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You shave dry. Lather up legs with shaving cream, foam or gel—which are designed to soften the hair—to help ensure that the razor glides over the skin, preventing cuts and nicks. Avoid shaving with soap as it doesn’t offer enough of a barrier between your skin and the blade. Soap can also clog the razor’s blades.

7 Biggest Shaving Mistakes Women Make—and How to Fix Them 1. Forcing yourself to shave with a “women’s” razor.. Do women really need a different razor to shave their legs than a 2. Sharing a razor with someone.. You can absolutely use the same brand if. It doesn’t matter if it is your boyfriend, your sister or your best friend razors contain too many bacteria that can spread infections such as warts (caused by a virus), folliculitis, or jock itch (fungal infection). microscopic openings in the skin, which allow. 8 Mistakes You’re Making Shaving Your Legs 1. Forgetting to exfoliate.

Use a salt scrub before hopping in the shower to lift the hairs and prep your skin. Getting 2. Shaving as soon as you get in the shower. Moisten skin for at least 3 minutes before applying your shave cream. Water 3. Not.

Once your skin starts to wrinkle, it’ll be harder to get a close shave. Shaving Mistake # 2: You shave in the morning. This is one of our favorite easy shaving tips! You get a much closer and smoother shave at night, because your legs have swelled from all that walking.

Shaving Mistake #. Shaving up the leg before you shave down the leg. On your first pass, only shave in the direction your hair grows (down the leg), and if you have very sensitive skin, don’t shave upward at all. While going “against the grain” may get you a closer shave, it.

Common Shaving Mistakes You’re Making Shaving too soon into your shower or bath. You might want to get it out the way but soaking in hot water will soften the hair and open the hair follicles, allowing you to get a closer, smoother shave. So, lay back and relax for 15 minutes before picking up the razor.

Dry shaving or using soap. 8 Mistakes You’re Making When Shaving Your Legs 1. You’re shaving first thing in the morning It sounds counterintuitive, but shaving at night will actually leave your 2. You’re shaving your legs as soon as you hop into the shower Understandably, you want to get your routine underway. Alcohol causes your skin to dry out, which negates the whole effect lotion is supposed to be giving your more sensitive legs, so be sure to read the ingredients carefully before slathering up.

Shaving sometimes leads to ingrown hairs and rashes and hence, it’s best to invest in a hydrating lotion like the Vaseline Intensive Care Deep Restore Body Lotion that will nourish your skin because it contains the goodness of Pure Oat Extract and Stratys 3 Multi-Layer Moisture.

List of related literature:

When I shave my legs for the first time in a week, I actually try to hit all the tricky spots—around the ankles, behind the knees.

“Catching Jordan” by Miranda Kenneally
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by Miranda Kenneally
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For example, instead of instructing your daughter to put shaving cream on, it is better to say first wet your legs, then put a golf ball-sized amount of shaving cream in your hand, then rub the shaving cream on the front of your leg, then the sides of your leg, etc.

“Girls Growing Up on the Autism Spectrum: What Parents and Professionals Should Know About the Pre-Teen and Teenage Years” by Shana Nichols, Liane Holliday Willey, Ginamarie Moravcik, Samara Pulver-Tetenbaum
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If I were running late, I’ d protect myself by faux shaving—just doing the strip between the bottom of my jeans and the top of my cotton socks.

“For Women Only!: Your Guide to Health Empowerment” by Gary Null, Barbara Seaman
from For Women Only!: Your Guide to Health Empowerment
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The process of getting ready routinely began the night before, when I would shave my legs and soon added my armpits.

Top Mistakes You are Making When Shaving Your LegsA Crossdresser Comes of AgeTm” href=”” target=”_blank”>Alice in Genderland: A Crossdresser Comes of AgeTm
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By the end of that first shaving session, I had nice road maps running up and down my legs with crowded intersections forming at my knees.

“Beneath the Surface: My Story” by Michael Phelps, Brian Cazeneuve, Bob Costas
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I did so many things wrong but probably the worst was the fuss I made every shaving day.

“Juno Of Taris” by Fleur Beale
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I started shaving my legs and underarms.

“Middlesex” by Jeffrey Eugenides
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When I get to my knee, I turn the razor over in my hand and start back down.

“Finally: A Wish Novel” by Wendy Mass
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I stop shaving my legs.

“Becoming MomStrong: How to Fight with All That's in You for Your Family and Your Faith” by Heidi St. John
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I shaved every piece of hair from my legs and armpits, and then scrutinized the Brazilian wax job I’d had done yesterday to make sure it looked just right.

“Sex, Not Love” by Vi Keeland, Jessica Royer Ocken
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  • I actually shave downwards and then upwards when I feel some hair left. Honestly, ever since then I havent had a single cut or razor burn or even bumps on my skin.

  • I don’t know why but I’m scared to shave…! So I’ve never shave in 12 years and I have really hairy legs so I don’t wear shorts::

  • I want to stop shaving my legs because I am having a terrible experience with razors. My legs start itching and are full of bruises caused by the razor:(

    PS: I don’t know what to do I am so self-conscious about the way my legs look that I only wear pants (even in summer)

  • I want to stop shaving my legs because I am having a terrible experience with razors. My legs start itching and are full of bruises caused by the razor:(

    PS: I don’t know what to do I am so self-conscious about the way my legs look that I only wear pants (even in summer)

  • Thank you for this! I am 14 years old and I just started shaving. My mom is always busy and has no time to teach me how to shave the right way. This video really helped, and I tried the DIY body scrub, I love it!!!!!!! Thanks again!

  • “tendency to have strawberry skin and a lot of ingrown hairs can be genetic”

    me: great ��✌�� i probably had a great grandma with this issue since my grandmas and my mom have like no hair on their legs. i love life ❤️��✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨

  • Omg i’ve been shaving downwards for 2 years and all of these comments are saying they shave upwards �� well time to change my routine

  • Just tried the scrub thing and yeah it left my legs smooth but idk if it was the oil or what lol if you are planning on doing it I would recommend just doing a little of it to try it out bc my dumbass made a lot and just poured it on both of my legs and then tried to wash it out but it was a big pain I also almost felled faced front cuz of the oil so then I had to battle with almost falling and trying to get rid of the freakin coffee once I stabilized myself and used conditioner I was too tired so I only shaved half of both of my legs… I will shave the rest tomorrow….

  • I also suggest you DONT use shaving cream. Using conditioner softens the hair more and glides the razor more easily. But do wait 1-2 minutes, especially if you are shaving down there

  • well i am 14 and i shave my legs half of it for some reason also im very hairy woman which is bad..but i shave daily like once week i sometimes see more hair come out but doesnt mean im becoming more hairy right please i need opnion.

  • So true! I got MRSA from using Dollar shave club razor between my thighs. Follow doctors orders! Mrsa bumps r painful and life threatening

  • I don’t shave as soon as I get into the shower I wash my hair first cause it takes the longest then I wash my upper body and then my legs and feet lmao

  • Two brilliant Doctors that are capable of teaching us amazing medical breakthroughs and all I learned is that you need shaving cream to shave. Poor audience got robbed.


    Too many quick passes with the blade. One pass per hairy area – going 1-2 inches downward at a time – will prevent ingrown hairs. Always shave like you might cause damage, not like your mowing the front yard lawn.

    Too many blades! If you are prone to ingrown hairs then you don’t need 3 or more blades.

    Pressing too hard on the skin with the blade. A gliding, light touch is all you need. This is likely your biggest issue. So follow #4

    You should be using a warm/hot water prep (5 mins). Then leave the shaving creme on for more than 3 minutes to really soften the hair. The hair stubble should literally fall away with little or no pressure at all. Pressing hard is the problem! Be gentle ya’ll.

    Using a blade that’s been used way too many times. Yes, this one may be obvious, but be sure to keep your used tools as clean as possible. Soap and rubbing alcohol will destroy bacteria.

    Use of skin/pore clogging cremes or lotions. These keep hairs from growing up. After a shave, keep your skin bare; let the tiny army breath, and allow those newly shaved, really small, microscopic hairs to grow out just in time for the next shave.

    Exfoliation removes excess layers of skin and prevents shorn hair from regrowing towards the skin and from becoming trapped beneath the skin. Brushing teases the hairs away. Use an ingrown hair brush as directed.

    Shaving too many times. This rule is hard to follow especially if you have to shave for your career but if you are prone to ingrowns, try shaving with an electric clipper. The results are not super close but no one but you will know the difference. Ladies, try waxing.

    Shaving against the grain. Shave in the direction of hair growth (usually down, but perform a face map to be sure).

    Avoid tight fitting clothing around the Adam’s apple (neck) and/or below the waistline region.

  • I love i gugs and u live in trinidad still i come caribbean cimer or u gugs live some wgher eals love u sooóoo much i want to meet u ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤��������

  • I have tried shaving downwards and it just doesn’t work. It won’t cut your hair at all or half cut it. You’ll get more dry skin because you do it again and again

  • Omg i tried this scrub and its the best Ive ever tried! Im surprised by how simple it is but just ahhhmazing the consistency was Perfect! Thank u������

  • The comments: “Who shaves down? That’s weird”
    Me slowly puts hand down

    I shave down because if I shave up, I catch my skin and hair on the blades and make bumps and cuts. I’m not that experienced with shaving so if any of you read this comment, it would be nice to get a few tips! ����

  • I shave in the middle of my shower and I use body wash afterwards but I don’t use shaving cream I just shave and I always shave upwards but I never get razor burn and I barely get cuts Also why’d he touch the nasty stuff coming out of the leg cause eeewwwwwwwww

  • Well it’s too late. I didn’t/never did any of those and now my legs look good and looks like it doesn’t have any hair but when you touch it, it’s as rough as steel wool.

  • I shave on Sundays, Tuesday’s and Fridays and I can’t wait to try these hacks for we if they work because I love having my legs smooth and soft so if this works I’m going to scream and Friday is in one day I’m excited,

    Yeah I know I’m weird��

  • okay so i got folliculitis from shaving and my doctor told me to use disposable shavers for a clean shave every time but now the video is telling me not to use them and i’m conflicted skdjshkjdhj

  • It’s more likely that someone would be carrying conditioner than coconut oil but maybe I’m the only that doesn’t have any laying around

  • 1:16 regrowth of hair??? I see nothing! i’m a slightly overweight 25 year old man and full of hair everywhere. please i want to look as bald and smooth as your legs in that shot. i’m afraid my hair would clog up the razors. i just want to look beautiful too:/

  • I used to shave upwards but not now but I m sick off from razor bumps but when I shave my legs I do in shower. I prefer hair spray. But mostly I go for waxing.

  • Why no one ever mention they shave with soap? Am i the only one who does that? And after 24 years i just found out to shave downward not upside, why no one ever tell that?! Now it make sense why my skin always itchy after shaved

  • Omg I love you 2 so much! thank You, before watching ur video I was sad. you never fail to make me happy, you have such a positive vibe ❤❤❤

  • Thanks for doing this video because yes I’ve done the soap thing.But Know Im gonna use conditioner BTW I have the same.Conditioner as you!!!!!! I Subscribed and Liked this video����

  • my strawberry legs are probably genetic because my mum and sister have really bad strawberry legs and so do is so yeah that’s great ��

  • I am shaving totally on dry Skin with my. 3 line lazerblades gel soap nothing I have learnt from a boyfriend.usually I do it after shower on dry not moist skin. My blade lasts 4 x longer since water doesn’t soak up that small line thing on the blade.I put a towel on my top of the stairs I seat on a towel 3 min. Done Everywhere. I tap the side of the wall the Gillette side 2/3 times the hair falls out continues shaving so it again. When it’s done grab my towel shake it in the bath I shower again only with purewater 15 seconds on my damp body I apply 7 peas amount of coconut oil rub it inn. I end up soft and delicious. Try it

  • I was just wandering I’m a man cyclist I was just wandering tips on shaving for a man I was just wandering can I shave with a mans razor or does it have to be girls razor just wanted to ask.

  • I’m 14 & have very thick hair all over my body����(except my head��). And most importantly, I never shaved my hairs��
    If I start shaving at this age will all my unwanted hair be removed without any strawberry spots?!

  • Okay as a guy, I tried doing this followed it precisely, but I still got razor bumps, I always see women shave upwards and I’ve been told that shaving with the grain reduces the chances of razor bumps, but I always see woman do this, so idk, I kinda need help, cause I just love the feeling of a close shave on my legs

  • You girls are amazing!!!!!!!! I tried the brown sugar and olive oil scrub and it’s CHANGED MY LIFE OMGGGGGGG LOVE U GUYS!!! GORGEOUS!!��������

  • My legs are extremely hairy, I’ve shaved once and quite a bit more grew back so I’m slightly concerned about this but as a dancer who’s usually wearing shorts I don’t really want people to judge my leg hair

  • Who does this every other day?? Its already too much work to begin with. And then this too? I think not. Unless your single with no kids, no job, & not many errands

  • I prefer men’s razors to women’s ��‍♀️ I think they work better also I hate body hair but hate shaving and I wear pants basically all year round so I just give up sometimes

  • closeted trans girl family obviously doesnt know nor would support the fact that im trans, so i have to do stuff like shave my legs in private. im really nervous to do it, and now im waiting until my mom wakes up so i can get my things for my shower without waking her up.

  • I get better results with waxing but it’s very time consuming. When I went to india I brought one those of wax heaters but often time I find myself getting annoyed that the process is too long so I give up and just shave ��

  • One time I was shaving and I thought I like had cut myself really bad on my leg. And then I saw that I had gone over a cut that I didn’t know I had. It hurt like a buttcheek on a stick and there was blood running down my leg. 11/10 would recommend

  • Hello guys, I’m Samantha and I also have a YouTube page that has relative content. I focus on beauty and health and real life events!!! I’m also going to be trying this technique on YouTube page, so please support me and subscribe to my channel��������

  • I am 13 years old and I shave every other day. I guess I’m just really hairy. And guys do yall remember that horrible feeling the first time you shaved and now you can’t get enough of that clean shave feeling haha

  • I just bought a Billie Razor I’m waiting for it to come in so I can shave!!! My legs are really hairy and I hate it can’t wait for my razor to come!!! I like shaving ��

  • I have been told that I’m getting to be a rare breed of guy because I actually appreciate everything women go through to look good. I know it’s not easy to shave your legs and underarms, but it’s really nice to see a gorgeous pair of legs like yours that have been shaved. Thank you very much for what you do to be beautiful.

  • what i need is to exfoliate first? then after putting brown sugar with olive oil do i need to wash it with water or i will let it dry then put hair conditioner and shave it?? thanks.

  • I’m too young to shave but I like to make a diy sugar scrub literally with more part sugar and a bit of coconut oil. Then since coconut oil clogs pores, I proceed with my body wash. ��

  • i need help, because i really want to shave my legs because its hairy and my mom said not to do it, because it will makes it even more thicker. is that true? ��

  • I shave my body with an epilator and my skin gets irritated around my tights for like 2-3days after that but I just deal with it����‍♀️

  • Thanks so much for posting this video, my mom died from lung cancer and before I got to ask how to do this woman stuff she died. So I really appreciate you posting of this video

  • TIP: apply your moisturizer when your skin is damp
    Damp skin absorbs the moisture better then in dry skin
    Try it and you’ll notice a difference
    If you have dry skin or stretch marks you’ll notice a difference

  • you can shave against the grain as a man just prep the skin and soften the beard then first shave with the grain then cross the grain left to right then right to left last against the grain post shave rens use after shave made to prevent ingrown hair i do it all the time no problem

  • You don’t want to shave when you first get into the shower as the hair is the most course, you want to wait till it’s moistened and softer and wet then your good to go.

    Dry shaving not to do, cream shave. Close shave. Can also use hair conditioner to.

    Shaving upwards your going against the grain, which means you will get cut and nicks in the skin which can cause infections and razor burn.

  • I am so tired of shaving my legs every week its a battle i can’t win my hair on my legs are course i want to be able to shave my legs once a month i am going wax my legs for the first time even though i don’t want to wax my legs but shaving is not cutting it more

  • If the idea of shaving your legs at night is because your legs swell and the hairs retreat back into the skin is beyond my comprehension. If the hairs retreat, that means that you are shaving less amount of hairs and when the legs are not swollen, the hair that you didn’t shave, comes back out and your legs are NOT smooth any longer. Just because you’re a doctor does not mean that you have all the answers.

  • Thanks for your advice on shaving,what about shaving your armpits,do we apply shaving cream,the gel,under the armpits as well?God bless you,ad have a blessed day,Jesus love y,ad cares for y,ad us all amen����������������������������