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To Stop Coronavirus In Its Tracks, Here’s Your Guide To 5 Degrees Of Separation By Julie Appleby, Kaiser Health News Monday, March 16, 2020 (Kaiser News) As the number of coronavirus. To Stop Coronavirus In Its Tracks, Here’s Your Guide To 5 Degrees Of Separation where passengers fell ill with COVID-19 and were then required to. To Stop Coronavirus in Its Tracks, Here’s Your Guide to 5 Degrees of Separation. If someone tells you, “I’d love to go to dinner, but I’m socially distancing,” don’t be offended. It’s likely they are trying to do a good deed for public health.

HealthyWomen Editors. 17 Mar 2020 Your Health. Medically Reviewed. Stop coronavirus in its tracks, here’s your guide to 5 degrees of separation Here’s a quick guide for what you need to know. That means if tens of millions of Americans come down with.

To Stop Coronavirus In Its Tracks, Here’s Your Guide To 5 Degrees Of Separation Recent examples include passengers from cruise ships where passengers fell ill with COVID-19 and were then. Recent examples include passengers from cruise ships where passengers fell ill with COVID-19 and were then required to stay at military bases for 14 days to see if they developed the disease. The U.S. hasn’t closed off entire areas ― such as. Health To stop coronavirus in its tracks, here’s your guide to 5 degrees of separation If evidence holds from experiences to date in countries further along in the outbreak, most people who. To stop coronavirus in its tracks, here’s your guide to 5 degrees of separation Here’s a quick guide for what you need to know.

That means if tens of millions of Americans come down with. To Stop Coronavirus In Its Tracks, Here’s Your Guide To 5 Degrees Of Separation Editor’s Note: The Canyon Echo will be publishing Covid-19 updates related to southeast Utah and republishing content like this story that gives context and tips for the coronavirus outbreak. Here’s your guide to 5 degrees of separation to stop the spread of coronavirus.

By JULIE APPLEBY. Kaiser Health News. Published: 3/17/2020 3:52:14 PM. Modified: 3/17/2020 3:52:08 PM.

List of related literature:

Recent antiviral strategies against coronavirus infection have been reviewed elsewhere [203].

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Oktay Kutluk

Kutluk Oktay, MD, FACOG is one of the world's foremost experts in fertility preservation as well as ovarian stimulation and in vitro fertilization for infertility treatments. He developed and performed the world's first ovarian transplantation procedures as well as pioneered new ovarian stimulation protocols for embryo and oocyte freezing for breast and endometrial cancer patients.

Mail: [email protected]
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  • Thanks Kevin for this public service message. I’m a health care worker and appreciate this common sense and effective measure. #IStayHomeForMilford   I live in Milford, Mi. Our greater Detroit area community was hit pretty hard by the pandemic. In this uncertain time my family resigned to make something beautiful A positive impact and pay forward. And while maintaining a safe distance from all.  The result is a film short that I hope will move you the way your thoughtful project did me. We dedicated this to the memory of my father (Michigan COVID #132), my graduate Sophia and her MHS Class of 2020. A celebration of the amazing architecture/places of worship in the Detroit area.

  • Kevin Bacon, you sell out, you should be arrested for peddling this hoax which is causing so many deaths from isolation.
    You complete brainwashed twat!

  • Im really having problem with the guy i was seeing now. Lately ive been having problem with communication specially that i like being intimate in texting and videocalling now ive been calling his attention but it seems he doesnt realize that he upsets me alot. And today we were supposed to videocall but instead he went out to see his friends even if its lockdown. I told him i want to break up but it seems he still doesnt realize the impact of things he does or dont do.


  • That “hacker” who took down MySpace was wrongly convicted in my opinion.
    It was MySpace that was criminally negligent if anything….. for leaving themselves so vulnerable.
    He was just having a bit of fun. He did not intend to take down MySpace.

  • Thanks so much for the wisdom in this vid. Spans and touches so many salient issues now and at any time. It really spoke to a lot of my own neuroses etc. Thanks also for spending time to reassure those living on their own. For a while I could really appreciate the advantages but started to lose that perspective. It’s not so much you said what I didn’t already know but articulated it so well. It helped to hear it spoken out loud:) I would say that you default to addressing a female audience when this applies across the board.

  • Jesus Christ people, they are celebrities, NOT GODS!!!!
    People are losing their jobs, and the celebrities are suffering in their million dollars mansions.
    You people are pathetic!!!!

  • “Social distancing” means population control. Stop young people from reproducing (not including married people in quarantine, because most wives don’t put out to their husbands after the first year lol) and this virus only killing off older and/compromised people. Think about it. Plus an economic reset by shutting everything down.

  • Matthew, I love your videos! I’m sad that I didn’t know the extent of your work…prepandemic ����. I’m 35, and I feel like I’ve learned so much just in a few videos! Thank you!

  • This is what happens on a planet that cares only about profit without real
    democracy. Not a matter of right or left. If there was real democracy people
    would have selected for universal health care to exist everywhere and
    governments would have been more ready and able to face this crisis. If there
    was democracy people in China would have selected that dangerous animals with
    virus were not being sold for food. If there was real democracy there would not
    be tax havens and governments around the world would not owe 80 trillion to
    private institutions/entities. If there was real democracy people would have
    selected that guns in the US were not being sold to the public. If there was
    real democracy people would have selected to assist with housing in the US and
    the 2008 crisis would not have happened, on the contrary economy would be very
    strong. If there was real democracy people would have selected to invest money
    to protect the environment. Free economy, democracy and taxes is a fine system
    that brought along freedoms and human rights etc. The problem is that the two
    last parts democracy and taxes are not working properly. We are not talking
    about extreme taxing, but logical/fair (instead of none in many cases) would be

  • Hi Matthew,

    I’d love to meet up with you for a date. If you’re planning on heading to Australia when the borders open up, flick me a message.
    I’m 29, would love to get to know you in person, you never know where it could lead…
    For now, a Skype chat would be lovely ��
    Lauren xo

  • Every crisis of any kind can be approached either as a moment of catharsis and resilience or as another reason to succumb to despair. It is not about a matter of romanticizing a crisis, but rather of becoming aware of the fact that when our options are limited, we are put on the spot to decide what our true intentions are, whether we want to develop a foundation in a more challenging but committing way or seek a variety of prospects that are prone to lead us to make compulsive decisions, as long as we are not committed to trying to carry them out once and for all. It is true, we can say that the physical aspect is not present as a worrying factor in online dating and therefore the decision is in any case uncertain, however, when it comes to relationships in all senses of the word, the emotional aspect unfolds what the physical one restricts, and the emotional aspect is by all means the one that implies more liability.

  • Aren’t all the famous people sweet to give us common folk tips how to be alone in the hoose an’ do stuff. Gee, I am just overwhelmed with gratitude. And I so want to see every single one of them show me the interior of their abodes.

  • CELEBRITY: Pick your safest mansion and stay put
    CEKEBRITY: Make sure you test your staff every day
    CEKEBRITY: Dont let your cleaners, chef or driver leave their quarters unless YOU urgently need them to venture into the poor public when you run out of olives for your martinis
    CELEBRITY: Stay safe elite, im sure this will thin the herd and and keep posting videos to poor sheep, they need us celebrities to look up to since their so… well poor

  • Interviewer: Ok regular people subscribed but what celebrities for on board????? That’s soooo
    Important. Kevin Bacon:
    Hmmm let me see… Such and such such and such but I rely want to thank the workers… Medical staff, Garbage cleaners, and others that are helping

  • Yea right, a neo-fascist BS’er. Why would anyone believe a word from his s-hole?
    Truth? Facts? When will gov’t and media start telling the truth? Such as China didn’t record or report deaths, claimed no new cases,…, FACTS not FEAR, really?
    Coal fired crematoriums were working around the clock to dispose of CV dead. Meanwhile, over 2-3 weeks some 50K plus died. Satellite photos show clouds of coal smoke engulfing cities, first hand accounts reporting a great number of crematoriums working around the clock disposing of corpses. A week ago Hong Kong undercover reporters said the actual number of dead they roughly counted was much greater than 50K. These crematoriums continued to operate at full capacity for an additional week, so add 1.2K/day X 10 is 10.2K over the last week until deaths began to decline as was shown with the decrease of sulfur dioxide emissions.
    This was only Wuhan! Coal smoke was seen across central China. Satellite images available from NASA, though, NASA says levels are dropping in China and increasing in India.
    Why else the draconian measures? For fewer than 1 death per Million US citizens?
    Fake? Do your own research and draw your own conclusion.
    I recommend you start with the “60 Minutes” Australia here on youtube. investigating the ‘wet markets’ across SE Asia and some still operating in China, who supposedly outlawed and closed all these breading grounds for deadly disease.
    Be informed and may you stay healthy. Sue the reds for lying about this, media and politicians alike. Use the video and photos that ignore lock down and prosecute them for negligent homicide.

  • This was very good and helped me a lot. Been dealing with stuff as of recently. My relationship has hit a bump and I am dealing with it and we are figuring things out.

  • Ok. While it is good to set an example… they are rich and famous. They can have everything they need delivered to them on a silver platter.
    How about the health care workers and other public servants who cannot stay home?
    How about the desperate single mother or father of 3 who has no choice but to venture out to get food. Or is economically forced to still have to go to jobs and expose themselves and their loved ones? Let’s keep it real… those are the real hero’s right now.

  • Its Good to see you Kevin, I’ve missed your art recently. This is a great way to help and lead people. Thanks.
    You an Kira, I’m always amazed at your craft, projects, art, etc., Thanks for that as well.:)

  • Its OK for the wealthy to stay at home and be able to keep paying the bills!!
    But for the other people that live from week to week to pay the bills its not that easy.
    Funding for us and just even food does not come quick enough.

  • Most celebrities wouldn’t do something like this. They’re all too wrapped up in themselves. Kevin I always thought was a nice guy.

  • hay kevin&cnn,peace&wisdom&good health to your families thru the dead hearted souless idolatrous money worshipping evil racist jesus hating nazi darkness of trump,into my john oliver coronavirus playlist

  • I like Bacons work as an actor. CNN is the perfect venue for pretenders. Kevin, If you really want your message to go “Viral”, get on Mark Dice. The people of America will thank you.

  • Don’t forget your TRANSIT BUS DRIVER’s who drive people to those stores, to the hospital’s, and anywhere else the public needs to be at this time, risking exposure. I wonder why they are ignored and unappreciated? �� humm..

  • It’s not fair when Trump and Jared supports raising rent in low income housing areas rent in Ga avg is $1000!!! Our job help us pay that and Essentials and high ass GA POWER!!!!!!!! they build these cluster condos that aren’t affordable to the avg. I assume to get bank contract loans.

  • Tell the American celebrities to go fuck themselves.
    Drug infested liberal Hollyweird go fuck yourself.You have done enough damage to society.
    Have you seen the Madonna video in her bathroom singing, what a Kabbalist fuck job.

  • In Broward county Florida, county employees who are non essential workers are still required to go work in our big offices along with lots of intermingling co workers! Broward and Miami-Dade Counties are the epicenter for the virus, at least that we know of due to such little testing! Governor Desantis is behaving just like Trump, putting his head deep into the sand on our recently crowded beaches. Do you know he still hasn’t declared all beaches be closed?! Any action taken has been taken by the cities and counties. The state is still holding out for “more numbers” to indicate a need to take real action. What’s wrong with this country is that we have absolutely no guidance from the Federal Government! And many Governors are dragging their feet! I think, as a government employee, in order to protect myself, I may need to quit! But, if I do, I may live but, won’t be eligible for unemployment! And what about my retirement which is, due to county requirements, in a now pretty much empty account! I, as well as my fellow, life risking coworkers are desperate to stay home!! We are on our own here. Good luck to you and you’re family, Kevin. I guess I’m #going to work for?

  • I have been with my girlfriend 3 years we dont live together and this coronavirus is gonna end up splitting us up im at my house and shes at her house not seen her for like a month now and I have no idea how long this is gonna last is coronavirus dont know what to do help me ��

  • Our “leaders” acted too late we will look like Italy in less than a week. How well we practice social distancing determines how fast we recover from shipping caskets in military trucks to attendance-free funerals…

  • Toxic Trump: “It’s a hoax!”
    Much later: ….”I got this pandemic under control, we’re safe!” 
    Shortly after: ….”It’s not my fault!  States need to take charge!  It’s unsafe! You need to stay home!”

  • Thank you Kevin I work at a grocery store and it’s a lot of tension but we all try and stick together and keep going never knowing how big of a service we are doing everyone be safe out there ❤️

  • Earnest invitation <3
    Ascension Timeline / End of Coronavirus Meditation

    10:45 pm EDT on April 4th

  • Trump falsely claims drug approval for virus
    WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump misstated the facts Thursday when he asserted that the Food and Drug Administration had just approved a decades-old malaria drug to treat patients infected by the coronavirus. After his FDA chief clarified that the drug still needs testing, Trump also overstated the drug’s potential upside in helping contain the outbreak.

    THE FACTS: The drug, known chemically as chloroquine, has been available for decades to treat the mosquito-borne illness malaria. Technically, doctors can already prescribe the drug to patients with COVID-19, a practice known as off-label prescribing. But Trump falsely suggested to reporters that the FDA had just cleared the drug specifically for the viral pandemic spreading in communities across the U.S. That would mean that the drug had met the FDA’s standards for safety and effectiveness.

    Minutes later, FDA Commissioner Dr. Stephen Hahn emphasized that the drug still needs testing to determine if it can help patients. He said chloroquine would have to be tested in “a large pragmatic clinical trial to actually gather that information.”

    Drug trials typically require hundreds or thousands of patients and, even when accelerated, take weeks or months to complete. In his remarks, Hahn reflected on his background as a cancer doctor and warned against giving patients “false hope” before drugs are fully vetted.

    While chloroquine has shown promise in preliminary laboratory studies, some experts are skeptical it will prove effective in human testing.

    “I think it could be a game changer, and maybe not,” Trump said, discussing the drug.

    But the FDA reiterated in a statement Thursday that there are “no FDA-approved therapeutics or drugs to treat, cure or prevent COVID-19.”


    TRUMP: “If chloroquine or hydroxychloroquine works, or any of the other things that they’re looking at that are not quite as far out… your numbers are going to come down very rapidly.”

    THE FACTS: The drugs he is referring to are for treatment in patients already infected. That doesn’t prevent spread of the virus. One study is testing chloroquine to try to protect health care workers at highest risk of infection, because a vaccine is likely a year or more away.

  • In hard-hit areas, testing restricted to health care workers, hospital patients
    Carolyn Y. Johnson, Lena Sun Washington Post 03/21/20

    Health officials in New York, California and other hard-hit parts of the country are restricting coronavirus testing to health care workers and people who are hospitalized, saying the battle to contain the virus is lost and the country is moving into a new phase of the pandemic response.

    As cases spike sharply in those places, they are hunkering down for an onslaught, and directing scarce resources where they are needed most to save people’s lives. Instead of encouraging broad testing of the public, they’re focused on conserving masks, ventilators, intensive care beds — and on getting still-limited tests to health care workers and the most vulnerable. The shift is further evidence that rising levels of infection and illness have begun to overwhelm the health care system.

    Health officials are struggling with a complicated message — more people can get tested, but those with mild symptoms should stay home and practice social distancing. Some go so far as to warn that widespread testing at this point could threaten the U.S. response by burning through precious supplies just as a tidal wave of sick people descend on the system

    “In a universe where masks and gowns are starting to become scarce, every time we test someone who doesn’t need one, we’re taking that mask and gown away from someone in the intensive care unit,” said Demetre Daskalakis, deputy commissioner for the Division of Disease Control of the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

    Jeff Engel, executive director of the Council of State and Territorial Epidemiologists and former health director for North Carolina said it was time for a “pivot” in the testing strategy.

    “If you have mild illness and can stay at home … don’t get tested,” Engel said. “You’re not only putting others at risk if you go out and about with symptoms, you’re wasting all these valuable resources we really need to conserve for society.”

    Other county and state health officials are sounding similar alarms — just as drive-through testing sites are finally opening and weeks after federal officials announced 1.1 million tests had been shipped out and another 4 million more were coming.

    Los Angeles County health officials advised doctors in a letter Thursday to give up on testing patients as a strategy to contain the coronavirus outbreak, instructing them to test patients only if a positive result could change how they would be treated, the Los Angeles Times reported. The department “is shifting from a strategy of case containment to slowing disease transmission and averting excess morbidity and mortality,” according to the letter.

    That same day, Sacramento county officials ordered residents to stay home except for essential activities, part of the city’s evolving strategy away from efforts to contain the virus by identifying and isolating each case and tracing that person’s contacts — a laborious process that becomes all but impossible once cases mount. The county public health order said the intent is to protect the most vulnerable, slow the virus’ spread, and preserve the ability of front-line workers to care for severely ill patients.

    In Washington state, where hospital workers have been fashioning makeshift protective medical gear using parts purchased from Home Depot and craft stores, officials are restricting testing to high-risk populations, including health care workers and people with more severe symptoms.

    “We’ve asked the public to understand we can’t test everyone, especially if they have mild symptoms or are asymptomatic,” said Jeff Duchin, health officer for Seattle and King County, a hard-hit part of the country.

    The shift represents a confusing change in messaging and strategy after weeks of efforts to expand access to testing after the federal government’s botched rollout of testing kits, which hampered states’ ability to know whether the virus was already circulating and to take steps to try to get ahead of it. Now, the repeated reassurances from various federal officials that testing is plentiful and free have sown confusion. Every day, White House coronavirus task force officials have promised Americans they’re ramping up widespread drive-through testing.

    On Friday, Vice President Pence underscored that message and said the government’s support of state-based testing efforts “are literally expanding by the hour.”

    Some state health officials worry that those declarations will send the wrong message.

    “I’m just scared there’s going to be mass confusion when people find out there is a testing site, are worried about their covid status, and they’re going to mob the testing site,” said Michael Fraser, executive director of the association that represents state health directors, ASTHO. “It’s confusing to people to hear that testing is being made available in a much more convenient way, and they think, ‘Hey this is great, let’s get tested.’”

    New York City’s Daskalakis said that a recent spike in pneumonia-related hospital admissions, just as other respiratory diseases are receding, is almost certainly attributable to covid19 — and people with a manageable fever and cough who aren’t at high risk should assume they have it and not seek testing.

    Doing so exposes health care workers administering tests to people with mild illness and uses up limited protective gear, even though nothing would change for those individuals based on their test results, he said.

    As the disease has become widespread, a “negative” test could also provide false reassurance. When one of his patients with symptoms — who sought a covid19 test against his medical advice — tested negative, Daskalakis told the person to presume he had the disease anyway and to isolate himself.

    As the flu season recedes, people with cough and fever will increasingly just have to presume they have covid19.

    At New York’s Mount Sinai Hospital, which treated the state’s first coronavirus case, only a minority of the hundred-plus patients with respiratory symptoms who come to the emergency department each day get tested for the coronavirus, said Jolion McGreevy, the emergency department medical director.

    “The default assumption is yes — anyone who comes in with any kind of fever, cough, respiratory symptom, flu-like illness, we’re making the assumption that they have this,” he said, based on the prevalence of community transmission in New York. “It’s very likely you have it. There’s no benefit for you to test.”

    It’s a trade-off between individual and societal good that the United States, with its wealth and technologically-advanced health care system, is not used to making. A test result may be reassuring to individuals who feel unwell, but the mask and health care worker to test someone with mild symptoms are resources that could be used to save someone’s life.

    “Because there’s a shortage, you have to think the way the rest of the world thinks. In developing countries, we only recommend testing if it changes how you manage the care of an individual person,” said a government public health official who has worked in the U.S. and Africa who requested anonymity because he was not authorized to speak. “I know it would make you feel better to know what you really have, but it doesn’t change your individual care.”

    In an ideal world, public health officials say they should have done wide scale surveillance testing of people with respiratory symptoms much earlier. But city-by-city and state-by-state, officials say they are nearing — or in some cases have already crossed — the line when they must make a hard trade-off:

    “In the 2009 influenza pandemic, we stopped testing for H1N1 once the level of illness in the community was so high that it just made more sense to treat based on clinical symptoms,” said Jennifer Nuzzo, an epidemiologist with the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health’s Center for Health Security.

    In the coronavirus health crisis, there are no specific treatments.

    “Our only defense is to tell people to stay home and to hope that sick people isolate themselves,” she said. While it’s essential for testing capacity to increase, the general public needs to understand what health officials are up against given the shortages.

    “We have to target our resources and reserve testing for those who need it most: severely ill and those in high risk professions, such as health care workers,” she said. “We’d cause more harms by encouraging the general public to run out and get tested if they are well or experiencing mild illness.”

  • Seems he been in at least 64 movies google says so he’s been around a lot, we totally forgive your score =] He even managed to find a error:P Love your work sir!

  • Matthew what about couples to seem to be growing apart? I have a bf and we’ve been locked down fow 54 days now and we basically barely chat, we almost don’t even speak and even if we say “i love you” we don’t seem to be generating talk?? I don’t know what to do i feel like this made me realize how dependent on physical touch i am and lose interest if i’m not getting it?? Do you think this is a sign that tells me we should split?

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  • It’s great that this guys is sending a great massage. But humans on this planet just don,t get it. This Covid 19 virus will be beat eventually. We always win each germ war that attacks us. But we never learn. The reason we have these pandemics, CO2 pollution, global warming. clear cutting the rain forests, polluting our oceans. Rapping our seas of life and so and so and so on. Is because we really don,t care. Yes we say we do oh my god. But we still go on doing the same thing over and over and over.

    Oh yes of course when death is literally at our door step like this Covid 19. We all band together and do the right thing in a clumsy way. We all start showing love and some form of humanity to each other.

    But do we really love our planet. A few of us really do. I mean the ones that live in a mud hut and live off a small plot of land. They have no money to buy a big stupidly over size house of own an SUV powerful enough to haul a 40 ft RV which is used only once a year.

    But we never solve the real problem.

    The more we damage our planet. The more these problems will happen.

    Did you really think that global warming only causes dangerous storm, high sea levels.
    Did you really think that polluting our oceans has nothing to do with our global health.
    Did you really think that all the thousands of fish farms all over the world are not harming our oceans and health.

    Oh, I know. People may think this virus has nothing to do with how we abuse our planet. How we are squeezing nature in a corner. How we have tipped
    the natural balance of life on this small planet.
    We have almost 9 billion people on this small planet who all want more food, big families, more money, more toys and produce more garbage which we dig big holes to bury it of ship it to a really poor country and dump it on their beaches. The reason we have Somali pirates
    Is because we literally rapped all their coastal fish stocks to the point that in order for them to live. They have to become sea pirates.
    The hypocrisy of humans has no limits. We will all say we really care about Our planet. But we don’t. We just want to get our monthly pay check any way we can. Leave to the government to solve our global problems.

    It’s unbelievable that so many people will die from this Covid 19 virus. And when it’s all over, in a few years Covid 20 will be on our door step.
    Humans are very good at solving immediate problems. We are great at fixing the symptoms. But never the cause.

    So will my message get through.
    No it will not.
    It’s just a waste of time trying.
    I always hear people saying.
    A little is better then nothing
    Aye. On a global scale. It’s the same thing.

    Wake up.

  • Thank you! You really help people doing this. Special time we are living, special opportunities they are given to us. Lets create new ways of love, new special ways to share. Thanks!

  • hi lets not forget that kevin bacon is in jeffery epsteins black book! which most likely means that he knew abiut his predator history and allowed it to happen or he participated!! his black book is public for anyone to see too

  • at school we used to play the “johnny depp” game on wikipedia, where you’d click on the random page generater, and have to find your way back to the johnny depp page within 6 clicks. we used johnny depp because we knew more of his films than Kevin Bacon

  • Good “staging” the puppy found between studs in floor boards
    without not even singed fur! Amazing!!!
    Pull on our heart-stings…
    More fake news… Discussing!!!

  • “Just six handshakes will connect you to anyone on the planet”

    Coronavirus family meeting in October 2019, everybody watching your video after a few glasses of beer: “Really? Now THAT’S something we can work with. Hey Sars-CoV, don’t you have a distant cousin in Hubei who always wanted to go travelling?” ��

  • My ex broke up with me about 2 months into quarantine and it was a shock as he was telling me how he would never want to lose me and loves me more than anything for the weeks leading up to it. How do you move on when you thought everything was so good and so happy and then the rug is ripped out from under you? Quarantine is really affecting him negatively personally as well job loss, etc. Says he “needs time” but it’s the “best thing for right now”. Does this pandemic make these things different in the reality of the situation?

  • Online I’m only about 3.3 steps away from about everyone. That’s because of friends under the 3. (You can find your score on facebook) The world is really very small now. So stay home, as if you are already dangerous for others. That makes you act with more care, then with the ‘hey I’m young, so not really in danger.’ Or ‘hey, I know everyone in my community and they’re good people who would never infect someone.’ Being a good person and being infectious are 2 different things!

  • Damn, I wish I saw this 5 years ago. I think it would’ve taken me 6 emails even though my worst-case separation is 5. My dad has a friend, who I’ve met, that went to school with Jon Stewart. I don’t recall for certain if Jon Stewart has met Neil deGrasse Tyson, but I know Stephen Colbert has. I can easily believe that I’m six degrees or fewer from most people in the world. If we’re talking just meeting people, I’m one degree from a few famous actors, which puts me two or three degrees from a lot of Hollywood. Two degrees from Jon Stewart puts me three or four degrees at most from Obama, Malala, Neil Tyson, Matt Mercer, and so many others. I’ve also got two degrees to George Bush Sr. It’s also crazy how fast you can go into the past. IIRC, it was my great×6 uncle who made Washington surrender and sign a paper saying he caused the French and Indian War, so that means, going into the past, I probably have fewer than 6 degrees between me and George Washington. All this, and I’m nobody famous. Most people who meet me have no idea I have these connections. I’m sure most people, if they think about it, are similarly connected to some famous people.

  • OK I understand but what happened that you were dating someone and you had a connection but because of the pandemic? His life has completely changed financially emotionally what are you doing the situation??

  • Well, now Clayton County, in north central Georgia, is in for BLT and ANTIFA thugs
    with the reporting of Roderick Walker’s (a black man) arrest.
    Get Ready Clayton County!!!
    fake news has sent the protesters, rioters, looters, and thugs to your town.

  • I have decided. With one saying, “It will get cooler, warch”? And the other saying U. S. satellites a million miles up in space can see the west coast fires? My mail-in goes “blue” and my walk-in vote, “maskless” goes red.

  • In fact i made my connection. My cuosin Estibalitz is a close friend of Spanish actor Asier Etxeandīa. He worked With Penélope Cruz and Antonio Banderas ( and more ). Sure she / he has worked With some actor/tress had worked With you. So 5 People connection! Wow! ��

  • The six degrees of connection only works when you assume that the next link is closer to it’s destination than its starting point. Imagine a group of 7 friends who send each other the above mentioned email all hoping that that particular friend is closer to the destination….��������

  • Weird anecdote to start with:
    “You’re too good at something; you can’t do it for 3 years.”

    Meanwhile, with bankers that crashed the global economy:
    “you’re a bad banker and a bad person; please be careful in your next banking job.”

  • You are on point! The good thing this pandemic has brought us is realizing what truly matters and what we really want in life. I have met someone online and we’ve been talking on whatsapp and on facetime everyday. It’s good to build connection/company with someone without physical connection as you get to know the person in a deeper level. it doesnt mean we are apart that we can’t be together. This is a perfect time to value yourself and value people that truly matters to you.

  • 3 degrees of seperation forces the global consciousness to reside in 3 different seperate segments. it is impossible to harness three diff ways, it stops at two and disappears at three.

  • I want to say this. Most people do not know how to be alone with themselves. I have lived all of my life with people always around me. I am 51 yrs old and now I am on my own and I LOVE IT. I love being me. I had to learn so much with different experiences in my life to learn this lesson. I can now truly be just me. I am fine with that right guy is gonna come along and be great. But I want for him is to let him be himself. I had just recently learned that needing that guy in my life maybe forget me. I want to be with guy but when it happens, it will organically. Thanks Matthew, your videos are helping me to remember me. LOVE it. I look in the mirror and really love me.:) Besides we are never really alone. But that is another topic ;)s

  • My man went to my home country just for a video, kudos to you! Edit: Veritasium was also featured in our science class, he was talking about uranium or something.

  • Here’s mine:

    My mother has a friend, that friend also has a friend, and that new friend is the secretary to Andrew Young, and Andrew Young has met president Barack Obama.

  • I know for a fact that I have three people between me an Putin. My brother or father, a former chess teacher of the Chess World champion Magnus Karlsen, Magnus Karlsen and then Vladimir Putin.

  • I was seeing this guy for a month before this happened, after all of this he went super distant and when I asked him what was going on he just said he was stressed out and never wants to be on his phone. It’s hard to tell if this is an excuse to get away from me or actually how he feels. Side note I see him Mon-Fri at work and he barely talks to me there as well. Advice? ��

  • Six feet of separation, every man for themselves these days, so over this whole quarantine bs but at least we got awesome nostalgic music to listen to �� hope everyone is staying safe

  • 1-The Liars 2-The Killers 3-The Fiends 4-The Superstitious 5-The (Man) Pets 6-The (Man) Plants… Check your head: what does that separate you from?:)…o Have a spider-buggin’ day…

  • I am connected to Kim Jong un with 5 steps:
    I handshaked with one of my friend who handshaked with mayor of my city and mayor of my city handshaked with president of my country and president of my country handshaked with Trump and Trump handshaked with Kim Jong Un.

  • There is a TV-program in Norway that tests this theory with different celebrities around the world. I don’t know if this link works because it’s norwegian, but if it does, check it out if you want!

  • Man I wish I found you a month ago. My girlfriend of 1.5 years broke up with me on the phone because I didn’t communicate enough via video calls and more meaningful talks. This video could have saved my relationship if I had seen it earlier. �� so much good advice I didn’t realize at the time. Depression of the quarantine got in the way.

  • Six ways to play minecraft
    1.Get some wood
    2.craft a crafting table
    3.Get some more wood some tools
    5.Build a house
    6.find stone and continue you adventure…..

  • You’ve read the books, You’ve watched the shows

    책을 읽어보고, TV쇼도 봤겠지

    What’s the best way? no one knows, ye

    제일 좋은 방법이 뭔지 누가 알겠어

    Meditate, get hypnotized

    명상이나 최면치료도 해봤겠지

    Anything to take it from your mind

    뭐라도 잊어보려고 말야

    But it won’t go, Oh

    잘될 리가 없잖아

    You’re doing all these things out of desperation

    그런다고 절망감이 사라지지 않잖아

    Ohhh ohhh


    You’re going through six degrees of separation

    넌 지금 이별의 여섯 단계를 겪는 거야

    You hit the drink, you take a toke

    술에 빠지고 마약에도 손을 대

    Watch the past go up in smoke, ye

    과거도 연기처럼 사라진 줄 알겠지

    Fake a smile, yeah, lie and say

    괜찮은 척 웃고 떠들어

    that You’re “better now than ever, and your life’s okay”

    “이보다 나은 삶이 없다고, 나 괜찮다고”

    Well it’s not, No

    글쎄, 아니잖아. 그렇지 않잖아

    You’re doing all these things out of desperation

    아직도 절망속에서 허우적거리고 있잖아

    Ohhh ohhh


    You’re going through six degrees of separation

    넌 지금 이별의 여섯 단계를 겪는거야

    First, you think the worst is a broken heart

    첫번째, 상처받아 마음이 아프겠지

    What’s gonna kill you is the second parts

    두번째, 그게 끝이 아니라는거야.

    And the Third is when your world splits down the middle

    세번째, 세상에 홀로 남겨진 기분이 될거고

    And fourth,

    그리고 네번째,

    Your gonna Think that you fixed yourself

    네가 이젠 괜찮아졌다 싶을 즈음에

    Fifth, you see them out with someone else

    네 옛 애인이 다른사람과 만나는 걸 보게 될거고

    And the sixth is when you admit that you may have fucked up a little

    그쯤 되면 네 스스로도 X됐다는 걸 인정하겠지

    (My mother ain’t no help, It’s just every man for himself)

    누구도 널 도와주지 않아, 스스로 극복해야지

    You tell your friends, yeah, Strangers too

    친구들에게 털어놓기도 해, 심지어는 초면인 사람에게도

    Anyone who will throw an arm around you

    누구에게든 위로를 받고 싶겠지

    Tarot cards, Gems and stones

    타로점따위도 봐

    Believing all that shit’s gonna heal your soul

    그딴 미신이 널 낫게 해줄거라고 믿고서

    Well It’s not, No

    그런게 될리가 없잖아.

    You’re doing all these things out of desperation

    넌 계속 절망감에 빠져있는 거잖아

    Ohhh ohhh


    You’re going through six degrees of separation

    넌 지금 이별의 여섯 단계를 겪는 거야

    First, you think the worst is a broken heart

    첫번째, 상처받아 마음이 아프겠지

    What’s gonna kill you is the second parts

    두번째, 그게 끝이 아니라는거야.

    And the Third is when your world splits down the middle

    세번째, 세상에 홀로 남겨진 기분이 될거고

    And fourth,

    그리고 네번째,

    Your gonna Think that you fixed yourself

    네가 이젠 괜찮아졌다 싶을 즈음에

    Fifth, you see them out with someone else

    네 옛 애인이 다른사람과 만나는 걸 보게 될거고

    And the sixth is when you admit that you may have fucked up a little

    그쯤 되면 네 스스로도 X됐다는 걸 인정하겠지

    No, No, There’s no starting over With out finding closure

    아니, 극복하지 못하면 새 출발같은 건 없어

    You take them back no hesitation

    그 고통을 받아들일 수 있을때

    That’s when you know

    You’ve reached The Sixth degree of separation

    그제서야 너는 이별의 여섯 단계를 극복하는 거야

    First, you think the worst is a broken heart

    첫번째, 상처받아 마음이 아프겠지

    What’s gonna kill you is the second parts

    두번째, 그게 끝이 아니라는거야.

    And the Third is when your world splits down the middle

    세번째, 세상에 홀로 남겨진 기분이 될거고

    And fourth,

    그리고 네번째,

    Your gonna Think that you fixed yourself

    네가 이젠 괜찮아졌다 싶을 즈음에

    Fifth, you see them out with someone else

    네 옛 애인이 다른사람과 만나는 걸 보게 될거고

    And the sixth is when you admit that you may have fucked up a little

    그쯤 되면 네 스스로도 X됐다는 걸 인정하겠지

    (My mother ain’t no help, It’s just every man for himself)

    You’re going through six degrees of separation

  • The Script, why???? you don’t just hit high notes, you also hit the right nerves that triggers my tear ducts to pour the right amount of fluids. the heck, what am I talking??? I just wanted to say the lyrics of your songs made me cry T.T

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  • 7th You miss her
    8th Together We Cry…
    9th You can’t move on
    10th You go back to the corner where you first saw her, camp in your sleeping bag and don’t move. Hopes she comes back and gets famous as the Man Who Can’t Be Moved.

  • Okay sooo i have been in quarantine since February. My boyfriend just started working again this month. It has been rough not being able to do basic activities together and we haven’t been able to see our families due to their and our health circumstances. I have kind of a troubled astma. Today he got rushed to the hospital due to a sudden fever (plus some other stuff). I am not able to visit or see him. I’m so worried and kinda scared. He has gotten his lungs scanned and has been tested for covid19. We will get the answers tomorrow. Point is, that it might have been rough for us and we have been fighting a lot. But I wouldn’t be without it. Sorry for my English. Danish girl here

  • 5:00 is so weird because i used to play a game like that by myself when I was in middle school. I realized that I could relate any two objects in a short amount of steps, no matter the two objects. A tank and a piece of lettuce, for example. Its been so many years since I remembered that.

  • Their songs are satisfying, like reading a great book or watching a brilliant movie. They excel at this type of music, emotional without being sappy.

  • I don’t get the math. 6 people with 44 friends each male up a total 44×6 = 264 People in the Network. 44^6 is the number of possible connections through that network

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  • This song is really personal for me. Even though in my case, I’m not literally breaking up with someone ��. Well I’ve been with this guy for almost 4 years. He liked me first and then I fell for him quite late bc I was confused since I’ve never been in real relationship before. We were so close together to the extent that everybody thought we were real couple. He also treated me like I was his girlfriend somehow and vice versa.
    When we’re together, we never had deep talk about our relationship status. Even though I never heard his feeling in person, a lot of his friend told me about his feeling towards me. They said that he loves me. I don’t really know cause he never confessed until we finished our study in uni & each one of us got back to our hometown. About 3 weeks ago, he finally confessed to me. He confessed that he’s never been in love in life. He said that he needed my presence during our study in University cause he knew that he couldn’t survive without me. Little did I know, after all this time, he’s trying to figure out about his sexual orientation. He said tried to love me but he couldn’t lie to himself; he’s gay. It’s like a mixed feelings. Of course I am happy for him that now he can make peace with himself, but I also am so sad at the same time. I am sad by the fact that I’m the one who fell in love. It’s just so hard that what I imagine about we’ll get married in the future is just a fantasy. I feel like I can’t trust anyone after this & even afraid to fall in love again because of him. Then I listened to the script and literally contemplating my life. Well I guess I’m on the 2nd phase now ��


  • Wild.. Watching a video on 6 degrees of separation and seeing 2 different people I know on a first name basis in the background of the shots taken in Melbourne CBD

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  • Stop this whole distancing and shelter crap already. Isolate those who are vulnerable (elderly and those with related health conditions) and reopen the economy. Makes NO SENSE to isolate children and working people most of whom won’t even notice the virus as the cost of global economy collapse.

  • i’ve spent 7 years being single to develop more emotional intelligence and how to communicate more effectively with others and with myself. I’ve invested, invested, invested in positive friendships and spent so much time learning to finally love myself. i’ve turned down “invitations” to date or be in a relationship because i did not feel they were the right fit. I expect a lot from my partner because I expect a lot from myself if i’m capable and willing to provide this or that, they should be able to offer this or that. I am also open to variations of those things my partner can offer or want me to offer. I just wish I had something like Matthew who has a strong sense of self, a high EQ, and also just all around a good person because i know damn well i can provide just as much if not more to them.

  • This was actually a great, informative video! Best one yet. Awesome shoutout to my main, my mama, my religion aka Esther Perel <3 Thanks y'all!

  • I stopped going on dating sites because I felt it silly during quarantine because you won’t know how long the quarantine would last. Instead, I started reaching out to old friends online with no intention of dating. I just wanted to rekindle old friendships. And guess what happened… one of them is now my boyfriend <3

  • I never thought of the Bacon game as a joke, I always just thought that he was a great, hardworking actor! I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve seen him in, including fun stuff like Tremors. Sorry about that Madoff thing and I wish him and his wife many more happy years together (another rarity amongst celebrity stars).


    Repent and trust, believe, and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior so that you can be saved from your sins and have everlasting life and inherit the kingdom of God.

    John 3:16 (KJV)

    16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

    John 14:6 King James Version (KJV)

    6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

    Romans 10:9-10 ESV

    Because, if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. For with the heart one believes and is justified, and with the mouth one confesses and is saved.

    Acts 2:38-39 ESV

    And Peter said to them, “Repent and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins, and you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. For the promise is for you and for your children and for all who are far off, everyone whom the Lord our God calls to himself.”

    Acts 16:31

    They said, “Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved, you and your household.”

    Romans 10:13-15 (KJV)

    13 For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.

    1 Corinthians 6:9-10 (KJV)

    9 Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind,
    10 Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God.

    Revelation 21:8 (KJV)

    8 But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.

    Matthew 24:6-7 King James Version (KJV)

    6 And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.
    7 For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places.

    1 Thessalonians 5:3

    While people are saying, “Peace and safety,” destruction will come on them suddenly, as labor pains on a pregnant woman, and they will not escape.

    Luke 21:11 King James Version

    11 And great earthquakes shall be in divers places, and famines, and pestilences; and fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven.

    Matthew 24:14

    And this gospel of the kingdom will be proclaimed throughout the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.

    Revelation 1:7

    Behold, he is coming with the clouds, and every eye will see him, even those who pierced him, and all tribes of the earth will wail on account of him. Even so. Amen.

    Matthew 24:44

    Therefore you also must be ready, for the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect.

    Philippians 2:10-11 King James Version (KJV)

    10 That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth;
    11 And that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.

  • Broke up in 2016. Spam this song again and again until i moved on in 2018. Got anothet heartbreak in late 2019. I guess imma spam this song till 2022 then

  • Let’s see, fires across West…….scores dead…….play puppy tape……Two rookie cops together shot……..another black man becoming abused. No one can connect the dots? I have.

  • Matthew thank you for all you do for us encouraging and teaching us how to navigate these choppy waters. May God bless your life as well and help you during these times.

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  • It seems to me that men are less interested in dating than ever due to the physical distancing of covid. Has anyone else noticed this downturn in online dating activity? Why don’t men crave companionship when it requires more energy and time of them?

  • 7:40 well to be honest, I would kick the police if i see my family get hurt, not just standing there screaming. That black woman intended to film and I dont like it. BLM going to far

  • I started messaging my high school crush and even though she wasn’t comfortable meeting in person the pandemic opened a new line of dialogue between us

  • Hi am jelly it’s been 2 years since the last time I watch your video, I just remembered you now and I just want to thank you Matthew hussey for all your advice. 2015 to 2017 I watch and listen to all your advice after 26 years of my life I fanaly find a boyfriend that I thought I would never have. We are celebrating out 2 year now with our 2 years old son that I name after you his jeon matthew so thank you. I probably be dead if I didn’t fund you

  • I’m really impressed with that definition of having company. It actually made me stop to think about what that actually looks like. I didn’t even know I was missing the no-pressure-to-entertain connection with people. It revealed a blind spot in my personal development. Thank you for sharing!

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  • How we supposed to meet someone during this time? I can’t stand on line dating have tried for several years & several dating sites! Hate it! Guys only want one thing or they are liars married in a relationship etc!

  • Easy to stay at home when your rich with no mortgage or money worries how piase is that Ricky gervais nailed it at the golden globes award maybe Hollywood could do a how to wash your hands dvd

  • You could always just wrap yourselves in cling film maybe leave a small nose hole so you can breathe. Then the world’s your oyster. Because the cling film gets affected instead of you. Then once you finish cling film goes in the bin, along with the poor little bugs. Sorted! If you fancy a bit of a change you can spice things up with a bit of foil or baking parchment. Then you can see which is the most successful. Jobs a gooddun!

  • I’ve definitely felt better about being single since this quarantine started. I even realized I was not ok mentally and saw a psychiatrist through telehealth. There was someone I was messaging before the quarantine started but he’s would run hot and cold throughout the whole thing. Don’t know what that’s about. In any case, I realize I want to focus on personal goals instead of romantic relationships.

    Thanks for your wisdom!

  • First, you think the worst is a broken heart

    What’s gonna kill you is the second part

    And the third, is when your world splits down the middle

    And fourth, you’re gonna think that you fixed yourself

    Fifth, you see them out with someone else

    And the sixth, is when you admit that you may have fucked up a little

  • That red map in your background has been named “LatinAmerica”, supposedly because they speak Latin languages, (Spanish, Portuguese and French). Therefore the USA and Canada should be called “Anglo America” because they speak an Anglo (English) language, except for Quebec which should be”Franco America” and Brazil should be “Luso America”, from The Roman name for Portugal, which was Lusitânia. What do you guys think?

  • Swedish TV Profiles Filip and Fredrik made a series of shows called “Jorden runt på sex steg” which tries to proove that they can reach a target person in the world by randomly picking someone anywhere and then try to connect themselves one step at a time to a person that is closer to the target person and I think they succeeded in every episode. From an old woman somewhere in Asia, living her whole life in the village where they found her, they were still able to connect to the target, a swedish celebrity, in just six steps. Episodes are not online, but here is the facebook page:

  • dear sir/madam

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    So if I was helped by people across the US or Europe to sue Xi Jinping,… going to a US or European court will probably be greatly compensated,…

    This is an initiative of 21 in 21 initiatives posted to my Facebook (If you see my post on FaceBook on June 6, 2019, or from May 2019 to now, you will get more information.).

    Photo 1: Nguyen Ba Danh means Nguyen Van Doai

    Photo 2,3: 2 Chinese girls

    Photo 4; Peng liyuan

    Photo 5: Xi jinping

    21. INITIATIVE 21: reading people’s thoughts, memories, and the direct interaction between people and people, people with a lot of people with remote reading technology via satellites or the internet is referred to as the wave system. Real-time brain. The establishment of new companies and industries in the near future.


    In the near future, the real-time brainwave system or brain scanner is born globally, 15 years after this system was born it will help the economy earn about 15,000 billion USD 20000 billion USD (20 trillion dollars) even more than.

    however, 15 years later it may not reach that number.


    *. Idea 1: build a remote mind reader or brain scanner.

    The fact that scientists have studied the way of communication between two people through computers by reading and understanding each other’s thoughts by using the internet.

    The computer understands human thoughts can be converted into text, many scientists have also researched and successfully designed the human mind reading machine. However I see the following:

    1 person is connected to a mind reader, 2 or more people can also be connected to a mind reader. Since then the thinking reader will mediate to connect this person’s signal to the other person. Since then others will be able to see the thoughts of one person.

    A thinking reader is designed in seconds or by devices attached to the head to read a person’s thoughts, the principle is that they do not need wires to attach to the scalp, because the nature is wire to transmit The signal to the mind reader will not need to use the wire. For example, when people used wires to connect to the internet in the past, today it doesn’t need to be just wifi. More specifically, if between the thinking reader and the person who needs to read the distance is too far, one uses one device to increase the signal placed between two people.

    At first, the mind reading machine read only the things that people think later on, people use eyes to see things and observe things that will connect through a more complete thinking reading machine.

    If you are interested, you can read a lot of information that I have posted on my Facebook from April 8, 2018, especially articles from March 29, 2019 to the present.

    If you are interested, you can read a lot of information that I have posted on my Facebook from April 8, 2018, especially articles from March 29, 2019 to the present.

    I am a lecturer at the Hanoi Academy of Education Management: 31 Phan Dinh Giot Thanh Xuan HaNoi.

    I send this information to everyone so that we can together build up a strict law to prevent its harm and promote its benefits in life. At the same time, letting people know in a dictatorial society when the international law, the laws of the native country is not in effect, how dangerous?

    They can use real-time brainwave systems or telemetry readers via satellites or the internet to read information in your brain (your memories), steal ideas, control you, Where do your head, stomach ache, leg pain,… without you knowing it is caused by modern technology, not disease in your body.



    in China’s dictatorial society:(I’m miserable because people have been using real-time brainwave systems, mind-reading machines from a great distance for nearly two years now)

    In general, in an authoritarian society, single party, with a large area, a population of 1.5 billion people, a developed economy and a plentiful budget like China, the people do not have a voice, even the leaders. as low as the central level, the provincial level… There is also no voice, perhaps only a few people in the Chinese Politburo Standing Committee have a real say. Because they must follow the Communist Party’s consensus principle.

    if Japan, France, Germany, Italy, Canada, Russia, India,… join the US-led coalition for security and navigation in the South China Sea, in the Gulf of Iran…

    About 1 year from now, USA, Europe, Japan, Korea, India, Russia, Canada, Australia,…Just block the South China Sea, stop oil tankers from the Gulf from reaching China within 5 to 8 months, then the Chinese dictator will disintegrate himself and will then split into 10-20 small, independent countries. private government, military, police, private ministry, foreign ministry… Since then liberating the Chinese people, Chinese leaders, people of a number of Chinese dictatorial countries,…will be glad to escape authoritarian, dictatorial, depraved, undemocratic rule…


    Here is a comparison between socialism and capitalism about life:

    Thus, if two spouses (one family) live in Vietnam, there is only a salary that is not used for regular spending such as meals, shopping, or raising their children… then the total salary of the couple needs about 63 years to be able to buy a house for each person a beautiful car.

    And so the whole life has not been able to buy cars, houses,…

    compare the income (salary) of Vietnam, China, USA with the price of cars and houses:

    2 couples living in the US need 7 years to be able to buy a house (assuming no spending).

    Two couples living in China need 50 years to buy a house (assuming no spending).

    2 couples living in Vietnam need 63 years to buy a house (assuming no spending).

    Especially in the US: their children were born subsidized until the age of 18, went to school without embezzlement, became ill at the hospital without any greed, finished their job application without bribes,.. D people are equal, free, work to the best of their ability…

    Only recently did I see why so many Vietnamese, Chinese, Southeast Asian countries,… want to go to America to live and work,… and from which will you see where Chinese-style socialism and dictatorial society will lead people?

    From there also see why the Soviet Union collapsed?

    Interested people can see more information from my Facebook post on September 4, 2019.





  • Hello, 2020 here! On the 4th February 2016 Facebook published their research named “Three and a half degrees of separation”. And as always, Neil deGrasse Tyson was right: the number of connections at the time of publishing was down to 3.57:)

  • I was reading a chapter in Theory of Machines about Degrees Of Freedom. Now, listening 6 degrees of separation. I found the relation, Separation = Freedom

  • I used to play what I called six degrees of Wikipedia. Try to name two entries in Wikipedia that can’t be connected in six clicks of links on the page for that article.

  • That was a refreshing change for a celeb a little self-deprecating meme humor for an actual real cause instead of the usual desperate self-aggrandizing virtue signalling narcissism, and no screeches of orange man bad.

  • Best thing about these songs is it makes u think about her and the way u fucked up everything even you know it gonna fuck u up again. But that’s what u still doing because u love her, u love to think about her. And this song sets a perfect environment for that.

  • I agree with the story around 5:15. The month of April, I had great opportunity to live with the man I adored and loved for almost 5 years. We have been good friends but he was not interested in to commit with anyone. But he chose to stay with me while the the chaos. However with some of his decision showed me he is selfish and irresponsible (well he told me lie and went for overnight date with other lady ignoring “stay home, stay safe” movement….). I am so glad that I could decide not to pursue this man knowing I can not respect his decisions. I asked him to move out from my house and even though I am broken heart but I am standing tall with my philosophy and I am so proud of myself. Thank you Matthew for giving me the courage to take care of myself more than loving somebody who is not worth respecting. Gosh you are so great!

  • I don’t care how many views or thumbs up you got on this video ; this is the best video you’ve ever put up because it’s personal, heartfelt, timely and feels like a heart to heart one on one conversation with a friend.
    And for that I thank you ♥️

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  • I completely agree with you. I actually have started a no dating challenge before the pandemic in January, nothing with anyone. I’m not gonna lie, I almost came back to my ex but I regretted talking to him and I’ve asked him to stop talking to me for a while. I went through this time of anxiety and I’m feeling pretty good. I’m in a moment I don’t miss dating. I really want a mature and non toxic relationship. It’s still challenging cause it seems my exes sense it keep sending me messages once in a while. But I’ve told them about it. I might even extend my challenge for an extra year. ��

  • I’m going through a breakup right now. It has been hell as i dont have not much people in my life and trying to stay afloat. But all I want to do is to crawl inside a black hole and never come out again. I’m lost.

  • Thanks for this. Came back to this video after being offered to “meet up” with a guy after a day and a half of texting after matching on bumble. Made it easier to respond in an honest manner by stating my standards. hope I find a real connection soon

  • Yikes!! I find it spooky, were you in my mind, and taking that notes for your script. I literally said exact same things to my friends the other day. However people who get spook easily will still get spooked, it not going to change and being who we are, is nothing to be ashamed of. I truly love the ending of this video, where you covered self love. That’s probably the most important relationship we have right now, to be strong. Being single is not weakness, its also time to introspect and pause and understand ourselves, which opens up an abundance of right opportunity ahead. I end with a hope that I don’t make the same mistakes I have made. Thanks for the thoughtful words. Never too late to learn a new chapter in life.:)

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  • I normally watch these science shows on youtube to learn things.. Usually I learn stuff but a lot of the simple experiments I’ve heard of before.. However for the first time in a while I have never seen the Button network experiment and I love it!

  • Dating apps are slammed. I like meeting women in person. I just moved to a new place and started working and meeting people. Then we shutdown. Now I’m alone and depressed. Help me Jesus.

  • Some Shameless self-promotion. Kevin Bacon cutting mango get 21000 views. I peel and dice a watermelon with one hand can’t get one like our more than 20 followers.

  • I had someone for a couple of months before LD and he was perfect. 2 weeks after LD he started misbehaving.. Taking hours and hours to text back and complaining when he did. He then told me he cannot have a relationship with his phone. He mentioned it so often and acted so affected that I set him free. It’s sad as we actually got on.

  • Oh I had no romatical life before Lock down.. so now I have a really good connection with myself.. Just missing my friends and colleagues…

  • 4:27 exactly what happened to me this week. He lives about a 10 min drive away from me, and wants me to meet him in the local park, observing social distancing. He reiterates by saying, “I don’t have the virus”, yet we hear of people with atypical symptoms. He says it’s a nice day, and that he can cycle there on his bike, that we can cycle together somewhere. I’m not meeting anyone socially until the British government and health officials declare it is safe. The guy said he doesn’t want to have to wait to meet me, despite me suggesting just regular/semi-regular video chats. Some people.

  • The sexual revolution is now over mate, condoms dont protect you from the coronavirus. I love sex it’s a basic human need I dont need a relationship unless its between the sheets I am being honest with myself and the her This virus should be renamed anti-social virus became that is what it is….the world is f_ked we just cant admit it yet, maybe I am being pessimistic I hope to God I am. If there is a light in the tunnel it must be a vaccine without it the world we once knew will be nothing more than a nostalgic trip of memories to tell our grand children.

  • Thank you very much,Kevin. Because I watched You should have left. And I write journal like you. And I feel good. As I write, my nephew draws a ghost on sheet. I blacken and blacken it. As if he is looking at me

  • Oh but Kevin…. Every day of this social distancing stay-at-home stuff my wife’s to do list for me gets longer. Can’t even hide in the bathroom. It’s all good though. There’s gonna be a MASSIVE corona baby surge in December ��. Thanks CNN!

  • Single for the past 11 years, and now this F**king Virus just made it a hell of a lot more harder that it already was. I’m a guy by the way, last intimate relationship was 11 years ago. Man….might as well be a priest by now. And now that ex-friend that I had that friendzone me will further evolve with her boyfriend.

  • There is a guy that I just met. And I’m just wondering how to date in the time of the Rona? Everything has changed…please help!!

  • Well Kevin, u have alot of money. U can do what ever the fuck u want. I on the other hand u entitled dic! I pay rent! Which i have to pay on april 1st. I have to go out an make money. I DONT HAVE A CHOICE �� it must me nice not to worry about ur asshole of a landlord evicting u.. wtf u rich people sux. So much with ur shitty entitled advice Stfu ����

  • this guy & I started talking, went on a couple of dates for like 2 months, decided to be exclusive, then corona hit. now he’s working from home & super busy from like 8am-10 or so working on projects. I told him I think it’s best if we decide to slow things down and put our relationship on pause. we mutually agreed to start things up again after his work slows down & our state lifts the stay at home order in a couple weeks. I hope I did the right thing:(

  • Absolutely true and very interesting to watch. My crush all of sudden became very engaging since the lockdown and while it was never the case, we now CALL practically everyday and I feel we have became much closer!

  • I broke up with my kinda abusive boyfriend 3 weeks ago and I went on dating app for fun and passing time. But with this damn COVID-19, we’ve been talking so much I might catch feelings �� I just wanted the single life for a while lmao

  • I would like to interpret the sixth degree as ‘ may have fucked up a little but glad the relationship came to an end; composure & closure”

    rather than

    “may have fucked up a little ; regret the relationship came to an end because of one’s stupid actions”

  • I broke up with my long term long distance boyfriend in January…. And he told me he’s met someone in March when the lock down in the UK happened. I live by myself and it felt like I’m going through the break up again. I still love him and I try to do all of these these steps to accept and move on ukulele, Spanish lessons, yoga, meditation, affirmations, calls with friends. It bothers me he has met someone he visits all the time and spends time with, even falling in love with ( I stalk whenever he is away from his phone in the evening probably having sex and all….). In opposition, I’m health conscious and unable to move on and meet someone… It’s unfair…. Nobody on the apps look attractive to me (same way as my ex did). I’m 29 and I feel like I’m wasting my time, like I’m in a prison and it’s so scary… Im a lovable and successful and kind of awesome person, I know, but I would like the cuddles and kisses and closeness…your video helps to ground me and remind me how great I was before I met the ex… And it’s ok to be single at my age.