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Could Your Teen Be Depressed? Find out if your teen is at risk and how you can help. By. Nancy Schimelpfening.

Nancy Schimelpfening, MS is the administrator for the non-profit depression support group Depression Sanctuary. Nancy has a lifetime of experience with depression, experiencing firsthand how devastating this illness can be. So if your teen’s unhappiness lasts for more than two weeks and he or she displays other symptoms of depression, it may be time to seek help from a health professional. The Basics: Depression Feel.

Risk factors that can trigger or exacerbate depression in teens include: Serious illness, chronic pain, or physical disability Having other mental health conditions, such as anxiety, an eating disorder, learning disorder, or ADHD Alcohol or drug abuse Academic or family problems Bullying Trauma from. This article has been viewed 25,097 times. Depression is a common mental health issue, especially among teens.

As many as one in eight teens suffer from depression as a result of things such as peer pressure, academic expectations, and changes to their bodies. Excessive late-night activities, too much or too little sleep, trouble getting up in the morning, often late for school. Physical agitation or slowness, pacing.

If your teenager has a blood relative like a parent or grandparent who suffered from depression, bipolar disorder, or alcoholism, they are at a greater risk for depression. Having a family member commit suicide, or a generally dysfunctional family can also contribute to depression in teenagers. Avoid engaging in a power struggle. When your child is refusing to go to school, try to avoid getting upset.

This can escalate the situation and cause both you and your child stress—which is not a helpful headspace for a child already having trouble going to and/or staying in school. Validate how they must be feeling. According to medical experts, a teen will be diagnosed with depression if they demonstrate a persistent feeling of sadness and/or a loss of interest in their favorite hobbies/activities for the majority of the day, on most days of the week, within a span of two weeks. 6.

Not many research results make you sit up straight in your chair, but this one did. I’ve been tracking trends in the attitudes and behaviors of teens. Visit to get our entire library of TED Talks, subtitles, translations, personalized Talk recommendations and more.

In a moving talk, journalis.

List of related literature:

It is difficult to sort out if the teenager is depressed because of being in trouble, or in trouble because of being depressed.

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Detecting depression in teenagers is tricky business, but if you are concerned that your teenager is depressed, look for extreme changes in their behavior or outlook.

“When Someone You Love is Depressed” by Xavier Amador, Laura Rosen, Xavier Francisco Amador
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Depression in kids and teens doesn’t always look like it does in adults; depressed kids can appear angry, bored, or withdrawn rather than sad and dejected.

“Bipolar Disorder For Dummies” by Candida Fink, Joe Kraynak
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Depression symptoms in adolescents include impulsivity, fatigue, hopelessness, antisocial behavior, substance use, restlessness, grouchiness, aggression, hypersexuality, and problems with family members or at school.

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Depressed teenagers may either lose or gain weight, binge or starve, sleep a lot or a little, be aggressive and boastful or withdrawn and self-deprecating, or be outgoing or isolative.

“Psychiatry for Medical Students” by Robert J. Waldinger
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Even without symptoms like these, teenagers whose behavior changes sharply, including withdrawing from friends and family or getting involved in substance use, may be depressed.

“Smart But Scattered Teens: The Executive Skills Program for Helping Teens Reach Their Potential” by Richard Guare, Peg Dawson, Colin Guare
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Parents should be on the lookout for early disengagement, disrupted appetites for food and sleep, and selfcritical behavior; children who show these signs of depression should be taken in for professional assessment.

“The Noonday Demon: An Atlas Of Depression” by Andrew Solomon
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Although the older adolescent might have the classic vegetative signs of depression and report low self-esteem, depression in the adolescent may be marked by acting-out behavior, excessive anger, a fall-off in school performance, or new drug use.

“Textbook of Family Medicine E-Book” by Robert E. Rakel
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Sometimes it is not because the teenager does not need your help—it is because she does not want to be reminded that she needs your help.

“The 5 Love Languages of Teenagers: The Secret to Loving Teens Effectively” by Gary Chapman
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Even if depression isn’t present, substance abuse in a teenager is a big problem and needs to be addressed as early as possible.

“Bipolar Disorder For Dummies” by Candida Fink, Joe Kraynak
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  • Anybody if wanna talk, I’ll hear it out for sure. I have suffered too and ik how it feels. Comment here or dm me on instagram. It’s “freeetherapy”

  • It’s like peeling a potato with another potato and everyone’s like ‘god! Why don’t you just use a peeler?!?’ But instead of giving you one other many peelers they hand you another potato

  • Doctors telling my mum I have depression
    My mum: it’s probably because she needs to loose weight she is getting fatter these days!!


  • I don’t need every person to help me. I don’t even need them to think it’s depression cause frankly I doubt it’s depression despite having all the symptoms and wanting to die and getting really regretful for making this comment. But at least I’m a lot more courageous on the internet then in real life. That’s why it seems like I can freely express myself. It’s because I don’t personally know anyone and there are people that may understand me. Better than in real life. Though I have people who love me a lot, I don’t think anyone understands me or if they do, they obviously don’t care enough.

    All I need is one person to see that I’m not fine and try and help. Not tell me because I have a good life that I have no reason to be crying. I can’t help it, okay? Though I’m not super sad all the time, the thought of suicide always lingers but either I’m too good at hiding it or no one cares enough.

    I just want no need one person. JUST ONE PERSON to see I’m not fine and help me get the courage to tell them how I feel


  • A lot of teenagers have killed the selfies because of other people, this is the worst feeling and I’m not just saying this depression has caused me and many others pain and this is nothing to joke about but remember someone out there loves you

  • my brother died a few years ago and he was my best friend
    since i’ve never slept and in school i’m either staring at the ceiling or crying

  • My mom: go away to your world where you’re the only peson.
    Me: my world has only me. They can’t comprehend myself. They don’t know how hard i tried. Yes, I’m a depressed person.

  • In this quarantine, we have nothing to do, we’re just playing our phones, video game, and others.
    But my parents took my ps4, ps4 is something that makes me happy in this fucking quarantine and they fucking took it from me.
    Well I don’t want to diagnose myself that I have depression, but they took something that makes me happy and always ignore me entire this quarantine, they just like don’t even care about myself:”(

  • I have three of these symptoms nobody might believe this but I shall say it anyways, this is my first time really telling anybody about this so please don’t hate… but I had suicidal thoughts at nine and up I’m 12 now and getting slightly better.

  • I really hope lots of parents see this and take note. I was depressed as a teen and actually told my parents that. They ignored it and brushed it off and said I wasn’t. I’m now in my 30s and have had 3 major depressive episodes in adulthood that I sort help from GP for.

    I try not to feel resentful of my childhood (teen years in particular) my feelings and memories over how my mental health was treated a a huge reason why I feel like my relationship with them is broken.

  • My BFF feel always feel depression I try everything but she still like that…
    I feel more sad listen to this song..
    I dont want her like this…

  • Parents say it’s the phone’s fault we are like how we are… If I didn’t have my phone, I don’t think I’d be alive rn. I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for my phone.

  • i.d.w.t.k.m.i.j.w.t.p.t.g.a=i dont want to die i just want the pain to go away. im putting this on my laptop google tab so my family know why im acting weird lately

  • I’d like permission to use this video in Mental Health lessons with teens in schools. Who do I contact to do so? You can send me details at [email protected]

  • Sorry mom and dad I’m gonna be going to heaven soon love you all.. If I survive I’m going to have to scream and cry every day because I’m alive I don’t wanna be okay anymore….

  • To myself: my skin is paper, cut it
    My face is ugly, change it
    No..I’m perfect..we all are..were depressed but that’s least we all love ourselves..

  • Bruh I got a sudden weight loss and they just got mad at me

    I’m trying my hardest to be on a positive mood even just now I hope for you to try as hard as you could you think something you don’t want

  • My depression said to die
    My anxiety said to doubt
    My self esteem said your not worth it
    But most importantly, my parents said it didn’t matter

  • I hate how everything that is on the list is what i am feeling right now…

    I never wanted to admit nor acknowledge that i have this signs.. I’m just going to think that this is just part of growing up. As i don’t want to grow up thinking i have this when im not sure.. i hate this feeling.

  • Take this kind of crapp down and maybe the kids will get happy again!!!!! My kid is six and he was singing this garbage the other day,all the kids are depressed….. he doesn’t even know what depressed is last thing I need is a loseer like this guy teaching my kid what depressed is. Argggggggg

  • I’m 17 and I feel like this for many reasons��…and unfortunately my parents forced me for many things sometimes I feel I wanna kill myself!

  • The main thing that started my depression was school. It wasn’t bullying or kids, it was simply just the bullshit work and teachers that stressed me out to the point of becoming depressed and suicidal and im sure many can relate

  • Grades are bad..I cry about 2 hours total a day..have a therapist.. doesn’t say anything to parents… thinks of hurting self.. thinks I’m totally fine

    Other girls in my grade: Sad for a day…OH NO THEY HAVE SEVERE DEPRESSION

  • Please someone talk to me. My family doesn’t care. I have no friends. And I can’t talk to a therapist because my parents won’t let me. I need help.

  • I think I might be depressed, and kinda wanna self harm again. Although I have been told it’s just hormones so I hope it goes away cuz I ain’t asking for help:)

  • I started crying when I realized I’m going through depression after watching this video of signs and I’m only 11 I was going through depression since I was 4. And yet I’m still going through it ������

  • Schools: Video games are the main reason on why depression is a thing.
    Parents: Agreed.
    Everyone with a brain density higher than 100: Not only you’re wrong, you’re stupid.

  • I’m currently 11 and have depression and I’ve had it since last year and I’ve thought about suicide honestly too many times bc I’m bullied in school way to often and I’ve been hurt and felt so much pain both physically and emotionally and I hate everything about it so much and I don’t know how I can stop it anymore…

  • all parents be like “all the kids have nothing on their mind they dont understand suicide and all those things all they do is just think about fairy tales and flying cars”
    what i actually think about:hmm i wanna die maybe sis will be happy hmm maybe if i get depression and die no one will notice yea ill sit tonight and see how will i get depressed more than i already am”
    what i actually do:play and get bullied online and irl play sad and songs about suicide”

  • “Talk to you’re parent’s”

    Parents:-Takes away phone and don’t let friends in-
    Parents:-Yell at me and blames everything to me-

  • Sometimes it’s too hard to live and it’s too easy to end our lives. We all know that. But hang on, my friends. It’s worth it. So fucking worth it.

  • I am suffering because of my parents and I am a teen ������������������������������������������������������������������������
    Wish I had a better life

  • I want my parents to see this. Im always failing school, i never like doing anything. I sleep a lot and sometimes either i eat enough to suppress my urge to eat or im not eating at all plus ive cut myself and all my mom said was”do u wanna end up locked in a padded room in the hospital cuz u know id be the first one to put u there” but she never asked me why even thou she knows im in my head putting myself down all the time