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Packing The Hospital Bag

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♡ Packing My Hospital Bag Ready for Admission | Amy’s Life ♡

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What to bring to the Hospital

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What to Pack for Your Hospital Stay

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02 – What to Bring on Your Day of Surgery

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What to Pack and What not to Pack for the Mental Hospital

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What’s In My Hospital Bag | Surgery & Chronic illness Edition!

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This information often can be found on the hospital’s Web site. Other things to bring include: Protective containers for holding eyeglasses or dentures when not in use; Books, magazines, crossword puzzles to help pass the time; Paper and pen for jotting down notes and questions—to help you remember to ask doctors or nurses when they are in the room. Rationale:Most people do fine on their own when they are a patient in the hospital, but for complex situations having an advocate with you, gives you a second set of ears to help you understand what is going on and helps ensure your voice is heard and your goals are recognized. A pen and a notebook. A cardigan-style sweater or bed jacket can help ward off the chills.

Make sure you have slippers to walk around in the hospital and one pair of regular shoes (in case you’re allowed to walk outside, and you’ll need them for the trip home anyway). Eyeglasses, if you require them. Going to the hospital is probably not your favorite destination, but packing some must-have comfort items can make you feel more at home. Apart from pets, many items are fair game to bring. After all, the hospital is there to serve the patient, not the caregiver.

As a caregiver you may often you may feel like you have to fend for yourself. Things to bring. Socks and slippers. Tile floors can feel really cold and suck the heat out of you, if you get cold it is up to you to figure out how to get warm, the blankets are for the patients. “For the drive to the hospital, you may want to bring a towel you don’t care about and a garbage sack.

Put the garbage sack down on your seat and then the towel. That way, if your water breaks on the way to the hospital, you don’t have to worry about cleaning the car when you get home.”. When you have a problem, do not wait too long to get medical care. If your problem is not life threatening or risking disability, but you are concerned and you cannot see your provider soon enough, go to an urgent care clinic.

The kinds of problems an urgent care clinic can deal with includ. It’s better to simply take a list of medications with you to the hospital. But if you don’t have a list, it’s OK to take the pill bottles so caregivers at least know what you are taking. At Lake.

Here are 10 items that you can, and even should, take to the hospital with you when you go in for your surgery to make your stay a little more comfortable and a bit easier. 1. A pen and notepad so you can take notes. 2. A book or puzzle book such as crosswords or word finds.

3. Money for parking or a taxi if you’re taking one and change for vending machines. Snacks: Don’t rely on hospital food; bring your own crackers, raisins and granola bars.

Make sure to pack snacks without strong smells, as Mom’s stomach may not be able to handle it at this time.

List of related literature:

• Even though hospital food is notoriously bad, your patient friend might not be able to eat certain things you bring him.

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Bring any medication bottles along with the patient to the hospital.

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Basically, bring anything and everything you think might make your labor and hospital stay more comfortable —mp3 player, magazines, a good luck charm.

“The Pregnancy Countdown Book: Nine Months of Practical Tips, Useful Advice, and Uncensored Truths” by Susan Magee, Kara Nakisbendi
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It’s important to take a hospital tour to see what equipment is available and what you’re allowed to bring in.

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You will probably be moved at least once during your hospital stay, and someone is going to have to move your bag along with you.

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Instruments, syringes and needles will have to be sterilized and brought from the hospital/health center along with the delivery kit.

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We have included a list of what to pack for a hospital transfer in the chapter “Labor and Birth at

“The Essential Homebirth Guide: For Families Planning or Considering Birthing at Home” by Jane E. Drichta, Jodilyn Owen, Christianne Northrup
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In this case, be sure to bring with you their various medications, soother, bottles, favourite toy or blanket, and clothing (again: night wear, underwear).

“Toxic Relationships: Abuse and Its Aftermath” by Sam Vaknin, Lidija Rangelovska
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If you decide to transfer to hospital in labour, you can choose to go by ambulance or by car if you prefer.

“The Positive Birth Book: A new approach to pregnancy, birth and the early weeks” by Milli Hill
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This visit also gives my patients a chance to ask other questions about what they may or may not want in labor, what to pack in their bag, how many family members/friends can be in the room, etc.

“Expecting 411 (4th edition): The Insider's Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth” by Ari Brown, Michele Hakakha
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  • So happy to see this video! I also have heart problems and I’m having surgery this week and I don’t know what to bring lol. This video is so amazing love how you are so open. Hope you recovered well from surgery ❤️

  • Note pad n paper coz when they say stuff its hard to remember n also somewhere to write questions to ask them later on. polos or similar for the dry mouth sore throat that environment can bring. I’m with you on the sicky thing. hearing it, seeing it smelling it and i’ll add to it. so yeah. a touch of vaseline on your nostrils can help keep smells out and I go with mp3 n headphones rather than ear defenders but whatever makes it easier for u eh

  • Thank you very much!
    You gaive alot of useable information and excplain it in away that make me feel safe and more aducated about what can hapend if i or loved one Will get in mental hospital.

  • Good luck, I will be thinking of you. I have been wanting to say you have beautiful skin, any ideas to help with big pores and how to shrink them, lol…sorry that just sounded so stupid to me. ��

  • Thank you for sharing Georgina, I wish you luck and success with your operation. It’s so annoying not being able to empty, I know! I look forward to hearing an update (from your hospital bed knowing you��), to see how you’re getting on. Oh, and do you think you’ll be needing a slightly bigger bag�� Be thinking of you, take care.��

  • Well in the USA the only thing you can have in a psych ward and i know i been in many is Deodorant,Bodywash, Your own toothbrush is a must and toothpaste, And only 3 outfits maybe 5 if you’re lucky. And a Calling Card is great to have so you can call ppl and its great to bring a book or 2 to read as you will be bored as heck when you’re in these places. The most time i ever spent in one of these places is 11 months and reading books is what kept my sanity.

  • Sat here writing my list for hospital tomorrow not to take but to leave at home ready just in case I do get admitted I hate this already

  • Good luck with the surgery buddy!:) Also enjoyed seeing the ear plugs and sleeping mask from the April Fools video make a return. Hahaha

  • General anaesthetic is often okay for most people, if you are having it intravenously you’ll likely have less side effects than if you were to have it in gas form as that can make people vomit once they come round, I was under GA for my heart surgery and had it intravenously, I was fine after just a little dehydrated because it had been quite a few hours since I had last had anything to drink by the time I came round, I hope this helps, that everything goes okay and they can find the cause of your tubey problem (aside from what they already know) ��

  • I thought about it but it’s such a big thing to do. My family doesn’t know about my depression and I can’t tell them. Not because they will not understand, but how hurt they will be. I have to hide that from them and if I go to one of these hospitals, then the info is out. I checked online to see what people say about it and some were negative. that they take everything away, you are not alone, there other people there, that they hear screams, and that some nurses are rude.

  • Firstly good luck with your surgery! and I have a few questions, how long is your admission? and will you be vlogging your experience? I honestly think your so brave to share you bladder issues, I know it takes a lot of courage to do so! especially on a platform like youtube so well done beautiful. Im sure you’ll be fine, but sending positivity your way ����

  • I am having spinal surgery this week and I am packing blush and mascara, lol!! I just think it will make me feel so much better not to look like a pale old ghost face!!

  • I’m only 12 but I feel like I need professional help it’s got to the point we’re I can’t go one day without wanting to k!ll myself I self harm and I don’t want to tell my parents I don’t know what to do

  • I might need to go to one. I’ve been having hallucinations for a year, and they’re progressively getting worse. I’m really considering my life. But my parents won’t let me go. How else can I go?

  • I love this cus the last time I was admitted and had nothing ready for my admission since this was my First ever and I diddnt have most the stuff I wanted in it so now I have a bag full of stuff for the hospital just in case especially since my parents are thinking of taking me to the Ed again tomorrow night since my chest pain is becoming unbearable

  • I almost don’t recognize you without your peach fuzz! Such a cute/helpful video! You have bounced back so fast Chel and I’m sooooo so forever grateful that we get to keep you longer!! much much longer God willing!!

  • I’ve only had one surgery, a laparoscopy for endometriosis so you go home the same day and GA was fine for me! My throat felt a little sore after from the tube but overall the surgery was much easier for me than getting my wisdom teeth out. Hoping your surgery goes smoothly and you recover quickly!

  • I relapsed on pills and self harm a few days ago and caught what my dad thinks is sepsis, we are going to the ER asap and it’s only a matter of time before they find out I relapsed. Here’s to being prepared…