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ZODIAC SIGN TURN ONS! | Get your crush to like you��

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How to have better balance in your turns

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99.9% Of Women Get Turned On When Men Do THIS

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99.9% Of All Women Are Turned On If You Say “THIS” | Tested For 2019

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I’LL GIVE YOU $5,000 IF YOU CAN TURN ME ON IN 5 MINUTES! Won’t believe what she did..

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DJ Snake, Lil Jon Turn Down for What

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21 Subtle, Superfast Ways to Turn Yourself On. 1. Take a consciously-sexy shower. Use your loofah, sponge, washcloth, and or your fingers to turn yourself on. “You’re already soapy, wet 2. Think yourself into a sexy daydream. 3. Try out some CBD arousal products.

4. Re-read your past sexts. 5. How We Get Turned On The Female Sexual Response Cycle. As we’ve said before, our sexual responses are complicated and unpredictable. And this becomes especially true once we’ve embarked upon this menopausal transition.

That doesn’t mean we can’t respond sexually anymore, just that we respond differently from men and differently even. Sometimes we get aroused due to kissing and touching and dirty talk. Sometimes we start randomly thinking naughty things and get randomly turned on in inappropriate situations. It happens to all of us, men and women.

Also, we can have spontaneous climaxes while we’re sleeping just as men do according to the experts. Now, on to today’s topic: how to feel more turned on during sex. Q: and we can both get frustrated that it takes me more time to get worked up.

I’ll. We all get erections Cue your Oprah voice, because you get a hard-on, and you get a hard-on, and you get a hard-on That’s right, folks of all genders and genitalia can get. If you really want to get serious, one of the better ways to really physically turn her on is to make use of her anatomy.

Get a good primer on female anatomy and start experimenting. Make sure she is comfortable with you touching her, it is. take this quiz to find out if you are easily turned on. We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this article. I never get turned on.

By Cosmo Team. Apr 24, 2008 I’m 23 and not only have I never had an orgasm, but I’ve also. To do this, open up your Settings app by hitting Win+I and then click the “Devices” category. On the Devices page, select the “Bluetooth & Other Devices” tab on the left. On the right, make sure Bluetooth is switched to “On.”.

The flow of these sexual urges is normal during reboot. You’re body is used to its regular release of sexual tension and indulgence in self-gratification, that when you stop cold turkey, all sorts of withdrawal symptoms and feelings will envelop y.

List of related literature:

Meredith Chivers has done this by asking men and women what turns them on and by observing how turned on they are by various sexual stimuli.

“Great Myths of Intimate Relationships: Dating, Sex, and Marriage” by Matthew D. Johnson
from Great Myths of Intimate Relationships: Dating, Sex, and Marriage
by Matthew D. Johnson
Wiley, 2016

What we’re saying is that everyone has different ways of getting turned on.

“What Wives Wish their Husbands Knew about Sex: A Guide for Christian Men” by Richard Rupp, Ryan Howes, Stephen Ph. D. Simpson
from What Wives Wish their Husbands Knew about Sex: A Guide for Christian Men
by Richard Rupp, Ryan Howes, Stephen Ph. D. Simpson
Baker Publishing Group, 2007

One of the great myths about female sexuality—which prevents us from maximizing the many benefits of connecting with our turn-on—is that we should feel sexually lit up only in specific sanctioned situations.

“Pleasurable Weight Loss: The Secrets to Feeling Great, Losing Weight, and Loving Your Life Today” by Jena la Flamme, Mama Gena
from Pleasurable Weight Loss: The Secrets to Feeling Great, Losing Weight, and Loving Your Life Today
by Jena la Flamme, Mama Gena
Sounds True, 2015

Our expectations have been met and everything feels good, so we get turned on.

“The Path of Individual Liberation” by Chögyam Trungpa, Judith L. Lief
from The Path of Individual Liberation
by Chögyam Trungpa, Judith L. Lief
Shambhala, 2013

Anything that “turns us on”—that is, that causes physical activation and arousal—seems to intensify our evaluative reactions to the people we encounter.

“Encyclopedia of Human Relationships: Vol. 1-” by Harry T. Reis, Susan Sprecher
from Encyclopedia of Human Relationships: Vol. 1-
by Harry T. Reis, Susan Sprecher
SAGE Publications, 2009

I have to work at it to get turned on.

“Sexual Strands: Understanding and Treating Sexual Anomalies in Men” by Ron Langevin
from Sexual Strands: Understanding and Treating Sexual Anomalies in Men
by Ron Langevin
L. Erlbaum Associates, 1983

Of course, the most common reason this happens is that the guy becomes turned on—aroused, or excited—sexually.

“How to Talk with Your Kids about Sex: Help Your Children Develop a Positive, Healthy Attitude Toward Sex and Relationships” by Dr. John Chirban
from How to Talk with Your Kids about Sex: Help Your Children Develop a Positive, Healthy Attitude Toward Sex and Relationships
by Dr. John Chirban
Thomas Nelson, 2012

All people are not turned on by all things, and it is highly improbable that humans could learn to be turned on by just anything.

“The Relativity of Deviance” by John Curra
from The Relativity of Deviance
by John Curra
SAGE Publications, 2011

The turn-on is just what it sounds like: the right person pushes the switch and the whole body lights up, from the eyes into the brain and down through the chest and belly, and below that too.

“Sex in Human Loving” by Eric Berne
from Sex in Human Loving
by Eric Berne
Tantor Media, Incorporated, 2011

In addition to being turned on by the spoken word, a Sag sister explained that a turn-on is also the tone of the voice.

“Black Love Signs: An Astrological Guide To Passion Romance And Relataionships For African Ameri” by Thelma Balfour
from Black Love Signs: An Astrological Guide To Passion Romance And Relataionships For African Ameri
by Thelma Balfour
Atria Books, 1999

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  • The key to your side battement is keeping your hips turned out. You want your arm to be shoulder above the elbow, elbow above the wrist, wrist in line with your pointer finger so your arm looks like one soft line. I noticed you kick behind your arm which is bad because both hips are not turned out evenly. Make sure to kick in front of the hip, not in line with it, your kicks will go SO much higher. Just tips from one dancer to other dancers!

  • im soo not a cap idgad about career i dont have one im a kinda slacker lol n im a cap but in many other ways im a cap. n virgo cus its ny rising.. im conservative but im so impulsive aries moon and im not clingy aquarius venus…


    Ici, je vois le film complet, et maintenant je veux partager ce lien avec vous, afin que vous et votre famille puissiez en profiter.
    Sans avoir à le revoir au cinéma.
    З таго часу, як захапіўся юрыст Хобс (Джонсан), PELICULA COMPLETA EN ESPAÑOL LATINO
    PELICULA COMPLETA Probablemente no fueron los Mafiosos, si no Ana la ex de massimo quien “mato” a Laura.EN ESPAÑOL LATINO бяспекі Амерыкі і беззаконны ізгой Шоў (Стэтэм), былы брытанскі ваенны элітны аператыўнік, упершыню сутыкнуўся з раз’юшаным 7 у 2015 годзе, дуэт абмяняўся прысмакамі і размовамі аб ударах цела як яны спрабавалі збіць адзін аднагоfsdffsdfwerfrwefwerffuruur❤️❤️❤️❤️��������❤️

  • From the outside Leo’s act like they’re all confident they act like they’re better than others so if you’re hanging out with a Leo you better stop hanging out with a Leo cuz she or he is going to take everything you got and what I mean by that I mean the way that you look the way that you dress the way that you speak they will take all that shit from you and then they will say they’re the ones that started to dress like that they started talking like that Leo’s have a big ego Leo’s are such a Liars Leo’s are such cheaters and if you’re soft they were trying to control you the women Leo’s they will treat a man like kings in the male Leo he would do basically anything he wants if you don’t put your mother fucking foot down and tell him look motherfuker you ain’t going to do this shit anymore cuz if you don’t say nothing him. he’s just going to walk all over you

  • I was born with clubbed feet and had many surgeries.
    When I turn my feet sickle just a little bit, throwing off my balance. Could this be fixed with strengthening? (Doing calf exercises doesn’t bring pain)

  • Makesss nooooo sense, The title is diffrent thing and the video is whooole diffrent thing, I had already subscribed but srry unsubscribe.

  • Your freaking awesome!!! Keep it up! We beta/white nights need this to understand women more because like you said women are wired differently.

  • Very well described Zodiacs 😉 <3 Unfortunately Im not in the USA so cannot sign up for Scentbird =(( by any chance do you know something similar that is international??

  • i’m getting sick of free sites giving nothing until you need to pay for it. f-You You Tube and go f yourself if you think this will last. We can make a new website that will make you extinct. It is coming You Tube…

  • Pisces is on spot… one thing I would add is we like people that are wise. Like different from everybody else, they have knowledge above their generation. People that can teach us things, I feel like we respond well to when ppl put us to other “creative” things

  • Aries like a challenge, we don’t chase, we want to beat the challenge. It may appear from the outside like we chase, but really we want to win no matter how it looks. LIKE WE DON’T GIVE A FUCK IF WE WIN BY A INCH OR A MILE, WINNING IS WINNING! LETS FUCKING GO!!!

  • “The other 0.1% are probably dudes…”
    “If you do this to anyone except your girl you will probably be incarcerated…” Haha. Jose you are awesome brother.

  • Lol do music, learn to sing, learn to make fire music, and do what YOU want to do while making sure it isn’t something she hates, once your past the attraction phase and in a relationship you can do what she wants to do more so because she already sees you for the alpha you are.

  • Esta canción tiene 6 años pero cada vez que la oigo parece como si hubiera salido ayer una canción de culto de memes y con uno de los videos musicales más wtf una canción que cada mes escucho y escucharé asta que muera

  • 2:44 Im not strong enough XD I have to work out more T-T and when I hold it my leg is like a magnet to the ground:vans I need help with the scorpion my shoulders are not flexible:v my shoulder a always ends up hurting

  • But what if I don’t want to invest in clothes but I want to like save my money or invest in a business or create my own business btw I don’t invest in clothes a lot I have very free of them but I’m saving not for clothes but for future use im kind of poor but can I can the girl I want using only techics��

  • I feel like when you were doing the intro you were getting some head because if you listen closely in the intro you can hear sum ��

  • In my experience and I’m 62 and had a pretty good time.
    Women will decide if they want you if you are confident and interesting, they will chase you.

  • im taking a ballet 1 class and always wonfer why i have horrible balance. but now i realize its because of my feet. i never realized that so thanks for the tips

  • If you are an earth signs stay away from gemini, no matter how much you like her stay away from air
    They lack the substance, they are not pure �� like our air full of pollution

  • bruh $5000 is half a teachers salary here in South Africa, I’ll be in that trap after graduating next year. lol dear lucky folks anyone who wish to donate me that amount, here’s my email ( [email protected] ) I’ll send you my ID, All my achievements from high school I was a top achiever lol and a video lol just trying my luck

  • “gemini love a person that are knowledgeable about a lot of different things, and they love dirty talk”. Yeah but dirty talk could literally be a fact about something you learned that day. For real, lol.
    Like TEACH ME STUFF! Nothing is more sexy than a man with an endless amount of random facts. So weird. If you are trying to get a gemini to like you, read up on lots of different random useless shit. Like the history of juggling or why the grass grows quicker when you cut it. haha.

  • Whoever says Aries loves a chase its a God Damn lie. Aries are so self centered if you don’t give them that time of the day they will leave you. Aries are people who cant stay focused so like they have a hard time picking jobs and making decisions because they start but something else pulls their attention. Thus if u dont shoot ur shot with an Aries will not care. They are too self entered. They like ppl who like them and if you dont they will make it a show that you dont like them

  • Could you please do a small kind of recital or display of all your skills!!! That’s you be amazing and I could learn so much from it!

  • 99% of women go wild when I say I’ve got nuts the size of grapefruits and farts that are so toxic, they displace all the oxygen in the room! Man, they line up around the block for me when I say that!

  • My girl and I had a great time and I found out everything in one move. I looked at her eyes, first thing I noticed was her eyes were dilated big time and I intimidated her without trying.

  • If you can only get one should you get a bracelet or a neckless? Also will this sale last till the end of July? That’s when I get paid.

  • This was great, been searching for “hot sex spots” for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried Manillian Stimulate Sonification (do a search on google )? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my co-worker got cool success with it.

  • Hey there so I have been doing dance for years and I have always been really weird and slightly bad with my turns and balancing. Somehow, I can’t balance without putting one foot slightly behind the other. I had quad problems around 3 years ago and I still can’t get my balance correct. It’s made its way into messing up my turns. Any more tips?

  • I’m not good at emotional contact
    Can’t do the back move with myself cz I don’t have a girl
    I only plan my attacks in games
    I don’t have a suit
    I have one bracelet I think it’s enough
    I can’t get her close to me (as I said: no girl)
    I can only use my hands for drawing. Jose is that enough?
    And I can’t even get likes on this shitty comment

  • Wow Happy Thsi Love you Baby Alivia D Ćwiczyć Fitness muzyka Baby Sexy ������✌️��️������������������������������������������������������✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️��️��️��️��️��️��️��️������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������

  • I’d really like to yeah you know maybe sometime if you have time we could you know maybe maybe coffee nevermind you wouldn’t like that anyway that’s just stupid Maybe 00 walk or no not that the jogs no trip to Maui I don’t know maybe maybe back to coffee

  • virgos like especially clean people because 1. we germaphobic as shit 2. it’s a reflection of self awareness, if somebody’s dirty and smelling it conveys arrogance and lack of self consciousness and lack of consideration for others too

  • And omg I just realise that I had sickeled feet on releve and I just fixed it just then and I just Aldine a triple pirouette! Thank u liv X ❤️

  • I don’t get why people think everyone in Alabama dates there relatives like……mah dude naaaaaahhhhh. Makes me wanna move fr in mah dms all I see is are u dating your cuz like bruh.thats nasty

  • I Feel Like Your Really Underrated Considering All Your Talent and Ability To Explain While Actually Making Sense. Your Really Helpful!:D

  • Ok, but seriously on a real note: When you’re choking someone during fun times. Never. Choke. The. Front. Of. Their. Neck. That is dangerous and could cause damage that aint fun. When you’re choking someone, grab their neck and squeeze the sides, the blood flow should be cut/slowed down. Not the oxygen. Stay safe!

  • 3:58
    I really don’t think she was talking ’bout height.


    edit: 5:51

  • 0:56 _ Does this thing really happen in siblings, like if I sit beside my brother, he says I’m smelly and gross and pushes me away….lmao I shouldn’t think much……

  • I’ve been married for 15 years, so at one point in my life, I had it going on… Or thought I did, lol. If I was single, you are the type of woman I would have bought a drink! ��

  • Thank you so much! the weight distributing tips really helped me to not fall out of my turns ones i started focusing on weight distributing i stops falling out of my turns! thank you so much!

  • I am a self taught gymnast, but I’ve always wanted to do a pirouette. I am just starting to try now, so does anyone have any tips?

  • In these days of “me too” one had better get express consent before making any moves lest serious and severe legal consequences follow!!

  • And once the Capricorn doesn’t get that conservative side. Say you get in a relationship with a Capricorn and you’re and overall good guy. The second you start to show any sort of childlike behavior they will try to change you. Video games, dirt bikes, whatever it is they don’t like, they will try to control you and they can get abusive, be careful

  • I’m a Scorpio trying to figure out if my crush (a Taurus) is interested in me. I notice she stares at me a lot whenever I’m not looking and makes a lot of eye contact whenever we’re talkingis this a sign?

  • Let’s sit around and eat some good food and drink some alcohol and sing Kumbaya…. I would stick with my own race sorry I’m a white girl I don’t date Black guys

  • I am a capricorn and I am DEFINITELY not conservative. I also don’t like conservative people and it actually turns me on if a person is loud, open-minded and outgoing (not as calm as she said). I believe some capricorns are like her explanation but I know A LOT of capricorns and they are really not as she describes them.

  • আসসালামু ওয়ালাইকুম,
    আমি একজন নতুন Vloger.
    সাইকেল নিয়ে খুব কষ্ট করে vlog করি। বুকে ক্যামেরা ফিট করে দেশের সুন্দর্য ইউটুবে তুলে ধরি! প্লিজ গাইজ সাপোর্ট মি♥..

  • I came across your videos and they are sooo helpful. I’m older and trying to get fit and flexible again. I just want to commend you for your videos. They are the most helpful. Keep it up, your such an inspiration.

  • Well then i guess, Jack Manley, Manu Rios and Froy Gutirezz wear ESSENTIAL cloths to turn on girls???
    Or do they wear nice watches or nice suits or accessories, etc..??

  • Just shaking my head while listening yet smirking too; actually, I chuckled at one thing you said. Funny, for years I’ve had droves of women pay strict attention to me while I dated very few. Nowadays, I only sort of miss tactility while not going out of my way to converse with them and here’s basically why > my best communication by a long shot is with men, for they have similar versatility of interests. “Like” OH they don’t use that Valley Girl word for starters; topics include current affairs events that can run the entire gamut much like politicians deal with each and every day (life is not all about Me, Myself and I). Sports, history, outdoor adventures, biographies are other topics men are keener on sharing. The topics that BOTH genders have in common generally speaking and I love are music (I’m a lifetime trained singer which women gravitate towards), family matters, and relationships that are a HIGH priority for women. TRAVEL is another highly prized topic for females more than men and I do tire of this jetset early retirement subject. One last issue, which men are definitely more prone to discussing is physical (not emotional) attraction. So I am single and happier for it plus BTW, women need to learn that Equality includes asking men out too. I never had this problem,like droves of men do! Women would do everything BUT ask me out for the most part. Maybe females don’t go there because “they want their cake and eat it too”, fear rejection (well welcome to our world), and they may feel that THEY have to pay for the outing God forbid for “what’s yours is theirs and what’s theirs is their own”. Again, “what’s good for the gander is good for the goose” and “if the shoe fits, wear it”. David from Socialist run Canada where our leader Trudy T. is a self-ordained MALE feminist? Sheesh… the world leaders here that and cringe with disrespect.

  • Hi Jose, I have noticed a page is using your content for their cheap product promotions.
    This clipping is from your video. And you’re giving demo about KK & J products. But these pages are misusing your content. Please check it out.

  • Hmm I think I have to take ur course I’m lost they act like they wants to talk but when u thar close they act like strangers on confused

  • Hi. I’m recently learning ballet. I have some questions. 1. I do not hold the balance specially in the left leg. When stand on left foot, I put weight on little toe. My teacher said that I have weak intrinsic foot muscle. Are these exercises in your video useful for me? 2. I’ve genu varum in left leg. So I have trouble with strenthning muscles of inner calf at foot. but i dont know how. T.T give me tips!!! Please!

  • 6yo me: Wow this song is good i hear it till i get tired of it

    Me now: oh yeah ass and peepee, sexual.. Still a song lets hear it 100 times

  • How to hove Better Balance in Your Tum 101 ������✌️������️������������������������������������������������✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️��������������������������������������������������������������������������️��️��️��️��️��️��️��️��️��️��️��️������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������

  • With the kicks at 1:36, if you are finding it hard to get your feet straight into fifth position you can relax it a little into 3rd position.
    Also, before you close straight in you can put your foot down into a tondu before closing it.

  • This was the only zodiac video that had pros and cons of each zodiac that I watched through the whole way. I’m a Leo lol btw. It’s was detailed and throughly.

  • bruh me debating if i should show my freaky side to my bf or a guy that i like is just hard. cause i sit there for hours and debate������

  • You’re flirting with me. That’s really cute.

    I have way too many dirty thoughts going thru my head right now.

    I know what you’re trying to do. I’m on to you.

    You’re so hitting on me right now.

    You’re falling in love with me right now.

    I knew you had a naughty side.

    You’re definitely going to be trouble for me.

    Have you ever been skinny dipping?

    What are your thoughts on public affection?

  • okay, just to add on a bit to libra that i feel like need to be shared. Libras like someone who is open to them so they know that they can be open back. They are either an open book or you need to earn their trust, and they like somebody who would be able to give them attention 24/7 and be able to make it about them sometimes without it being awkward.:P thanks lol

  • real question here. if you want a girl to get close to you by touching her leg or whatever, will the reaction be always successful or nah…lets just say that she is already giving signs to me at this point.

  • Most blokes would be shit scared to say this stuff. Just in case they are talking to a feminist, & if they are they are in trouble man. So men have to be very careful what they say these day.
    I would say stay away from women all together!!!!

  • I’m 35… I feel nowdays it’s not so easy. So many women give the WORSE mixed signals… From what they wear to what they say. At some point. Headaches aren’t worth it. It’s not too much to ask to just be adults and say what you feel. There’s too many games involved now. And money is almost a determining factor in sex now. Only fans is literally where it’s at for a huge populace of women. That lets u know alot right there… also People are scared to be themselves and scared to say or act on what they really feel. So men. Stay strong. Stay happy. There’s some extra chill women out there that actually do conduct themselves like women. Honestly. This woman on this channel. I like her. Yet. I don’t think so many women are like her. Unfortunately.. If they were… Much would be different. You have no hope figuring out a woman who is confused in what she wants herself.

  • Wait y’all,all signs are different right��
    Then why do y’all say an Aquarius is weird
    �� when all the signs possess different traits
    I guess people don’t get Aquarius ��������

  • It’s crazy how her reasoning for attracting an Aquarius is exactly how I subconsciously pulled my Aquarius girlfriend… that’s crazy lol this is spot on

  • for her, if it’s not outright obscene then it’s subtle only in a bar

    what the heck do ‘women’ really want? frikin depends on where they are at what time and how old they are and….

  • Or do you work at Starbucks or do you have your own phone or are you old enough to drive your own car or do you just like me saying the word or

  • Bro the last one can work for you cause your girl has a Medical passion ours here doesn’t have a thing �� they are litterly female creatures only ��

  • Also –
    1. Aries 3:04 ♈️
    2. Taurus 6:05 ♉️
    3. Gemini 9:55 ♊️
    4. Cancer 11:46 ♋️
    5. Leo 14:45 ♌️
    6. Virgo 17:30 ♍️
    7. Libra 20:37 ♎️
    8. Scorpio 23:28 ♏️
    9. Sagittarius 27:35 ♐️ (so accurate btw)
    10. Capricorn 30:42 ♑️
    11. Aquarius 33:15 ♒️
    12. Pisces 36:20 ♓️

    Ur welcome ��

  • If we feel disrespected or anyother way that we don’t feel your being genuine we will cut you off with no explanation they will feel our stung without saying anything ��

  • Men dont pursue woman man thats a bad tip. Thats why most guys scare them off. Its weak and needy. Woman are the ones that do most of the pursuing.

  • 1. Create an emotional connection
    2. The move (hug her by the waist and kiss her neck)
    3. Take her on a date and plan everything (be a leader)
    4. Wear a tailored suit or accessories (depending on the occasion)
    5. Doing a power move
    6. Be good with your hands
    7. Pursue her and make her feel special.

  • LOL this is funny because I am a Libra and I have a friend who’s an Aquarius and he loves when I talk shit to him LOL �� he would literally start with me just so I can be like “move you old bold bitch!” ���� he loves it.. if I’m having a good day and being sweet to him it throws him off and he gotta do something to get me to curse him out the whole time we’re together but we definitely do have great laughs and times with each other ��

  • I don’t know what’s with the cancer and boobs, but i’m gonna concentrate only on them with my partner, and they better concentrate on mine:)))

  • Are you doing that weird thing again where you imply that every single woman thinks exactly the same way? Almost as if you’re a chauvinist snake oil salesman isn’t it…

  • So this is the data China is collecting? What are you people doing with it? How will it work once the ban goes into effect? Very curious.

  • thank you so much for these tips, I feel more stronger every time I do it. My teacher is impressed in how much I improve in such a small amount of time

  • Everyone’s like omg I’m a Capricorn and I’m not like that okay cool you’re quirky but imma be honest; I’m a cap and she’s speaking facts.