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THURSDAY, Oct. 1, 2015 (HealthDay News) Regardless of severity, patients with the often disfiguring skin condition psoriasis face an elevated risk for depression, new research suggests. This Skin Condition Increases Risk for Depression | HealthyWomen. Moreover, U.S. psoriasis patients are 17% more likely to have depression that people without the diagnosis are — which is double the rate of depression for people who don’t have the skin disease.

Inflammation Is a Common Link. Interestingly, each condition increases the risk for the other. People with psoriasis have a higher risk of developing a mental illness, while stress, anxiety, and depression can trigger psoriasis. Inflammation may very well be the cause of both. The greatest risk factor in skin breakdown is immobility.

Assess patient’s nutritional status, including weight, weight loss, and serum albumin levels. An albumin level less than 2.5 g/dL is a grave sign, indicating severe protein depletion and at high-risk of skin breakdown. Assess for fecal/urinary incontinence.

Psoriasis may have effects that are more than skin deep. New research suggests that people with psoriasis have a greater risk of depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts. He adds that doctors need to recognize that patients with severe acne may have an increased risk for depression and suicidal behaviors. The. Skin Allergy Medications Mental health experts have homed in on several factors that seem to increase the risk. and likewise depression can influence the course of the disease.

Depression. Substance abuse. In many cases, substance abuse and depression go hand-in-hand. Drugs and alcohol may lead to chemical changes in the brain that raise the risk for depression. Skin Conditions Sleep and mental health conditions such as depression the American College of Cardiology issued a bulletin to warn patients about the potential increased risk of.

Risk Factors. Genetics: A history of depression in your family may make it more likely for you to get it. It’s thought that the condition can be passed down.

The exact way this happens, though.

List of related literature:

An obesity induced proinflammatory state may exacerbate psoriasis symptoms, and psoriasis itself may contribute to weight gain, partially because of social isolation, unhealthy dietary habits, and reduced physical activity.

“Dermatology in Public Health Environments: A Comprehensive Textbook” by Renan Rangel Bonamigo, Sergio Ivan Torres Dornelles
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Psoriasis has been associated with comorbidities that include metabolic syndrome and increased cardiovascular risk.

“Sauer's Manual of Skin Diseases” by Brian J. Hall, John C. Hall
from Sauer’s Manual of Skin Diseases
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Metabolic and cardiovascular disorders also occur with increased frequency in patients with psoriasis.

“Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics, 2-Volume Set” by Robert M. Kliegman, MD, Bonita F. Stanton, MD, Joseph St. Geme, MD, Nina F Schor, MD, PhD
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Although dermatologic treatment is sometimes needed to treat the skin damage or infections that the picking can cause, it usually doesn’t decrease BDD symptoms (the skinrelated preoccupations and associated picking).

“The Broken Mirror: Understanding and Treating Body Dysmorphic Disorder” by Katharine A. Phillips
from The Broken Mirror: Understanding and Treating Body Dysmorphic Disorder
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Assessment and Prevention Fragile skin in older adults can be associated with the intrinsic and extrinsic factors in aging-related changes in older adults (see Box 21.1).

“Guccione's Geriatric Physical Therapy E-Book” by Dale Avers, Rita Wong
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Werner Y, Lindberg M: Transepidermal water loss in dry and clinically normal skin in patients with atopic dermatitis.

“Skin Barrier Function” by T. Agner
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Co-morbidity: Many clients present with comorbidities that affect skin status.

“Digital Mammography: A Holistic Approach” by Peter Hogg, Judith Kelly, Claire Mercer
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However, it is also known that psychological illnesses such as depression, anxiety and stress can trigger or exacerbate a skin disorder.

“Nursing Practice: Knowledge and Care” by Ian Peate, Karen Wild, Muralitharan Nair
from Nursing Practice: Knowledge and Care
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When an individual suffering from such a condition feels stigmatized because of the way the skin looks, the stress may become more severe, causing a heartrending cycle of increased anxiety and withdrawal.

“Skin: A Natural History” by Nina G. Jablonski
from Skin: A Natural History
by Nina G. Jablonski
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• Changes in the skin with age, comorbid illnesses, nutritional status, low body mass, shear, and friction also increase PI risk.

“Ebersole & Hess' Toward Healthy Aging E-Book: Human Needs and Nursing Response” by Theris A. Touhy, Kathleen F Jett
from Ebersole & Hess’ Toward Healthy Aging E-Book: Human Needs and Nursing Response
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  • Vaping helps my anxiety and depression. BIG TIME!
    Cigarette smoking is awful for you. Vaping is so much safer…Do some actual research.

  • Men’s depression goes widely untreated because of several factors: 90% of therapists/analysts are women and men WON’T talk to female clinicians, the clinicians seldom take insurance, only cash, then WE get to file the paperwork and HOPE for a reimbursement, and pride. A man’s pride is a fragile thing too often wounded by the women in their lives. If more male clinicians joined the field, we might have a fighting chance. Until then, women get everything.

  • E cigs and vaping. vaping is vapor with nicotine and flavor (e-juice). E cigs may be different from vaping due to its content being tobacco

  • Nicotine stabilizes mood and also eases depression and anxiety in addicted people. If you have mood that’s sporadic and is up and down, nicotine can actually stabilize and help your brain regulate your mood.

  • The vaporized liquid has maybe 5 ingredients that are also found in food. A cigarette has over a hundred. This video is wrong. Just plain wrong. You should not be telling people that there are MORE chemicals in an e cig than are in a cigarette!!!! This video is irresponsible and WRONG!

  • i have anxiety and depression Ii vaped never had anxiety problems i vaped a week ago and had crazy anxiety i went back to cigs anxiety went away wierd

  • “more than you were inhaling when smoking cigarettes” is this real? There’s far less chemicals in ejuice than manufactured cigarettes.

  • Vape has no hydrogen cyanide, formaldehyde or cancer-causing tar. It’s better to avoid menthol afaik.
    Read a study (pubmed) done on rats and the findings were that vape no flavor no nicotine were the least bad, followed by no flavor but with nicotine and lastly both flavor and nicotine being the worst. The result were that it increased inflammation markers, that’s it.
    As for depression (it’s hard to interview rats), that would be the nicotine ie cigarettes do the same.
    Try being around mental patients in a hospital, most depressed or manic/depressed and in my experience there are more smokers than non-smokers or at the minimum several times the average percentage of smokers.
    It’s true about the dopamine thing, again, that’s just the nicotine. According to some experts not in the pocket of whomever, it’s 95% less bad than cigarettes, so it’s a good alternative, though shouldn’t be used indefinitely, of course. One can start using unflavored nicotine vape, which is cheaper and isn’t too bad.
    Teenagers should definitely be kept away from it as their lungs aren’t fully formed yet and also the brain doesn’t fully mature till around age 25.

  • You might not answer me because I’m right… but antidepressants actually cause depression. Theres no factual 100% evidence that depression is a chemical imbalance in the brain. Antidepressants are essentially a neurotoxin. Theres a reason people become sick when starting and ending the medication and thats the bodies simple way of saying this doesn’t belong in here and isn’t beneficial. I was chemically castrated by Cymbalta after taking 30 mg for 9 days. My body and emotions are numb and no doctors will believe me and i will pay anyone in the world $50,000 to tell me how to reverse these problems and I’m serious.

  • Ive seen it can cause people to have mood swings, rage, and anxiety too! I mean THC vaping. Any nicotine use oe addiction and chemicals put in body will effect you. I was addicted to cigarettes for many years myself. Many people use cigarettes instead of emotional regulation. The toxin itself causes you to have rushing thoughts and in an unatural and erratic pattern.

  • I am so glad I stopped smoking 35 years ago. Tobacco is bad, there is no dispute. Why people smoke with all of the proof that it is poison, I don’t get. Another great video.

  • I am so confused about the “vaping” issue… This video actually is depressing. I have a non severe bronquial allergic asthma since childhood, so of course I shouldn’t smoke. I don’t drink alcohol, don’t eat sugar, don’t eat cookies, chocolates, I don’t drink carbonated drinks (sodas), I don’t eat meat, fritures, spicy foods, I don’t self injure, I control my anger, I control my panic crisis as much as I can without clinazepam (only use it as SOS), I don’t binge eat, I don’t starve, I dislike shopaholics, I feel repulsed by unprotected casual sex, I barely go out… and I’m OK with all of that BUT I do smoke cigarettes when I feel stressed or Sometimes when I feel like. Never inside the house. I can smoke 5 in s day or 0 in 6 months. But I like the freedom of being able to enjoy my relaxing cigarette.
    Since I have asthma, I wanted to ask my bronchopulmonar about vaping without nicotine (and without alquitran, the worst ingredient of cigarettes), so I could switch to a healthier option, but here there is no regulation and doctors are not well informed.
    This video is didcouraging.
    I guess until new studies, I’ll stick to those flavoured Pall Malls (no money for better cigarettes, and hey, I rather smoke than cut or bone breaking…

  • I agree Dr. Hottie vaping is dumb. I don’t know how people can argue that it’s healthier or non carcenogenic we don’t have enough info to know that yet and youre still inhaling chemicals so how could it not have a negative impact on your health.

  • WHAT A CROCK! Who paid you off? BT must have paid JH for this rubbish. I’ve been Vaping for 10 years. I’m no more depressed than I was smoking…lmao! What a stupid video and study. Can you all not see that BT is threatened by the Vaping Industry? Why else would they be demonizing this life saving technology? There is no money in a healthy community. Think for yourself people, they want to keep you sick so they can line their pockets! This video is not serving public health, it only serves BT and Big Pharma!

  • I don’t see how that is different from smoking cigarettes and depression. I think the big companies of tabacco has gotten that deep into our society and it’s running things just for $$$$$$. And what chemicals is in cigs? 3000 toxins!

  • Do you know anything about Psychogenic nonepileptic seizures or pseudoseizures? if so can you make a video on it? I’ve been struggling with them for years but no one has really explained them to me.

  • I vape and I also have bipolar and PTSD. If I quit vaping, would it help my depression? I don’t know, but it certainly makes sense that there is a correlation between nicotine and depression.

    Dr. Marks: sorry for the negative comments you’re getting from butthurt vapers. I, for one, appreciate you.

  • Google the tobacco master settlement agreement. ��billions paid to states!
    you’ll understand why cigarettes CAN NOT be banned. 2019 was historic loss of revenues to every state. E-cigs caused the loss in cig sales and was on course to annihilate cigarettes! Is that a bad thing??

  • Dear Dr. Tracey:) thank you for all your effort on educating people like me:) If you read this may I ask you one question? Would a person considered to be bipolar just because they show signs of hyomania after abrubtly stopping medication? Thank you for your effort:)

  • Hi doctor am sorry but am having problems i got sick since early december went for many check ups ct scan brain and abdominal/pelvic and other blood test it all came negative but i was diagnosed with gerd but am always sick everyday and i feel pain in my legs when i wake up morning first by touching the floor n headaches that comes and goes s what could it be and i think too much everytime

  • Depression causes self destructive behavior like smoking.
    Vaping is THE best tool for quitting cigarettes.
    What’s the news story here?
    This video is nothing but poorly disguised propaganda.

    And the “vaping lung diseases” are caused by black market thc products.. Added vitamin E to make the thc oil seem thicker, thus higher quality. (Vitamin E belongs in skin lotion, not in your lungs.)
    If you buy legal products from serious vendors you will not be in any danger.
    Atleast not here in the EU.

    Vape juice consists of 3 main ingredients:
    Water, monopropylene glycol, and glycerine. Optionally aroma and or nicotine.
    If you aren’t afraid of water vapour in your shower, fake fog at a concert, or an asthma inhalor, you have no reason to be fearful of vaping.
    The only IF that exists, are the aromas. Most of them we know are safe and tried for decades for human consumption, even inhalation. The only problems here are new inventions and combinations that haven’t been used long enough to be proven safe yet.

    Ever heard of “popcorn lung?”
    That’s more scare mongering propaganda that’s been attempted. Factory workers in microwave popcorn production were getting sick from inhaling fumes, hence the nickname. They nailed it down to diacetyl exposed to intense heat. (A butter flavor aroma still being used in many products to this day.)

    If you dismantle a powerful box mod e-cigarette and manually force it to do 700X normal output, you can make it release small amounts of the dangerous vapor in question, if the e-liquid contains diacetyl, which was banned from all vaping products in the EU in 2016.
    But the amount released from certain liquids pre ban was so small in fact, that you would have to multiply it by hundreds to get an amount that would be deemed over acceptable limits for human safety.

    So why are they trying to pin that to vaping? I have my speculations, but you make up your own mind.
    Why am I so passionate about this you say? Because I care about TRUTH.

    By all means, do your own research. Check multiple sources. Read everything that comes from the loudest scaremongers sponsored by the tobacco industry, to the raging vaping potheads.
    Do what you need to uncover the whole truth. Read all the scientific studies yourself.
    Just don’t buy a lazy transcript of it.

    One thing is for certain, you wont find much truth in this particular video.

  • Hey Dr. Marks, thank you for your insights on mental health. I want to ask a question about ” the p factor”. I tried to read some articles but I could not understand the concept. Can you give some info on it?

  • Hi Dr Tracey hope your well. I was wondering if it would be possible for someone to spike my water bottle with hiv infected blood to infect me?
    Thanks so much.

  • Dr Marks,
    Great video. A lot of my friends smoke regular cigarettes and some of them vape ��. I tried a vape pipe one time instantly dizzy ��. Not for me new study says causes scar tissue buildup in your lungs! Essentially smoking is not for me nor do I drink or do any drugs illegal drugs just prescription lol ��
    General repair

  • Do a video on HPPD, its on the dsm-5. Its very rarely talked about and more and more people are being diagnosed with it due to the promotion and possible legalization of psychadelics.

  • thanks doctor tracy for this insightful video, my question is not related to this topic. seriously i want to have a test of gene sight for my depression. is this possible?

  • Hello Dr Tracy. I really like your videos and channel very informative and beneficial I would like to ask a question please is it dangerous to take wellbutrin with Lexapro. Lexapro at night and wellbutrin in the morning

  • Tracy I’m always alone… I’m a single child.. I never had anyone approach me but I always talk to others… I’m feeling so left out and broke… I don’t get genuine ppl…

  • What a bull… claim.
    Again anti vape propaganda.
    Here are real experts and the truth.

  • I love most of your videos Dr. Mark’s they’ve helped me alot. But this is poorly informed scaremongering. Some folks like vaping, some like to drink, eat too much the list goes on.

    Nobody does avoids everything that might be in some way harmful. And not all chemicals are harmful either.

    Fact, vaping has not resulted in death or injury when using reliable products. All the illness and deaths in the US are related to illegal cannabis cartridges.

    In the uk we dont have them. Everything is regulated and we are not having any problems. Smoking is killing people every minute, vaping has saved so many lives by enabling smokers to quit.

    Kids always experiment, kids smoke cigarettes is that for the flavor I think not.

    Depression has affected mankind for as long as we know. Is that vaping related?

  • For some reason, there are a slew of people, including this one, who are willing to mislead others to try to reduce vaping. Vaping is a public health boon for reducing the harm due to cigarettes. Amanda Glidewell in the comments here is right!

  • I was very close to vaping but not now. i eat my vegies a little over half cooked’. this may sound crazy “. i eat 1 3 cloves of raw garlic daily for the past ten years. i was told and red up on Garlic and how it ups your immune S and revives your lungs and liver. well it sure did and still is for me. not saying my age or how long smoking. also what dexamethisone a steroid put me throught for 2 years causing my immune system to drop. i still eat my desert and to much, for it helps not want to drink alcohol for 10 years now. 1 drink may be 1-2 times every month or longer. i have been on antidepresent’s for years and years with over dose on a couple. at my age alfter all the abuse and torture PTSD at lower lever from years of phsicand mental abuse. today pretty healthy now and getting by building 4 weelers and piano music studio. don’t let any one make you believe you won’t recover. after years of damage and torture you still can make a decent recovery.

  • Dr Marks what are your thoughts on Lamictal for bipolar 2 and bipolar spectrum disorders. Why do you think more doctors don’t prescribe it first line when the antipsychotics have a high risk of metabolic issues? Is the rash a liability? Thanks for all your good info.

  • Vape illness was vitamin E acetate laced with illegal black market THC. It’s depressing governments are accusing legitimate vape industries. It’s rather exciting to quit cigarettes with ecigarettes!�� 8 years now. PG is not toxic.
    Watch Netflix E-cigarettes Miracle or Menace? Unbiased research

  • I always thought vaping was my escape but I was wrong!!! I started vaping after being diagnosed with MDD. Fortunately I stopped vaping in August and stopped taking antidepressants, one day at a time

  • Thank you for describing what “good” science looks like (randomized controls with results that can be replicated) as opposed to “bad” science (anecdotal evidence, too small a sample size etc.) If we don’t know how to tell valid research from invalid research, we don’t know who to believe. There is too much scientific illiteracy around these days.

  • For everyone who is saying that she is “only sighting studies”, you are correct, but she is only sighting studies that prove HER point of view.

  • I know this will sound strange, it’s not a joke either, I am addicted to getting depressed. it’s the only time I get any feelings whatsoever. I freaking love it when I get melancholically depressed, it feels so good to feel like dying. It’s the only time I get to feel.��

  • I’m just recently learning this and I think I’m pegged but honestly if I had two months of not dealing with this the 10 I would probably be on my way out because I used to be such an amazingly positive person I came from a drug addiction of watching people die 2 a level that a lot of people that I know never even get to achieve I met an amazing woman and heading in a great relationship over four years and we had a child and then she left and now I’m here going to work everyday paying the bills that I have to being socially accepted good I can’t find myself able to bring myself out of my house for any other reason what is the days I can’t sleep there’s the weekends that I sleep the whole weekend I’m just not comfortable was anything and I’m mad at myself for it because I don’t know why I feel this way!

  • as someone who is set on quitting after I’m done with my final bottle of e-juice I agree what she is saying. ever since I quit cigs and went with vaping I’ve had numerous mental breakdowns that I did not have before when smoking, I’m certain it has something to do with getting more nicotine into your system than you would a traditional cigarette. Even the lowest mg strength that you can pick up at a vape store, 3 mg, you’re inhaling 3x at much nicotine per milliliter than a single cigarette would give you. I’m grateful that it got me off the stinkies, but it’s just another form of addiction that I believe will be harder to quit because unlike cigarettes you can do it anywhere in your home.

  • I believe it more like depression causes vaping, not the other way around. Vaping instead of treating the depression is what causes the depression to get worse. Vaping on its own does not cause depression.

  • Doc the FDA sighted in 1980 that propylene glycol. Can cause nervous system depression and kidney changes.
    Used in antifreeze I just don’t know where the appeal is. ��

  • I’m going to stop and just speak my own thoughts from my own experience as a smoker, someone with severe depression issues and a vaper.
    sorry, want to be clear there��
    I started vaping as a way to curb my lifelong addiction to nicotine and for most part has help decrease it drastically.
    But I found in times where my depression was hitting the most, it was easy to end an evening in a cloudy room lost in my own thoughts. Something almost hypnotic about it and this was 0 mg nicotine juices.
    Personally feel it was more mental than a chemical effect, but I had to stop myself when I’m in one of my bad days.
    Again, just my own experience and take.
    Love your videos and I can only speak for myself, but I am thankful for all your experience and training you share with us.
    To a fruitful and blessed 2020

  • PLEASE Dr! yet another spokesperson for big pharma and the government!? very disappointed! I’m well versed in research and receptors and with all the money research, bare minimum drug trials for antidepressants etc., in decades, they still don’t have long term cures for depression or mental illness…why, because it’s a big big business! it’s well known that nicotine raises dopamine, a simple fact. and with all those simple facts combined, and all the research, we are STILL guinea pigs for the meds! And you NIW put a scare into people because of the v aping deaths? What about all the damage from the chemicals in the drugs? all the generic and brand garbage made in countries factories without fda close monitoring…with raw sewage outside the doors, no hand washing available, 2 fda inspectors to 500 of these? the entire mental health system and big pharma a complete sham of greed! don’t believe me, go to pharmacompass and get notifications. there’s plenty enough known about the brain, receptors and mental illnesses to properly treat our citizens! And yet this country has abandoned rhem and made them addicts to drugs for life, turning us into zombies much like children and the elderly! with no voice! it’s the biggest crisis there is, and when something like ketamine or medical or other marijuana, nootropics, etc. works; insurance cos won’t pay, big pharma can’t make money on it, so they proceed to bash it and you have joined the beaurecratic circus! How disappointing!!

  • Based on some of the comments in the comments section I’d say that your video is a bit controversial Dr. Marks. Don’t you worry though. I got your back. ������

  • Shame on you, Dr. Marks, for ignorantly spreading misinformation about vaping as so many other “health professionals” and “public health organizations” like the CDC and FDA do.

  • Yeah i don’t believe this shit. Just another attack on vaping. Vaping is healthier than smoking cigarettes.get over it. Stop posting fake news like this.

  • “The liquid or e-juice is made by extracting nicotine from tobacco and mixing it with a base like propylene glycol. Then they add a flavor. All of these are being inhaled into your lungs, which is more than what you were inhaling with cigarettes.” (copied from the description)

    I’m a bit confused by this, as I was under the impression that cigarette smoke contains thousands of chemicals, many of which are known to be carcinogenic, whereas vapor has, comparatively, far far fewer: Propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, nicotine (optional), and flavorings (also optional if you mix your own eliquid). Yes, there can be numerous chemical components involved with flavorings, but I wouldn’t imagine that they would ever outweigh what is consumed otherwise via cigarette smoke.

    There are also eliquids that do not source nicotine from tobacco (or so say some of those that have been marketed)

    -> Do you mean by volume of substances instead? A sub-ohm setup will generate significantly more vapor by volume than a cigarette will generate by smoke. Then again, something like a Juul would likely put out a more comparable amount to vapor to the smoke of a cigarette. So I’m still not sure where you have the idea that vapor necessarily has “more than you were inhaling with cigarettes”.

    I’ve known quite a few smokers and not all of them, as far as I know, suffer even from MDD. Maybe some symptoms that can be indicative of MDD, but not necessarily having the disorder. Plenty of them use nicotine much like caffeine. I can only say this with reference to adult smokers. I don’t know any adolescent smokers or vapers (thankfully). I’m curious if the age of the subjects has an effect of the potential development of depressive symptoms. Would an adult nicotine user really be comparable to an adolescent nicotine user?

    I’m not saying there isn’t link between nicotine use (be it from smoking or from nicotine-based vaping) and depressive symptoms. What I’m trying to point out is that it might not always apply to all subjects that consume nicotine.

  • She isn’t saying that tobacco is safe, in fact says that prolonged exposure to nicotine alone is enough to provoke chemistry changes that would lead to or make your depression worse.

    That is the takeaway, pointing out that she is wrong about the amount of chemicals in vaping or cigarettes is irrelevant to the context, though it would have been best if she hadn’t made that statement and just said what’s next to it “the vaporized liquid exposes you to other toxins that are mixed into the liquid”

  • Hello Dr. I feel breathlessness but the testes were done and my dr. Said that i dont have any heart problem or lungs problem some time i feel better and most of time i feel breathlessness and many more thoughts came into my mind
    Suggest me something what should i do

  • So is there substantial in size repeated multiple studies or evidence unequivocally linking vaping to causing depression beyond the one mentioned. I’m asking you because to de wig myself, I don’t know. I do feel like this vaping thing has just been in hysterics this whole past year but I could be wrong, definitely a possible tho lmao

  • Hello Dr. Tracy, could you do a video explaining what IPSRT is how it differs from DBT/CBT and why it would benefit ppl experiencing mania??? thank you for your helpful videos!!!!

  • bullshit, saying you’re inhaling more with vaping than cigarettes is utter nonsense, ejuice is PG, VG, Flavoring, and nicotine (some don’t use nicotine) Cigarettes contains over 2000 chemicals.

  • Hi Dr Marks, I’m not sure if you’ve talked about it before, but I’m wondering what your thoughts are on the NAC vitamin. I’ve heard that it’s been linked to decreasing OCD behaviors and anxiety, but I don’t know how solid those studies are. I’ve been taking it for a couple weeks now just to give it a go (I struggle with trichotillomania) and can’t say I’ve really noticed any major changes at this point, though I’m definitely not expecting a miracle lol. Just curious if you’ve read any research on it. Thanks!

  • Good Dr. Marks this was in excellent informative video I am not a smoker or drinker ” i know a lot of people who do so “I will be sharing this video with family also friend’s thank you again stay bless��

  • So your saying vaping is worse than cigarettes?? So should I go back to cigs? I’m not quite ready to quit yet. I’ve smoked for 12 years and switched to a vape a couple months ago. Was that a bad move?

  • Hello Dr. Tracey, as always, a very interesting video indeed! My question is not related entirely abt this topic, but, perhaps interesting enough for a future video: have you researched abt or read about the effects of microdosing or the use of psychedelic drugs or substances such as magic mushrooms, LSD, DMT (most interesting one), and such for the treatment or improvement of depression symptoms!? It seems that some universities or clinics have started to deep dive into this in the United States, Canada and evening London. Do you know anything abt this particularly for Bipolar patients? (Not just depression patients). I believe is worth exploring this topic as for what I’ve read and seen in some videos, microdosing has helped improve at least depression symptoms. But, what about bipolar? Thanks again for any information you can provide us with! Have a great day!

  • Also i agree Estrogen definitely impacts the metabolism of certain drugs before i was diagnosed i got adderall prescribed the highest dose possible because i did not feel anything from it when my estrogen was fixed it felt like i was on hard drugs with adderall so i immediately stopped taking it

  • Thankyou for this very informative video I’m a Male and high Estrogen severely impacted my life it made me very emotionally unstable at times the doctors actually thought i had bipolar it also completely ruined my relationship they tried to give me mental health drugs but besides really needing it i told them no there must be something going so after constantly asking for more tests thy sed me to an endocrinologist turns out something happened with my pituitary gland they don’t know how but i’m suspecting my accident 10 years ago i hit my head full speed on concrete after that i also gained weight and stuff well right now i feel like a man again zero anxiety and full of confidence using TRT with 0.25mg arimidex a week


  • Summary
    1.general problems
    -cannot do something because of tiredness and high heart rate
    -being unwell for most of the daytime
    2.digestive problem
    -ungrinded stool or diahrea
    -feeling full
    -feeling empty
    -slight pain
    3.heart problem
    -strong fluctuating rhythm
    -fast rate
    4.Joints problem
    -restlessness in knees, elbows and back and forehead
    weak muscle
    5. Sexual problem
    -quick sexual arousal
    -quick ejaculation
    a bit pain in testes and pennis sometimes
    6.Sleeping problem
    until taking the medicines
    Are these symptoms about hormone imbalances??
    How can we know it clearly??
    What should I check for hormone imbalances with my case??