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While this is great news for busy women who need more flexible schedules, it could present some challenges to your health if you’re not careful. Consider these 10 ways to stay healthy while you’re working from home. 1. Separate yourself. Especially if there are other people around while you’re working, it’s important to separate yourself from.

Here are my top 12 tips for staying fit, healthy and on task while working from home: Set up a separate office space. Use a space in your home that’s designated solely for work. When you’re super stressed at work, take a 10-minute break to do some yoga or meditation. Make your schedule work for your healthy lifestyle!

Staying healthy while working from home does have its challenges. But with a little planning, it’s completely possible to face those challenges head-on and set yourself up for success. Your Work-From-Home Survival Guide for Self-Care. Has the coronavirus pandemic made you a remote worker?

These 11 tips can help you stay productive, happy, and healthy. Here’s the good news, though: Staying healthy when you work from home isn’t rocket science. Follow these 10 practical strategies to help you stay active, eat well, and get your work done.

10 Tips to Stay Healthy While Working From Home. Here’s the good news that there are ways to stay healthy when working from home isn’t tough at all. 1. Create an Impressive Working Area: When choosing an area of your home to work in, consider factors like location, lighting, noise level, and physical comfort.

If you don’t consciously make an effort to be healthy, working from home can decrease your physical activity; cause back, shoulder and neck problems; result in longer hours; and have a negative impact on your overall health. With these 10 healthy work from home tips, you can reap the benefits of your situation without the damage 1. 10 ways to stay healthy while working from home By Marilyn La Jeunesse 2015-09-23 12:03:01 UTC Image: Mashable Composite, Ivan Danik/The Picture Pantry/Corbis, Unsplash Aleks Dorohovich. Yet I had to adjust my routine to stay healthy when I adopted a home office-centric lifestyle.

You see, back when I worked in our office in Indianapolis, I walked to and from work every day, did workout classes in the office gym, and packed healthy lunches most (not all!) of the time. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread across the world, you may find yourself in a work from home (WFH) situation. With the right effort, you can stay productive while.

List of related literature:

Use the checklist guidelines to improve your workplace health and avoid injuries.

“New Dimensions In Women's Health” by Linda Alexander, Judith LaRosa, Helaine Bader, Susan Garfield
from New Dimensions In Women’s Health
by Linda Alexander, Judith LaRosa, et. al.
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Once you have an answer to these questions, you could make some simple lifestyle suggestions that will help your client enhance their energy levels, reduce stress or improve their diet—these might include exercise, hot baths before bed, or eating more fruit and vegetables.

“The Reflexology Bible: The Definitive Guide to Pressure Point Healing” by Louise Keet
from The Reflexology Bible: The Definitive Guide to Pressure Point Healing
by Louise Keet
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These tips for healthy living work well, but the client needs to be motivated to stick with them.

“Maternity and Pediatric Nursing” by Susan Scott Ricci, Terri Kyle
from Maternity and Pediatric Nursing
by Susan Scott Ricci, Terri Kyle
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Break every 90 min. at work Lunch w/ direct report weekly Emergency patience rituals Call loved ones on way home Leave office by 5:30–2x/wk Interval workout 3x/wk Pick up children from school on day home

“The Power of Full Engagement: Managing Energy, Not Time, Is the Key to High Performance and Personal Renewal” by Jim Loehr, James E. Loehr, Tony Schwartz
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6 Make five suggestions to go on a healthy lifestyle brochure for the elderly.

“Home Economics in Action” by Theadora Alexander, Caribbean Association of Home Economists
from Home Economics in Action
by Theadora Alexander, Caribbean Association of Home Economists
Harcourt Education, 2002

Example of four activity-based mini habits: Eat one serving of fruit once you arrive at work, eat one serving of vegetables during your first work break, drink one glass of water when you get home from work, and chew each bite 30 times during your daily work snack.

“Mini Habits for Weight Loss: Stop Dieting. Form New Habits. Change Your Lifestyle Without Suffering.” by Stephen Guise
from Mini Habits for Weight Loss: Stop Dieting. Form New Habits. Change Your Lifestyle Without Suffering.
by Stephen Guise
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All of these built-in movement opportunities go away when you work from home.

“Working Remotely: Secrets to Success for Employees on Distributed Teams” by Teresa Douglas, Holly Gordon, Mike Webber
from Working Remotely: Secrets to Success for Employees on Distributed Teams
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Home ■ Avoid heavy housework (e.g., vacuuming, lifting, and bed making).

“Occupational Therapy with Elders E-Book: Strategies for the Occupational Therapy Assistant” by Helene Lohman, Rene Padilla, Sue Byers-Connon
from Occupational Therapy with Elders E-Book: Strategies for the Occupational Therapy Assistant
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Exercises include: taking three deep breaths before answering the phone, noticing and adjusting your posture throughout the day, eating mindfully, and leaving no trace of yourself after using the kitchen or bathroom.

“How to Train a Wild Elephant: And Other Adventures in Mindfulness” by Jan Chozen Bays
from How to Train a Wild Elephant: And Other Adventures in Mindfulness
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There are other health benefits to working at home: the ability to get up and walk around regularly.

“Machine Trading: Deploying Computer Algorithms to Conquer the Markets” by Ernest P. Chan
from Machine Trading: Deploying Computer Algorithms to Conquer the Markets
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    Its taught by Wesley Virgin. He has a YouTube channel also. A lot of testimonies from people who used his methods during this pandemic. A lot of people don’t want to just use the government for money. Don’t file unemployed when you dont have to

  • It’s 4:34 a.m. this is my 3rd day working from home after 20 years of getting up and going somewhere dragging babies out in the cold finding babysitters getting somewhere where I had to be for doctors appointment to picking someone up running a rat race. And now I work from home this is gonna take some getting used to! I already miss taking the bus I already miss talking with people and I don’t even like people that much….. And then I cleaned my bathroom and folded laundry on my break who does that? Forgot to mention on the 1st day the large amount of day dreaming holy smokes talk about wasting time… its 4:41 a.m. this is gonna be a long day

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  • Please do a more detailed video about the foam roller! My daughter has scoliosis and suffers from severe neck pain. We obviously won’t be able to see her chiropractor for some time. I’m hoping this could help keep some mobility in her back. Would also love to see the exercises you do for your shoulders.

  • 1. Set a timer to stand, stretch, walk etc (every 45-60 minutes)
    2. Drink water all day long (it is good for you and makes you go to the restroom)
    3. Go for a walk (it awakens your creativity)
    4. Invest in your health (ergonomics at your desk, for example a standing desk, balance board)
    5. Exercise (it boosts your productivity)

  • Yes, please post a video showing how to use the large foam exerciser. I picked one up a few months ago ( at Goodwill-new condition)and I just don’t know what to do with it ����‍��

  • Thank you for this helpful video. I currently have a desk job while trying to make it on youtube after hours. I just got my youtube studio put together and what’s cool is that my former tenant who was renting the room that is now my office left a home-made desk that is tall enough to be a standing desk for me. I’ll definitely be taking your tips into consideration:).

  • I let my Apple Watch remind me every hour and set a goal on it. If I didn’t have the reminder I wouldn’t notice how fast time goes!

  • to create a daily routine is very important to every sector of development.
    having a routine will make sure that you wake up early, start work at the right time, keep you healthy by planning a healthy diet and so many more. A routine can also make you more diseplined and happier because you will feel more independent and confident about yourself.
    have a nice day everyone and hope this comment can help out:)

  • Hi there everyone. I’m in the Chicago area. For stress relief, doing any kind of moderate to vigorous exercise, or walking for a good 20 minutes or more are great stress relievers because they help to release feel good hormones called endorphins into the blood stream. Meditating or practicing mindfulness while sitting quietly, stretching and deep breathing, or bathing are also great ways to relieve stress. That, and using CBD oil and chamomile tea like Sleepy Time can also help greatly. I’m doing all these things for myself right now and they all work together to help greatly.

  • This was a very useful video. I am a long-time subscriber of yours, and from this video I learned a lot of interesting things, but for this topic, the greatest effect was given to me by this book I advise everyone to read it. It’s a diamond. (Sorry for mistakes English is not my native language) It’s all about working at home. Short, easy and clear.

  • Great tips for some but will take a bit of time to adjust for multiple family members working from home or those who have limited space in extended families. Good luck to all.

  • can you go over the cameras that doesnt have the time limit for recording videos? most of the cameras are only allowing recording up to 4gb or 29mins59sec or less. it would be great to know for the people that continuously record video more than 30mins. or did you already done a video on that? i cant find it if you did. if not, please help! thank always for these great informative videos

  • I actually workout everyday. Stress, poor nutrition, toxic chemicals and lack of exercise cause cancer. Awesome video, Sean. Also thank you for shaping me gain 2k subscribers on my channel. You deserve one million subsrcibers, Bro. Much love from Miami =)

  • Better idea, avoid all desk jobs all together. True story, I am 6ft even 250lbs man working in a administration job for 5 years. I brought my medicine ball and was told to leave it at home. I quit a week later and worked as a tour guide. I do get paid less; however, I lost 45bls in 16 months and always full of energy and Happy as Hell!!! My advice for all young people, STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM DESK JOBS AT ALL COSTS!!!

  • All of Dr. Melissa’s videos are full of great, useful info….I particularly enjoyed this one. Ohio Director of Board of Health (Dr. Amy Acton) signed an ORDER for everyone to stay home. Even if some folks don’t agree that this virus is as serious as we’re hearing, it’s still a good idea to stay home. It will keep colds & flu down as well. We can do this! Dr. Melissa is a huge help.
    Be sure & “like” & share.
    I’m just now hearing your early comments to me because I backed out to hit re-start…that worked. YAH!
    Harvey Weinstein (sp?) dirtbag….laughed out loud. Thank you for that. Love that you can laugh while listing all the chaos that’s happened in your life in the past few weeks. Bless your heart.
    I ordered Rx food our cat, Emmy, has to eat. Her vet wants her on JUST Rx food….so I made sure to have plenty. I have plenty for our other cat & our dog, Scout, too….not a hoard amount, tho. These animals are totally dependent on us ….so I made sure we have enough food.
    Our local stores have not had tp for several weeks. The stores have lots of bare shelves.
    There are farms near us where we can get eggs….
    We can DO this, everybody! Dr. Melissa is helping.

  • Maybe now our families will realize we are working and not available for silly errands just because we are home. I have always worked at home (crippled unhirable but self supportive), and the ridiculous demands, put-down comments at family gatherings about a “real job”…..

  • This is just the video I needed! I got a video editing job and to be honest, I spend most of my time editing in bed, lol. Thanks so much!!:)

  • While I appreciate this video and I hope it helps people, if someone doesn’t know how to work from home, they are an idiot. It’s not difficult. Common sense.


    Found this android app to move your mouse cursor without touching your mouse!

  • I totally agree with  the tip of getting up every hour. Where I work I get up every hour or so and move around because I need to get up and move. Also, I try to think of good situations of when I need to move (offer to help customers, get something from downstairs, give people their mail, etc.). Another thing I tend to do is move my legs back and forth because I can’t touch the ground (positive side of being short) BUT I don’t suggest doing it if you are sitting too close across from someone.

  • I’m living with my sister and her best friend in a one room apartment. Kitchen and living room with tv are the same room. Do you have tips to be focused when others are watching netflix or cooking just a few meters apart?

  • Never worked in my pj’s… was always focused, zero time to goof around…
    serious minded, get serious results.

  • I’m worried that my dog is going to find it very hard to adjust when i go back to work. I’ve been trying to put him outside but if he knows I’m in the house, he cries haha. I’ve tried doing it and hiding as well, cries less but still does little cries.

  • Haha, for some reason this cracked me up. All this nonsense about how we should work from home is a joke when you’ve got young kids. It just places the onus on employees to find a solution to the problems we’re all experiencing. I’d like to see one of these videos for single parents with young kids ��

  • You said you would link the chair in the description box but I don’t see it. Could you please put it in there? Thanks for this video.

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  • Wow! The remark you made about the foundation working up hit home hard with me. It’s not all about just fitness and health, just self-development, or just business development…it’s about all three, and in a hierarchy that really creates a synergy with one another if they are properly ordered and utilized. Great piece of content, keep it up!

  • Self care: Epson salt baths, looking through old photos, painting, reading, talking to friends, turning your feelings into poems, cooking

  • 1.always keep healthy food infront of you because your brain would think that its the only food you can eat,basicily you are tricking yourself into eating healthy

    2.put something interesting like a infinity cube or lava lamp on your desk because i thin if you look at it instead of thinking about boring work you can thin of other stuff giving you more ideas.

    these are what i think you could do hope you take this comment and use it and if you want to see what i would do in more detail go check out my channel:

  • Nice summary! I created a video where I describe how I am successful working from home and also some practical tips (like how to setup your network, hardware, etc.):

  • I started working from home during quarantine. I have to say, I really love working from home. These are great tips to be effective while working from home. Great video!

  • That dog is a star!!!!

    This was incredibly helpful, especially because you can send it to your roommate as a fun hint. I love you but I’m at the office buddy.

  • My dog is going to suffer big time when I have to go back to work. He’s a lab chihuahua and very sociable. That’s my biggest fear when the lockdown ends is that he’s going to be really depressed when I’m no longer there with him 24/7. And of course I’m gonna miss his company as well.

  • The only way I can find some alone time behind a closed door in my tiny-ass apartment is if I work in the bathroom. That would make for some uncomfortable zoom meetings. XD

  • #remotework is here to stay but how do we get it right? Learn it from the Top experts a FREE knowledge hub, to all your work-life problems

  • I’ve been in/out of hospital/rehab since 10/16/19….with as of today. only 56 days here and there out of the hospital…. CP and MS have taken its toll on my body and now doctors are concerned about this… And the town Hinesville GA is shutting down as we are home to the 3rd ID at Fort Stewart

  • Great video. I liked not only the advice, but also the editing. I talk about setting boundaries a lot on my channel. I think when working from home this is one of the most critical things one needs to do, together with more communication.

  • Well I take mis supplements: Ecchinacea, vitamin C, Zinc, but in this hard time can’t sleep( have some oils, diffusers, some kind of tea but anything help me

  • Thank you! God has blessed us with you in helping us to be wiser and healthier. May God continue to bless you and your loved ones.

  • I have a box containing various sleep aids which I rotate through so I don’t get dependent on any one. Just ordered REM for autoship every 3 months, this is exactly what I was looking for, terrific macro profile and this will likely replace all my other supplements, thank you very much for that referral and I hope you get a little credit from me clicking your link

  • Fantastic video! I do a 2-3 hour walk every day to free my mself from the desk where I work a lot of hours every single day. These walks help me with creativity a lot! Most of my ideas come from the time that I spend walking.
    Thank you for this video with all the amazing tips. Please make more like this!

  • Thanks for the advice! I just got hired at a startup as a social media specialist and I’m there 9-6. I stare at my phone and laptop all day so I’ll definitely be implementing your tips!

  • I’ve been working from home for years, way before covid-19 with 5 kids:-). Quite a challenge

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  • I loved the video I am Brazilian and I recently got to know the channel and sorry for the pronunciation and the writing if I am wrong I am now learning to speak English with the videos I can better understand English and speak it too

  • Thanks for the shout out!! Literally that day I was like, hmmmm wonder what Sean does to stay fit?!? I need that bike tall desk combo in my life…. coming soon I hope!!

  • Great video! Many companies, including mine, switched to remote working model to preserve the health and safety of their employees. If you’re like me, we are searching to learn how to be more engaged in our work so we can be productive at home. I have created something that can help. It’s called “21 Productivity Ideas to Get More Done”. The PDF guide is 100% FREE and can be downloaded by clicking on the following link:

  • Hello from the Adirondacks! Lake Placid that is. Many who have second homes up here have left the city are here to stay and raided the stores. We get restocked but a few things out like flour. 3 in town are positive. We are getting snow next. Most people are upbeat.

  • nothing wrong with music. in fact i use it to signal that i am working and the. door. cannot. be knocked. also, it keeps outside noises out and my conversations, a few of which might be highly confidential, remain within the room

  • I just started to work from home a few months ago. This is the first video I watched and took tips from. My work schedule is routine like it was working in the office, but I can’t seem to focus on my work and production like I need to. With or without music some many things are going through my mind and I have times when I can’t seem to focus. Any tips?

  • Great tips. To help reduce the time I spend sitting at my desk I will get up every so often and do a small chore around the house like loading the dishwasher or washing machine, or helping to prepare lunch. Also when I can I will go outside and water the fruit trees. I find that watering the trees not only forces me to stand, but it is a good opportunity for quiet reflection and recharges my creativity.

    Oh, and I cannot forget, I have a cute little dog who get jealous if I spend too much time on the computer and will jump on my lap and get between me and the computer or bark up a storm until I get up and play with him.

  • WFH softwares should allow user to download average quality audio,i read an article and know few instances in which superiors call subordinates for brainstorming,steal their ideas for promotion.

  • Thank for your advice. It will help to some degree but we have do realize that many people will lack the motivation to do it, will have stress or anxiety.

  • Hey can you make a video of the best smartphone accessories for vlog while driving, what set up to use and where is best to mount your camera/smartphone. Thanks

  • Thanks for the tips. I really liked the fourth tip to celebrate wins. I agree that is extremely important to make sure you provide yourself some positive reinforcement.

    On a side note, I wrote an open letter to men who are working at home with their partners. check it out

    In my 5+ years a manager in a software company, surprisingly I never had to work from home. This sudden transition got me thinking about how couples are dealing with it. In many communities and cultures, the responsibilities of giving care and domestic chores often fall on women. So my letter is to the men to keep this in mind in the current difficult times.

  • When I have to go to the grocery store should I be wearing gloves and a mask? I have lower immunity due to other health issues, should I avoid the store all together and send some one else? I’m
    Literally terrified

  • I have just run across this company here there are no upfront costs but, they seem legit. Click this link here if your interested

  • 2:43 “Drink water all day long”

    Oh that’s right! reaches for water I try to get around a gallon a day and have been trying alkaline water as well.

    I’ve also been using a sit-to-stand desk at work for the past few months and it has been my #1 favorite health accessory I’ve used (second being my TriggerPoint Therapy foam roller).

  • Thanks for the great video! I have a white board that I need to write on through out the day, I put it on the other side of the room so that I have to get up to edit it. I too do the timer thing. And, I have made it a habit to pace around the room and/or the house when I am on the phone.

  • Watched a lot of productivity working from home videos. Advices are more or less the same.. but forgotten one major thing that’s stopping the productivity, internet bandwidth. It’s like waiting on a queue number for outlook to release an email or inbox just stop updated since hours ago..

  • Thanks Sean, I run my YouTube channel in the same field as my full time job. Health is one thing that can easily be overlooked when sitting at a desk for 10 hour days ( I freaking love what I do though!!!)

  • I watched this video while working out on my treadmill:)

    On my work computer I have the scheduler reminding me to standup every 30 mins.

  • For those trying to get in shape thru diet & exercise but are chained to a desk job like me, when you get up every hour, do as many pulsing squats or squat jumps as you can in 60 seconds. This helped me keep my metabolism engaged throughout the day!

  • Love love love the health tips for heath and wellness! Taking breaks is key for both our health AND our mental performance. I work better when I get up once per hour and also get outside in the sunlight. I also have mini resistance bands that I put around my legs to do legs stretches while I’m sitting on on breaks. Thanks for incorporating health into your creator videos! So applicable for me and hopefully many others ��

  • While efficiency and effectiveness are comparable sounding and regularly confounded, the two have unfathomably various implications with regards to completing your work.

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  • Be sure to subscribe to the channel so you can view my video about daily routines!

  • I found my balance and rhythm to Work from Home and I documented it on my Channel, please feel free to check it out as well. I agree to the tips shared here as well, mosts resonate with what I captured as well.

  • This is so true! We sit too much and move too little. The good thing is that more and more people are becoming aware of how big of an impact staying active has on our health and work performance. I am very happy that I found your video because staying fit when sitting all day is also my passion and this is what I focus on in my videos.

    There are still many companies, however, completely ignorant to this concept. I have heard statements from some managers that when the employees are moving around to recharge, instead of sitting at their desks working, they are seen as unproductive. As stupid as it sounds, unfortunately this is the reality.

    The good thing is that times are changing and more and more people are joining this stay-active-at-work revolution. Video like this is a fantastic example so thanks for posting it!
    All the Best,

  • Great points Sean! A couple of other things I do, especially for the budget minded, is to buy one of those large, inflatable stability balls and sit on it at your desk. They are pretty inexpensive and they make you use your muscles while keeping your balance when you are sitting at your desk working. Also since I have a 2 story house and my office is on the first floor, I put certain things I use often upstairs so when I need them I have to run up the stairs and get some exercise.
    Keep up the great work brother!

  • There is a Mac app called Just Focus. It’s the best Pomodoro app ever. It’ll force you to get up from your computer.

    Exercise is a massive plus. I go on a barefoot run every morning before work and if I don’t go for a run, my mentally suffers… more than it already does.:) I have a good friend that schedules an unbreakable 1 hour exercise meeting every day. He schedules this in his calendar and not matter what comes up, he doesn’t cancel that meeting. Brilliant.

  • hi my name is sai venkat and i’m from india and this video will help me because i’m in 10th grade and I sit all the time in school and I also run a small youtube channel so I have to edit the videos but I stand up while editing and I keep a stool on that I keep my laptop and edit the videos this ti gives me some exercise and by the way I love your videos it helps in growing my channel

  • Nice video
    Here are some interesting benefits of working from home

  • Nice, good tips, but… does not work when your very limited space is not your own, or your small children are sharing everything with you, including the washroom, bedroom, desk space. Then.. nothing gets done!!!

  • Today I am delivering in SLC UTAH, not one soul wearing PPE at Receiver, truck stop not much awareness either, has signs up at door reminding to wash hands, and now we cannot use our permanent coffee cups, I cringed when clerk put my change in my hand even with my gloves on

  • I agree with your first tip! Definitely need to set a timer. My grandma is insanely bad condition due to sitting for the last 20 years. Get up and move around!