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The best good grades rewards show how proud you are of your kids. Your praise may be an excited, “Congratulations,” a high five or a hug and kissfest. Praise can also come in the form of putting the report card on the refrigerator where everyone can see it. Or maybe you prefer to show your praise with a free printable certificate. If a child is intrinsically motivated and he or she is offered tangible rewards for good grades, that child will likely come to rely on the rewards and may, in the future, only get good grades if a reward is present.

So rewards are not needed if your child is intrinsically motivated and may even have a negative outcome. Make sure that they get enough sleep. Sleep is a major factor in educational success for teenagers, but many teens don’t get enough sleep.

Encourage your teenager to sleep at least 8-9 hours a night. This means that they may have to go to bed a little earlier so that they can wake up for school. They will show good behavior only in our presence, but will not develop the internal controls that serve them outside the home. Build an Encouraging Home Life.

Your children need the four A’s. Attention. Three Ways to Motivate Your Children to Get Better Grades.

Retrieved June 8, 202. How to motivate your child So be discerning when offering rewards for good work. For instance, a failing grade in a class might result in the loss of a favorite privilege until the grade is raised.

Resist the temptation to ground your child indefinitely or to take away all prized possessions. If you act reasonably and calmly, there is. Here are five reasons I pay my children an allowance when they get good grades—and why you might consider doing so with your own kids. 1. It incentivizes them to maintain high grades.

Children who are paid for their good grades from a young age grow up expecting rewards for their good work. This expectation could spread to other parts of their lives as they get older. Your children could start to see simple chores like dishes or laundry as an opportunity to ask for pay. Colleges and scholarship committees will review your teen’s transcripts. Better grades, higher test scores, and involvement in a variety of activities can help your teen get more money for college.

Talk to your teen about the realities of student loans. Discuss how academic scholarships can. How to Motivate Your Child to Earn Good Grades As an adult, you know that much of your child’s future depends upon the effort he expends in school and his attitude towards education. It’s not easy to motivate a chronic underachiever, especially if he’s dead set against participating in. A parent may say “we love you the same no matter what grades you bring home,” and then offer cash when the grades are good and grimaces when the grades are poor.

Despite what you may say to your children about your unconditional love, they learn much more from your actions then from words.

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A motivational strategy might look like this: By showing you her folders when she finishes her homework each night she can earn 5 points.

“Smart but Scattered: The Revolutionary
from Smart but Scattered: The Revolutionary “Executive Skills” Approach to Helping Kids Reach Their Potential
by Peg Dawson, Richard Guare
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This can obviously increase the child’s motivation to change his behaviour to get a star, but we encourage parents to choose low-key tangible rewards.

“Palin Parent-Child Interaction Therapy for Early Childhood Stammering” by Elaine Kelman, Alison Nicholas
from Palin Parent-Child Interaction Therapy for Early Childhood Stammering
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But if the kid is not keeping track of grades—and relatively few of the top students do—a wise parent will step in and assist.

“What Colleges Don't Tell You (And Other Parents Don't Want You to Know): 272 Secrets for Getting Your Kid into the Top Schools” by Elizabeth Wissner-Gross
from What Colleges Don’t Tell You (And Other Parents Don’t Want You to Know): 272 Secrets for Getting Your Kid into the Top Schools
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They will spend more time reading to him, they will stress the importance of good grades, and they will see that he does his homework.

“Statistical Models: Theory and Practice” by David Freedman
from Statistical Models: Theory and Practice
by David Freedman
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Then the parent could progress to rewarding the child for earning good grades on individual assignments, followed by a reward only for good grades on individual exams.

“What is Psychology?: Foundations, Applications, and Integration” by Ellen E. Pastorino, Susann M Doyle-Portillo
from What is Psychology?: Foundations, Applications, and Integration
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Indeed, your child will benefit much more from feeling loved and appreciated by you than from getting good grades.

“Your Drug May Be Your Problem: How and Why to Stop Taking Psychiatric Medications” by Peter Breggin, David Cohen
from Your Drug May Be Your Problem: How and Why to Stop Taking Psychiatric Medications
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Be concerned if your child brings home excellent grades, and you don’t see effort going into homework.

“Parenting Gifted Children 101: An Introduction to Gifted Kids and Their Needs” by Tracy Inman, Jana Kirchner
from Parenting Gifted Children 101: An Introduction to Gifted Kids and Their Needs
by Tracy Inman, Jana Kirchner
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Appreciate your child’s good grades, but be sure to openly recognize other things about her as well—her good sense or her loyalty to friends, for example—so she learns that high grades are not the most important thing about her.

“Dr. Spock's Baby and Child Care, 9th Edition” by Benjamin Spock, M.D.
from Dr. Spock’s Baby and Child Care, 9th Edition
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Finally, the parent could reward the child only for making good grades in all courses.

“What is Psychology? Foundations, Applications, and Integration” by Ellen E. Pastorino, Susann M Doyle-Portillo
from What is Psychology? Foundations, Applications, and Integration
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Sometimes this can help the teacher understand ways to motivate and coach your child with regard to academic progress.

“Emotional Intensity in Gifted Students: Helping Kids Cope with Explosive Feelings” by Christine Fonseca
from Emotional Intensity in Gifted Students: Helping Kids Cope with Explosive Feelings
by Christine Fonseca
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  • Im a kid 12 years old and my parents have high expectations. I do amazing but my only problem is Im a little lazy and my handwriting resembles a doctor. I am awesome at math science english depending on the topic. My parents want me to be at the top of my grade. I get As except in things like sometimes music or sometimes art and some topics in english.

  • What if my child is getting very less time after school that is required to complete study and in learning a Language online? And she needs some free time

  • Okay so what do you do when your child shows up to activities and just moped around and shown very little interest in anything that has been offered to him??? My son does NOT like to do anything but play with computers,and we have gotten him involved in boy scouts and basketball and a few other things as well. He mopes around and hangs his head and doesn’t want anything to do with any of it!!! So what do we do?? 12 years old and sits in his room on his computer every waking moment of the day. We don’t understand it at all. He will literally cry if we force him to go play outside!! No joke people, this boy will cry like a 3 year old if he is told to go play with the kids on the block who by the way, are all his age!! Atleast 10 kids on our block and he chooses to sit at his computer and usuall only come down stairs to eat or get a drink, otherwise he is on his damn computer. Can’t find any help anywhere so please help us if you can!! Thank you

  • He says you have to quit buddy! This your capacity! Then, I say fine bro you’re right!
    He is your HEART,
    You have to control him bitch

  • My son is 15 years old he’s too innocent and very kind boy who cn dream of but he’s having a problem of not having a goal in his life and a target to work through. I just want him to b good in his studies and concentrate him..sometimes I think am I giving too much lectures in life to him when he doesn’t focus what he does… or whats wrong with him.. becos if he put his mind to it he can do superbly..i just want yr help cos he’s sitting for his O/L next may

  • I have watched about 90 motivational, life’s meaning, ; life’s purpose videos. Great messages, all of them. I have seen oneyes onewoman in all of the videos I’ve watched. What’s up with that?

  • My brother is so lazy and completely unwilling to learn he’s only 6 so I wanna tackle it now before it’s too late but I’m not sure what to do

  • I want to be a successful person, travel and achieve all the things that i have in mind, learn more than 2 languages and be happy for the things that are about to come

  • I might have missed it, but I think you went straight to stage 2-3 in this video where you communicate and teach the why. My kid is 7 years old, and he does not seem to mind stacking shelves at 2.00 am when he is 50. Can you elaborate on the types of “consequences” to impose?

    Also, Art’s kid seems like the kind that you just bring him to walmart ONCE to see people stacking shelves at 2 am and then immediately develop the strong conviction to try that much harder to get good grades right that moment. I think, that doesn’t apply for most people’s kids. And, if everyday, I bring my grown up kid to see people doing badly as a result of poor choices earlier on, and even successful people who made the right choices, would they not think, “this is getting old dad, you ajn’t gonna change me?”

  • A lot of immigrants have become Americanized by modern technology. No work ethic. My Japanese oncologist took his kids smart phones away, because they were making Bs. They now have flip phones and are A students. He said that the American school curriculum is so watered down compared to Japan.

  • As much as I enjoy some of your videos, I had to take a minute to say that I think you are leaving out parts of a parent’s job. Yes, part of our job is to love our children infinitely and unconditionally, but it is only a part. It is also our responsibility to teach our children our family values, beliefs, and behaviors. If we don’t teach it to them at home, they will learn it elsewhere. That becomes a major concern when they are surrounded by people teaching them values that our family disagrees with. For example, we teach our 8 year old son, and have since he was born, God, family, business (responsibility). We teach him all of our beliefs and values, including why we have those and we formed them, under the God category. We teach him to love his family. Both the one he was lucky enough to be born into and the one that we have been lucky enough to create throughout our lives. We teach him that he has responsibilities, like doing schoolwork, and that if he learns to take care of them, he will be rewarded. I won’t get into the huge list of specific things that we teach, although I’d be happy to, as I am very proud of what our family believes and how we discuss them if you wanted me to. But, the main point I would like to reiterate is that it is our responsibility to teach our children our values. We should not allow society to be the ones to lay the foundation of what it is we want our children to love and respect. In fact, I don’t feel that society, whether that be friends, family, teachers, or others should even offer an opinion to our children until we have done our job instilling our beliefs into them and teaching them to defend and debate those beliefs. Once the child is old enough to do that, then they should open their minds, hearts, and souls to all other opinions out there. If they hear something that makes them question their beliefs, then they should research it. Only one of two things can happen. They would have learned something new that will replace a belief or they will have learned that their original belief is validated and that this new one does not fit into their belief structure.

    I’m sorry for the long post and I’ll end it by saying thank you for all of the great videos I have seen. I hope you get as much benefit from posting them as I’m sure your viewers do by watching them. God bless.

  • My biggest advice is to plan ahead but focus on the small scale. You’re not going to get to the top overnight but focus on each step as you go and before you know it you’ll be soaring above the clouds.

  • Ok, so I already have pretty good grades. I like to find motivational stuff like this, but am I the only one who just got unmotivated by this video? �� he made studying sound harder than it actually is. I swear, don’t over think it. Just dedicate a little more time each day that’s all there is to it. Happy studying.

  • Yes that is a good strategy, however, what do you do with the teenager who says, “I already know this”, and says, ” I don’t care!” after hearing and seeing the WHY?

  • I have 3 children. 1 girl 12 has straight A’s and the other 2 boys 13, 11 have an F in a subject not because they don’t understand but because they don’t do the work and receive 0’s on their assignments etc. Do you discipline this or do you just allow them to continue to not turn in assignments which result in zeros which results in an F? I have tried a 24hr grounding where if they choose not to do their HW they are grounded 24hrs but it hasn’t made a dent in their mindset. I have tried like this video talks about with helping them to see their future and what they want and how this apathetic behavior is going to interfere. Doesn’t do anything. I have tried sending them to tutoring but they are not happy with me because now they have to be at school more. I don’t know if I’m supposed to just step back and not say a word and let them learn the hard way and fail or if I’m supposed to step in and redirect. I don’t know when I’m supposed to step in. I don’t know what to say to them or what discipline to give. Yes my concern is they will fail the grade or class but I’m also concerned the school will advance them anyway and they will struggle more because now they are learning harder material without having learned the material from the year they are all ready in. I’m just at a loss. When do you step in and what consequence is appropriate for the apathetic mindset? Any advice would be great. Thank you

  • I have a 5 year old and I work at Walmart. I am not the bread winner of my family but I almost thought of not telling him where I work so he will grow up aiming for more. Even if you have trouble with your kids I think they is a valuable lesson if you are able to teach your child how hard it is getting to the top. Getting back to just love your kids no matter what is helpful. I didn’t have a parent that cared what I did or knew where I was. Just being there and supporting somewhere in there dream is valuable.

  • I have noticed that at night time my son is more open to learning than in the daytime. Also i think their experiences with teachers in school determine whether they love school and homework. What i have noticed is that some teachers dont make the effort to make things easier to understand for their students. I think we need to stimulate children more in school and make learning more fun and challenging for them, and need to find alternative more practical ways of making them learn the things they need to know. Also, we need to make more time to listen to them and spend time with them and play with them. If we are genuinely interested in them and in all they do, they will automatically feel motivated to challenge themselves to do better in school and in life.
    We need to believe in them and need to tell them that too, and not just threaten them that we fear that they will not turn out well if they dont do what they are expected to. Maybe the reason they act in a certain negative way has to do with the lack of a stimulating and motivating environment and positive and active people around them.

  • ” Some people think they cant get better grades then their friends”. Thise friends are probably watching this video and getting even more motivated. Be beasts guys. Destroy competition

  • Only the people who are wanting to be successful and would like to expand their knowledge are true kinds of people that God created & God would want you to be successful, not many people can do that, your the one who can change your life, As long as you are believing in God & believing in yourself also having a positive mindset, you are immune to any negativity that is thrown at you, You wanna become world class? then go out there & educate yourself and become world class, only a few people one earth can do it.

  • We love our kids no matter what, I have that so strong in my heart, my mother, father, grandparents used to tell me that always, it is a strong feeling.

  • Any advice on motivating a child with a learning disability? I will try the why idea but it’s just more difficult to motivate someone with a disability.

  • Ah lots of middle class ideals expressed here. Lots of kids who have dyslexia or dyslexia/ educationally /disadvantaged etc end up sweeping floors. The general idea is very good and effective but strong,loaded assumptions here. Am European so might be reason I think like this. Btw I think most of your talks are amazing.

  • Not cool. I never leave a negative comment on channels, but getting a child up to exploit those workers like that is quite pretentious and shows such an air of arrogance and privilege. That man has no clue why someone is working there at 2 a.m. stocking shelves. That thinking can be detrimental to the larger society as a whole and needs to be reconsidered.

  • Great video! Dr. Paul, your videos are very helpful for the parents! Do you have videos that you talk directly to the teenagers on these issues? It would be so much more effective seeing and hearing it from you and your guest. Kids will listen to total strangers better than their own parents.

  • The difference between that adult at Walmart scrubbing floors and their kids could be addressed in some real talk about generational wealth, unlivable wages, the affects of ACES on a human being, and the WHY of “those” people pertaining more to survival than believing their kids can own a company.

    It’s always cute to see rich white “sages” over simplify important empathic lessons to strengthen the conditioning they received as young capitalists, down to the theory of “this will be your life because it is what happens to kids that just make bad choices and do not to do their homework”

    Check your privileged life and your sick way of teaching your child “not to judge”

  • I took content from this video and spoke it in a class activity in which I was given a role of a motivational speaker and it worked so well!!!! Cheers to the script writer

  • Im in tears. Art story was touching. I started telling my boys 3 days before watching this video. Id they dont study they will have to clean toilets when they older. Im seeing a slight shift in their behaviour. I loved the story. Thanx so much to you and Art.

  • I gladness Noah here in 1/12/2019 promise my self am going to do better in 2020 trying to change my self and be responsible for my huzbnd and my kids am going to study hard and do better yes I will and I can no matter what i must get in to college in 2021. Am gonna make it and not fear for anything

  • Hi Dr Paul, this video is great! I watched the other video where you talked about 3 stages of maturity for teens. I want to know if the ability to be motivated to working towards a future goal is part of the maturity as well?

    I understand that for younger kids, they are mostly living in here and now. They are not quite able to think about the future, is that right? If you want them to do something that they could not see the results in here and now, they will not be able to have the motivation to do it.

    So how old would children start to be old enough to think about the future and not be just focusing on here and now?

    My son has just become a teenager (had his 13th birthday a week ago), but he does not care about any future consequences at all. Even the basic things like brush his teeth properly twice a day, he is not motivated to do and will skip it whenever he can. I’ve already tried to tell him the consequences if he doesn’t take good care about his oral health, but seems like, if those consequences are not happening to him right now, then he wouldn’t want to care about it at all. Just show him what’s happening to others doesn’t seem very effective because it’s not happening to him right now, so he has no idea what’s it like.

    For get him motivated to study is difficult as well. So I can tell him what his life might be like in the future if he doesn’t put efforts in his studies, but it’s not happening to him right now, so he does not want to think about it.

    Seems like only if he would really experience all the bad consequences right now, then he might want to think about to do things differently. But I don’t want him to finally decide to do things better when all the bad consequences had already happened, that’s just too late.

    So what is the age that teens are starting to able to think ahead about the consequences in the future and not just focus on here and now? And what are the ways to help them think about the future and not just right now?

    Actually it’s not just children right? Sometimes adults don’t care much about future consequences as well. Like if you tell some people to change to a healthier life style, they just don’t want to be bothered. Only if their health turn from bad to worse, then they might finally decide to change for the better. But they don’t want to think about it if they are not yet suffering from any possible consequences right now.

    I guess this is hard even for adults…

  • A lot of people are butthurt. As a teacher you have to help them see the why. You are just too emotional about something that was personally shared by the guest speaker. Reality bites harder. Sympathy doesn’t really feed any hungry mouths in the street. That was his son’s why. Modify his example if you want but get his point straight.

  • Yea kids have to want it for themselves not for their parents or out of fear. That’s the hard part. You can explain his example to them, but they have to want it. And if they fail, they have to learn from that. My 9 year old who is in middle school 4th grade does only the minimum by being forced. I told her I guess eventually she will be tired of being in the 4 th grade and then she will have to step up and do the work herself to move on.

  • Hoo! WOW! I was expecting he will be use at least as example a Homeless sleeping in the street under a bridge ����‍♀️ not a hard working people! That is Seriously snobbery wrongfully bad.

  • I’m doing this for online. And I need some help about Motivation. Did it make you think about your own life? What is the big takeaway from the video?

  • I get the concept of loving them no matter what…but… I gotta say… people in this world have VERY different ideas of showing what love is. Some people think raising their kids to have racist attitudes is showing love. Others think beating their kids is showing love. Some think no discipline at all is love. From posts I see, many have the religious belief that they’re going to hell, so if they think the Creator doesn’t love them or don’t care, what are the chances that they’re going to show unconditional love? I’m just saying this from a human psychological perspective, because this is how many people think

  • am in the senior of high school and i know i can pull this shit off and make it happen so you can, i wish you guys all the best.just go for it

  • I had to do this for homework but instead, this video motivated me. Just because my parents want the best for me. They can not control what I want to be or do. Because no matter what I do nobody can stop me from it. Even if it is becoming an artist and your parents want you to be a school teacher. Sometimes you can fulfill your dream like working at a school and teaching art. My parents want me to become a doctor and you see I don’t really know if that is good for me. I really want to act. But my parents push me to become a doctor by making me take some advanced classes for smart kids. I’m very good at remembering things and actors just need to remember what line they need to say which is not hard for me to do. So, if you want to do something be someone then become that person you want to be and make a difference in someone else’s life by saying, ” Hey if you want to do it. JUST DO IT.” ���� I hope that people understand you can not push people to become someone they don’t want to be. It’s their own destiny and they can choose what kind of person they want to be. ��

  • I tried the midnight technique & showed & explained & its “I’ll do the work & then a week later it’s back to the same!” I’ve tried different techniques. I constantly say I’ll help you. I love you no matter what.. But nothing working so now I’ve step back. I’ve have consequences & not work. She flips from stage 1, 2 & 3 all the tone

  • Did anyone else talled themselves that they would study just aftér this motivation video. Because I have already watched 10 motivation videos before this. It really touched me when he said why do we tell ourselves to check insta for 10 mintes and etc. Why the f am I commenting, wth. I gotta go back to studyin. I just wasted another 5 minutes wtf.

  • I’m in college and stumbled upon this video (you know youtube, you start with seeing unicorns and rainbows and who knows where you end up) but curious why is this being assigned in schools?

  • I work for walmart. I usually love your videos. but this is sad. I am proud to be a productive citizen. is it my dream job, no. however it is a job. my son sees his only parent being responsible and going work. he knows at only 9 that my walmart job pays are way in life. lots of us that work there may agree this is not are dream job, but we all usually agree at least we can be happy to have a job. college was a option for me, but not what I wanted. I can not buckle down and get a degree in just one or two things, when I change my mind about what I like far to often still. or want a degree in 20 different things. not to mention the school structure never sat well with me.

  • I’m trying to use this video with my students because it’s so great, but the sound is so quiet. I know the speaker has a softer voice, but I wish I could get the sound louder somehow. A good lesson in active listening for them! 😉

  • I’ll need to read a lot of books this week and pay attention more and stop putting my head down on the desk and close my eyes but there is one thing that won’t change and that’s my sadness

  • The first person that you see in the morning is yourself, you are the last person that you see when falling asleep, you are the person that you spend most time with. So, become the person that u always want to live up to, become your own idol

  • I’m doing well in my classes except I’m struggling so much in AP Chemistry. I got a 9/20 on my last exam but this video made me motivated to study as much as I can in order to well on the next test. I’ll update the score I get after the next test. Thanks to this video <3

  • all these motivation clips are right and I belive a human can do whatever but I’m living in a fucking stupid country which I can’t breath or even walk to my goals!!!
    eventhou I can’t immigrate to a better place too!..LOL

  • Im here bacause of an assinment as well. Mostly because, Im in a special class called G.T. (In other words Gifted and Talented class)

  • Your mentality is so important. If you believe in yourself, you can do it. You show you believe in yourself by taking the actions that show you do. That’s why time management is crucial to leading a successful & fulfilling life. You can get even more done with virtual assistants which can do all kinds of tasks for you:

  • I am F student
    I don’t know anything…
    Next minth i have exams..
    Well… First time i will stay the same grade
    I cant learn anything its imposible

  • Me: I don’t want to do homework, give me motivation


  • I think i need help. I study so much, but have shitty grades. I pay attention to the class, i do the hw, i do everything. But is not enough and then i have friends that dont study, They dont care, they dont pay attention. But they have better grades than me. I seriosly dont know what to do i tried everything. I guess im just dumb and i need to just accept the fact that im never gonna be who i Wanna be.

  • Last semester I realised that I needed to start studying a little too late in the semester but i dedicated those last few weeks before exam to studying LESS and SMART. Studied a half hour, took a 10 min break, brain was fresh again, repeated the cycle until i completed a certain module. Would run through what i studied the day before early in the morning and then learn new material in the same process and then repeat again. I passed my courses and failed one, moved on to the more advanced ones (I study software engineering) while my friends remained back repeating the old courses. They didnt put in the effort i did. We all did poorly in the course work since it was a group thing, they didnt put in the effort to pass the finals, i DID. I used that same study routine i stated above and I aced that exam. Now this semester, i been studying every day, a LITTLE cheat days, but consistent work. Same routine, covering alot of modules. All my friends call me crazy and dumb for studying from so early. But hard work pays off. That’s why my GPA is above all of theirs

  • I have always been an A and sometimes B student
    I was never the best student in my class but this year i will become the best student
    I will come back in 9 months as the best student in my class(beating the best student of 4 classes)

  • Paying your children to apply themselves to improve in any aspect of their lives is saying, I don’t know what to do or have a solution. I understand the point of using money as an incentive, but it sends the wrong message to a still developing brain. What if the family cannot pile up a stack of “Washingtons” on the table for something the child should do whether he/she likes it or not. Teach the children that they have to do things in their lives which are not always enjoyable but are necessary or rewarding in the end. The Walmart example is conflicting. For some, that’s the best they can do, for whatever reason, which we don’t know and cannot judge them. Pushing children to get all A’s do not guarantee success in life. What it can do is create neurotic behavior which can affect them later in life. Hopefully, the Walmart example is not used in any of the books he wrote.

  • my stepdad says I’m useless so I’m trying to be prove him wrong but I feel useless and worthless I need to boost my confidence and motivation.,.

  • Ramalingam, India

    Great and appropriate advice for me
    As you said it is STAGE not age.
    My children are in stage ONE are 23 and 31. Both completed masters, younger employed, elder does not want to go for low paid job in her qualification, English literature. How to graduate them to stage THREE.

  • I believe and will become a great Scientist that will
    Make 10 million people come to the concert to just hear what I say,sounds crazy? Well I’m on my road to it because I grind, and I reach, there is no one that can ladders with their hands in their pockets, what this message is,?
    Simply BELIEVE and ACCOMPLISH and Bring
    The Extraordinary grades Extraordinary success,This Is Your Opportunity START Now,if you lose this opportunity, No One can fix it for you, Your phone your instagram your friends, these won’t won’t benefit if you lose these won’t be there when you lose so grab life BY THE HORNS and START, START ACCOMPLISHING GODDAMNIT JUST START It takes ONLY Your ATTITUDE about it No one can CHANGE you except yourself,please

    Please promise that you will grab life by the horns and Start getting Extraordinary Accomplishment and Success

  • Im literally sitting here crying because school is so stressful i might fail my semester if I don’t pass my final that counts for 40%�� please pray for me

    UPDATE: I passed������ y’all hard work pays off!!

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  • My kids dad said that they don’t need education if they are smart. He makes money without college lol and has a pretty good’s a matter of getting along with others ( master manipulator). He talks bad for people who went to college and says is a waste of time and money.

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  • If you get a C you want an A.
    If you get an A you want to be the best in the class.
    If you are the best in the class you want to be the best in your country.
    If you are the best in your country you want to be the best in the world.

    Do not be angry if your parents scold you.
    You will understand it when you grow up.

  • Some people might say it is wrong to pay for grades. What if a child is working hard, pushing his/her limits and still gets B or C. We are just people, we are not perfect at absolutely everything, so trying to push your child to be perfect at everything might be too much. I know this is just about money, you get more if you have A than when you have B. Shouldn’t we rather praise the effort than the result only. One child might be excellent at math, but may really suck at English,and with lots of effort can only get B or C. Or otherwise,just use this system, but explain to your child, that it is ok to have B or C, because they worked so hard, and tell them they don’t need straight As to be loved or to be successful. Sometimes the average ( those with Bs and Cs ) people are the ones with success, happiness and money in adult life. Grades are not everything. If you have good grades but are vulnerable and not confident, you are not much better than people with Bs or Cs who have less knowledge but better life skills. We have to care about our kids emotional health and their interests too. If your child is not going to be an artist or an athlete than let them focus on math if they love it. Sure you want them to be successful AND happy, so we always need to look for some balance and understanding. Teach them to do their best, whatever that means for them. There are some kids who are great at almost anything, but there are also those who are only great at some things, but both of them can be successfull if they find something they love to do and they are good at it.

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  • “if you wanna be successful, you must be willing to do things that others don’t wanna do”
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    Identify the rhetorical devices used by the speaker and to reflect on what is their learning from this speech.

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  • DrPaul: This video is great but I really have to ask you a big favor to make a video on a special topic, I did not find anything on it or if you know any good books or resources. My boy is 16, he does really well at school but he does not have a lot of social life. He started seeing a girl at school and his concern is:”I am so awkward, I do not know what to talk to her about”, or he would say “He is a popular guy at school not like me”. I told him to do more reading, to broad up his knowledge, etc, but I do not really have any strategy to help him. I think he is avoiding peers because he doesn’t know what to talk about. Can you give some ideas? He is pretty open with me and will accept my help. Thank you in advance!

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