapons?

“More Guns, Less Crime: Understanding Crime and Gun Control Laws, Third Edition” by John R. Lott
from More Guns, Less Crime: Understanding Crime and Gun Control Laws, Third Edition
by John R. Lott
University of Chicago Press, 2013

Yet, it does not logically follow that reducing gun ownership leads to a reduction in crime.

“The War on Guns: Arming Yourself Against Gun Control Lies” by John R. Lott
from The War on Guns: Arming Yourself Against Gun Control Lies
by John R. Lott
Regnery Publishing, 2016

The findings also indicate that in states with both conservative citizens and elected officials there was a greater likelihood that this domestic violence gun law would be adopted.

“Handbook of Research on Mass Shootings and Multiple Victim Violence” by Crews, Gordon A.
from Handbook of Research on Mass Shootings and Multiple Victim Violence
by Crews, Gordon A.
IGI Global, 2019

State and federal laws also limit the availability of firearms to domestic violence offenders.

“Family Law” by Leslie Joan Harris, June R. Carbone, Lee E. Teitelbaum, Rachel Rebouche
from Family Law
by Leslie Joan Harris, June R. Carbone, et. al.
Wolters Kluwer, 2018

Even so, the United States still has a rate of death from gun violence that is 20 times higher than the average of all developed countries (Fisher, 2012).

“Foundations for Community Health Workers” by Timothy Berthold
from Foundations for Community Health Workers
by Timothy Berthold
Wiley, 2016

This is an important legislative step because according to FBI statistics, in homicides during 2000 in which the weapon was known, 50% of female homicide victims were killed with a firearm.

“Victimology: Theories and Applications” by Ann Burgess, Cheryl Regehr, Albert Roberts
from Victimology: Theories and Applications
by Ann Burgess, Cheryl Regehr, Albert Roberts
Jones & Bartlett Learning, 2010

Washington, DC, Brookings Institution Press, 2003, pp 157–201 Vigdor ER, Mercy JA: Do laws restricting access to firearms by domestic violence offenders prevent intimate partner homicide?

“Gun Violence and Mental Illness” by Liza H. Gold, Robert I. Simon
from Gun Violence and Mental Illness
by Liza H. Gold, Robert I. Simon
American Psychiatric Publishing, 2015

And similarly, over time, states with the largest increases in gun ownership have experienced the biggest drops in violent crime.

“The Bias Against Guns: Why Almost Everything You'Ve Heard About Gun Control Is Wrong” by John R. Lott
from The Bias Against Guns: Why Almost Everything You’Ve Heard About Gun Control Is Wrong
by John R. Lott
Regnery Publishing, 2003

Yet here, too, comprehensive changes to gun laws were associated with reductions in rates of violence.

“Reducing Gun Violence in America: Informing Policy with Evidence and Analysis” by Daniel W. Webster, Jon S. Vernick, Michael R. Bloomberg
from Reducing Gun Violence in America: Informing Policy with Evidence and Analysis
by Daniel W. Webster, Jon S. Vernick, Michael R. Bloomberg
Johns Hopkins University Press, 2013

Commonsense Solutions: How State Laws Can Reduce Gun Deaths Associated With Mental Illness.

“Guns and Contemporary Society: The Past, Present, and Future of Firearms and Firearm Policy [3 volumes]: The Past, Present, and Future of Firearms and Firearm Policy” by Glenn H. Utter
from Guns and Contemporary Society: The Past, Present, and Future of Firearms and Firearm Policy [3 volumes]: The Past, Present, and Future of Firearms and Firearm Policy
by Glenn H. Utter
ABC-CLIO, 2015

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  • By the way this video has been “confirmed” by YouTube as “unsuitable for advertisers,” adding it to the list of videos that I worked very hard on yet earn no advertising revenue from. That’s another reason that you should become a supporter on Patreon!

  • or even better lets ban all guns then stascan will say 100% of deaths are from stabbing and beatings taking away guns wont stop people from being killed

  • Her mother was murdered by someone who stole a gun (both already illegal), her father killed himself and the tool in which he did so was a gun (can’t blame anyone else but him). Basically you want to take away people’s rights because one person broke the law several times and your father took the coward’s way out? Kinda figures that nowthis would be so disingenuous by posting something like this.

  • Great video Rod thanks for bringing the governments own stats on this topic to light. It’s crazy to know it’s really someone’s agenda to get the guns out of law abiding hands when they report 72% of 1% of all domestic violence use long guns. It’s this kind of thinking that is destroying our country. I’m glad you are doing what you do.

  • Sad, but men will take their own life one way or another whence they’ve decided to do this. Research proves this.
    Question to NOW THIS: If you are such crusaders against guns and notorious race pimps, why dont you give ANY coverage to why there were 38 shootings in Chicago last weekend? Answer: they already have extremely strict gun laws and it ruins your narrative.

  • Suicides have nothing to do with gun violence suicides are sad but they do not take the lives of anyone else and no gun law has ever stopped a shooting it illegal to steal a gun its illegal to take a gun into a mall and its illegal to use that gun to kill people in the mall but none of that stopped it from happening but a law abiding person with a gun in that mall could have stopped him but we will never know I guess

  • All dem gun haters need do is simple. Name a gun control law that only affects criminals. It is clear dem gun haters cannot name one! There is one reason and only one reason to own a so called assault weapon. It is my right!

  • I’m sorry for your loss but guns are not the problem, your feeing don’t supersede my constitutional rights. If your right to free speech was taken away because someone disagreed with what you were saying and it took you $10,000 and over a year fighting in court to get that back you would feel robbed and taken advantage of. Guns did not kill the people you love, a deranged person did mental illness and a lack of morals are the problems to be addressed

  • All these right wing trolls saying that gun suicide is not violence! It’s just like rope violence when you hang yourself. Or motor violence when someone dies in a car wreck! Don’t you know?

  • Here’s a study by the department of justice showing the supposed “gun show loophole” doesn’t matter and guns used in criminal acts were mostly not from a retail source.

  • I’m so sorry I don’t have 30 mins, can some one tell me if banning guns makes all violent crime go down. I know it’s not that simple but is there a trend with gun control and violence going down?

  • In November 3, 2015 starts a campaign of SQUED Indiegogo.
    I invite you to become a part of our team campaing!

  • Btw: what’s the concrete definition of a “mass shooting”? Your statistic is misleading about this point. I think you are just a npc just like any other left winger

  • During 10 year AR ban Mass shootings especially were significantly reduced.

    Gun reform works everywhere else. Gop are liars that are the servants of nra and gun companies. Look how much they get every year from them!

  • Im a subscriber not from the US and seriously it sounds fucking crazy over there. The US is literally the only first world country on earth where mass shootings happen on a regular basis. Yeah sure, the good guys have guns as well as the bad guys, but it’s usually the bad guys that shoot first, isnt it?

  • What if both parents are saved because of guns? Would she have become a conservative activist like me? I left the left and become a proud person of color and now conservative.

  • i get what your saying but are guns do keep us safe and do stop crime and when you take a way guns criminals wont give them up and if for some reason they did they would find different ways to do what their going to do and i would like to have my ar 15 to stop them from doing me or my family any harm

  • Liberal states has more overall gun deaths than Conservative states, California might have less gun deaths per 100,000 people than Texas but California still more gun deaths than Texas, according to the data you provided me.

  • I don’t think compiling data on a state by state basis is an accurate way to analyze this issue. This is more of a rural vs urban issue. Gun ownership rates in rural areas have historically been high but their gun violence rates are almost always low.
    As an independent voter, my observations are that strict gun laws are only effective in urban areas. People in rural areas see urban areas as liberal cesspools and their high gun violence rates are caused by generations of bad liberal social policies. They might say, “Guns kill in cities but they keep me safe out here”. Unfortunately, conservative voters in rural ares are not going to give up their gun rights to save lives in urban areas simply because they don’t care about people in urban areas.
    Your statistics are interesting, but I think they fail to address how complex this issue actually is. I think you need to dig deeper and compile data geographically on gun ownership rates vs gun violence rates within different population densities. Not an easy task.

  • maybe the courts could just ENFORCE THE RESTRAINING ORDER?? if you are scared for your life, what does it matter what weapon is used? are we going to take away her car, her kitchen knives, her access to flammable liquids, etc.??? how many times has this law been abused to rob Americans of their 2nd amendment rights? there were only 14 cases to investigate, where is that statistic??? KRQE is always pushing for Gun control.

  • Excellent video as usual. One future video I’d like to see is your analysis on undocumented Mexican immigrants’ effect on the US economy and welfare programs

  • People should try to understand when The Second Amendment provided U.S. citizens the right to bear arms, it was 1791, I would have wanted a gun in those times but not today, why, it’s not 1791 anymore.

  • Molon Labe. Nobody has any right to take away my right to bear arms. Doesn’t matter what somebody else does. The actions of somebody else has NO BEARING on my rights.

  • Gun reform isn’t going to correct this. The fact is guns don’t just kill people. People kill people. People are the problem. Use your heads and think.

  • I really like this video but at around 22:50 you say that Sarah HS accidentally shot a waitress. I can’t find any record of that so I guess it’s a joke. The trouble is, with your deadpan delivery, it’s not obvious. Maybe it’s an in joke that I’m not aware of? I just worry that right-wingers will use it as an excuse to dismiss all of your good work in making this. Am I wrong?

  • Lol, 5 minute mark “in fact it’s my plan to never shoot anybody again as long as I live”! I don’t know if you were law enforcement or military in your previous life but none the less the sentence made me chuckle!

    Keep up the good work CCFR and Rod!

  • I do love Steven Crowder’s video attempting to debunk the gun-show loophole. He basically walks up to four or five people, asks them “hi have you ever sold a gun to anyone from another state?”, they say no, and he just declares job done it can’t possibly happen. It’s kind of adorable.

  • Law abiding citizens need to hand over their guns to help stop criminals.
    If it’s a theory for suicide prevention the most obvious alternative to a bullet is fentanyl and dying from euphoria or by some other opiate that is easily obtained today.
    The reality is as an economy improves and wages go up 4 things decrease; crime, suicide, drug use and birth rates.
    People don’t act out to obtain instant gratification when they can afford a much higher standard of living.

  • The main argument I get against showing gun violence facts to the right they respond I don’t think the government should tell us what to do, while arguing in favor of outlawing weed, abortion, and prostitution, to name a few.

  • If you could make a version of this that is just going through facts and remove the jokes and jabs at the right it might be very helpful to show to some right leaving friends.

    P.S. I really love your work.

  • In terms of wealth and income inequality, crimes of violence, environmental destruction, medical care, life expectancy and many more measures, AMERICA IS A THIRD WORLD COUNTRY.

    Let that sink in.

  • Can you make a debunking video about this laughable article?

  • People who are anti gun are stupid. Shootings can be prevented if a responsible citizen has a gun and uses it when there’s a threat

  • I own a gun and I have never felt the urge or need to use it. I keep the weapon UNLOADED in a lock box near my bed and the ammo clip in a hidden compartment in my room separated from my weapon.

  • For reference I work at a gun store and sell firearms working for an FFL and I operate a range there.

    1:30 Federal Law states that the prospective buyer (purchasing from an FFL) complete a form 4473 (Firearms Transaction Record) and then the person acting on behalf of the FFL must run a background check through a state branch of the NICS/FBI.

    1:40 Technically if you sell a firearm as a designated merchant online you are still required to be an FFL. You can sell privately online but if you legally sell more than 30 firearms in a month then an FFL is REQUIRED. If someone is selling firearms online on any consistent basis then they are required to get an FFL.

    1:44 Both FFLs and private parties can sell at a gunshow. So depending on who you buy from it means you ARE and ARE NOT required to go through the same process regardless if it occurred at a gunshow or not. It sounds like it is a huge loophole but really it is the same requirements no matter the setting it depends largely who you buy from and if the gun you are buying is NEW.

    2:23 Leading cause of death of guns is SUICIDE. 2/3 of the gun death statistic is suicide the majority of the rest are homicides overwhelmingly committed with handguns and those with gang affiliations.

    2:26 If high capacity magazines CAUSE mass murder then why are we arresting persons? It is idiotic to claim that an inanimate object is going to CAUSE anything. Intent is far more important than means and frankly arson takes the top spot for mass murder under firearms even in Australia.

    2:45 The definition of USE is basically the definition of FIRED correct? That doesn’t take into count crimes dissuaded by threatening use of firearm which cannot be accurately tracked. If you threaten someone attempting to commit a crime it isn’t like you are required to file a police report. You are only required to file a police report when there are legal damages or some type of law broken that results in legal damages.

    2:54 Japan has an overall higher suicide rate compared to the U.S.. Japan has probably one of the top ten most stringent gun control schemes in the world and yet they surpass us in suicide as a per capita basis. To argue that just because you regulate firearms means that you have a lower suicide rate is easily disproven. It most commonly has to deal in living conditions more so than the method of killing yourself.

    4:07 I’d have to question your methodology for determining which guns were legal and which were not. Obviously it is a felony for anyone convicted of even a class A mis. to possess a firearm so it largely depends if they had a prior criminal record or a straw purchase occurred.

  • A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.

    “The Constitution shall never be construed to prevent the people of the United States who are peaceable citizens from keeping their own arms.”

    ― Samuel Adams
    “How strangely will the Tools of a Tyrant pervert the plain Meaning of Words!”

    ― Samuel Adams

  • Surprised you didn’t emphasize this point on Chicago: At 23:33 Sarah HS states (in 2017) that “They (Chicago) have [present tense] the strictest gun laws in the country.” This was probably never strictly true, but as pointed out in the video, SCOTUS specifically overturned those Chicago ordinances in 2010. Within three years of the repeal, the murder rate was higher than at any time in the previous 20 years. Handgun ownership and concealed carry permits have been freely and legally available in Chicago for several years now. If the looser laws aren’t responsible for the upsurge in gun crime, they certainly haven’t produced the crime reduction the 2A people promised. And this is their evidence against strict gun laws?

  • So weird when I watched Destiny’s video were he debated two conservatives who said ALL the studies say the less gun control the fewer deaths. Your video says the opposite; I don’t know who to believe. LOL

  • TRUMP 2020

  • Well done. We do have a right that all free citizens worldwide should have and that is to self defense recognized in our 2nd Amendment. The second amendment also recognizes our duty to protect the community and ourselves from invasion and crime when necessary and called upon ie. ‘a well regulated militia’. Gun control is a bad word. It is more like the rules for self defense. To purchase a firearm one should not be a threat to self or society and there should be a instant background check for this together with a waiting period of several days. This should apply to gun shows, personal transactions, and gun shop sales. There should also be a ban on automatics, assault rifles (except to qualified militias well regulated) and heavy arms. Most of this exists. The argument is in the wrong place for many. Shotguns, rifles, and semi-auto rifles are perfectly fine to hunt, for self defense etc. and should be entirely legal. Handguns limited to revolvers as well for self defense. Whether to carry open or concealed why not? There should not be an issue here. Magazines are the issue and limitation to the tradtional revolver of six shots is sufficient for self defense and hunting. If one wishes more then require them to be stored at a authorized armory for target practice and fun. The focus should be on getting them out of criminal hands not lawful citizens.

  • Correlation does NOT equal causation. Oh yeah, there’s also a document that says that the right of the people to bear arms SHALL NOT be infringed.

  • 73% of statistics in most arguements, are made up on the spot.:-)

    On a serious note, thank you Rod.
    I wonder what the statistical breakdown of the offenders sexes would be with regard to domestic violence? Do more women shoot men as it can be used as a force multiplier over physical strength? Maybe that 1% that the gun control organizations use to stir up fear in women is only.4%.

  • So… my parents where killed by armed criminals, so let’s make sure the law abiding citizens can be disarmed so more people can have their parents killed by armed criminals.

    Nice woman.

  • Amazing video as always man, keep it up. Small correction though, at 3 mins AK is Alaska not Arkansa but I think it’s still in the top left corner anyway

  • if that fathers gun was taken away there is not way he would of killed himself…. oh wait, there is rope, overdosing,drowning,knives also framing the video like that when it was her dad that took HIS own life is pretty disingenuous

  • Just out of curiosity, has anyone looked into the rate of single-motherhood as it applies to killers?
    The guy who shot her mom was from a broken home, along with just about every other mass shooter (maybe not the muslims).

  • in the country i live in give rowdy poor people guns and the conflict will last 40 years, proof? it has happens already, our army is incapable of shit

  • Cons:
    -Forces citizens to rely on police completely
    -Removes the great equalizer and most effective deterrent for home and personal defense
    -removes the ability to keep government overreach in check, particularly in defense of first amendment rights (this actually being the most important reason to keeping the second amendment in tact)
    -provides more easy targets to criminals, who already disobey the laws
    -turns good law abiding citizens into felons if they are forced into a situation where force is required to protect the community


  • It’s pretty sneaky calling suicide “gun-violence”, especially when it accounts for 2/3 of all gun deaths in the US.
    And this new law sounds great. Now when I argue with my liberal wine-aunt about why her Chihuahua isn’t the same as a real baby, she can just phone the government and have my guns taken away as a means of retribution.

  • Civilians can only own semi-automatic weapons. It is illegal for a civilian to own an assault rifle. For example the controversial AR-15 is a semi-automatic rifle not an assault rifle that is and automatic weapon. Great video is as all of your videos objective and impartial.

  • All the good people in our Nation has to go vote in 2020, 2022 and beyond to make sure we oust evil, racist and awful excuse of human being Trump, Moscow Mitch McConnell and all their supporters and enablers and those democrats who are bought by the NRA out of government forever, so we can truly have a safe, secure and proud Nation that we want and deserve.

  • Almost all mass shootings are done with handguns, so you may ask why they government wants to take away out rifles.

    It’s because you can’t fight off a tyrannical goverment with a pistol

  • Your parents are killed in a shooting and now you want to take people’s rights a way???…does not make sense and she is lying on the stats on being killed in the United States by a gun.

  • Amerikanische Waffen Gesetzte sind total krank und dumm. Jeder Depp kann sich einen Waffe kaufen. In Deutschland hat es mich 3500 € gekostet meinen Jagdschein zu machen. Das verlangt Hingabe und Verantwortungsbewusstsein.

  • I don’t mind ppl offing themselves, lemmings over a cliff yup I’m heartless.

    I draw the line at someone trying to take others with them so violently and randomly in a public place w an assault weapon though.

    Check out Japanese gun laws, beautifully written and would save a lot of lives!

    My very random opinion.

  • Lmao you say you have mistrust in government yet you are advocating for gun control. You are a hypocrite. Gun control does not work and you are a sheep if you believe does. Its only an excuse for the government and elites to trample over our consititutional rights.

  • Guns prevent an estimated 2.5 million crimes a year or 6,849 every day. 90% of all violent crimes in the U.S. do not involve firearms of any type.

  • So one count of guns being stolen to commit a crime, both already crimes. And one count of suicide, something the U.S. does not lead the world in despite all the scary scary guns (not top in gun violence either btw). Not trying to take Japan’s guns away? Oh wait. Seems like this woman would do more good with SUICIDE PREVENTION rather than a misunderstood crusade against the very thing that saves more people than it hurts by alot.

  • RFLs are a terrible idea. Your liberal neighbour sees that Trump sign in your yard? They might call police and try and get your guns taken away. Had an argument with your liberal auntie at thanksgiving? Kiss your yeet cannon goodbye.

  • You are absolutely lying, misrepresenting and generally BSing everyone and you should be ashamed. But then what should we expect from the authoritarian left. Do you know why we have the second amendment in our constitution? Have you read the federalist papers? I would suspect not. It is an essential right that protects all the other rights we enjoy. It protects us from people like you. Everyone has an opinion but leave the constitution alone. You could cause problems you can’t understand, due to you ideology.

  • rob i love what you do! this channel is great! may i suggest however?… it sure would be nice to see you on the cbc as a regular and ctv, global basically any major respected(lol) media outlet. scratch that all we have is leftist media in canada. socialist commie dictators i wish i could migrate to america at this point at least their leaders have balls! we are so weak here, we let rcmp make the rules! thats not democracy! enforcers should never have a say in what the rules are. they are there solely for enforcement.

  • I’m sorry for your loss but that doesn’t mean I’m willing to let your emotional manipulation take away my means of protecting my family. The fact that you tried to do just that removes my sympathy for you.

  • You’re awesome. Legitimately, the best debunker on youtube. Could you by any chance also link your sources, they seem very useful. By the way, Crowder just posted a video supposedly debunking Medicare for all, might be a good idea for a video topic.

  • Maybe you should do a video on abortion? Conservatives don’t realise that abortion bans don’t really stop abortions, just safe ones.

    Anyway, love your content and when I can, I’ll become a patron

  • I don’t know. All of this checks out, but as a leftist in America I cannot support gun laws because of how they’re going to be enforced. They’ll definitely get enforced more heavily on the poor and minorities, aka, the only people that have a legitimate need to protect themselves.

  • Commit a mass shooting of money into my bank account by becoming a supporter on Patreon. Supporters receive access to patron-only bonus videos!:

  • If owning guns become illegal, criminals will still have them. if someone at the mall was concealed carrying they would have shot the threat.

  • “My father was depressed and extremely determined to take his own life with the most effect means…therefore i wish to destroy the second most fundamental amendment created by the people to protect the people from a tyrannical government…by using a totalitarian government to do it”

  • Wells Fargo challenged my parents Chapter 13 bankruptcy until it defaulted to Chapter 7. We lost our house to Wells Fargo. After 2 years of battling illness my mother died. The pills she was taking damaged her liver. My father shot himself a year later. When it comes to developed nations, this type of thing is purely an American trait. We need to pay closer attention too each other. Peoples lives can go south real quickly and they take it out on themselves or others. Together we can fix this system. Bernie 2020.

  • Yea, this guy is hiding his face hmmm and if she had a handgun the gun would be registered in the first place right? And so the judge will know through registration. This is fake news to push a anti=gun agenda!!

  • New Mexico needs to learn to focus on enforcing basic laws before worrying about any other laws. Liberal judges have destroyed the state. These types of laws have nothing to do with helping victims but rather politically insulting the other party.

  • Good video. Can you do a video about the “Gender Pay Gap”. In particular could you clarify how much of the 80 cents on the dollar can/cannot be attributed to choice.

  • You don’t protect the sheep from the wolves by removing the fangs from the sheepdogs or the rod and staff from the shepherds. However, you can tell who supports the wolves by seeing who wants to disarm the shepherds and the sheepdogs.

  • I Guess By Her Logic We Should Start Taking Things Away That Could Probably Kill Yourself, For Example, Tall Buildings, Rope, Bleach, Cars Etc.

  • I don’t know about you, but I want to be able to defend myself if a man with an illegal assault rifle breaks into my home. He’s a criminal. He won’t care if it’s illegal.

  • In other societies. People commit suicide and take their only life. In USA he brings down a dozen with him because of guns. Why America do you hate your people

  • So sorry for your losses. Responsible gun owners and others all favor thorough background checks and addressing domestic violence and mental illness restrictions. Thank you for your efforts to save many from themselves.

  • No offense but F*ck you and your parents. I’m not giving up my guns that I use to protect my family, I refuse to let them end up like yours.

  • Some of your content does not make any sense:

    “Stricter gun controls lead to less households owning guns and gun suicides”
    Quite obvious isn’t it? Since law abiding citizens follow these stricter regulations, inevitably less of them will own guns and less will carry suicide owning a weapon. On the other hand criminals have it much easier to commit crimes that usually aren’t reported since it is much easier to commit armed robbery and other crimes without armed citizens.

  • ATF form 4473 11. Section h. EPO’s ordering search and seizure property would be a constitutional violation however, if the state made the reason for protective orders a felony if convicted that would prohibit ownership of firearms. Protective orders go on record and it’s amazing to see how many falsely accused are derived from simple disputes. I’ve seen multiple occasions where people argue then race to the Magistrate and tried to file protective orders against each other. That’s what modern society has become. A form of Idiocracy dumbing down the intellect of an average person resulting in low intelligence and moral decadence rendering people too incompetent to make basic decisions.

  • The fact that pro-gun folk have to cheat to make their case suggests they don’t care about other people dying. They like carrying guns, threatening people, and enjoying the feeling of power from fantasising killing people, everyone else be damned.

  • It might add clarity if instead of comparing “crime vs timing of handgun bans” you compared the percent change of (property and violent crime vs. percent change in the state, region, and whole country. This would somewhat control for variables independently contributing to crime trends such as the crack epidemic.

  • Stop politicizing guns. It is a protected right to defend yourself. If people are dying because of criminals, maybe more people need to be willing to be armed. Suicide will happen with or without gun laws, but criminals will not follow gun laws. THIS WILL HURT MORE PEOPLE THEN IT HELPS!

  • more laws without any consequences. Restraining orders are a joke in themselves.
    If you want to change the percentages and outcomes of domestic violence..realize that you are dealing with mental illness. Make it mandatory for first time offenders to go through an observation period in a mental health facility.
    Make it a thorough 2 week minimum. Most won’t be able to keep up the nice guy/girl facade for that long. Once they are in the system, the law enforcement will have ample reason to be concerned about them retaining weapons, especially guns.
    They want to use the mental health system to get the homeless off of the streets because they are a nuisance. Being a nuisance in itself isn’t a crime. Endangering yourself or someone else is.

  • Hey, leftards! Quick question, should have a simple answer: If I own a semi-automatic rifle that LOOKS REAWEE SCAWEE-WAWEE, what crime, specifically, have I committed? Is it the crime of THEFT? Is it the crime of FRAUD? Have I caused you injurious harm, whether physical or financial? Have I defamed you? I certainly haven’t MURDERED anyone with it.
    So, uh…WHAT is the crime in owning a gun? HUHHHH? (This makes me smile)

  • Most of what you say is either factually incorrect, or already law. Couldn’t the speaker, who obviously works hard to make an eloquent talk to the smallest research, or consult somebody from the other side to see why what he postulates might not be true, or simply might not work as proposed?

  • Gun violence is lower by far in every other country. These countries have national gun control. State level control is not as effective because people can acquire weapons in neighbouring states. There is no need no reason what will happen with gun control. You can look.

  • Funny thing is the supreme court has ruled on 3 different occasions law enforcement is not required to protect individuals and are only there to enforce laws….gun laws work just as well as drug laws(they don’t) but even if gun control lowered gun deaths I wouldnt care no man has the legitimacy to tell me I can’t own a particular small arm i.e. rifle shotgun or handgun.. all men are created equal and opinions written on pieces of paper won’t change that so In all that being said I’ll give my guns up when the drug gangs law enforcement and military give theirs up ��wait I guess that’s not happening so you know the rest

  • It’s disgusting that the first reaction right wing boomers have regarding this news is to blame video games instead of the crooks allowing guns to be used to kill other people for money