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They found that two types of complex jobs lead to longer-lasting memory and thinking ability, years after retirement. One is working at a high level with data. The other is working at a high level with other people, on tasks like teaching, negotiating and mentoring. They found that two types of complex jobs lead to longer-lasting memory and thinking ability, years after retirement. One is working at a high level with data.

The other is working at a high level with other people, on tasks like teaching, negotiating and mentoring. Things like memory, verbal fluency, and intellectual performance can all suffer after leaving the workforce. The potential reasons are many, but there is one common piece of advice when it comes to staying sharp for the long-haul: use it or lose it. Aiming for an enriching retirement can help. To the question “Does working past the traditional retirement age keep you mentally sharp You must communicate with people to do your job.

Working Keeps the Mind Sharp. One of the main reasons seniors develop mental health problems is a lack of mental exercise. A job through retirement guarantees regular mental exercise through problem-solving, learning new skills, and interacting with others. If you have a family history of dementia or Alzheimer’s, you may want to seriously consider a part-time job for your. How to Phase Into Retirement at Your Job but keep their benefits and length of service toward their pension. Says Cortese: “We’ve had people who are 55 or.

1 day ago · You can expect those benefits to replace about 40% of your job-related income if you’re an average earner, but most seniors need a lot more money than that to keep up with their bills in retirement. They found that two types of complex jobs lead to longer-lasting memory and thinking ability, years after retirement. One is working at a high level with data. When you stick to a healthy diet full of ‘brain food’, your mind functions with better clarity.

It will be easier for you to make clear, concise decisions and you won’t suffer from that dreadful ‘brain fog’. Remember to include foods that contain essential. “If 4 percent of your population is retirement eligible and half of those people choose to delay retirement, the effect could be that 10 percent of your employees experience promotion blockage.

List of related literature:

Stress and strain in the workplace also play a role in the timing of retirement.

“An Introduction to Gerontology” by Ian Stuart-Hamilton
from An Introduction to Gerontology
by Ian Stuart-Hamilton
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Employers who understand this common life cycle of work in retirement are able to engage retirees in the right ways at the right times, including helping them phase into retirement and then back into the workplace.

“What Retirees Want: A Holistic View of Life's Third Age” by Ken Dychtwald, Robert Morison
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Sometimes it gets boring, but it pays the bills, and I will be able to retire with good benefits if I can just work a few more years.’

“Potter & Perry's Fundamentals of Nursing AUS Version E-Book” by Jackie Crisp, Catherine Taylor, Clint Douglas, Geraldine Rebeiro
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In my case, I am now past the typical retirement age, but I am still actively writing, teaching, consulting, and traveling for my profession.

“The 3rd Alternative: Solving Life's Most Difficult Problems” by Stephen R. Covey
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Their “Jobs and Work” section offers “to help boomers, seniors and retirees find the perfect part time, seasonal, temporary or work at home job to help supplement retirement income, or to help stay social and active in retirement” (Retired Brains, 2018, para.

“Occupational Therapy in Community and Population Health Practice” by Marjorie E Scaffa, S. Maggie Reitz
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Sometimes it gets boring, but it pays the bills, and I will be able to retire with good benefits if I can just work a few more

“Potter & Perry's Fundamentals of Nursing Australian Version E-Book” by Jackie Crisp, Catherine Taylor
from Potter & Perry’s Fundamentals of Nursing Australian Version E-Book
by Jackie Crisp, Catherine Taylor
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Allowing the retirement myth into your brain encourages you to absorb the mindset that insists you work only in order to live.

“Thou Shall Prosper: Ten Commandments for Making Money” by Daniel E. Lapin
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This is much the same comment I get from many other retirees, especially those who are leaving jobs they enjoyed.

“New Mindset, New Results” by Kerry Johnson
from New Mindset, New Results
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Retirement has been described as the hardest job of all.

“Stroke Recovery and Rehabilitation” by Richard L. Harvey, MD, Richard F. Macko, MD, Joel Stein, MD, Carolee J. Winstein, PhD, PT, FAPTA, Richard D. Zorowitz, MD
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Psychologists point to several reasons why current employees may not be deeply concerned about their condition in retirement.25 The benefits of good retirement planning are distant and speculative, while the cost of additional saving is immediate and often hard to bear.

“The Politics of Happiness: What Government Can Learn from the New Research on Well-Being” by Derek Bok
from The Politics of Happiness: What Government Can Learn from the New Research on Well-Being
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  • Purposeful hard work is necessary to truly succeed varying on a case to case basis. Obviously certain people find ways to not work hard but it averages out that most successful people work hard. Moreover those people who are successful without trying hard could be more successful with purposeful and directed hard work.

  • Hard work is essential, but he got a point. If you work for too LONG, then you become less productive, and generally just do worse in your everyday life. I believe that hard work is essential, because for me, hard work doesn’t mean working 60-100 hours a week, but instead it means putting a lot of love into your work to make it as good as possible without ruining it midway through.

  • I work do hard but what I get 117 in my channel and tiktok yamona31 and what I get is 30 my friend litterlly does nothing and get 1000 follower in tiktok I am happy for her tho

  • Great video! If I became a millionaire, via a windfall, I’d want a farm to grow food and a water purification & electrical power plant.

  • Many happy empoyees work in successful companies.
    (1)Does this mean that the success stems from the happiness?
    (2)Or does happiness stems from the success?
    Frank I believe 1 & 2 work together strengthening each other

  • Speaking exactly to me… but working to change.. my life.. for good! OMG @ 1:34.. that’s exactly what I experience working in a job I can’t stand. Having some no good manager tell you if you’re good or not and getting 10 cents and swearing that’s a really good increase. I mean really?!?! And telling you thing(s) you don’t do good more than what you’re doing that’s good.

  • That amazing company helps you to automate new employee onboarding process in inspiring way! You may easily build your own onboarding academy.Just copy and open CASE.XCOURSE.XYZ

  • When you say balance, and you speak about pay. That’s when I call bullshit. I think is a person does good work they should get paid based on that. But so bring the female thing in is crap. I worked at a few place that had mostly females work in working, when pay increases came everyone got the same. Which was total crap. Because not all the females or males did the same or put the same effort or pride in the work they did, a lot just created more work for others, and some did nothing but sit on the phone, online most of the shift. That was in regards to both men a women. So if you did this in regards to one country and not the whole world this would be different, because every country is different. So you’re studying was a waist of time and money. You can’t put people in the whole world on the same level. Redo this, and take it country by country, not meshing everything together.

  • It’s not even about enjoying it tbh but I just like it I’m a insurance agent and I make at least high five figures or sometimes 6 figure in real estate each year but tbh you just like staying busy when been grinding so much and you put in the work. Plus nobody wants to sit on there ass in retirement that’s boring and you can always take a vacation if you want or go part time and you feel some type of way while working because you know you don’t need it.

  • Holy crap, that change of camera angle ( 3:05) made me look at his head twice. Anyways, those are some great advice he shared in the video.

  • Some employees are only there for a pay check, they don’t take pride in what they do or make. Some are really lazy and they get away with murder.

  • Great video Rom.. theres so many Alzheimers groups now capitalizing off the elderly and its out of pocket in costs. Even with Medicare part A and B those groups or facilities costs and fees are not covered. We also are beginning to learn about better health and diet especially in the black community which is good but i advise everyone to not only study foods and there health benefits but topical products. Youd be surprised how much our daily topical products are just as detrimental to health as foods. For example i had learned that even your deoderant can cause Alzheimers from the aluminum and other metallics that get in the bloodstream through the skin pores that the mainstream brands use for there antiperspirant. So that good smelling lotion and shampoo most use usually have a form of cancer causing or respiratory damaging ingredients inside.. anyone who reads this id like you to try this.. go online and google.
    In the search bar put in for example dial soap.. from there just click on the one of the products of dial soap and learn to scoring metrics they have on the side. Like a rating of 1 in green is good but an 8 in red is bad. And it will give you a full ingredients list of that product and what ingredient inside is good or bad and why. Itll open your eyes to things we think is good for our skin based on the marketing behind it. everything made with aloe and shea butter doesent mean it’s good. Its about the 40 other additives in it.. ewg stands for enviormental working group by the way and headquarters is in D.C. but check out that site..

  • I’m so tired of the business world gaslighting people. Many people who are billionaires were in the right place at the right time and had people who were willing to invest in their dreams. Theirs so many people who work hard everyday who are quite poor, food insecure and helpless to change their situation.

  • yes yes yes! How employees are treated is so important! I personally think trust and respect are the most vital aspects of having a good relationship with each other. Loving this series. can’t wait for more!

  • alt yazı aşırı geriden geliyor. şu çevirmenin adı neden 3 milyon saat orada kalıyor ya, alıcaksın onu bölümün sonuna koyacaksın bu kadar basit. 2 saat çevirmenin adına bakıyorum sonra yazılar geriden geliyor beynim bulandı ya rezalet. her videoda aynı şey. editörü kovun işten.

  • I watched this video a while ago, planned my exist, payed most of my debt now saving some money, 13 of October 2020 is my last day working at a boring job.

  • Please how to stop mindvally ads spamming on every second I opened YouTube? If something is this desperate l would never ever consider buying what they sell.

  • If the greed wasnt so indulged in. Employees would last longer. Work harder like the day the came in. And outlast your expectations. Take care.of them. Too much micro managing thinking you save$ when trust still matters to most respectable people out there.
    But who am I

  • Salesforce spent three million dollars to get ‘equality’ for women’s salary up to par with men? Lol looks like the men didn’t get ‘fair’ treatment and I’ll betcha soon afterward your number 1 on the list was a wee bit eroded with them.
    No wonder people bash TED talks as liberal gobbledygook.

  • Well if elon musk become successful by working hard. Why i cant see people like him anywhere. I used to study 10 hours a day and he study 6 hours still we got same marks. In the modern world manuy people are willing to earn money to hardwork but why only some are successful. I have myself observed than when i am calm and relaxed i could do work much better and faster. This specialy happens when i have slept soundly or just done meditation. In my sense hardwork os willing to do what needs to be done ways can be different but hardwork alone is not sufficient. I have sacrificed hours of sleep by reading quotes like work hard or work for x amount of hours to only leave me exhausted fatigued and stressed. And i have observed that sleeping less is an effect not cause of good work. I you are at ease throughout the day its natural to need less amount of sleep. I do think we muat focus on quality of work not aiming to do work for x amount of hour or so.

  • I bet many of the people saying they are happy doing some repetitive job have just got stuck in their own self delusion from years of accepting the unacceptable unless of course those same people are working say no more than 15 hours a week, get paid well or have really interesting creative roles highly unlikely though

  • Best clip I have seen so far on the topic of “happiness at work”. Support the 4 ideas completely. Have seen so many failures in a number of top-10 Fortune 500 companies, makes this video really relevant.
    Unfortunately, company culture change requires leadership. Can’t rely on anyone who only stays for couple years……

  • The problem is that the bottom line for shareholders is not the primary concern of anyone below boardroom level.
    Creating a company that out performs the market is of zero concern to all the layers of middle management who couldn’t give a small damp fart if Scott in packing feels rewarded or empowered or Daddy Warbucks make an extra $100k in dividend this year. They are concerned about their salary only and getting Scott to work twice as hard year on year, for a 5% increase is what makes them a 6% increase for precisely no additional sweat. All they have to do is make Scott’s working life more and more miserable.
    The really noticeable thing about all these people who come up with high ideals about corporate employment is that they are obviously NOT corporate employees.

  • Many happy empoyees work in successful companies.
    (1)Does this mean that the success stems from the happiness?
    (2)Or does happiness stems from the success?

    I opt for (2). Working for a successful company means:
    less pressure
    less overtime
    more time for experiments

    Less pressure, less overtime and more time for experiments may be reasons for
    even more success for the company and more happyness for the employees.

  • I’m going to quit my job today. It’s a “safe” job in healthcare corporation. My team is great, my company is great, but what I do, and what I can do when I can level up, is just not for me. I only got the job in the first place to get a job. Now I’ll be working for my friend, he just opened a French bakery. His dad is a chef and have a lot of experience. He is willing to mentor me, knowing that my goal is to have my own thing in the food business in the long future. I’m scared. But I’m going to do it.

  • I want to know what you have learned from billionaires. The big boys.. It seems like they are the one who never give up. Everyone is a millionaire nowadays.

  • Lol i tried working a 9/5 two times definitely not for me, one big aggressive depression it is. left the company after a week without notice lol just never showed up again. and the other I got fired.

  • Lack of fairness was the reason why I left my former job and because of that I could have my own company!
    I’m so proud of myself for truly believing that it was possible ��

  • This video is at least better than a bunch of other videos that only complain about how bad some capitalists are while at the same time don’t want to be poor or find another job.

  • I will join mindvalley. I just dont have the bucks. And according to LOA i shouldent say that or talk like that. But i dont know what else to say.

  • I’m currently in the best position I’ve ever been in as far as a job but I dread it every day. It’s the only thing in my life that can sway me to think and feel negatively. BLAH. I’ve been home “sick” for 2 days lol and I’m plotting my farewell message… I care about other people’s feelings a little too much, in the way that I suppress my own needs and wants in fear of hurrying them. I’m just giggling LOLOLOL I’ve been online googling “how to quit your job” “ways to quit your job”, asking my friends to tell me to leave! This was the last push I needed. FUCK THAT BABY MY TIME TO SHINE NOT WASTIN NO MORE TIME!!!!! QUIT YOUR JOB FRIENDS!!! YOU ARENT HERE BY ACCIDENT!!!

  • He is right. Elon Musk works a lot, but with a different mindset and thinking. He spends all of his time working smart and he is passionate about it. So he works a lot, but doesn’t work hard.
    But to outside world, when u say hard work, work like hell, it doesn’t motivate many people.
    By the way, his daily life and his achievements is enough for me to get happy and inspired

    When you love what you do, nothing can stop you, psychologically and scientifically (I mean a lot with these two words)

  • I got trust, fairness, listening, and our company is willing to change in many ways

    But sadly the industry I’m now in, is a shrinking field. So we get extremely high workload but we make no profit. Still people won’t leave here yet, we somehow can sense that this company won’t last long….hmmm

  • This is a wise and ‘timely’ message. Read daily! Too often we ‘outsource’ our brains using technology. Engage your brain and body; they work in tandem.

    Great content Rom!

  • Guys I think No matter what ever anybody wants to do hard or smart,get things done with the passion inside you.As you know world listens to quality success and not others.

  • Just subscribed to the Patreon, I’m a 18 y/o that’s tryna master the game. I believe my biggest problem is overthinking it. Females say I’m attractive but I fuck it up by over doing it & not just playing it cool. I’m going to fix this and continue to improve my life.

  • I work at an amazing travel company that has great benefits and they appreciate me. I win free vacations every year and there is room to grow. I understand that it won’t take me to the income level I desire, but I could easily do this and still moonlight as an entrepreneur. Why limit yourself when you can do both?

  • So many dislikes are from people who believe this long tail lie. Work hard all you want, but if your not learn from mistakes and take opportunity. Your not going to go anywhere, Ik people who work less than 40 hours makes a shit load of money and have a lot of success. And Ik people who work a lot I mean a lot of hours and have nowhere near success and are depressed

  • As an investor having a million dollars can make you 10k a month of passive dividend income that is only taxed at 20%. So 8k a month is 96k take home from just dividend income after taxes. At that point it’s time to start a business, travel, or follow a passion. Not work a 9-5 job.

  • I had a talk similar to this with my fiance, we’re mid 20s, 1 kid, just renting, I work, but I don’t have qualifications in anything so I can’t get a higher paying job, and I KNOW I will hate it, it’s why I don’t have qualifications because the cost wasn’t worth it for me, but I’ve decided what I want to do, and it’s going to be a rough time for my fiance and kid, but if I don’t, I’m going to regret it until I die, I’ve spent the last half decade working jobs I love, but still regretting not going for the career I want

  • I’m currently 25 (Millennial). This was something I’ve always thought about. However, this was a great perspective as to WHY a person of wealth would still work. Makes sense. I can respect that.

  • What if we are older and we still don’t know what our passion is. I work in marketing and hate it, I also do renovations and am extremely good at it, yet I still am unhappy with it.


  • Fuck u, I’ll do it my own way, if this is what the laws of life are, then life is hell. I’d rather be rewarded for working hard than for working smart. Fuck you life. Fuck you.

  • 1. Trust

    It works in theory. But what if said employee does not have the best interests of the organization in mind? Do you still empower them to do whatever they feel is right?

    2. Fairness

    Again, much easier said than done. Organizations would of course want to reward better employees with higher financial compensation; it does not make sense to pay everyone exactly the same. But how do you measure who is “better”? Unless the person in charge is omnipresent, the only way you can measure it is by setting KPIs and whatnot and we know that humans have a propensity to cheat the system whenever they can, so ultimately no KPI is going to be perfect at determining who is better, it really boils down to something quite fuzzy

    3. Listening

    This I can almost agree wholeheartedly with. Except when you hear the same “new idea” for the 10th time from the 10th new hire, and have to explain for the 10th time why the idea failed when it was implemented years back it’s really not a very new idea

  • ost of y’all in this comment section are looking at what he said incorrectly. Working hard meaning working consistently every day 12-15 hours daily at a regular job busting your ass is NOT going to get you anywhere but feeling exhausted in all aspects meaning you’re productivity levels won’t stay the same it’s just common sense. maybe you’ll make a little bit more money faster but that’s it. He’s trying to wake us up from that delusion. and that’s there’s a better way not necessarily an easier way just a more conducive one so that you don’t crash and burn. And for those who still don’t wanna believe or wanna hear that then the best of luck to you on your journey. But id rather find that flow State and exist there and not burn out my life away for some corporation who’s living off my labor. no thanks.

  • This man has even no ability to understand Elon Musk’s quote and is attempting to beat his experience������������ what a joke…. don’t fool people……. okay assume that I have accepted your advice…but I have a question….Elon Musk with his hard work could dream to colonise Mars….but what have you done, stranger, with your tricky methods?……..I have an advice for you…..first build your platform then attempt to give speech.

  • “..working jobs we hate so we can buy shit we don’t need.”

    When I was younger I always thought that was just a badass edgy line from an edgy book/movie but now that I’m a bit older and have a decent paying job I can’t afford to quit because of how much I’ve sunk into a certain lifestyle, it becomes more and more relevant.

  • Work like he’ll because the level of energy and kilo calorie is still sufficient even when you’re deprived with sleep.

    Surrender because your energy level is getting slow. Like an engine that’s going low in compression no matter what additives you mix in the fuel. That’s when all your meditation is very applicable. where and why it’s getting low in compression. And you want to know how to restore. Like how did I work like hell when others didn’t but in a conscious mind it’s not just as easy as removing and changing pistons and rings.

  • Culture is not a science. As people are not metric.

    With the right culture in a workplace anything is possible.

    It will promote your people to govern themselves as if there are no rules. It will encourage them to all pull in the same direction even though their opinions may differ. It will create a workplace that promotes supporting each other as a community to take ownership of the brand they’ve come to represent as work.

    The power of workplace culture is exponential when right and destructive when not.

    So how do leaders ensure their company culture is right and unified across departments with different styles of leadership? How do they ensure a unified brand culture thrives across multiple offices in locations where native cultures may vary, or simply in the same office where people, being human will all be different.

    Great leaders embrace the differences of their people with a unified culture that empowers them to thrive, their way, guided and encouraged by the values of a brand.

    Sounds easy, then why are so many people not thriving at work?

    Welcome to the reason why CULTCHA was born by three very different minds with a unified mission to improve the working lives of employees worldwide for the better.

  • I had my 12 year old son watch this and told him to let this stick deep in his mind do it sets a direction in his life just incase I’m not there to

  • I can make your babies geniuses. Just send me $10,000. I’ll send you a sample of my saliva. Just drink it and then have a baby. This guy is such BS.

  • That’s why at my age, I had to get my mindset out of thinking of working for someone (computers) which even though I have a degree, computers is just not for me and had a very short stink in that field; programming. This was in 92′. I hate working for a company. I’m not a “company” person. I’ve worked several business but didn’t stick with them long enough to make anything out of it. This time… I’m going to make it, work for myself and finally make more many than I would, really, working for someone else and finally… finally be happy in my life.:))

  • Do I believe that hard work is what it takes to be successful? Yes. Yes I do.

    Here’s the thing. I am in the year group who missed their GCSEs (UK). In around November I was diagnosed with dyslexia with only about half a year until what would have been my GCSEs and only 4 months until my last set of mocks (these mocks ended up being the last set of tests I ever did).

    In those four months I realised that I needed to work harder than everyone else which meant almost no time relaxing, staying up working very late, etc.

    I went up 2.5 grades in every subject. (In old GCSE results that’s like a D to a C, maybe a B) I got grades I had never got before in subjects I thought I was bad at. Why? I worked hard.

    Moral of my storyWork hard, don’t always rely on pseudoscience.

  • Disagree. I agree with elon musk…These self help gurus are telling you this shit so that you accept this shit and get their master class subscription.

    For few years, you have to put in work and work like hell if you want to be musk/Gary vee.
    Or else live like mediocre.
    No problem.
    Everyone is not born for legendary

  • Another quote I do not like “Fail for Success” This idea that failure is the stepping stone of success. In some case yes, but not all the time.

  • I wish everyone reading this all the very best of luck, courage and love. Keep the faith. Never forget your obligation to yourself.
    What are you waiting for?

  • I quit my job today plan on joining isis or Al-qaeda or maybe even Taliban so many good choices out there I’ll update y’all later..

  • When you quit your job. What are you going to do? Is what you love doing, going to take care of your financial obligations. Is it going to keep a roof over your head, keep you and your family fed? There has to be a lot of preparation before you quit your job