To Reduce Stress Only a Breathe Away


RELAX AND BREATHE: Do Nothing for 10 Minutes

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“Just Breathe” by Julie Bayer Salzman & Josh Salzman (Wavecrest Films)

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3 Hours of Amazing Nature Scenery & Relaxing Music for Stress Relief.

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8 HOURS Relaxing Music for Stress Relief {Completely Beat Insomnia} Music for Deep Sleep, Meditation

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Just a Breath Away / Dans la brume (2018) Trailer (English Subs)

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Beautiful Relaxing Music for Stress Relief • Meditation Music, Sleep Music, Ambient Study Music

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Relieve Stress & Anxiety with Simple Breathing Techniques

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This will allow you to feel your diaphragm move as you breathe. Breathe in through your nose (as if you are smelling a rose) for about 2 seconds. Purse your lips like you’re getting ready to whistle or gently blow out candles on a birthday cake. Breathe out very slowly through pursed lips, while slowly counting to four.

Repeat four times. Trask helps patients re-learn the right way to breathe, called deep abdominal—or diaphragmatic—breathing. It brings more oxygen into your blood and muscles, relieving the effects of stress and lowering your heart rate and blood pressure. “That’s the way you should breathe all. Your breath is the most readily available tool for relieving stress. Practice fast-acting breathing exercises that release tension, ease worries, and boost your energy.

During our 2-part program with 50-minute sessions learn simple techniques that you can use any time, any place to reduce stress. The program leader is a certified yoga instructor. Here’s what to do: Inhale slowly through your nostrils, taking in a very deep diaphragmatic breath, filling your lungs and filling your Hold that breath for about six seconds. Exhale slowly through your slightly parted lips, releasing all the air in your lungs. Pause at the end of this.

Just breathe into the blessings of your life. Stress relief is within us all—just breathe. You can find more wellness tips from Nancy along with copies of her yoga book and DVD for purchase on her website at

Share a comment about how you relieve stress. Namaste. This post originally appeared on As you exhale, imagine that your breath is whooshing away stress and tension. 10.

Try to deep breathe for 10 minutes or until you feel relaxed and less stressed. Gradually work your way up to 15-20. The emotional demand of stress can build up over time, but if you learn to silence the outside world, if you find an unshakable peace, you’ll find a way to return to your happy place, no matter.

Meditation can wipe away the day’s stress, bringing with it inner peace. See how you can easily learn to practice meditation whenever you need it most. By Mayo Clinic Staff If stress has you anxious, tense and worried, consider trying meditation. A tropical blend of Lime, Vanilla, Copaiba, and more, Stress Away’s sweet citrus scent helps you step away from the many tasks that fill your day to momentarily unwind and relax in a personal oasis. Just focusing on your breath or changing the way you breathe can make a big difference to your overall stress level.

Breathing techniques can calm your body and your brain in just a few minutes. The best news is, no one around you will even know you’re doing them.

List of related literature:

My favorite stress management technique is deep breathing.

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Products that relieve this stress fulfill a fundamental need.

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As we’ll explore throughout this chapter, stress can work for you in many ways (after all, the only time you’re not stressed is when you’re in that pine box).

“YOU: Being Beautiful: The Owner's Manual to Inner and Outer Beauty” by Michael F. Roizen, Mehmet Oz
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If you smoke for stress relief, try other ways of chilling out during times of high anxiety – visualization, deep breathing, listening to music on your iPod, a swim or a workout, a warm bath, a massage (and maybe some post­massage sex).

“What to Expect: Before You're Expecting” by Sharon Mazel, Heidi Murkoff
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Stress relief is often cheap or free, and it has no downside.

“Making Things Happen: Mastering Project Management” by Scott Berkun
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One of my favorite ways to relax and relieve stress is to take a lavender bath.

“Alchemy of Herbs: Transform Everyday Ingredients into Foods and Remedies That Heal” by Rosalee de la Forêt
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Breathing and relaxation exercises are important stress relievers, too.

“The Melaleuca Wellness Guide” by Richard M. Barry
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I added something new lately, a breathing technique that I learned from Brian Mackenzie, which I’ve found really helps me handle stress.

“Tribe of Mentors: Short Life Advice from the Best in the World” by Timothy Ferriss
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I Teach nonpharmacological methods of stress reduction (e.g. relaxation techniques, mental imagery, music therapy, breathing exercises, meditation, massage).

“Medical-Surgical Nursing” by Priscilla LeMone, Karen Burke, Trudy Dwyer, Tracy Levett-Jones, Lorna Moxham, Kerry Reid-Searl
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Stress relief is also important.

“Patient Care in Radiography E-Book: With an Introduction to Medical Imaging” by Ruth Ann Ehrlich, Dawn M Coakes
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  • Been real anxious for really no reason these past few days. This video helped to relive the tension of the giant knot in my stomach that had been there all day. Also along with a little prayer, I’m feeling peaceful for the first time in a couple days. Thank you for making this video! A real life saver!! I’m going to sleep blissfully tonight!

  • I finally had a break through with nature. I seen two birds flitting about a chair yesterday. Up and down, back and forth. As if they were after or trying to find something. I realized that they really didn’t have a sense of where abouts. As a child I assumed that animals, birds, and fish, had a built in sense of this conception. I shared that moment with the two birds. They really don’t know either in space and time as on earth within it. For a moment I felt closer to natural wildlife than I ever had. I never realized my misunderstood karma and the reason they would never really associate with me on a same wave length of condition or conscious. Its as if our hearts for a moment was together. They really don’t know where they are either in time within the rapture of the beginning or end. I assumed that by natural standards that they were always within god or of a greater purpose. But I guess sometimes ambulatory life associates with others in a time of seasonal egress. Yes confused, but not confused on the same state of conditions. Maybe it was the marked earthen places that mankind has graphed that attracted them to my attention when our attentions associated as a social communion. Street names and numbers. I guess that too is just another ploy to give people a false sense of place, origon, destination, and direction. Most life does just wonder for food, shelter, egress, and safety. Understanding from a safe distance as respect.

  • Thanks doc, ur vdo is helping me a lot. I just shiver while riding scooter mostly after the accident I faced. But by these breathing techniques I can also stable my mind.

  • great technique doctor. do u have an email so I cans u a question. I had tightness in my front muscles yesterday. I am assuming is due to anxiety. do u have some exercise for that

  • This song was written by dolphins, who communicated via telekinesis to a monkey who would then relay it to a human being using sign language who would then input the command into a computer which then would communicate back to the dolphins (through telekines) the song’s playback after the update.

  • i just wanted to share this book_ INSOMNIAC:The Ultimate Sleep Therapy. I too have been suffering from insomnia for past 2 years. this book really helped me cure my insomnia naturally. i just wanted to share this with you. i have provided the pdf.its completely free. you can download if you want.

  • I have some words of encouragement in the midst of what’s going on. It might sound wierd, but it is for real and I thought it would be important to say it.

    Its long because I’ve tried to and any faqs!
    Hopefully this will answer some of those nagging questions
    Why can’t evil be forgiven and let off, how is the whole “Jesus dying” thing really relevant to anything? To you? if you still have any questions let me know x

    Ever struggle? Ever doubt that God Loves You After what you’ve done? Ever wonder if He exists for that matter? Read this:

    All of us have lied, stolen (even tiny things count), spoken badly to our parents and had embarrassing and detestable thoughts in our thought life. The Bible calls this “sin”, the breaking of God’s laws. You might think, so what? Everyone lies and thinks bad things about others! Its human!

    You’re right. That’s exactly what the Bible says, we’re “born into sin” and that “all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” Romans 3:23

    What is that “glory”, morally speaking?
    Well, the opposite of human nature and desires.
    Not lying, not stealing, and having a perfect thought life is God’s standard for us.

    But if its God’s standard and we were made in “God’s image”, Why don’t we meet it?
    Well, Remember Adam and Eve and when they sinned. Before sin they were perfect in thought word and DEED completely, but after the first sin occured due to Satan’s tempting in the Garden, it destroyed that part of us that was morally perfect and in perfect harmony with God’s morals, standard, and love. So while we kept certain things, the ability to be thinking individuals with unique personalities, the moral part (affecting how our thoughts, actions and personalities operate) was damaged. To the point where we are “opposed” to God, hence His nature and standards being the opposite of what we see as reasonable or possible. The Bible even makes it clear that “apart from God you can do nothing” John 15:5. Without Him, it will 100% feel “opposite”, unreasonable and alien to us. Only WITH Him can we gain victory in these things.

    Why doesn’t God just let sin off and leave it?
    God is described as a “righteous judge” in the bible, many wonder why God doesn’t just let sin off and leave it, but He can’t. Why? That’s like a if a judge let off a
    murderer who broke the state law. Everyone would attack that judge and call Him corrupt, saying that he had not done right and should be fired for failing to punish the murderer for his evil. AND to completely love and be good as God is, means you need to, in turn, hate all forms of evil. You can’t truly love good unless you hate the existence of evil.

    This essentially means that God needed, as a righteous judge to punish sin with the ultimate penalty of death and separation from His presence forever. Hence Hell.

    “The soul that sins shall die (in Hell and suffer damnation)” Ezekiel 18:20

    But God, who is also love, did not want to see His creation tortured and cut off from Him. He cares so much for is that He couldn’t bear to see us fall into Satans hands and suffer death, even though we broke the law and deserve to bear the guilt, pain and be cut off from perfection forever through damnation.

    Because of justice, God could not leave sin and evil unpunished, BUT because of LOVE, God provided someone else to take that punishment on our behalf, satisfying both justice (by punishing the evil committed), and love (by sparing OUR lives) despite our sin.

    God sent His own SON think about that. His *Son*, the one whom He loved infinitely (the same way He loves us).

    God allowed Him to take the pain we deserved, He took ALL of Gods wrath for every single sin you and I have committed. He was punished brutally and completely as if He was the picture of mankind’s sin itself so that we do not have to be punished.

    Back in the courtroom scenario: He paid the “fine” at His own expense (His life had to be morally perfect on this Earth, then He had to be killed as a sinless sacrifice on our behalf).
    So when He returns to remove all evil from the face of the Earth, we can be spared and free because Christ has already BEEN punished on our behalf. He then rose again on the third day, conquering not only life and sin and temptation, but DEATH.

    “I am the resurrection and the life: he that believeth in Me, though he were dead, yet shall he live (immortallly and eternally in Heaven when I return)” John 11:25-26

    ALL we have to do is accept it by faith. Faith alone in Christ alone.

    Religion = rules to be saved

    The gospel = Christ saved us already we just have to believe it by faith. If you lack faith (as I did before), pray. He will make it strong it time. Trust Him as you would trust those close to you. He knows you even better than that. He created you and knows you inside out.


    What does it actually mean for us?
    It means we can be completely free from the penalty of damnation.
    Not only that but we can be restored to Him and recreated into His moral image AGAIN as long as we accept Jesus having paid the price for us and accept Him as our Lord, the one who is in the front seat of our lives. He has a plan for your life, He’s created you for a purpose. Just remember that. A purpose that includes being recreated into His image, one you can only accomplish through Him and reliance on His power and by following HIS way of life.

    What is this new way entail?

    It entails love, true love and service and aid to others, to “love God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength” and “love your neighbour as you love yourself” Matthew 22:37, 39.

    Sharing the message of Christ’s death, resurrection and soon return on this Earth to give justice OR mercy depending on what the person chose.

    Sound “opposite” again?
    God knows it sounds opposite, which is why, as The Bible states, this is NOT something we can do alone. It’s not in our nature.

    We need a new nature in the front seat, and the first step is to repent (turn from and reject our sin, pursuing the opposite direction and drawing close to God)

    Christ will give us an actual DESIRE to do these things. Through the, Holy Spirit, sent by Him to us after the ascension. He speaks to us through thoughts, verses, ideas and prayers and guides us so that we gain a desire to follow God and be able to do these “opposite” things through Him.

    What is the way FOR though?
    Firstly its to save you from sin the only way to gain victory over sin and not have it as your master is through having Christ as your master and following His aid to resist the devil’s temptations.

    Christ lived down here for 33 years suffering EVERY FORM of temptation that you have ever faced “who in every respect [has] been tempted as we are, yet without sin” Hebrews 4:15.

    Therefore He is able to help us through our struggles. When the devil knows people have left his camp, he always tries harder with more temptations and evil attacks. BUT His way is also there to guard and teach you daily in the midst of this (and despite this) sinful, selfish world.

    The path He wants you to walk is one of committment and love its not about rules and regulations to save us what Christ did GAVE us salvation. All we need is faith to believe it. The rest, the “fruits of good works (the will to obey and follow Him)”, are what come through true, maturing faith. It’s all about faith and the relationship God wants with you just like before sin arrived.

    God preferred His own Son to be tortured and killed to give a chance to us (who broke His law of perfection) so that we can live as His children again. He wants us to love and trust and worship Him.

    What if I still sin after accepting Christ?

    That’s why Christ died, For our sin. His death doesn’t fix us in a snap like that, but it does protect us from the damnation that our past, present and future sins would bring without Jesus.

    It’s a process a lifelong one of God bringing you back to Him and away from the destructive pleasures of sin (think greed, selfish temptations, trampling on people to gain). This process takes a *lifetime*, as it does for all, but NEVER give up, when you fall, know Christ paid for that sin you committed already just acknowledge your sin and ask for forgiveness and you can get back up again because He already bore your guilt and shame.

    Regardless of the darkness you are in or the extent or frequency of the sins you have committed or will commit, regardless of how doubtful you may feel, know that Jesus UNDERSTANDS completely and He is faithful.

    “those who come to Me, I will by no means cast out” John 6:37


    Don’t know where to start?
    Note down the Gospel of “John”, or “Luke” (if you want a more detailed account of it all).

    Remember that He will “NEVER and that means never leave you, NOR forsake you” Deuteronomy 31:6

    Regardless of what goes on down here, God knows, Jesus has been down here and felt all the emotions you are feeling. You can go to Him with them and be assured that He loves you and is for you.
    Even in the storm, God is still there, walking on the water alongside you.

    Keep your heart open to Him and remember that if we pray for Christ to enter our lives, He will.

    “For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only begotten Son, that whomever believes in Him, shall not perish, but have everlasting life”. John 3:16

    Thanks for reading if you did x. I just felt that I should tell you regardless, just so that you know, tried to answer any questions. Xxx let me know if you have any more if you need clarification xxx

  • 52:44 hard to imagine and believe waterfalls and rivers flowing were strong enough to have enough erosion to create today’s planet.

  • This is relaxing? Lmao, it’s stressful as fuck. Like some aliens are trying to communicate with Earth, telling us they’re about to terraform the Earth.

  • Thank you so much for these exercises. I was actually looking on youtube for breathing exercises as my vocal coach referred me to them. But I also suffer with quite bad anxiety from time to time. I found these exercises super helpful. Thank you.

  • Hey Dr. Jo, I am having problems with eating and am a little underweight due to stress and anxiety. Any other advice to help me eat more and relieve my stress?

  • Right now, there are people all over the world who are just like you. They’re either lonely, they’re missing somebody, they’re depressed, they’re hurt, they’re scarred from the past, they’re having personal issues no one knows about, they have secrets you wouldn’t believe. They wish, they dream and they hope. And right now, they are sitting here reading these words, and I’m writing this for you so you dont feel alone anymore. Always remember, don’t be depressed about the past, don’t worry about the future, and just focus on today. If today’s not so great don’t worry! Tomorrow’s a new chance. If you are reading this, be sure to share this around to make others feel better. Have a nice day!:)

  • Ok so the box breathing worked for one night the I stopped working and the second technique also stopped working on night two so do you have any other tips on calming and sleeping methods

  • To stay through your video is tougher than I expected, I dosed off every 2min!!! The best part is no irritating advertisement! Thank you!

  • Put it on half speed if you want to be so chill you start seeing polar bears.

    Seriously though, breathe in time with it. You’ll see.

  • This helps….i actually have breathing anxiety i over componsate my breathing breathing thru my mouth deep…..its horrid makes me so so anxious feeling i cant breath if i do keep trying these many thanks x

  • Hi Dr
    Dr i am suffering from anxiety and have panic attacks, with this i have tremors in my hands and due to anxiety my hands keep on shivering
    How long these 2 exercises will take to cure or relief tha attacks?

  • I know this sounds horrible and mean to others who have made vids like this but this is the only one that works for me probably cause my minds in a dark place right now and my therapist asked me to do meditation for my anxiety I actually went to her cause I was suicidal but my therapy Is so useful. And if your in a dark place please know your not alone I have been thro it I have self harmed and tried to commit suicide but it’s not worth it I swear

  • I suddenly had this feeling of not being able to breath. I’m using this to try to regain my breath. It seems to be working alright.

  • This is the next best thing of virtually going outside since the pandemic began. At least it helps with the mental health issue for everyone.��

  • I would definitely listen to this while taking a walk morning or’s so soothing and beautiful..thanks are an amazing talent.��

  • Thank you so much for this. It seems so simple but I’ve struggled with shortness of breath for years from anxiety and this is the first breathing technique that’s ever been effective for me.

  • Your cuts are too short! I want to see more of each place…. It gets frustrating when you begin to enjoy the place then it vanishes.

  • It’s unbelievable how a simple piece of beautiful music and the comments from people all over the world that I’ve never met can make me feel so much better.
    Thank you all very much for your kindness and your love. ❤️ greetings from Germany. You all are deeply appreciated!

  • I’ve had a panic attack since Sunday, 5:30 pm (I woke up feeling this way) and it’s now Wednesday 8:18 pm. I feel like I’m losing my mind and this is easing that a little bit.

  • I’m struggling trying to pass my State exam. It’s very difficult. This music just smooth my mind. Ut allows me to refocus. I love life.

  • As much as we human’s destroy…..HE continues to show us that HIS beauty is renewable and everlasting until HE decides otherwise. We lack vision though we have eyes.

  • Keep imagining a better future for yourself and your loved ones everyday. Slowly the fog will clear and a path to that future will open up. Then take one step forward, in your own time towards it. No rush. Step by step try to enjoy the process of getting there… That process is Life

  • Really gonna miss it. Sad reality is we are killing it and now it seems another war is coming. Nice while it lasted. Much love to you Gaia