This Coronavirus Is Unlike Anything within our Lifetime, and We must Stop Evaluating It towards the Flu


Should You Take a COVID-19 Vaccine?

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Coronavirus is not the flu. It’s worse.

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Why This Coronavirus Is Not Like the Flu, or Even the Swine Flu

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Coronavirus Compared to Past Pandemics

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COVID-19 versus 1918 Spanish Flu

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CORONAVIRUS vs. The Flu A Comparison

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Coronavirus v Influenza: How do the two viruses compare? BBC News

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This Coronavirus Is Unlike Anything in Our Lifetime, and We Have to Stop Comparing It to the Flu Longtime health reporter Charles Ornstein says that comparing the novel coronavirus to the flu is. COVID-19 has often been compared to Influenza, including by President Donald Trump. But comparing the novel coronavirus to the flu is “dangerously inaccurate,” particularly due to the higher death rate associated with COVID-19. This Coronavirus Is Unlike Anything in Our Lifetime.

We Have to Stop Comparing It to the Flu. Longtime health reporter Charles Ornstein says that comparing the novel coronavirus to the flu is. This Coronavirus Is Unlike Anything in Our Lifetime — Here’s Why We Need to Stop Comparing It to the Flu Towleroad Gay News This Coronavirus Is Unlike Anything in Our Lifetime. Health; This coronavirus is unlike anything in our lifetime, and we have to stop comparing it to the flu.

Every single one, from former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb to Harvard professor Ashish Jha, has said we’re not doing enough, that this is far more serious than it is being taken. This is far deadlier than the flu. As Dr.

Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, and others have said, COVID-19 is deadlier than the flu. It’s. This Coronavirus Is Unlike Anything In Our Lifetime, And We Have To Stop Comparing It To The Flu Longtime health reporter Charles Ornstein says that comparing the novel coronavirus to the flu is dangerously inaccurate. Not one public health expert he trusts has called that comparison valid. Coronavirus / Health This coronavirus is unlike anything in our lifetime, and we have to stop comparing it to the flu Longtime health reporter Charles Ornstein doesn’t trust the public health experts comparing COVID-19 to a simple seasonal flu.

One is anywhere between 10 and 40 times more likely to kill you than the flu. Wash your hands, and keep your distance from others. The post Sorry, Alan, but coronavirus could be 40 times more.

The flu strikes every year, but no two seasons are exactly the same.. Because strains mutate each year, it can be hard to predict what will hit. Unlike COVID-19, we have effective vaccines and.

List of related literature:

This is but another in a series of alarming similarities between the 1918 pandemic virus and what may be evolving with H5N1.

“Pandemic Influenza: Emergency Planning and Community Preparedness” by Jeffrey R. Ryan
from Pandemic Influenza: Emergency Planning and Community Preparedness
by Jeffrey R. Ryan
Taylor & Francis, 2008

Yet coronavirus scares us more than any of these, because of the vast scale and exponential growth of the virus and its soberly estimated potential to kill untold multitudes of people.

“Where is God in a Coronavirus World?” by John Lennox
from Where is God in a Coronavirus World?
by John Lennox
The Good Book Company, 2020

Today we have antibiotics to cure the deadly secondary infections that so often followed on the heels of the 1918 flu, which should reduce the death rate of any similar pandemic.

“America's Forgotten Pandemic: The Influenza of 1918” by Alfred W. Crosby, American Council of Learned Societies
from America’s Forgotten Pandemic: The Influenza of 1918
by Alfred W. Crosby, American Council of Learned Societies
Cambridge University Press, 2003

Yet when the coronavirus reached pandemic status, that’s what we all did for weeks (and predicting for months as of this writing).

“Corona Crisis: Plagues, Pandemics, and the Coming Apocalypse” by Mark Hitchcock
from Corona Crisis: Plagues, Pandemics, and the Coming Apocalypse
by Mark Hitchcock
Thomas Nelson, 2020

Which meant that that particular coronavirus wasn’t able to hide among us.

“COVID-19: Everything You Need to Know about the Corona Virus and the Race for the Vaccine” by Michael Mosley
from COVID-19: Everything You Need to Know about the Corona Virus and the Race for the Vaccine
by Michael Mosley
Atria Books, 2020

However, two strains of coronavirus have particularly serious health effects.

“Advanced Practice Nursing” by Susan M. DeNisco
from Advanced Practice Nursing
by Susan M. DeNisco
Jones & Bartlett Learning, 2019

There was viral co-detection in four patients, always including a coronavirus.

“Medicine The Lies, The Greed & The Death: Includes COVID-19 THE UN-TOLD STORY” by Rui Alexandre Gabirro
from Medicine The Lies, The Greed & The Death: Includes COVID-19 THE UN-TOLD STORY
by Rui Alexandre Gabirro
Order of the Good News, 2020

The worry, well publicized, is that H5N1 will improve upon these first infections, evolving a human-to-human phenotype that ignites a worldwide pandemic along the lines of this year’s swine flu but deadlier in its manifestation.

“Big Farms Make Big Flu: Dispatches on Influenza, Agribusiness, and the Nature of Science” by Rob Wallace
from Big Farms Make Big Flu: Dispatches on Influenza, Agribusiness, and the Nature of Science
by Rob Wallace
Monthly Review Press, 2016

SARS-related CoV became the first coronavirus to cause severe disease in humans.

“Molecular Biology of the SARS-Coronavirus” by Sunil K. Lal
from Molecular Biology of the SARS-Coronavirus
by Sunil K. Lal
Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2010

On the other hand, human coronavirus has been considered clinically unimportant, until SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) coronavirus

“Molecular Virology of Human Pathogenic Viruses” by Wang-Shick Ryu
from Molecular Virology of Human Pathogenic Viruses
by Wang-Shick Ryu
Elsevier Science, 2016

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  • yea its the same symtoms.
    Its odd how this coronashiit is so big.
    What about influenza.Its worse because it kills over 500thousand-1million people worldwide each year each year,but they never made it this big the way corona is.
    Why not?
    Go study your facts properly yall.

  • Hospitals are being sued rn bc they were caught killing ppl and putting them under coronavirus death bc for each city state they get over 2k per death. If that sounds farfetched look up the tobacco settlement I believe was passed in the 80s or 90s. For each tobacco related death the city state recieves 2k per body. Nurses rt now exposing these hospitals and Drs.

  • Covid19 is new.. So we don’t know if it goes away after 14 days or if you’re a “Carrier” for Life like with HIV.
    AND THEY’RE NOT EVEN RETESTING PEOPLE AFTER THEY STOP HAVING SYMPTOMS!!!!!!!! Sending them right back out to work or home to infect their Families they’ve worked so hard to protect.
    WHY ARE THEY NOT RETESTING???????????????????

  • Nothing “tricky” about it. The coronavirus is just getting started, we are seeing only the first wave. The Spanish flu had 4 waves, and the 2nd was the most deadly that went from attacking the elderly in the 1st wave to do its deadliest work on those from 20-40 years old, leaving a multitude of orphans who died of starvation because people were too scared to take them in. So I guess we will see if coronavirus is similar during the 2nd wave. The 2nd wave happened in August of 1918 after its first wave which occurred about the same month of the coronavirus’s beginning. Imagine that.

  • You can go with there are probably many more cases of the coronavirus out there, but there are also a lot more cases where people have died from coronavirus that have gone without being detected as well. I will go with the 3.2 and be cautious as every one else would be wise to do as well.

  • They are not comparable, yet they both attack respiratory system, can lead to serious lung damage and even death due to complications.
    Both are ingested.
    And we have no immunity to it, just like we don’t have immunity to an newly adapted flu virus each year.
    Interesting, please tell me more.

  • obvious,and possibly irresponsible, attempt to calm people. stick with proven, researched facts. That will instill confidence in your reporting and stabilize the public’s overall mood.

  • It’s very easy to believe that coronavirus is comparable to flu if you uncritically believe CDC’s mambo jambo flu mortality rate statistics (and WHO which is parroting this). They are orders of magnitude higher than any scientifically sound estimate from around the world. Estimate of 1 death out of 1000 cases of flu is so obviously false, that it’s simply mind blowing that people could buy into this nonsense. Substantial part of population catches flu in every single season. And it continues year after year throughout our lives. If 1 out of 1000 such cases resulted in death, then every single one of us would know many people who died because of the flu. Do you know someone like that? I don’t. And I don’t know anybody who does. Just check out insane assumptions CDC is making to arrive at this number and stop repeating this pseudo-scientific garbage!

  • At 1:29 he said SARS-CoV2 isn’t as contagious as the flu…. BUT that is 100% wrong since the rate of transmission of COVID-19 is around 2.3 people infected for every 1 person who gets it, whereas flu is at only 1.3. Why the wrong info??????

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  • Here’s a thought…we don’t have immunity to new version of the seasonal Flu either. And half the time get the vaccine wrong. So the reality is our bodies are made to fight viruses and bacteria without the need of a vaccine or outside influence. Yes it’s great to have a vaccine, but it isn’t like the world is ending. Colds can and do cause the same symptoms and complications, along with deaths.

  • I’ve just discovered your channel. While binging your outstanding content, I came upon this.

    Calm. Articulate. Well-considered. Not politicized. It’s an excellent bit of work, indeed.

    Have you considered doing a follow-up, four months on? Your reasonable and calm demeanor, examining where we are today and what we’ve learned since March, would be both beneficial and much appreciated.

    Thanks for this, and for your other work. I’m looking forward to binging much more of your content.

  • What about targeting and arresting those known Organizations and Laboratories that have been manufacturing and “Patenting” Coronaviruses? Bill Gates and the Main Players and Organizers of Event 201 should immediately be arrested and investigated. All too Coincidental and Suspicious.
    If Covid 19 has never been seen before then there is every chance one of these Patented. Manufactured viruses is responsible? Evidence like that in any other criminal case would raise suspicions through the roof. China is just a convenient scapegoat for blame. It is far more likely that it was spread through Western Military/CIA sources. This especially so since the 2019 Military Olympics were held “Conveniently” in Wuhan, China. Hmmmm!! Me thinks that there is something “Rotten in Denmark, i mean Wuhan!!! see following website:

  • More importantly is the fact that you can have the CommieVirus for 7 days and not know it and pass it to other people.
    With the flu you know it, you stay home, and other people know to stay away from you.

    Even if the CommieVirus had a lower mortality rate it will spread to more people. More people get it the more people will die.

  • Here are some FACTS.

    The flu, has a mortality rate of 7.1% of “confirmed cases” (check cdc for last weeks mortality rate of “confirmed cases”). Not.01% like many throw around. That number is an estimate based on how many people they think are infected with the flu.

    When we hear that covid 19 has a mortality rate of 3%, that is not 3% of estimated infected, its 3% of “confirmed cases”. If we compare apples to apples, covid 19, acording to statistics is half as deadly as the flu.

    I estimate that millions of people in the u.s. already have covid 19, and the only reason the numbers are going up, and will keep going up, is because we just started testing for it, and will do more and more tests.

    South Korea was the only country that did the testing right. They didnt test only people with symptoms, they tested the healthy as well to see how much of the population has covid 19. The results….. 3% of the population has covid 19. They would have never known that if they tested only the sick.

    If we assume that covid 19 spreads the same way it does in south korea, a good estimate of total infected in the u.s. is around 10 million. Now put this along side the number of deaths we have from covid 19.

    If you compare the “estimated mortality rate for the whole population” the flu is.01% where the covid 19 is around.00003%.

    Problem is, we dont have a real estimate of total infected with covid 19. So we have to look at “confirmed cases”. But then we must compare to the “confirmed cases” of the flu, and the factual mortality of the flu, which is 7.1%.

    Comparing apples to oranges is what started this mess.

    Thank you.

  • Ros Atkins should be on criminal charges. Currently on the 21st were looking at an exponential growth rate with an 11% mortality rate and some people are still citing this article not recognising the Corvid-19 threat

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  • hahahahahaha. The Flu kills way way way more people than the stupid weak C-19! This is all complete BS! people can just simply Google the information and have answers in 2 seconds. LOL. This is how STUPID everyone is now. EVERYONE DUMB-DOWN.

  • It is media hype, in any infection always there will be some deaths, more people die of other deadly illness than this hyped Corona

  • Glad the BBC debunked that 3.4% mortality rate myth thats causing so much panic. Once you start drilling down into the data it’s becoming clear that the actual mortality rate is similar to the seasonal flu.

  • I actually erh on the side of optimism. There is something strange about this virus. During the SARS outbreak, it followed a very predictable pattern of almost certainly following the Chinese communities worldwide. This is what happens for very deadly diseases. The coronavirus however is more like the flu in that large proportions of the population already have it undetected.. and then it just flares up in vulnerable communities that otherwise have very little to do with China, like Italy and Iran.

  • No no no no!
    We need to remember that healthcare is a privilege and not a right.
    These low-income deadbeats need to feel the pain of not being able to afford good health care. How else will people with money and influence be able to have the immediate attention and care from the fine physicians who work so hard to be reimbursed so well.
    We need to show the poor what it means to be lazy, feckless and not have the money for deductibles or proper health Care.
    My favorite Bible verses where Jesus offers to heal the leper as soon as she pays her deductible.
    I get my news from my juju beads at the big Christian Church where we shake the tambourine and run the building.
    Everybody knows that sickness is brought on by the devil with his sin and demons. If you are sick you are under attack by the devil himself and his demonic spirits because you’re just not loving Jesus enough.
    All this science goobly goop can go on forever but the bottom line is that the satanic powers are coming after you!
    At what point are we going to have politicians make it legal to burn witches at the stake again?
    People with red hair, birthmarks, those who are left handed and so on are all likely suspects of being these demonic helpers of Satan.
    Where’s the Catholic Church with its sadistic Inquisition and pedophilic sacrifice when you need it?
    In fact Jesus just told me that you’re a demon and I’m going to talk to my politician about burning you at the stake. The good people of our fine faith will have the police hold You Down and set fire to burn you up with a purity of Christ.
    Our parishioners are building a new colony in Salem Massachusetts called Grace and Love Jesus Commons, because we are washed in the blood of Christ, therefore we can do no wrong.
    Now everybody get out of my way because I’ve got to watch Fox news, vote Republican and pray to Jesus about being a compassionate Christian.

  • I think it’s highly likely that this Coronavirus has been around for several years and when people caught it, the doctors just thought they had the flu. How can they diagnose something they never even knew existed? My mother had a large blister appear on her big toe joint that turned into a continuously draining ulcer and her foot was hot and swollen. After doing an MRI, the doctor said she has osteomyelitis, aka a bone infection and he prescribed her 6 weeks of IV Vancomycin. I told the doctor that I thought she had tophaceous gout, and that the uric acid crystals mimic a bone infection on the MRI, and the heat and swelling was from the gout attack, not an infection. The idiot had never even heard of tophaceous gout, but argued with me and said she didn’t have it. I had already tested the discharge coming out of the draining ulcer and it was high in uric acid. He kept insisting that it was a bone infection, because the foot was swollen and warm, and the doctor reading the MRI said it was a bone infection. He said “we’re gonna try to save her foot from amputation” and when he said this, we dropped him as her doctor. I took her to a 2nd doctor, that believed the first doctor and said he may need to amputate the foot to keep the infection from spreading to her leg. This doctor never tested the white discharge coming from her ulcer for uric acid either, and apparently and never heard of tophaceous gout. Just like the first doctor, he said the white discharge was pus, but never heard of tophi pus, which is a mixture of pus and uric acid. We dropped this incompetent doctor too, and I took her to a specialist in Houston, that confirmed my diagnosis of tophaceous gout. The doctor prescribed her uric acid lowering medication, and she is now cured and healed. If it wasn’t for the internet and access to medical information, my mother would not have a foot right now. I recently read a study where they looked at 10 diabetic foot amputees and around half of them were shown to have tophaceous gout. So theoretically this means about half of all diabetic amputations in the US are unnecessary and doctors are amputating limbs that shouldn’t have been amputated. Most doctors have never heard of tophaceous gout so how can they diagnose something they don’t even know exists? Same thing with this Coronavirus, it could have been around a long time and if they never knew it existed, the doctors would have misdiagnosed it as the flu or viral pneumonia.

  • Influenza is far more deadly you would think. How many elderly people do die during the winter time in nursing homes, ask yourself that

  • Why do they expect the fatality rate for the Coronavirus to drop to 0,1%? China wouldn’t be closing cities, shutting people at home and spraying streets if it was the flu. With new deaths coming in, the fatality rate is slightly increasing.

  • Keep washing your hands.. even though it travels through the air to your mouth where by you suck in to breath & boom! Dead Geriatrics. They’re not bothered in the slightest are they? I’m sure the elite will have specialist Doctors at their beck & call, so they can sip Pina Coladas from the Bahamas & watch us simple folk swim or sink. I have no idea why people vote for these scumbags.

    The public are told to “stay isolated for 14 days” & somehow expect to have 14 days worth of supplies!

    They need to arrange for:

    Deliveries of fresh produce or nutrient-rich meals to everyone’s address every 5 days.
    Arrange for linen to be collected/washed/replaced by teams of well-briefed personnel wearing protective clothing.
    Chemicals should be provided to help stop the spread of the virus.
    Make sure there is a place everyone can access online or OFFLINE that gives STRICT medical information.

    This is just pure simple common sense from an average joe.

  • Let’s think about this see this? This is plague Inc
    It’s a game. Now then imagine this image in real life but everyone is dead. That’ll happen if we continue to talk about this instead of working on this cure irl. This game right now is predicting your future. So enough talk more work I learned that vinegar could possibly cure viruses so add that into some chemicals because realistically washing your hands only goes a short way.

  • Whites seem to get very mild or no symptoms. I don’t know if any have died. Might be a couple of old people in Italy but I’m sceptical. The media is eager to find white victems. One young Britt in Thailand turned out to have pneumonia from regular Flu. Media hopes dashed.

  • But, doesn’t COVID 19 cause pneumonia that can be susceptible to secondary, bacterial infection? Treatment recommendation (for physicians) indicated that broad spectrum antibiotics should be used early to prevent worsening of pneumonia.

  • Ali I need help cause every time I watch you video to help my studies, I forget every sentence right after you say it. How can I fix that and remember what you say and use it to help myself

  • Pray vaccine to come soon as God Jesus loved,healed n died 4 all to take ur punishment of ur sins upon Himself n arose frm the grave on the 3rd day…..C ‘miracles of Jesus’ in Google!.

  • When they say that the we have a vaccine flu it is pure fantasy at best, a vaccine that depends on one person’s immune health is not a very effective one, you better be a healthy person or else your toast.

  • It’s hilarious how they lie. DR FAUCI said in 2016 “flu typically infects 10-15% of the population per season. So far “COVID” has infected 0.17%. Many studies now show more people WILL die from the lockdowns, starvation, poverty and suicide than will ever “covid”.

  • Under Obama + April 10, 2010, there were 60.8 million H1N1 cases, with 274,304 hospitalizations and 12,469 deaths in the U.S. alone.
    Under Trump + March 24th 2020, there is a Total number of cases: 44,183
    Total deaths: 544 Curious thought as to why the haters is beaten up on Trump when Obama kept it quite and allowed our borders to remain open. Wait and see, and if the numbers reach the H1N1 records then we can go on with our lives as we did under Obama. Yea Right.

  • So watching this Video now is interesting. It has good info, but a wonder. Do you feel like you had the right reaction at the time, looking back?

  • C’mon, if anyone says corona is like the flu is like saying motorbikes are like jumbo jet because they are both powered by enjines and are a form of transport. Sure, there are mo accidents from bikes yearly than planes just like how there are more infections from the flu. but the total deaths from plane crashes are more then bike crashers just like there are more victims of croona than flu

  • The centers for disease control in USA the CDC is deliberately in error or their information output is being forced to be erroneous in a propaganda effort globally. The CDC says that corona virus is not as widespread as the flu.

    I believe corona is as widespread as the flu. However corona Aka sars aka covid is not as debilitating as the flu. Therefore the death rate is much less for corona.

    I am a trained medical laboratory technologist and statistician in addition to being a top level financial auditor analyst. I use medical diagnostic procedures in audits. I survive by using the subconscious even if the conscious is amnesia for 18 years.

    Microvascularization of the brain is as amazing to me as immunity. I have both. I have studied and witnessed both. I have also witnessed our Sony Wood version of entertainment. Hysteria. Martial law

    Kurt Brown Saintrambone Mobile Audit Club

  • This is a fairly good story; however, it really is appalling for news items to toss off numbers so casually. Listen carefully to this part:
    “…but even if the mortality rate for the coronavirus does drop as low as 0.1%…if millions of people contract the virus, the death toll could run into the hundreds of thousands.”

    No-if HUNDREDS of millions of people, not “millions of people”, contract the virus, the death toll could run into the hundreds of thousands. The presenter is off by a factor of 100!

    The general point is well taken-that total deaths = mortality rate x number of people who contract the coronavirus, and indeed, there may well be hundreds of millions of people in the world that do contract COVID-19. Estimates are that for the 2009 H1N1 influenza pandemic, 11-21% of the world’s population contracted that virus. So if applied today, that would mean of the 7.8 billion people in the world, 858 million to 1.638 billion people might contract COVID-19.

    That’s IF we apply the H1N1 statistics to COVID-19. There is a lot that is not known about the basic reproduction rate of COVID-19 (the average number of people who contract it from a single infected person) and the mortality rate itself.

  • Also take into account that anyone who has had a corona viral seasonal flu virus in the past will have antibodies to it in the blood…. So are the tests saying you have covid-19 because it is just picking up the antibodies in our own immune system from the many previous Covid flu’s we have had over the years? As this virus can and does mutate every year we are always going to be warned of its new strains every flu season and flu jabs are supplied. This is no different! So what is his marshal law and civil rights takedown, closure of world business and workforce’s really about. What is going on behind the scrapes?? I know for a fact that 5G has just been implimented world wide in the last few days. What else is going on behind the scenes while we are focused on this fake planDemic?


  • Better the enemy you know than you dont. Even tho time has given you a clearer picture now i realize that coronavirus is far more deadly 242k deaths in 4 months and thats under lockdown

  • Bringing up Trump with his facts it’s like bringing a toddler. Up to date in the United States the number of deaths is over 61000 and known cases are over a million and we are talking about the US alone.

  • Flu can kill more than Corona. How Flu affects anyone, no matter the strength of the immune system, but this part is only affected by Corona when the system is weak. Heck, compare it to Human Immunodeficiency Virus, Human Pappilomavirus, and Human Nipah Virus.

  • Stats, stats, and more damn stats. If you’re going to compare regular flu to covid-19, you have to have accurate stats. Yet there are some odd circumstances behind these stats. Recent reports have told of governments telling hospitals that all deaths of patients be recorded as a covid death if they were diagnosed with the disease before death, regardless of what actually killed them. (Previous condition) This is artificially inflating the death rate of covid-19 cases and has no precedent. This is not what hospitals usually do. It makes the covid death stats meaningless as a means of comparison. After all, it is reported that 80% of all covid cases are mild and never require hospitalization. The other weird thing is the scramble for test kits, bought reportedly from China, that did not work. Millions of them. Several country’s complained about that and were returning the kits. No one actually mentioned (in reports I read) about what was wrong with the kits. Did they give false positives? False negatives? Or nothing at all. This would be a possible factor in overall stats especially if the kits were used for awhile before their defect was found. All of this leads to one big question mark. Is covid-19 really 3X or 10X worse than the flu as far as death stats go? A lot is at stake here for people that could lose everything. Having accurate stats are important if you’re going to use them to make extremely important decisions.

  • Good presentation…
    Yes Covid19 is new… We don’t know much about it… So fear and panic…. Common flu… Known devil….
    Please watch Event 201….Pandemic show based on computer models…

  • If I did the math right. Death rate for flu up to age 45 is 1 out of 4000. Death rate for Coronavirus up to age 40 is 1 out of 500. That is up to 8x deadlier. For people from late 40s to 65 it is up to 20 times deadlier.

  • Depopulation is good for a green environment and emissions
    I’m all for it

    No to mention wages go up due to less people to do the work so the poor get a chance to make a dollar and the rich slow the fuck down which is the way I like it

  • if a motherfuker gets the coronavirus and the seasonal flu simultaneously is a GDMFQ that you don’t get to axe! The onliest answer you get:
    *How The CARONAVIROUS Works.
    * How To Know The Difference.
    * Why Come I Don’t Get To Know???
    * Does a Motherfuker Surely Die Who got’s Boff At The Same Goddamn MotherFucken Time???
    Is There No Way For AnyOne To Get A Answer???

  • Influenza is far worse than COVID-19. There is no comparison. Only fearmongering makes you think otherwise.

    Influenza kills an estimated 290,000 to 650,000 people a year. THIS IS WITH MEDICINE READILY AVAILABLE, FOLKS.

    Now, do imagine if there were not any medicine available in this world for Influenza. It would be a plague like none other.

    The most recent statistics, collected through the week ending January 25, 2020, report that there have been 19 million cases of influenza during US 2019-20 flu season. This is an increase of 4 million cases since the last report. Of the 19 million cases, can anyone begin to fathom how high the mortality rate would be?

    The aforementioned is an analysis in the United States.


    Medicine, whether it be drugs, vaccinations, or naturopathic means, is the only way to slow down any infectious disease which can be treated.

    There is no known medicine for COVID-19, and this is the reason why the death rate continues to ascending.

  • It appears the seasonal flu is worse, and by the way, you say the flu has a vaccine, well then, why has it not been eradicated yet? I know MANY people who get their flu shot and they STILL get the flu, in fact even WORSE. This whole COVID crap is a smokescreen just so they can roll in their NWO which is actually now called the ‘new normal’ AND to vaccinate millions with sinister nano particles that can change your DNA! WAKE UP!! BY THE WAY, the CV mortality rate seems high because they are putting that on MOST death certificates, just to cement their ‘pandemic’ story.

  • Estimates of deaths due to Influenza each SEASON in the US are upwards of 60,000, or 1 in 5,500 people; today (4-6-20), the total deaths related to Coronavirus WORLDWIDE is c.70,000, or 1 in 100,000 people. The government and many citizens are very hypocritical by not combating Influenza with even a tittle of the resources they are throwing at this Coronavirus..

  • But Coronavirus has been around for decades. How is they cant even agree on whether its aerosolized or just droplet. Hasn’t there been any data from previous Coronavirus type illness to be able to use as a data set. I mean the messaging from all scientists is so poor it seems like they’ve never seen a virus before. I mean WTF.

  • seasonal flu annually, as in 18 years! never had a mortality rate for the vid was the covid19 virus the world-and they are the flu.

  • Wow fear is something that cripples you and 19 is living proof of that this bullshit has to go on for a year to 18 months wow what a fucking joke 400 thousand die and you don’t even bat an eye hun hun wow man is getting pathtic more and more all the fucking time my fuck wow

  • Cant wait to see covid and the flu competing this season like they’re actual beings lol. Those jerks viruses I’m gonna flee outta the city to avoid getting sick and into the wilderness for awhile lol

  • The Flu kills over 500,000 every year but it’s not called a pandemic, it also does not allow to steal over 12 Trillion from the USA stock market in less than 2 weeks. Covid19 is much better it allows to prop up failing economies by stealing the wealth of citizens disguised as “Emergency Acts”.

  • We dont actually know how many get the Virus and recover as not everyone who has the Symptoms gets tested. I understand that its going to put an extra strain on Health Services. Does the impact of a lockdown not cause more problems than the Virus would cause?

  • NO.. The number of covi-19 cases are not growing exponentially. Any increase or decrease is unknown. Only the increasing awareness of already existing cases might be gauged on a day to day bases. You are guilty of inflaming the hysteria over what is not known.

  • Is it because of the uncertainty that people are being put into lockdown and creating massive financial distress and survival problems? Or is it a plan… it could a plan. It may be a plan. Our rulers could be crazy and not care much about us really.

  • You actually convised me of the importance of staying at home i mean i dont get out much often but i complain bt it but now im more comfortable with idea of staying home thanks doc hope we all gonna be safe and healthy ❤️❤️❤️

  • Americans die every year, of flu bcoz of their Health care… Its so expensive that people cannot afford it so that’s the reason so many deaths in US������

  • I had a real bad flu 5 years ago and my N D used an IV drip of H202 with glutathione. Felt great after 2 days. People don’t realize that the human body produces H202 naturally to combat invading pathogens.

  • This new COVID 19 is a from of coronavirus the world hasn’t experienced before. The seasonal flu is also a coronavirus. Luckily it seems all the scientific research so far suggests most people 80% exp mild to moderate symptoms that can resolve on their own with self quarantine at home. We have antivirals for the seasonal flu but not for this new COVID 19. Hopefully we will have a vaccine within the year for this new virus. We have one for SARS. Hope this helps. I work as a nurse in Toronto.

  • If people would ignore them and stop reacting the way the Tell A Lie Vision has programmed them to react, nothing would happen. They are too stupid to realize they are playing right into the hands of the “elite” and sealing their fate (one world digital currency and complete control of the Beast system). Problem, REACTION, Solution. Without the reaction of the dumbed down public, they would not be able to implement their pre-planned “solution.” So unfair to the 5% of us out here who have critical thinking abilities and God given discernment and don’t let the Tell A Lie Vision do our thinking for us. We are forced to suffer along with all the brain dead idiots.
    Yes it’s so painfully obvious that even a caveman could see it (that the whole thing was carefully planned and orchestrated). Unfortunately, society has been dumbed down to an IQ level well below that of a caveman. They let the Rothschild controlled MSM lead them around by hooks in their noses. They all remind me of a bunch of dumb fish caught on hooks, jerking around and dancing to the tune of their gloating psychopathic “fishermen”….

  • A had a sudden fever out of nowhere I felt was so hot I didn’t move for a while and my next started to hurt like I couldn’t move it for a while my mom thinks it’s because I’m in bed on my phone switching positions all day then my throat started to hurt it feels better now drank tea and took sum pain releaver I don’t know if it’s the cold flu or caronavirus I’ve really never had the flu to know the symptoms very well I’ve been in the house for a week now I haven’t left are these signs of the caronavirus PLEASE HELP

  • In Italy 2018 how may people died from the regular Flu? Was it more than 4,354 people? If so, why was the whole country not put into quarantine in 2018? 16,000 people died in the USA in the 2018-2019 regular Flu season-why did the stock markets not crash as in the Covid-19? There are some conspiracy models out there, but more realistically people just needed an excuse to crash world markets and OPEC dumped fuel prices at the same time-go figure, like that is not a coincidence. Yes, the Covid-19 is to be taken seriously but there is more going on here than just a Virus-it is powerful-billionaires taking this opportunity to control the world-and they are doing it very well. After these restrictions are set in place EVEN after the COVID-19 is is dwelt with countries will now have a precedence to place restrictions upon its citizens all in the name of health. This world is NOT a safe place-not so much because of viruses but the way people use these circumstances to take advantage of others-
    Hey Mr. Billionaire go a head a sell all your stocks and invest in Gold-in order to purchase same shares at a lesser price making millions (for your selves) in the process. These types are the real enemy.

  • Ali please make video explaining to Muslim community about corana because elderly men in the community are dying in higher numbers Muslim community at higher risk mosques still open think Cambridge is

  • I was sent by the urgent care doctor to go to a drive through testing center for RSV, the flu, and COVID-19 a few days ago. RSV and the flu came back negative. I have to wait a week for COVID-19.:( It honestly better be COVID-19 because the cotton swabs they shoved up my nose better give me a solid answer. I thought the nurse was trying to kill me lol. I’ve been sick for 3 weeks, with bronchitis and this mystery illness.

  • it sad to hear 400000 people die each year from the flu, the flu doesn’t get the recognition as the conv 19 does,this is a wake up call to people to protect each other from the flu or conv 19 by wash your hands,stay away from each other when you’re sick,(isolate yourself)sanitize your environment.

  • Please stop being a doctor. Aside from being able to regurgitate information you’ve read in a book, your an idiot! It’s amazing when new things come to light most educated people sound really ignorant because if your not able to read about it from someone actually intelligent, you have nothing to offer. So basically you’ve spent 100,000 to be a glorified librarian. Way to take a cautious role that preys on a system in people’s minds that cause confusion but allows you to back track in the future.

  • None of the officials or doctors can give us a straight answer and everyone is giving different data all the time. If this isnt as bad as the flu then why all quarantining, spraying disinfectant in the streets and tell people not to embrace one another, putting states in a state of emergency, schools closing but everything us A land we shouldnt worry not one bit. Actions speak louder then words

  • Could you also look into how it might also affect the CNS? Not just the respiratory system? We dont know yet what this virus is doing and what the after effects are, or other areas of the body possible being damaged. Together with the fact that, the numbers are increasing and people arent being tested.

  • informative, and no disrespect intended, but you speak far too quickly to actually take in what you are saying. please slow down. looking forward to your next vid, but slower please.

  • 40 million flue a year. But with this we will have more if we dont isolate ourselves. And if we still have no solution for the next year then next year would be even higher.

  • The flu doesn’t put whole healthcare systems on their knees. Covid-19 has Italy completely whipped despite of not having even spread that badly yet. Could get tens of times worse.

  • Ali. You’ve quoted the number of deaths from the research you linked, and it seems to corroborate with other sources, but you stated case numbers of 40 million globally, whereas the CDC estimates the number of cases at 40 million in the *US alone*. Cases globally would be more like 400 million. Every other source out there calculates the CFR from influenza and its comorbidities at 0.1% or less. I don’t know if you’re being fed propaganda but the fact that your cited sources don’t even back up what you’re saying is unusual, to say the least.

  • mortality rate seems slightly arbitrary, as a big part of the people who died (I don’t want to sound cold or distant, but I try to make a statistical point) would have died within a reasonable amount of time due to their current fragile state. So to me it seems the people who died and are part of a group that normally wouldn’t be in danger, seems a more reasonable comparison to determine the mortality rate. It seems the corona virus is potentially lethal to a larger group than influenza, making it more dangerous. Can someone expand on that?!

  • They get their mortality rate from the confirmed cases. But you can multiply the confirmed cases by 10 and it brings the mortality rate way down. The majority of deaths are old people. The majority of old people are recovering. Stop being afraid.

  • 4% mortality rate of infected in China
    4% mortality rate of infected in Spain
    6% mortality rate of infected in Iran
    8% mortality rate of infected in Italy

  • Anyone actually know a person in their life who’s tested positive. I haven’t seen any comments from real people ( not actors ) who have this.

  • Whoever figures out COVID 19 will no doubt win a NOBEL PEACE PRIZE work on this mate it is a PRIZE of human achievement of the highest Honour

  • There are quite a few nuanced errors, and some major errors. One point saying antibiotic use will be useless is erroneous, they provide antibiotics because the virus impacts your immune system, which provides opportunistic bacterial infections, which is especially prevalent in hospitals. You also amazingly don’t understand lack of herd immunity, exponential growth, and overwhelming of healthcare, which was evidenced in China and Korea. The effect of bottlenecked healthcare, the breakdown of API supply chain. Let’s readdress this in two months and see what 50 million cases look like. Take your red or blue pill and decide if you want an all in one, semi-controlled, or total lockdown. Keep in mind that China took the latter, and although (if you believe their numbers) look good, it translates to less than 1% infection, and thus there is no herd immunity, and they still have the worse to come. Wait for cities in China to start getting reinfected.

  • In 2005 genetic sequence of the spanish flu was figured out, so really someone should be speaking to those guys that figured it out

  • It picked up the name Spanish Flu because Spain was neutral in the war and did not depend on propaganda. They reported the facts heavily and got the world’s attention as no other government was being forthcoming. What they also received was a flu pandemic named after them. The world can be petty and cruel.

  • I heard the results from the hydrochloroquine trials showed that it wasn’t any more effective than regular clinical care, does this mean it’s entry relies on the plasma membrane or could it still be both?

  • 18 million have recovered from coronavirus without a vaccine. Stop with this vaccine push. 99.99% survival rate and 0.001% death rate

  • The thing about all 1-3% for all ages actually makes it less deadly bc you can just Procter the at risk people and let everybody else will pretty much be safe

  • Weird how I always know someone every year with the flu but I still dont know someone who knows someone who has gotten Ill from this thing.

  • china virus is worse than regular flu, they never had lockdowns, forced vaccine and laws that take away your freedom with regular flu

  • This cv 19 pandemic is a hoax. There is no reason to shut down the country. Out of 153,000 deaths the media claims were due to cv 19, the cdc said that only 9,210 deaths were actually caused by cv 19. The rest were due to other causes.

  • But are the 40 million common influenza cases each year all just ‘confirmed’ cases? If so then that would mean that it’s death rate might be much lower than 1% which would mean that Sars-Cov2 (Covid19) is much deadlier.

  • I thought Fear Factor was cancelled! Haven’t changed a thing….don’t wear a mask, still shake hands & hug folks, not taking part in the hand washing ritual either…..not so much as a sniffle! I even look around every corner and behind every tree and have yet to see the covid boogeyman jumping out to get anyone!

  • Why they say its so new and no immune system have seen this before. Chinese had it in lab nearby before and they were looking into the virus, then they say it got spreaded in “fish market”

  • Using mortality rates are a misrepresentation of the facts.
    Influenza is going to have much lower mortality rate because you have a many times the number of infected persons.
    Influenza cases in the United States alone has already reached well over 38-million with over 23-thousand deaths. While Coronavirus has less than 1/2-million cases with just over 22-thousand deaths. People have been exposed to the influenza virus more and longer so the chances of being able to naturally defeat is is much higher. That would also contribute to the mortality rate being much much lower.
    Be cautious when listening to people when they start using RATES.
    Rates are much easier to skew and manipulate.
    The number we need to be looking is the deaths. Both viruses are world wide. The Caronavirus until about 2 months ago had less than 3000 deaths. That has gone from 3000 to 22-thousand +….why?
    Panic. Say 1000 people go to a walmart store a day. Out of the 1000 people you have 5 infected.
    Fast forward to post panic you now have 20-thousand people go through the same store now with 80-100 infected people in the same time span. This is why the numbers are increases the way they are, and it’s also why you’re having so many more confirmed cases and higher death rate percentages. If you did the same thing with the flu, with 38-million cases to dat…’d see death rates that would make the 1918-H1N1 flu pandemic look like childs play.

  • I watch this now, and compare it to what the repubs have been saying.
    The results speak for themselves. He said the death rate was going to go waaay up. 183,000 and counting fast.
    Experts are called that for a reason. So are republicans.
    Listen to the experts—avoid the cult.

  • WRONG WRONG WRONG, Corona is NOT a new virus, this is just a new strain, because Viruses mutate every year. Please please people do not get your information from VOX. btw just came here for the comments.

  • It shows that today’s lifestyle from diet, sugar, drugs, 5G, GMO emf, man made chemical and toxins and others things has weaken our immune system. We need to reverse all the bad things we have done to the environment. We should put less emphasis on making profit on destruction of people health and the earth. We need to improve our gut microbiome and coexist with nature.
    We need to select leaders in all field with people that are ethical and moral. Who really care about life as we know it.

  • 2:01 it says the flu the flu kills as 60 thousand AMERICANS BUT then covid gives a WORLD rate. now you see they are really much closer because yes its hasnt been a full year but your comparing the ALL covid deaths to a small percentage. (in other words it america makes up 4.4 percent of the population so you can also assume they gave you 4% of the flu deaths using basic reasoning sills) videos like this spread the miss info by using comparing 2 numbers that arnt even comparable and the only way you would notice is if you heard that one word and did some research

  • Everyone laughs at the people who conspiracy theorize about this virus, but when you think about,
    It. If you have the capacity to do so, you realize that this virus is giving Democrats everything they want, coincidence maybe not.

  • Covid19 is Common flu..there are very clear evidence.
    I am not affraid tobe infected..but i m afraid world crumbling bc believing this fake virus.

  • Don’t waste your time with these videos or any youtube ones about COVID-19. A lot of them either give you inaccurate information or things you don’t need to know. If you want the latest information without all the minutiae go to the CDC website, the WHO website and the NIH website.

  • Throughout the history of China, this country has never offered a kind action to help its neighbouring countries. Nowadays, with the supports of modern technology, China has expanded its relationship to the whole world. And as always, China has never sincerely helped any countries in the world.
    China keeps seeking the weak points of every single country to jump in to secure a position, to seize the opportunities to entice, to deceive, and finally to take over. If it is possible to use military forces to invade the targeted country quickly, China will send troops to invade that country immediately such as the case of Tibet. If it is a bit difficult, China will use intelligence agencies and money to send its people into the targeted government and make them become leaders of that county such as the case of the Philippines. If it is too difficult to do so, China will spread viruses and create violent protests such as in the USA. As for a brave and determined country like Vietnam, China will lay siege, spread viruses, develop undercover spies, invade the South China Sea, take over Cambodia and Laos, then operate a final strike to the targeted country.
    For the world, China has always pursued its desire to rule all countries. The desire of China is boundless. The measures this country has been applying to achieve its desire is extremely clever and cruel. The event of spreading the viruses recently has turned the whole world upside down. China has secretly built mini laboratories to raise, produce and multiply viruses in each country so that China has enough viruses to spread in the whole world. This is to make sure that no single country can stand up from the pandemic.
    The world is being perished by China. For any single day that China still exists, the world is under threat. However, it is extremely difficult for anyone wishing to fight against China. This is because China will secretly perform diplomatic activities with each country to separate the world from each other. This is to make sure that countries around the world will not be powerful enough to fight against China. Russia is the first country cooperating with China to pave the way for China to attack other countries.
    The situation is extremely worrying.

  • Since China has already taken the risk, it decided to strike Vietnam with a stronger type of coronavirus to reduce the reputation of Vietnam in the international communities. Everyone was admiring Vietnam with its remarkable victory over the pandemic. Thanked to this admiration, all other forms of economic benefits open to Vietnam. This can make Vietnam become stronger than before and make China concern about its dream of expanding power. Chinese spies illegally entered Vietnam through the borders and carried specialized bottles which contain coronaviruses. These spies then spread the viruses in hospitals of Da Nang city. This city is one of the places hosting the most people coming from different areas of Vietnam for entertainment and investment. Although being well-equipped with gloves and face masks, the Chinese spies were immediately infected with the viruses. For Vietnam, the speed of virus spreading goes up day by day. The whole country is now in togetherness to fight again.
    For any day that China exists, the world will never live in peace.

  • This video was right. It killed WAY more people. And it still does. Especially in America. Because the movie “Idiocracy” came true.

  • Covid 19 is nowhere near as bad as the flu…this is why countries were lying about the numbers, inflating the figures to make it seem worse than it is. I wonder if when they orchestrate the second wave this winter where the flu deaths will be?

  • Well cool but there is natural immunity to COVID… it’s not brand new sickness is variation from well known virus family. U can even check yourself for that immunity (at least in Poland) besides COVID attach itself to special receptors which are developed by older ppl or some diseases so it’s not true that u can infect anyone…

  • Sure it’s not the flu, it was man made, but no one is talking about that. Everyone wants to know when the vaccine is coming out.
    The real questions are being avoided as people are lining up to sell their freedom in exchange for the antidote.

  • Or, it’s 1% of potentially 20% of people. Working on the basis that the population percentile is always coming down while the death percentile is always going up as the 2 numbers settle. The flu has decades of infected people versus months of COVID and there R’o.

  • It’s like the flu sure��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������

  • Friends had them and two have kidney issues and the other lung damage. Everyone’s follow up question is always “Did they have pre condition?” and the answer is no. I personally don’t want to take the chance and find this out. Just because a person didn’t die, doesn’t mean they’re out there jet skiing like some herpes commercial.

  • Respectfully I disagree! Most people in this country lead very unhealthy lifestyles, All the medical community ever do is concentrate on solutions which I understand is their job but many of that community are quiet happy with current status of health and don’t care about people getting healthier.
    We need more education on how to lead healthier lifestyles in schools and with parenting at home. Vaccines medications and surgeries is the medical system working from the top down! It is unbalanced and does not work,We need a system that promotes health from the bottom up, everything needs a good foundation, learned that from the build show��.

  • Best video on potential immunization against Covid-19 I have seen. I feel very happy when I learn of the newer techniques for treating and immunizing us against Virus. I will wait for a Covid-19 treatment and make a decision based on the advice of expert’s. I will allow a vaccine to enter my body when I feel safe about it. Covid-19 is real. It is not fake. Or a lie. The virus itself has NOTHING to do with politics or warfare. Most Virus occurs in Mother Nature. A natural part of life. This is the very best video and presentation you have produced. I wish millions of viewers would watch this and listen to you. I feel more optimistic and hopeful that a proper vaccine is on its way. Thank you Dr. Risinger. I can’t guess the number of hour’s and hard work you put into this presentation.

  • Ive had covid and ive had the flu and the common cold. At the end of the day ill take sars 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and 10. Viruses are part of life. cant be afraid of the wind.

  • First of all thanks for sharing, doc! Really 50% efficacy? Well at least it’s better than most flu shots… Also made in a lab and bio-weapon aren’t the same thing it could have been made in a lab as somebody’s science project funded by who knows the NIH and accidentally got out, cause if it was meant as a bio-weapon, it kinda sucks since it barely kills healthy people under 60. Personally I’m likely to refuse the vaccine, mostly cause of the cost benefit analysis and I’ve lost faith in pharmaceutical companies and the government, actually way before this virus, but even more since, though I didn’t think that was possible and I don’t even live in the US.

  • Your chances of dying from this vaccine will be greater than by CV19. Worse they are rushing it thus being more worrisome. I do not for a minute believe this virus is fake. But I am one who believes vaccines kill ‘some’ and I am in the very high risk group. We must be our own advocates.