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A 2018 study by the National Council for Behavioral Health and Cohen Veterans Network found that “forty-two percent of the population saw cost and poor insurance coverage as the top barriers for accessing mental health care. One in four (25%) Americans reported having to choose between getting mental health treatment and paying for daily necessities.”. At each step, the hidden costs in time and money add up. Dealing with and transporting people with mental illness accounts for about 21 percent of the average police officer’s time and consumes about 10 percent of the average police department’s budget, according to a new study from the Treatment Advocacy Center (TAC) in partnership with. Sizeable ‘hidden’ costs are not unique to depression.

In a small sample study of children with conduct disorder we found that only one-sixth of the total cost was carried by the health service, the remainder falling to schools (special educational needs), social care agencies, families (dis-rupted parental employment, household. Tangible costs include “unintentional” human resource costs, such as those associated with absenteeism (when employees are unable to go to work due to poor mental health), presenteeism (when employees go to work but are unable to perform at prime), and turnover costs (including lost productivity in transition and direct expenditure for recruiting. Implicitly Estimating the Cost of Mental Illness in Australia: A Standard-of-Living Approach.

Applied Health Economics and Health Policy, Applied Health Economics and Health Policy. Untreated mental health conditions like depression are the leading cause of suicide. Data also suggests that not addressing mental illness can affect a company’s bottom line.

Serious mental illnesses result in approximately $193 billion in lost earnings per year, according to the National Alliance on Mental Illness. This collection of charts (updated July 31, 2017) explores trends in the prevalence, outcomes, costs, and access to care associated with mental health and substance use disorders in the United States and comparably wealthy countries. The U.S. has the highest prices for health care by far, and it’s crushing consumers. Here are 4 reasons behind the soaring costs that.

The economic costs of mental illness have never been easy to pin down. 1 The costs of mental health care can be estimated much the way we estimate other health care costs. The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, cites a cost of $57.5B in 2006 for mental health care in the U.S., equivalent to the cost of cancer care. 2 But unlike cancer, much of the economic burden of mental.

And nationally, a recent analysis of obituaries by the Health Care Cost Institute found that, for April, the number of deaths in the U.S.

List of related literature:

There is evidence showing that some cost-sharing provisions for mental health care have become more generous but that many special rationing features for mental health care remain (Barry et al. 2003).

“The Oxford Handbook of Health Economics” by Sherry Glied, Peter C. Smith
from The Oxford Handbook of Health Economics
by Sherry Glied, Peter C. Smith
OUP Oxford, 2011

As a result of these policies, in 2009, those with private coverage paid about 25% of their total mental health expenditures out of pocket, a significantly higher amount than did those with Medicaid coverage, who paid only 6% of total out­of­pocket costs (Garfield 2011).

“Gun Violence and Mental Illness” by Liza H. Gold, Robert I. Simon
from Gun Violence and Mental Illness
by Liza H. Gold, Robert I. Simon
American Psychiatric Publishing, 2015

The combined indirect and related costs of mental “illness” in this society, including lost productivity, lost earnings due to illness, and social costs, are estimated to be at least $113 billion annually (National Mental Health Association, 2005).

“Sociology: Exploring the Architecture of Everyday Life, Brief Edition” by David M. Newman
from Sociology: Exploring the Architecture of Everyday Life, Brief Edition
by David M. Newman
SAGE Publications, 2009

Likewise, at a time in which demand for mental health services has actually increased, a government commissioned report notes proposed reductions in mental health services expenditure by £150m in 2012 (Department of Health, 2012).

“Rethinking Anti-Discriminatory and Anti-Oppressive Theories for Social Work Practice” by Christine Cocker, Trish Hafford-Letchfield
from Rethinking Anti-Discriminatory and Anti-Oppressive Theories for Social Work Practice
by Christine Cocker, Trish Hafford-Letchfield
Palgrave Macmillan, 2014

The cost of mental health care has been a major disincentive to providers and older adults who might otherwise seek psychiatric assistance.

“Psychiatric Nursing eBook” by Norman L. Keltner, Debbie Steele
from Psychiatric Nursing eBook
by Norman L. Keltner, Debbie Steele
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2018

The combined indirect and direct costs of serious mental “illness” in this society, including lost productivity, lost earnings due to illness, disability benefits, and health care expenditures, are estimated to exceed $317 billion annually (National Institute of Mental Health, 2010).

“Sociology: Exploring the Architecture of Everyday Life” by David M. Newman
from Sociology: Exploring the Architecture of Everyday Life
by David M. Newman
SAGE Publications, 2011

The recent Mental Health Parity Act of 2008 further emphasized the need to ensure that mental health conditions in the United States are treated fairly by mandating that copayments, deductibles, hospital stays, and mental health visits were covered.

“Basics of the U.S. Health Care System” by Nancy J. Niles
from Basics of the U.S. Health Care System
by Nancy J. Niles
Jones and Bartlett, 2011

Private insurers and employers grew increasingly concerned about the costs of mental health benefits (Franket al. 1991; Schlesinger & Dorwart 1992).

“A Handbook for the Study of Mental Health: Social Contexts, Theories, and Systems” by Allan V. Horwitz, Teresa L. Scheid
from A Handbook for the Study of Mental Health: Social Contexts, Theories, and Systems
by Allan V. Horwitz, Teresa L. Scheid
Cambridge University Press, 1999

These figures have not taken the hidden (indirect) cost of mental health into consideration—that is, the health costs and loss of earnings for families and carers, the community and welfare costs, charity agencies and the coronial work in the case of suicide.

“Psychiatric & Mental Health Nursing E-Book” by Ruth Elder, Katie Evans, Debra Nizette
from Psychiatric & Mental Health Nursing E-Book
by Ruth Elder, Katie Evans, Debra Nizette
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2011

In Australia, this was in part framed by the first National Mental Health Strategy adopted by governments in 1992 and the opening up of the Medical Benefits Schedule to mental health under the Better Outcomes in Mental Healthcare initiative.

“Tabbner's Nursing Care E-Book: Theory and Practice” by Gabby Koutoukidis, Jodie Hughson, Gabrielle Koutoukidis, Kate Stainton
from Tabbner’s Nursing Care E-Book: Theory and Practice
by Gabby Koutoukidis, Jodie Hughson, et. al.
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2012

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  • Cheers to you for representing Ted and his boyfriend so casually. It may seem like no big deal to you or many others, but more and more casual representation in this manner is what creates equality in society’s mind, little by little. Cheers!

  • I have a happy hybrid in my gym. Pay €70 upfront (future commitment) to get 10 vouchers for a free visit (no financial loss if you don’t go frequently). They keep the vouchers in a book at the front desk and mark them off as i turn up. I’m very happy with it

  • WoW! Mental Health + money is a profound topic. So glad you linked compulsive buying and hoarding.
    Shopping til you drop isn’t always a good thing.

    « nothing is wrong with getting the help you need » ��✊������

  • Thank you Laura for brilliantly sparking an important discussion. As a retail employee, nothing is more depressing than someone not looking you in the eye. even a quick glance would make me feel more like a human… I am still not perfect so thank you for encouraging me to go the extra mile to make someone’s day.

  • OH MY Gosh… This video is “The Bomb”…
    If you hadn’t told me that this was a “MOCK” up therapy session….
    I would have believed this was a real CBT Therapy session… “BRAVO”
    I love this video… Y’all (yes I’m Southern)… are Fantastic…

  • What if the friend does say you are so negative and ur energy is annoying.. (many people now say these things… Omg ur energy is so bad bla bla)…

  • Wow she’s good! Being fresh with doing therapy, I’m so happy I passed through these vids. This will definitely help me with my clients!! <3

  • My social anxiety has reached the point I can no longer use the telephone without being debilitated for a good portion of the day afterward. Spending 17 years in accounts payable listening to the badgering of bill collectors hasn’t helped. Therapy is helping, but I’ll try to extend these ideas to the telephone / email customer service scenario. It sounds wonderful. If only there weren’t too many incoming calls and emails for the average human to handle! People are already angry before I can get to them. Maybe connecting can diffuse some of that.

  • 17:38…and now we’re into impeachment they’re not likely to act.
    50:57… (private equity) gives the old CEO a deal ‘you do everything we say, we make you rich’… (PE) fire 40% of the initial CEOs in that first year. People who just can’t bring themselves to do what the private equity is asking them to do.

  • Elon doesn’t face opportunity costs, he just forces his workers to work beyond their human capabilities until they are burnt out and oppressed because they can’t unionize

  • If people like their health insurance so much, then why do they switch to Medicare the moment that they are eligible to? Spread the word. Health care is a human right. #Bernie2020

  • I run and use the pull up bars at the park. Free. And Calisthenics is better for the Body than weight lifting. Fight me, gym rats.

  • I like your channel it’s so interesting and you can learn so much, your interviews are great you come across so effortlessly. I was abused as a child by my parents I never felt safe in my own home they taught me fear, lack of communication skills not to trust I grew up believing I was unlovable, I thought I must be, if my own parents dont love me, then maybe no one will. My father became an alcoholic and blamed his marrige problems on his children, and beat them viciously on a regulare basis making them feel worthless, instead of taking ownership for the problems he was dealing with, my mother neglected us kids and was not around much she neglected us emotionally as she was an emotionally distant parent we never had a real connection to her, she didn’t take much interest in her kids lives very self centered and very selfish person she has been this way all my life from childhood to adulthood, I never felt loved or cared for by both my parents. Both of these people were unable to clearly communicate their needs to the other they had serious communication blocks and both of these people were physically beaten and abused as children growing up, they also had suffered the emotional abuse and pain that often usually goes hand in hand with that type of experience. I never got to know my own father, I put some distance between us because seeing him was too painful, so I stopped seeing him eventually in my teens at age 17 he died a year later, I wanted my mother to play some role in my life but she makes no effort, to see me, at all, I now no longer see my mother, I have made no efforts to see her in the last five years, she is aged 75 now she is lonely single still a widow and has no friends, she makes no friends dosent go out socially. Laura in uk

  • These are the main reasons why decision making is extremely hard. There’s a lot to consider (money, time, experience, stress level, etc) and then when you finally make up your mind, you’d think you should’ve gone the other way..:(

  • My gym closed in March due to Covid. They billed me the day after they closed. They said, “If I keep paying, it can be future credit.” I agreed. Two more months go by and the gym’s still closed. I canceled asking for a refund cause they billed me three times. I was under no contract! They refuse to refund me! They said, “I agreed to pay when they were closed.” I advised them, “Paying was due to future credit had I remained a member. Since I don’t have a membership, my money should be returned. Keeping it is theft!” They told me, “Any mention of theft is slander! Also they stand behind not refunding me!” They acknowledge they billed me when the gym was closed! Since I agreed to be billed, it’s free money!

  • Hello Two Cents,
    I love your show and as someone recently graduated from college it has been really helpful from the start.
    I just had a thing which I notice often when watching the videos so I would like to share that, hopefully it will help people like me who watch the channel. I know it’s a PBS show and hence a main focus would be america, but I’m sure a lot of people who watch this channel (me included) are not from there and a lot of information in this channel does not apply outside US
    It would be great if you could increase more general topic videos which can be applicable more globally

    I hope this comment reaches you guys and thank you for the nice videos

  • Core beliefs-The biggest fears that if it were true, it would be devastating. These are the assumptions about how the world would work and how one should behave according to it.

  • So, now I wonder if you threw on a nice shirt and is just standing there with your panties on. Maybe, your husband is standing there no bottoms.

  • One thing I’ve realised as a cognitive therapist is that the traits of mental health disorders are easy to understand and the CBT theory is easy to understand too, but the more you dig deeper in to CBT and when you actually carry out sessions, you find that its not easy to identify other’s beliefs, it’s not easy to evoke responses either and the sessions are never ‘smooth’ i.e. having this supposed artisanal conversation that has amazing highlight moments rarely exists. Usually the flow of sessions are not smooth, there are pauses, thinking moments, corrections, but overall, CBT is super effective!

  • Some things can allow a form of multitasking. I drove for the big box store I work for and if timing worked right, I can listen to Dave Ramsey’s live show on the road. If his show wasn’t on, I could listen to things to learn Spanish. So, sometimes you feel you have to sacrifice one thing for another, others, you can make the best of it if it’s done right.

  • He’s such an awesome actor for a therapist!!!! ������ this is super awesome. Trying to listen to lots of mock sessions, because I’m in school to become an LPC.

  • pre-pandemic, i was paying a grandfathered $20/month. and using the gym 3-4 times per week; $1.25 to $1.66 per visit, wow. hoping it remains $20…

  • The best solution for this is to workout at home… do push ups pull ups crunches trust me on this that’s all what you need if you are a beginner..

  • 3:22 It took me a while to figure out that you actually meant Cabernet? Since “cab” is also the word for a taxi.
    4:36 You just lost me.

  • In China I recently signed up for a gym that only offered yearly rates. I bought 2 years for $175 because 1 year was $150. It’s a cheaper gym but it’s got everything I need! I don’t need special smoothies or a swimming pool

  • I stopped eating out for lunch when I realized that not only was I paying more for the food, but I was also spending gas money to get the food, and I was losing work hours work the extra time I spent picking up food. Homemade lunches were cheaper in every aspect, if slightly less tasty.

  • 10:32
    Kyle has his Solar Plex crossed (protection) Heart…
    With his RIGHT Arm (professional) Left Arm is (personal) Heart side.
    He is “Pointing” in sorts with his Left hand!!

  • I have a core belief that I have been working on for years. Some shame stuck around BDSM. It has lessen over time, but I still feel a certain amount of stigma from society, and a feeling like I have to keep it secret.

  • I’m having my first CBT session soon and I’m so happy I stumbled upon this video, it’s kind of a great introduction to how the therapy may look like and what topics it might cover! Thank you so much for your effort, please keep going like that!
    Greetings from Poland!:D

  • Paused at Ted and his bf sigh… can’t even watch educational YouTube videos without American sexual orientation beliefs thrown in….end rant. I may get heat for this comment but that is my thoughts.

  • Very nice topic you covered….A year ago i rented a flat for 130 dollars here in my country India with my family but i have to pay for my drinking water..For every day use they providing very less water and the biggest problem is the pollution OMG not a single plant or tree around i have mild asthma and i am spending 30 dollars on my doctors fees and meds for 3 months and my 6 month old niece living with us she to has some cough here and there so i moved out of there and found a nice small flat in a VIP area with tons of woods around clean air,clean and free water but its a small and a little expensive home from previous one. but we can manage it…The best thing that our heath is good now…its for 180 dollars rent but fro 50 dollars more we have clean air,safe secure area,hospitals are near free water less electricity cost lest internet cost with fast speed 24 hours of water….so for me its a wins and now my niece is 1 years old and happy…��

  • I just learned that cost of enjoying life is called opportunity cost. Great video! I agree with the video there is no cost for life experience. Enjoy life at least once!

  • This video was absolutely useless to me! I exercise five times per week. I pay only $10/month and have been doing so for two years now. Thanks to all the people who sign up and stop going!

  • Being a sought after caterer in New York City threw me into this quandary. Skilled caterers with a few good companies can work at will. I could go 3 weeks without a day off if I wanted. Often I worked 7 days a week with 2 doubles that week. I knew some people who would work a few weeks worth of doubles and would consider a single 5-hour shift a day off. Someone would ask me if I wanted to go to a movie with them. I’d think, if I gave up my work that day, that movie would cost me $120.
    Then, one day, we were talking about one of the older catering captains (late 40s which was old at the time). Someone claimed he had a few 100 thousand dollars stuffed under his mattress. He rarely took days off. Never went anywhere or did anything. He had never been on a vacation. So I decided, sure I want to make money, but I couldn’t think about the movie costing me $120. Otherwise I’d never go anywhere or do anything with my friends.

  • I really enjoy all of your content, can’t wait till more! U inspired me to make my own channel about finance, stocks, business, real estate and more! I’m 13 with about $1700 in stocks

  • I was crying during the “therapy” i have those coping mechanisms to not feel the pain that can arise from the core belief being true.

  • As someone with clinical depression CBT totally did not work. It may work for people who have an episode in life but if you have flat line depression it’s a waste of space. Bottom line you cannot talk away depression

  • Do you recommend any books on opportunity costs or behavioral economics? I’m interested in reading more about financial decision making.

  • I am not a fan of the host. He keeps interrupting both the economists and the questions by the people and then tells others to “hurry it up”, are you kidding? Then his remark on 41:00 was totally irrelevant.

  • An absolute silly and unnecessary point made by the moderator at the 41:00 mark about a woman making 19 million from price gouging pharmaceuticals. “Yeah but men in that price gouge make more” Pay inequality is bad but that’s not the point genius, it’s the price gouging.

  • I think people want to destroy me, they want me to fail, I know that not all people want that, but I’m in a defensive and hostile posture all the time, it make me anxiet about any think, it make me some day miserable

  • I knew a friend of a friend in their 20s who used the YOLO decision making tool and ended up in a boatload of debt by 30. But those trips partying all over the world was worth it. ��

  • You really had to make Ted have a “boyfriend”?? �� Y’all make great videos! Just don’t start pandering to the liberal agenda now. Gosh. Keep it about money and we’ll keep watching.

  • The fork in the road comment was enlightening. I happen to focus too much on the money instead of the emotional benefits and experiences.

  • I do well with long videos, I might take breaks or multitask but I was all here for this. I think because the “I am worthless” core belief hits so close to home for me as a victim of narcissistic abuse with borderline personality disorder symptoms and a recent breakup with the only potentially not toxic man I ever dated. So core beliefs or core fears is that I’m going to die alone and unloved that I’m just a less than average cockroach of a world where humanity is comparable to an infestation. It’s so depressing but when I practice mindfulness and empathy and love I know that that dark perspective is not truth it’s just a frame of mind that I’m not for ed to look at all the time.

  • I just discovered this channel, and watched so many of their videos. It’s a really good channel. Love it. Keep up the good work guys.

  • Thank you for sharing. I agree wholeheartedly. I pumped my brakes on spending a while ago. It’s very fulfilling knowing I’m not impulse spending.

  • Got my gym to charge me 10$ a month and I go 3x a week. If anyone is interested try to look into strong lift 5×5 website, I used it to squat 300lb Deadlift 320 Bench 160 in 9 months for 1rep max. I am a 5,6 and 136lb male.

  • Great video! One of the biggest “opportunity” decisions is whether to marry, and/or who to marry. Years ago I had a girlfriend in her 20s who bought herself a new Corvette. She wanted me to use my life savings to buy a house for us, while she used hers on the new Corvette. I told her that was not fair and was not good stewardship. She also wanted to marry me, and was very pushy about it, even though I had never proposed. I cancelled her wedding plans and got on with my life. I later found out that she even bought herself an engagement ring!
    I felt like I had dodged a bullet. I was heartbroken but better off. That Corvette had saved me from marrying a spendthrift materialistic woman.
    As for opportunity costI did some research. If she had put the cost of the new Corvette into a Dow index fund, that fund would be worth over $525,000 as of 2020, and that doesn’t even include the dividends! Meanwhile the Corvette actually has a net negative value over time because of the ongoing costs of maintenance, insurance, storage, and registration fees. That Corvette had cost her dearly, both financially and romantically.
    Now I use the story of that Corvette in the financial planning classes that I teach.

  • I pay 105 at lifetime buy I do go 6 days a week and have a good solid and committed group that I go with. It’s been 3 months and feel better than ever.

  • My local gym costs 10 dollars per month. I do calisthenics anyways, but when quarantine is over i will go the gym to complement my body weight exercises.

  • Holy crap… I watched this whole thing and the “I’m worthless” belief hit me so hard i was getting extremely uncomfortable and nervous about the prospect of actually going out into the world and intentionally asking something of a friend without offering anything in return… I suppose that means this is something I need a lot of work on. I know therapy is supposed to challenge you for your own good, maybe I didn’t realize the kind of fear those challenges would invoke. It’s getting too real in here all of a sudden:’)

  • Vic should have considered the opportunity cost of not slamming a few PBR tall boys before the show. If he would have considered that he may have avoided spending time and money in the beer line and he might have had a better time at the show.

  • I live in the UK and gyms aren’t that expensive, most around £20 per month. These days so many don’t have contracts or start up fees now, except for those luxury gyms with spas and pools. I just use a grungy 20 hour gym which just has machines, but it’s a large chain and you can use other branches so it’s handy when travelling or using it after work

  • The opportunity cost of something is
    the choice you make in life.
    But the problem is that you do not the outcome of choice you make.
    Is it mistake or a correct choice?
    Example, you go to college and majors in liberal arts or political studies?
    After getting the degress of whatever major your wants at that time.
    You find out later that you did not like that job based on the field of study you did?
    What are the opportunity cost?
    One word “Time”
    You can not buy back time you spent on something.

  • If all people are gonna do is use the treadmill in a gym your just throwing money away since your wasting hundreds yearly when you can just run and walk for free outside!

  • i think when you say sorry to a client you are projecting sympathy of which anyone can tell them sorry and that’s how the client has been feeling like forever before convincing themselves tto come to your office so i think it’d be better to show empathy than sympathy.

  • core belief: I can accomplish great things but I was diagnosed with ADD. I always strived to better myself and learn new things but it does not change the fact procrastination consumes my life and I don’t know how to control myself and be productive on the things that could actually change my life for the best, It;’s like I don’t want to succeed

  • Watched the whole thing. Man I would have SUCH a hard time speaking to a friend like that and then ending the conversation without asking about them. Isnt that kind of rude? I guess that then goes back to not feeling worthy of having the focus solely on you. Wow. Tough to break old habits so deeply engrained

  • 5:00 not everyone goes to the gym at the same time during a 24 hour day so the actual capacity doesn’t matter as much as is suggested in the example. If a gym sold membership based on there capacity given the cost to run and maintain gym mentioned in the example, it would cost a lot more and there would be a waitlist.

  • my family bought a used threadmill for cheap 15years ago. it still works ( only needs to be oiled once in a while) and i use it a lot. Advice: don’t buy the cheap compact ones that can do only 7mph max if you want to run seriously

  • Cock and ball torture (CBT) is a sexual activity involving application of pain or constriction to the male genitals. This may involve directly painful activities, such as wax play, genital spanking, squeezing, ball-busting, genital flogging, urethral play, tickle torture, erotic electrostimulation or even kicking.[1] The recipient of such activities may receive direct physical pleasure via masochism, or emotional pleasure through erotic humiliation, or knowledge that the play is pleasing to a sadistic dominant. Many of these practices carry significant health risks.

  • The guy doesn’t believe the woman, and doesn’t want to share his story. He just do a job, which making a video. His body language shows everything.

  • I’m such a dumbass, I got a friend to refer me to LA Fitness which would get me a sweet deal right. It wasn’t, the initiation fee was $100 and I had to pay for first AND last months membership fee which was $80. All the while they’re telling me “wow this is a good deal” my naive out of shape ass signed up. Then coronavirus hit—I canceled my membership. I didn’t want to pay the $100 annual fee because who knows when they would open again or if it would be safe to resume the gym, and I only have July to use my last month I already paid for. But I don’t want to risk getting infected. Also that sweet deal was BS, online they had a $0 invitation fee and $29 monthly. I’m a colossal fool. I’ve lost more weight at home then I did at that gym. Never going back to a gym again, I’d rather buy my own barbell rack and adjustable weights, and my cardio can be done anywhere and anyway.

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  • 10:58
    Watch the “FEET”… In body language, a person will show if they really want to be in the room with others
    by where their feet are pointing to.
    Dr. Judy Ho feet are pointing to Kyle.. Kyle’s feet are pointing a different
    direction… (probably towards the door) his legs are crossed away from hers… “Hum”.

  • Maybe this could be explained in a seperate video but opportunity costs become even more challenging when you factor in unexpected outcomes. This is really relevant in, say, investing, when you are weighing returns that may or may not exist. Sometimes the opportunity cost isn’t even in the potential returns but rather the characteristic of returns. A good time this comes up is when deciding to borrow to invest.

  • The rest of the world, the whole world except us, can afford Universal single-payer healthcare. We pay more than twice cost per capita while the rest of the world’s life expectancy rises and ours declines. WHY CAN’T WE AFFORD MEDICARE FOR ALL? Now let the health insurance companies lie to us to explain.

  • Cock and ball torture (CBT), penis torture or dick torture is a sexual activity involving application of pain or constriction to the penis or testicles. This may involve directly painful activities, such as genital piercing, wax play, genital spanking, squeezing, ball-busting, genital flogging, urethral play, tickle torture, erotic electrostimulation or even kicking. The recipient of such activities may receive direct physical pleasure via masochism, or emotional pleasure through erotic humiliation, or knowledge that the play is pleasing to a sadistic dominant. Many of these practices carry significant health risks.

  • People do need to realize that in life, there are seldom, if ever decisions with a 100% upside or downside, and that you don’t have a crystal ball to see how things will play out. Occasionally you will make a choice that turns out to not be in your best interest, possibly with life altering consequences.

    As long as you make the best of your outcomes and adopt a positive mindset, things will in most any instance, turn out fine. Also remember, indecision is a still a decision.

  • Economics is about counting costs, and the cost to be counted is “opportunity cost,” arguably the most basic concept in economics. It is defined as the next best alternative to the one chosen, in other words, as the best of the sacrificed alternatives.

  • I don’t understand how people don’t get addicted to gym high. For me exercise is on the same plate as food, sex and sleep in terms of rewarding feelings. Just how. And why force if you dont like gym. Choose any form of movement you like

  • I saw the whole session and one of my core beliefs I believe I may have is that I will never achieve enough in life to afford my to own my place of residence.

  • Thank you so much for making these sessions happen. I’d love to see you guys make a playlist of extracts about therapy’s mini-experiments/tools.
    To Kyle, you are actually a self-conscious and insightful person, keep it forward, hope the best for you.

  • Does anyone else find Katie & Andrew extremely cute together?!!
    Like, I always go ‘awhhh’ when they say ‘& That’s our two cents’ at the end hahah

  • Wow….”do you feel shame about this job?” It’s stunning to me that this shame and exhaustion is so invisibly interwoven into our every day lives. Thank you for showing me a new way to interact and why it’s important.

  • Can you talk about the real cost of owning an electric vehicle over a conventional one? Also keeping in mind whether we are really saving the environment considering how the batteries for the electric vehicles are made?

  • I got ripped off with cost they did not tell me about till I saw it in my bank account where $47 was taken out by xsport fitness happen to my friend but in a different xsport location their thief’s.

  • Just to be in good shape does not require gym at all.
    Regular bodyweight exercises are more than enough.
    I used to be regular gym goer but shifted to bodyweight exercises and I am happy with my decision.

  • I am a level 2 counskilling skills student (aged 53) and have just watched your clip which was so interesting, especially so as I am that person who feels just like the client! I’m going to take the practice skills away with me and try it out on a friend and see how it goes. On the study side, I felt it was really well explained and has definitely given me a much better understanding of how CBT works. Thanks!

  • I was a gym rat for 20 years. I definitely got my money’s worth. I built a home gym and never looked back. Absolutely love my home gym. It paid for itself after a year.

  • Thanks can you my core belief is if I touch something in my house after coming from outside everything will get dirty and then it spreads

  • Lol “new economic thinking” not addressing the cause of soaring costs in healthcare… government.

    What a shill, deceptive channel this is.

  • I used to workout in gym… Then covid 19 even happened…. It made my life upside down… I stated working out in my lawn…. Now I workout shirtless and don’t care if I swear around or fart while squatting.. I’m much more happy now ��

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  • Can’t you still quantify benefit that’s non monetary with Utils (like treating yourself)? You do still have a point that it’s a gray area whether one activity provides more non-monetary benefit, but can we still come to a reasonable conclusion? E.x. obviously riding a rollercoaster gives way more utils than waiting in line for the rollercoaster

  • Hey…I am Binish from India…I have OCD and would like to overcome…can we work together to make a transformation video that explains different stages that I go through so that it would inspire people? It actually took almost half an hour for me to type this. Funny thing is I dont have anytging to offer but you can post the video on your channel

  • This was an awesome CBT session. I liked the laddering and how Dr Judy asked to identify some “ core beliefs”. Then she gave you homework to bring back for next session! She is obviously a good therapist! The key is to find a good therapist that can effectively take you thru CBT to heal the subconscious and conscious minds and behaviors in the present!! Thank you do much Dr Judy!!����

  • There’s something that I do totally unconscious, those type of subscriptions I put them with a electronic debit card, those that you have to recharge every time you are going to use it, so in that way I have to recharge in order to keep the subscription going, I do that with Netflix, Spotify, the gym app and headspace, because in that case if I stop using the app I can simply stop recharging the amount in my card and cancel the subscription… I wasn’t really aware of that until now

  • What luxury gyms are you two going to that that it’s costing you 10/58/600 (D/M/Y)?
    A decent gym could be had $10 a month these days and $60 for admin fees

  • Hi, right now I’m studying psychology at my college. I find myself very often to watch MedCircle’s videos! Seriously, MedCircle has given lots of knowledge and new information for me! so thankful for your videos and keep your good works MedCircle, you’re great!

  • This was an excellent and very disturbing portrayal of our for-profit healthcare system. It is a purposefully structured system that leads to ill-health and death as compared to the non-profit systems in other industrial nations. However, through the magic of “language” it is not murder. It is just an undesirable though profitable outcome.

  • In CBT now, watching the entire video was the best portrayal, I’ve seen, of the shocking and paralyzing effect ‘ core beliefs ‘ have on an unwell mind.
    Yet, I believe willingness to apply and then alter, letting go of resentment and acceptance of limitations, mine and others, offers a great deal of solice.

  • I think these beliefs of worthlessness etc aren’t our core belief, they are part of the blockers the ones we or society imposes upon our core. My biggest negative thought then is that I won’t amount to anything so I work against that belief by doing things. Although it is also wrapped in loneliness and I think I am something if someone loves me. As a single person I fluctuate between disbelief and belief in myself.

  • There are different forms of investment these days you know like stocks, real estate etc they are all good but the best of the lot is crypto investment it has the best returns and it is so profitable

  • I have spent my whole life miserable by keep calculating the opportunity cost after taking a different decision and thinking what would have been if I would have taken another route from marriage to financial decisions. Every decision costed me so much in opportunity cost in terms of happiness and finances that makes me sad and ultimately makes me to under perform. I guess others too would have felt the same

  • There are lots of worthless people who think they are important and vice versa.Get this. It is the worthless who because of nonverbal messages they communicate actually succeed.

  • I signed up for a 3-month membership. Learned on the spot all the tips and tricks. Tomorrow will be my last day and I went 4 times per week. Now I learned enough exercises to continue the rest of my fitness journey at home with equipment I’m planning on buying. Because now I know what I used the most in the gym. But one tip, go to the gym with someone who can guide you.

  • I LOVE that you made this connection! It’s like the elephant in the room in the planner community. Nothing wrong with shopping but anything in excess can be a problem. Impulse buying that leads to hoarding is often a sign of something else (not necessarily a mental illness but definitely an “indicator light”). I tell my clients (I’m a therapist) that when your way of coping (or certain behaviors) begins to negatively impact other areas of your life (e.g. lying about the behavior, doing it in secrecy, spending bill money, running up credit, etc.), that’s a sign that it’s out of control. Thanks for bringing awareness to mental health via financial education. I love your financial education Friday videos!

  • Not really always about opportunity cost..u guys are making money at our viewership..if u were too smart why are u not a bill gate or Warren cut the crap….on opportunity cost…guys it’s perception….

  • Govt Protects Criminal Cartels like Big Pharma and Big Insurance to Rape Americans. All these idiots want Socialized health care from the same Criminal Government that sold you out by protecting this criminal cartels.

  • Welcome to the struggle of being a financial analyst! Making decisions is difficult, and only for the brave, who want to live large. The second guessing of what could have been, had I done X instead of Y can overwhelm any analysis, of how effective the decision was at the moment in time it was made with the information known at that moment. (Try to sort that out). I guess we can just say cheers, long live counterfactuals.

  • Michelle great topic. The connection to finance and mental health is real. I always look forward to your videos on Friday. They are short and sweet.

  • Core belief/fear: Loved ones not choosing/wanting me or leaving me/cheating because there’s someone better out there.

    I’m not good enough -> other people will outperform me in looks, smarts, athletics -> core belief -> fear of loneliness

  • This is where I am at. I am currently an apprentice carpenter and I could keep rolling with that. I’ve also developed an interest in life coaching, so I thought maybe I should go to university and get a degree in psychology. WHAT DO I DO

  • Hola podrían incorporar subtítulos en español? Hi could you include subtitles in Spanish? By the way great job!! Greetings from Chile

  • Thank you. I especially liked the idea that people don’t always completely believe in their core belief, but rather that it can be a “what if” it’s really true kind of belief.

  • Anytime FItness does not allow you to cancel your membership until you:
    1. shift 8 miles away from nearest anytime fitness gym
    2. die

    its a damning scam

  • I actually felt worthless a lot probably because I was told I was worthless by family, by teachers, by my classmates, by the school and was bulied for it when I was a kid. And that made me really hard to be productive.

  • Im Bolivian…. i paid a complete year… First… the country stopped 3 months for electoral fraud, then stopped for coronavirus… paid a year, for going 2 months:(

  • i just pretend to be a robot like a fancy walmart self-checkout, it really helps me disassociate​ from the disrespect for 8 hours a day

  • My negative core belief: I don’t have a soul. I’m trapped in my mind, like suffocating. I kept forgetting who I am when I’m surrounded by people. Like everything in my head just gets deleted

  • in tears most of the video. it was as if I was the patient. Thank you so much for being a support and a stepping stone on my healing path.

  • The best time of my life was when I first got tye hang of the gym, worth every penny. Now that I’ve invested into a home gym, I can workout whenever I want, including during quarantine.