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Introduction to ADHD

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Does ADHD Make Us Selfish?

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What are the causes of ADHD?

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The Facts About ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)

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Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD/ADD) causes, symptoms & pathology

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Causes of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)

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ADHD in Adulthood: The Signs You Need to Know

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although it’s been debated, research does not show that adhd is linked to eating too much sugar or watching a lot of tv.. When a child is hyperactive, fidgety, impulsive, and struggles with issues of attention, one cannot automatically assume that this child has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD. There are a number of other conditions and factors that can cause symptoms and behaviors that may be mistaken for ADHD.

What Doesn’t Cause ADHD Although it’s been debated, research does not show that ADHD is linked to eating too much sugar or watching a lot of TV. What Goes On in the Brain. Rhonda Pawlan, MS ( Parenting does not cause ADHD. This is a neurobiological disorder, often inherited from a parent.

However, parents who learn how to use effective strategies. In ADHD patients, Adderall is used to increase concentration and to decrease impulsiveness by boosting the brain’s available supply of the neurotransmitters dopamine and norepinephrine 1.This increases brain activity in a way that’s likely to cause most people who don’t have ADHD to feel agitated or jittery. Although it seems counterintuitive to give a stimulant to people with ADHD, it. The exact cause of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is not fully understood, although a combination of factors is thought to be responsible. Genetics.

ADHD tends to run in families and, in most cases, it’s thought the genes you inherit from your parents are a. If you have ADHD, it may be difficult to recognize the symptoms of anxiety. ADHD is an ongoing condition that often starts in childhood and can continue into adulthood.

The exact causes of adult attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are unknown. What we do know is that are a lot of possible reasons a person develops attention deficit disorder, and. The right ADHD medication can make life much easier for children and adults who have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD or ADD).

But ADHD medications can also make things worse and cause severe side effects, including headaches, sleep problems, and a blunted appetite. Having ADHD does not mean a child won’t have friends. Not everyone with ADHD has difficulty getting along with others.

For those children who do have difficulty, many things can be done to help them with relationships. The earlier a child’s difficulties with peers are noticed, the more successful intervention may be.

List of related literature:

Indeed, research shows this notion to be the case for ADHD.

“21st Century Psychology: A Reference Handbook” by Stephen F. Davis, William Buskist, Erin Brooke Rasmussen, Steven Randall Lawyer
from 21st Century Psychology: A Reference Handbook
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This would be true even if all individuals with ASD had ADHD, which would be unlikely to be the case on theoretical grounds and is not borne out by clinical experience.

“ADHD in Adults: Characterization, Diagnosis, and Treatment” by Jan K. Buitelaar, Cornelis C. Kan, Philip Asherson
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Causes and risk factors The exact cause of ADHD is not known.

“Diseases and Disorders” by Marshall Cavendish Corporation
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Given that ADHD is a chronic disorder, it is not difficult to imagine cases in which stimulants, behavioral modification, or both are used effectively in childhood but not in adolescence due to factors such as refusal to take stimulants or lack of parental control over the contingencies that motivate the youth.

“Science and Pseudoscience in Clinical Psychology, First Edition” by Scott O. Lilienfeld, Steven Jay Lynn, Jeffrey M. Lohr
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It is also important to remember that certain situations, events, or health conditions may cause temporary maturational delays in behavior in a child that seem like ADHD.

“Mental Health and Mental Disorders: An Encyclopedia of Conditions, Treatments, and Well-Being [3 volumes]: An Encyclopedia of Conditions, Treatments, and Well-Being” by Len Sperry
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It is one of the main causes for ADD and ADHD in children and even adults.

“The Only Answer to Cancer” by Dr. Leonard Coldwell
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The exact cause of ADHD is unknown.

“Wong's Nursing Care of Infants and Children E-Book” by Marilyn J. Hockenberry, David Wilson
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These effects do not reach degrees that could be considered to warrant a diagnosis of ADHD, but they may sufficiently predispose a child on these medications to be somewhat poorer at paying attention in school, or they may exacerbate the symptoms of a child who already has ADHD.

“Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Third Edition: A Handbook for Diagnosis and Treatment” by Russell A. Barkley
from Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Third Edition: A Handbook for Diagnosis and Treatment
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The widely held belief that stimulants have a paradoxical calming effect on children with ADHD is erroneous; they are thought to work by affecting certain neurotransmitters, such as serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine, which have to do with selectivity, focus, and attention.

“Primary Care of the Child With a Chronic Condition E-Book” by Patricia Jackson Allen, Judith A. Vessey, Naomi Schapiro
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Yet, for children with ADHD symptoms, it’s a truism with major effects.

“The Care and Feeding of Indigo Children” by Doreen Virtue
from The Care and Feeding of Indigo Children
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  • Which of these symptoms sounds the most familiar to you?
    Watch the rest of this video series featuring Dr. Judy instantly HERE:

  • I relate a lot to every ADHD symptoms but I don’t want to self-diagnose, am I the only one in that case?

    Also, if there’s any diagnosed people with ADHD can you tell me, is it hard for you to drive? Because it’s been hell for me trying to get details on the road, I try my BEST to focus but I still miss key elements. It’s a little bit better now but I seem to learn VERY slowly. And idk if it’s because of my attention span or perhaps I’m just dumb but this is hard.

    (Btw sorry for my English, I’m french)

  • Vyvanse Kicks In

    Hey Kati! Always so helpful seeing your videos. For me, the action of the dopamine from my meds is OK if I already planned out my day, and the fact I get the biggest dopamine rush from being helpful and productive at work helps keep me on track. BUT… if the structure and routine gets off track…THAT’S when I can become selfish. Party from being distracted and not able to empathize channel the energy in the way I want to. CNS on fire being like some fight or flight shit LOL. I also think my dose became stronger since working from home. I want to ask my Psych to reduce. I’m not intending to be selfish by talking about myself, but it’s what I know best, and I’m not qualified to give general advice haha. Maybe other can relate too ��

    I’ve grown a lot lately. I’ve sensed in it a lot of people resently, including you �� Not that you were ever missing anything ����. Growth is beautiful, and life long. Sometimes it’s gradual, sometimes it’s like…BAM! If you’re ready or not haha. There’s always a bright side, but it’s harder to find sometimes. Experience helps:) looking forward to the next one ✌☝��❤

  • Thanks a lot. I’ve been hard on myself my entire life, now I can empathize and relax a little…
    How can we make the best of this bad situation? With love from South Africa

  • When I get random hyper outburts idk how to like get the energy out so I get angry but I’m not angry and say stuff I don’t mean and the next day it’s like instant regret and embarrassment

  • It affects me in my relationships because they think I’m just careless and don’t listen. But really I try but forget so much and zone out. I can’t take medicine cause it’s hard on my kidneys:(

  • When your therapist only talks to your parents about issues and only consults them to help you, so you find your own help on YouTube with people who don’t talk down to you and ignore your suffering or make sure others are altering your brain while they hypocritically say they won’t let you alter your body

  • I only talk with my mom. Otherwise I don’t talk to anyone unless very necessary, like few words in months. Been like this for few years. Maybe m talking to myself all the time. Think I need a therapy.

  • 3:19 When you said that I became aware than I was tapping my foot.
    I didn’t know that’s why I have an aversion to jobs where I have to work a lot at specific times.

  • The most frequently missed subset in almost 30 years of practice after understanding “ADHD” from the descriptive world is the cognitive anxiety subset, not in the DSM, because thinking is not based upon appearances this video explains it:

  • I literally was evaluated as an adult and turns out I do have it, the only reason I went was because my wife had to constantly remind me to go to my own appointment. ����

  • only making it a bit into a video before losing interest and choosing a different one

    clicking on the video but instead of actually watching you have it minimized in the corner looking for the next video you’re gonna surf to

    -clicking on the video and instantly scrolling through/reading comments instead of watching video

    -playback speed in 1.5x because the video isnt going fast enough for you and its giving u anxiety

    -double tapping to skip forward 10 seconds because they take too long to finish a sentence and its irritating you

    -literally everything ends up on the watch later because it’s hard for things to intrigue your active interest but you feel unable to accept the fact that you will not watch a video after being made conscious of it

    -pausing midway through writing a comment to fidget and struggle with forcing ur brain not to abandon your train of thought

    -rereading things over and over again because they cant make sense the first time

    -forgetting what you wanted to say and feeling physical unrest until you FINALLY REMEMBER OMGGG

    -feeling like you have 80 thoughts you want to express all at once and end up talking really fast in fear of forgetting your thoughts

    -forgetting your thoughts

    -word salad when you try to talk a lot of the time because your brain and your body aren’t on the same page

    over explaining because you feel like people need to understand your point a specific way

    -when you focus on something it’s extremely intense to the point where you can get accidentally sucked into things for hours and not realize until ur body’s physical needs pull u back to reality and u realize the sun is gone

    -having to rewind because you dissociated or got distracted by your inner dialogue and realize at a certain point you have no idea what they are talking about

    -reread this comment dozens of times to make sure it was decent and I’m still not happy with the way I wrote things LOL

    -you prolly scrolled to the bottom of this comment after a few sentences to skim for key points bc it was too long

    Pretty sure I have ADHD and OCD

  • I just wish more people would be more understanding that we can’t help it because it really hurts when your trying your hardest and still fail. Its a neurological disorder.

  • Had to start this video over four times because I caught myself being completely distracted oh, and realizing I don’t remember what was said in the first 5 minutes. The last time I started it at one and a half speed, and was able to focus through almost the whole thing… anyone else? No? Just me? ��

  • I swear while trying to watch this To see if I can say “lol you suckers I have a mental illness”

    I was able to sing into my fan

    Make and re make my bed

    Literally go to my sisters room and steal some random thing

    And to only come back to only do the same thing again

  • I don’t know if I have adhd or not, I get lots of mood swings and have sudden bursts of energy but when I am trying to study, I don’t have a problem focusing, same for when I am doing a workout or homework or drawing, but I do read a word incorrectly like 7-8 times a day, and am often absent minded, also I use to use the same word every now and then, I really don’t know if this is a disorder or I am just stressed. This has been happening for like about a week and I think it’s gradually becoming better, I am all the time stressed out about it and keep checking my recent memory to see if I forgot something

  • When she explained how anxiety can accompany ADHD
    My life pretty much
    As a kid I struggled with just ADHD. Now I struggle with ADHD, Anxiety and Depression.

  • Anyone that is diagnosed ever feel extremely uneasy when making eye contact with someone? Almost like they’re judging everything about you so you have to look away for a second to not feel so awkward, then in focusing on that so much you can’t even really take in what they’re saying to you

  • My parents won’t take me to a psychiatrist yet yell at me for how unfocused and lazy I am. It intensifies my depression, which they think can’t possibly be real because we’re well off, and I have no idea how to cope. I just want some kind of help.

  • Anyone literally within a minute started looking at the comments and then thought, “shoot…FOCUS on the video!”, “OMG look what this dude said…”, “VIDEO…TYLER… VIDEO”, “that comment is HILARIOUS!”, “GOSH DANGIT WATCH THE VIDEO TYLER”. You know you have adhd when you literally can’t even focus on the video long enough that is talking about your ADHD just because it’s so hard to focus on one thing! Honestly will never understand how people’s brain don’t just jump and jump and jump to all different things unless that something is just SOOO interesting to me I usually am already looking at something and so on and so on. Is this anyone else lol??

  • i have adhd. i pop pills fo this shit i have the focused me. and the slap happy me. its a little difficult at times but fuck it we are who we are “be proud of who you are, dont ever let any one tell you you aret beautiful” (Eminem)

  • I sorry, but my attention was hampered by her fast talking. She appeared more interested in how she looked and impressing us with her knowledge. I would not want to go to her, if, I had this problem. It would be about her and not me.

  • Even though I didn’t get an answer from the video to whether I’m selfish or not, some tips here are new to me and I’m going to try them out! (Like saying “stop!” more clearly in my head).

    I think the question of selfishness is more ethical than psychological. Before I got divorced, I really struggled to carry my weight in the everyday household chores. Even though we don’t intend to be self centered, our actions can be.

    Many of my ADHD friends including me, are people pleasers, generous and caring. I really think that we can’t label people as selfish, just because their actions are often seem this way.

  • I have ADHD, High anxiety and depression. I have no clue what the hell I want to to with my life because I am very ‘limited’. Just graduated high school, need a break from school but I can’t just be sitting around doing nothing. All I want is to start a family of my own someday and I’m not sure I am going to be able to even find a partner because of how my brain works. I am so sick and tired of going through suicidal thoughts off and on, it wears me out and I am done. No matter how hard I try, when I try to talk to people about it I can’t get the words out of my mouth or I don’t think that they’d understand. I am 19 with no clue what I want to do with my life and I fuckin’ hate it honestly. I am so tired of feeling suicidal off and on.

  • Hi I’m Joe and i have a question. I was sexually abused for a long part of my childhood and now later in life I have been developing anxiety and depression and bad dreams. Lost my job haven’t had any motivation to do anything. I’m finally going to see a therapist Monday and well I’m scared about that but my question is if my therapist prescribes me medication does that stuff really help? A lot scares me but I’ve never had to takeanything before and don’t trust easily but maybe some advise?

  • It’s super hard to pinpoint adult ADHD because by the time we reach adulthood, we have somewhat become accustomed to expectations and rules which make it hard for people to show symptoms. Obviously, you can’t run a lap in class, I wish I could! but the reality is, the older we get, we need to become accustomed to social rules and mainstream followings. In doing so, we leave it up to resilience and mental agony which are much harder to detect as adult ADHD symptoms which could lead to a beneficial diagnosis. More or so, the effects of voiding out your ADHD in an attempt to be normal.

  • Hello Kati, my name is esmeralda and I always watch you’re videos because they make me feel better. I hope u keep doing them. My parents see that I’m always alone, have no social life, and barely communicate with most of my family. They always ask me if i need psychological help, but not in a good way. Then they call me crazy if I’ve been in my room for too long. I always deny it. I dont know if I should ask them for help. My parents are not very informed about mental illness and study stigmatize it a lot. They just assume everyone struggling with their mental health is crazy. My family is mexican. I’ve watched many videos about Avoidant Personality Disorder and I feeling I can relate to them all. I really dont want to self diagnose, but all the symptoms are there for me.and it really affects the way I socialize with people, if I do. And I jist dont want to be lonely anymore. I want to have friends and relationships and be surrounded by people who love me. I feel like if I explain the diagnosis to them, they’ll think its dumb because everyone worries about being liked. So it’ll make me sound selfish and self centered. Also I have been hospitalized for depression before, on my 6th grade year. But we haven’t talked but it since. While i do have depressive symptoms, AVPD (what I belive i have) really affects me and and I struggle with it everyday. But I feel like they won’t believe me. I dont knkw what to do. I’m 16 years old. Can you please give me some advice on how to ask them for help, after I’ve always denied it and argued with them about it?

  • A lot of people don’t recognize Dr. Ahonle on YouTube who has the permanent cure to sort out herpes virus from your body system completely, thanks so much Sir I really do appreciate your herbal medication

  • Lol…when I was a kid back in the 60’s and 70’s, I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me. I actually made a schedule for every little action I should take during the day.
    Wake up
    Use bathroom 2minutes
    Brush teeth 3 minutes
    Wash face 2 minutes
    Make bed 5 minutes etc
    I followed this schedule for years.
    I had to have everything completely organized
    A home for everything and everything in its home.
    Everyone used to say I suffered from OCD.
    That wasn’t it. It’s the only way I could keep my mind clear enough to both, make time for responsibilities and life.
    This helped me all the way until retirement
    But now everything is a complete mess. I can’t distinguish my @$$ from my face.
    The kids are grown and gone. I’m no longer working. There are no immediate responsibilities that would give me immediate negative outcomes.
    I get those highs where I feel like I can conquer the world. I get started on projects and then I run out of attention and energy. My house is topsy turvey. Half done projects everywhere and a total mess because there is no home for all the stuff I have to finish projects.
    They also try to tell me that I’m manic depressive.
    I don’t really know what’s going on. I only know that from time to time, I adjust my diet to clean everything out.
    I get better. Everything becomes clear and the energy level and feeling of well being is through the roof. Unfortunately, I can never stay with such a restrictive diet. It’s only a matter of time for me to fall back into this unmanageable life.

  • My best friend I grew with has ADD, diagnosed at primary school, Yes in a way but you really have to get to know the person to see if they are truly selfish. My friend isn’t and I’m use to her not focusing so I’m just the yes ok friend or a few moments doing what I want haha

  • So is there hope that ADHD can actually cure itself and go away? what really happens to me is that i could zone out at times, and that i sometimes forget stuff, like if i left my credit card at home when i’m at the Grocery Store. I take Aderall XR on a daily prescribed by the doctor.

  • I have this.. �� same with my bro.. though, I engage in my fave subjects.. I got everything from my real dad.. I love playdough, clay, gum etc. I’m inattentive. I don’t listen at home, or I drift off. I listen at school (mostly). I can’t know it all, I was diagnosed at age 1. So 10 yrs ago I was diagnosed.

  • I’m worried about having adhd, I I have some of the symptoms and relate a lot to diagnosed people but I just tell myself it may just be a coincidence because I don’t think or I haven’t heard that adhd runs in my family I don’t know how to ask my mom to see a doctor because she’ll just say I’m healthy and perfect so I don’t need anything

  • All the vaccines we’ve taken have contributed to this.
    Just think rat DNA monkey DNA injected into us. What do you expect. Tell the Dr.s. to list all the ingredients. You will be shocked. Oh no, they are so safe, its been debunked. Please. We’ve been exploited by big Pharma corporations.
    Billionaires influence legislation and money is more important and they don’t have our best interest at heart. Huge conflict of interest! Be aware!

  • I have sometimes suspected to have some form of adhd. But i have in a few crisises gotten professiinal help, but no one ever diagnoesd me or given me any sort of idea or guidance whatsoever. How do i get a diagnosis, who can i see? I have no idea. I feel like it’s hard in my country.

  • I was diagnosed yesterday at age 20. ADHD was something that had crossed my mind, but I hadn’t put much thought into it. I always thought I was just severely unmotivated and lazy, sometimes even stupid, but I think being diagnosed has taught me a lot. It really explains things throughout my entire life

  • Can anyone here answer this question? I don’t understand why a marriage and family therapist said in his video on his now defunct LuvBuzd channel that men who have a massive video game collection are men that women shouldn’t date. Then he said, and I paraphrase, “because this is something that he’s put a lot of time and money into”. So what? College is something people put a lot of time and money into. Does this mean women should only date men who have nothing more than a high school diploma?

  • I know three people who have anxiety (I know it is the not the same as ADHD) and they are the worst listeners, only want to hear about themselves and only care about themselves. They cannot get out of their head and get roped up in their lives. think individuals who suffer from ADHD can’t focus and they try to find an outlet.

  • Is it normal that like, when I’m understimulated, I kind of shut down instead of seek out stimulation? Often when I’m bored I feel exhausted and want a nap or to stare at my phone, but I know that exercise/something stimulating is what I need. Yet I can’t get myself to do it. With quarantine I’ve been chronically understimulated and it’s exhausting. I have ADHD PI

  • For weeks I’ve been staying up all night asking myself if I’m being selfish by only having personal projects in my mind and postponing that call to my grandma to check on her and many other things, I remembered this channel and came here looking for help and I’m so grateful that the most recent video is exactly about this topic, thanks a lot Kati!

  • I like to see the comments because I genuinely enjoy reading them, not because I can’t focus. I do watch the video first, but then I pause or let it play while reading comments because it’s fun (and I like to interact with people) from there, too. It depends on the video, though. Anyone else have this same thing?

  • Omg! I was convinced I jaf it, now I am even more so.
    Can this explain why I forget so easy? My mind is always racing and sometimes I forget what just happened. It’s as if the auto pilot is doing things but my mind is miles away and then i forget, i space out. A friend of mine got really frazzled, I could tell, cause I didnt remember giving the aaiter my wine glass, so I was looking for it. Conpletelt had spaced out n remembered afterwards only, that I did. My friend seemed really taken back by this, but it happens a lot now that am older. When I was young I never had problems.

    Can ADHD be brought on by PTSD? Or do I have early dementia???

  • I’ve never felt like a grown up because I can’t do adult conversations, at Christmas I end up gaming with the kids. Other adults seem to be able talk about jobs, mortgages and subtly brag about themselves, I just can’t be bothered.

  • Bruh I got adhd, dislexia, insomnia, and athsma.
    ADHD: actually diagnosed
    Dyslexia: slight symptoms
    Insomnia: most symptoms
    Athsma: actually diagnosed

  • Being able to focus is just another muscle. Some people are born with a stronger one naturally. You just need to learn how to work it out a bit more.

  • What about for those with ADHD and GAD and BPD or PTSD all together? The dopamine is lacking… but wouldn’t logic dictate that the norepinephrine is not? Since with GAD and BPD… your brain and body are constantly going into fight or flight responses over things that are only perceived threats. Thus you are constantly being stimulated.
    So wouldn’t it be that you actually perform better with your ADHD issues when your Anxiety or BPD emotional freak outs are happening because there is so much stimulation? Shouldn’t it sometimes in theory actually cause a balance in some way?
    At least I was just curious about it in theory.. if anxious and trying to accomplish tasks or interact with others… that can be difficult simply because it doesn’t feel good. I guess with the comorbidity… it’s just as bad to have TOO much of it… over-stimulation and then the results are the same in which you cannot focus or feel stable/comfortable?
    All I know is when you have anxiety all the time you probably aren’t lacking for stimulation or norepinephrine… and I wonder this affects and relates to ADHD and its symptoms.

  • I try my absolute hardest to concentrate on Osmosis videos, yet when I start watching the one video that is talking about a condition I actually have, my mind wondered for half a second “hmm I wonder what the comments say” and in that half second, I completely forgot about that video, and went to read the comments.
    Dear brain, is it really THAT HARD to stay focused???

  • Wait so when I got a big check for a family member dying and me going and buying a car literally the next day on an impulse is related to my ADHD?! I never knew my impulsivity was related.

  • Some time ago I realized that maybe I’m not just lazy and instead have problems concentrating, and I related to the “standing up from their chairs” part bc I tend to suddenly stand up and walk in my room while listening to music and singing or just using my phone many times a day for like years now, I also realized that not everyone does it?? I’m not sure how to talk about this with my mom and tell her I wanna know what’s happening tho

  • Me: on 2 stimulants and a dopamine antagonist. Also love neurology. I WORK with ADHD Individuals (eight-year-olds to adults) -I found this information fascinating! Great job��

  • I can’t stay still for super long, sometimes in the middle of dinner or just randomly throughout the day I get up and walk around for no reason because theres nothing to do, I stretch for no reason at the weirdest times, and I am always moving somehow, like swinging my feet, rocking back and forth, I’m super fidgety all the time and I forget the simplest things, sometimes I’ll just lay down in the weirdest spots and then move to another spot, I love reading but I can never stay focused on a book for too long, I zone out or just look around and stuff, I don’t always understand things the same way as others do. I think I have ADHD but I don’t want to self diagnose, anyone with ADHD or people who know enough about it, if you see this comment could you help me?

  • I was diagnosed with ADD 16 years ago. Found out this month just how outdated the term was. And this year I have learned more about it than I have my entire life. Maybe I was told more than “ya just can’t focus dat good” as a kid and didn’t pay attention? Who knows.

  • its not that bad situation when someone gets sick. i am having an interview to work part time from 3pm to 11pm. and I have a good something.

  • I’m 13 and have ADD I think. What is the difference between ADD and ADHD. I find myself very normal. I’m just disagreeable and find myself right most of the time. I also have to prove that I’m right a lot of the time even if it doesn’t really matter.

  • Im 26 years old now. I’ve struggled my whole life but no one noticed. My parents or teachers never realized it because they were too ignorant or Idk. I fucked my life up though because I was never diagnosed correctly. Numerous amounts of psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors, meds etc.. I ruined my body over the past several years too. I have developed some physycal complications as well which suck. I can’t get any of that back. I ruined my future. There is no point in starting meds anymore with declining health and a tainted reputation to my name. My advice to anyone is don’t ignore your feelings. Tell anyone about it. PLEASE. Speak your mind and let people know how you feel. Don’t end up like me. I promise you it will suck and haunt you every day of your life. Stay safe and God bless everyone

  • Hello Kati, I’ve been watching your videos for quite a a while now; this channel helps me with my own struggles. You are amazing and so helpful!!!(: Thank you for these eye opening, Precised, important, full of information videos! Many things became more clear to me about myself, and this video was the best! I’m gonna take your advice and explain it to my significant other and parents! Thank you so.

  • Ion know if its possible but when I was younger I couldn’t sit still for shi. Now it aint that bad but I still cant sit on a chair for more than 20 mins

  • don’t abuse your stimulants. I abused my Ritalin heavily were talking 120mg plus on the daily when I was 13yrs old. I now have stimulant psychosis and believe me it is not fun living with constant paranoia,aggression,extreme irritablity,very fatigued/nauseous, and then on top of that I have a 2.6gpa because when I try to do my algebra my disorders team up.

  • Was I the only one who opened a new tab and typed a their comment during the video or even got distracted while typing or forgot what you were typing.

  • I got distracted and set down my phone like twice already lmao oh no I just realized I stoped I stopped listening to the video while typing this

    Edit: damn I really typed “I stopped” twice because I got distracted nice

  • When you start watching a video to better understand your ADHD but you get distracted buy 3 other things and space out til another video that started auto-playing is almost over����‍♂️

  • What about the occurrences where my eyes blurs out and I’m completely out of focus, but yes I can certainly control it and force myself to focus. But there are times I just completely zone ou-

    Oh look, a butterfly ��

  • My psychiatrist 10 min sessions in n out and the therapist is in same place. One prescribes meds and don’t care. The other therapist don’t care either but I don’t think she’s qualified enough. It is very apparent they don’t give 2 shits!!! They after the $$$. So, I’ve been diagnosed with multiple different things but I’m confused about it and don’t take anything

  • I think the girl i tutor has Adhd. Now im afraid that whatever i do might have a big impact on her. How should i deal with her when i myself have anxiety? ;-;

  • hey so i’m going on ritalin for my ADHD. does anyone have any tips or information on how it makes you feel? i cant understand any of the videos i watch pls help

  • Maybe it is because our parents and life have kicked our ass. However, Katie your clothing looks really nice in this video but you seem really stressed out in most of your videos’ Maybe your learning or will learn you can’t solve the worlds problems. Suffering is why we we are here. We are Spiritual beings having a human experience. I think if you watched some Ram Dass you would understand.

  • only read if spongebob fan otherwise you won’t understand

    apparently spongebob has ADHD and squidward has to stay next to him, because spongebob’s parents hired squidward to look after squidward.
    squidward is now developing depression:(

  • As a woman, I publicly don’t present as someone who struggles with this disorder, but it takes an enormous amount of effort to mitigate the appearance of the symptoms I have. This disorder has undermined my lifeit’s so frustrating when it’s marginalized or casually used in conversation where people experience some type of social faux-pas & use it as a crutch for comedic fodder. My mind is chronically disorganized & overwhelmed with information that I struggle to sift through, prioritize, and compartmentalize properlymaking it nearly impossible to commit to a vision of plans for my future. The anxiety and depression mentioned is par for the course describing the corollary pain that living with the symptoms of ADD yields; it’s very hard to shake off feelings of inadequacy that are a natural consequence of mis-appraising situations, timing of events, inability to compartmentalizate & organize information properly, presents ��.

    I appreciate MedCircle shedding some light by bringing this subject matter to the public for discussion and awareness.

  • I went my whole school life missing out on school trips and privelage for the good kids without being diagnosed. I’ve only just gotten diagnosed at 20. 20! I missed so many things because of bad behaviour when I actually had a condition all along. My parents moved me to 4 different schools to “teach me” how to behave. Shouted at me EVERY DAY to something I couldn’t control. Now my whole life has been messed up because nobody was aware. Kill me now

  • I’ve heard that sometimes people who are assigned female at birth get misdiagnosed with bipolar disorder because people either a) don’t take ADHD seriously and b) think that only cis boys can have it. I was beginning to wonder if I had bipolar, then I started therapy and my therapist very quickly said “oh, you have ADHD” and I was Oh

  • Anyone diagnosed with ADHD, I know how it feels and the struggle that comes with it. I highly recommend trying to get on some medication, it isn’t a cure but it is extremely helpful. If anyone has any questions I would love to help, I was diagnosed at 12 and I have researched extensively on ADHD.

  • This video was not meant for anyone with ADHD it’s too long you’re talking too slow and you lost my attention this is in no way disrespect I just had a hard time paying attention

  • My wonderful father is thinking about getting me medicine for this. Reason? i have trouble paying attention unless I’m in math class or band cause god forbid me not pay attention in those. I also have terrible memory

  • I love Jessica’s channel. She was INTEGRAL in me getting diagnosed at 33. I have her to thank for a lot of things. <3 Thank you for highlighting us ADHD Brains:) Between your 2 channels, I have been diagnosed, and am actively now seeking a therapist. In the last 2 years, you 2 have CHANGED my life. Thank you for doing what you do <3

  • I remember the “sledge hammer psychology” of my parents, who were not aware that such a condition like ADD and Asperger’s exist. I was told to “behave”, to do as I was told, just subordinate to life’s requirements. I grew up in the 1960ies and 1970ies. For decades I suffer from depression, and anxiety, on top of the previously mentioned psychological issues. I was diagnosed in my mid fifties, and it was a relief. Immense relief.
    Stuff that interests me catches my attention and focus. I easily give up on less interesting things, especially when there is resistance, or obstacles. I love being alone, I get stressed out by too many people around me. Too many is more than one. And if the one person leaves, it’s heaven.
    I was told to be selfish, because I “zoom out”, rather grabbing a book, and retreating into a quiet corner, and do not intermingle. Oh, I do talk to people, rather stand by and listen, though, and suddenly retreat. Too much is too much. Chat about relationships bores me. I retreat. If asked why I do not participate, I have learned to say that it is stressful for me. Irritated glances, why, company is wonderful. Yikes! Grin and bear it.

  • Bruh. I’m ADHD asf. I cant focus even when I try. It’s as if someone switched the train tracks without me looking and before I know it I ended up in a completely different part of town instead of where I wanted to go. And I can’t shut up. I’m a compulsive talker. I’ll repeat the same statement multiple times without realizing it. It’s like my life is one big fog and I can barely see the road so I get lost. Who else is like me???

  • I don’t know why while watching this video I cried a lot because now I realize that what I used to call carelessness is actually a disorder

  • At one can read “ADHD is NOT caused by: poor parenting, falls or head injuries, traumatic life events,[…].” So, can it or can it not be causes by head injuries?

  • from a very young age I fidget, sometimes get very agitated and not known why, the more and more hear about it the more sense it makes to why I’m the way I am thanks

  • I’ve only recently started looking into ADHD because some of my friends have pointed it out as a possibility and oh my god I am so infinitely surprised and astonished that it’s not just something in my head. What the doctor in the video is describing is shocking to hear because these are EXACTLY the things I’ve been struggling with (and only recently began identifying as) my whole life. The problem was that I always thought that it was my own fault for being the way I am and have always attributed it to either laziness or lack of discipline or being weak in some ways and I never realized that it’s something that was never ever within my full control.

  • ADHD doesnt exist and i dont understand how anybody thinks it does they got rid of adrol as well so anybody who claims to have ADHD they give placebos for hence proving it never existed in the first place it was always something else usually autism sometimes bipolar the hypomania

    this is this one thing ive never understood about myself and knowing how much this plays into my adhd is so helpful thank you

  • No matter how much I try to explain my adhd to people around me, it really just feels like they never get it. They keep on suggesting solutions that only work for people without it, and I tell them that’s not how my brain works. Maybe it’s too frustrating to them trying to think about how to deal with it so they just assume I’m being defeatist? But I am always searching for solutions! I just wish there was a better way to bridge the communication gap. I want to be understood.

  • I have ADHD and anxiety and I try to be a positive advocate for young children and adolescents with ADHD/autism my channel is Mollys mayhem! I talk about my own personal experiences with ADHD and anxiety and autism… I hope you join my journey xxx
    I love. Watching your channel you are a real positive influence x

  • Watching this helped me realize why I am emotionally attracted to my BPD wife… She gives me thoes strong feelings I can’t give myself.

  • Can someone with Bipolar disorder also have ADHD? If so, how can one tell the difference between the two? How can you tell the difference between a manic episode and ADHD?

  • how do i know for sure whether or not i have it or not, i think i have it but i keep doubting myself. like isn’t it normal to not listen propely when someone talks to you/get distracted whilst you are talking, during lectures, struggling to work, forgetting things and being messy?

  • I wish a comorbidity spoken about was eating disorders. There are select circles that specialize in the cross-over of ADHD and eating disorders. I struggled nearly my entire life with an eating disorder, to the point of endangerment a few times, and over a decade ago, a doctor caught on and suggested a stimulant. I thought it would be absurd to try to heal an eating disorder with something known to cause appetite suppression (it’s a testament to how badly I wanted to recover to not suppress my appetite!) and I continued to struggle severely for that decade. Now I am medicated and thriving, reclaiming my life and feeling complete in my 30s by actually managing my ADHD before managing my eating disorder. Ironically, I cannot do the behavioral/mental work on the ED without managing the ADHD first.

  • I have high functioning ADHD,Anxiety,ODD,learning difficulties, segmental nf1 and more. It’s hard for me because all of those together creates an odd brain. I have struggled my whole life with it and your videos make me understand how it works more. Thank you, Kati!

  • I don’t feel good today, i even lashed out on my wife abroad. Over a utensil. I bought a set so i could use it without having to deal with the old assorted badly shaped utensils that my mother-in-law uses. And now a piece is missing and i can’t find it anywhere, and no one knows where it is. I am really upset. It may sound funny, but i own that thing. It’s mine. It’s my precious…lol.
    I’m not selfish though.. just put it back where you got it from and we’ll be okay.

  • Officially diagnosed yesterday after a long wait, 33 years ��. Started concerta xl 18mg today, nervous trying not to pin too much hope on it because I know I may need to adjust dosage or change medication but if it gives me a little calm and stop me being so sleepy after being hyper I’ll take it. It all makes sense, in fact on the spectrum I have severe ADHD, how I’ve got this far raising two kids, married for 14 years, looking after a house I’ll never know but truth is I’ve never been able to drive or hold a job down. I’m just rambling but happy ������ maybe meds haven’t kicked in yet x

  • This therapist is so covered up with make up,I can’t see her real face.She seems so fake, trying so hard to be perfect, with tight uncomfy clothes,high heels.I I could never trust her.Honestly I think she should change job.

  • When i was a kid, i not only had troubles focusing, but writting and reading too. I have bad memory and sometimes i can’t take a picture cuz i’m shaking.

    (Sorry, my English is weird)

  • So… I feel like this happens to my partner a lot. He has ADHD, and a lot of this video describes perfectly some of the behaviors I’ve observed. He doesn’t like to talk about it or have deep discussions about his needs… but I really want to be a good partner to him and I want to help him when he gets into his doldrums. Does anyone have any ideas for how I can help him in a way that won’t make him feel uncomfortable or vulnerable? Thanks in advance… ❤️

  • Sometimes I think I prolly have ADHD and my friends say the same but other times I find something that I can actually pay attention to �� this video was actually pretty hard to pay attention to ��

  • I have diagnosed adhd/aspergers. I have times of great creativity followed by long downtimes which makes things quite difficult. I can relate to chasing the dopamine and feeling bored quite easily, even with things I love doing and at work.

    Do more people get severe energy drainage? Some days I have basically no energy at all and even my meds wont help me.

  • This is why I smoke weed. It doesn’t help me to focus, but it makes me more positive and relaxed about stressful situations. I’m more comfortable in situations I’m normally not interested in. I’m more patient and intrigued in conversations. I think it helps slow down my thoughts and put them in the right order. Because my thoughts are slowed down I think before I do things so I’m not impulsive, but weed does NOT work for everyone so I do NOT condone using it

  • For what ever reason, the famine dude with glasses rubes me the run way. I don’t know why, but he seems innately pessimistic and judgmental. I can smell it from this side of the screen. P.S I can be completely wrong, but my instincts immediately pick it up.

  • 7:01 I think the reason we think those things stems from uneducated people telling us those things. Not saying that’s always the case but a lot of the time it is.

    source: I have ADHD and parents who don’t fully understand it.

  • Saw the title and immediately went “YUP”.
    Off my meds, anything mentally taxing that I dont love isn’t going to happen. Unfortunately, almost all human interaction is taxing (and outside partying) not something I enjoy.

  • This is true medical information but since I have ADD I feel like defending myself and explaining it to people who are seeing it as this animated character type. I promise normal, smart, attractive, good people have ADD. For example Jenna Marbles could have undiagnosed ADD cause she described herself as only ever being able to get average grades in school despite trying harder than that. That’s what my ADD is like and I relate to Jenna Marbles a lot in general as a person. ADD doesn’t mean you’re like this goofy animated character who can’t ever focus and you run around getting yourself into trouble. I DO NOT cheat in relationships despite the “ADD people cheat” thing and I genuinely care about peoples thoughts and feelings outside my own (not selfish). Most people don’t know I have ADD until I tell them cause it’s like someone having dyslexia or someone who needs to wear contacts. I think people who are diagnosed with ADD can be a bit like people who are diagnosed with anything else, that label can get to your head and you start animating and exaggerating your symptoms. Its a medical issue that makes you have trouble focusing hard (like in school) or makes you a bit disorganized. It isn’t an identity of “crazy ADHD person”….. There I’m done my long ass ADD rant.

  • I have FAS and ADHD. I am adopted and my adoptive parents (nonbiological parents) always wanted to use it as an excuse and I remember my mom saying one time “don’t you want ADHD to blame for your problems?” to which I gave no reply but automatically thought, “no”. Currently 26, I have finally starting learning how my mind best works. I am in a cardiac sonography program and almost finished. I have certain colors assigned for different topics, appointments, and even sub categories of what is going on that day. I have realized that I have to go through things very intentionally or else it easily slips my mind (what I frequently call “slipping through the cracks”). I’m still learning, but it has gotten better and I’ve gotten better because of it:) Love this video, I have new things to think about and contemplate.

  • I felt like I was focusing more on the fact that this man’s socks are so long that his pants perfectly cover any skin from showing OR his pants and socks are at perfect lengths that it’ll take just one slight movement to expose any skin.

  • Me: Supposed to be doing homework
    Also me: Watching this video instead
    Me again: Realizing that I zoned out of this video while typing this.

  • I’ve been exhibiting adhd symptoms since I was 4 or 5. Trying to cope with it is hell, heck before reserching about this condition I assumed that adhd were people that were just super hyperactive out of nowhere. I didn’t know being super distracted, unfocused, messy, poor time management, forgetfulness, procrasnation, feeling like brain is gonna expolde with too much info and making small mistakes were part of the inattentive type. I wish I could turn back time and realized then explained these symptoms to my doctor instead of asking my parents to take me to the doctor to see if I had adhd. I did ask them and they laughed at me:/ and blamed everything on me being lazy and stupid. My parents are Asian and the culture doesn’t understand. I suspect my brother, and my cousin have adhd as well

  • Could you talk about ADHD and it’s common comorbid mental illnesses? There’s a lot of them out there. Sometimes the two play off of each other.

  • You know when your watching something and u start to think about something related to what someone said and you zone out and don’t hear what there saying

  • I just came here to see some bitches say they have adhd after 5 minutes of watching when I’ve had it my whole life. Like, tf are you gonna get from faking an illness? Internet clout?

  • Very informative, though you have to wonder why a woman doing a video on ADHD is wearing bright red and stilettos. While it pulls focus on HER it doesnt pull focus on what shes saying.

  • Now I’m glad that my go to dopamine releasing activity is Mountain Biking and not drugs or alcohol. I also play videogames from time to time. Also it is so relaxing when my brain can focus on one thing and not have like a 1000 thoughts going through my mind every second.

  • Ok I’m sorry but am I the only one that literally could not focus on this bro he was talking so fast and the drawings were so distracting and I kept spacing out. I got diagnosed when I was in fifth grade and going on medication soon, lowkey scared I hate meds

  • Is there such a thing as adhd tics? I have adhd and no, I dont have tourettes. I have these vocal tic things (dont know if they actually are tics) and also movement of whatever they are called tics and it’s boring writing this so let’s make it short my family thinks I do it for attention but I cant seem to control it? any ideas?

  • Okay so I daydream a lot, it’s like I am in my own world, I space out. I easily forget things like when mom asks me to wash something when she is out I easily forget it. One time I forgot my school bag while getting ready to go to school because I was thinking about something and realised it when my mum told me but I I am good at memorizing and doing school stuff, good at studying and I focus well. Do I have adhd?

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  • For some a some one who made a video about the signs of ADD, or ADHD, you made it considerably boring. I’m not even at the two minute mark and I have zoned out like 5 times lol

  • This video resonated with me largely, I’ve been seeking answers! This gave me drive to seek resources, and see a doctor with my concerns. This topic came at a wonderful time!
    (And yea! “how to adhd” is a magically helpful channel!!)

  • i can sing karaoke alone in my room until my throat goes sore‘ im pretty sure thats my main source of dopamine lolol. i recommend!!

  • I’m always anxious especially when I go to work, entering a school compound just to fetch my older sister from work and I am always uncomfortable when I enter the hospital or clinic.

  • It’s not really related to the video but i watched the sociopath series by Shane Dawson and in the second video it brought a questioned to my mind and it is can a person develop anti-social personality disorder

  • According to the Mayo Clinic, Dr. Ho is not correct about the diminished prevalence of ADHD in adults (see the video “Adult ADHD: Mayo Clinic Radio” by the Mayo Clinic). Children affected by ADHD do NOT generally lose the disorder during adolescence. This used to be commonly believed, however.

  • I one thousand percent related to this video and comments. Thank you so much for this. I struggle with the anxiety I get from not being busy 24/7, it is literally painful, exhausting, and I need to learn to be okay with being still.

  • I still don’t know if my add or ADHD is just OCD, BPD, Dissociation, or a result of poor eating and sleeping. It can get confusing.

    Also, what are some good activities for dopamine?

  • Kids get ADHD because they were never taught how to concentrate. How do you get better at something you dont know how? So the kids will get distracted and all they do is practice distraction and they will be soo good at distraction, and you wonder why they can’t focus. Instead of telling your kids “Concentrate harder” teach them, but most likely parents don’t know how to concentrate because they were never taught also.

    You can practice concentration and implement in your daily lives by only focusing on one thing at a time instead of multitasking and give your full attention when someone is talking to you. Watch youtube with your full attention instead of reading the comments and watching it.

  • I have adhd and the talk about deadlines and pressure really spoke to me I have a hard time with deadlines far out and generally end up getting to it towards when time is running out and I get stressed and get it done in burst. Really makes getting a dissertation done ab it challenging especially given all this Covid stuff.

  • I’m not saying I have ADHD but I’ve watched twice already because I keep getting lost in trying to figure out what fabric that shirt is made of. hahaha

    I am currently struggling with the dopamine fix since many of my healthy production activities aren’t as available (do something out of the normal like the zoo or people watching at the mall, for example) during quarantine. I’ve started making the list but I’m struggling with what to put on it aside from things that have a Wall of Awful too-+get around. I’m also working on the negative self talk. I have a section in my bullet journal where I have to write one thing I did that I’m proud of (has to be something I did or I end up with a bunch of things that aren’t enough to stop the negativity tyrade when it starts), as well as where I record how I’m feeling and something I’m grateful for. I think it is helping me some, but it sometimes feels exhausting having to work this hard just to get to the starting line…

  • My number one ADHD coping method is finding someone (usually on Facebook) who’s available to be my accountability buddy. I don’t always rely on others to hold me accountable for being productive, but it is super duper effective for me when I’m in need of the support! I accomplish an average person’s week’s worth of work in 3 hours of being held accountable. It’s miraculous. Usually, I update my accountability buddy every 10-15 minutes on what I’ve accomplished, and they reply (sometimes with funny memes) to let me know they’re keeping tabs on my progress. It really helps me stay on task. ��

  • I was diagnosed as an adult. I’m pretty certain my mom has it but she hasn’t gotten diagnosed, so she’s not taking medication like me. I find her intrusive and selfish. I started out on anxiety and depression meds as well as one for my Adult ADD, but have since been able to stop the anxiety and depression meds with the help of keto/carnivore. I wish my mom would seek help outside our relationship. As much as I understand the struggle, I’m not a therapist.

  • Hello Kati, my name is esmeralda and I always watch you’re videos because they make me feel better. I hope u keep doing them. My parents see that I’m always alone, have no social life, and barely communicate with most of my family. They always ask me if i need psychological help, but not in a good way. Then they call me crazy if I’ve been in my room for too long. I always deny it. I dont know if I should ask them for help. My parents are not very informed about mental illness and study stigmatize it a lot. They just assume everyone struggling with their mental health is crazy. My family is mexican. I’ve watched many videos about Avoidant Personality Disorder and I feeling I can relate to them all. I really dont want to self diagnose, but all the symptoms are there for me.and it really affects the way I socialize with people, if I do. And I jist dont want to be lonely anymore. I want to have friends and relationships and be surrounded by people who love me. I feel like if I explain the diagnosis to them, they’ll think its dumb because everyone worries about being liked. So it’ll make me sound selfish and self centered. Also I have been hospitalized for depression before, on my 6th grade year. But we haven’t talked but it since. While i do have depressive symptoms, AVPD (what I belive i have) really affects me and and I struggle with it everyday. But I feel like they won’t believe me. I dont knkw what to do. I’m 16 years old. Can you please give me some advice on how to ask them for help, after I’ve always denied it and argued with them about it?

  • I’m completely not hyperactive but the rest of this seems spot on. I’m female. I’m really very quiet. My dad has adhd. I have PTSD and ruminate over things. My idea of adhd seems like wild active people and that’s not me.