The way the Computer Might Be Damaging Your Vision


How to Protect your Eyes from Computer Vision Syndrome

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How blue light from computer screens affects vision and eye health

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You may want to try over-the-counter eye drops known as “artificial tears.” These are available as lubricated, saline, homeopathic and other types. Using a humidifier may also help. Turn down the lights. Reduce the wattage in desk lamps and adjust window blinds to cut down on screen glare. Schedule rest breaks for your eyes during your workday.

Preventing Damage from Your Computer Screen Use Proper Lighting. Eye strain is often caused by excessively bright light from outdoor sunlight or from harsh interior Adjust Your Display Settings. Adjusting the display settings of your computer can also help reduce eye fatigue.

Eye problems caused by computer use fall under the heading computer vision syndrome (CVS). It isn’t one specific problem. Instead, it includes a whole range of.

Computer screens give off harsh blue light which can cause eye strain and damage your sleeping pattern. To give your eyes a break, consider downloading a blue light filter. This is a special programme which makes your screen appear warmer and slightly dimmer. Computer screens give off harsh blue light which can cause eye strain and damage your sleeping pattern. To give your eyes a break, consider downloading a blue light filter.

This is a special programme which makes your screen appear warmer and slightly dimmer. Some common symptoms of digital eye strain include dry, irritated eyes, blurred vision, eye fatigue, neck and back pain and headaches, according to the Vision Council. Here are some of the factors that determine a person’s risk for eye strain: proximity of. How the Computer May Be Damaging Your Eyes.

Posted on June 24, 2011 by bestlifeinsurance from the Eye Health Center. Call it the revenge of the electronic screens. Many of us spend hours each day peering at computer screens, televisions, hand-held devices, cell phones, GPS monitors and more. The result: dry eyes, irritation, blurred vision.

Overall it seems that although looking at a computer may not cause permanent eye damage, it can cause some irritating problems, such as eye strain and dry eyes. Make sure your computer screen is about 25 inches, or an arm’s length, away from your face. The center of the screen should be about 10-15 degrees below eye level. Cut glare by using a matte.

The LED light emitted from most screens exposes your eyes to high levels of “blue light,” which can disrupt sleep patterns and lead to “computer vision syndrome,” associated with headaches and.

List of related literature:

Although modern computer screens do not emit enough radiation to harm the eyes, they do cause significant eyestrain.

“The Herbal Drugstore: The Best Natural Alternatives to Over-the-Counter and Prescription Medicines!” by Linda B. White, Steven Foster
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Although not generally a high risk, prolonged use of computers can lead to eyestrain, mental stress and possible muscular pain.

“The Essential Guide to Holistic and Complementary Therapy” by Helen Beckmann, Suzanne E. Le Quesne
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A Working at a computer will not damage your eyes.

“The Harvard Medical School Family Health Guide” by Anthony L. Komaroff, Harvard Medical School
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Computers can cause eye strain because the screens are made up of tiny dots called pixels, which your eyes are constantly trying to focus on.

“Spectrum Science, Grade 6” by Spectrum
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Computer screens cause strain in the mind, eyes.

“Perfect Sight Without Glasses: The Cure of Imperfect Sight by Treatment Without Glasses Dr. Bates Original, First BookNatural Vision Improvement (Color Edition)” by William H. Bates, Emily C. Lierman, Clark Night
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This is most severe while working with computers because this not only requires concentration of vision, but also forces the eyes to receive electric rays coming out from the terminals, which in itself is enough to damage the eyes.

“Chinese Health Care Secrets: A Natural Lifestyle Approach” by Henry B. Lin
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The risk of eye strain, wrist strain, and other injuries increases when using computers for long hours.

“Digital Privacy and Security Using Windows: A Practical Guide” by Nihad Hassan, Rami Hijazi
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(78) Computer screens can damage your eye sight.

“English Syntax and Argumentation” by Bas Aarts
from English Syntax and Argumentation
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• Rest the eyes when using the computer for long periods—15 minutes for every 2 hours of continuous computer use.

“Fundamentals of Nursing E-Book” by Patricia A. Potter, Anne Griffin Perry, Patricia Stockert, Amy Hall
from Fundamentals of Nursing E-Book
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Some of the first indications of computer health risks arose in connection with computer terminals or monitors, as researchers began to investigate whether the radiation they emitted could cause problems such as cancer or cataracts for people who sat 18 inches away from them all day long, day after day.

“Intelligent Medicine” by Ronald L. Hoffman
from Intelligent Medicine
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  • It is, because i use to have really good eyesight when I didn’t have a phone now i have a phone and i have glasses and one of my eye where just hurting a few minutes ago

  • I don’t know if it’s my phone is partial reason why my eyes got worse over time but I know it’s the reason why my eyes are always fatigued imagine waking up getting a f**** full rest of sleep and your eyes are hard to keep open I’ll always have f**** red eyes

  • Hi I am from India and I love you too much but u can’t understand this thing if u understand then reply me I l you too much white colour dress girl

  • You are an idiot telling people watch as many hours of screen as they want. You are miss leading teens and young children that their eyes will not be damaged by watching long time in screens. Tell your kids that and hope you successfully help them go blind!

  • The hole blue light being harmfull for the eyes is complete lie. By going outside you get 30 times more blue light on your eyes than waching your phone phone, tablet or computer. The blue light only effects your awaiknes. Nothing else. The reason why waching our digital device is not good for a long periods of time is because we are so focused on it that we dont blink. Next time pls do your research better beafore makin misleading videos like these

  • I see a big flashlight in my eye ALL THE FUCKING TIME, not only at night, and even my oph doesn’t kow what is that
    Sometimes the light is blue, sometimes it’s like purple and sometimes red
    It makes me wanna die

  • There are several components to cures for bad eyesight. One plan I found which successfully combines these is the great gazer fix (google it if you’re interested) definately the most useful resource that I have ever seen. Check out all the interesting info.

  • Oh noes, stay inside, hide.
    There’s a huge blue thing outside.
    Don’t look up.

    Alternatively, grow a brain.

    And remember, if your glasses really blocks blue light, everything blue will appear black
    and some black things will look burgundy.

  • Well this video was just extraodinarily BRILLIANT tell us how dangerous 380-400nm light is while simultaneously exposing our eyes to a neon blue screen.

  • I’ve been binge watching videos and doing a lot of surfing the net on my laptop for over a week, and I’ve noticed having more headaches, my sleeping pattern being thrown off, and even blurred vision at times (never had this problem before in my life). I just turned Iris on on my laptop today and I already feel my eyes are more relaxed. Oh and Julie, my eyes are recovering even faster now thanks in part to the light I see, becoming beautified by simply bouncing off of you, before reflecting into my eyes, massaging them all the way into my brain. Ok, I need to sleep now.

  • I also keep my phones brightness on zero…and exactly,, at the first I Don’t see anything but when the time goes I see everything clearly even in the daylight…

  • I wear glasses with integrated blue filter, the correction is good, I follow the 20/20/20 rule, posture and desk setup cannot be better and use eyedrops but my eyes are stilll very fatigue at the end of the day. I have to stare to a computer screen all day long due to my job. Any suggestion to improve?

  • Headaches, (with correct medical checking) can be prevented. If you feel you have “double vision” go to an ophthalmologist for a check first.

  • Hello Doctor,
    I am a computer Programmer and now I want to your help.
    Yesterday my doctor said I have Computer Vision Syndrome(CVS) and she told me that I never treatment it any more my eyes looks like red (bloody eye) please help me how can I treatment than sickness.
    I look forward your answer…

    Thanks a lot!!!

  • 1:06 lmao what about cavemen who came out of pitch black caves to bright skies you utter melts Edit and photo oxidise whatever is utter bs

  • So we know that the blue light is between 380-500 and the harmfull part is from 415 to 455 can we block the harmfull part for a safer work? cuz I want to learn programing and I’m afraid about my only eye (the other is lazy)?

  • I don’t think dry eyes can be caused by screens because of blinking less. Well, that could be true because no one knows when they’re blinking. But, you know the idea, it doesn’t seem right…
    And calling those things gaming… why call screens games? Office workers?? I kinds dissagree, though.
    (I was especting a more reliable results, like “light souce that DOES damage the eyes”, not “not blinking”)
    I could be wrong here, but I just don’t feel right…

  • Even book readers get myopia, It’s not the light itself causing it, it’s staring at a fixed focus point for long periods as screens and papers don’t offer depth like in real life.

  • I know that if I tell my mom about this, she will just start talking about radiation then ask me if I have done my homework and then just go away

  • Its same like a smoker says smoking twice isnt harmful…they are lying reason:

    1. They may be addicted themselves
    2. They want u to watch more more of their content i.e money

  • I have screwed up my eyes royally i am infact you can say i used to watch tv and play ps games like at long stretch without taking breaks even though my eyes couldnt take any strain still used to continue playing whole day whole night the blue light has damaged my eye muscles infact my eyeballs have looked shrunken like a punctured eyes it has lost his globe shape as this video says it cant harm you on a long term the doctors here in India cant find anything since they have never heard of such thing happening its affecting my life and i have extreme light sensitivity and not a single day has passedby when there is no pain..with due respect if you see opthalmologist doctors in India they know how to give glasses prescriptions if a person is suffering they have never heard of eyeball getting shrunken due to blue light i mean everything happens for first time if you dont take in a possibility i cant use pc or watch tv with light brightness my eyes have severe pressure i dont know i want to help myself but without doctors help its impossible can someone please help me out i have been to many doctors here in india and have just wasted money but still i am in the same situation my problem is not solved

  • Schools better be giving kids a break all these online classes now…. virtual learning…many want to still be able to go on their apps and games after the school day. Too much screen time ��

  • Please help me, I have this syndrome and my left eye is very blury from whether or not I look at my PC. Is this part of the syndrome or am I really getting short-sighted?

  • You guys are idiotic blue light is not blue color you freaking morons you have to be under 13 to not know this lmao
    Blue light is the glow blue color doesn’t have anything to do with it

  • The sun is 10× more damaging for your eyes, even when your just sitting outside on a cloudy day. That’s why sun glasses exist. You would have to share at a screen for up to 12 hours straight for any permanent damage to occur.
    But sudden lights are harmful, be wary.

  • SMH… Mine Just started before realising it. I usually like my brightness 100% because I don’t want to miss out on the clearity of what I’m watching.

  • just turn your brightness down, plus if you are using an LCD screen, turning down the brightness not only protect your eye, it also gives deeper black(color on screen), just like an OLED screen.

  • Your saying that what will happen to our eyes if we see phone. then, why are you uploading this video in phone
    Oh you want your subscribers eyes damaged is that right�������������� just for fun ya if you like this then give a like for me

  • it’s a marketing scam blue light from phones are not harmful, it’s the amount of time you spend that’s harmful not the blue light. People just go along with this narrative because when they are on their phones for a while it hurt their eyes, but this is because of your eyes being focused on one thing for long periods of times. The sky is actually more intense of a blue light and we as humans have been fine. The study with the mice was done with the mouse having a pure and focused blue light directly to their eye balls, like dude of course that’s gonna damage your eyes a little. Don’t believe this stuff. And if your really worried, then take breaks from your phone, and turn things on to dark mode or night mode. I phone has that. Basically every platform too. There are some solutions to a made up problem. Don’t spend money out of fear.

  • Little 4 year old me: plays in the backyard with my dog energetically and happily for a few minutes
    Mom: Hun, you can’t play outside.

    The 2019 me: stays on my phone all day being lazy, sad, and idiotic
    Mom: You’ll never learn anything from your damn phone.

    well guess what mom? I learned english through my phone’s help. Who’s laughing now?

  • If you look at cursed images, Yes.

    Jk. But for real, if your eyes are too close to your phone. It might turn lazy

    Oh and also, please don’t use light mode

  • ★★★EXCESSIVE USE of SmartPhones causes PAIN in the HANDS of users as ELECTRICAL IMPULSES of SmartPhones CONTINUOUSLY TRAVEL through the NERVES of their fingers to ALL other PARTS of their BODIES!! The excessive stimulation and exhaustion of the NERVES can produce weakness and tiredness in the whole body.
    ★The PAIN can SPREAD to the wrists, arms, shoulders, back, neck, head, chest, waist, legs, feet and other parts and organs of their bodies! There can be an attack of PARALYSIS in the fingers, hands, arms, etc, even without a stroke which is associated with the presence of blood clots in the brain!��
    ★When the nerves in and around the bones are affected, ARTHRITIS and other bone diseases can occur.
    ★As the nerves are present in the whole body, ELECTRICAL IMPULSES from SmartPhones adversely affect the health of various organs.
    ★The Heart too is affected by the ELECTRICAL IMPULSES of SmartPhones which can cause arrhythmic beats, palpitations, heart failure, and even a cardiac arrest without any blockage in any coronary artery! 
    ★Constant ACHES & PAINS in the body can cause sleeplessness, headaches, depression, eye problems like blurred vision, etc.
    ★Electrical impulses of SmartPhones can also affect the lungs, kidneys, bladder, liver, stomach, intestines, pancreas, muscles, membranes, ears, nose, mouth, teeth, blood vessels, etc, which can cause problems and diseases of these organs.
    ★ELECTRICAL IMPULSES of SmartPhones can also cause skin and hair problems, as there are NERVES in the skin and around hair roots.
    ★CANCER: Besides the low-voltage ELECTRICAL IMPULSES, the RADIATION from the SmartPhones is known to cause CANCER and many other related problems in the persons who use their SmartPhones for many hours daily.
    ★★★We must STOP the EXCESSIVE use of SmartPhones!

  • The 2016 Science study you reference quotes ” Although we are convinced that exposure to blue light from LEDs in the range 470–480 nm for a short to medium period (days to a few weeks) should not significantly increase the risk of development of ocular pathologies, this conclusion cannot be generalized to a long-term exposure (months to years). Finally, we believe that additional studies on the safety of long-term exposure to low levels of blue light are needed to determine the effects of blue light on the eye” So we don’t really know if blue light causes long term damage yet or not.

  • yo! if you most verily lovingly would check out the new tunes and <3 or repost if you vibe with!

  • Its true its the blue light damage in phones destroys your eye nerves…go for eink….they should make eink colored phones…screw you Samsung and lg…you have destroyed eyes…they know about the blue light damage but still manufacture…greedy bastards

  • My left eye turned completely to the left and up side because i put security screen glass on it
    I don’t know how to bring back it to original

  • Does gaming destroy our vision….
    Some videos say no but the effects are temporary like eyestrains and headaces….
    Does gaming destroy our eyes permanently?



    The only probs is


  • use a blue light filter on your phone.
    i use the app called Twilight. it can lower your phone’s brightness lower than your phone system allows you to. you can also adjust the amount of blue light you’re letting in. i keep mine at around 25% because i dont like my screen to be completely pink, but its still blocking out a lot of blue light which is awesome.
    put the filter on 2 hours before you plan on going to sleep. feel free to turn it off upon waking up and adjusting your eyes to light, or just keep it on all day and protect your eyes all the time. i usually turn mine off tho.
    it also helps you get better sleep
    hope this helps someone

  • Ive been doing this since i ever got a phone i am so used to having it super low for brightness and when i see my dad turn his phone on its on max and im like WTF THATS TO BRIGHT i lowered ir����‍♂️����

  • Guys i always use 0 britegness on my phone is that good? I used and on the sunny days i can see very well in 0 brigteness is that good?i dont wana wear glasses i hate it

  • I’ve been learned about the damage that our phone and computers can do to us by my father that has lived with Macular degeneration since his early 20’s. still he can cook better than me xD

  • There’s a thing called Blue IQ that’s currently available in some glasses shops as an extension to your glasses, but Blue IQ supposedly protects your eyes against this stuff! I have it on my glasses and I don’t know if it really works but my eyes feel less strained everyday!

  • +EVERYONE Here is how you fix it! Go out on a Sunny Day. Look into the Sun for a few Seconds…… Then closed your Eyes…. Do it a few times per day…. This will help you get back your Vision. WARNING: DO NOT DO IT TOO LONG!!!!

  • I always keep the brightness on the lowest setting, sometimes lower with an app if I need to.
    Everyone always asks why my screen is so dark.

  • Dont worry guys, thus isnt true, staring at a screen for too long can make ur eyes tired or things go a bit blurry, but its only temporary, after a few hours (maybe a day) your eyes adjust to not looking at a screen and it goes back to normal, i know this because my entire life has practically been on screens and i dont have glasses.


  • What when u use several monitors setup…… this means light etc can shine in to your eyes at a bad angle and damage the eye, right…? like the light from the side monitors can reflext other light etc directly in to your eye and damage it….

  • I play a game on console with lots of detail. But I played it for a wild and now my eyes are like blurring or like weird ( its it’s hard to explain ) and I cant admirer the games detail, it’s like playing an undetailed verson

  • Yes it does. I used to have 20/20 vision as a kid and now my vision is worse due to too much phone/computer use. I use contacts or glasses now.

  • All facts are true in the given video, but it doesn’t fit with the video title. Sure, your theme is of 2 minutes, but instead of saying “Does Electric Device’s Light Damage our eyes”, saying “How much of an effect does max brightness at night affects us” is better as from someone who hasn’t seen the video will get the exact response the viewer from.

    All in all, Good video. Liked

  • Hey I went to the doctor today and I had trouble reading the letters.This was the first time anything like this has happend to me.I have always had perfect eyesight.They said I might need glasses because I have low vision.

    Is there any way to reverse this or regain my 20/20 vision?What can I do?

  • Sometimes +1 diopter above what you normally use is found t be helpful. I think some research hs shown this but I’ve never heard of any opticians recommending this as they should. Nor did tis guy on the vid no surprise!

  • To prevent induction of nearsightedness (from long-term computer work, i.e., computer syndrome), you can use a plus lens to relive that strain that causes a loss of distant vision (to 20/40 refraction -3/4 dioipters). When used correctly some students have cleared their vision by using a plus in this manner.