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To Survive the Opioid Addiction Crisis, Women Need More than “Just Say No” Slogans 12/12/2017 12:44 pm ET President Trump has declared opioid addiction a public health emergency and wants ads to persuade Americans to say no to these painkillers. But, he has not released the federal funds needed to seriously combat opioid abuse. To Survive the Opioid Addiction Crisis, Women Need More than “Just Say No” Slogans By Phyllis E. Greenberger, MSW, Senior Vice President for Science and Health Policy, HealthyWomen.

To Survive the Opioid Addiction Crisis, Women Need More than “Just Say No” Slogans December 20, 2017 by ATForum “President Trump has declared opioid addiction a public health. To Survive the Opioid Addiction Crisis, Women Need More than “Just Say No” Slogans. November 16, 2017. House Republicans: Follow the Senate’s Lead and Keep the Medical Expense Deduction.

October 7, 2017. Rolling Back Coverage for Birth Control Harms Women. Opioid Crisis: A Guide To The Massive (And Massively Complex) Litigation: Shots Health News The largest-ever federal action concerning the U.S. opioid crisis has only gotten more.

Although more men die from opioid overdose in the U.S., the rate of death is increasing more rapidly for women than men. From 1999 to 2010, prescription opioid overdose deaths increased 400% for women and 237% for men. Since 2007, more women have died from drug overdoses than. Just two decades ago, a little more than 8,000 deaths in the U.S. could be traced to overdose by opioids. By 2017, the number had exploded, with 47,600 deaths involving prescription or illicit. Women often report using substances to cope with negative emotions; distress is a risk factor for nonmedical prescription opioid use among women, but not men.

17 Women are more likely to have risk factors, including trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), that increase their risk of substance abuse. 18 Among women. Drug addiction is not fiction.

Drug free is the key. Drug free is the way to be. Drugs are a grave mistake. Drugs are a hole that ruins the soul.

Drugs are so yesterday. Drugs are whack to watch your back. Drugs aren’t cool, they make you act like a fool.

Drugs cost you more than. To Survive the Opioid Addiction Crisis, Women Need More than “Just Say No” Slogans December 20, 2017 by ATForum “President Trump has declared opioid addiction a public health emergency and wants ads to persuade Americans to say no to these painkillers. But, he has not released the federal funds needed to seriously combat opioid abuse.

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  • At present, it is estimated that 400,000-500,000 Americans have died of opioid overdoses since the turn of the millennium, then all opioid-related deaths such as accidents, suicide, hepatitis, etc. are added. Then add deaths caused by alcohol, amphetamine, crack, cocaine and we are up to millions death. While the number of deaths in covid 19 is estimated at 87,000. What resources have been put into the two different diseases?

  • Tha man that shot the pain clinic and shot himself from pain, shot the wrong people, he should have done that to the dirty scumbags from CDC who did this behind closed doors. Us honest folk that are in real pain have to suffer.

  • Pain is no joke. However, becoming addicted to opiates to survive is no joy either. I see too many people strung out who started with prescription opiates. It is real. That doesn’t take away from people who need pain management. There has to be a balance.

  • Let one of those ya hoos start hurting like some have to live…. they will sing a different tune. They’ll be in line begging too. Let them see a loved one crying for help. Changes your mind real fast. Not everyone is a drug seeker. Don’t punish pain patients.

  • Big pharma’s funding stink is all over this so called “report”, they use the term “so called opiate epidemic” have you seen Baltimore? Or what’s happened to California? How can you put this bullshit out here for people that still believe the news to be fooled?

  • Aight so while you at it how about turn to islam, leave the junky ass drugs away and enjoy the prosperity of life without them.

    A lovely world

  • Pharmacy workers are not doctors,who are they to stop a doctors prescriptions,in Australia that crap doesn’t fly,who is in control in America,why is there a issue with everything there,how can you say words like freedom and greatest country on earth,the American government carnt get anything rite,it’s a sorry state of affairs,very very sad to watch this fall from grace,I bet if the government officials were in chronic pain they would get what they want,no questions asked,shame on them.


  • I’ve been in Chronic pain for over 30 years and I’m sick of hearing about only people who abuse these drugs. I spent 3 years in Hospital, had over 50 operations of no fault of my own. Without meds I have no idea where I would be. I hope people with Drug problems get the help they need but don’t mix people like me up with this group. I can’t live without them.

  • If this has affected you or someone you know, PLEASE go join the Don’t Punish Pain Rally FB page and make your voices heard. There is a big rally coming up at CDC Headquarters in Atlanta on Friday, June 21, 2019. There is hope! We need you to join the fight!!!!

  • This is the most annoying, patronizing video on the internet.Wonderful how they take pains to portray the “clean and sober” guy as an eternal junkie slob. Because in the eyes of squares and dull normals, a former junkie will never, ever be anything but a junkie. They are perfect, everyone else is just a junkie. And no, I’ve never been a junkie.

  • Thank you! I was only dumped by my clinic last year giving me less than a month to find a new pain clinic. I found one that wouldn’t require me to undergo a dangerous procedure but it would take months to get in or even be prescribed anything. I’m having to start from scratch.

  • It’s sad I live with the worst imaginable pain everyday, I not have happy or good days any more I wake up all night long in tears I go to sleep in tears I get tears during the day, I have had my body broken so many times ripped apart left for dead and even with the meds I get its not enough to get out of pain they keep wanting to cut them out, but it’s sad I have medical proff over 40 years being beating broken murdered, still live with broken sternam curbuture of spine so much arthritis that doctors won’t do more surgery won’t even try and been thinking lots about taking my life because it’s not a life any more only thing that has stopped me from takin my own life was I was dead, I begged 2 angels to come back I was granted my wish even they said my life never be easy again, I have to try to do my best I just hope if they do cut what medicine I get out, that God forgives me for taking my life because, people who has never been bad hurt can’t understand, and people who use as a party drug, really needs other help, us who are hurt need our medication it should not matter if have to take 320 a month if it helps us to live if we have a pain contract if it’s in our blood, every one should have the right to live the best they can with there injurys, with out further mental damage, from doctors or pharmacy, I don’t know a single person who wants to eat these Damm pills everyday our lives I would much rather be fixed and have a life than a bottel of pills that I have to begg fight for and can get but a third what I really need people turn to the street drugs when can’t get what they need from doctors, and is so sad the ones who really don’t need them and the street drugs ruin it for people who really can’t live without them

  • I live with chronic pain every day and I am one of the lucky ones who can still get my medicine. It has been cut and capped because of insurance guidelines,and govt guidelines. I don’t abuse mine,but if I need to take an extra one, I have to cut myself short another day. The hysteria that comes from abuse and some doctors over prescribing to people who don’t need them just to make money has hurt folks who really need it. I have days when I literally can’t get out of bed without help unless I take my medicine first. It’s a horrible way to live and I have a friend who killed herself when her Dr retired and she couldn’t find a new one who would help her and couldn’t afford a pain clinic. I understand the abuse and the problems it causes,but you are always going to have people who abuse drugs and as soon as this “crisis” is over there will be a new one. Just a few years back it was meth. And a lot of people who can’t get their meds turn to heroine abuse because it’s cheaper than buying pills on the street. I know this is long,and I apologize but dear Lord something has got to be done for people who need them! We are the people who will come in for a pill count,urine test, whatever we have to do to keep our quality of life even if it is a huge pain in our a**. Enough pain WILL make you want to kill yourself. You can only take so much.

  • People that abuse an opioid prescription, or opioids, period,fuckin piss me off,bigtime, as someone that’s prescribed opioids, longterm & never not took exactly as prescribed

  • I read below a stream of views and varying commentary
    Yes so few are daring to come out and speak this way the future’s scary
    But listen to the rhythm and rhyme beneath Ms Bateson’s words
    Where are my edges? What in my world connects me to the Kurds (and to the birds)?
    I have no answers, am no intellectual
    and yet in recognising this perhaps I am a little less fool
    for may be there’s a sense and sound in a new tenderness
    which makes each action have the scent of a caress
    and be I fool or naive poet I confess
    I hold that when we touch this touch point ways are found
    to clear up all this particular mess and take a stance (which rhymes with dance) on
    shifting but more yielding ground.

    Thanks for a great interview on to the second!

  • Now walgreens will give out Fake 10 mgs methadone pills and Fake 100 mgs morphine pills I know this ‘Cause when I took them they did not work I Took 2000 mgs morphine it did nothing Same with methadone! What? DO They want me to go out an be a junkie? No, Think ill just blow myself up & I am just the 1 too do this! There is no help any where!

  • Wow zdogg it’s nice to hear that you had a moment with near alcoholism/ heavy drinking that could have lead to it, I haven’t had anything to drink since December 31 2016, since donald trump got elected I figured it would be an excellent thing to cut out for this year. I didn’t start drinking till I was like 22, because I was in a cult, basically from 15-22 years of age, like I didn’t live there, but it was a cult. I didn’t believe in drinking. I think I used alcohol to stave off dealing with the emotions I had from “life in a cult “. I kinda went on a a bit of a tirade and really offended many of the religious people who I had been friends with, and my own family by simply telling them I no longer believed in God and other things that they found to be reprehensible, which just drove me to drink more. I’m 27 now, started this year long break from alcohol because I feel that it’s something you need to approach with self control and, in a way it’s actually another cult it’s self.

  • At first this video made me a little bit more confused about how to actually act in this crisis. Now I feel like I see it all a little bit clearer.

    It feels great. Thanks for the effort behind this video!

  • I had 4 operations to remove kidney stones in the space of 8 months and ended up with chronic pelvic pain syndrome. We can all deal with a bad toothache and know with a trip to the dentist it will be sorted. Now imagine having a horrific toothache every single day day in day out! Chronic pain is a TERRIBLE THING TO HAPPEN TO YOU!!! YOU SHOULD NEVER TAKE A PERSONS MEDICATION AWAY!!! If I had access to a gun I wouldn’t be here!!! CHRONIC PAIN CAN MAKE YOU SUICIDAL AND ITS NOT THAT YOU HAVE MENTAL ISSUES IT’S BECAUSE YOU JUST WANT TO ESCAPE THE PAIN!!!

  • The problem with Nora Bateson is she is NO WHERE near her father’s thinking. It is simply esoterically made-up speculation with no grounding in empirical/observational methodology or theoretical foundation. Her father was grounded in some theoretical framework backed by rigorous observation, but Nora Bateson’s approach is very speculative with a free-flow consciousness of what she personally thinks. It’s muddled as opposed to rigor thinking, something her father detested.

  • Wtf, this makes it seem like its not too bad, also u guys never showed the part of him blowing people in the back alley for money or getting regularly beaten by cops or other addicts

  • its so wrong considering it was big pharmacy were the ones who started the problem in the states in the first place n now even Australia is getting affected from this American problem most Ppl in Australia who have pain n have never used heroin now are all on methadone n looked at junkies just bc they r in pain like myself its so bloody wrong!

  • THC oil can do wonders for pain and is not addictive and doesn’t get you that high since it pretty much goes to the painful areas. All you do is rub it on Your gums or shoot it down your throat.

  • Climate change is a hoax what is climate change and can we live without carbon dioxide it. If read David Icke books and the new book called the Trigger and other book and his videocast

  • I’m in the UK and the American opioid crisis is effecting us too. I have chronic pain and I’ve had it for 7 years all due to chronic health conditions. I’ve been forced to reduce my dose and it’s bloody horrible. I don’t take my medication to get high I take it so I can live a semi normal life and if I didn’t take it my life wouldn’t be worth living. There’s a big difference between chronic pain patients and people who abuse pain medication.

  • My Ex-wife took opioids for Fibremalagia & Arthritis in her spine.She took Opioids as prescribed,if it said 1 pill 2 times a day that is what she took,even if she was still in pain.I being an addict never could understand this but respected her for this.I got addicted to my Dillies (8mg Hydro-Morphone) which are more powerful than Oxi-Contin & Morphine.My Doctor got wise & cut me off & directed me to the methadone clinic & 18 years later I am still on methadone & clean from all other drugs since then.I take Methadone for pain & addiction.In the 18 years i have been on methadone i have quit drinking & smoking.Methadone safe me from losing my job (retired now) & saved my relation ship from my common law wife.Today i am retired & single.I live with my dog on a small pension & could not be happier.
    They should make it easier for people to get on Methadone & other Opioid blockers because there is nothing worse than opioid withdrawal with the exception of Hell!

  • & guess whose still guarding the Poppys in Afghanistan & of course CONtinues supplying the Street while the Criminal Treasonist Power Structure looks the other way》instead, choosing to Target a most Vulnerable, Easy Target Demo in the Chronic Pain Community 》make no mistake, this is The Government Our Founding Fathers warned Us of

    #DontPunishPain #RIPDouglasHuber whose the latest to succomb due to undertreatment or no treatment at all

    #WarOnChronicPainPatients #ManufacturedOpioidCrisis #ChronicPainDiscrimination = #ForcedTapers = #Suicide or #Deaths due to complications stemming from pain not being effectively managed

  • I divorced my husband of 20 years. He had gradually started drinking more and more. His emotional and mental abuse caused me to have to go on depression medication. I tried everything which way to just get him to slow down but it only got worse. We had to sell our dream home. I couldn’t deal anymore and I let go. He still contacts me letting me know he’s met someone new trying to manipulate me to going back. Couple of days ago he said he was getting married to someone he had dated for one day. Another manipulation tactic. Everything that has happened is of course my fault. I mostly hear from him at night (while he’s drinking) and he’ll make promises of changing but the next day that flies out the window. He also used words like probably, maybe, I might…these are OUT words so he can change his mind the next day. It just hard to believe that alcohol can do that to a person. My heart is still broke but if it saves him it will be worth it. I wish all of you going through this as well the best of luck and prayers for peace.

  • God bless you for helping the general public to understand how detrimental and devastating letting the government run our physicians. Thank you for helping point out this terrible plight that effects millions that the public is being lied to about and unfortunately won’t realize the damage incurred before it’s them or their family members pleading for relief from cancer or other devastating chronic pain or injuries. Chronic pain patients are a very well monitored group who are regularly subjected to urine screens, pill counts and pharmacy and physicians regulating and monitoring their medications! Pain medications are not the problem it’s illegal Heroin and illicit Fentanyl and Meth. Please public pay attention before it’s you or your family suffering. Do Not, believe that this doesn’t effect Cancer, Terminal or End of life or even surgical patients as they’d have you believe. This is effecting everyone and anyone who is in pain and needs pain medications to live and function daily. We are all just one diagnosis, car accident or injury away from suffering and if we ignore what’s happening now we will all be left to suffer or take your life as the only option for extreme pain!!! Please help!!!! @DrThomasKline, @Cmerandi, @Dontpunishpain. Please read the true facts before your loved ones are left to suffer in this barbaric attack on pain!!!!

  • The opiod crisis is actual since over fifthy years and will go on as long as prohibition is the way to deal with… It didnt work the last fifhty years so why dont doing it fifthy more ������
    Prohibition means you can make big money and thats why there will always be an offer by criminals. Cut down prohibition cuts it off from big money and the offer will decrease to zero… Because money is the gasoline keeping this motor running…and the government will go on treating the addicts not as ill but as bad people
    …I see no change to better comming…

  • sorry that you guys wont change your lifestyle habits and feel the need to take drugs. put the booze down, stop smoking, eat better, stretch more. you lazy, stupid, self pity wanting bastards are too pathetic. if you get hurt and it cant heal right, then you might need help with the pain. but most of you are just fat old people who dont want to work out at all, you want to sit and wait for the swanson truck to come bring you all your frozen food. youre killing yourselves, and your forcing your families to watch and be a part of it. youre all morons if you think you NEED any kind of opiate. i sat there as a child unable to do anything as my grandmother died of this addiction. if you choose to accept death by drowning yourself in pills, then you are deserving of death. make room for those who want to try and live a good life

  • This is great! It gives the reason treatment fails nearly everyone and that is that it doesn’t address the reasons a person started using in the first place.

  • It’s about time. I been saying for yrs. that the news in general is creating hysterica by blaming patients and drs.! The feds are lying about the stats. The Chinese are shipping tons of fentynal here. Who’s letting this and heroin in? Feds.

  • I have just had my partner screaming at me that I ruined his life, that he drinks because of me. I hate this so much. But I am finally at the stage where I am walking away and letting him sort himself out.
    I can’t cope with being blamed for everything anymore.

  • Gary needs to move to China and get fantinel and over-the-counter there I’m pretty sure. I seen a thing where you just ordered it over the Internet to get it sent here. It can’t be that hard in China to get it. Poor guy.

  • Whats going on is rediculous. The gov’t needs to keep their hands out of the pain management field. They need the doctors to determine how best to treat their patients.

  • Yeah this video even gets heroin addiction wrong and portrays it in a negative light. Some of us like the opiate life. The only real issues that come from heroin come from it’s legal status.

  • DEA raided my Doctor I never saw any over prescribing ( not to say he wasn’t ) but I know he was the best doctor I ever had have not found a doctor with the manners, kindness, knowledge, and patience as him. No doctor beside him had taken the time to explain what’s going on with me. Do you know how hard it is to find a good doctor. I heard that Dr did get his license back but moved to a diff city and now with a network that with my insurance is too expensive to go to if I wanted to

  • And a year later only gotten worse! It’s terrible that you can get this trash on the street easier than a pain pill. I know someone who is 74yrs old & doctors barely help they should know he’s not going out here to shoot Herion, hell all drs gotta do is look for trac marks ��‍♀️

  • I have 2 pelvic fractures at the moment and I’m terrified to take pain meds. I don’t want to get addicted and I’m also afraid of being labeled as a pain pill junky. It’s so hard right now

  • I want to go back to the good old days in the late 19th century and early 20th century when females refrained from alcohol use because it was labelled “unladylike” and crude.


  • I live in Vancouver Canada and can no longer get a prescription for my T3’s for chronic back pain and hip problem…never have a taken any other pain meds..I’ve been suffering for over a year now without anything…I’m in pain night and day and can’t sleep…I can’t drive anymore so I lost my job..I’m drowning slowly and there’s no help no one cares…our healthcare sucks so does the government

  • I’m a chronic pain patient and I’m ashamed. I feel like there’s no life ahead for me. God bless that Dr. Gregory. That’s a way to take it back Ole school. I’m tired of hearing their afraid…. How about u fight back for your patients. Like myself and cutting off the ones that are sitting in your waiting room falling out of their chairs while trying to fill out their paper work. I’m so ANGRY, DEPRESSED, AND NO I DONT WANT TO LIVE ANYMORE, BUT I’M AFRAID TO DIE. SOUNDS HYPOCRITICAL, BUT ITS NOT. I HAVE NO LIFE AHEAD OF ME. I SURELY DIDN’T THINK THIS IS WHERE I WOULD BE AT ALMOST 50 YRS OLD. I was increased back in Aug and even tho I was going thru a very painful “reaction to a medication” which I still don’t believe that was the problem, anyway they increased me from 45mg to 80mg and I was doing so much better… Even felt there was a light at the end of the tunnel and after being released from the hospital still looking just as bad as I did when I was admitted, but was given the 80mg and of course I go back to my pain mgmt Dr he cut me to 60mg than back to 45mg and It doesn’t work. Back to the hospital I go. �� �� �� �� �� �� �� That’s where I see my life and my family is fed up with me, bcuz they don’t understand, but yet they do so one day they are understanding then the next disgusted and all I feel is ashamed, depressed and feel worthless. �� �� �� �� �� ��….. We all need to stick together and somehow fight this. Anyone who has posted on this video and who is going thru what I am, we should create a page or something so we can tell our stories and then send it to our wonderful president, hospitals, insurance companies and Dr’s and see what they do.

  • That’s some bullshit the pharmacist can do and did that to those people. If pharmacy calls doctors office shouldn’t be a question. When did pharmacy’s became a DEA assistant crazy ��‍♀️

  • Im one of those chronic pain sufferers that has contemplated suicide many times because i see no other way out of the agony. Something has got to change and in Michigan things are only getting worse. Something has to change…we have been writing, emailing, tweeting, our local, state and Federal Government and no response, no change, they dont care. The CDC, FDA, DEA and many other organizations dont care and because we are in so much pain we are not able to go out and protest and rally…we have no voice and no one to help us?

  • Loved the talk, but I am listening in May, 2020 and it seems old. The topics are stale but I still shared it because therr was valuable content too.

  • its all over for me a botched surgery and the doc just had to lie on my records and thats all it took then cut off cold turkey by a different doctor, trust me noone cares about a 46 year old white guy

  • This is a hospital and medical issue…not to be interfered by anyone other than the doctor and the patient. This interaction, invasion, is under the doctor patient confidentiality clause and HIPPA laws, not to be challenged by the CDC or government. This is dictatorship at its highest degree of intrusion and unwarranted abuse of the Doctor client confidentiality. Take this to court…the highest court in the land. Look in to a class action lawsuit against the CDC. Legit patients are dying! This is a crime! CDC is going against a doctors oath ” to do no harm” and are killing people. This is a blatant act of abuse of power. I’m only a paralegal, not an attorney, but fight back! Get out of the fear. These people are not addicts, drug abusers or criminals but are being classified as such. This is mismanagement of authorities….causing blatant harm. Opioids aren’t bringing in enough money, cancer drugs are. Up the cost by 1000 times and you won’t be bothered. Alcohol killed my brother in law, caused my ex, who still works for the state, to climb in bed with my daughter making me lose everything I owned, caused abuse of my mother, breaking her nose, my husband dying in a crash, drunk, yet any word for our group, MADD, to stop alcohol abuse??! How many innocent people are dying every day from alcohol abuse?! Alcohol and NSAIDs kill the organs!! Who are these dictators? Neanderthals? There is no abuse between doctor and patient but there will be now out of fear…causing street use. Good job gov’t! I need my insulin..,without it I will die. Chronic pain causes other reaction in the body, i.e.., high blood pressure, high blood sugar, weakness, constipation, heart palpitations, breathing problems, starvation, inability to care for oneself…so by this interference, the CDC is making people more sick than they were! Trump is my president but he is dead wrong this time! Do not make legal opioid use synonymous with illegal street use! Stay out of Doctor-patient care.