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How to Prepare for Tonsil and Adenoid Surgery

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Tonsils and Adenoid April 10th

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Why Are Adenoids Removed with the Tonsils? — AMITA Health

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What is Adenoids and Tonsillitis? (Complete Video)

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Adenoids and Adenoidectomy: what are they, when do we remove them, what is the surgery like

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Tonsils and Adenoids Surgery

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After tonsil or adenoid removal, the researchers found a twoto three-times increase in diseases of the upper respiratory tract. They identified smaller increases in risks for infectious and. After tonsil or adenoid removal, the researchers found a twoto three-times increase in diseases of the upper respiratory tract. They identified smaller increases in risks for infectious and allergic diseases. Following adenotonsillectomy, the risk for infectious diseases rose 17 percent.

After tonsil or adenoid removal, the researchers found a twoto three-times increase in diseases of the upper respiratory tract. They identified smaller increases in risks for infectious and allergic diseases. Following adenotonsillectomy, the risk for infectious diseases rose 17 percent. After tonsil or adenoid removal, the researchers found a twoto three-times increase in diseases of the upper respiratory tract.

They identified smaller increases in risks for infectious and allergic diseases. Following adenotonsillectomy, the risk for infectious diseases rose 17 percent. After tonsil or adenoid removal, the researchers found a twoto three-times increase in diseases of the upper respiratory tract. They identified smaller increases in risks for infectious and allergic diseases. Think Twice About Tonsil, Adenoid Removal.

THURSDAY, June 7, 2018 (HealthDay News) Having tonsils removed in childhood is supposed to end chronic earaches and breathing problems. But what if it also increases risk of respiratory infections?As for adenoids, which are glands at the roof of the mouth that are usually removed to help with middle ear infections, researchers discovered that childhood surgery to remove those may make a person twice as likely to get chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and doubles a person’s risk of getting conjunctivitis, the Telegraph reports.

“For children 3 and older, the surgeon usually removes both tonsils and adenoids. On occasion we will address tonsils in children younger than 2, and we will do what is called an intracapsular tonsillectomy, which is partial removal of the tonsil tissues,” she says. 2. They are causing recurring throat infections. Tonsils and adenoids often become enlarged or inflamed when they’re fighting a pathogen. However, some children have enlarged tonsils and adenoids.

Tonsil and Adenoid Removal Procedure. The removal of either or both the tonsils and adenoids involves the child or person being anesthetized. As any procedure involving anesthetics is serious and has serious risks, the procedures are done with much precaution.

List of related literature:

During the operation, the surgeon separates and removes the tonsils from the side of the throat; the adenoids are removed from behind the palate.

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Tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy are performed if the tonsils become recurrently infected.

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Tonsillectomy is rarely required in recurrent tonsillitis unless the tonsillar enlargement obstructs the pharynx.

“Small Animal Pediatrics E-Book: The First 12 Months of Life” by Michael E. Peterson, Michelle Kutzler
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The adenoids are usually removed because they are almost always infected when the tonsils are.

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If the tonsils are large and the obstruction is severe, then removing the tonsils in addition to the adenoids may be necessary.

“Nelson Essentials of Pediatrics E-Book: First South Asia Edition” by Karen Marcdante, Robert M. Kliegman, O P Misra, Shakuntala Prabhu, Surjit Singh
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If you suffer from tonsillitis frequently and breathing becomes difficult, they can be removed surgically in a procedure called a tonsillectomy.

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The adenoids and tonsils often become swollen and infected; they may be surgically removed if they become chronically inflamed or are otherwise problematic.

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There is no anatomical connection between the tonsils and the larynx and singers can rest assured that the removal of two, large, infected, swollen and sound absorbing lumps (tonsils) in the throat will probably enhance vocal quality by making more space available and removing a source of recurrent infection.

“Dynamics of the Singing Voice” by A. Besterman, Meribeth A. Dayme
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Enlarged pharyngeal tonsils (adenoids) may cause nasal obstruction.

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Adenoidectomy (removal of adenoids) and tonsillectomy (removal of tonsils) may also be performed, although there is some controversy about the effectiveness of these procedures in resolving OM.

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  • Has any adults in there 30 have gotten them removed if so can yall tell me yall experience did it hurt what yall eat how long were yall in the hospital

  • I keep getting tonsil stones so I want my tonsils to be removed �������� I’m crying rn and I can’t breathe proerly cus I’m panicking

  • Thank you so much for this video. I had a tonsillectomy on the 26th of December 2018 and I over heard the nurse say to another that they took out my adenoids too. I had never heard of them before so this helped me to understand.

  • My parents were not much for surgeries; thus, I suffered w/ adenoids, mouth breathing, earaches, hyperactivity, & yes, bedwetting. It was horrible & embarrassing to me. That was back in the ’50s.

    If your kid needs an adenoidectomy, do it. There should be local clinics to help defray the costs dramatically if you can’t afford it. Your kid really can’t afford it. Please, take my word for it.

  • I’m 20 years old, m tonsils only started acting up about 2 years ago. And now the Doctor wants to remove them. Omw I don’t want to deal with the pain that follows �� I heard its really bad.

  • I’m 25years old. Growing up as a kid I’ve always had enlarged Tonsils issue. Which comes and goes. But recently about a 2years ago I remember getting serious series of Tonsilitis. Then fever I became sick for days. I got medications for it and was okay for a while. Then I began having neck pains before I knew it. I could feel swollen lymph. Nodes at the back of my neck and my groin area. Different bowel issues. I’ve taken a lot of medications. No changes. Medications even have caused me some serious side effect problems. Now just a couple of weeks ago I did CT scan. And the result came out as Adenotonsillar hypertrophy. I don’t know if this is possible. I’m scared because I know it could also mean I have lymphoma. I reject it! But I have to be sure I’m not in deep shit! Please help!!!!

  • I had many changes after this tonsils my epiglottis is visible and i had acid reflux feeling like something is wrong with me anyone is experiencing this?,

  • son 3years having adenoids grade 4…doctor suggested surgery…is it safe for my child please respond…I’m getting very fear.

  • My mum doesen’t let me get a surgery for adenoids:( It’s really annoying me and my nose bleeds everytime i blow.:( i cry alot now.

  • I think this why I keep getting shook out of sleep. Either because I can’t breathe or extreme irritation in my ear. This might be a eureka moment in my life.

  • I got mine out last week. I really have been wondering about recovery. I’m 22 and the recovery has been horrible. I have barely slept. Wake up in severe pain around the same time each night. When I swallow it tastes horrible and tastes like blood

  • I had my tonsils removed but don’t know if I have my adenoids. I have been having chronic sore throat and yesterday I have something swollen back there. Very hard to swallow. I feel like my tonsils are swollen but I don’t have tonsils.

  • I had my tonsils popped
    When you have em
    There is a muscle in your arms
    Basically massage it for like 30min each one and the next time you get em it won’t hurt….
    As much

  • When I was eight I had my tonsils and adenoids removed because they were literally touching each other so much I would go to the emergency room regularly and I remember my doctor saying I couldn’t go more than a few more years or else I would choke to death

  • I think my perants said that my tonsils would sweel up when ever I would eat or drink and then I would snore loudly so I had to get the removed

  • So my doctors had thought I was sick but actually it was because my tonsil were so big and it is hard for me to eat and drink and sleep so I’m going to my real actual doctor to get the date set up for my getting my tonsils removed

  • I am so scared about child have the same problem, he is only 3.. Doctor also advised about surgery..but we are scared, dnt know what to do☹️☹️☹️☹️��

  • My tonsil (red tonsil)have stayed 4years now n i feel m tired of them,I got medication but all in vain it never worked,should i go for surgery, reply plz

  • IM 15 and just got my adenoid removed yesterday. The surgery is nothing. But the anaesthesia… I threw up every 10 minutes. It was like torture.

  • Had adnoides removed and it is not that bad just in case anyone is if your having them removed dont panic and also for me there was not that much pain after the operation

  • I got an Adenoidectomy and Tonsillectomy aged just 4months old due to an respiratory failure �� I was born with enlarged tongue so that was restricting my breathing a lot though helped very well after Tonsils and Adenoids were taken out. I grew into my slightly thick tongue. 28 now. I don’t remember this experience getting this done obviously but well done for everyone a little older who got this operation ��

  • I am sufferin fam tonsils since 3 days it’s worsen due Tu wch I got highfever 105° m scared.. Aftr seein DZ video n comments section, m scared Tu remove dem:-( pls give meh hope

  • Cheers for the video content! Excuse me for the intrusion, I am interested in your initial thoughts. Have you researched Siaharloffe Renowned Sovereignty (should be on google have a look)? It is a good exclusive product for eliminating tonsil stones without the normal expense. Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my m8 at very last got cool success with it.

  • I have a tonsil like these almost 3 years I can’t remove cause I don’t have enough money to remove my tonsil. ������ how many times I take my medicine but no effect��

  • I have a serious bad breath problem from i was a teenager. Sometime ago i made a bad comment to my spouse and his reply to me was “it not me that you smell it is your mouth” i almost died and gone to hell with embarrassment i ask my mother and she said as far as she can remember my breath i had bad breath, until i came across the doctor who help me out and took me of my shame am very happy today that i was cured of the disease all thanks to Dr,Aloma he also works on related diseases like ALS DIABETES HEP B/C HSV him to save lives via ([email protected]) or you call via his number +2348069525913.

  • Except you deal with nasty, stank burps for about a week that smell like burnt flesh…I cleared my elevator OUT at my post op visit. ��

  • My sun is 26 and has been told that adenoids should be removed to help him with his breathing. He doesn’t get infections. He’s a mouth breather and has a dry mouth. I’m afraid that you said it’s inafective in adults. Should we get adenoids and tonsils removed. Please reply ASAP as he’s booked in for surgery on 6th January 2020. Please help and advice

  • I had both tonsils and adenoids removed when I was 4 because my older brother had tonsillitis. Retarded parents and medical system.

  • Just got my tonsils removed because of tonsil stones worth it the bad taste in the mouth is gone and the haters saying they still get them its still not as bad as having swollen tonsils more often also it doesn’t even hurt that much if i can do it you can do it

  • After the corona I’ve been watching a lot of Netflix lately and I didn’t knew I had tonsils. I felt something coming out of my throat and I thought it was a mini demogorgon wanting to come out ����

  • i was so excited to get mine removed but when i woke up i barely drank water (mybe 100 200 ml water) i drank like 1 1,2 l water because it was better but now on my i feel kinda better but my doctor said it will be alot worse at home because i wont get so much medication like i got in the hospital

  • I’m 24 & just got my tonsils removed last week due to reeaccuring tonsillitis, I wish I never went through this surgery. Would’ve rather dealt with the few strept throats a year �� the recovery from it has been HORRIBLE. I’ve had to go to ER because of non stop bleeding �� just today went back to my surgeon because of more bleeding, he had to cauterize a blood vessel. 0 out of 10 would not recommend!!

  • I had my tonsillectomy on July 15th 2020 due to recurrent strep throat and tonsilitis. It was very quick and not as painful as I thought it would have been. The first day was really tough as I bled quite often but I managed to move around pretty well though still feeling light due to GA. The severity of the pain was very well coped with adequate analgesics, in fact, I could already eat porridge by the second day and I was allowed to be discharged on that very day. Today is my third day, I am still finding it hard to speak normally as the surgical site is still swelling and feeling lightheadedness sometimes. I think the surgeon (ent specialist) did an excellent tonsillectomy and an investment that worth for my health.

  • Excellent Video! Apologies for the intrusion, I am interested in your opinion. Have you ever tried Parlandealey Mouth Cure Process (just google it)? It is a good exclusive guide for learning how to cure tonsil stones minus the normal expense. Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my work buddy at very last got amazing results with it

  • My son was diagnosed with these but i cant afford this procedure, the doctor told me it would cost me around $1750. He cant breath well he strains at night and sometimes i stay woke at night to feel his pain hoping this money will come to me some day to his rescue

  • Hi I’d love a response. I am going for my adenoid surgery Monday morning, I’m 17 years old and I’ve been having blocked nose and trouble sleeping, and breathing through my mouth for 3-4 yeArs now and I’ve been fighting through misery during the time. I soon evaluated it and was told that it is enlarged and getting bigger. But the thing I was told by my doctor was that it is not “guaranteed” it’ll have better outcomes. Howcome? Also, I’ll be honest, I sleep in a basement area where it is alittle dusty, could this be why I’ve been blocked for years?

  • hi, I think your presentation is very helpful to understand the risk of adenoiditis. My question is why not try to improve the immune system and reduce the inflammation instead of taking out something that protects our bodies from infection. Why not try first a treatment with iodine, magnesium and something else. Like the one my son had when he was little. 20 years ago a doctor prescribed a compound like this. And after a month or two my son stopped having problems with his tonsils and he finally did not need surgery.

  • I know this is an older video but I’m hoping you’ll still be able to respond. My girlfriend (35) has adenoids that we believe cause a lot of problems. I believe it also blocks her eustachian tubes (they aren’t functioning… her ear drum just ruptured again this weekend from pressure buildup). I’m wondering if during an adenoidectomy if a Eustachian tube balloon treatment could be done at the same time.

  • I had to get that removed because they were to large and I would have to go back when I’m 21 to get them removed again because the tonsils are growing back

  • My daughter just got diagnosed at 19 with adenoidtitis. Does that mean hers never got smaller and disappeared since that is what is supposed to happen? The ENT we saw was pretty quick to jump to surgery saying that hers are a 3 out of 4 in size.

  • I am 27 and did removed tonsil 2017 however still coming back, as I am speaking now my throat is swelling and in so much hell of pain.. Somebody help me. ��������

  • I had partial tonsillectomy and septoplasty a couple years ago. My bad breath, post nasal drip, stuffy nose, constant sensation of something stuck in my throat, foul taste in my mouth went away after two surgeries. Now the foul taste, post nasal drip, the sensation of something in my throat are coming back. Im worried. Could it be adenoid? Lately i have been very congested and i have been using Flonase. The sensation in my throat is driving me crazy. Any advice is appreciated.

  • how can we confirm about adenoids, is it through X Ray, if so X Ray is suggestable to take for the children age of 6 years? please suggest..

  • I had tonsils and adenoids surgery and they keep get infected over and over again for months, I went to the hospital and got removal surgery at 5 years old. Now at 13 years I came back and I feel like its growing back, I have a strep throat right now, I can barely talk, but i don’t have stuffy nose, I can’t sleep. I had them the removal surgery already. What is going on??? I can’t eat bcuz of strep throat, I can’t swallow, I can’t sleep, I can’t talk, I can’t eat. WHAT ELSE WILL BE TAKEN FROM ME. IM SCARED TO GO TO THE DOCTOR BCUZ OF CORONA VIRUS PATIENTS AND ITS A BIG RISK RIGHT NOW. I LITERALLY GOT THE SURGERY AND NOW I HAVE ADENOIDS ISSUES AND I SOUND DRUNK WHEN I TALK BCUZ OF THAT WHAT SHOULD I DO?!����

  • My ENT doc just told me I have ‘some things’ on my adenoids and I need an adenoidectomy. My voice is massively affected so I rarely speak. This video was helpful. I’m looking forward to my surgery now.

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  • Best Tonsillectomy Recovery Ever!!! Age 21

    Day 1Before the surgery
    They messed up my Iv but whatever. It didn’t hurt that bad. I generally have pretty bad needle anxiety but for some reason I was really chill. Then I dressed myself up and got wheeled out after they put heart monitor patches on my chest.

    Anesthesia: The doctor was really nice. Put it in while I was being wheeled in a bed to the operation room. They told me I wouldn’t remember most of it and I remember speaking like 2 sentences before I was out. I felt a little lightheaded but not dizzy. Pretty pleasant. Kinda felt a little like nitrous oxide but it took a little extra work to really connect what I was saying to the words that were coming out of my mouth to the doctors lmao. I was just a little slower and then boom. Before I even knew it I was out and I have some good drug tolerance. I figured I could fight it a little longer haha. It didn’t feel hot. Maybe a little chilly but nothing unbearable. I only felt it in my hand before I was out and it definitely wasn’t a panic inducing feeling for me.

    After the Surgery: I woke up feeling like I slept a good nights worth of sleep. Wide awake! I didn’t sleep on the 2hr drive home and my meds took about 4 HOURS for me to get. ����‍♂️ Talking right away. Singing right away. Smoking right away ����‍♂️ Coughing is even fine. The only thing that is annoying are the hiccups.

    By day 2 the pain was the same but half of my scabs have already formed AND fallen off.

    Day 3: a little more sore but that’s bc the hotdogs were NOT a good choice lmao. Citrusy popsicles or soda didn’t feel good on this day either but it really only was THIS day.

    It’s Day 4: my scabs are completely gone. Just a little green fluid in the back. The only thing is that I’m tired all the time but I need to wake up every 4 hours to take my medicine. Yawning isn’t bad but it is uncomfortable.

    I have only heard bad stories and I figured prepare for the worst… but it would have been nice to see some good recoveries out there too! I hope some people can relate!!

  • I am alot older than 20 and unfortunately still have my tonsils. Everything you just said sound exactly like the problem I have been suffering from, my entire life. Stuffy nose, post nasal drip, permanent ear ache, sleep problems etc. Could this be my problem?

  • Hello, Dr Li
    I live in Kansas City Kansas and I believe my son has this issue but I have been scared to put him through this surgery… I can come to California so you can perform this surgery. Your explanation to detail is spot on.

  • I have doubt that After adenoid surgery they will grow again my kid is suffering with adenoids doctor suggest for surgery this video is very helpfull to me

  • my tonsel disloved when i was a kid but i have been haveing so many sinus migrines i been to the drs a couple weeks at a time im wondering if my adenoids are the problem or something else i dont know how many times as year i get sinus problems

  • My parents refuse to get mine removed because they think that surgery is bad and it will not help. Even tho I can’t sleep,can’t breathe, have a sore throat and i am always sick. Ima 13 btw.

  • My adenoids grew back after surgery as a child and I am now 28. My doctor put me on allergy medicine and no spray to see if that would shrink them but he couldn’t really figure out why they grew back so large again. Any ideas?

  • Thank for posting this. Makes me wonder, I will be having this surgery and I’ve actually needed it for decades, but insurance doesn’t seem to cover it. When does insurance say, ok it’s definitely necessary? An underrated issue I feel. I’ve never had a doctor say, well you have this chronic problem, let’s take a look at ur tonsils&adenoids until now& only because I will be singing so got checked by expert.

  • I’m 48 and have had snoring problems for so long I can’t remember when it started. I wake myself up a lot at night and feel exhausted in the day. I have now been told I have enlarged adenoids and have to have them removed. I do have Sjögren’s syndrome and RA. Could that be the reason why my adenoids are enlarged and why my ears don’t pop when I fly? I get severe earache and muffled hearing when I fly.

  • like reuse food utensoils s well toothbrueshes,,,becreful.M-E4dmic/ & my former bnd BMC/ dd enjoy life.

  • I was worring what would happen in the surgery seen though mine is tommorow. Thank you for all the information, now I have a greater understanding of what will be happening and what they are. Thanks!

  • I got mine out when I was 14. After the operation, I could barely swallow and couldn’t even talk. The whole area where they had removed my tonsils where burnt off. In the days after the surgery I started to get nausea. When I told the surgeon about it, I was simply ignored. After a few days I remember that I was coughing and suddenly red blood poured out of my mouth. I was then taken to the ER. They did a second operation and removed a huge blood clot from my throat. Turns out that a vein had remained open while they had done the first surgery and blood had been coming out of it the whole time giving me nausea and extreme pain.

  • i just got my tonsils taken out last night at the hospital, please help me i havent ate anything for the past 2 days bc everything hurts:(

  • hi dr gene liu, i want to ask about my 2 years and 3 months baby he cant breathe normally and ENT dr said he must make adenoid removal surgery next week but we are so scared need your advice please.

  • I believe this is what my 4 year old is suffering from. She cannot breathe through her nose at ALL. We co-sleep and she’s a noisy sleeper and sometimes she stops breathing for a few seconds and chokes during her sleep. She wakes up with her mouth dry and frothy. She is also hyper-active and will stay up all night. Her last doctor’s visit (in OK) she was sick with the cold & diagnosed with an ear infection I had no clue she had and they checked her breathing which they “didnt like” yet only gave her antibiotics for her ear. But since I googled her breathing problems she had all the symptoms of inflamed adenoids. I was looking at home remedies and ran into your vid which im thankful for,so maybe she needs surgery. Is there any pediatricians/docs you can recommend in MD?

  • Hello my son had both tonsils and adenoids removed 2yrs ago.he recoverd very well and fast,& also was doing okay until a yr after all he started getting ear infection & bronchitis again & I’ve been told that he has to have his adenoids removed seriously against it.i was really hoping for a solution that doesn’t require surgery, since his condition isn’t as bad as the first time.first surgery he was 4.his 6 now almost 7.have u ever had surgery done twice on an infant in 2 years.?please give me advice.

  • My son is 8 and just had his very large adenoids removed today. He’s been a mouth breather for about 2 years and i just learned at the dentist that he will need to go to the dentist to have an expansion done? Bc his adult teeth don’t have the space to come in and are just coming in wherever ��. Very interesting how these two things work together. I would have got the adenoids addressed much sooner had I known it was affecting the shape of his mouth.

  • I love how descriptive you’re! My surgery for my tonsillectomy/adnoidectomy is Thursday. Your videos have helped me so much. I’m 32 so it’s definitely gonna be fun…��

  • Don’t be scared by the comments. Everyone has a different experience/pain tolerances and are more likely to describe a negative experience than a positive one.

    I just had mine removed today and as long as you have the right pain medication on board, it won’t be so bad. I’ll keep you updated on my recovery!

  • Did you have chronic sinus infections along with this most likely you have a gluten allergy a milk or another food allergy or a bunch of them combined save yourself a lot of hassle get yourself an allergy test remove the offending Foods get oil of oregano and colloidal silver do 10 days of oil oregano one pill every 6 hours and a half ounce of colloidal silver to kill your candida overgrowth. Since your tonsils and adenoids are part of your immune system like your appendix every time you eat the offending Foods you are a listing of food an allergy response.

  • Hi,I am bangladeshi really wanna get rid of it but,My mom said that they have to do a signature that “If your child die its not our fault” I am little scRed Give me suggestion

  • Thanks for the informative video! Is it possible for adults to have adenoid issues? I feel like that’s my problem but I’ve already seen an ENT don’t think he’s taking me seriously

  • Dear god. This sounds awful. I haven’t spoken to my ENT yet but my vocal coach basically said I have to get them removed. They swell up every month for a whole week and I can’t speak or sing at all. Especially being a singer I can’t have that. I just hate surgery man

  • If anyone sees this. I Have always had mucos get stuck between my nose and throat. For like 4 years now and it has gotten worse. I do have a muffled voice and allergic rhinitis. This year I feel like something between my nose and throat is stuck…like something is stuck there. I have done saline nasal rinses and they help but then my symptoms come back. Could this be something regarding the adenoids. Has anyone else had similar symptoms. It’s been ruining my quality of life
    Ps: I had my tonsils taken out but not my adenoids

  • Does not mention that the doctor will CLAMP you tongue down! No one told me. Felt like a bit my tongue after surgery. Even more pain than my tonsils left two blisters on each side and took five days to heal -_-

  • Dear dr. Liu, my son had this adenoid surgery two weeks ago and is still having really strong bad breath up to now. When will this problem over? I am pretty worried because bad breath lowers down his confidence. Moreover, he will start school in 9 days. Please kindly suggest. Thank you in advance.

  • Hi Dr
    I am 30 years old. I have consulted ENT and they have informed me that I have enlarged adenoids and I am suffering nose block and breathing problem. Can you please confirm if once a adenoids are removed are they any chances of getting back. Waiting for your reply.

  • I removed them yesterday. I knew i was gonna have a bad time after the tonsillectomy but boy was I wrong.. This is horrible. I hope it was worth it tho

  • Sir, my son is 20 months old. And the ENT advised for adinoidectomy as they are in 3rd to 4th grade. Is it the appropriate age for my son to undergo this surgery. After using the metaspray, for about a week now, snoring has reduced but still mouth breather. Please advise

  • Thanks for the great information. My daughter (6.5 yrs) is suffering from sleep apnea due to enlarged adenoids. Also she has very enlarged tonsils but she never complained about pain in throat and any problems related to tonsils. Doctors are suggesting to remove both adenoids and tonsils. Please suggest,should we go for both adenoidectomy and tonsillectomy.

  • At 25, I just got my tonsils out because I discovered I had sleep apnea and realized my tonsils were to blame. I’m on day 10 of my recovery. It was quite painful but it’s almost gone and I’m sleeping much better already.

  • Hi and thanks for the video, my Son has been dealing with infections (ear and mucus, running nose etc) and our ENT doctor is recommending this procedure. I am just worried about any possible negative effects or risks. Are there any? Even remotely? Thanks

  • absolutely love your videos. they are so helpful and full of great information. I do have a few questions. I do have gigantic adenoids and tonsils. After a cold or even after my ENT doctor scoped my nose I have difficulty hearing from my right ear, I think I have eustachian tube dysfunction? I have really bad allergies that dont fully respond to allergy tablets/singulair and nasal steroids. Is there any way to tell if adenoid and tonsil removal would be more helpful than allergy desensitization injections? recently I have started snoring also.

  • My son had his surgery for tonsil and adenoids when he was 5yr old now he is 7. Is it true that when adenoids and tonsils are removed they might come back??? And is they do how long later do they come back???

  • Thank you…It’s really fun and instructive…kerry on �� It is also a great opportunity to encourage young people to apply for med school

  • my parents want to remove of my tonsils and adenoids but we are afraid to go to the hospital because there are still covid 19 in our country

  • Dr. Liu, I’m disappointed that surgery is presented as the first and only option. The more we learn about the human body the more we discover the importance of each part. For example, the appendix was once thought to have no function, to just be a vestigial leftover of sorts. We now know that “junk DNA” isn’t junk at all! We already know that adenoids are a part of the immune system. Just because removing them won’t kill a person and in fact appears to have some significant immediate benefits; what are the costs that we aren’t aware of yet? Whether you believe we are designed or evolved, each part was made or developed for a reason.
    Even more important is that there is no effort to address the cause. There is a reason a child has chronic colds, ear infections, sinus infections, etc. And that reason is NOT that they were born with defective adenoids, so let’s take them out and that will solve the problem. What is the root cause? It’s as if there is an arsonist setting fires all over the city and doctors are running around putting out the fires like champ! But nobody wants to talk about stopping the arsonist.
    A simple YouTube search will bring up videos of people teaching how to bring down and keep down the inflammation of the adenoids.
    I am the Grandparent of an 18-month-old who will have her adenoids removed Jan. 3. Her parents are very young and will do everything the doctor tells them they should do. I have a keen appreciation for allopathic medicine from which I have greatly benefitted. I also understand that your ability to provide for yourself and your family is not improved if you send parents home with a booklet of resources on how to build their child’s immune system, reduce inflammation throughout the body, and address the acute situation without antibiotics or surgery for a trial of 6 months before considering something further.
    Nevertheless I hope it is something you will look into and consider incorporating into your practice.
    I think your video is really impressive, as you are very good at explaining things and you come across as very knowledgeable and like you genuinely care. I hope you continue connecting with people through media. But please consider setting yourself apart from the pack by searching for and taking out the arsonist.

  • i can close off the throat with my tonsils:D getting covid test in three days and my tonsils out in a week edit: i got my tonsils out two days ago. i’m in pain:D

  • Good day. just wanna ask the treatment for this type of Tonsil. I have Relative who got tonsil and it is very consistent. In the past 1 month it got remove the. Then Suddenly it came back when he ate salt food.he suffered everytime he swallow and eat some kind of foods. He already reached doctors but it cant be defined i mean the specific treatment. And the recommend avoid to eat some salt and oily and vinegar food. Can you help us what is right treatment of this illness. Thank you in Advanced

  • I noticed you said that these usually go away as you get older. But I am 27 years old and my doctor scheduled me for a T&A. Is there even an adenoid for him to remove?

  • Hi Liu,
    I have a daughter of 5 years old. The X-Ray report says that 1. Nasopharyngeal air column is intended by grossly enlarged mass at nasopharyngeal roof with defined convex compression of anterior air column. and 2. Gross adenoids. The doctor is asking for operation but I am afraid of my child who is only 5 years old and her immune system is not strong enough.
    I am thinking to take care of my child using different home remedial actions and also want to use medicine to cure the adenoids from bacteria.
    Please give me a good suggestion.

  • For some reason my tonsils got real huge and almost like they have cuts in them. Then I started getting little white stones. Should I tell my mom about this?

  • I get my tonsils out tmrw I’m very nervous ��, I’m only 13 May god bless over me while I get my surgery and May everyone bless over me too also can adults stay in the room with you?

  • I remember when I got my tonsils removed. I had tonsillitis for like 2 months and then my mom decided it’s time to get them out and after the surgery I woke up and started crying cause I thought something was stuck in my throat (the stitches were uncomfortable) and then I got to eat sherbet ice cream for a week:)

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  • im gonna get a surgery on my tonsils and adenoids and i’m so scared. i’ve been watching videos on the surgery’s and i’m so afraid omggggg

  • Can’t still believe that i got cured from Genital Herpes through herbal treatment from Dr david who I met through the internet, I actually couldn’t believe it at first because it sounded impossible to me knowing how far I have gone just to get rid of it. Dr david send me his medicine which I took as instructed and here I am living a happy life once again, a big thanks to Dr david, I am sure there are many herbal doctors out there but Dr david did it for me, contact him [email protected] com or also whats app him +2347042992115

  • Can your tonsils or adenoids grow back I got them removed when I was around 5 yrs old and I’ve looked where my tonsils where and there is something where they were but it’s the size of a pea

  • Hi DR. I had both tons and adnoiods surgery last year. Went to see my ENT again today and he told me that my adnoids have grown back. I’m in my early 40s. He said it was very rare for them to grow back. Why would they grow back in the first place?

  • 1:30 am and I’m still awake, just checking my son, making sure he’s breathing, I think he has the adenoids little bigger, cold weather gets me scared, my son gets ear and throat infection so easily and makes it worse, I’m using a piece mouth on him but sometimes doesn’t work because he pulls back his tongue and can’t breathe by his nose or mouth. We can’t sleep ������

  • Have you seen this research? Never remove the adenoids or tonsils unless you have to (life threatening). You are severely impacting your child’s health down the road. Tonsils make t-cells and play a role in the immune system.

  • This is so crazy.. I have had this weird fullness, ringing and recurrent ear infections in both ears for over 6 months now. Originally in January when symptoms 1st started I had an MRI of the head without contrast and a CT Scan of head again no contrast. Nothing showed and I was given nasal steroids which did not do anything for the symptoms. Fast forward to July and 3 bouts of ear infections later as well as continued fullness and ringing but add a new symptom of sinus pain and pressure in forehead and nose, bridge of nose and cheeks but without mucus or congestion. Most pain and pressure in forehead and one eye. Get another CT scan of head without contrast and sinuses showed inflammation. Was prescribed prednisole pack which helped a little but only at first, quickly had a rebound of symptoms that Prednisone no longer does anything for the sinus and facial pain or the eye pressure. Do you think it could be adenoids? I am 41 so certainly not an age that would be common but it’s been 7 months and still no answers. Could the CT scan have missed something? Any advice or explanation would be super helpful and appreciated. If not adenoids than what could it possibly be?? Amazing and informative video by the way.
    Edit: Also I was recently approved for placement of ear tubes in both ears and that is scheduled for next week. I was excited but now that I have the sinus pain and inflammation for weeks now that is not going away or responding to treatment I wonder if ear tubes would even be beneficial. Again any advice or information that may help would be greatly appreciated.

  • I have tonsils and wats weird is that they are not painful at all. I can eat anything and i can talk without any pain. Its been 3 whole years and i think i want them removed. I think they have some kinda smell but my sister says my mouth smells like any normal mouth should. Should i get them removed?

  • Lovely Video! Apologies for chiming in, I would appreciate your initial thoughts. Have you heard about Siaharloffe Renowned Sovereignty (do a google search)? It is an awesome one off guide for eliminating tonsil stones without the headache. Ive heard some interesting things about it and my buddy after a lifetime of fighting got cool results with it.

  • Thanks for this doctor, my 1year old snores so bad but improved abit after some antibiotics. Though he doesn’t snore that much again but still opens his mouth to help him breathe. What are the signs that shows relief.

  • I got tonsillitis roughly 10 times during a school year and exceeded the amount of time I was allowed to miss school, got my tonsils removed when I was 8 at this time, havent had tonsillitis in 17 years

  • I am also suffering from this…..
    And it is really very very difficult for me to take my food and to talk with any one……………
    And from 2 days i am not taking my meal also because it create a lot of pain in swallowing.������������

  • I wonder if it’s possible to just remove one side? My left side gets tonsil stones A LOT and ALWAYS hurts (yawning, swallowing, eating sometimes, not doing anything….it all hurts) but just my left side… weird.

  • Pros and cons about tonsil surgery
    Pros: sleep better, less sickness, not as bad breath, breathe better

    Cons: it takes about 2 weeks to recover be prepared to lose weight, i lost 10 pounds, you might have to sleep up right, pain when swallowing anything even your own saliva,

    Tips on relieving pain: drink very cold water too numb throat especially when eating: eat very easy digestable food like ramen

    And most importantly: HAVE a box of tissues because you will want to cry��

  • Thank you so much for the video, my 2.9 year old had X-ray and her adenoids are so large that there is no black air on X-ray from nose to throat at all. Doctors suggest to take out tonsils as well, should I do it or not considering that she is so little? Thanks again!

  • I’m literally just laying in bed with an ice pack on my neck, eating ice and watching the procedure I had done. I’m literally in so much pain right now hopefully it starts to get better soon!!!

  • I was about 6 and I remember my aunt taking me to the hospital and leaving me there. They took me to the operating room that night and I remember waking up with a sore throat. Didn’t know my Tonsils and Adenoid were removed. My mom fetched me the following day. I was so angry at my aunt for leaving me there for them to hurt me like that.. But I am thankful today because I can see what people got through when their Tonsils get infected.

  • Oh? They don’t mention needing to break through the soft palate to remove the adenoids?
    I suffered tonsillitis really bad and finally had my tonsils removed when I was 21.
    I didn’t get my adenoids removed.
    Now, I wonder if I should. I only get adenoiditis now 5-10 times a year, which is much less compared to when I also had tonsillitis. It usually also clears up within three days as opposed to a week (and sometimes WEEKS/MONTHS) when I had my tonsils, and I can also talk and drink… so that’s a plus.
    Still, having infected adenoids is a very unpleasant feeling that also makes my head feel weird and my body heated. Even though I don’t experience the severe symptoms as before due to having had my tonsils removed…. I wonder how I will cope with the illness when I’m older. That concerns me.

  • They want to do these procedures on my 3 year old along with putting tubes in his ears because he didnt pass his hearing test and has speech delay. Idk if im making the right decision by letting them do it, it seems like alot of pain for the little guy plus theres risk wíth the tonsilectomy. ��

  • My brother had tonsillectomy
    He was not recovering at all
    My dad took him to the doctor
    The doctor checked his medicines
    The medicine was not the one he was supposed to take
    he took wrong medicine
    I was soo scared for him
    But the doc said thank God you guys came on day 3
    Or else he wouldn’t have recovered
    Or might even bleed a lot in his throat
    I was literally soo happy to hear that
    He is okk
    I have also heard that a person might die by bleeding in throat
    But then he took his correct medicines and he recovered
    It was 2 years ago
    And I am going to have my surgery in 2021

  • I have some whiting on my tonsils (left side only) from previous 4 months it doesn’t hurt neither i have some other symptoms but i m worried, initially it was hurting but only for few days.

  • I’m 20 now but when I was 5 I had this surgery. I remember getting out the hospital throwing up and eating ice cream for a week playing on my ps2

  • I really wish my dr would have done the tonsillectomy & adenoidectomy simultaneously, because next year I’ll probably have to get my adenoids removed. It is causing way too many problems. Sinuses are blocked, and eustachian tube dysfunction. I have negative ear pressure, and have issues hearing properly. I had a tonsillectomy in 2010.

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  • Am I lucky? XD when I got them removed I could scream for 20 mins straight and nothing happened, I felt no pain at all. The only time I felt pain when’s when swallowing

  • I got my tonsils removed last week and I’m still struggling. I’m glad they are out and I can sleep better, but OH MY GOD
    -PAINFUL earaches
    -PAINFUL headaches
    -Bad breath and you cant use mouthwash. You have to deal with it until it fully heals and let me tell you ITS DISGUSTING. Because of eating ice cream most of the time, your breath will smell like spoiled milk or vomit.
    -Hurts to talk or swallow anything. Even water
    -Taste buds change. I used to love cocoa puffs, but it taste like wannabe chocolate with a bad aftertaste. And I used to love Gatorade (all flavors) and every single one of them tasted so disgusting that I puked. I’m scared of what else I’m going to not like anymore.
    -Youll start to really hate cold soup and ice cream after day 2-3.

  • My tonsils got so large that I couldn’t swallow anything with out getting sick it was horrible. Once I had them removed the doctor told me that they were the largest he’s ever seen in his work. I’m really glad I had them removed. I was really worried what was going to happen but it wasn’t that bad

  • Hello doc.. I am from India my 4 years old daughter is suffering with large adinoids… But I am scared that will the baby has any other side effects after the surgery… In my husband’s family claims that my hubby became after adinoctamy and surgery for nose polip… Please let me know if anybody has heard of this… Thanks alot

  • I gotta get my adenoids removed in 9 days I’ll be 15 during the surgery because they are too large and are causing problems hearing

  • Got mine out when I was 17 which my doctor said was gonna be the worst pain I’d felt like.. ever. Prescribed me TONS of pain killers.. and I was healed in a week if even.. felt pretty much no pain.. and just took the rest of my PK for fun pretty much, bad idea.

  • I just got mine removed today, both my tonsils and adenoid were gone when o woke up. I like how they don’t show us the tools before they put us to sleep because as a anxiety driven 13 year old boy this is less scary than school

  • I have had tonsil problems in the past and now my doctors are telling me they’re not getting rid of them without going to the doctor’s 6 times but Its hard to breath bc mines are naturally huge

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  • Omg I saw a lot of comments here about it being the worst pain and I’m so glad I did it. Bc when I was a kid, my tonsils were so sensitive that a piece of candy that I ate got me tonsilitis and that went on until I was 7 and the doctors said I have to get surgery, and I was so scared of it and, miraculously, my tonsils stabilized and didn’t cause any more trouble for the rest of my childhood.

  • I had ear pain for a long time and gotten more serious in January 2020 and Tonsil pain and swallowing way worse than my previous swallowing issues for GERD and I choked from taking my allergy pill and my swallowing is a nightmare since in June 2019. I am now better except I can’t swallow normally and makes me sad that I had to spit it out and re chew again because it keeps going down my throat before swallowing and that’s where I get food stuck since June 2019. My Tonsils, Lymph Nodes, and Adenoids are seriously life threatening my hearing is horrible and my throat is constantly swollen and sore and weighing on and off. I am weighing incredibly now. Another thing is more upsetting is doctors constantly telling me everything looks fine. Like how when my hearing is horrible and possible going deaf and weight loss from Tonsils and painful to eat. I got 2 appointments with my primary 24th and ENT 28th. I will keep updates.

  • I have a problem i got my tonsils removed And they where really swollen and filled with puss and had tonsil stones and normally with a tonsillectomy’s they take your adenoids out, but they didn’t with mine and they didn’t check too see if they where infected too.., a year later and im having a Problem i think with my adenoids, lately over the past 6 months iv been having problems swollowing and feeling like there is a air pocket in my throat and whenever i swallow my ears pop everytime, and i can make them pop anytime i want too and, but sometimes when they pop somthing in my throat feels like there is like air in it or a pocket of air and they feel like there clogged.., could this be my eustachian tubes not getting the proper air flow or air getting stuck in it, because of my adenoids being to enlarged? Pleases help i need answers and im desperate iv been experience this for months now almost a year, and doctors cant find out what it is either, please feel free to give some advice

    (p.s) My nose gets stuffy too all the time and its always clogged and it feels like i have so much pressure in my nose and i cant breath out it for the life of me

  • I just got my tonsils out at 21. I’m on day 4 so it still hurts a little bit. But I can already breathe out of my nose much more easily.

  • tfw my tonsils are so big, they’re the size of golfballs and are petruding from my neck… no pain, just discomfort when swallowing. Always had huge tonsils, never been this big before though lmao

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