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The thyroid gland’s tissue can overgrow, resulting in a nodule or small lump in part of the gland. Thyroid nodules are the most common thyroid disorder, occurring in up to 50 percent of people over age 50. Most nodules are harmless growths. The ATA estimates that less than one in10 thyroid nodules is cancerous. An estimated 20 million Americans have some form of thyroid disease.

Up to 60 percent of those with thyroid disease are unaware of their condition. And women are five to eight times more likely than men to have thyroid problems. The thyroid is part of the endocrine system and is a small, butterfly-shaped gland located in the lower neck.

Of those diagnosed with a thyroid disorder, 80% are women. A blood test can begin the diagnostic process. Acting Up. Hyperthyroidism is when the thyroid gland releases an overly-high level of hormones.The thyroid is a small, but powerful part of our bodies (located near the bottom of the throat) that keeps all of our organs in harmony and balance. Thyroid disorders are more common than you may think.

Over 20 million Americans have a thyroid disorder, Dr. Kellis says. In fact, thyroid problems are more common than. Thyroid disorders are more common in women. Signs and symptoms of thyroid problems depend on the type of problem, but may include weight gain or loss, heat or cold intolerance, sweating, fatigue, difficulty swallowing, a visible lump or swelling in the neck, irritability, puffiness in the face, or memory problems.

Hashimoto’s thyroiditis: an autoimmune condition caused by anti-thyroid antibodies. This is the most common form of thyroiditis and is around five times more common in women than in men. Hashimoto’s thyroiditis usually results in hypothyroidism, and thyroid hormone replacement treatment is. The thyroid is an important gland, and problems with this gland may be more common than you think: More than 12 percent of the U.S. population will develop thyroid disease.

Thyroid disorders are more common than you’d think. More than 12% of people in the United States will develop a thyroid condition in their lifetime, according to the American Thyroid Association. This amounts to roughly 20 million Americans, 60% of which are completely unaware of their condition. 5. What factors increase the risk of a thyroid disorder?Thyroid disease is very common, with an estimated 20 million people in the Unites States having some type of thyroid disorder.

A woman is about five to eight times more likely to be diagnosed with a thyroid condition than a man. You may be at a higher risk of developing a thyroid disease if you: Have a family history of thyroid disease. These thyroid diseases affect more women than men: Disorders that cause hypothyroidism; Disorders that cause hyperthyroidism; Thyroiditis, especially postpartum thyroiditis; goiter; Thyroid nodules; Thyroid cancer; What is hypothyroidism?

Hypothyroidism (hy-poh-THY-roi-diz-uhm) is when your thyroid does not make enough thyroid hormones. It is also called underactive thyroid.

List of related literature:

Like other autoimmune diseases, such thyroid disorders are more common in women than men and occur with increased frequency during pregnancy (Cignini et al., 2012).

“Rang & Dale's Pharmacology E-Book” by Professor of Clinical Pharmacology Guy's King's and St Thomas's Medical Schools James M Ritter, Rod J. Flower, Graeme Henderson, Yoon Kong Loke, David MacEwan, Humphrey P. Rang
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A second but less common cause of hyperthyroidism is the appearance of autoimmune thyroid disease following allogeneic SCT.

“Medical Care of Cancer Patients” by Sai-Ching Jim Yeung, Carmen P. Escalante, Robert F. Gagel
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Thyroid disorders are more common in women and are not uncommon in pregnant women, being the second most common endocrine disorder (after diabetes mellitus) seen during pregnancy.

“Maternal, Fetal, & Neonatal Physiology: A Clinical Perspective” by Susan Tucker Blackburn
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Subclinical thyroid disease is more common than overt disease.

“Medical Secrets E-Book” by Mary P. Harward
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While this disease is uncommon, representing only about 1% of all cancers, thyroid cancer is the most frequently occurring endocrine malignancy and incidence of Papillary thyroid cancer is increasing.

“Walter and Miller's Textbook of Radiotherapy E-book: Radiation Physics, Therapy and Oncology” by Paul R Symonds, Charles Deehan, Catherine Meredith, John A Mills
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Hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism are also common.

“Encyclopedia of the Neurological Sciences” by Robert B. Daroff, Michael J. Aminoff
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• Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, an autoimmune inflammatory thyroid condition, with possible genetic propensity, is the most common cause of hypothyroidism in developed countries.

“The ADA Practical Guide to Patients with Medical Conditions” by Lauren L. Patton, Michael Glick
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Hypothyroidism is significantly more common than hyperthyroidism.

“Swanson's Family Medicine Review E-Book” by Alfred F. Tallia, Joseph E. Scherger, Nancy Dickey
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Hyperactive thyroid disorders are less common, and thyroid carcinomas are rare.

“Vertebrate Endocrinology” by David O. Norris, James A. Carr
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Risk Factors Thyroid conditions are more common in patients who have a family history of thyroid disorders.

“Conn's Current Therapy 2019” by Rick D. Kellerman, David Rakel
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  • I don’t know if it could be included as a disorder but I always have a problem when eating as I always try to finish what is in the plate even if I’m already full enough but I just feel something inside of me like being obliged or feeling bad about wasting food…��

  • Oh rip. I can hella relate to Arfid, but I don’t have an extreme consequence so I’m probably fine, just picky lol. I’m particular about the taste, texture, smell, etc.

  • According to how you spelled words Flavour and Colour, you are from a lovely place where food safely regulations are very soft and standards ore low. Coca Cola and McDonald’s are poisonings the world now but they’ve done their job in the US several decades ago. They started the snowball of unhealthy lifestyle. The levels of obesity are borderline offensive and there is little to no valid research available to public. By “valid” I mean not “sponsored” by food companies ����
    Of course people don’t know what a healthy amount of calories and nutrients is! How can you know what is good or bad to eat if schools have pizza and burgers in cafeterias and your parents are feeding you Nutella for breakfast because it’s marketed to be healthy. Like how primitive do you ha e to be to believe the commercial and not read the label!

    I gained 20kg in one summer when I first traveled to the us and was exposed to a lot of new fast-food chains and was curious to try everything. Guess what! I realized that it’s the food, not just fast food, all food! Heinz ketchup for instance contained twice as much sugar in the us as in the UK!!!!
    I then lost 20kg by eating balanced diet and exercising. I just did my research!
    I am from Ukraine where the standards for women’s beauty are pretty rough, but it doesn’t mean you have to be unhealthy! “No man wants an unhealthy wife” my mum would say to me ��

    If people don’t do their research, and start following the first buzzfeed crash diet, that’s just natural selection!

    Tip: for better health tips and actual research papers and studies, change your VPN to Europe ����

  • If you don’t want your kid to develop an eating disorder. Feed them a diverse diet of healthy food, let them eat as much or as little as they want without forcing them to finish, let them eat whenever they want to and don’t force them to eat when they aren’t hungry, and let them develop their own tastes, preferences, and habits pertaining to food. The most important factor in allowing kids to develop a healthy relationship with food is to give them the feeling that they have control.

  • “Thyropedia: An Encyclopedia of Thyroidology” is an unavoidable book. It provides each and every information on any thyroid problem.
    Google “thyropedia”

  • I thought you were goig to mention pica. Because of how stressed i am, ive been eating and chewing pencils, erasers, and plastic. And it doesn’t help how some people are eating chocolate shoes that look real, or wrentches and shie I have no therapist

  • I feel like I may have had ARFID but I’m not sure. When I was a kid/teen I refused to eat a lot bc of fear of throwing up from the texture, I hated a lot of foods and I hated dining out (especially fancy restaurants). My parents mostly gave up on me bc I definitely would’ve chosen starving than eating and it had nothing to do with body image lol.

    I’m 23 now, and I’ve gotten a lot better in the past year or 2, after starting to cook more. Its like I was finally able to start trusting my meals, and once I started trusting my meals, I have even been able to branch out and try different textures/tastes in order to get used to it, which has also enabled me to even try more things eating out (though there’s still a lot of No things). I still have times where I know I need to eat but the thought of any texture makes me want to throw up, and most of the time I can still force myself to eat and its normally OK. Anyways, I’ve come a long way since when I was a kid and I’m really proud of myself tbh. I’m cooking meals I never could have imagined I’d ever eat and actually liking them. I probably eat healthier than a majority of my family now

  • I hate being tired an probably with wait when I’ve work out an regardless of my hard working ways could all way keep going imagine being ADHD and having an under thyroid at the same time it’s insane.

  • I have been having problems since 2016 i had a severe reaction to a medication now i have serious menstral problems (They want to opperate?)Now they are testing my thyroid again my Dad has thyroid i have had a cyst in my thyroid they are testing me for Glandular feever i feel that ill i could crawl around i can still eat but i am just sleeping 24/7…I honestly have no clue whats going on i keep getting Low Sodium i am thirsty but i have to be careful now i suddenly gained a ton of weight lost all energy my periods have gone awol from being there 24/7(Answers on a postcard please?)

  • I’m pretty sure my friend who is allergic to peanuts has ARFID because she avoids eating any type of food that she doesn’t know is safe, refuses to try new foods, and she won’t eat things even if they are safe because she hasn’t eaten them before. She also refuses to eat vegetables and certain fruits because she says they make her mouth feel weird. I’m not saying that it is wrong of her because I would be afraid if I had a severe allergy too. It is just concerning because she doesn’t get proper nutrition and she also over exercises.

  • I almost died from bulimia but I stopped purging in quarantine and actually lost weight somehow sadly I’m not recovered from anorexia yet though

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  • I was diagnosed with Graves disease after my body was literally eating itself. And going to the potty a lot. Had tachycardia., goiters, radiation. Heyyyyy does the list continue but I am finally regulated for a second time. This has been the longest time!

  • I was diagnosed with anorexia and ednos(eating disorder not otherwise specified) back in 2016, I would be so terrified to eat (because every time I ate my stomach would hurt) that I got to a point that I physically couldn’t get myself to chew food. It pops up every now and again, but the best thing to do when you can’t eat is to chug a smoothie and choke down some bread to get yourself hungry again.

  • I have binge eating disorder and I really wish someone would have told me sooner that that was a thing so I’d know to get help rather than just trying to control myself, I tried to just control myself for years and it did not work, but therapy is helping me figure out things that DO work and I really do feel like I’m starting to get more control over my eating habits.
    Edit: And another thing, often when I’d tell people I was trying to eat better they’d be all “no no you look fine” and it would drive me nuts. Like, I’d appreciate that if I were talking about my appearance but I wasn’t. The fact is, I’m overweight and I wanted to lose weight to be healthier, I don’t care if I’m attractive or not. Also, what I really wanted was to stop feeling like I didn’t have any control over my eating.

  • Meri mom ko Thyroid tha humne sab kuch try kiya fark nahi pada, sab kuch try karna ka baad, Our Ayurveda company ki Ayurvedic medicine le, sirf 4months me purri tarha theek ho gaya abhi 1 saal hona ko aya medicine shood kar

  • I sometimes wonder if I have an eating disorder ’cause I think too much about food. But the definitions usually come back to “feelings of guilt” and basing your self-worth on your weight and that certainly sets things in perspective.

  • The Ratio is 7 Females: 1 Male in General Thyroid Problems (up to 9 Females: 1 Male in some specific thyroid pathologies or in Restricted Religious Countries where the Feminine doesn’t count & only observes in the best of the cases)….
    ….Well, Thyroid = the Central Pilar of the Throat Chakra = the Air Element = DIVINE FEMININE = “the 5th Element” = the Soul Element = the Right Brain Hemisphere
    That Element can be more imbalanced in today’s Women because the Societies for the last >2000 Years are Driven by the Imbalanced Male Phallocratic Archetype & the Grand Percentage of Women Mimic the Masculine or Just Follow Him to have a Piece of the Money/Power/Career Pie…

  • i was talking to my therapist about my eating problems for a long time and every time she told me i was fine and that i “wasn’t skinny enough” to have an ed. i don’t wanna get into calories or anything cause it’s really triggering but it’s just really sad that even some doctors don’t believe people who know they have an issue.

  • My grandma has used laxatives all my life to “flush her system.” She was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease several years ago after being hospitalized in incredible pain. She’s been to the hospital a few times since then… And continues to use laxatives. I’m positive she replaced her drug habit with laxatives and, for a long time, energy drinks; neither are healthy alternatives.

  • I have ARFID and it’s so rare to see people talking about it so I just want to thank you for bringing it up. Many people just tell me that I’m picky and need to “grow up” like omg I wish I could’ve thought of that!! It’s not that easy and no one seems to understand it, so thank you for spreading awareness of it:)

  • I’m surprised binge eating wasn’t here. Either way choosing to leave social media has helped my ED. I’m also going back to therapy thankfully.

  • I have AFID. It’s horrible. There are days when I eat okay, then days where I don’t want to eat at all. I’m about halfway through my pregnancy now, so I’ve been feeling more hungry & making myself eat, even if I don’t feel up to it.

  • thank you for talking about arfid. i feel like it’s always used as a joke and not taken seriously. i’ve had it my whole life and i wish nothing but to get rid of it and be able to eat variety of foods, but only people that have it understand the anxiety and sick feeling of even trying a new food. i’m tired of it just being brushed off as being picky and privileged/spoiled when it’s legitimately a struggle and has lead me to anorexia itself. eds are an everyday struggle and non should be ridiculed

  • I most likely have arfid but when I changed my diet and began gaining weight for once, my parents got angry at me and now I’m not allowed to eat in the house.

  • I regular advise my patients to take levothyroxine on an empty stomach to optimise absorption. Hope this basic thyroid video may be of use

  • I know someone who probably has ARFID. He won’t eat any vegetables, besides potatoes, and even those have to be cooked a certain way. He won’t even eat something cooked with vegetables that can be picked out. He won’t eat fruit either because the texture has to be just right, and it usually isn’t. He basicly lives off chicken, potatoes and bread. He won’t eat at other people’s houses out of fear of them not having food he can eat.

  • Oh my god thank you so much for making this video and I guess I should thank google for spying on me and plugging my search history on google into the YT algorithm. I have to talk to my therapist about ARFID.

  • Sometimes I wonder if my irregular IBS has caused a eating disorder from fear of the pain i associate with IBS and eating. I still eat just so much less and sometimes when my IBS is acting up I won’t eat all day. But I also have depression which causes weird eating habits. Bouts if eating a lot and eating next to nothing depending on how depressed i am. I’ve also noticed I check the width of my wrists almost to an obsessive level.

  • I was almost hospitalised with an eating disorder, but ther wasnt a name for it, so my therapists had to just use the term “disordered eating problems”. I had a crippling fesr of choking from choking one time in school. My logic was, if i dont eat, i dont choke. I would chew my food until it was flavourless and more saliva than food, and even then would spit it out, petrified to swallow. However, constantly, the doctors wouldnt stop asking me “are you sure you dont want to be skinny”, “you have to be honest with us”. It was ridiculous. I was like, “bro, this is keeping me out of dance and school i dont want this”. If i lost 3% more of my body weight, they told me id have to be hospitalized. It was so scary, yet whenever id tell friends, id have to explain every little detail, because they couldnt get the idea out of their heads, that eating disorder=wants to be thin.
    Im better now, and feel sick and sad whevenever i see photos taken in the three years i was scarily thin. They make me cry because it was such a scary time. People need to realise that not every one with an eating disorder, wants that eating disorder. It isnt intentional and didnt begin intentionally. Sometimes these things just happen, but because the media and schools only show awarness to anorexia and bulimia, no one realised i had the disorder until it was at a dangerous level.
    I still struggle with food, as im autistic, and have a very limited amount of food that isnt exactly as protein packed as my doctors would like. Im not underweight anymore, but im not a super comfortable weight. I cant handle alot of food textures, and cant eat particularly chewy foods, due to the remaining fear of choking that is still in my subconscience.
    All im saying, is people need to realise that not all eating problems, and people who have atypical eating, want to be skinny.
    After rewatching the video, and actually watching it instead of typing a comment, ive realised what i struggled with (and still do to some extent) is ARFID

  • My diabulimia started as diabetes burnout after years of having diabetes (I was diagnosed at seven!). I stopped really taking care of my diabetes, so I lost weight because my body was eating itself to get energy. And then it became a win/win/win I didn’t have to take care of my diabetes AND I lost weight AND I could eat whatever I wanted. The side effects of not caring for my diabetes were an afterthought, they seemed so far away at the time that they didn’t matter. I only started caring when I began losing feeling in my hands; my high blood sugars had started causing nerve damage. I can only imagine what other issues my years of intermittent/half diabulimia caused. I still have spurts of struggling with diabulimia when the cost seems to outweigh the gain. I also struggle with other disordered eating, but the diabulimia is by far the worst.

  • I went through a few years of problems that were dismissed or vaguely diagnosed as an autoimmune problem. One doctor just said take Vitamin D and call me in the morning. The exhaustion, numbness in my extremities etc. continued for a few years. I completely changed my diet and juiced constantly. I got a bit better, but finally met a doctor in NY who was a chiropractor with Epstein Barr. He suggested a bunch of unknown, to me, supplements, and it changed my life. It took a few years to find help. Sounds so familiar.

  • Just wonderful, I been tryin to find out about “your thyroid problems solved dr sandra cabot” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about Yannabarn Vanish Thyroid (do a google search )? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my colleague got amazing results with it.

  • did i get teary eyed hearing ARFID mentioned? you bet. but in all seriousness, as someone who was diagnosed with ARFID in 2016 and has been in treatment for 3 years now, just exposing myself to new foods and trying to break the cycle, hearing it mentioned is a relief. all eating disorders are so difficult and revolve around thought processes and even if ARFID is not focused on weight loss, the effects are obvious. I was nearly underweight before treatment and now i’m a more normal weight because i’ve expanded and improved nutritionally.

  • I have 2. I am a super-taster, which means my sense of bitterness is amped up. Foods many consider savory, I taste as bitter. I also have a texture issue. Slimy and lumpy together are the worst tapioca, cottage cheese. BARF!!! I’m 57, so growing out of it is pretty much never going to happen. Been this way my whole life.

  • There are plenty of times that separate symptoms really are due to separate reasons. However, if you are having multiple symptoms all compounding….especially if new ones all in a similar time frame…PAY ATTENTION AND BE YOUR OWN ADVOCATE.

    I have been fatigued as a way of life. It makes me feel lazy. I work full time and go to school and tell myself that is why I’m always wiped out. I eat very healthy but never loose weight. Migraines, a vertigo episode, GI problems, dry skin and hair, list goes on

    Now I’m finding out I have Hashimotos. It is answering my questions of why I have these symptoms. Now I have to focus on treatment and diet changes…
    Starting by cutting out gluten to see if it helps

  • The way I like to explain ARFID is thats its like chronic picky eating. Thats actually the search term I used to try and figure out what was ‘wrong’ with me.
    I think it has a lot to do with texture, but also smell, how old it is, and even brand familiarity. For me, its about comfort. I have my foods that I’ve always eaten, and if people ask me to try new things when I’m not prepared or I haven’t built up to it, I have a sort of panic response.
    That also has to do with some trauma that occurred specifically because of my eating habits. I used to be called ungrateful a lot. My mom has always been very accommodating of it and if she doesn’t make something for me separate to what everyone else is eating, she takes no issue with me making something for myself.
    On a brighter note: I tried putting sweet and sour sauce on my chicken at a Chinese restaurant a few months back and I really like it! I’m still so over the moon proud of myself for that. Baby steps!

  • Actualy… I don’t know what people assume about me cuz I don’t care about ANYBODY’S opinion about me cuz I do me you know? But… people like the way I hug, the way I comfort them when they are sad, the way I am kind with everyone, the way I care for the others, the way I draw, the way I listen to their problems and doing my best to help them to solve their problems, the way I like everything, the way I like people for who they are!
    People her to call me cry baby because when someone cries I cry with him or her, they use to call me “different”,
    they don’t like the fact that I am guy and I like guys.
    There are the main things that people like and dislike in me.
    I won’t let ANYBODY to tell me who I am and what I am supposed to do and who I am supposed to be!
    I am me! And if someone doesn’t like me that is hi’s or her’s problem, NOT mine!

  • I wanted to do a research paper on body image and the subsequent results that it has on the psyche and so a part of that was going to be about eating disorders. But it was extremely unnerving and disheartening to see a complete lack of research done on men with body image issues and eating disorders. I hope one day we can de-stigmatize the discussion around eating disorders and help men know that they aren’t alone in this battle.

  • Just being tested for thyroid Condition, waiting to find out, the waiting game, my doctor suspects it, causing depression, anxiety and hormone imbalance, insomnia, eptopic heartbeat, achy joints, headaches, crept up on me in months, I’m really lucky to have a kind understanding woman doctor x I feel for anyone
    with this condition x

  • THANK U! Can this be translated t,o Spanish? Or can Mask you a question?? I’m have all symptoms very bad n made worse with needs you mentioned. One month on horrible tyrx med. You mentioned..if I recall correctly (!!!��) THREE SUPPLEMENTS I AM KEEN TO TRY…T3 direct.bovine desc. And o e other..th4? Howdo I obtain these.I know I’ve had this for over a year. I have had a fair bit of trauma in my life n for a while being doctor here..cortisol levels high consistently…as I was in high stress situation n ended up hospitalised. I haven’t had a scandone yet. In slow motion health system! N they ask me to wait 2 months on this dreadful drug before they move on talemore bloods etc. A friend docot advised me go direct for scan as she observed I am worse now than before. Im like a lifeless robot with battery drained. Hair falling g out faster appetite. Gut problems. Sweats. Then freezing cold. I’m so agitated n fighting hard against debitaliting depression. I’m forgetting my own pin number at bank….I stop in middle of this GS…even driving as confusion sets in like a big cloud…empty head syndrome. The scan they said may take wait of 2 months. TBH I don’t think I can stick know the rest of the symptoms. Aggressive feelings towards selfasidont drink or smomen I just want normal simple life. Again..thank you…this has been most informative n yes I did my research n taking selenium..mag etc. My friend doctor is better n clearer on this..being female perhaps…male doctor skims over. I tried to explain bloods will show still high levels..I’m vomiting…..BTW very badly n the blood comes with it as its quite violent. Not every day. Every day is like zombie day. No energy. None. I force down a healthy meal n my supllemts. But I’m worried. Time is a factor in this n I tried push doctor on scan but he said maybe in 4 months…we look again at bloods n give med a chance to work…2 months. Inclusive time from diagnosis to time I get bloods done again. I was so I’ll other day I could not move from bathroom floor. I am happy I found U….n I will so show get scan done n then thru diet… Trying to stay hydrated…n a little exercise. I want to get off pointless drug…n take the bovine desc. N other. I believe cure is in nature. And stress did this. Now I only have the stress of this n unable to work or socialise. I have good friends but its hard for them to understand it…I hardly can myself but I’ve been researching.
    Thank you for helping so many people with the REAL insights. Much appreciated. E������

  • I am diabetic, and i noticed diabulimia is extremely ‘easy’, in my mind its kinda a win/win, if i dont take insulin, and thus dont have to inject myself with a needle, i can eat and not gain, and even lose weight while having to do nothing, and the problem is that the consquences are too far away in the future, i dont notice anything in the moment, or barely anything if i dont take insulin
    I do realise how dangerous it is, but the consequences are just too far away to affect my current behaviour, i have been in the hospital because of this, but it still doesnt, like, make me change my behaviour
    Now, im not officially diagnosed, but i wouldnt be surprised if i got this tbh, but i am also embarrassed to bring it up to my doctor
    Thank you for mentioning this, it is usually overlooked or not mentioned, even though it really a dangerous disorder

  • I’m kind of sad that he didn’t mention how you can have a combination of eating disorders like I have a combination of anorexia and binge eating disorder whitch means I’ll eat a lot of food and then feel discussed with myself and note eat for days sometimes weeks

  • I had ARFID near the end of 2018 and i didn’t even realize there was a name for it. In my brain i would be like “i had an eating disorder” but i never said it out loud because i always thought that a need to look a certain way was a requirement to having an eating disorder. It might sound weird but I’m glad to know theres a name for this and I wasn’t just saying i had an eating disorder when i didn’t. I was definitely very unhealthy. I still have some similar habits for fear of getting sick after eating too much but not nearly to the extreme I previously had, and I’m still working on staying healthy and not falling back into that

  • Hello…. question….. Did I hear that its currently considered that hyper-thyroidism is on or part of a progression toward hypo-thyroidism? I ask in that as a man in his 50’s, w/ hyper-thyroid,medication managed +10 yrs., I continue efforts to understand and adapt and often seems to be a moving target so to speak, that of I find sustaining changes can be a challenge in failure recovery…… so the cycle goes…. I continue to explore and maintain efforts toward eventual resolution….. thank you, by the way, for your efforts and willingness to teach/present.

  • fluride in water is one of the major causes of hypothyroid and hashimotes it at least makes itr worse in townsville where they have had fluride in their water since 1950s have the fatest in the whole of au and state of Qld yet noboody wants to look into it.on vacines inserts it says one of the long term sidefects is hashimotowes or it say autoimune diseases never been tested for nay of the diseases short or long term but when they know that it causes whatever they have yto put on teir insert infact that is the only place they have to tell the truth and that is the only way they can can suesd vacines and fluride are too deadly for your thyroid refuse it and children if you sign a form that says they can take care of your baby they will vax that baby with hepB which had 4 days of testing thats it

  • My doctor told me that my thyroid dosage in the past was too high and he believed my a-fib was a result. This was very concerning to me as this diagnosis is serious.

  • I never knew I had an eating disorder until now. My mom just said I was picky and refused to eat healthy… I weighed 30kg at the age of 13, and I’m tall. How did she not see how malnutritioned I was?

  • Thyroid needs a proper amount of iodine and other minerals to work well.
    Take a look here:

  • You didn’t even touch on binge eating disorders… you know, the ones where people gain tons of weight? Everyone on My 600 lb Life? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten yelled at on IG for getting myself down to a healthy weight, yet it’s considered acceptable to binge and binge until you give yourself type 2 diabetes and die of a heart attack at 45.

  • Wow I never thought of those muscled body builder types as having an eating disorder but yeah there are some who take it too far to the point of obsession

  • Thyroid gland चुल्लिका ग्रंथि, आदि का इलाज 100% आयुर्वेदिक औषधियों द्वारा किया जाता है बिना किसी side effect संक्रमण के खतरे के
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  • Omg… I have so many of those symptoms. I just found out I have a thyroid issue.
    I did the same… I blamed myself. I would always think “Ohhhh I should just workout harder, eat less, I’m emotional because I’m a Cancer…. etc.” My throat has felt like someone was holding it for YEARS!
    Thank-you for sharing this information. I wished I had found it sooner.

  • I’m getting tested soon. I’ve already had my blood taken for my depression and anxiety condition and my thyroid was one of the things being tested, in which my levels were off. (the doctors played it off like it wasn’t a big deal). So now I’m going back to look deeper specifically for my thyroid. It’s one of the factors that causes my mental conditions (my genetics are a main contribution). But it mostly effects my weight and trouble of losing weight from what my therapist and mom assume.

  • आपने बहुत अच्छी जानकारी साझा की है। मैं भी इस समस्या से गुज़रा हूँ। मुझे उस समय बहुत बुरा लगा। मैं कई क्लीनिकों में गया, लेकिन परिणाम के कारण मैं हिम्मत हार रहा था। तब किसी ने उन्हें Planet Ayurveda के बारे में बताया, वे वहां गए और उपचार किया। अब वह ठीक हैं। तो, अगर किसी को इस तरह की समस्या या किसी अन्य स्वास्थ्य संबंधी समस्या का सामना करना पड़ रहा है। आपको Planet Ayurveda जाना चाहिए।

  • For the first one, 5’5″ isn’t short? I’m 5’2″ and I still consider that short. Granted it’s probably average, but I mean… especially for him it’d be short

  • I hate it as a recovered person when people tell me my lack of exersize isn’t healthy, because a year or two ago, I could barely imagine eating three meals a day and not obsessively exersizing. Health is relative. Recovery is hard and sometimes impossible even if you’re eating healthily.

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  • Been on thyroid meds for more than 30 years they raised my dose from 50 to 75, now they think it is to high and they told me to skip one pill a week. I have really dry skin.

    Check it out if dealing with thyroid problem…

  • I am turning 14 years old in 6 days and was diagnosed with hashimotos about 1 week after turning 13. I have been on synthroid since. I recently had an appointment for an ultrasound of my thyroid and my doctor told me that I have nodules that could potentially be cancerous. I have to get a biopsy in April to make sure I don’t have cancer and I’m terrified. I’m terrified of getting the biopsy and I’m terrified that I might have cancer. If anyone who has been in the same situation as me, please give me some advice.

  • I didn’t know what ARFID was before this video, come to find out it describes me to a t. Thank you so much I had no clue what it was I’ve been struggling with for so long, I’ve now found a community that I can relate too.

  • Meri mom ko Thyroid tha humne sab kuch try kiya fark nahi pada, sab kuch try karna ka baad, Our Ayurveda company ki Ayurvedic medicine le, sirf 4months me purri tarha theek ho gaya abhi 1 saal hona ko aya medicine shood kar

  • I almost got diagnosed with Pica when I was younger ( eating things that are not meant to be eaten). My parents called me Sunny like the girl from a series of unfortunate events:D Also is their a name for when you never get hungry/the thought of food makes you nauseous?? I don’t like my body,but I’m not trying to starve myself!! I need hElP!!

  • I think I have arfid. I avoid certain foods because of texture. I thought my parents trying to kill me when they put foods I believed I would choke to death on. I didn’t know it was an actual disorder. But even as a adult there are foods I completely avoid because of texture like most cheeses. I won’t eat ranch dressing or beans or hummus and much more because of texture. I wouldn’t eat shellfish either. Which is possibly a good thing I avoided because…

    One time my ex-husband was fed up with my “pickiness” and was being sneaky and gave me some food with shrimp. Turns out I am allergic to shellfish, first time I got hives, second time my throat swelled up and I couldn’t breathe. I believe sometimes we instinctively avoid foods we area allergic to.

  • Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!
    Thank you for sharing your story!!! I’ve been trying to be “heard” for decades. I will continue seek help with a more informed approach. Thankyou!

  • I don’t have an eating disorder that I know of, but I feel that I might be at higher risk. I’m aged 19 and am 5ft9 and 134lbs. As long as I can remember I’ve had a disconnect between my brain and my digestive system, I never know when I’m hungry because my body/brain doesn’t tell me. Similarly I don’t know when I’m full. My entire life I have simply just followed other people’s behaviors and eaten at the same time and quantity that they do. I have no idea why my body acts this way, nor what might be causing it, and I have not yet gone to a doctor about it for fear of them misdiagnosing me with a eating disorder. I was wondering if anyone might have had a similar experience and could share knowledge( if they possess) of what might be causing this issue?

  • I’ve told several dr I dont feel good and give them the details and they they say your depressed. I’m on thyroid medication and have always felt like crap. The doctors now I feel dont care n the gov. Says 10 min.per pt. That’s how can a dr learn about their pts.

  • That not all true because you never feel the same again once your have under active thyroid disease. Part of the video is true but it never the same that part is wrong.

  • It took four years to find out what I had I ended up in hospital and then in a depression clinic because I ended up suicidal and I had milk coming out of my breasts! It took two years to even begin getting better! Now after 30 years I am now very much getter! The funny thing is that my sister has it and my one daughter and three of my nieces. All in one family! They all knew about this so got tested straight away!

  • Starting in mid elementary school and all throughout high school I had an intense fear of choking. So bad that I’d get panic attacks in the cafeteria. I’ve since been to therapy for panic disorder and my fear isn’t as severe. Although, every now and then I’ll freak out while eating something. So glad I’m not alone.:)

  • I’m autistic and have issues with the texture, smell, and taste of certain foods. I don’t have ARFID or any other eating disorder for that matter, but I found some studies linking autistic women and girls to eating disorders and it was kinda of shocking.

  • Oh my god it’s not normal to avoid food because of its texture? I didn’t realize that. I’ve been getting better at not avoiding eating because of textures but it use to be really annoying because I didn’t eat like anything. Turns out my eating disorder is worse than I thought that’s good to know

  • Why didn’t he talk about binge eating disorder? There are a ton of people in the world who suffer from it and even face life threatening medical complications because of it, unfortunately our society recently has characterized this disorder as being “
    “thick af” or “curvy” when individuals who suffer from it are actually commonly obese or morbidly obese.

  • people with arfid are usually or always neurodiverse, so they have conditions like autism. my brother may have arfid? he hates a lot of foods, mostly having to do with the texture. and those are most healthy foods. he doesnt get a lot of actual nutrition, as far as i know. he mostly eats ramen, fast food, and pizza.

  • I got results in yesterday and they told me that my TSH levels are at 0.076. I’m pretty concerned but at the same time relieved to have some type of answer to my symptoms. I’ve lost weight (at first I attributed it to poor eating habits from depression / stress…but I’ve lost close to 20 lbs in a little over a month. I’ve never lost that amount so rapidly unless I literally went without eating for daaaays). My thoughts are out of wack, I’m randomly upset with people over the smallest things they do and it’s gotten to the point where I HATE them for a day or so but then realize how ridiculous I’m being and apologize. I’ve been extremely fatigued and have brain fog. I’ve experienced hair loss for actually quite a while. The past two weeks it’s gotten waaaay worse—to the point where I constantly feel like I’m going to pass out. My blood pressure is very high now (last checked it was 130/82).

    I’m worried and I’m scared that either I’m over reacting about the low TSH levels and I actually don’t really have a serious problem, or I have a serious problem and it’s going to be permanent.

    I feel stupid for typing this all out, but I’m just very concerned. I’m beginning to question my own reality because of how bad my moods and thoughts have been lately, especially these past two weeks.

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  • im 20 and have ARFID. i was only diagnosed last fall but i think ive had it my whole life. on top of that i have generalized anxiety disorder, chronic lyme disease, and GERD, all of which also affect my stomach.

    ive had to take long breaks from school, be hospitalized, rely completely on ensure shakes and at one point a feeding tube. i throw up twice a week on average and it’s never on purpose. i dont like how i look but it’s not bc of body dysmorphia. i hate that im so skinny and ill looking. my face looks sunken in and everything is bony. i weigh the same amount as i did at age 9.

    my relationship with food is not healthy. i can only eat if there’s a TV on so that i dont have to think ab the fact that im eating.

    the worst part is that no one knows what ARFID is and no one recognizes that im sick and feel sick constantly. im still laughed at every time i go out to a restaurant or party for wanting the plainest, most tasteless food possible or no food at all. im still treated like a whiny picky eater. im still always told that im sooooo skinny and it makes me feel bad about myself but im supposed to say thank you. sometimes i tell them it’s bc i have an eating disorder called ARFID and they tell me “i wish i had that so i could lose weight!”

    i appreciate the awareness raised in this video. i hope anyone reading this is staying safe and healthy and happy. please be kind to yourself and to one another.

  • Get ANOTHER DOCTOR.I have suffered from 13years because the Doctors don’t always know what is wrong. This is hard to detest,but YOU are in charge

  • Damn the silver fox got the Alan vibe pretty spot on. Most people assume I’m miserable and then they get to know me and are like, your the biggest five year old going. XD

  • I was diagnosed with hashimotos at age 17…. they have been telling me that levo pill will fix it…. that was 40 years ago…. the rest is ignored.

  • People assume that i am like at least 15 because of all the extra stuff i do, People would normally think that i would look like black hair super pretty aesthetic makeup, at least 4’11, but when you actually see me its like Whoaaa! Ive got dark brown hair, i am only 4’4, i am normally wearing a rainbow hoodie, and i normally have either a hat on or ive got face paint on.

  • I have read a Natural healing book some 20 years ago.
    It says these are majority thyroid people eating behavior.
    DO NOT DRINK milk together with your meals like rice, vegetables & meat.
    I noticed that many like to drink tea or coffee mix with milk followed by fruit during meals when working.
    Milk cannot digest well with those food n can cause toxic in the body. Drink clear soup or clear liquid instead. Hope it helps.

  • Losing weight makes me feel in control during quarantine. At the very least, all the numbers give me something else to think about

  • I dealt with body image issues back in middle school and almost completely stopped eating at one point. I lost a visible amount of weight, but not enough to be considered anorexic, although my family feared I’d become anorexic as my lack of eating continued. Eventually I started eating again because I felt bad for making my family worry, and by high school my eating habits seemed to have gone back to normal again. Or so I thought. I had started binge eating and taking laxatives under the guise that the laxatives would help me lose weight. I did this for a while without even knowing it was bad until we learned about eating disorders in my 11th grade psychology class. So then, even knowing I’d become bulimic I still carried on the purging throughout the rest of high school and on to college. I did manage to stop for a while in college before picking back up on it again, and now years later I’ve still been purging off and on. While I know it’s bad and potentially life-threatening, I still find some kind of comfort in thinking I’m ridding my body of the food.

  • When I get working on a project, I will go an entire day without eating. I love breakfast and almost never miss that, but all day after that is fair game. I’ll eat breakfast at 7am and then not even realize it’s now 9pm and I’ve not even had a snack. It’s not a trying to get/stay thin thing, I genuinely forget that I need to eat, I’m rarely hungry. When my fiancé spends the day with me doing protects/running errands he’s always by 2pm like “can we pleaseeee stop for food?” �� Poor guy! I’m always like “oh shoot! Yeah food! That’s a thing”

    I definitely don’t say I have an eating disorder but I definitely stay around 800/900 calories a day when left unsupervised �� It’s a problem

  • Thank You! I always knew I had an issue with eating… but I’m not anorexic/bulimic and have had trouble with getting help bc doctors always think it’s one of the two.

  • I have hypothyroidism since 2009 but when I got ill in 2016 with severe reflux and not being able to eat, and experiencing severe body pain, tilting to one side and only weighed 40kg going into anaphylaxis all the time and lying in hospital. Scope after scope, no cancer found, my mercury filings was instead removed…After that i could slowly start to eat more so after all the years I still only eat a limited amount of vegetables and I can’t even have fruit because of fructose and severe sugar allergy, no gluten and not even a drop of milk then my body will burn inside… So I’ve learned to eat grilled or cooked low carb vegetables. Herbs, grilled chicken that’s antibiotics free and that was free roaming, occasionally eggs and pink salmon… And sometimes gluten free oats…As I got stronger in 2018 I started to do exercises and yoga, Pilate’s, meditation, do breathing exercises and walk…eventually today, I’ve learned to take my pro biotic apart from my thyroid meds each morning… Pray and live with gratitude, take a mindful run. i am getting so strong. I run about 5 km,6 mornings a week, on Saturday I spend in reflection and meditation and love my veggies, oh and rubbing and scrubbing my body with olive or coconut or almond oils…adding a drop of lavender or eucalyptus sometimes. I have also learned again to love life and stay in the present with a attitude of gratitude, I mean recovering from heavy metal poisoning having hypothyroidism does cost inner strength….

  • Western medicine is really bad at diagnosing hormone imbalances in women. Women’s bodies are very delicate in that way, hormones going off balance from puberty to menopause. Doctors telling them they are crazy. Insurance companies spending millions on testing, when the cure is in the diet, herbs, meditation. All very cheap. Big Pharma has no interest when their is no money to be made. People today need to realize western medicine is about money and nothing else. Thank you for doing this video and research.

  • we are all so stupid we can’t possibly be entertained or interested enough in the content of the video unless we have the added input of inane sound in the background…you know…like you would expect to be served ice cream to help you digest your broccoli

  • I am 30yrs, have tested TSH level twice its fluctuating first time become very less than 0 and second time is become 10 only 2 month gap, but T3 and T4 level is always normal…….how it becomes, please give me some suggestions

  • Im actually confused if i really have this or no. Im showing symptoms of slight hand tremors,anxiety and elevated blood pressure for a years now.. i dont lose or gain weight i only experienced tachycardia last April due to lacking of healthy stuffs on my body. But today its normal so thank god (74-92 BPM). My hair was also thin and brittled for a years now with a slight hairfall. My mum says its because i wash my hair with shampoo 2-3x a day? I really dont know whats happening to me. Im actually freaked out and doing my researches right now.

  • My daughter was diagnosed with Graves’ disease when she was 13. Three years later she had her thyroid removed, as the medication used to control her thyroxine levels was no longer effective. After surgery, her calcium and vitamin D levels were very hard to control. 4 years later, and she still has chronic fatigue, but her th levels are stable. Her immunization system is severely compromised. She very easily picks up viruses. Also, this year my husband was diagnosed with Graves’ disease. He was having hand tremors, and had always had watering eyes. His grandmother had a ‘lump’ removed from her throat eons ago… least we know the family history of it!

  • Can someone explain the solution, what’s the diet? I hear its gluten free, cut out sugar.. Can someone help advise to try and reverse this disease? Thanks

  • My tsh was undetectable, did 3 test looking for it last test was 5k just for tsh. Ended up having it removed 5months later during to complications from the pills.

  • Hello, my wife is divorcing me very mean cruel lies and it’s horrible to the children of five-year-old girl and my 10-year-old son. She has hypothyroidism and I believe she has Hashimoto’s disease and graves disease. Takes levothyroxin. If she does all of these things Paleo diet gets the correct blood test is it possible to have my wife back? half of her back? Will she always be a monster? Always?

  • I did a physical and my doctor suspected thyroid issues and I’m going to get tested soon. The biggest symptom for me is the brain fog and lack of motivation. I felt like I was lazy and being a typical teenager and my school results got really bad…. now I’m upset bc had I been diagnosed sooner, I could have gotten medication and changed that ��

  • Have read about hypothyroidism when taking care of Mother and had a Dr prescribe the med you are talking of. He also said to check for adrenal hormones as it might be stressed. Wonder if can cure these instead of taking those hormones for life. Also wonder if the problems started from flouride in water or some virus.

  • I have thyroid problems, and for a year my family practitioner raises my medication, I have to get a blood draw every month I hate it, and taking levothyroxin is starting to make me have tremors, anytime I am doing anything I shake, I think it’s a side effect I hate it

  • I was just diagnosed 2 days ago that I have hypothyroidism��‍♀️what the heck. I just wonder when it happen cause I don’t have any s/s I mean I guess the weight but I workout and my weight decrease slowly starts to show but no big loss more like yo-yo other than that nothing!!

  • It’s frustrating that BED wasn’t included in this. It’s recently been said it’s the most common eating disorder in America. It should definitely be talked about more.

  • after i was in a car accident as a kid i had severe anxiety probably suffered from ptsd because being physically in a car made me panic and there was period in my life were i wouldn’t eat because i was afraid of choking and dying. my parents had to convince me it was alright to eat it took a while.

  • I think medical specialists need to do more to join up the dots instead of just working in a narrow spectrum of their speciality, after all they have a background of studies to draw this from when they qualified.

  • Thank you so much for all of the information!! I am pretty sure I have hypothyroidism because I have all the symptoms of it and I just tested my Iodine and it was very low. I am starting a protocol for Iodine to restore my Thyroid functions. Here’s a video where I share my process

  • I’m 23, had thyroid cancer at 13. The pathology revealed I had Hashimoto’s disease, but it was never detected in time. If it weren’t for the goiter I felt, it probably would had gone unnoticed.

  • Is this not actually about Hashimoto’s specifically, because from the title, it does not say that but half way through and that is all you are talking about. A rename of the video is required

  • my mum has underactive thyroid, and doctor told me that I have it too, I am taking the hormone substitute medication, but to be honest, the only thing I noticed, the only change, before /after I started taking medication is one thing only, and that I was loosing a lots of hair before I was diagnosed and I kept asking people why s that, my hairdresser said probably to do with iron and that I should check iron in the blood. well, doc said it s thyroid. and i must say that hair is fine now. My opinion is that thyroid got confused when I entered perimenopause at the age of 42, but then again…who knows how long it was there.
    I started also taking vitamin K2, supposedly good for thyroid function, together with D3 vitamin for immunity (cause of this coronavirus thing too)….in any case, i didnt see much difference, except hair and feeling tired, but then again menopause has the same symptoms…. For some people I heard it does not really make any difference taking or not taking the hormone levotyroxine, and two friends do not even take it even though they have thyroid issue, they said it does not make any difference to them, they feel tired anyway. donno….

  • If your liver is not functioning properly then ur thyroid won’t function properly Milk Thistle, Vit D3 with K2, Zinc helped me no dairy I came off grains for a while that helped me. I eat non GMO foods as well. There are vitamins and trace minerals that the body needs in order to function properly I fought like crazy I had a large goiter and only one of my eyes were bulging God has been faithful.Stress, food and hormones check those liver and gallbladder as well.

  • You almost have to become a doctor yourself because the doctors sure aren’t doing their job, you have to do it for them and then good luck getting beyond their Egos when presenting your evidence. MSMedicine is going to change the coming years.

  • Idk if i have an eating disorder, maybe i just have really bad self esteem. I feel extreme guilt from eating, especially eggs, meat, carbs, i can pretty much only eat some fruits and veggies without my mind bullying me about it. When i can eat i dont feel like i deserve it, like i did something wrong and it’s a punishment to starve and i deserve it. I feel that way with a lot of things, sleep, a warm bed, comfort and water. Sometimes i wanna go days without eating and just exercise myself to death.

  • I wish more people understood this. The amount of time people spend talking about diets, weight loss, or their bodies is overwhelming.

  • The medical professions is guilty of widespread malpractice when it comes to diagnosis and treatment of hypo thyroid conditions and Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. We have to assume the responsibility of finding our own solutions. For me it was natural vs synthetic thyroid supplement, and Vitamin D supplements.

  • WHERE are you getting this information from? Those are not the correct definitions of anorexia and bulimia based on up to date psychiatry. It’s based on BMI.

  • If anyone in this world could give me a insight that would be great. My TSH is over 18.0 very high my senthyroid dose keeps going up in almost maxed out on the highest milligram. Been battleing with it for 4 years since the first blood test detected it. Its gotton so bad that atleast once a week I will sleep for about 24 hours straight maybe wake up after 12 hours to pee but still feel tired and fall back asleep. Only the one side of my thyroid is so big I can physically put my finger on it and see it move in the mirror. Doctor gives me run around spent thousands and all I get is blood tests and meds. I cant seem to get prego and I’m almost 30.

  • I have all the symptoms of Hypothyroidism and all my doctors I’ve seen only run the standard tests and say my thyroid is “normal”. So they won’t run anymore tests. I’m almost 100 lbs overweight and my weight continues to climb even though I only eat one small meal a day. They say calories in calories out. In other words they think I’m over eating. It makes me so angry and upset because I know that I’m telling the truth. I’ve even taken my temperature in the morning before getting out of bed and it’s low every morning between 93.9-96.5 which indicates a thyroid condition. I’ve even told them that I literally feel like I’m dying because I have chest pain and heart palpitations, anxiety, muscle pain and stiffness, muscle spasms in my legs, back and sides. I have insomnia, dry hair, skin and nails. My memory has gotten real bad, I can’t exercise because my body is so tired and it causes more pain to even walk. Now they want to send me to a psychiatrist because they think it’s all in my head. In the mean time, I feel like I’m dying. I’m to the point that I don’t trust any doctors with my health because I feel that they’re only in it for the money. Doctors used to listen to their patients and if they run the standard tests and they came back normal, they would run more tests till they found out what was making their patients sick. Not anymore. Now it’s a pat on the head and send you to a psychiatrist. I’m beyond angry because I can’t find a good doctor anywhere! ��

  • I have read a natural healing food book 20 years ago.
    This is majority thyroid people’s eating behavior.
    Please DO NOT DRINK milk together with your meals like rice, vegetables & meat.
    Many like to drink tea or coffee mix with milk followed by fruit during meals when working.
    Milk cannot digest well with those food n can cause toxic in the body. Drink clear soup or clear liquid instead. Hope it helps.

  • My doctor gave me HRT because i was having hot flushes and night sweats.
    I wouldn’t listen when i told him i’d been through the menopause years earlier.
    Hadn’t a bloody clue

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  • Before I was diagnosed 30 years ago by accident with hypothyroidism, I thought I had a muscle disease. It hurt to move. Synthroid was the answer.

  • I’ve never heard someone other than my doctors repeating after me to make sure they write down the right thing to look up (because none of them ever know anything about it) say ARFID out loud. Thank you.

  • People assume that I am a trans person, though I was born a female and identify as female. I am openly pansexual, so I guess they get pan and trans confused?

  • People always assume I’m just a weak, shy, bookwormish girly girl.. I do love books..but I hate being called weak..I used to get in fights a lot and beat up the jocks in my school..but no one ever knew because they were afraid of tarnishing their reputations..I have a short temper..and I’m a total tomboy..I keep to myself a lot..and most of my best friends didn’t even know I was capable of of having a crush. I had been friends with then for 9 1/2 years….I take pleasure in grinding peoples reputations of being the best at something into the dirt..I have taken 3 martial well as tango, and Hula classes….I am not as I appear.

  • I wish you talked about Binge Eating Dissorder and Atypical Anorexia. Atypical Anorexia Is basically when someone starves themselves and doesn’t lose weight.

  • I’ve suffered since I was 8 9 but was diagnosed at 19 I’m 45 now, I was diagnosed with Thyroid graves disease. And now hashimotos. So happy that someone is talking about it.thank you

  • Great video. I am a male in the UK who was diagnosed with graves disease two years back. I was treated and have since been discharged for around a year. In the last few weeks I have started with anxiety attacks and horrible OCD-like thoughts and worry etc. I am now wondering whether or not I am now Hypo. Just had some bloods taken so we will see. After watching this I am now thinking about going paleo/gluten free and trying out selenuim. All my mothers side have thyroid issues and I was always led to believe it only affected you with physical symptoms. The pyschological affects are by far the worst part, for me at least.

  • I have hypothyroidism and Hashimoto. I am being treated with Levothyroxine; but, it has not made me feel any better. I have sweats and then sometimes cold and I can’t get warm. I also have hair loss, heart races, I’m exhausted and have to take naps. I am so frustrated, the doctor puts you on this medication and it doesn’t help.

  • The symptoms described sounded like a checklist for my 23 year old daughter. I have sent a link to her psychiatrist. Thank you so much for posting this!

  • I pray I have this. Because I have met people with anxiety and my symptoms are much worse. My personality has done a 180. I feel like I’m in someone else is body. I have brain fog 24/7.